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REVIEWS OF Onslow Memorial Hospital IN North Carolina

Jason Young

Never been a fan of this place. gone out of my way to avoid going here

Sherri Uricchio

Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Came in with my four month old who had the stomach flu and was dehydrated. Waited over three hours and was never seen. Had my baby there and soon as my baby was delivered the whole staff left the room and I was covered in blood and feces and they didn't even offer to help me out of bed to use the bathroom or give me a new hospital gown (which was covered in blood). I had to even remove my own IV cause they kept "forgetting" to do it. Shame on the whole staff. No wonder docs are quitting their association with that dump of a place.

Hanna Stroud

My husband had a kidney biopsy yesterday. We started in the surgical pavilion, moved to radiology for the procedure, back to the surgical pavilion, and then to the ER after he experienced some complications. The staff was outstanding and exceeded my expectations of care and kindness, particularly at the surgical pavilion. I haven't been into a medical facility and encountered so many genuinely caring people for a long time. His nurse in the surgical center even came over the the ER a few hours after he was moved just to check on my husband and give me some encouragement on a rough day. They were all knowledgeable, very efficient, and caring. Medical circumstances are never fun but it makes a big difference to be in the hands of caring professionals. Thank you Onslow Memorial.

Karen bradbury

Came to the ER around 730pm. Then sense of urgency was awesome at the begining and then we had to wait back in the waitimg room for 3 1/2 hours, Then in the doc room for an 1 hour before them seeing us. Poor service in a timely manner when you dont feel good.

Drew Harris

Place sucks, so much horrible details I don’t feel like even typing it. They are unorganized and just don’t know what they are doing.

Donnie Wickwier

Been here for two hours, I accidentally over cafinated myself and have yet to be taken back but the lady who said she had the flu gets taken back in less than 30 minutes. Urgent care sent me here for cardiac screenings and panels bc I could more than likely have heart damage.


Rediculous that this is where lives are supposed to be saved. What a nightmare!!!

michelle andrews

Horrible wait times smh... if you absolutely have to go be prepared to be there for 5+ hours if your lucky maybe just 5 hours.

Michelle Santora

Very nasty and dirty hospital. Waited for a long time for no reason. Will never recommen this hospital to no one. Dead waterbugs everywhere! Nasty!!! Wish I could post the photos I took. Please don't go there. It's not even worth one star.

T Maxson

I can not thank the staff in the ER for the care and concern i received. I was very sick they went above and beyond to get me into a room. I was treated like a VIP my nurses aides and doctors were professional and i recovered in record time. Thank you and i am so grateful! Tania Johnson room 416

Ryan Hilt

Waited in the waiting room for 2 hours. Got checked, waited and hour. Then finally get taking back only to wait in another waiting room 45 minutes. Finally got taking back to a room. Waited another hour for the nurse. Finally they come. The iv nurse could NOT find my vien. Here let me say that again. THE IV NURSE COULD NOT FIND NOR HIT MY VIEN. Why is she even working there. Names Mady. How can I have faith and confidence to want to come to this hospital? Why would I want to bring my child here?

sheila littleton

I could probably change my review every so often considering I’ve been seen at this hospital since birth with varying experiences. My last visit to the ER is really sitting on my mind and I want to leave feedback before I start forgetting. Visit 4/11 at 8pm I’m rushing to hospital in complete distress. Gushing bleeding while pregnant. - I walk up to the check-in desk to a receptionist that is laughing to a co-worker and I have to wait for her conversation to end to be assisted. All while feeling the blood soaking through my clothes. -They do start to take me more serious and get me checked in quickly. And after some time also give me some pads! Thank you! -Overall spent close to 6 hours at hospital for blood work and ultrasound. -First woman to draw my blood was fast, efficient, and pain-free! Wish I knew her name. Turns out they need more blood so Mayra a tech comes in. She jabs me like she’s harpooning an animal. She tries twice and my vein blows both times (never happened before in my life.) So another nurse comes in and pokes that same arm 4 more times. “Oh wow your veins blow easy.” No actually they don’t. she tries the other arm and right away gets her vials filled. This is all while knowing ultrasound is ready and waiting on me (blood draw was at least a 45 minute process, I am afraid of needles, was not allowed to drink water, felt very unwell from all the poking and DIGGING.) I’m literally waiting to find out if my baby is alive and it was prolonged because of bad blood draws. It’s been 5 days and I’m still severely bruised from it. -The actual doctor (Polanczyk) and nurse seeing me were nice, answered all my questions, and I felt cared about my situation. -Ultrasound technician was wonderful!


Was moved into a room in the ER at 3pm. Was left alone for hours. Freezing with no pillow. The iv ran out and no one came. They gave me no call bell so I was yelling for a nurse and no one came. Then at 8 pm they tell me they are going to transport me to vidant for further care when I didn't even need to go because what I came in there for was already taken care of. The nurse I had was very rude and condescending. Will never go here again.

Dr. Erroyl McGinty, Jr.

Horrible from start to finish. My wife passed out and had a seizure. She was left unattended in the ER waiting room by the ambulance techs to start. To finish, she was discharged and she had to ask for medication. No medication was suggested even though they knew she had a headache, and was nauseous, and still having pseudo seizures. We left there, and decided to drive an hour to a hospital in New Bern, instead of returning to Onslow. They need to get it together.

Cinthya Solis

Worst hospital ever. Honestly! Do not come here, they seem to not care about the patients at all. Every time we've gone to the ER we're there for hours on end no matter the case. Someone could be bleeding out and the only person sitting in that damn ER and still nothing. If you want good service or attentiveness, whatever you want to call it. Go somewhere else. Don't waste your time here

William Curran

Place is so unprofessional. Had surgery there about 10 days ago and upon waking up I had a horrible headache and when i said it the lady that was with me commented “well your giving me a headache”...I get ppl don't really remember much after surgery but if your not gonna say anything to me while I'm fine keep your mouth shut. Plus got rushed out after surgery even though I was told in an appt before that I would have time to recover. I was throwing up while being rolled out to my car...

Jasmine Mingot

This place is rediculous. I’ve been forgotten about 5+ times today and haven’t even been here a full 24 hours.

Kristen Smith

Freaking shameful behavior on behalf of the woman answering phones in the ER. My daughter has hormonal imbalances and was in dire need of a medication that we did not have our hands on, so i called them to ask if they could help. When i asked why she could not give me a definite answer as to whether or not they could treat my daughter SHE HUNG UP ON ME. I wasn't rude or disrespectful in the slightest, i said, "why?" And then click. Unprofessional. I'm supposed to be delivering there in January. Update: decided to stay with my doctors and deliver here: it went GREAT. The nurses have been a blessing, my labor went beautifully and they helped me maintain my goal of no pain relief. The nurses have been keeping a close eye on my bleeding, as i had pretty severe hemorrhaging after giving birth to my daughter 5 years ago. I strongly recommend the l&d and the postpartum department. They know what they're doing... although i did have one nurse that seemed clueless in postpartum everyone else is highly knowledgeable and on top of it.

angelica sloan

Absolute worse experience ever! I was there for over 7 hours for an infection in my leg. Waited over 4 of those hours for Doppler results in the freezing cold rooms! No one came to check on me in hours! I will never return.

Gmail User

My daughter required medical attention. I called the hospital to verify that my daughter could be treated there. Each person I spoke to was kind, and professional. Upon arriving at the hospital emergency area, the young lady at the reception desk was helpful, pleasant, and efficient. My daughter was uncomfortable, and nervous. The male nurse that took her vitals etc... had the perfect personality to set her at ease. She required xrays. The male xray tech was considerate, and professional. The Dr that saw her was patient, and answered all of her questions calmly. Going to a hospital can often be stressful. Thankfully there is a local hospital that focuses on treating people nicely. I even observed various staff members come up front to help during what was a busy time. However due to the staff members efficiency and teamwork, it Never seemed busy or chaotic. Very impressive!

The King of Spades

Amazing , knowledgeable, and caring staff! The nurses and doctors here are very welcoming and friendly. We just had our baby girl here and the quality of care, professionalism, and attentiveness was unmatched. I don't know why this Hospital doesnt have 5 stars bc there are norhing but wonderful care providers here, better even, bc its not a huge hospital full of nurses and doctors who don't have time to care like the awesome staff does here. Couldnt have had a better experience here and I fully recommend this Hospital and it's staff.

Tyler York

I went to the ER because my throat was closing up due to allergic reaction. I was seen right away. I thought the service was good until I got into a patient room. A nurse swabbed my throat for testing. From there I waited two in a half hours before I, myself went to go get someone. They forgot about me. When they sent a doctor. He asked me what the issue was. He had no idea what I was there for. I told him what was wrong. Then he wanted to swab my throat. I told him that a nurse already did. Moral of the story. They are very unorganized and the service is horrible! They had no idea what was wrong with my throat so they treated it like strep throat. Even though my cotton swab came back negative for that. I was told I was gonna receive a follow up call to tell me what I had after the cotton swab had more testing done. However, I never did. This hospital is so bad and so embarrassing.

Alneesha Hunter

I think your board should make some changes to the psych patient policy. Only one family member? At least two should be allowed if the child is a minor . A mother and a father should not have to take turns seeing their mentally ill child. Please take my comment into consideration, I myself have had to go thorough this process.

