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The blood lab here just can't seem to do their job. My wife gets blood every three weeks in preparation for chemo treatments. This lab NEVER follows they with results. EVERYTIME we then go for chemo we wait for up to an hour to get results from days prior. YOU must push them to do their job

Daniel Ruth

Can't believe I went to medical records at this facility and they charged me 35 cents a page for a copy of my MRI report.. !! Good God I think they were paid $1,500 or more for the procedure!! It's not the amount charged but the fact they would have the audacity to charge anything.!! Then I only had a $10 bill and the lady said she couldn't accept it.. luckily a young lady was kind of enough to front it ... if they are going to charge people they need to have change on hand.. They need to reconsider their flawed policy and the poor implementation and management of such a bogus policy

DeAnnah Lynn

Dessi Rose

I am currently pregnant I am 39 weeks almost 40 with gestational diabetes I am a small girl who was suppose to be induced bc the diabetes that I was aware of. I was scheduled Dismorning then rescheduled tomorrow morning a day more to wait was fine by me but now they want to reschedule me another two days later due to the same issue which was not enough rooms available apparently within these days not one room has been open or kept open even being scheduled I have grown impatient and in a lot of pain they are aware of me being 4 cm right now my water won’t break but it wouldn’t with my first daughter and i tried to explain the pain I can’t even sleep shooting pains in my pelvic area the weight has given me very very swollen ankles and they do not seem to care. I am showing up tomorrow the time I was scheduled due to the amount of pain even if I have to sit there until they do something about it. I have no had a good review with this hospital with the maternity ward what so ever because there had been other problems also..


The ER Doc's and a lot of the other ER staff just assume everybody is there for their daily fix on drugs. If you live locally and have to come here, make sure you have got all of your info squared away to take with you, such as: patient rights, info about your known medical conditions from credible sources (like the mayo clinic and NIH), patient advocate phone number, and print out some info from the hospitals website. I was just there and here in NC you always get the pleasure of seeing an uneducated PA. Then they tried to give me medications that are on my allergy list, that could have killed me. Go to Grand Strand. I will say the ER and all the Doc's they had when the hospital 1st opened was amazing, but hopefully is southerners will drive these ignorant DR's somewhere else.

Sara Bowen

Colby Butler

Er only

Shannon Angus

I gave birth here, wonderful, kind, helpful staff, never took my son from our room. Only issue I had was one nurse accusing me of having a drug problem when I asked for something because my back was hurt from my epidural placement but I guess it's the area. Wonderful hospital

Mike Dawson

Had a major heart attack. They stabilized me sent me to New Hanover.Great staff. Have two other procedures. I was well taken care of.

Sherry Bass

Beware if you go to the hospital and are on a fixed income,,I had a bill I had been paying on for months and yet they turned me over to a collection agency, they said if you dont read your bill and cal them to make payment arrangements they will turn you over no matter how much you pay, mind you I didnt even owe a small amount left and was paying about $50,-100 a month plus money to new hanover for a cardiac Cath which was a heck of a lot more and they wer fine with $ 35 a month.So next time if Im having heart problems I will by pass Novant and go to new Hanover even If I had to be taken by ambulance. Because they don't care. However the doctors and nurses are very good there , just don't owe them any money because the business dept said they weren't New Hanover.

JC Babson

My father recently had surgery at this hospital. The surgery itself went very well but the care after was horrible. Not sure if they are short staffed or what...first, the nurses were not attentive and were not consistent with giving him his pain medicine. In addition, his nurse on the last day was no where to be found at the time of his discharge. She was suppose to come back and take a machine off his leg at a certain time and never came back. My mother waited 30 more minutes, searched the halls and could not find anyone so she removed it herself. A 'nurse in training' finally returned when an alarm went off because my father was getting out of the bed. She ended up helping with the discharge. Nice new facility but needs additional staff. We will be going to Grand Strand or New Hanover from now on.

Kimberly Flowers

I was a patient in this facility twice during the past week. I was treated with such kindness and respect by the ER staff as well as the hospital staff. Thank you for your kindness at Novant.

Barbara Presley

Crysti Cannon

Nurses were great but doctor was not

Jeremy Timco

Treatment was fine but we were billed $2500 for 5 minutes with a physicians assistant and a small bandage. Super expensive. Will never go back.

Logan Cooper R R

I’ve had 3 surgeries here and never had any problems! I really like the Novant system!

Dorette Hill

Every time I have been there for testing everyone has been helpful and friendly. Hospital is clean. Nurse's and Tech's have been exceptional. Admission's and office staff helpful and friendly.

