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REVIEWS OF Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital IN North Carolina

Kathy Whitaker

Denise Mooradian

It's a shame to have a local hospital with no bedside manner. I went to er having difficulty breathing and they had me follow two nurses pushing an ekg machine. I passed several nurses with no assistance, what kind of facility is this? Worst er experience ever!

tanya rivera

Terrifying, unprofessional, outrageous prices to be treated like a dog. RUDE I still have tissue damage on my arm from them stabbing me, and this was 2 months ago. When on the phone with billing, they hung up on me. How can you get any resolution if they hang up on you. I'll be calling a lawyer

Kenia Luna

ethan williams


Sarah Lu

I just wanted to say how WONDERFUL Dr. Wright in the ED is! She’s the most understanding doctor I’ve seen there & that is RARE often. I’m a recovering addict & many times I’ve been treated by a provider, like I’m nothing. It’s nice to have a doctor that doesn’t judge and understands and listens. This is one of a couple providers in the ED that have been very pleasant. So good job HCMH! On top of that they were great providers and I just wanted to say thank you for those that are very good at what they do!

steven hutchins

Dr. Doug Stewart should not even have a medical license, he is the worst emergency doctor I have ever seen. I am having surgery on kidney stones and he would not do anything for me. I waited in the waiting room for two hours then I waited in the back for an hour for him to spend less then two mins with me and and the first thing out of his mouth was we are not giving you pain meds he did not even care that I had not peed in two days, if anything bad happens to me my family is going to sue him.

Karen Wildman


Elizabeth Young

I fainted and suffered a bad fall in the shower yesterday. After struggling into my family doctor i was sent to the ER here for treatment. I say for 6 hours without any pain relief after being told twice i would receive it. The care level only keeps declining at this facility and I have lived here the majority of my life. There were two technicians who were very gentle and prompt. Of course they do not actually work inside the ER. This hospital is a shame. Truly not worthy to be called a hospital. I ended up leaving without any discharge papers, because, no one would bring them after I twice asked and waited over 20 minutes for them. I have called my family doctor again today, my neurologist, and an orthopedist. I've also called HCMH. They of course want to call me back. I just want proof i was there yesterday, except for my arm band. I think I might need it.

Laura Oakes

Mary Ramsey

Excellent outpatient surgery staff and great doctor (Dr Jennings ) Thank you for taking good care of my daughter.

Michael Motsinger

Randy Dixon

Lester Inscoe

My name is Stephanie Inscoe and this is the worse hospital I have ever been too!!! First of all I was sexually assualted by 3 men and instead of them treating the rape they have miss diagnosed me and lied straight to my face about what they can and can't do and also labeled me from the time I walked in the door and and laughed in my face and I never even asked for a narcatic so how about this all of these hospitals that won't to label people that make it harder for someone to get help and you let rapist and wife beaters get away with the abuse when are women going to get some rights

Jill Eller

I took my fiance in for abdominal pain after surgery. They saw someone with a rash before they attempted to see him. We've been here 2 hrs and a dr and not even a RN has stepped in to check on him yet. The VA triage line said to go to the closest facility, I will probably take him to the VA ER in Salisbury tonight anyway. 30 minutes to Hugh Chatham, and hour 15 minutes to Salisbury. This is totally ridiculous.