Harmon Lee

Called to ask about the wait time in the ER, was informed by Tasha that they do not give out wait times, which is fine, but before I could ask another question she hung up in my face. No, "did I help you with everything," so silly stuff like this wont happen. If you're so busy you have to ignore customs and courtesies maybe somebody else should be doing THAT job, I wasnt even coming to the hospital, just our interaction messed with my day.

Rachael Maten

My husband received great care from this hospital after his dirt bike accident. It was a holiday weekend, and they called in a specialist and didn't delay when it came to scheduling his surgery and giving him the care he needed.

Jade Millar

I spent SEVEN hours here on Friday. Seven. To be misdiagnosed. My flu test came back negative but even so the provider was like “flu test is negative but I’m still going with the flu. It was pneumonia and I’m lucky i got a second opinion two days later. Stop writing everyone off a flu diagnosis!!! Listen to people when they tell you things like “my right lung hurts” “i have shortness of breath “ “I’m coughing so hard I’m throwing up a bunch of mucus “ “I hear fluid in my lungs”. None of those are flu, I’m not in the medical field and even i know that.

john schmid

I went to the ER one morning because of a kidney stone. First, the nurse took my vitals, and was very nice. Nice guy. Then I was in a room, and had an IV put in, dehydrated. Asked for a blanket, got one, felt better. Then under the CT machine, a few scans, and then saw the Dr. He told me i had a 3mm stone, and to drink liquids to pass it. All and all caring people, even though waiting can be long.

Amy Vazquez

This hospital doesn’t care about the patients. Took a nurse before people that have been here . Just because you work here you don’t get special treatment. Tell me I’ve been waiting 5 hours and that’s not long.

Mister Taffy

"We put the slow in onslow!" There is a reason this place is nicknamed the Stairways To Heaven.

Tandy Gagnon

Started with ER missing a fracture in my foot in October, podiatrists found it about 2 weeks later & landed in huge boot until mid January. Then went in with chest pain & shortness of breath yesterday (have had previous heart attack & am a cancer patient). PIT was quick with lab draws, ekg, chest xray & meds, told i was tachycardia. Put in a room quickly but ER staff FORGOT (told us this) about me. No monitors, not even the nurse call button thing could be found, did not see a nurse until hours later when my husband asked wth & we are leaving to go to New Hanover hosp. Patient services called the next morning & was so nice that i was talked into coming back for more labs. Labs were drawn, but never ran. ER staff lied to us & wasted our time, put through more stress & showed that they are unable to be trusted. Save your families & your time (& possibly lives!) And drive the longer distance to another hospital.

kim lee


Leane Hensley

6hrs of sitting in the ER waiting room with my dad as he’s bleeding through multiple bandages!! 6hrs of letting someone bleed as they take back patients with “up set stomachs” or my favorite a guy who had a bug bite that he thinks is infected.

Richard McFarlane

This has by far been the worst experience with a health care facility i have ever encountered. Multiple dealings with this hospital has left me with a sense of dysphoria due to the dissaray and dealings with staff. Regardless what the emergency may be, being properly attended to seems to be the least of staffs concern. In my personal experience as well as my witnessing of events that have transpired during admitance within this facility; i have seen/experienced incomplete procedures, an utter lack of urgency, patronizing and condensending interaction from staff and other details that have left me to question competency of this facility and its members. This review is by no means an effort to attack or slander this establishment. This is a narrative of an individual who has had multiple dealings here. Unless there is absolutely no other option to do so, I personally would recommend using another healthcare facility in order to recieve adequate treatment in a timely fashion as well as to rectify any health problems without error or disparagement. Im hoping this facility, for the sake of our cities residents will do their very best to hold itself to the highest of standards and correct the issues commonly addressed at its location.

Edmund Hillary

WOW! After all the unprofessional , crappy reviews of the Onslow Memorial Hospital ER I expected to be disaponted when I took my son there. COMPLETELY OPPOSITE!!!! The staff were very professional, kind and genuinely concerned about my child’s health. I had to wait 30 - 45 minutes to get back, but it’s an ER! Every ER I have ever been to there is a wait. Well worth the wait!!! The nurses, doctor , secretaries and the x-ray technicians were all OUTSTANDING! I wish I could give more stars. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!!!

Stephanie Marsh

Me and my family have been there for different reasons and have always found there staff very friendly and professional. It saddens me to see such a low rating especially when, like i said been there multiple times and have never had a bad experience

Teresa Walker

This has got to be the absolute worse hospital ever!! We've been here for 6 hours! 3 and a half were spent in the lobby & the rest have been in a room waiting on the doctor. As I'm writing this we are still waiting!! I thank God we don't live here & have to deal with this place!!

Jessica Housinga

What a joke! This is suppose to be a hospital? I waited in waiting room for well over 4 hrs with my 4yr old. When we walked in the door he was holding a washcloth to his eye because it was split wide open and bleeding. All they did was give us gauze and told us to have a seat. No it was not gushing blood but when you have a toddler walk in with an open wound that requires stitches or glue and is near a vital area of the body they shouldn't have to wait over 4+ hours to be seen. Especially when other people were coming and going that got there after you. It's called priority based on injury or just feeling il. Most definitely the worst hospital I have ever been to and will never go back! RATING 0

Jami Ritzer

The emergency department is an absolute joke. The only time you seem to get anywhere is demanding to speak with the head of the ER dept or a patient lesion. The minimal wait time for an actual room where a doctor or PA sees you is 3 to 4hrs even when complaining of chest pains or difficult breathing. The state medical board needs to step in for a complete review of how they handle patient care as well as cleanliness.

Johanah Rodriguez

Let's just say I wish there was a 0 rating...I just sat in the emergency room for 7 hours with my child who is 2 and could barely walk because her body hurt so bad. Something is clearly wrong when a 2 year old asks to go to the doctor because they are sick. We waited 2 hours just for them to take her vitals and say "wow her temp is high". Then we waited another hour and a half for a room where we sat for another 3 hours for a doctor.... or just someone to come check on us in general. Not once did anyone come in and ask if she was okay or needed anything. My child is in pain and they could care less. They did nothing more than what I was doing at home. Not to mention the doctors. Do they even have those? Because I didn't see one the whole time I was there! We will definitely not be going back and I strongly suggest that you don't go either unless you have a whole day and a half to wait for people to actually do their job, or treat you like garbage because you clearly don't already feel bad enough. The rooms are awful! The gave my daughter a flat mattress with no rails and it was so small I couldn't even sit and comfort her on it. I am pregnant and trying my best to make her feel better but this hospital didn't help one bit! I hope some changes are coming soon & fast!

Tonya Tourigny

Great staff

Milton Matthews

Don't know where all of these negative reviews come from but my first visit was pleasant. all of the staff was helpful and did not have to wait too much.

TY Renee

The employees are rude and don't do things in a timely matter. . We asked for a blanket and wasn't brought one for an hr and had to reask at the desk. . To busy on their phones or outside having conversations

Cheyenne Parent

If I could post a 0 star I would. We were sent here on a serious matter by the police and I have been in this waiting room for 3 hours! I’m pregnant and deprived of food and I’m getting pissed. These staff and doctors need to get their act together and learn how to actually care for other people! NEVER RETURNING HERE AGAIN ILL TAKE MY BUSINESS ON BASE.

Samantha Archer

I came to Onslow to deliver my second son. I've spent 3 days here with my son going from L&D to maternity with my son in the NICU and in my room. I've gotten a fair dose of the entire 2nd floor and I am beyond happy. The care is amazing, the staff is all incredibly kind and attentive, knowledgable, and everything you look for in a hospital when you deliver. My sons care has been stellar and I am genuinely amazed at the level of love I've gotten here. THANK YOU SO MUCH ONSLOW! ❤

Diamond Williams

This place doesn't get the stars that it deserves. Been here multiple times and all I have encountered was friendly wonderful staff. Hardworking doctors .And a team or ER staff that doesn't quit .The many times I have came with my kids always quick and friendly staff .Wait could get pretty long at times but the staff was always checking in on us and keeping us informed on what was going on .

trell dove

They took real good care of me today Dr Crespo is the best an her staff

christina king

Swear this place sucks

Erica Handy

Just an awful hospital, actually made me worse off.

