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REVIEWS OF Mission Hospital McDowell IN North Carolina

Connie Campbell

Rayburn Davis

Thousands and thousands of dollars for a 3 hour stay in the emergency room. Caregivers acted like I was bothering them and the doctor barely spent 5 minutes with me. How can care like this be worth so much?

Chuck Eline

Where to begin? I guess, just don’t. Most unprofessional place you can go. Good luck if you have to.

Donna Porter

After a scary bout with double pneumonia I left McDowell Hospital feeling very well cared for and satisfied with the care i recieved.

Tiffany Hudgins

I am a type 1 diabetic and went to the emergency room last night with high blood sugar up in the 500 range. Before any tests were run I was told I would be fine and just adjust my insulin. The PA talked to me as if I were a child and told me there was no reason for me to miss work and he was going to give me some water and send me home. The doctor looked at me as if I were crazy for even being there and refused any treatment. He said he was e.r. doctor and not a diabetes doctor. I don't understand why I was treated so poorly. I have not been to the hospital in over a year and have never asked or took any kind of pain medication from the e.r. or ever for that matter. If I ever have to go back to the e.r. I will try my best to not ever go back to Marion. They weren't even busy. Never been treated so inhumane or unworthy

Donyelle Mckinney

This is a great hospital the only thing that I didn’t like was when we were getting out it took five hours for them to get us out

Donald Trump

i think it sucks because all the doctor look at everyone as a dam a pill seeker and sum people dont go to this hospital for the dam drugs i went to my doctor my ekg was abnormal they told me to go the er i did and they said nothing was wrong i think a person knows there own dam body better then any PA you dont even see actual doctors at this place you see nurse who play doctor...

Theodore Mahn

Josh Clark

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. I am extremely unsatisfied with how they treat people. Would not recommend this place to anyone, better to take the few extra min and go to a better hospital.

Sherry Ward

McDowell campus of Mission Health is a nightmare. Evidently they don't have enough doctors to do what needs to be done. We walked in to the ER at 5:30 am and it is now 4:30pm and we are still waiting on a doctor. Just glad it wasn't a life and death emergency.

Toppy Cat

Rude is an understatement! They treat patients and if they are an inconvenience. It's bad enough you have to walk through a hugh construction site to get to ER, but the staff, in general could care less. And if you are private and don't want to undress in front of staff and them opening the curtain while you are undressing, don't come here!

Lynn 2001

Was treated horribly by a PA in the ER!!!!! I'm so sick of mission health system they could care less about anyone!!! They sometimes act nice but trust its an act they don't care!!!! go somewhere else, out of town if you have to!!!

Amy Burleson

This is a sorry excuse for a hospital. Waited 6 hours with my sister and still waiting!!


I might have to give a 4 because my child and my grandchild were delivered and lived through it, but I have a few problems with the hospital.. everything is so beautiful everything is so clean but, the nurses wearing nails I don't appreciate that or leave their phones around and putting it in the baby's bed the new born babies bed.. knowing how much bacteria is on a phone, that should not have been with the nurse. the nurse should have only had her phone at her station and left it there when she had to do people. it was done a few times.. a nurse came in and was taken care of the new born baby and started sneezing and never once took off her gloves or washed her hands until someone said something to her. The hospital is beautiful put the employees need a class in hygiene..

Daphne Burleson

Waiting and no one here wth???

Chad Grant

Worst hospital I’ve been to. Please take your loved ones someplace else.

Hope Bailey

Horrible go to any other hospital i sat in the er for over 5 hours they started taking people back that came in hours after me went to see what was going on they informed me that i was already in a room then a nurse came out hateful and rude said well we have had ambulances come in i said ok but why does it say i am in a room waited another 30 min to an hour they never yold me anything else. I would not come to mcdowell hospital drive to spruce pine morganton asheville any where but here.

Amelia Martin

Screwed me out of 300 dollars by not filing my insurance. Called my insurance company a month ago about it, and told me to get my money back I’d have to go to the hospital and take the money out of my account. One month later and they JUST NOW filed the claim.

Danny Presnell

I really think that the ER staff have a contest on who can care the least. During my 6 hour stay, I had the displeasure of seeing patients being made fun of and laughed at, ignored. These are people with real ailments and issues, who come seeking help. I know in my heart I'm not supposed to judge other people, and that's one of my faults. But I do believe in carma, so I pray that if any of the ER staff is ever has the need to be treated at any hospital.That your not treated the way you treat others when there under your care.

Melissa Sigmon

Brittany Crotts

So I went there two days ago for my bowl issues and they made me sit in the sick room and then my child gets sick because they put me in the sick room and I bring home strep and she gets it then I get it!!! Makes me so mad. They should not have a sick room!!

jeennifer cope

Been here two hours and still haven't been seen.