Rambo Randy

ronda martin

Don & Cynthia Mabe

Scott Shelton

Dominick Guarnaccio

Not covered by BCBS

Trey Lomax

Tj Toler

Scott Stout

I was subject to the displeasure of staying here August 14-15 2018. I was given a benzodiazepine drug and told that if I didn't take it, it would be forcibly administered. When I requested the side effect information multiple times, I was repeatedly told things like "Yeah sure, in a minute." "I'll get right to it." "Yeah, I'm kinda busy, I'll get around to it." and it took them 8 hours to finally deliver the requested documents, as is legally compulsory upon request, only after I was seen logging their activities and lack of professionality. At approximately 6:00 AM, I witnessed the employees gibe an elderly man with mental health issues associated with cognitive decline and who seemed to be experiencing a severe depressive episode along with probable dehydration and malnutrition. He was distressed at their mockery of him on top of everything else he was dealing with and his desire to just go home. He literally said, "I'm sick of sitting here with them making fun of me and not doing anything to help me." And they WERE making fun of him, and they WEREN'T actually doing anything to help him. The staff then called in the police to shove the poor old man in a steel reinforced room with shock resistant glass for wanting nothing more than to go home, after which, what appeared to be the entire shift of workers, began to very audibly mock him along with loud, forceful laughter as he despaired in that cage for hours. I saw this as not only abhorrent and dishonorable but as a clear sign of the utmost cowardice. I was met with nothing but malice from the workers for simply requesting that they recognize my rights as a patient. It is clearly common practice here to trample all over patients rights, administer unhelpful or even damaging treatments, deprive patients of basic necessary amenities, and then act as if all their abuse is God's gift.


I have never been less cared about than hugh Chatham .I came in in a wheel chair .they did three test on me in 6 hours ,they could not find anything sent me out. Was made to walk .no help from anyone .in 6 hours I seen dough twice , guess that's the doctors name .did I mention my blood pressure was sky high .off you value your life , you will make the trip to Winston its the only chance to get good medical help .you will not find it at high chats .the one star I gave was for the lady at check in she did help me.And yes I'm still bed ridding waiting on the va. To get records from hugh chatam.Still in major pain on left side .

King Walrus

Great Hostpital! Nurses and Doctors are great!

Betty Stalnaker

Joy Lynn

My husband was traveling from Fl to WV and became very ill. Stopped at this hospitals emergency care and was treated very well. He is a heart patient and his complaints were concerning . They wasted no time taking him in and treating him. Dr. Mitchel and staff, I thank you very much for the care you showed my husband. I'm grateful. Joy Lynn

Ronnie Wilcox

Would give 0 stars if possible. My wife was in a low place due to depression and attempted suicide by cutting her wrists. First she was admitted and they were treating her for an overdose in which she didn’t have. The labs proved that. The nurses that took care of her first were talking bad about her( they didn’t know she could hear them). She has a bachelors in nursing herself. She was let go from her last job because of the depression. The nurses at Hugh Chatham were downing her saying she had to do something bad to lose her job and saying after this she will never be able to do it again. This is not good to say about someone. Especially someone with depression issues. Then since they don’t have any kind of behavioral health employees there she was made to be by herself with security guards at her door for over 24 hours before placed in a center. This made her issues even worse. She was also not given her meds that she has been taking for years and I have seen this cause people to have strokes. She would ask for a Tylenol to help with her headaches and it would take them 4 hrs+ to get back with her. They treated her like she was a criminal. If at all possible to make it to another hospital from this point on I will never go back.

Ann Wallace

If you are looking for "help", other than oxygen, don't go here. No matter what your pain level is, you won't get any relief other than a cheap Tylenol. The ones w no coating that stick to the roof of your mouth. You can't get prednisone either for your inflammation at this hospital no matter how long you have suffered w Rheumatoid arthritis. For some reason the state of NC rather their citizens to suffer than have pain relief. After being out of state for 22 yrs., I've found that NC is completely different than before. Drs have told me that there's a lot of drug overdose here, a lot of patients selling pain meds, & etc... This is hurting the people who are really sick. Why make us suffer? Let the people OD, sell their pain meds,.....what does that have to do w/ the patients that have chronic pain? This is wrong! Even Cuba gives their citizens pain meds!!!!!

Brittany Morphies

Every time I come here, it takes forever and no one tells you any information about what's going on with you. If there was a closer hospital I'd go there but this one is the closest one to where I live. The least amount of time I've ever been seen and been released was 4 hours, the longest so far has been over 6 hours and it was for my 2 year old son.