Kirstin Collier

I came in with my mother, she has been throwing up all day with severe diarrhea from day before. We walk in around 1950 and currently it's 2133 and no IV only vitals have been taken. I talk to the front desk as she says she feels faint. The nurses DO NOT CARE. Told me to keep her updated, REALLY!? SO NOT GO TO THIS ER. WASTE OF TIME. Update, 2233 ordered IV and labs 20 minutes ago.. WHERE ARE ALL OF THE EMPLOYEES?! Update 0102. Waiting for a room JUST to GO OVER test results. Are you kidding?! We have been here too long and no one gives a DAMN Update 0145 just got in the room and are waiting again for more IV . THIS IS THE SLOWEST MOVING ER I HAVE EVER BEEN IN

Larry Long

I had an appointment with my Dr. this morning at 10:30am with ongoing lower abdomen pain. After being seen by my Dr. I was immediately sent to the ER for appendicitis concern. Upon checking into the ER at 11:45am I was contacted by my Dr. who managed to get an opening for an urgent outpatient CT scan. THANKFUL for my Dr. as there was another patient in the ER awaiting a CT scan; I would imagine she is still waiting. After my CT scan was completed my Dr had me go back to the ER. At the time I didn’t see the point in it, however after seeing how long the woman in the ER had been waiting to get a CT scan order I fully understood and greatly appreciated my Doctor’s forethought. I check back into the ER shortly after 1pm and waited. After a lengthy wait I had my vitals taken, my blood pressure was high which is not normal for me at all, the nurse attributed this to my acknowledgement that I was in pain. After another lengthy wait I was taken in to be seen by triage and then placed back into the waiting area of the ER. After another very lengthy wait I was finally taken back just after 5pm to get a waiting room within the ER. Of course as you might guess anyone who has been to OnSLOW ER would know, another lengthy wait. At 7:49pm I realized that I had been at the hospital for 8hrs and still had not yet been by a Dr. If not for my Primary care Doctor understanding the lack of urgency at the ER I would still be waiting for a CT scan to be ordered by the ER Dr. At this time I was just tired hungry and my patience had been tested well beyond my belief; I just got up and left the ER. Thankful for my Primary care Dr going beyond my expectations and showing far more urgency than what the ER was even capable of. I will say the ONLY thing that OnSLOW Emergency room shows any urgency in is getting your insurance from you. They couldn’t care less what kind of pain you are in but the individual responsible for making sure the hospital gets paid was very urgent in getting my insurance information; immediately leaving the room while halfhearted saying “hope you feel better”. I have managed this pain thus far, I can wait for my Primary care Dr to take care of me with more urgency via a remote location through phone line. If things get to badly this evening/tomorrow than I will have my wife drive me to New Hanover Emergency Room. Thanks You onSLOW non-emergency terminal waiting area.

Jacklyn King

I have had a very FEW great experiences with omh but more bad than good. I could write a book on onslow memorial hospital but I'll save my time because they dont deserve a book or my effort. I have had no choice but to come here for years, surgerys for me, my kids etc. They didn't stich me back right 4 different times, they have caused more harm than good. They told me my son was going to die because the gave him to many doses of medication smh all I'm going to say is when it comes to onslow memorial hospital RUN FAR AWAY (unless you absolutely half to go because its the closest one)

Tim Jennings

Worst hospital in America. Staff are a joke mostly boot wifes that could never make it in a real hospital. Seriously dont know how the death rate isn't skyrocketing here. Been here over three hours. Three different waiting rooms because staff doesn't know what their doing. Not professional at all. Really dont know if RN or doctors when to medical school. Never meet more ignorant people in my life. And I work in the service industry I deal with hundreds daily. Biggest joke in onslow county

Madi B

Worst hospital ever. If you need a bandaid you can come here but anything else you’re out of luck. I wish I could give no stars.

Jennifer N Brandon Buckner

Husband went in for injury above eye & hurt leg from bad fall.(bleeding from above eye from his glasses breaking off into his skin from fall) He is Type 1 diabetic and EMS checked his sugar on way to hospital and it was 64. EMS let nurse know his glucose was low and they had him sit for almost an hour without giving him anything to drink or snack on to get his sugar regulated.


If I could give 0 stars I would.

Sinclair Dudley

I came here because was in pain due to what I think is a cyst. I waited after the ct scan for my results. I waited three hours for the results and been currently waiting another hour and a half waiting to be discharged and still here. The hospital staff is piss poor. The explained to me nothing is wrong other than a abscess. Ok that's strange because neck hurts and everything but that's what yah call it. Anyway I would recommend this hospital to anyone .

Len Duckworth

How difficult is it to fax my info? Does anyone actually work here? Please I need help.

Heather Edwards

Just had my gallbladder removed. The staff on the 2nd floor is absolutely wonderful! All of radiology department is great, from my ultrasound to nuclear medicine. Surgery team was very attentive. Extremely happy with my care!

Hannah Kushner

FOR EXPECTING PARENTS: Please know the hospital staff are awesome. BUT I am reviewing a company ran through the hospital because they are so bad. Mom365 is a photographing company for newborns and family. Please.... DO NOT PURCHASE anything from them. Even if they pester you. 1. IT IS OVER PRICED. 2. THEY ARE PUSHY AND DO NOT GIVE YOU PERSONAL SPACE AFTER GIVING BIRTH. 3. THEY DO NOT SEND YOU WHAT YOU PAY FOR AND WHEN YOU CONTACT CORPORATE, THEY DO NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM BUT ASK FOR MORE MONEY! Unreal. Again, hospital staff were incredibly helpful. However, the hospital should not be sponsoring this company that takes advantage of tired, new expectant parents. Terrible company. Get photos done by a professional. Not by this horrendous company.

Esther Torres

My family and I came to visit our son. It amazes how prompt the staff took care of me, being I am from out of town. They really lived out their mission statement to the fullest. To all the staff/attending physician you have my deepest respect, thank you all Esther from Upstate N.Y.

Christian Kustomz

What a dump! Worst place I have ever been to. Read the reviews people because the 1 star reviews are every bit true. These people are one of the most unorganized uncollected people you will ever meet. If you can avoid this place do so. My children have been to this place several times with serious injuries and they make them wait for hours with the excuse of and I quote... "well we take people on priority and if your child isn't a priority then yes...they will wait for as long as they need to" Are you kidding me? The employees are unsympathetic and down right mean. They are discourteous and have an attitude. Today is June 7, 2018 and I spoke with the ER secretary about my wife and son sitting in the waiting area for hours. My sons foot has swollen nearly the size of a softball and he's only 3 years old. I'm told my son is not a priority and they can wait! So obviously now I'm angry and because I raised my voice she says I'm being threatening. What a pathetic oversensitive jerk! Seriously. What is wrong with these people? I had to argue with them to get an x-ray of which they refused to do. They said the x-rays are too expensive so they only do them if it's an emergency! I should sue these people because my son had a broken foot. Took him to an Urgent Care Clinic where they immediately gave him an x-ray. Found not only did he have a broken foot but he also got bitten by a spider. So yeah. Thanks for nothing Onslow Memorial Dump. You'll be better off going to a private clinic or even the vet before you go to Onslow Hospital. Now I will say horrid as the employee's are and how awful the service they provide is, the place even even worse when it comes to cleanliness. There are water bugs on the floor, spider webs on the walls, dirt in the corners of the rooms and the machines look filthy. I can't believe this place is allowed to stay open. Even when you do get seen the doctors are half my age and don't look like they are much older then fresh out of highschool. The times I've been there they have never diagnosed me. They just say "well we don't know but we think it might be "this" but don't know". Really? You're the dag gone doctors. That's your job to know and you guess and can't tell a simple cold or virus? Good lord. I might as well diagnose myself. Lastly you have to fight with them to get any blood work or any kind of lab work done. Where I came from even X-rays were mandatory. I have had to literally fight and get into an argument with these idiots to get an X-ray of my one daughters foot when it was broke and that was before my sons broken foot. We took her elsewheres where we found she had a fracture. Can you say malpractice? Well if I could leave less then a one star I would. Even a one star is too much for this run down slum hospital. Shame on the owners.

Noah Payne

I sat from 8:13pm to 1:40am waiting roughly 6 hours while my gums ripped themselves apart, even though 5 hours prior I was told that I would be up next and I wouldn't have any issues. I want to say almost everyone that came in, was registered, and serviced before I was even though I had been there for 3 hours waiting. If you know what having crowded teeth is like and having 2 wisdom teeth cut threw your molars because you have no room, you will understand how horrible of a experience this was. I will never go back to this hell hole again.

Rachael Meaney

Waiting to be seen should not take over an hour for ANY emergency! I waited 3 hours-at night, when there was hardly anyone there and still hadn't been seen by a doctor. They really need to come up with a better system!

Blew Davincci

Worst place I've been

Nashley Tindall

Absolute worst bandaid station I have ever been to. 7hr wait in the ER with an OPEN wound. Then when the Dr. Finally gets around to me....bedside manner absolutely deplorable. Here he is diggin in my wound no numbing no nothing. On top of that refusal to close it. Fine. But no antibiotics on a wet to dry dressing. Has this hospital no sense in infection? The incision may have to heal from the inside out, however if you are going to preech that infection is more of a risk by closing it then leaving it open to do a wet to dry dressing have enough sense to give antibiotics. You are mkre prone to infection with an OPEN wound then a closed. Especially if its a non steril dressing change ie wet to dry. Guess the Dr. Missed that in med school. I get a 2nd opinion from Carteret ER their first statement. Infection and antibiotics....common sense!....and they "closed" it with steri strips....allow it to still breathe but promote healing by placing it closer together. To top it off with the wound is inface infected. Good to know Onslow didn't care. This has detered me from even working at this hospital.....onslow has 0 bedside manner. Out of the dozen people i encountered at the ER only 2 were actually friendly. The Dr. A complete jerk!

Samantha Hunsberger

Worst hospital I have ever been to. I would rate it a zero if I could. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Omar Gutierrez

Went to the XRay department and had a great experience. I was taken care of promptly, the staff was courteous, professional and caring. My procedure could have been a painful experience, but everyone taking care of me made it look easy when I know it could be complex. This department definetely earned my praises and I will choose them anytime if given the opportunity to choose if the need arises.

