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lulu jeff

I spent an extensive time in the orthopedic unit. Dr. Susan Hall put a crushed leg back together and saved my leg. I am grateful to the team for their care. All but one nurse treated me with kindness and compassion and I needed a great deal,of care. I also spent a week in the hospital with sepsis and again they were excellent. So impressed with the staff and I would recommend the hospital and the excellent team of doctors to any family member or friend. The ER docs do leave a bit to be desired, but overall, the hospital is superb.

Jay Vora

Sylvia Bare

Just wanted to thank the wonderful staff at Pardee on the second floor! My stepdad was there for a few days, and was a handful, but the staff taking care of him was amazing. They were so patient and compassionate not only to their patient, but to me and my family as well. Sometimes the family has a hard time being patient and dealing with the situation, but they were sympathetic and understanding, and took the time to chat and make sure my stepdad and I were comfortable and comforted. I don't know all the titles, but among others, Crystal, Marianne, Jeny, Heather, and especially Amanda (her patience was amazing!) were so nice to us, and I wanted to thank them and let them know what a wonderful job they are doing through some very long hours. It is much appreciated, and thank God they were there to help us through it.

Gemini Hartford

I went to the emergency room and was taken to a room in half hour and everyone was so wonderful quick nice friendly caring employees.

Barry Coleman

A small hospital with heart. I was treated with kindness and expert care every step of the way from the emergency room to discharge.

S Harrison

I have phoned my Dr.'s office twice and left messages and nobody has returned my call. Unacceptable.

Willliam Cumming

One of two large full service hospitals in the Western NC area, Most of my physicians are associated with Pardee and I have had several procedures done there. The service is always fast, efficient and friendly and very convenient to Polk County. I will definitely return if need. They are improving many aspects of the campus and growing so it should be here for years to come.

Lauren Jones

My grandfather went in for a basic one hour procedure. Something went wrong, the procedure lasted 2 hours, and Dr. Rholl didn't share what had gone awry. Less than 24 hours later he had developed infection in his liver, and sepsis. He had to return to Pardee to the ER. The staff was so incompetent his IV came out of his arm and he bled all over his sheets with no one noticing until we helped him up to use the toilet. He had another emergency procedure to repair the first with no improvement but the development of fluid in his lungs. Pardee finally said they did not have any other options they could provide to help him. He was nearly dead and transferred to a near by hospital. He fought for two weeks total, and died after that from the complications. Do not trust the care of Dr. Rholl or Pardee hospital.

Michelle Phillips

Went in at 230 this morning for severe tooth pain. Was seen right away. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. Walked out the door by 3 with the information and help i needed. Thank you.

Julie White

My husband went to the ER for a kidney stone. They did a CT and said it was 4 mm which is just under the 5mm threshold for lithotripsy. They denied pain medication and said to use Tylenol and Advil for pain. I called back the next day to say that was inadequate and he would see a Urologist on the following Tuesday. No was the answer. You must come in to be evaluated again. Why would we spend another $1700 and change to be denied again? Totally unsatisfactory. If I could rate a "zero" star rating, I would!

Elisabeth Moser

I am still reeling in shock, what they have done to my mom this weekend!

Eric Wilson

My family member was treated absolutely horrendously, molested by one of the nurses, another nurse searched through his girlfriend's bag while the nurse though he was incoherent, and in the end he was forced to remove his own IVs simply because he didn't want to stay overnight due to him not having insurance at the moment. I will be contacting our family attorney on this matter and I strongly advise anyone reading this to make the extra drive to a different hospital, possibly Mission in Asheville.

Lia Youngblood

Susan Granger

I was an inpatient there for surgery. Anesthesiology gave me medication I was allergic to, because they didn't read my medical chart before surgery. Food was absolutely terrible terrible! Housekeeping barely scrubbed the floors. The window in my room was cracked between the two window panes and the window was all foggy and had mold between it. I couldn't see outside the window to see what it was like outside. Personal is not all thaat friendly. DO NOT EVER USE THIS HOSPITAL, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO DRIVE A HUNDRED MIILES TO ANOTHER ONE!!!


Words can't express about this facility and the procedures with this facility. My wife is 3 months pregnant and we're coming across an issue. We had no other choice to bring my 2 step daughters. After 2-2.5 hours were finally able too see a doctor but I can't be with my wife too see what's going on with my child and her due to a flu watch. My wife is scared. I'm scared and do to procedures I can't be with my wife. So here I sit with my step daughters while my wife is alone. Thank you Pardee Hospital and staff.

Amber Banks

Tried getting info on my father. Ended up leaving a message. Doubt it ever got to him.

