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REVIEWS OF High Point Regional IN North Carolina

Anthony Ross

carol scoggins

They were not very considerate didn't listen very much to what you had to say but wanted you to hear them not very concerned all usually about someone in pain and overall couldn't even see or talk to a doctor when they had results from an MRI showing and stating that I did invite have issues in my neck but the icing on the cake was I've been going to the pain clinic for six and a half years I've been going through this completely all together since 2001 and these people literally turn me away with no medicine and shots with I have been waiting 4/7 months wearing splints just trying to get sleep. I would not recommend it at all. Find someone that will help you. I could have understood it had I been just a walking but this was and had been planned and set up and which is why I went and got the MRI first for more than 1 two and a half months!

Elizabeth Auler

I have worked here since January! Great group of people!!! Love it!

Mamie Adams

They have left my friend waiting to have a dressings done over an hour.she contacted then several time to get her dressings done so she could use the restroom. Neglecting there patients and there needs.

Veronica Bryant

The worse emergency room experience ever......i was in the ed on the 18th i was have cramping & spotting. I had just found out i was pregnant so that was concerning. They took a urine & blood sample. They told me i wasn't pregnant...... telling somebody devastating news u would think there would be some sympathy.....nope not none from the woman PA.... so i ask for explanation of how i took 6 pregnancy test all positive & i am not pregnant. She gave a bs explanation gave me some antibiotics for an infection & sent me home. I went to pick up prescription but also purchased another pregnancy test... it was positive so i go back to ed to ask questions about my labs & how all my pregnancy test come out positive & there's negative. I had to check back in so i did & was called to triage. While in triage a guy PA named Michael Davanzo start asking me about my last period i told him but also told him he couldn't just rely on my period as i bleed with my pregnancies. This trained licensed professional who is also man going to tell me you can't bleed while you're pregnant. I argued & told him you definitely could & he left. They made me pee in the cup again & the test was again negative. I explained that they needed to run my blood instead as they had prescribed me a medication that was not safe; according to the label; for use less than12 weeks pregnant. He is arguing that he can't do that because its policy if you test negative for pregnancy they don't run your blood work. I insist that he runs my blood & he reply with "why are you doing this for? Is it for Medicaid purposes?" I completely am insulted & explain that i work & have insurance i am just trying to make sure im not taking something I'm not suppose to. So he leaves the room again comes back about 30 mins're pregnant.....smh these incompetent ppl couldn't even get a pregnancy test right

Chanel Henry

Julie Marshall

Still here after 5 hours. All I needed or had ordered to have done is a scan for a hernia. The staff are rude, theres to much flirting between the male and female staff that they forget what they were working on with you and no bed side manner. Does not check on you, they put you in a room and say it will be a while and leave. You have to go find them! My room has dried blood on the over head light, trash on the floor and the sink is filthy.Terrible!!!!!

Shylum Grace

Just to let you "nurses" know..."shhh", doesn't work when your patient has been walking up on you for five minutes and heard everything anyways. A complaint will be filed over what was said

Andrea Murchison

I was in hospital 11 days. I received excellent care from everyone involved in my care from doctors, nurses, CNAs, etc. It could have easily been a bad experience; however, there is nothing negative I can say. Thanks to you all.


butch r

Worst hospital visit I have had! I accept that an ER visit is not fast but this is the slowest I’ve ever experienced. Also, this is the dirtiest healthcare facility I have ever been too. If you can avoid it go somewhere else. Your life may depend on it

Tammy B

This hospital has been on the decline for YEARS. The fact that UNC even has their name now associated with such a disgraceful medical facility is beyond stunning. In 2001, my mom (diagnosed with MS and 47 years old) went into the hospital for pneumonia and within 2 days had passed away. My dad stated that at one point her whole body was convulsing and when he ran out screaming for help the nurses walked in and blatantly said "Oh, that's just a seizure, nothing to worry about." Within hours she was on life support and brain dead, BUT PNEUMONIA! Cut to this past Monday (7/24/17)- my kids paternal grandmother (age 62) was disoriented and in pain. She had a stroke 3 years ago so of course we called 911 immediately. The ER DR (first name Chad) ran a CT scan on her head (allegedly showed nothing) and then another on her chest and back (again "nothing"). She NEVER one time held a conversation with the DR or nurses or even acknowledged that I was there. I had to BEG for pain meds for her (she was writhing in pain) and THEN had to coax her myself to open her mouth and swallow pills (she was completely incoherent). They said "oh we don't have any pain meds for her via IV". Around 2:30pm DR Chad comes in and says that they can't find anything wrong and will be sending her home. I, of course, snap and inquire on how they could send an incoherent woman home when she hasn't gotten up, spoke, etc. He says "Fine, we'll call the Hospital Dr and you can discuss with them." So long story short, I had to FIGHT for them to keep her and now she's in a medically induced coma with swelling on her back lobe, having multiple seizures (with no known cause) and has not been awake since before she got to the hospital Monday morning. But, ya know, nothing was wrong?!! Be warned! You WILL have to fight for a diagnosis. You WILL have to stay on top of your loved ones care.