Contessa Byrd

We call it the death hospital. Then my daughter went in tonight to the emergency room she is pregnant she started bleeding and passing blood clots and cramping they did triage and made her wait it the waiting room. Mean while she started cramping hard and crying and still had 15- 20 minute wait they should have given her a ultrasound to begin with.

Madison Whatley

I would give no stars if I could. Sorry not sorry i had to review this place but for family and many others I’d recommend just going all the way to duram because they are not organized. Staff has no idea what they are doing. Not informed about patients. They do not treat holistically. Wait time is rediculous. Only a few drs are good it’s not their fault for the management of this hospital. A handful of them are rude. A lot of staff push medications incorrectly into IVs and no bedside manners. If you want to end up dead or in a lot of pain quickly i suggest this is the place for you. It’s even a joke told within other healthcare facilities. That is how bad onslow is. Please get better staff and management. Also a better hiring process. I honestly don’t know why there are any positive reviews. If you have a cold and need a sick note to skip work is the level of care they are at

Kalyn Melton

This place isn't nothing but a damn joke. They could careless about their patients and barely even examine them. Worst hospital I have ever been too. Either they need to close this place down to retrain all their staff or fire them all and get new ones. Every time I go in there they treat me like they dont care. I so wish i didnt have to give any stars. They definitely dont even deserve one star. Dont go here at all.

Brigitte Hearst

OMH is a small general hospital in the small city. However, many newcomers are moving in and growing large in this present time that Jacksonville had not expected. So, OMH may add more rooms for the new mothers (after I was reading the comments) and for the ER patients some day. This emergency place reminded me ER. (I think) there was one physician working around the floor, (I saw) many nurses at hall offices and one janitor in the hall, too. Why 3 stars? Because before ER with my 1st time on the 2nd time visit, I was there with my 1st time at the 3rd floor. There were the computers in the hall that I was on my way out of the room.

Barbara Kaspar

They are rude... They take there time on getting you checked in an then takes them for ever to get you in a room then takes forever for doctor to even come see you I been for 6 1/2 hrs an still haven't seen a doctor. I WOULD NOT I REPEAT I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO NOBODY.. an crazy thing is I was born here

Emma Ray

Awful. My father had MAJOR emergency surgery there not long ago & the nurse he had would not give him his pain meds. & before I go any further my father had his abdomen cut from his first rib down to his belly button and he’s never abused pain medication or is a druggy or any of that. The nurse ABUSED him & let him sit in agony for the ENTIRE night until visitor hours opened. We got there the next morning & he was CRYING from pain. I hope they fired her & I hope that hospital reconsiders their employees because they just flat out don’t care about their patients. Don’t EVER come here.

Zzz Nick

Did not do a proper check for my mother, they didn’t take any blood test or issue any X-rays that was actually a must ( we were told ) from a actually doctor office we went to the day after. They also just offered some medicine and cream that didn’t even correlate with here issue.

Katie Rotvold

I now understand why the hispital is failing. After this visit to the ER with the most uncaring and ignorant medical staff, its no wonder people rather crawl somewhere else or die before they come here. There's no reason to listen to someone scream in pain and then be like well lets see if this $100 ibprofen pill will work. At this point I think doctors from Grey's Anatomy would be better than this place.

Darly Read

i TOOK my sister to Onslow hospital. my sister was dying from an asthma attack and they made her sit and wait for an hour. i told them she could not breathe and they told us to go sit down. i said she is going to die here shortly. no response. well soon as they got her in the nurse was the rudest nurse i have ever met and got all over my sister who knew her own problems and WAS told to be quiet . sure enough my sister ended up in ICU where i complained to the doctor who apologized. my sister fainted from lack of oxygen and the doctor freaked . if you want to die, go to OMH. NOT ME.. id drive to chapel hill or wilmington with at least a little hope. Her heart was failing etc.. I was SHOCKED TO SAY THE LEAST. IF YOU CUT YOUR FINGER, YOU MAY BE OK, OR NOT. kudos to Marshall Frink. i also went to onslow, withhead injury.. no trauma surgeons. dont go there, had to be flown to greenville. they do not have anyone who can deal with a head injury.. You will die.

Jennifer Russell

I just had a baby labor and delivery the staff the doctor the response time was excellent food was good also I would recommend this hospital I had To stay a few extra days because of baby Jaundice. THey let me stay with the baby. Complementary thank you

Brooke Ary

The staff in the ped unit is awesome. They took care of my sick baby and made sure we had everything we needed.

Kimberly Turrubiate

My son was admitted recently his stay was for five days. The whole experience was very comforting. The nurses Joyce, Linsie, Melissa, Sara, Fancy Nancy and all staff were very caring, committed to the well being of my son and my concerns as well. Quality of care this hospital offer to us was a great experience. The pediatrician physicians also demonstrate the same care to my son. This was my son first time staying in the hospital he was terrified these nurses cared for him with compassion along with the medical care professionalism. Worked very hard. I'm happy and satisfied the care my son recieved at this hospital. Thank you and I appreciate everyone involved helping my son.

Aisha Monae

The worst service I’ve ever experienced especially when it comes to children! Definitely, time to move from Onslow County!

daniel welch

Thought they were friendly. Daughter came in with twitch/ seizure and they got to her quickly and stopped the problem. The did what a er is supposed to do.

Vada Judd

Best emergency room visit I've had by far. Process went smoothly. All tests and labs occurred quickly. Felt the staff was thorough and attentive. I saw the emergency room PA Mandy and she was wonderful! Though I've never used their other services I highly recommend the emergency room here.

fullEntertainmentMedia YellowVestAmerica

Got too the er at 3pm it is now 1:30am !!!

Tyswana Lee

Very disappointing. Disgusting.

Haley Stiles

If i could negative 10 i would, been here for 6 hours, with sick kid and this guy vomitting his guts out. Staff has yet to place any body in the back. There system sucks. If a baby comes i. With a fever that should be looked at. If my child dies at this hospital, i swear ill own this hospital.

Scott Capps

We had our baby here and everything was amazing! The nurses and doctors were all very informative and went above and beyond to make our experience perfect. I have nothing but great things to say and would recommend using this hospital for labor and delivery to anyone! So glad we came here!

Edwin Brannan

Onslow Emergence Knights on a steed with flashing lights. Angels on four wheels. Crusaders against the forever nights. The beauty of caring heals. Delivering the lamb, to God, or those she uses to save. Fearless caregivers whom daily fight with many hurting, who sometimes forget to behave. Smiles and kindness bring all children to the light. The angels among us is all that is right. Bless the caregivers and those they leave to give all people temporary reprieve from life and our burden within. The lord blesses all who practice Medicine! Thank you to the paramedics, ER, 4th floor and the entire staff of Onslow Memorial. You all have been incredibly kind to my wife and I. I owe you my life. I pray this poem shows my gratitude. Bless you all, Edwin and Jenny Brannan

zayden Lovin

Once again I was treated like a dope head. Was in terrible pain and the PA ran my name and saw was there before I have serious back issues and when he saw I was given pain meds a month ago his whole attitude changed .He no longer cared about me. The nurse practically threw my discharge paperwork at me and walked out. I should have been given a cat scan and now I'm still hurting and will have to go out of town for help. I understand the controlled substance laws but to treat people like trash is not forgiving. I will never go back. It's just not fair.

Barry Cummings

After moving to Jacksonville from Pa..the need finally arose to seek out a hospital. I was in severe abdominal pain for 3 days prior to Feb.2nd.So i look on line for the closest E.R. So i go to onslow memorial. I couldnt be happier with my choice..From the moment we walked in, we were treated in a professional manner, half hour to fourty minute wait time to get back to see nurses and Doctor. All were caring and sympathetic to my condition.Cant thank all involved enough.

karen blevins

My daughter being a military wife had to deliver my grand son there. She finally after 2 years got a itemized bill and they had the nerve to charge $200.00 for skin to skin after she delivered. No c-section, just completely vaginal delivery and she has to pay for the luxury of holding her child. What? Of course the insurance didn't pay this crazy charge. So now she has to pay out of pocket. Awesome hospital to charge new moms for holding their child..not to mentioned the way the nurses treated her because she wasn't delivering fast enough. Making comments like "when you are serious after delivering we will help you" Well after 6 hours of pushing, he was stuck folks. So the doctor got impatient and decided to pull him out breaking his clavicle and since he laid so long stuck in the birthing canal his little head is still misshapen 2 and half years later. Thank God no long-term injures. wow I am shocked. FYI I am a nurse this is not normally how things are done in competent facilities. You would think with CMS patient satifaction driven reimbursements this would be a thing of the past..

Tracie Patterson

Onslow Memorial is and has always been a horrific hospital! I would highly recommend if you can make it to another hospital like New Bern, Greenville, or really ANY other facility, please do. The experiences that I have had with so many family members is appalling to say the least. This facility is dirty, the professionalism is minimal at best, their bedside manner is nil, and the wait time is beyond what should be acceptable. They are constantly saying they are under staffed....that should not be an acceptable excuse for so many years. The ER underwent a remodel but the staff and the service hasn't changed. You can change appearances, but if the service doesn't change then all you did was waste money. This place is an absolute disgrace. I urge anyone who can to please go to another facility whenever possible! I am only giving them a 1 because 0 is not an option :(

Beware Unbound Skating

My girl was sent home during active labor so she had to give birth naturally at home and most doctors there were very rough and had absolutely no respect for her honestly I wish I could give them a 0.