Robin Frye

Dan da hoa ky tran

I don’t believe, no doctor in hospital, l told they she needed iv, because she have pregnant, she can’t eat, away they told me go emergency room, 500 $ when you go in there. I thing away they want your money.

Linda Hylton

Had to take my sister to the emergency room, everyone that I spoke to were extremely friendly and helpful. Thanks to everyone. Before leaving went in the bathroom and it was sparking clean. Thanks to gentlemen who had cleaned it. Not sure, but I think his name was William. Job well done

Melinda Bell

Wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone. I went into labor during the hurricane and was turned away because "I wasn't in true labor" however how could that be determined without a cervical check or monitoring of contractions? Filed a complaint with patient services to receive a letter stating my care was appropriate and that they were at full capacity in their women's department. Straight lies!! I was there on the floor, seen with my own eyes. Went to New Hanover and they checked me and I had progressed and had my baby. During my visit to Novant I spent several hours in the er lobby watching Staff members bringing their families in to shower and stay while they turn away patients that obviously needed care. Do yourself a favor and seek care elsewhere!!

Jill Moore

Nurses and doctors were rockstars. I’ve never moved so fast through an ER in my life. As soon as I checked in they had me back into a room. Facilities were very clean, modern and nice. Staff was insanely accommodating and friendly.

Kelsey Rooks

David Taylor

Dislocated two toes and severed a tendon in one finger. These folks were outstanding. More efficient than I would have expected. Everyone very friendly....I felt like family were taking care of me. Knew what was going on constantly. Empathetic to pain and process. I'd go back. Except I don't want to go back.

Rhonda Wiggins

I think the hospital sucks. My mom was admitted afternoon of November 20th because she fell at home and could not get herself up. She was also confused and speaking as if she had been drinking. I spoke with a Dr. Reid and mentioned all her sypmtoms and that there was something obviously wrong....she couldn't speak clearly, was confused, having great difficultly walking, very weak, etc. He basically said he didn't see a problem and released her the same day. That was Friday, November 21st. On November 25th, I find out she has had a stroke. The doctor mentioned that she was on medicare and therefore couldn't do anything else. Did Dr. Reid didn't recognize the symptoms of a stroke or did he not want to be bothered because she was on medicare. I don't know but it doesn't really matter. He sucks as a Dr. and so does the hospital.

Wendy Belas

Staff was extremely friendly and attentive and kept us informed of the plan of care for our 90 yr old mother.

Wanda Ramos

Great place

Eric Leazer

The hospitality at Brunswick Novant hospital saved my life. I went into the emergency room with phneumonia. I did not realize that my system had gone septic. They immediately put me in ICU and begin a regimine of fluids and antibiotics. By the grace of God and the staff 's professional care I was able to go home 4 days later. Thank you Novant.

Sarah Haight

Nancy Cowan

My husband had his kidney removed in December. The operating room staff and nursing staff during his stay in the hospital were exceptional. Everyone makes you and the patient feel special. Highly recommend the hospital, staff and his doctor, Lydia Laboccetta.

Jane Harkey

Great customer service. Dr was absolutely wonderful with my eye. Helped me so much. The nurse there was outstanding. Short time and very through roll Explaining it to me. Thank you so very much

Terry Prince

Very good people who work there

michael marksberry

Cassandra Cowan

They treated my son and me with kindness.

Annina Pope

Staff in the ER was great. Very attentive and did not have to sit and wait for hours to be seen.

Alexis Brown

Art Spalding

truth troll

NH equals No Help!! Went there in excruciating pain for documented conditions, they treated me like an addict! This is not confined to the hospital, their Dr's are the same way, actually had a smug, unhappy little woman, Dr Hillary Thomas tell my wife "don't come at me with your Google, I have a degree". Simply because my wife said that I read a lot about my conditions! How absurd, I don't need a degree to know advanced chronic pancreatitis is painful, but obviously she missed that class on the way to getting her "degree". If you can make the trip New Hanover is much more prepared to handle real issues than this place. Nice building novant has but it's covering an inept uncaring staff! Good luck!

Max B

Jake Morgan

I learned a very expensive lesson many of you already learned-- If you have a high deductible plan, there is no way to get in and out of this place for less than $1000 out-of-pocket. It was late Easter Sunday, and we were on vacation 3 hours away from home. My 10-month old daughters elbow popped out of socket. This was the first time we've had something like this, and it was kind of scary how she couldn't move it and was crying any time we touched her arm. Well, we show up at this hospital, got her weighed and tagged, and within 1 minute of being in the exam room, a nice PA came in, immediately diagnosed the issue (nursemaid's elbow), and immediately popped it into socket. We were done in 5 minutes, and after another 30 minutes of waiting for paperwork (or something), we were released. The original bills were over $2000. The _discounted_ bill was $850 from the hospital, $275 from the doctor's practice. No options for further reduction. Maybe this is common knowledge to the rest of you, but it's new to me.