L Mc

I have always been treated with respect and friendliness from the orderlies, nursing staff, doctors, and admission personnel. I have no idea why others have rated the staff adversely. The level of care is just as positive as well.

Joda Swafford

One of the worst hospitals that I have ever been too.They won't even return a phone call.I had a sleep study test over 2 weeks ago,results has not been sent to Dr.I can't even get anyone to talk to me about it.It will be the last time I ever go there for anything.

LaVon Conner-Walker

Chemo again today, after a Friday off. Great caregivers. I'm grateful!! And could I mention? A great Gift Shop!! Go see Trish, a delightful lady!! The low-fat, sugar-free frappe` with vanilla/caramel combo...ummm.... ummmm...good!!

Jeremy King

Worst hospital ever! It's just a boo boo clinic. The staff are incompetent.

Elizabeth Cannon

If I could give zero stars, I would. My son presented to Urgent Care with a wound he got while kayaking. No flush and no antibiotics given - the attending just super glued it shut. Next day, my son developed fever and vomiting from the infection that had set in. He returned to the ER and that visit was ok with two antibiotics prescribed. The next day, we tried to get his lab results to know if the antibiotics prescribed were the correct ones and NO one would help. At ALL. My son called, his primary care physician called, his primary care physician offered his fax number, my son offered to drive back to the facility to get the results in person and each attempt to get the results was answered with: "Can't do that - HIPAA." The place is literally staffed with people unwilling to do their jobs. Update: My son's arm is worse & the hospital still won't give us the results of his lab tests. He is driving to Asheville rather than return to this place.

Kelly Vaughn

Very good place I had to stay for about 4 days and all the nurses where so sweet! They really care!

Larry Creasman

Chad Mcgill

My son broke his arm on a boy scout hike at Mount Mitchell, the rangers there referred us to the mission hospital in Marion NC for treatment. Being from Tennessee, this is the first time I have ever been there, highly professional, and caring staff, they made a bad situation feel much better.

Nancy Hudgins

If I could rate 00000000 I WOULD. I have Tried for 25 min to be conected to radiology to check app time I finally had to give up. I wish my dr used a different hospital. I have had so many bad experiences with this hospital why is it even open. I guess I will call dr and have an app set up some where else.

W. Whitaker

Lavinia Maggs

We just moved to Marion recently and my husband needed to get some blood work done. We decided to go to the new hospital for this. They were still working on construction on the exterior, so we parked at the walk-in clinic area and were greeted right away by a very friendly and courteous woman at the registration desk, and she got up and showed us the way to the laboratory! Once we arrived on the correct floor - the minute we got out of the elevator a friendly volunteer escorted us to the correct area! The reception person greeted us and signed us in and we waited about 5 minutes before my husband was helped to register and shortly after that he had all his blood work drawn and we were on our way! We were very pleased with the experience! The hospital was very clean and orderly and all the people involved in our care were outgoing, friendly and professional.


Too slow

Amanda Gilbert

Wish I could give this place 0 stars. Not enough doctors on staff for the patient load. What was the point of building a newer, bigger hospital if they do not have the means to staff it??? Waited 5 and a half hours for 7 stitches and 5 staples on my 11 month old after she spent the last half of that wait screaming in pain. Not to mention it only took the Doctor 16 minutes to do the sutures so why should it have taken FIVE AND A HALF HOURS. They should have closed this hospital down instead of building a new one.

Rachel Smith

Every single person in building #3 was excellent today! Very helpful, knowledgeable and caring. Love Doctor Patel and all the O.R people were the best! Thankful for them all.

Steve Jeffrey

We just moved to Oregon. Our youngest was possibly bit by a bat, possible rabies. We last visit this hospital in 2013, to get rabies shots for my kids, as they tried to rescue a feral cat. So 2 years later, today we called Medical Records, to get a copy of OUR medical files, to see what they administered in 2013, to our doctors here in Oregon could provide the correct treatment. The customer service in Oregon is genuine and sincere. When we called Medical Records, they made us feel like we were a burden to them. We made their lives miserable. They said they would email an attachment to my email, but after 20 minutes and no email, we had to call back because they spelt our name wrong. 2nd try, their attachment was not there. When we called back yet again, they said, "Well, we just hit the forward button, and the thing goes through...". All out other customers get it, so it's something wrong on your side." How do I explain the them that I receive hundreds of emails daily from all over the world, and have never had a problem opening an email (from Windows 7 - 10). So fine, get them to fax the form (more drama from their staff, heavy breathing, heavy sighs). We return the medical release forms, and ask them to be emailed to us, as it is urgent. Nope, they cannot, cause Sandy or Tanya (who ever) left for the day (2 PM). So I ask them to CALL our doctor in Oregon. Sure she says. After 30 minutes, no call. So we call Medical Records back, "Oh, we faxed it, 27 pages". I ask, how could you fax to a phone, and you said you couldn't fax cause Tonya was gone..? It was now 5:01 PM, and Ms Kim said she had to leave, it's after 5 PM, this has to wait until tomorrow. The service and care was just disgusting. Who ever at the county is TRAINING these employees should lose their job. They need to be taught their dealing with life-threatening issues, and if they can't figure out that some things are more important than ruining home to watch Judge Judy with a pack Kispy Kremes, then she should not be in this position. There's no way we should have had to spent 6 hours today to get 2 of OUR kids medical records released.