Derrick Black

My father who has had heart problems in the past was having chest pains so he came to the ER. After arrival and letting the staff know he may be having a heart attack they asked him to go to the place to fill out paperwork instead of getting him admitted ASAP after he filled the paperwork out they made him sit out in the lounge for 1.5 hours then another waiting room for 1.5 hours. After my mother called me saying she wasn’t getting anywhere and my father stopped breathing multiple times I came in and had to raise my voice for answers and help. There was two college students for EMT that were the only ones who showed empathy and tried to help as they were helping my father want responsive Now after being here since 10 they have done nothing and it’s almost 4 with no answers and just a runaround of deflective answers. So far not a very good experience at all if your having a heart attack in Jacksonville NC drive to new bern or Wilmington


I have had bad experiences at other ERs so I took my chances going to Onslow. I am SO glad I did! I must say that I am an RN so I know how busy staff can be at hospitals (and no I dont work at Onslow). Last night I took my 15 month old because I noticed a change in her breathing that concerned me. I got there at 7pm and was out by 11pm. Which is the shortest time I have ever spent in an ER. My baby was fussy and miserable but the staff did everything they could to make our time easier. Even giving her a cute pink bunny to play with. She was given great attention by Dr. Hosek, the triage nurses and x-ray tech. It was my first time at Onslow and I never once mentioned I was a nurse, except at the end when finishing paperwork to file my health insurance.

Missy Banta

If I could give 0 stars I would. This is the most ridiculous place ever. My daughter-in-law came in with pregnancy complications and was sent home without ever seeing a doctor. She was told there's no reason to see one since the nurse could handle it. Completely ridiculous!

Nylia Sewell

They are so rude they be hanging up on people's my gma been there for almost three hours and they want give me know info the nurses are rude af myself i hate that hospital it should be not where people's care should be wjere people's don't care

Kelly Applegate Bates

I was admitted Monday for an emergency. From my time in until my release have had excellent care. Staff has been super friendly anf helpful. Clean area. Dr and nurses have had me mind blown on how over the top caring they were.

J Reece

I went into the ER on a Saturday morning with a leg issue and everyone, except one lady a the reception, was great! Evreryone who took care of me was knowledgeable, professional and polite. Overall as good of an experience one could have at an ER.

Rubella Von Hart

Update: Couldn’t leave another review, so I’m editing my old one. The date was 4.16.18 and my mother has had a seizure. She was brought in by ambulance, and ER treated her relatively well. They didn’t communicate with us very well; we didn’t always know what was going on. But they were nice for the most part. Then it came time for her to be admitted. And Dr. Stewart came in questioning her condition, acting like a pompous ass when he surveyed the room and noticed we weren’t exactly in our Sunday best. Extremely judgemental, and was treating my mother like she was drug seeking. It’s now the 18th, and we’ve continued to have a horrible experience. There was even a verbal altercation between my mother and the night shift nurse taking over, because she openly admitted that she doesn’t look over the chart or notes from morning shift about the patients she’ll be taking over and she wouldn’t tell my mother what care she would be recieving. We’re extremely lucky that I’m able to stay here with her 24/7, because I’m 100% certain she wouldn’t get the care she needs without me reminding them to do their jobs. We have to beg for medication, and it’s always an hour late. Good luck ordering a meal, because it’ll be there two hours later and stone cold. We’re still not being communicated with, and they just come in with no warning, unhooking her IV telling her she needs to get up to go have an MRI. We’ve had friends say “Onslow Memorial is where you go to die.” And I definitely see why. We’re literally only still here because I fear what could happen if she has another seizure when we leave. Well, when we first arrived there was an elderly woman in the corner of the freezing waiting room screaming for help. Never a good sign. Currently awaiting treatment, and so far there’s only been one polite and caring nurse. If it’s life or death, drive an hour somewhere else. Cause you won’t get help here.

Renee DeVos Riggs

I delivered my daughter via induction in April and had the BEST care possible at OMH! I had delivered my son just shy of 3 years prior at a women and children’s specialty clinic at an acclaimed hospital in a much larger city and did not think that experience could be surpassed. To my delight OMH far surpassed what I experienced at one of the best women and children’s hospital in the nation! Special thanks to John Ozard (my nurse) and Catalina Valencia (my mid-wife) who were the ones responsible for this outstanding experience!

Wayne Smoot

Was very professional I think.maybe they could be alittle more attentive about mental health this is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. I think the head boss needs to talk to his or her team and tell them that mental illness IS AN ISSUE AND ALL OVER THE WORLD PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING. To not just brush it off lightly someone could leave your hospital from you guys not helping them and then that’s it! That’s all I’m saying good hospital but mental illness is an issue HELP WITH IT!!! Big problem nowadays but thumbs up

Jonathan Phillips

Ashleigh Cobb

I will NEVER use this hospital again if there is ANY way to avoid it. As most have stated the care was very slow and uncaring, but the absolute headache of trying to talk to them to get bills paid is a nightmare. And it isn't like we haven't been trying to pay them, we just have had a struggle to do so! Come to find out they've also now charged our account twice for two of the bills and I absolutely cannot WAIT to see how difficult it is to get this issue corrected. I would give this hospital zero stars if I could and I hope I am never in need of emergency care.

Carmela Underwood

Was seen at the ED last night, went directly to a room, the nurses that cared for me were very polite and professional! they offered exceptional care! The Doctor I saw was a woman I wish I could remember her name, she was very nice, she had excellent bedside manners, she was knowledgable and took excellent care and resolved my issue quickly! She was very prompt coming to see me in my room more than 1 time. she took time to listen and answered all questions.. Thank you to all the staff including the intake receptionist at the desk who was also polite and nice, you helped me when I needed it!

jooheons child

I came in because I dislocated my kneecap. I got in at 8pm and was discharged at almost 1am just for them to tell me I could walk out and just put ice on it. I was put near the involuntary commit section of the hospital in a hallway where there were plenty of other rooms available. I only saw the doctor when I first got in there and he never came back to tell me what happened. I heard this one nurse talking about other patients the whole time I was there and screaming curse words. The ladies who took my x-rays were great but everyone else seemed unprofessional. When I was discharged and told.I could walk out, I had to hold on to a family member for dear life because it hurt immensely and nobody offered me a wheelchair on the way out even though there was 2 nurses standing beside the wheelchairs. Also after going to a specialist he said I probably damaged the tendons/ligaments more by walking on it even though onslow said I could walk on it so now I'm in a lower thigh to ankle immobilizer and it's not fun lol. I don't recommend onslow and the all

Tom Viemont

I've been visiting Onslow Memorial regularly for over 10 years. The staff is smart, caring, and dedicated. If I were in the area and needed care, I wouldn't hesitate to go to Onslow.

Joshua Romleski

Honestly the worst hospital I have ever been to, if I could rate a 0 star I would. The front lobby was quick to bring my wife back but as soon as we got to the waiting room it took the nurse about 45mins to show up then nobody even came back for an additional 1hr 30mins. The doctor then told my wife that he can’t help her because she’s not showing enough signs to require any “emergency” help. The patients next to me have been waiting for god knows how long and if anyone comes here for any emergency related things I’m certain they’re dying no joke that’s sad. I feel terrible that this is even an open hospital. We left and walked out.

Reva Sullivan

I was VERY disappointed with my ER visit this past Monday(6/17/19) I arrived with My 4 year old son at 7:40 pm, He had fallen and had a gash in his head, but since it "wasn't bleeding" at the time the staff looked at it she just pushed us aside. So now its around 11 pm, my son is now asleep in my arms. I asked for a blanket since it was freezing in the waiting room, well that was like pulling teeth to get someone to actually get up from the desk to go find one for him. Once we FINALLY got called back at 3:30 AM, they never once offered any medication to make him comfortable. The Doctor looked at his gash, squeezed it together and put some glue on it. Mind you this gash is in his hair, so now hes got hair trapped inside his wound. I am a local and have been to OMH many of times, but I have NEVER been treated like we were a bother!

MarieAnne Davila

Waited from 7:30 pm to 1:30 am with a family member with a cardiac condition in Afib. He was triaged and told to wait. Went up twice to report additional chest pain and increase in pulse rate and was told he would be monitored. That was not the case. We were told at 1:30 am that they did not know when he would be seen by a doctor because they had too many people there and no beds. He was not seen by a physician although a physician looked at his chart and ordered chest xray and blood test which were done but not addressed while we sat in the waiting area. We left then and went to ER in New Bern where he was immediately brought in and seen by a cardiologist. OMH is not equipped or staffed adequately for the amount of emergencies it receives. There was garbage and food on the floors and bathroom was filthy. I don’t recommend anyone going there ever. The 45 min drive to New Bern was worth it. 6 hours waiting at OMH is not acceptable.

Irene Lane

The worst experience of my life. I took my sick 7 month-old to the emergency room with a fever and projectile vomiting. We were there at 2pm and walked out at 6pm. After no assistance. You could tell the nurses did not care. Especially after asking for help more than once. I asked one nurse and she said she would tell the other nurse to help. If u don't want to save lives DON'T GO INTO THE MEDICAL FIELD if anything happens to my child there will be hell to pay. It's sucks for ppl like me who live around her and only limited to that hospital. I will never recommend ANYONE to this hospital not even for a splinter


You have to be understanding, the workers , nurses, doctors, and whoever else here work hard. They are so busy and they still have to keep a smile on their faces, i feel like they short staff. They saving lives and they human so we all make mistakes.