Vivian A

I was sent by Ms. Flanagan (physician's assistant to Dr. Heather North) on July 3, 2018 to Pardee Hospital Outpatient Lab to have 3 tubes of blood drawn because Dr. North's office is not equipped to draw blood (see my separate review on Dr Heather North). The check-in process at Pardee Outpatient Services was quick, the volunteers friendly, I was told me to walk across the hall to the Outpatient lab where after waiting 10 minutes it was my turn to see Tiffany (if I remember her name correctly, she was the only lab technician). Tiffany ignored my statement that my veins were small, instead of using smaller size needle (as other lab techs/nurses had done at my primary care doctor's office who both have in house blood draw capability) she just jabbed a big (probably a regular size needle, it just looked big to me) needle into the vein of my right arm. She had to disregard a 1/2 tube of the blood after the 2nd tube was drawn (not sure why) so I had 3.5 tubes of blood drawn in total (the lab tests require 3 tubes of blood), prolonging my agony. It was the morning before July 4th holiday so she was probably not happy to be working on July 3rd. Anyway I thanked her and wished her a Happy July 4th before I left. I was shocked to see that because Ms. Flanagan's office is associated with Pardee Hospital that I got a "split bill" from Pardee Hospital for the same office visit. Ms. Flanagan's office billed my insurance company (United Health Care) and was paid; Pardee Hospital billed United health Care $314.00 for the same office visit and was paid the contracted price of $104.00 in addition for getting paid $150.61 for the lab which Pardee Hospital billed United Health Care $418.00. No wonder Pardee Hospital is profitable again!! I gave Pardee Hospital a 2 stars because of my experience at their Outpatient Lab and also because of the high cost.

Brennon Garner

Good hospital

Melia Austin

I went in with severe head pain, neurological pain searing and buring pain that was getting worse daily. Not able to eat, nausous. No tests were ran and the doctor wrote me a prescription for a muscle relaxer. GUESS WHAT? I had rocky mountain spotted tick fever and was literally dying yall! I am now treating it but it was so advanced when someone finally checked me for it that my nerve damage could be permanent!! Definitely looking into medical malpractice for this! The way I was swept under the rug is unacceptable especially in this area where tick illness is common!!!

Diane Turner

It had a smell like a rest home on the floor that I visited and did not look clean

Grizzly Poota

If you have a cold, expect to be here for 5 hours including a CT scan. If you have a major problem, just go ahead and call the cemetery.

Gerald Brown

Grandmother had to go there 3 times as of recent although she is very disabled and hard to transport without an ambulance. Sent home all 3 times as vitals were ok. Told Pardee she has not been able to eat for a year she was given no vitamins or nutrition sent home with only a saline treatment. Coughs up blood back to the hospital via 911 3 pints low on blood and dying colon, stomach, liver , lung and possibly brain cancer as well. All going undetected by this Pardee hospital after multiple trips to the ER. About to sue please go to Mission if possible or be sent home to die like they did my Grandmother! Going crazy and Grandma has been to this hospital too many times to be sent home just to die with no diagnosis, demand more or get nothing from them!!! They told us they only have 3 doctors working the whole place at the time WTF is that!!!

Becky Ruff

The ER department is the worst one doctor said I didn't have a kidney stone now I have another one come in and tell me I do and any questions I ask they reply I'm not sure they don't have a flipping clue. Their bed side manner is horrible they surely hate their job or pardee! I will never be back here or bring my family here nor recommend this pathetic facility..

Lauren K

Chibi Cheesecakes

I have had the extreme displeasure of coming here multiple times over the past 5 years, and every single time I have been treated horribly. It can take over 8 hours for them to see you in to the emergency room - it happened to me twice. I came once as a precaution because I was showing symptoms of diabetes, but my concerns were never addressed and they didn't have an answer for me after I waited from 11 PM to 7AM to be seen. The very last time I visited, for an abscessed tooth and swollen face, this lovely and dear elderly woman had been waiting for hours, fearing for her husband's life - he needed to see a cardiologist but they don't have cardiologists on the weekends. Because that makes sense, right? Another pair of patients on the same day were left in the waiting room in critical condition for 4 hours at the time that my mother and I finally left. We went over to Park Ridge hospital and were seen within 10 minutes of arriving. We were out the door in about an hour. This is one of the worst hospitals I have ever known. Please, do yourself a favor and NEVER give them your business. I would not wish this on anybody. Please beware!

Whitney Sylvester

Elizabeth Dermid

Should have just gone ahead with the 6 foot burial plot. Insensitive and non empathetic nurses - GOD help you on along if you are dying. NEVER AGAIN. Second 10 day stay since June 23, two NG tubes with NPO for 10 days?# of CT’s, 2 subclavian lines with excruciatingly unreal pain...then BOOM. See ya! I bet the animals get treated better at the humane society.