Chelsea Guerra

So, I've never written a review but I think this is necessary. My fiancé has been in the emergency room 3 times for the same exact reason, admitted into the hospital, and discharged with no diagnosis or assistance. 2 years ago my fiancé started having rectal bleeding that was tolerable, yet inconvenient. 6 months ago, it got worse. On December 28th he finally decided to go to the ER. He was immediately admitted with a 5.2 hemaglobin count. 2 days and 4 blood transfusions later he was discharged and told not to worry, that they would set up an appointment for him within the next week to receive assistance and a proper diagnosis. He was given no medicine and still had rectal bleeding. He had no appointment made, so they "fit him in" for an appointment a month later. He returned to the ER again for another blood transfusion because he still is bleeding. The night before the appointment comes around and he's received no information and no emails back regarding prep for the appointment. He had fasted and was ready for the appointment. (Mind you, he's still bleeding every day). The nurses inform him that since he didn't take the necessary prep medication (that he was not told to take) they wouldn't be able to do the procedure so they did an endoscopy. So they made another appointment for a week later. He finally receives the colonoscopy and is informed that it could be chrones disease or cellular colitis. Given no formal diagnosis and told they still needed to do more tests. No medication. He has an appointment set for March 1st to receive a surgery to remove the internal hemorrhoids that "might be" causing the bleeding. 2 nights ago we went to the ER again because he has a fever and no other symptoms. Hemoglobin count of 7.2. He gets admitted and given another 2 blood transfusions. Now all of the ER nurses who have seen us before are asking questions. Why hasn't anyone DONE anything? Our nurse even told us "it sounds like chrones disease. Even after checking your chart. They could've just prescribed you something to potentially stop the bleeding.". When FINALLY visited by the GI doctor the following morning, we are flabbergasted. This guy actually wants to help us. Immediately tells us he's starting a prescription because it's either IBD or chrones and there's a medication that can treat both and we are going to test it. We are also told that the hemorrhoidal surgery would make him worse! He informs us that he's not sure why it has been TWO MONTHS with bleeding and nothing has been done other than being told to take some iron pills. Dr. Itskowitz was amazing. He's determined to help my fiancé and help him get to the bottom of this. Now we wait for a hospitalist to come through and discharge him. Upon his arrival, he tells us all he has to do is fill the script and we'll be good to go. He'll get right to it and the prescription isn't even that expensive. 2 hours and 25 minutes later, a different nurse returns with discharge papers and we inform her of the wait time. She guarantees us it couldn't have been more than 20 minutes because he had just sent the script through only 5 minutes ago. After giving us this reproachful look, she says she may have been mistaken. Not only did we wait for 2.5 hours just for a piece of paper that the doctor put in about 2 hours later, but we were apparently lying about our wait time. We discharge and drop off the script. Come to find out, it's $596 for one months prescription. We are on a roll for good luck. The pharmacist decides to phone Dr. Ranga and get the details to the generic script so they can fill that for $10. 4 phone calls later and the pharmacist decides to just call and leave a message with them. It's now 4 hours later and still no phone call back. Why did it take 3 trips to the ER to finally have help? He hasn't stopped bleeding. They've been informed every time that he bleeds. Why wouldn't they check to see that the name brand medication wasn't covered by the insurance but the generic brand was? Why are they STILL jerking him around?

Robert Burke

John Newton

You would get better care if you went to Dr. Rabon the local vet! Your social response team is a sham! They didn't do anything and I doubt very seriously that your corporate office would do anything!

Debi Hamilton

went in at 2am with severe abdominal pain, put in room and left for 3 hours, finally got up and asked if they forgot about me, no pain meds, no bp hookup, no blanket, nothing. they did an ultrasound and sent me home saying "I think it's a stomach virus" after 5 hours there. came back several hours later, another doctor did an mri and immediately took my appendix out.

Torey Bessent

Loveforever 2014

Don't have your babies here.

Jennifer Hupp

Nice facility, usually pretty through.

G McKay


Teresa Carlisle

Worst experience. They are rude. Unprofessional.