Leeza Harrington

I gave birth to my son and the nurses and midwife were amazing!

Tamirah Daniels

I am currently in the waiting room to be seen i have been here since 8:30pm It is now 12:26am still waiting to be seen . The staff is overall friendly but the wait is ridiculous to the point people are just leaving and going to other hospitals in other towns

MzSugalipz Kelly

I have sat in this hospital since 915 pm. It is now 214 am and I still haven't been seen. In pain and nobody cares! I've watched an elderly lady vomit and cry in a bag since I walked through the door, still haven't been seen! ! This is literally where you go to die! !! If you don't mind sitting for hrs on end then this is the place for you! ! You ask a nurse at the desk a question and I swear they act like your killing them! ! Please find somewhere else to go !! I will say I have come across a couple nurses who are sweet and caring with compassion! !

M Dupe

Me and my Pregnant girlfriend went here due to her having extreme pain in her upper abdomen and back. She was brought here by ambulance and shes an EMT so you know she wouldn't have wanted to get taken here for a minor issue. Once there, she is taken to Labor and Deivery to be checked for what's causing the pain. Can you believe they attribute that level of pain to dehydration? They tell her to drink water and it results in her throwing it up. As shes throwing up violently, I run to the nurses in the hallway frantically telling them what's going on and that something is really wrong with her. They can casually dismiss me, and it takes them 10 minutes to check up on my girlfriend who's bed sheet is covered in throw up. Now they tell us its gotta be the stomach bug that's been going around (because the stomach bug makes you feel unbearable pain that literally paralyzes you). After hours of my girlfriend begging for some kind of medication that she can take while Pregnant to deal with this unbearable pain, they finally give it to her and discharge her saying its acute nausea. I'm also reprimanded for going in the hallway to beg the nurses to help because my 37 week pregnant girlfriend is in horrible pain and feels like shes dying. Since we didnt get any answers and were treated like we are idiots, we decided to go get checked at E.D. north because with a little help from Google, we determined it probably has to do with her gallbladder... Need I remind you, a DOCTOR refused to even consider that anything was actually wrong with her. Ofcourse we figured out that my girlfriend has Gallstones and a simple ultrasound on her gallbladder determined this in a very short period of time. Moral of the story - I'd rather have had my girlfriend in the care of a homeless bum then to ever let these people care for her again! This has got to be the most unprofessional, unsympathetic, and incompetent staff of "medical professionals" I have ever seen. This hospital should be ashamed of itself for allowing such a staff to operate at such a low standard. They are rude as can be, and lack the ability to reason to even a basic degree. We have withdrawn our care for our newborn from this place for fear that the lack of expertise displayed on every occasion we have gone here will carry over to the day of the delivery of our child and that is unacceptable. I would rate them a negative 100 if it was applicable.

Mike Horton

Came down here on Vacation and my son got very sick. We had no idea where to go, so I googled emergency room near me. We ended up going to Onlsow memorial hospital. The nurse's were awesome and the P.A we saw was amazing.

dayami capiro

I am in the hospital with my daughter and the service is excellent, they immediately registered her and in 10 minutes she had a room. The doctor saw her and her lab and urine were done and the nurse who was assigned to her was very professional. Thank you Jennifer A Acosta

Katy Buck

I loved it I just delivered my daughter on Tuesday by doctors Hoffman and the nurses. I'm on my last night I'm sore and my fiance had been at work and got off and helped me with our baby it's 12 am and he finally passes out. So i paged the nurses button because I couldn't move and my baby girl was crying and I need help putting her in my arms, the lady (whom wasn't my nurse) came in all loud and rude saying wake the dad up being snotty and mean. She left the room and loudly said are you kidding me. I don't know her name but she was the only bad thing out of my actual stay. Everyone else was amazing and very helpful. From the delivery crew (ms rita Is awesome) to the night crew in nursery everyone was a blessing. Thank you for helping me with my little girl.

Sierra Ferrell

After arriving at the ER at 1230 in the afternoon, with severe morning sickness and stomach cramps being 12 weeks pregnant, we sat in a waiting room that had the most awe full smell that I had to fight to not turn my stomach.. after 45 minutes I finally had my vitals taken just to be told to sit back in the waiting room for an additional 45 minutes before they took me back to have labs done.. blood draw.. urine sample and so on.. upon completion I sat in a triage room with 5-6 other patients for around an hour and a half before being given an IV with fluids, at this point I had thrown up twice in doggie poop pick up baggies brought from home since not once was I offered or provided with a vomit bag.. finally maybe 30 minutes after the bag had run dry they disconnected the Drip bag and took me to an actual room to wait for the doctor.. again I arrived at 1230 and at 7:30 I finally got to see the doctor for the very first time.. who was polite but still telling me he would have to check on some other patients and would make his way back around and thanking me for my patience.. which was nearly insulting at this point.. it’s 8:35 now as I type this and I am still sitting in the same room with nothing to show for it other than an IV in my arm that has been dried up for hours.. doctor still hasn’t returned and I haven’t had anything to eat other than a fruit cup this morning for breakfast that I couldn’t even hold down.. worst hospital should definitely be investigated.. and soon for the hopes of any future patients especially pregnant ones with stomach pains... don’t expect to get anywhere fast or have anyone help you. I bothered nurse after nurse explaining how I had been in the hospital for hours and hours to be told “you’ll be seen soon” if I could give 0 stars I definitely would. Doesn’t deserve 1 star.. stay away. Also in the time I sat in the waiting room I saw 3 people whom had been there longer than myself get up and leave.. wish I had have done the same and went somewhere that actually cares for people and their health.

Mary Kellum

Imagine our loved one has been sick for some time and your loved one is admitted to this hospital. His IV machine is not working so he pushes the nurse call button and the responding person tells him a nurse will be right there to take care of it. After 30 minutes no one shows up so your loved one pushes buttons until the noise stops. Now imagine the same day your loved one is waiting for his lunch (your loved one is 5'9" and weighs 115 lbs.) at 12:30 he pushes the nurse call button and lets them know his lunch has not arrived and is told they will take care of it. You arrive to his room at 1:40 pm and you ask your loved one how his lunch was and you are told he didn't get any lunch. You go out and let the staff at the 4th floor desk know that your loved one did not receive his lunch. A nurse states he will call down and take care of it. That nurse comes to your loved ones room and tells you that his lunch will be right up. Lunch does not arrive until 2:30 pm. How would you feel about this hospital. I could go on but I don't think it would make a difference. Onslow Memorial Hospital WHERE PEOPLE CARE. Well, some people don't care.

Kayla Siebert

Got here to the ER and there were 2 other people in the waiting room. Literally 2. Sat here for 45 minutes waiting to get registered and receive my arm band while listening to the front desk staff have personal conversations and how they couldn’t find several patients. That’s comforting. Then I finally got called up to the desk to be checked in and the nurse, I think her name is Nicole, interrupted our conversation about my health to ask a man walking by if he had anymore halibut and that she’s saving what she has currently for when her parents come. If I wasn’t in so much pain I would have walked out right there for the sheer unprofessionalism being displayed. There’s got to be a better way to run this facility. I don’t care if you don’t care about me or anyone else walking in these doors, but at least be professional. I wouldn’t be able to treat guests at my job like this and continue to work there. Why is it acceptable for the staff here to? This is a common type of experience that has happened every time I’ve ever had to come here.

Jessica Young

I have been going to this hospital for a year now! The very first time I went was not too bad! But since then it has gotten worse! The people that work there is rude! VERY RUDE! IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR JOB FIND ANOTHER CAREER! Was here on Monday on memorial day and it was the worst visit ever...went for a knee injury! Took a xray! And the dr/nurse stated it's not BROKEN! Never new you can break a knee...never told what was going on discharged me with crutches and ibuprofen! Said they was going to call after radiologist reads my xray! Now my whole leg is swollen I barely can bare weight on it! In so much pain! Nothing is helping! Ice NOTHING! THIS HOSPITAL REALLY NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER AND GET BETTER STAFF!! PERIOD!

KendrickBaird 2016

Worst hospital I’ve been to ever. Waited from 2:30-6:30 am for chronic migraine pains. Was not seen.. only a few people in here all night, they assisted one patient per hour.

Amanda Dejesus-Heath

The worst hospital ever, I gave birth here to my daughter and all the nurses were rude. Everytime I buzzed for help the would take like 20 mins to come, after I noticed the pattern my husband would just go out there and personally find a nurse and tell them I needed them. Only reason their getting 2 stars is because my beautiful daughter was born there

Justin Henderson

Brought my girlfriend in over 2 hours ago now, with an Initial fever over 103, as taken by the charge nurse Danielle. The wait in the waiting room wasn't lengthy, what pisses me off most is that we've been seen by 3, THREE nurses now. 1, 2, 3 nurses. That have seen she has a fever over 103, and haven't done a single thing. No meds. No tests. Not. One. Thing. Over 2 hours of waiting with a fever over 103, dizziness, nausea, body pains and they couldn't give one single care less. This hospital is trash. The nurses are trash. The doctors are trash. Charge nurse - Danielle Nurse - Kayla Glenda Patient care tech - Sammi Bernadette Nurse manager - Pat Stark Provider - Jacky/ Lowey

Danielle Zygmant

First time i arrived and waited an hour and a half in the er, had to go back waited over 2 hours, there is hardly anybody in here how is it so slow

Mayra Barreto

Well i was there last Wednesday night and it was one hell of a night but there was a nurse there named Laura (over night) and she was amazing. Even though i was there 9 hours she made sure i was well taken care of, from waiting room til i got my actual room. They need more staff like her, very caring and helpful. Thank you Laura! I really appreciated your compassion for me....