Andreanna Graves

shirley whicker

When they have a patient in the the hospital and family wants to stay at the hospital all night at least turn the heat on in the waiting rooms on the floors instead of letting it feel like 10 degrees In there and the heat vent don't work

Dogman Stories

My mother had a stroke and she was already handicap so they felt like she wasn't good enough to try and say so they let her die

Tracy Phillips

TiKisha Cunningham

Nataly Romero

Worst experience last night that doctor we had such a bad attitude. He seemed racist but both the nurses that were they were very helpful it was a lady and the the other man was named Neil I will never forget there faces they were so helpful with me and my child I thank them two but the doctor was very mean

Ed Hill

Vicki Hill

If you can avoid this hospital then I would at all costs. I went in one evening with chest pains while I was 2 months pregnant. I was born with an abnormal heart so my OBGYN always monitors my heart and if I have severe pain then I’ve been instructed to go to the nearest ER. Despite that they had me wait in the main lobby area for nearly 4 hours before I was even put in a room. By this point most of the pain had alleviated. I requested that I see a different nurse than my nephew because who really wants to be naked in front of their relative that has had no contact with them for over a decade. I wouldn’t put it past him to be the one that made my wait so long. Low and behold they assigned him to me...for spite no doubt. They gave me a CT scan along with another couple hours wait. Then came in and said they didn’t see anything and sent me home. Because they refused to bill the scan as medically necessary I now owe a outrageously high bill with no means to fight it. My OB saw me the next morning and was appalled at the treatment I received. They put two lives in jeopardy that day. Thankfully they are about to be bought out once more so hopefully there will be a huge round of firings and they will get it together finally for the patients aka their paycheck!

Loyce Brammer

I live in Holland Michigan and have had much time & many experiences being in the hospital personally & with family. That said - I was greatly dissatisfied with High Point Regional Hospital. The staff I will say is very nice & friendly but very inefficient. My dad 74 yrs. old was scheduled this past Tuesday to get his kidney removed due to a maligent tumor. That said, we checked in at 7:45am. He went back & we did not see him again until 4:00 pm. We had to wait to see him as they did not have a room ready for him until late in the day, even though this surgery had been scheduled 2 weeks in advance. The waiting room was/is extremely dirty, as well as the hallways, bathrooms & even my dads room was dirty. While visiting my dad the next day, no one was checking on him regularly. The food staff came in and asked what he wanted for lunch and I had to tell them he was not allowed to eat and on a liquid diet. The next day it happened again and my dad ordered oat meal and was not allowed to even have a cracker. He needed to get his body functions working again before he could eat. (pass gas, bowel movement etc.. ). I'm glad I was able there to stop him getting food. An alarm went off for over 7-10 minutes and I had to leave to find a nurse to turn it off & to check on him. I wondered if I had not been there, how long would it have taken for someone to come in to check on him. His IV emptied out & I had to find someone to give him a new one. I left yesterday and was told by my step-mother that his IV came out and no one had come replaced it before she left. His doctor wasn't able to make it in today but sent his partner and The staff checked his levels regarding his kidney function and the numbers were going up. His doctor took him off a medicine that was increasing those number as his numbers were going up and sent in a Kidney specialist and mentioned this could lead to kidney failure. The assistant doctor came in and put him back on it. Good thing my dad caught it and addressed it as it could have made things go bad really quick. They wanted him to walk & he finally was ready and no one came to walk with him for almost 2 hours later until Doris went to get someone to walk with him after they said they would be right back 2 hours earlier. The hospital seemed short staffed, not clean, staff lacked communication & my dad was not attended too as one needs after major surgery. I did however really love his Doctor/Surgeon, just believe he needs to work with another hospital to put his patients first. After I returned to the hotel, I looked up the hospital website and read all the negative reviews which confirmed my thoughts exactly. Again the staff is extremely nice & friendly which I love but if they aren't doing their job as needed, the quality of care suffers & hurts the patients.