Kendalle Stock

I took my husband here this morning after he took a bad fall last night. We were seen promptly by an amazing group of nurses (Mitzi was great!)...but the real reason for this review was the doctor. Dr. Holly Dunn. Unfortunately, my husband and I have both spent quite a bit of time dealing with doctors...but every now and then, you run across one who is the epitome of professionalism with an incredible mixture of compassion, patience, and bedside manner. She treated Jerry with the utmost respect and honesty, explained the issues and potential problems with his injuries, told him what to look for, what to do, etc without the first hint of condescension. Congratulations to Novant Health for having acquired such a fine professional. She is truly an asset to your organization, and to anybody who happens to find themselves in her capable hands.

Sylvia Powlas

David Brown

One of the most absolutely outstanding hospitals I have ever been seen at. Very very clean . The staff is very caring and attentive. Hardly ever a wait time more than 15 to 30 min. They make sure to make you feel like the only patient their with the amount of attention they give, they make you feel like family. If given a choice this is the only hospital I would go to. Very happy with the care always received here!

Alexis Treichel

Super fast service in the ER, very attentive staff. 100% would recommend.

Forrestlee Woods

That place sucks I fell off a roof on to a fence to they gave me a splint on my foot but did it wrong twice it was on there for 2 weeks the doctor at emarge said any chance longer and I would have lost my foot then weeks past I had surgery I feel off the steps at home went to brunswick the pain was unbarable hopping on 1 foot and they did nothing for me was very rude and can didn't even give me nothing for pain they just wanted my money I will never go there again by choice I'll give them a _ 0 review and that man doctor has a stick up his a...

Sarah King

Amy S

Worst experience. Worst mental health services.

Lee Edwards

Severe abdominal pain, peptic ulcer flare up. 45 mins before a PA came in and identified himself as a Dr. Have me a GI cocktail which did nothing. Called nurse, waited 35 mins and no one came. My wife and I just got up and left. The PA laughed at me, said he was sorry. I'm filing a complaint with my health insurance carrier, will not pay that Bill.

Pat Russell

I was admitted into the Novant Hospital for chest pains a few weeks back. The Staff makes this Hospital special. Tess, and Alberta, and Chris were beyond professional, Kind and caring. I don't like to go to the Hospital, but I WILL GO to Novant if necessary. Thank you for making my stay pleasant. CONGRATULATIONS for being the "BEST OF THE BEST" !

Brittany Gilbert

Impressively professional and fast service! They had my 5 yr old in and out in the 40mins with medication.

Mike Carper

In cases like this I'm always disappointed there isn't a zero stars rating. My wife had a biopsy at Novant Surgical Services on 9/24/19 (Tuesday). The doctor told her the earliest we'd receive results would be Friday 9/27/19. Today is Friday 10/4/19, 10 days later, and we still have no results despite repeated messages left with the practice and repeated notes on My Chart for the doctor. I really thought this kind of medical service no longer existed but I suppose only at Novant. Please beware, this is apparently not a quality provider. We certainly won't return.

Elliott Playz

i stayed here for a week in recovery because i broke my arm and had to get a skin graph on my arm. the food here is amazing (compared to other hospitals) there very quick when you need something. there very helpful and kind. when they come in at night to check up on you, they try there best to not wake you up. and all of the nurses are very funny and joke with you a lot. it’s a very happy place for it being a hospital. i had an amazing experience with all of the staff and definitely recommend here if you have the option.

Londa Wagoner

Bolivia Health

Elisandra Fini

Jay Cartrette

Shirley Rust

They don't even deserve 1 star rating.Took my husband there October 2013. The VA sent him there for a stress test before surgery. VA authorized payment. Went there again October 2014 due to a fall and injured shoulder. VA authorized payment. About 5 months ago they called to collect payment from us on the October 2013 account. I asked for an itemized bill and I would carry it to the VA in Asheville where the authorization occured. Never got it. Assumed they had sent in the paperwork properly. Never heard any more until today and got a call from a collection agency. Made 3 calls to the hospital today and never got to speak with anyone. They are all "busy" according to the operator. In my opinion they are too incompetent to complete paperwork for something that was authorized prior to services and therefore they must be incompetent in other services also. From past experience I know that the VA will pay what they pre authorize. Won't go there again. I think the bill was way out of line for a stress test. Over $5,000.00

Beverly Delahunty

My husband got really good care there.

Robert Rice

Madison Dellinger

Said they cleaned his room. It's Filthy. The nurse told him to WALK unassisted to his bed after he had a stroke and is high fall risk.

bill tall

Went into the Er and was treated rightaway . Everyone was very polite and very professional. It was determined I had a blood clot on my lung. I stayed three days and I felt like I was in a resort. Room was very nice and roomy. The nurses and doctors were excellent. I highly recommend this hospital.