Don Donnlley

Rosi B

Had a problem and went to the ER in June. Had complete and perfect care. ER doctors were concerned and attentive. Yes, sitting in a wheel chair in a lobby with a bunch of other sick people sucks (til I got a room), but the care I received was outstanding. We are from out of town, but were treated like we were already known there. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Pardee and their staff.

Nia User

The hospital is a pretty good place. I love Dr. Das...if you need hip surgery...he is the very best! unfortunately the ER experience was not so good. My Mom who had dementia (which no one seems to understand this horrible disease)was treated worse than a rag doll by inept and obese CNA.

Alicia Perez

The Emergency Room leaves much to be desired. You can arrive with a child that has a dislocated arm, and you have to wait regardless of the severity of the case. I would hate to have a heart attack at this place. I have gone to other offices affiliated with Pardee, and thank God they’re nothing like the emergency room. If I could rate them ZERO , I would!!

Cheryl Brown

I taught the RN how to start an IV hope that helps


My 95 year old father fell and was bought to the ER. He cannot take care of himself and they insisted I pick him up and take him home. I requested they take him to a rehab facility and they refused. Very unprofessional staff and uncooperative. Stay away.

Stuart Glassman

I had my right hip replaced in June. Out of the hospital in 2 days and back to full time work in 3 weeks. Doing fantastic now. Surgery by Dr. Das; care by absolutely everyone from the time I came in to the time I left was first class, caring and professional. I highly recommend Pardee Hospital. You can look up their ratings by Consumer Reports. They are tied for #1 in NC for surgical safety and tied for #7 in the country out of 3500 hospitals for hospital safety. They have 5 star ratings from Health Grades. We have an amazing hospital right here in Hendersonville.

Jordan Shepard

Discharged a veteran to the parking lot instead of transferring him to the va. Jay Jones. Ask him yourself

Daniela Scott

I went to Pardee today for a battery of tests and every single person I dealt with couldn't have been any kinder to me. I felt like they truly cared about me as a person. I was pleasantly surprised and if I ever need further testing, I will definitely go to Pardee!

Anna Marsh

S Rhodiola

I worked at Pardee for many years. When I first moved to Hendersonville. A longtime resident asked me where I would work and I said "Pardee" They asked me with real concern "Do you know Pardee" I said naively "It's a little country hospital, how bad can it be?" They replied "Bad, real bad" I came to find out how true that was. It isn't that Pardee is evil. They aren't that organized. The place is a mass of mess. You may have a good visit or maybe not. It's a roll of the dice. There are medical standards of practice and Pardee didn't seem to get that email. This hospital is also a small minded, spiteful and hateful place. The kind of place that can easily ruin your career or your life. If you value your sanity and your health stay far away from here. There are many hospitals in the area, all with higher ratings than Pardee, so there are other options P.S. I recently had elective surgeries at Park Ridge Hospital and found that hospital to be everything Pardee is not. Park Ridge Hospital is most definitely the caring community hospital in Hendersonville.

Daniel Stein

Pardee has really come a long way!!

Naresh Gavit

Ann Williams

Everyone is very professional and gracious giving my Dad the best care he could have. Thank you so much!

Cece Puck

We have been at the ER for over 2 hours no one has even come in the room to take blood check the blood pressure alarm that keeps going off etc everytime we come here they are slack and very very slow. A hospital that covers a growing town such as Hendersonville should have a better hospital. Unacceptable. Just to add to this I realize that in most ER departments the most critical are taken care of first and I totally agree with that. And i realize that most facilities are short staffed. My mother came by ambulance because her blood pressure was elevated and she was having flashes in her eyes. All I ask is that every patient be treated fairly regardless of age or issue. A polite nurse to tell us that they are busy or with a critical patient; they would get to us as soon as possible would have been nice and either responding to the Blood pressure alarm or just turn it off if you are to busy for us at that moment.

Rich Richards

Very good regional hospital, employees seem very knowledgeable,compassionate and dedicated.

Crystal Mccall


"Nurse" Nancy in the ER is a piece of work. I use that term loosely. She shouldn't be working with anyone. She has a nasty attitude and always acts like you're an inconvenience. I've yet to figure out why they pay her since she basically sits on her ass at her computer 95% of her shift running her mouth.

Breanne Smith

This hospital is a joke. From surgery to its individual departments, they are insufficient in dealing with you as a human. I will exhaust all other options before dealing with this joke of a hospital.

Doris Mcfalls

The staff on second floor was at night very loud and did not have conserdation for patients very loud laughing and talking when you are sick it’s bad you can not rest and do not need workers acting like they do.Thier jobs should be helping others and not making things bad

David Charron

Kalina _ The _ Gamer

Was not happy with the service my child received after an ATV accident. In and out, no actual care.