Dee Tee

Ritchie Ball

Victoria Cox

I went to urgent care in February with excruciating pain in my middle abdomen and right side. I had also developed pain that was going into my chest and back. I had been having these symptoms for 2 years and could not get any answers. The previous week I was scary sick. The doctor at urgent care sent me straight to the hospital in fear that I had an appendicitis. He called the ER and let them know I was coming with a possible appendicitis. When I arrived, they left me in the waiting room for 20 minutes hunched over crying in pain. Once I was taken back to a room, the doctor ordered a CT, urine sample, ultrasound, and blood work. The first doctor spoke with me for 2 minutes and left. I never saw her again. Once all my tests were completed, I waited 7 HOURS for results. By this point my appendix could have ruptured if it would have been an appendicitis. My husband went and asked nurses what was going on and they were all standing around the nurses station laughing and talking. Dr. Blue came in and said “you have a little bit of a UTI but I’m not sure”... ok so I have one or I don’t! There is no in between gray area. He had no explanation for my pain and said I must have a stomach virus. He said someone “read” my ultrasound and CT and everything looked normal. After 7 HOURS, I was discharged with no answers and a very hefty bill. Oh, and did I mention Dr. Blue is a plastic surgeon in Mooresville? Why is a plastic surgeon seeing me about abdominal pain??? Fast forward a few weeks... I knew something was wrong in my body, so I went to GAP in Winston to see a gastroenterologist. This doctor read the EXACT SAME ultrasound that was taken and read at Hugh Chatham and said “well I can see your gallbladder is completely full of sludge. That’s whats causing your pain”. I was NEVER told this at Hugh Chatham. He told me he recommended me having my gallbladder taken out. I then went to Dr. Peterson to discuss the surgery. He then read the EXACT SAME ultrasound that was taken in the ER at Hugh Chatham and said “your gallbladder is packed full of sludge and it looks like we’re going to have to take it out”. Thank God for Dr. Peterson. I finally had my surgery and all went well. The lack of care, professionalism, skill, and concern in the Hugh Chatham ER is inexcusable. This place needs a complete overhaul. The nurses are unprofessional and slack. This whole situation was avoidable if Hugh Chatham ER hired competent staff. I am extremely disappointed in this hospital. I do not feel that I can trust them with my medical care in the future, especially if it is life threatening. I honestly do not think they are equipped to handle anything but the flu and stomach viruses.

Sheela Blackburn


Angela Eldridge

They staff was very friendly and helpful. They didnt make us wait long before they took us back. Very caring individuals. They don't discriminate against persons due to weight, color, or race. The patient rooms are very nice. They have a couch by day and bed by night for visitors. They have very good medical providers here to.

joe hodges

Had to go to ER because of bee sting. Staff was very prompt and professional. Dr. Carroll was very thorough in his exam and had the meds I needed quickly brought in. Genuinely concerned. Great facility and staff! Thank you all!

Jamie Chavez

Dr. Stevens and staff did a wonderful job... Great service! Everyone is very kind and attentive.

Jason Alan Poplin

I will always prefer Winston but I'm still alive.


One of the worst experiences I've ever had. They had to have three people poke and prod me in four different veins because not a single nurse seemed to know what they were doing,on top of that I had a reaction to the medication they gave me causing severe chest pains and I cried for help only to hear one of them laughing in the hallway. The most unprofessional hospital I've ever been to. I will be coming a huge complaint

Alyssa Bauguss

I've been sitting in your ER for five hours now with a broken hand, thanks for letting me sit in pain

Joshua M. Wall

Best Hospital around ! Thankful for the Nurses and doctors. Dr. St. John Todd Awesome dr. Phil 4:13

Renee CBS bug

This place is a damn joke..I took both of my sick girls there and waited over 2 and half hours..everyone that came in after us was seen..I will never go back to this hospital again I will go to Wilkes

Patty Howard

Victoria Spencer

I love this hospital any time my grandma has to go there they are always there and help him in tramendous ways. I have a lot of respect for this hospital because they have been helping my grandma for 14 years.

Sue Neugent

Great place, friendly staff

Russell Metaltrucker Shumate

Great ER,from the RN,NP and security. Very impressed.

Lynn Casstevens

It’s a horrible place Saturday morning I brought my fiancé because he was sick and they didn’t do anything for him. We are back today we’ve been sitting here for 3 hours and haven’t seen a doctor. A RN came in asked one question and then left and no one has been back in here. It’s a horrible place and isn’t clean at all


Henry Freeman

Southern Savage

JcaptainOG420 Wolfe

Slow don’t respond fast rude I honestly can’t stand this hospital

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