Brodie GSO

The emergency department is pitiful. The average wait is 5+ hours and the management obviously could care less about the patients. I thought the acquisition by Wake Baptist would make things better but it didn't. They should send patients to another hospital if they can't handle the volume. And to top it all off, the care received is below average. If you have a choice, go somewhere else.

Rena Evenson

Got here at noon, and 5 1/2 hours later I’m still waiting. I have a severe concussion and am dizzy and throwing up. No one cares.

regina Kujawa

I spent time in the emergency room and was helped by all staff. My doctor made me feel comfortable and I would recommend this hospital to anyone and everyone.

King Jay

Cynthia Williams

Tommi Childress

I went there last night 7 June around 2230. I had injured my shoulder during a fall reaching to break my fall on Sunday. I get to the back after 1h wait. I wait a bit longer almost 30m. The NP Kelly Flynt comes in and I explain what happened. I told her it's sounds like bursitis. I begged her for a steroid injection because I just wanted to go home and sleep. She told me it couldn't be. Pointed to the tip of my shoulder explained that's the joint. Says I have a torn muscle. The injection isn't going to do anything. Gave me narcotics, NSAID, work note, and a pat on the head. I went to work (work note ignored) got an MRI today, (I'm medical FYI) seen by ortho... Guess what?!? It's bursitis dammit! I had to suffer all night. They don't care. My diagnosis from the hospital was a sprain bicep. They don't care and they are obviously wrong as hell. I hate that I live in this city with this terrible shi**y hospital and staff.

marie walker

This hospital has the longest waiting time I have been here an hour there is one in the waiting area now we get to back and the sheet are nasty

Juan Mata

This place is horrible, my dad had an accident at work, hit his head had bleeding in the brain and a fractured skull, and this was on Tuesday 02/06/18 and was released 4 days later on 02/10/18 but was having so much pain in the head while he was there and they released him with no pain meds.... the staff was nice and sweet but i feel like the doctors don't know what they're doing, honestly I don't recommend this place to no one at all..... take em to Greensboro or Winston those are better options but not here, please listen to me and do yourself a favor and save your headache, much love and my best wishes to everyone ✌✌✌

Donna Anne Gardner Bean

If you go to the ER with what you might think is an emergency...they will "attempt" to treat but it is NO treatment! They have to consider it an emergency... in fact the treatment is maby an x-ray & mom's advice. That is it. (all things are probably better off that they did not treat!!!)

Arlene zipp


David Seer

Go here if u want bad, luck.

Zubair Safdar

My father had kidney stone and he was in unbearable pain and they made us wait for 1hour and 53 minutes there was other people came and waited only 15-20 for same kidney stone pain. And my biggest issue was when they took us inside to do the ultrasound to see the the kidney stone THERE WAS NO ONE inside. They were not busy at all so I question the nice lady who was doing the ultrasound they did they made us wait so long and you'll not busy she told me that they shouldn't have made us wait for almost 2 hours and I should complain to the office. I didn't do that but now I know NEVER TO GO BACK THERE. And no one from my family ever going back ever again for anything as I have big family of about 30 members I make sure I told everyone about there worse service ever. Everyone can see their reviews I hope they take it seriously as it's not a joke going to emergency room. It's a serious matter. (Kidney stone pain is the worst pain ever ) I know because I had one and only people can understand is who had one and understood the reason for this long negative review .

nykia wright

Jill Welborn

After my husband's heart attack, the care he(we) recieved was wonderful. The doctors and nurses were friendly and easy to work with.

Haley Fair

Kept my friend in the hospital for an unnecessary amount of time. Doctor discovered he had MRSA and did nothing to get rid of it for days. Disallowed me to see another friend because ONE other student from my university acted inappropriately ONE time, therefore no one from my university is allowed to see their friend in the ER until he or she is released. Was told simply letting us know if my friend was okay/stable was a violation of HIPAA since I was not family, despite the fact that every other hospital I have been to in the state in the past year has known I was not related and let me see my friend or AT LEAST updated me on his condition. Receptionist/nurses were very rude in their way of telling me I was not allowed to visit or know about my friend.

Khaled El kelanny

My father was treated so well in here. Thank you god.

Brad Akins

My wife was having severe stomach pains for two days canvinced her to go to ER showed up at 4 pm wasn't seen till 9 pm spent the next 3 hrs waiting again . This service is the worst . Do not recommend .