Gordon Small

My wife and I and one of our daughters have had occasion to use Pardee Hospital for different health issues over the past couple of years. In every case we have had prompt service and accurate diagnoses. The staff was pleasant and helpful.

Marilyn Perdue

The emergency room waiting period is outrageous as compared to other hospitals and the neglect on the staff's part is far from professional. Example was a recent emergency admittance where they kept me for two weeks because they couldn't CONTACT my insurance company DUE to the Hospital not having the correct telephone no. to get a precertification for going to a rehab facility. They had my insurance card and all the necessary INFO and yet they spent 2 weeks trying to contact a Major Insuance company correct telephone no. THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED THE YEAR BEFORE WHEN I WAS A PATIEN @ PARDEE WITH PNEUMONIA. It Ended up WHERE I MYSELF HAD TO DO ALL THE PHONE CALLING FOR THEM TO FINALLY GET THRU TO THE CORRECT INSURANCE DEPT FOR THEM SINCE I HAD WORKED FOR THAT INSURANCE CO. THIS WAS WAS A VERY STRESSFUL AND IRRATIONAL BURDEN TO PUT UPON A SICK PATIENT IN THE HOSPITAL AND CERTAINLY WAS A COMPLETE NEGLET OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. PLUS I WASN'T BEING PAID FOR THIS. OTHER HOSPITALS NEVER HAD TROUBLE AT ALL AND WAS THE EXACT SAME INSURANCE. With this current emergency hospitalization where they kept me for two weeks while trying to reach the insurance they refused to let me get out of bed at all because they said I was a fall risk (which I know I am) But they HOOKED UP A TOWER WITH A CAMARA TO OBSERVE 24 HR. AND IF I GOT CLOSE TO THE EDGE OF THE BED OR CHAIR FOR ANY REASON AT ALL A VOICE FROM THIS MACHINE WOULD SOUND OFF REPEATEDLY GET BACK IN BED OR SIT BACK Imagine going thru 2 weeks of THAT and the utter weekness i endured in me legs from not being able to stand up and stretch my already extremely week legs from a deteriorating leg condition anyway. The extreme weakness this caused. I SINCE FOUND OUT THAT THE USE OF THOSE 24 HE OBSERVATION ROBOT TYPE TALK CAMARAS HAVE BEEN OUTLAWED IN OTHER STATES AND HOSPITALS AND THEIR USE IS ILLEGAL THEN PARDEE HAD THE NERVE TO CHARGE MEDICARE AND MY INSURANCE $750.00 PER HOUR FOR OBSERVATION FOR 2 WEEKS .IF THIS ISN`T MEDICARE FRAUD THEN WHAT IS. AND WE WONDER WHY OUR INSURANCE RATES ARE SO HIGH. WARNING. REPORT ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY AS FAR AS YOUR CARE TO MEDICARE IF YOU SUSPECT FRAUD ON ANY WAY

Susan Johnson

AWEFUL!!!!! Save the aggravation and just go to Mission. Pardee is lacking in everything; properly trained employees, supplies, emergency rooms, ect. My daughter was diagnosed in a hallway. No room. A hallway, while the employees spoke about how terrible it was there, and how to start just discharging patients from the waiting area.

Martin Lemyre

Sarah Levi

Because. Pardee hospital is all about our community an surrounding communities.

Jeannie Howard

As a former EMT I know heat exhaustion when I see it! Sent a patient to Pardee it's major symptoms. Neither ambulance attendance or ER even administered IV fluids! So so pathetic!