Local Chloe

I'm going to be having a baby at this hospital and had looked up the reviews beforehand to get an idea of what its like. I was really apprehensive and worried reading the negative reviews. But I had an experience that brought me to this hospital. I was experiencing some bleeding so I went in to make sure there was nothing wrong. Everyone I encountered was very nice and personable. The ladies that checked me in at the ER, the lady that registered me, the lady that wheeled me up to L&D, my nurses, the ultrasound tech and the doctor.... were all great. I felt like they went above and beyond to ensure everything was good with my baby. Turns out I was actually having some light contractions so I was given the meds I needed to stop them. I'm actually looking forward to coming back in April to have my baby. I know I'll be in good hands! Update: had my baby April 11th. I'll try to keep it short and to the point. The staff are wonderful. I have no complaints about the people. The facility leaves a lot to be desired.... the post partum room is tiny. Don't expect your SO other to stay the night at least not comfortably. And the shower situation is just sad. I'm sure you all know this already but hopefully it gets a renovation soon!

Eddy Privett

I have been to Onslow many times over the years. Some good some not so good experiences.i have been very sick and have been to many specialty doctors that have not been able to figure out my problem. I went to the ER yesterday via Onslow county EMS. I was treated great from the time I got there. The RN Chris went above and beyond to make me comfortable and to feel better. The Provider on duty DR McCoy was Awesome he listened to me and really cared about my situation. He ordered a couple test which didn't show us anything. He ordered a HIDA scan. He said it was his first time in 15 years he has ordered this test. Well low and behold the test found the problem the we have searched for since 1994. Your Radiology department is top notch as far as I am concerned. I owe my life to all the staff and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Cara Montford

Continued : So anyway the Ward Clerk wasn’t able to direct me to admin. Offices. She said no one has ever asked before I asked her how long she’s worked there she said 13 yrs. o told her that’s hard to believe at this place no ones ever asked. I asked her for Pt. Coordinators #. I truly wanted the Medical Director office but I know there is s chain that should be followed. So Jennifer the Ward Clerk gave me # to different people. I should have mentioned I asked her the name of the Dr. and she told me Dr. Long. I will say my experience with both the Nurse ( forgot name ) and Ward Clerk were positive. While standing at the desk I did see some things that didn’t sit right. But for us they were good. My issue is with Dr. Long. I called both #s when I got to the car. Only one worked so I left a v/m. I left at 1:30 ish. Of course I was in contact with my daughter throughout the day. There wasn’t much change in the baby he did get Tylenol. Outside of that she just sat there with a very miserable baby. At about 3:30 I received a call back from the manager of patient coordination. Of course I don’t remember her name but it wasn’t the same person I left v/m with. Anyways she wax very nice and listened to my concerns and questions. I wanted to know if the Drs. were contracted and if so what was the name of the co. She told me they were and told me the co. name. She still wanted to know everything that happened. I told her the nursing care was good and I didn’t have any issues with that. My issues are with the Dr. she told me she would file a grievance. At 3:45 my daughter said they finally arrived to transfer. I asked her if he had fluids by mouth and she said not really. I asked her about the IV. Get this they actually put an IV in but didn’t give him any fluids. I’m very agitated because I don’t understand the rationale and Dr. Long sure wasn’t going to take the time to tell me. So yes I’m pissed. Total negligence by Dr. Long. I understand he’s contracted out. But the hospital is still responsible. Unfortunately this is a black mark against them. I will be contacting the State Medical Board. Dr. Long will be forced to answer to someone at some point. If my grandson has any lasting effects d/ t negligence I will definitely will be seeking legal advice. I pray that will never have to happen!

Jonathan Krum

Great group at the ER! I don’t go to the hospital until it’s absolutely necessary but this group of people did not mess around!

tasha sharp

We go there at 8:30pm and didnt leave till at least 1am and the staff was very passive aggressively rude

Alicia Juarbe

After witnessing my sister’s delivery here I am lost for words. The first 10 hours of her admission pretty much involved waiting to start her induction due to not enough staffing as told by the nurse. At exactly 2 hours after delivery patients have to be rushed out of the L&D rooms to be relocated into a janitors closet room on the postpartum side. After being relocated at 4:30 in the morning, the nursery nurse and pp nurse starts educating my sister on required information needed to know “before baby can be left in room and be discharged to home”. Such a bad time to educate a patient after a long tiring day of no sleep and a long labor. Not to mention I don’t think the nurses knew how to communicate with each other on clustering care & lacked the least bit of consideration for a tired mom. Educating a patient should involve teach back, ensuring you have your patients full attention & understanding. But obviously these nurses could care less. Dietary sucks, but that’s a whole other can of worms. Newborn assessments are done in the nursery, this is quiet ridiculous being that the nurse taking care of baby should be in the room explaining what to expect to the mothers rather than calling over the phone to see when they last fed, calling for drop offs to the nursery, for pick ups from the nursery, and for any other information they needed from mom. Mothers arent able to try to get a nap if the phones are constantly ringing from the staff. The one time she called for soothing pads after feeding, the nursery nurse told her she had to come to pick them up from the nursery rather than someone delivering to a patient dealing with pain. Communication was another problem, seriously it’s no need to have a call bell system if no one is going to answer in a timely manner. Sadly this is the only hospital Jacksonville has to offer and they do not strive to have great patient satisfaction scores in any kind of way.

Lucas Kuebler

Everything done in a timely manner. Staff was extremely respectful and caring. I have been taken care of here very well and will more than likely come back here next time I'm having an emergency issue.

Nancy Blair

My husband has stage 4 lung cancer. After reading the reviews about the hospital, I was hesitant for him to go there for an emergency when he passed out with breathing problems but we didn’t have a choice. Within an hour of arriving, the PA had diagnosed him with pulmonary embolisms and had arranged transport to Vidant Medical Center. She literally saved his life. The second time, my husband was admitted by his oncologist. The ER staff was efficient, friendly and caring. He was in the hospital for 3 days. We received excellent care during his stay. Every single person we came in contact with was remarkable and very skilled. Onslow is a wonderful hospital with excellent staff.

Christo Child

I didn't realize how much humanity has lost its love for others until I visited Onslow Memorial. This is a hospital right? Full of health care professionals who supposedly devote their time to serve others, no matter if they are homeless, black, white, Asian, Hispanic. I am a concerned citizen who follows the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I was helping a homeless man who had edema, I am guessing. He was leaking fluids so badly. He was developing ulcers. The nurse from that night stated she didn't know what it was and that it could be mersa? She didn't know. We had to wait for the doctor, who by the way never saw him unitl he was being discharged the next day. He was in so much pain. I asked for them to give him medicine. They finally did hours later. I asked for the nurse to put something on his wounds to stop the pain. He said it felt like pins and needles and was burning. She went and got gauze that was dipped in cold water per my request and told me to put it on his wounds? By the way she mentioned mersa which is highly contagious! Who does that? My guy that I was helping had an odor and he was very angry. He had given up on humanity and wanted to die. I made him go to hospital but he told me before he went, they weren't going to treat him and sadly, he was right. When they called and said he was being discharged, I went to the hospital. They never treated him. He had the same wrapping that I had put on his wounds the previous night and it was dangling from his pant leg. I asked the nurses why no one had treated him and they couldn't answer me, they kept making us wait for a covering nurse. To make a long story short, I asked the doctor to treat him and he called a nurse to give him new wrapping and they put ointment on his leg. I asked if they could pay for a cab for him and the lady told me they don't have funds for that anymore and if they did it for him, they would have to do it for everyone. She got approval for a cab. I just want to say, we don't know how people get to where they are in life. We don't know their story. We judge them and become intolerant of the most vunerable. This man was in his seventies. We are all a paycheck away from being broke. Please people watch how you treat others. Your attitude makes a difference. I was disappointed in what I saw in your hospital staff a week ago. Will the real healthcare professionals please stand up? And the ones who don't want to be there, please find another job.

Damian Bradberry

It doesn't matter what you have when you go in to Onslow Memorial Hospital you will get worse no matter what Papercut expect to be in there for at least a week and remember each day you're in there you get a little bit worse if not really worse my great grandad went in there because he fell down ended up catching the flu in the hospital then ammonia then he passed away on the third day doctors cared less now my granddad is in there this is his third day and he is on critical when he walked in with shingles that they don't know how to control or transfer him to a specialist that knows how

Crystal Blackwood

This place is worthless. I came to the ER because I could not stop throwing up, my friend and I waited for literally four hours to have an actual doctor see us. The doctor I finally did see was extremely friendly and nice, very informative and courteous. However, the staff up front seriously do not care about how long you wait, they don't seem to be in a rush to do anything. There were several other families waiting with sick children who were waiting as long as we did, if not more. My friend and I agree that you'd be better off driving the extra distance to go somewhere else than wait to be seen at onslow.