Joyce Barnhill

Caring staff and a great place to work.

Brian Collins


The "emergency room" is slow to a crawl. After my wife's 4th stroke, we were in the ER for 5 1/2 hours before she was given a room. No supper, nothing to snack on and when she finally got to a room the only thing she was given was a nurses bag lunch. Be careful of the billing dept, they are very shrewd in the manner they can squeeze a few extra dollars out of a bill. Their "fuzzy" math is abusive! Unless it is a dire emergency, we will go to Forsyth in W-S next time.

ashley rid

The worse hospital I have ever been to they need to be shut down !! Every time I go there it’s a disappointment nobody knows how to do there jobs


I live in another state and had a relative there in critical condition. I REPEATEDLY called for updates on him over a week's time with no responses from the floor nurse Stn. They have no code that the family sets up so u can give them for updates, so I could get only very general info the one time at 4 am I reached a floor nurse for my cousin. When I reported these events to a charge nurse Lisa Pilliom on 11/8, she refused to help, said NO info, even general info, could be given to callers, suggested I call the PATIENT-- THE P A T I E N T, who remember is in critical condition, and hung up on me! I have had relatives in other hospitals in other states and never had trouble or such a rude response trying to check on the status of those I love. WORST HOSPITAL AND RUDEST STAFF I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!!! DON'T GO INTO THE HEALTHCARE FIELD IF U HAVE NO COMPASSIONATE DEMEANOR OR EVEN BASIC MANNERS!! APPALLING!!!! What an absolute joke or an excuse for a healthcare facility...I have had better service at the gas station.

Armando Dunn

Most people wall in and never walk out alive. Abominable healthcare in an unacceptable environment!

Julian Ortega

they let my mom die

Randy Trotter

My trip to High Point Regional ED was great! They made me feel like a celebrity. They started processing me as soon as I walked in, everyone was very professional. I could not have asked for bettsr service!!

Zach Ausband

If I could give 0 starts I would. My son had therapy there for a few years and we enjoyed the staff. We started to receive bills for services we did not receive. Multiple calls, "saying we see the errors" then evolving to, "yes you received services" which is not true. Our medical service team tried to help, but got no where. I feel like i am dealing with a used car salesmen every time i call. They can't give you information that you need to resolve, they bill under multiple accounts and will not mail or email a statement for resolution. DO NOT GO HERE!

Rowena Lovegood

I straight up will never, ever come back here. A 16+ hour wait time is ridiculous. If there was ANY sort of efficiency or competence here, that wouldn't have happened. Had to ask multiple times to get any sort of damn information because communication is also something they suck at. I will let people I know to never come here. Ever.

Tammy Hall

Allen Hale

I don't know how they treat everyone else, but I was treated with respect and even though they were busy, they made me feel like I was more important than anyone else. They did several test and find I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Dr. Max was a great Doctor and I'm he was there. Thanks to all of them.

Dominique Johnson

Quality care and staff

Tiffany Rojas

Michelle Newton

My Mom had back surgery at High Point Regional Hospital on October 29, 2018. I would like to thank all the staff including Dr. Max Cohen for the excellent care they took with my Mom. Thank You All!

ishmel graves

I know you gotta wait in the er, but they were letting people who came in after me go before me so I waited 4 hours and the others waited about an hour

Dean Samuels

Physically assaulted on the 7th floor. 3 inch scar above by eyebrow. Kicked out for a year. Broke my foot, told me to walk it off. This hospital is a joke. I have contacted them numerous times to resolve this to no avail.