Joseph Hurwitz

David Chapman

First I'd like to say that I live in NY State. My Father lives in Flatrock and has had ongoing problems for years. Leading to 3 Heart Attacks and 2 Strokes. Recently a Stomach surgery that was due to a hole 3 inches in diameter. These problems could have been significantly reduced and perhaps avoided completely if the care he was given during these symptomatic years were properly addressed and cared for. The lack of respect, the lack of information, the lack of communication between staff and myself throughout the various trips to the hospital has been sub-par to say the least and borderline criminal. I am an emergency contact for my Father and have repeatedly been refused disclosure or ongoing treatment details by extremely rude nurses and even lied to. Directly lied to and sent on a wild goose chase trying to locate my Father at random facilities in Buncomb County because the staff at Pardee, "don't know where we sent him" and "the records are already filed" the same day the - non-existent - transfer was made. For years, my Father has suffered. Twice he has lost blood to the point his levels were at "under 24%" and required 3 bags of blood via transfusion. This nurse replied, "this is normal when you get older". No maam, no its not. Neither is it normal for nurses to take such an apathetic perspective on a patient who is on the edge of death. This lack of integrity, due diligence, and commitment to patients is why my Father again today is heading back to the hospital - less than 30 days from his stomach surgery. 5 Days ago, he made a trip to the Hospital because of severe pain and concern about swelling in his stomach. He was sent home and said, "everything is healing fine". Clearly that is not the case. I don't know who is running the circus over there but you better change your approach on how you treat you patients and how you speak to their families. Additionally a review of HIPA Laws is absolutely needed by staff who apparently think lying to an emergency contact is OK. I am not after money. I am after life. For my Father and every other patient that is neglected the proper care and respect every human being should have when speaking to doctors who took an oath to do no harm. Changes in the medical industry are well beyond self-evident. I have found myself saying this a lot lately. If you expect larger hospitals or any other entity for that matter to make changes, it must begin in the smaller ones. The examples hospitals of this size are what set the standard for larger facilities. All this aside, it should be innate passive understanding this isn't how you should be conducting yourselves when your goal is to heal. *24 hours later I edit this post and reduce the rating to 1 star because my Father is in an ambulance, having a heart attack, as I write this heading to Mission hospital . The incompetence of the employee's at this facility is beyond imagination. This isn't a hospital its a Mortuary holding center.* And for those of you who are thinking that my Father didn't take care of himself you are completely wrong. He has lifted weights his entire life and followed a strict diet that many people cannot follow for a week. There is absolutey zero reason for the lack of treatment given and when I call to speak to a doctor or nurse they will not talk to me period du to HIPPA laws which no where state you cannot talk to patients families, particularly if theyre written on all paper wok as an emergency contact, particularly if the patient themselves say its ok to speak to me, particularly when this building has a long history of patient neglect. Your job is to save lives and heal people, not rape insurance companies and kill patients. You disgust me as professionals and as people.

Maj-Britt Coulter

Thank You Dr Jones forThe successful Surgery You did for my Dear husband John 04/04/18. All the staff goes beyond there duty’s.We are 100% Pardee people.Tusen Tack!Thousand times Thank You!

Charlene Dalton

This is a most difficult post, as the doctors and nurses were excellent for 6 days.....the then it takes one know it all to screw things up.....was promised Pathways for a week, my brother had sepsis from a UTI, I was there to see him yesterday and he couldn't walk or go to the bathroom by himself. Then today, miraculously, because doctors changed shift, and nurses changed shift, he got discharged, even after he fell and injured his arm going to the bathroom before being discharged, and the nurse dismissed it as no big deal.....where he then went and sat in the ER for two hours. Oh did I mention he doesn't have insurance, let's see..... discrimination lawsuit for not having insurance, gross negligence for discharging him to the ER with no one there to pick him up? Medical malpractice for allowing a patient to fall, get further injuries and be dismissed.... I don't know, I see a few lawsuits in there.... perhaps a call to Mr. Carpenter is in the works!

Larry Wilson

I can't leave a 0 star; DOES NOT DESERVE 1 STAR!!! My wife has been having severe stomach, intestinal issues for 10 months, including a surgery and repeated trips to the dr. This afternoon I took her to Pardee ER since we were in the area at the time. The surgery, etc had taken place at mission. I have to say this ER was absolutely HORRIBLE. Each member totally dismissed her and the intense pain she was, and still is in. The ONLY thing out of thier mouth was " we will give you a dose of Fentynal"!!!!! Never mind other things let's go straight to the Fentynal that is all over the news for killing people and causing overdoses. We were there approx 1 hr, they dismissed us, gave her a shot and threw us back out the door!! I think News 13, WWNC, some outside source should investigate this Doctor and his "team" in this ER. We have never been made to feel more of a drug addict looking for a fix than we were today. This is extremely un called for; totally disrespectful to me and my wife; completely lacking of professionalism; completely lacking any medical knowledge. The nurse on duty even asked "why are you here"? "this is an ER, they are for heart attacks, strokes, NOT STOMACH ACHES. I do not have the names directly in front of me but I will leave another review with the Dr and nurses name and hope to the good lord you avoid this place like the plague and that I don't lose my wife to their total neglect. If so, we will own the whole lot. It has been recorded yet again as of today. The only reason I gave 1 star is because I was forced to. I can not leave a 0

Brandon Salazar

Traci Lively

I went for pain that had me in tears, it was like labor pain but not pregnant. The wait in the waiting room wasn't long but the wait for the doctor was terrible. I sat in the room for waiting for the doctor for 3hrs so I could find out what was wrong.

TheGalway Girl

Pardee provides excellent surgical care from beginning to end! The ORs are clean and efficient. The staff are friendly and work as a strong, united team. Pardee also cares about its employees and stands behind them with support and care.

Queen Vicious-The Green Meadows Queen

I came in this hospital at1:30, it is five o'clock and I'm still here. This sucks I am in so much pain! They took my blood and a urine sample and sat me back in the lobby to rott. No one that was here when I got here is in here or back there. Now I have to walk all the way home in the freezing cold, in pain, weak because I still haven't ate, in the pitch black night. I hope I be alright if not I'm suing and I'm the only black person up here too. If they would have just handled my situation I could have had a ride home, now transportation has stopped running. Some body needs to shut this hospital down. This hospital is pittyful fr!