sabrina woolridge

First time any of my family have been put in this hospital. They have took very good care of my daddy checked for everything lots of test to make sure they got everything right and he had no wait for any of it !! I was very pleased if we had went to Grace hospital he would have been waiting forever and everyone has been very nice to both my mama and daddy . He get to come home today don't think I will ever go back to Grace now I see what a difference their is thank you all so much !!!

brian davis

mamw parel mission hospitalmc paway mamaw parel Haven

Charles OConner

The best hospital in the upstate all of the staff are very very helpful and very very nice they took very very awesome care of me every time I’ve been


Emily Robinson

This is the worst hospital i have ever been to they are slower than turtles and even worse the care i received was totally unacceptable.i wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone the best thing they can do is tear it down do us all a favor ill never go back

Katelyn Hutchins

Fantastic birthing experience! The staff, nurses and doctors are amazing! The whole 9 months has been great thanks for Mission Women's Care!

Melissa Leslie

If you can go somewhere else I reccomend that you do worst care by nurses I have ever seen they do not care they just do the bare minimum and walk off and leave you they seriously have no bed side manner and if you ask for something or page to get some help be prepared to wait tell they feel the need to show up to help you.

Lorna Doone

I am not pleased with McDowell Hospital's Birthing Policies at all. If you choose not to do a PKU test, it will be reported to the state and what hapens from there, no one knows. They require 20 minutes of intermittent doppler monitoring at a minimum even if perfectly healthy pregnancies and knowing that there are unknown risks due to lack of research of doppler on fetus and mother. They require a heplock, which is a temporary IV in the wrist which can make same birth positions rather uncomfortable and in a true emergency situation its not hat hard to get an IV, nor would they use the heplock. It was also mentioned that if my parental desires for my newborn were not in agreement with the doctor or midwive's desires that CPS could be called. I don't feel parents need to have the stress of the state and CPS being contacted hung over their heads; it doesn't make for a peaceful environment. Also, if you refuse the GBS test they require 48 hours (2 days!) of monitoring the baby even though research has proven that GBS symptoms and signs can show up 2 weeks after birth, so their 2 day monitoring makes absolutely no sense. They clearly work for their insurance company and don't care to provide evidence-based research and tell their insurance companies to give them some slack. Stressing parents out before and during labor does not make for a peaceful birth environment. If you want a peaceful birth I would recommend going elsewhere. If you are fine with the PKU test, GBS test and antibiotics, etc. then you'll have no issues. They also have a 6 hour time frame you have to stay after birth, which is fine because who doesn't enjoy a good old hospital grill cheese after birth! I am not only dissappointed my McDowell Hospital's policies, but NC birthing policies in general. NC is NOT a birth friendly state. If only insurances covered SC birthing facilities...maybe next time. There were many birthing desires that they were okay with, like wearing gloves and masks in my room since it would be flu/vaccine season at birth (no different than what they'd have to do during a cesarean) and they do allow you to labor and birth as you please and have baths and showers accessible, though not in the room, which is a nice option. They have birthing balls and even allow you to labor on the toilet. They do not have squatting stools. They don't force vaginal exams for dilation either. Nor are vaccines, eye drops, vitamin k, etc. required. I understand I may have very specific birthing desires, but many parents go into hospitals not as educated as I am and walk away traumatized by labor and birth because of hospital policies and practices or worse yet their baby or themselves dead. I was told that McDoweel cesear rate dropped from 40% to 15%, but that the 15% was based on first time cesareans meaning any 2nd time cesareans were not recorded. That sounds a little fishy to me and disappointing for mothers who desire VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean). And when homebirth transfers to hospitals' cesarean rates are under 5%, 15% is triple that, so still extremely high! I cannot speak for the other sections of the hospital, only for the hospital's labor, birthing and after birth policies.

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