Shea Heart

I don't appreciate the HIPPA violation where someone gave my information and whereabouts as well as release information. I also wish I would have been seen by a real doctor not a PA who has extremely terrible bedside manner and forgot to put in the orders for the medicine I needed upon arrival. Never ever AGAIN will I go to this establishment and as soon as I get well I'll pursue whatever I have to in order to ensure that this never happens again!!!!!!!

Jacob Caulder

This place has its ups and downs but for the most part it’s sucks you can go in there after a car accident sit there for hours in tons of pain and the not even check on you they will just close the blind my wife sat in there for hours before crying in so much pain and they never once asked if she was okay There’s no care for patients at all

Gar Tompkins

Beautiful facility, hardly any wait at all (at 845 pm on a weekday) The RN, Leslie was amazing, you can tell she actually cares even at the end of what I'm sure was a long stressful day. The other gentleman with her who's name I don't remember was great as well. Young aspiring students in the medical field should aspire to be the type of nurse that Leslie is.

Ken Rising

I went there what a bad experience...!! In the ER...

Joe h

Excellent staff that provide the best care

Jaci Crossman

Top notch staff, speedy & all around nice atmosphere

j d

Much better treatment than any other hospital I have been too.

Kirby Newton

I would advise anyone who lives in Brunswick county to find a different hospital. You have heard of "best care anywhere", they are worst care anywhere!!! When a doctor uses a key on your feet to check your reflexes and doesn't use what is suppose to be used, it caused damage to my feet and it took 3 weeks for the swelling to go down.

Nick Poindexter

The timely service and treatment for my wife were outstanding.

Haley Robbins

Amazing place for medical help and its fast sometimes

wilson baucom

Excellent care and service.

twoyellowdogs4me swain

leota rose

Florence Lake

Took my son to e.r. for burns. Dr Nick and Nurse Elizabeth were professional, quick and it was a pleasure tonight. There was also another lovely nurse, I didn't catch her name. These employees did a wonderful job and it was a breath of fresh air to come there and be treated by people who were professional in every way. A far cry from our last experience there. I hope Brunswick will recognize them and appreciate them as much as we do. Great job!! Thank you bunches!!

Jonathon Guill

Mizuki Yukino

Worst hospital ever, called to check on a family member because I'm currently out of state, but they said they couldn't tell me anything because I'm not in person. Even though I'm the POA, and I have her medical "code" The nurse hung up on us when we asked for information. We had to call 3 times just to hear "stable." They also said there is no room for patients, that the wait time is over a hour when the person is known for having a massive heart attack and under hospice care. Save you time, and life travel to NHRMC!

Mickey Hagans

Jonathan Prentice

My 4 yo son broke his wrist on our first day of vacation. This was the closest ER to Holden Beach. While no place is perfect we received excellent compassionate care from the folks here. We appreciate The front desk ladies, Nickel, Leslie, Cameron, Dessie, the Xray Tech, and the checkout lady. My son has a splint now and a waterproof bag for his arm now (we got that at Rite Aid) and is still able to enjoy the week at the beach. Thanks to everyone @ New Brunswick

Dennis Stuempfle

I had arthroscopic surgery at Novant yesterday. I saw all of the negative reviews and read them all. I won't cast dispersion on any individual's comment as we each have our own experiences and are entitled to an opinion. I will say though that I spoke to a couple of patients yesterday who really seemed "eccentric" and "confused" for lack of better words. I also spoke to some nursing staff members who told me that their ER handles a large number of overdoses per day. Given that, I can see some caution is prescribing medications and in looking at some of the ramblings in the reviews, I can see where some of the reviewers might not be the best judges of this hospital's abilities.As for my experience, It was as good an experience as can be expected when having knee surgery. I hesitate to name names as I'm sure I'll miss some so I give a general shout out to the woman at the registration desk, all of the nurses, the Anesthesiologist, and surgical team. Every single person I met was friendly and knowledgeable and treated me with the utmost respect. My doctor was Dr. Kelso and while it's too soon to know about the long terms results, I'm pleased with Dr. Kelso as my surgeon.

Bill Pritchard

Incredibly wonderful people and staff

Loretta McCutchen

The staff is amazing!!! You get treated like a real. Person there, you're not just a number.

Katie Payne

Nice people faster than New Hanover

Marie B

Absolutely the best experience. We were on vacation and had to take our baby to the ER. We were in and out in less than an hour. The nurses, doctors and staff exceeded our expectations. Because our PA and doctor were super knowledgeable, our baby was better in no time. We would highly this hospital to anyone in need. Thank you again to the amazing medical staff!!

Rick Mcclure


Amanda Harper

Montgomery Kern

Rachel Vogt


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