Gamez Lopez

kayla lewis

Emergency Room PCA terrible bedside manner. She was unfriendly didn’t wanna take time to listen. Unfortunate people in need are subjected to poorly trained staff. First time at Pardee ER wouldn’t waste time or money again.

Melissa Richardson

You'd be better off to dig a hole 6 foot deep and cover up

Lindsey Dalton

Absolutely will not ever go back here. I had a severe asthma attack and the man at check in said my son couldn't be in the room with me because he was crying and when my husband took him to the waiting room the same man told him he had to carry him or strap him down but he couldn't cry either... There are multiple other things i could say but that is what really got to me, I left and went to another hospital.

Deborah Lee

The doctors and staff were very caring and efficient during the process of my cataract surgery. I highly recommend their services.

Kasey Gordon

PARDEE IS A JOKE don’t ever take your loved one or anyone here the quiality of care is shity they don’t care for there patients or the family of the patients like they should, plus they use walkie talkies to communicate in the ER which is HIPPA violation because you can here what all they are saying about there patients and the Waiting are outside the ICU is a joke it is not big enough for multiple family’s to wait the ICU the bathroom in the waiting area has the light barley works the sink leaks the floor is disgusting there is a whole in the wall in the bathroom the nurse manager is very rude I RATE them as a 0 star

Brenda Glover

My mom was recently admitted to pardee for a heart attack and had another one while there.They have a really great ICU and some very good doctors.

Lucky Mamf

Born there & still alive! Just hope you never have a allergic reaction to Morphine they gave it to my grandmother 3 x on 3 different occasion. Made her go code blue each time before they figured out she was allergic SHE'S 84 YEARS OLD. GOOD GRIEF

Twister Windstalker

barbara m

I will NEVER bring a love one here EVER sgain!! The ER was basically going to put my 95yo father out on the street! , They are not only rude but also incompetent! !

Samantha Newman

Slow wait times and awful staff.

Angela Leighton

maria dawkins

Laura Ricketts

Traveling to Kentucky when my appendix ruptured. This hospital and it’s staff have been absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!


Amy Brock

I would suggest ANY other hospital than this one. I know several ppl who were told nothing was wrong when there was stuff wrong...


They lady up front with glasses the little old one. She's very judgmental she asked my wife if I had any weapons. Just because my hood was up. REALLY JUDGEMENTAL. SHE CALLED SECURITY AND CLOSED THE DOOR IN FRONT OF THE WAITING ROOM.

Terry LaRiviere

Dr ‘s seem OK. Very poor support staff. Questionable transfusion protocol. Also,very poor customer service. Pitiful .

al fox

2/24/14 Wife was in hospital for the 6 th time in past 12 months,5 times with a re-accurring bladder infection that a half dozen doctors could'nt find a positive solution/diagnosis ;the 6th time for pneumonia/congestive heart failure & during the 5th day, had a fall in bathroom, injuring shoulder & arm causing severe pain; hospital solution was an early DISCHARGE that same evening. Even two home health nurses could'nt believe her not being observed for at least 24 hours,etc.

Brittany Chit Khin

My doctors in staff for my labour were rude not to mention the nurses. Never going back


Jesse Shellenberger

Tim Shipman

Do yourself a favor. Go to Mission Hospital. It may just save your life!


A very slow hospital with hateful people. If you're going to the E.R., don't even bother going here. The only thing good about this place is the cafe lmao.

Ken Toole

Kathleen Basieiwcz

I recently had a hernia repair and I couldn't have been happier. I know that this procedure isn't life threatening but attentiveness, service, kindness and knowledge all goes a long way. I had no problems with any of the staff. They were jolly on the spot to get me anything I needed, and in a timely fashion. Would I go there again if I have to, yes. Thumbs up to Dr. Price and his surgical staff and others that cared for me.

Morgan Maldonado

My child was having trouble breathing so i brought him into the ER. They took forever as I watched them all wandering around, giggling, looking at their phones. I didn't judge cause you never know what's really going on. However, they sent my son home saying he possibly has pneumonia and gave us a prescription. As I watched him breathing all night I felt something is not right. This is bad. I was conflicted in my feelings bc medical professionals said he was fine. The next morning I took him to his peditrician and he said go to the hospital (Mission) now. He was in respitory distress. Dr called and directly admitted us. My point is....Pardee sucks and my kid could have died. No prescription was needed. He needed oxygen and he didn't have pneumonia. Thanks Pardee for almost killing my baby.