Jackie Munko

This hospital is HORRIBLE. My husband had to come here because the VA referred him for lower back pain we sat here for WELL over 4 hours with our 8 month old son screaming because I wasn’t able to breastfeed him while I was here. This is by far the WORST hospital in the area. If you’re dying I wouldn’t even recommend coming here as a last resort. They’d let you die in the waiting room.

Ms. Free

I FIND IT ABSOLUTELY APPALLING THAT THEY COME ONTO THE REVIEWS AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE HIGH RATED ONES. THEY ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEM TAKE RESPONSIBILITY BEFORE A LAWSUIT COMES YOUR WAY FOR IGNORANCE AND MALPRACTICE FOR IGNORING ISSUES THAT ARE WELL DOCUMENTED OF BEING BROUGHT UP. As many times as I have been there once you get inside the room the nursing. Staff is always nice. But the care I mean I can't say for sure that there basic negligent is the cause of me losing a relative but after 2 months and an air lift out the county a lot can be said when the other hospital can just keep the patient comfortable. BUT IT'S ALWAYS GOD DAMN INFECTION they talk about like. Maybe it could have been a stroke. But if you leave a hospital worse than going in it says a lot about the hospital. If I hear Infection one more time I will personally lose it.

Lynette Pearson

Went to the er at 8pm at 1am still havent went in the back then they said 8 people was in front of me so i left because they was durning things they should being doing

Samantha Plocica

If I could give zero stars I would. This ER is AWFUL. Disgusting facility and rude staff. They billed my insurance wrong so now I get to pay for their mistakes. Doctor examined my X-ray and told me my wrist was broken- splint given. Go to ortho for a cast, they re-X-ray and my ELBOW is broken. OPPOSITE END OF THE ARM!! Nurse left another patient’s chart in my room- talk about HIPPA violation and tried to give me someone else’s prescription medication. This place is a complete joke.

Robin Johnson

Onslow hospital ER is one of the worst hospitals to have to been seen for anything. Very slow calling people back. We have Been here since 845 pm and still waiting to be seen it is now 1215 am. People that came in after us is being called back before us. Why is that. You go ask and the lady said they aren't being called back first but I'm sitting here watching it myself The others were no worse off than my husband I want some answers please from the hospital lady was rude at desk when asked

Tirrell Enoch

Horrible service we’ve been waiting for my wife to be seen for 6 hrs and have yet to see a doctor. Better off dialing 911

Merry Jean Baquero

Frontline ladys are friendly, I was there in ER for 3 hours...even though was not so busy when I arrive. The Nurse that took my blood she did terrible in my arms.I told her to do insert the niddle in my left hand but she still continue in my right hand and get blood nothing but left me with bruise but she was trying to be nice so i didnot say anything.

Rachel Winner

If I could give this place zero stars that’s what it would receive. They spend money on stupid commercials saying why they’re so great when they should invest the money to make the Emergency Department run more efficiently. Spending more than 4 hours waiting to be seen is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

Hope Newman

In my original post I had a negative encounter with one employee, and gave 3 stars. But after my actual delivery and postpartum care, I revised it to a 5 star. The staff was excellent, undstanding, and just fantastic. They made my delivery easy and breastfeeding easier to understand. They sent me home with great goodies and made me feel that my baby and I were well cared for.

FaZe Airplane10

My Mother just spent four nights at OMH. She went in Friday and could not lift her head off the pillow. By Saturday she was a little better. Sunday she was a lot better and could have probably gone home on Monday but the doctor wanted to keep her one more night just to be safe. They moved her off the fourth floor to the 2nd floor which is actually the maternity ward. She said the staff could not have been nicer to her on both floors! She actually said she felt like she was staying in a five star hotel. Thank you to everyone at OMH for taking such good care of my special Mother! Mat Raymond III

charlotte aken

They have been beyond amazing both times I've been. Being chronically ill I've been in my fair share of er's across the country and they are how I wished all of them would have been. They are kind caring and attentive. They listen and don't dismiss your pain. They go above and beyond to make sure you know what's going on and to do all they can for you. With this latest stay I got more information on my back than I have in 20 years. I also found out I have another genetic disorder but I feel more at ease about it knowing they are less than an hour from me. Yes I pass 3 hospitals to get to Onslow but the care is completely worth it. Edit I've gone through all the reviews and the people down voting it have no idea what a bad hospital is and are mostly impatient children. 6 painful debilitating genetic disorders keep me in and out and I move a lot. For real if you have an issue go to this hospital. Complaining about a 3 hour wait... I've waited 12 hours with before 6 to 8 is standard on weekends. It's gonna take longer on holidays and at night. Stop bothering the staff so they can get stuff done stop bringing in kids for low grade fevers unless the child has an underlying health issue and stop using the er as a GP and schedule an appointment with your doctor. I understand some people need to use the er as a doctor but you are doing it at the very first sign of everything give your immune system a chance again unless you have an underlying condition. Also your local area has a free or low cost clinic and they give you the information for it please start utilizing those so that way you can get continuous care and preventative medicine along with more complete medical records. They are who can get you on a treatment plan. Don't bother the staff you make them forget what they were doing and mess with everyone. if you start seeing a few people go in before you that came after you that don't appear to have a more severe situation as you and again you can't really tell go up and say "pardon me I was just making sure my name wasn't already called and I was zoned into my phone or something." Stop being mean to these people they are at work and are doing the best they can. I've been to some of the "best" hospital and these guys are hands down better. Do better for them and accept that you may not be the worst case in the waiting room and you will make everyone's experience more enjoyable. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk

Twila P

Horrible,. A family member was brought in by ambulance screaming in pain and left in a disgusting waiting area for hours because they didn’t have a bed. Staff doesn’t care one bit. They all walk around like they hate their jobs. 5 hours later family member still in horrible pain!!!! No one does anything, no one cares. Drive the 60 minutes to Wilmington.

Jenese Holbrook

HORRIBLE and VERY DANGEROUS experience in labor and delivery!!!!!!!! No need to go into details.


I went there at around 6-7pm. Dislocated patella, in other words dislocated kneecap. They were horrible they had me sit there for about 7 hours and more waiting with my knee dislocated. They tried numbing me after I sat there for 7 hours then started on the relocation of my knee. I was screaming they said not too, then they knocked me out. Fixed my knee I remember waking up alone and feeling the need to vomit I pressed the nurse button 10 times no one came, I was soo confused and out of it that all I could say was water n I said it for about 10 mins so I started saying help help very loudly, because I also needed to vomit. They finally came and said ma’ma you can’t be yelling for stuff... and I was like I’m so confused please can I have some water and a bag to throw up in and I always have to pee. They took some sucking tube out of me that was for me to pee. N I said I had to pee they said too bad should have peed when u had it. Then they lied said I was going to another room left me in a hallway. I threw up on myself and also peed on myself. They laughed said I could clean myself at home. No I don’t know any names. Also one nurse snatched my cell of me n said where’s your husband he needs to come get you already. Soo much attitude and rudeness for no reason. I will never go there again.

amber johnson

4 hour wait in waiting room. Rude uncaring staff. Everyone in waiting room very upset. Bathrooms were disgusting blood on both toilets, pms trash overflowing with no lid. Disgusting. Gross. This hospital is understaffed. I finally get called back, rooms are empty. they sit everyone they called back in another waiting room. I think they don’t want to have to clean them again so they are sitting all these sick people in a small room ridiculous

Melinda Blaze

My boyfriend has been there twice, once to have a knee revision by a Dr. Scully who is a HORRIBLE doctor. They did not give him ice packs to put on his knee at all after surgery and staying overnight. Second time in tonight, because of knee pain, and opiate withdrawals from doctor not wanting to refill pain medications after knee surgery, they looked at his knee did pretty much nothing, no antibiotics, nothing to help opiate withdrawals, unless you're literally dying I would avoid this hospital because they don't seem to care about patients.


8 hours and counting are better off dying in your own home ....children aren't even being seen after 7 hours .....this is crazy and then they charge 5000 for the wait...just watched a 12 year old with tears and a kidney issue leave because there are still 10 people ahead of her ...there are 5 people in this lobby EVERYONE has cried and left and we still can't get our results God help this place there is zero excuse the newspapers need to investigate how people are being charged to wait 12 hours ...even the drug seekers have given up ....

Tiffany Knight

I often go here to the ER because my health sucks to say the least & of course most times it is full and the ER can suck A LOT of times. But this past week I was admitted & am beyond thankful for every single person who cared for me, there wasn’t a single bad apple in the bunch and I TRULY appreciate that with the pain I was in. I didn’t catch names but it was nearly everybody in the IMCA unit, they are a great team! Thanks to everybody again.

Ronna Lewis

Most disorganized facility got real busy and threw the crews off guard too much long waiting for an er

Charles Van Horn

So far it has been 5 hours at the emergency department after about 4.5 hours they finally got my grandmother in a room. Do not come to this hospital its the worst. And the staff are the rudest bunch of people I've ever met .you sit and hear a lot of gossip and see not a lot of work. The only people actually moving about like they work here is the cafeteria staff.

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