Rob Benson

I could have died waiting emergancy room had heart and severe breathing' issues I had to go elsewere

Melissa Ann

nancie dowler

My dr sent me to be admitted. And they say i have to go thur ER to be admitted

Tara Cantrell

I am so angry at the lack of care Pardee gave my grandfather. He's fallen 7 times in the last week and was completely unable to walk yesterday. He was sent home because he "didn't meet inpatient criteria" and, it really shouldn't surprise anyone, but he fell again as soon as he got home. We found out why you sent him home--his insurance will only pay if you keep him a full three nights. Shame on you for letting money be more important than patients. We filed a grievance and you made it worse by laughing at us and mocking us over the phone. We will be taking this further up the chain because this MUST change. You are harming people who are in desperate need of help and mocking them when they try to stand up to you. You will be hearing about this from a more authoritative source in the coming days--one you won't mock.

Shyron Peak

The doctors and administration staff are so rude and not helpful at all

Eileen Hotzler

my brother-n-law is in hospital now they are trying to kick him out of there because his medicare won't pay anymore he has had to file against the hospital just so he can remain in the hospital until he is ready to come home it is crazy to kick him out because of lack of money bill him for heavens sake this hospital gets a rating of minus1 you shouldn't take your dog there it is also a shame that you have to give a rating to post the review

Mar Fay

My mother went to Pardee because her doctor called her at home and told her that she needed to get into the ER immediately because he was concerned about the results of her blood work and she was experiencing shortness of breath, as wells as tightness in her chest. He told her that he was concerned about her having a Pulmonary Embolism. My mom went to the ER and as soon as she got there the triage nurse took her water away and said that she can not have that, in case she needed to have a procedure. He took away her drinking water! My mom sat in that waiting room for 5 1/2 hours, with no water, and nothing to eat. Oh and did I mention that she is a diabetic and she missed several of her scheduled medications that stabilize her diabetes? The most disheartening part of all of this is that the nurses and staff in the waiting room area were absolutely rude and treated my mom like she was a burden to them. Listen up Pardee staff... this might come as a shock to you, but going to the Emergency Room is not a pleasurable outing. Your patients come to your ER for your help! Is it your fault that this was a very busy night at the ER? NO.. it certainly is not your fault. Is it your job to take the best care of your patients and do what you can to make them comfortable while they wait in the waiting room? HECK YES IT IS! The next time that you treat a patient like they are less than important, picture your mom, or grandma sitting in that waiting room with purple and swollen feet from the lack of circulation to her feet, from sitting for 5 1/2 hours! Remember this: One of the most important aspects of your job is to be empathetic and compassionate. Treat your patients like they matter even if you really could care less, if nothing else, because YOU chose to work in the health care field. Keep in mind that people like my mother did not "CHOOSE" to get ill! If you do not like your job, or if you can't handle the stress that comes with working in that field of work, STOP! Walmart is always hiring!

paul hettiger

Michael McCart

In the last two years I have been an inpatient at Pardee three times. Each and every time the Nurses (with no exceptions) have been kindly, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and helpful in every way to ensure you get the best care possible. The single rooms are a great plus as you can get full rest with out interruptions from other patients (or their visitors). A big surprise for me was that the food was above average and contained a wide selection of what you could order for each meal. The Doctors also were thoughtful and experienced in their fields and treated you like a long time patient. For the total of 11 days I spent as an inpatient it was a welcomed experience and if it wasn't for the sickness each time, it would be like a vacation from every day life.

Bearded Mustang

Matthew Ford

Great people to work for. Building structure is older which makes some installs / places in the hospital harder to complete but friendly customer relations ease those problems. Always seeing hospital improvements. Long drive gets tiresome sometimes to drive.

Steve Miller

Gregory Fleischer

UNC Pardee doctors, RNs, staff & admin are a tremendous and vital asset to our greater small town community. The hospital and clinics are a leading example in medical partnership, providing essential technical capabilities & superior coordination of care and staffing. Human Resources, take a bow!

Deborah Matthews

This month marks 5th surgeries my husband and myself have had at Pardee. Every detail, every time was handled professionally and efficiently. Dr. Das handled 2 knee replacements for us; we feel he is your best choice in hip/knee surgery. The staff at Pardee follows up to achieve the best outcome for it’s patients!


Unless you want to pay for an unnecessary CT scan, they really don't want anything to do with you. I'm deep in debt because of all the unneeded tests I was manipulated by their staff into having when I was so sick I couldn't think. Bunch of crooks, only interested in working the system to their advantage and making more money. Go to Park Ridge or Mission.

Joni Escaravage

Marvin and I came into the hospital he had been having back and chest pains. No prior heart issues. He was having a heart attack. He saw Dr. Yeung a cardiologist in the ER and shortly thereafter Marvin had a heart catheterization and stint put in. He had a 95% blockage in the main artery of his heart. They saved his life. They expedited his needs in a professional and experienced manner and he received compassionate care from the nurses as well. I have nothing negative to say only praise. I am very grateful we have Pardee Hospital in Hendersonville.

Companion Service

Bad service I was diagnosed with flu and they did only give me Tylenol! Nothing for chest pain nothing for fever and nothing for cough.

Jamie O'neal

People....just a heads up; if the triage nurse doesn't let you eat and drink, it is FOR A REASON. It is uncomfortable but they're trying to help you out. Also, don't feel bad because you sat in the waiting room 6 hours; feel bad for the poor slob that got rushed back immediately. People that work in the ED realize Wal-Mart is hiring (for the person that threw that snark)...and trust me, after a good long shift they consider filling out an application.


Worst hospital I've ever been to in my life. I wouldn't refer anyone not even a near death victim to this hospital. The staff is absolutely unfriendly and the doctors seem as though they receive their PhD through toys r us. This is honestly the worst hospital everrrrrrrrr.!!!!! Don't waist your time.

Johnny Cisnreros

ernest green

Over last 4-5 years this place has become terrible for someone without insurance or income.. woke up with neck completely locked up in agony, went here was treated like an animal by the nurse practitioner..begged for an xray and she refused to give one, sent me home with muscle relaxers after stating I'm already on them, pushed out to the waiting room in a wheelchair couldn't even stay in the room til i could get a ride.. absolutely horrible.. the only good part about the place was the nurse's that tried to help the best they could. Never will go here again even if im dying!

MaryPat Spon

Excellent experience! Everyone was helpful and professional. Had labs and X-rays and was pleased that I barely had to wait to be seen.

Vicki Lively

Brynn Pickett

WARNING: THIS IS A LONG POST BUT I HAVE A LOT OF MATERIAL CAUSE I GAVE THEM FAR TOO MANY CHANCES. If I could leave zero stars, I would. This is my third pregnancy and by far the worst experience I have ever had with receiving care. If you can even call it that. I moved here from Washington state and only found out I was pregnant 2 days before moving across the country. Since then, it's been a whirlwind trying to get everything established here, which pushed back the time I was finally able to get set up with prenatal care. I have been bounced around hospitals simply because I am too far along and therefore considered "high risk". It doesn't matter that they did an ultrasound and everything is fine and the baby is growing perfectly, or that I have had two other perfectly healthy children in the past 4 years, or that I am only 24 years old. My first time being seen at Pardee, I was there for 3 hours, and you could probably narrow down the time I actually had people in the room to about 30 minutes. The rest was spent sitting in a room by myself. I eventually just walked out because no one was telling me what was going on and it got to be 7:30 pm and I was tired of waiting around for who knows what. Then I had trouble just trying to get my lab results from the routine bloodwork they had done. I eventually went in to the hospital and went to the front desk and asked where to go to get test results. He sent me around the corner. I waited for the gentleman in front of mw to be helped, then told the lady I was here for test results. She told me to go through a door on her left. I went in there and waited for a nurse to draw the blood of two people before me and then told her I was here for test results. She sent me down a hall and to the left and down another hall to a door and when I went to open it, something clicked and a light to my right turned red. I looked up and the door had the hours posted, saying they closed at 4:30. I looked at my phone and sure enough it was exactly 4:30. If I would have been sent to the right place the first time, I would have been there in time. So I went home empty handed and frustrated. Then I scheduled an appointment with a different doctor more than 3 weeks ahead of time. I sat alone in the room for the first half hour waiting for her to come in. When she did, she did nothing but speak condescendingly to me and made me feel terrible for not receiving prenatal care up until now. She told me that it's "really not good" and that I'm "very high risk" and then proceeded to tell me that the ultrasound showed everything was perfectly normal. Sooooo what exactly makes me so high risk? You just said everything was normal so there was nothing showing that I had any issues that could have been caught if I had been seen at 14 weeks or 17 weeks or whenever. So no harm done. Then she asked if I had received a pap smear, which I did not know the answer to, and she spent the rest of my appointment trying to find out and eventually just sent me home cause she couldn't reach whomever she needed to reach. So I was there for an hour, talked to her for less than 10 minutes, and spent the rest of the hour alone in a room. Again. Only to be sent home after having absolutely nothing done. Not so much as a pelvic exam. She said she wanted to see me back in 2 weeks, but I left without making another appointment. This whole process has been nothing but a waste of my time, and I found out what I needed to know: my baby is healthy, so I will not be going back. I will simply walk into the ER when my water breaks and have a baby cause ultimately, all I need is for someone to catch the kid as it comes out, especially since my "appointments" have been absolutely fruitless in the past 6 weeks I've been trying to get things sorted out with them.

Steven Parker

Born there and still alive!

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