Susan Mosher

Worst hospital ever! I will NEVER go back! You will die waiting in the ER before you get care, and if you are fortunate to get care, beware! Most inept staff I have ever had, other than two very kind nurses. I was brought in by ambulance, having had a very low sodium attack. The paramedics in the ambulance immediately put me on an IV when I told them this had happened several times before and I was about to pass out. They dropped me off at High Point regional emergency room and took off the IV. I asked them if the ER was going to start another IV bag and they said yes they would. Well the ER made me wait two hours before they would put an IV bag in me and I was nearly passing out again! My husband and I tried to tell them that this had happened before and I had been in Wesley Long Hospital in July with such incredibly low sodium that the attending physician said I could've had seizures. Still they did not care and made me wait. They said there were no rooms. We told them they could put me in the hall I didn't care, I just desperately needed sodium before I had seizures. I'm 61 years old. When the same thing happened back in July at Wesley Long, the ER immediately took me back and started an IV. High Point Regional is the worst! When I finally got taken back and given an IV with sodium 2 hours later, the doctor came in and said my sodium level was extremely low and told me what it was. It was three points lower than when I had been in Wesley Long Hospital three months before, so I knew it was serious. When the first IV bag finished, instead of hooking me up to another bag (the doctor had already said they were keeping me overnight and were going to keep me on fluids continuously to bring my sodium levels up ), the nurse turned to walk out of the room after disconnecting it. I asked her what she was doing and she said the bag was finished. I told her that they were supposed to keep me on IV fluids until morning. She looked at me like I was crazy and with a surly attitude turned and walked out of the room saying she would check on it.. An hour later she had still not come back and I was starting to feel like passing out again. I called my husband who had gone home to let our dog out, and he came back and immediately told them to get me another bag. They looked at him like he was crazy and said they would have to check the chart. Another 10 minutes later they finally came in and hook me back up and it took another hour and a half before I started feeling better. I wish I could say things got better when I finally got in a room for the night but it was the night from hell. Don't take your life in your hands and go to the High Point Regional Hospital. Go to Wesley Long Hospital or Baptist if you need medical care of an urgent nature.

Shawndel McNeill

Didn’t even want to give 1 star my mom having stroke like symptoms took them forever to take her to the back. Finally get to the back and still had to wait hours to get an MRI when they could have been done that. Absolute worst hospital ever. Doesn’t care about patients with serious problems

jonathan erath

I am not impressed with the corruption, the high point community should ask for transparency. They better oversight the medical staff is dishonest in some areas.

Jorboyj Videos

Nurse in baby department was so rude. Talking about my hair. Because I'm missing some hair in the front. That was uncalled for.

Brittany Steele

The wait is entirely too long. So many people who need help are not helped in a timely manner. So sad.

Kristene Nelson

Worst hospital I've ever been to. Brought my 2 year old in with a high temp and terrible cough, I waited there in the EMERGENCY department for over 3 hours, 3 damn hours they let a 2 year old sit crying and coughing continuously, absolutely ridiculous!! We got so tired of waiting we left, horrible hospital!!

Dave Bardua

Had kidney stones and was in a lot of pain. Very professional and able to take pain away while I passed the stones.

M Jones

I walked into the ER in pain to admit myself. Registration had no chairs and when I asked about one I was rudely told to go outside and request a wheelchair. There was no one to request a wheelchair from so a pregnant woman sat on the floor to register. Eventually another man working at the hospital seeing me have a conversation from the floor asked if I needed a wheelchair, it was brought. After taking my vitals the nurse then took away the wheel chair, despite my obvious pain and I was then asked to walk back to the waiting room after getting vitals. It got worse from there. The sad part is I was not special. I was outraged at the way I saw them treat the elderly man in pain sitting next to me.

Someone Actually

My grandma was in afib and was treated okay at best. One nurse was really sweet and patient but everyone else was pretty awful. About two years ago they overdosed my uncle and he's since passed because of it. The Vegetables weren't even washed well and the food is bad. Beware if you go here, if you're looking go and can go to a different hospital, it's heavily recommended.

Helen McGraw

Well at hospital with Virgil AGAIN , waiting on ultra sound.

Toya Davis

iDonald Terry

Lori Bass

The ER was chaos. Rude staff...on organization, no priorities.

Jim Black

I just sat in the ER for 2 hours with my friend who is having pregnancy difficulties and all the hospital has accomplished is drawing my friends blood and 1 ultra sound. I have been to other hospitals with her with similar problems in which they have taken her immediately taken her back. I have also found that the staff there is very unorganized and doesn’t communicate with each other well because they called people’s names to come Back to triage when they were already back there. They also seemed very unprofessional and in experienced. It almost seemed like the RN’s still thought they were at nursing school.

Chase Hazelwood

Went here to ER when my son had fallen and had a head injury. He was 4 at the time and there was a lot of concern. There was a huge line of people in there complaining of a variety of very small issues. They jumped right on getting my son well. They caught us quickly and jumped several people in the line to get us handled fast. It was as good add it possibly could have been and I was so relieved they saw the level of the problem and correctly prioritized.

Mays Jasim

WORST HOSPITAL EVER. The nurses weren’t nice, they acted like they just wanted to get it over with. I mean I know the emergency room isn’t fast but I came in an ambulance after an accident, and they made me wait a long time. I didn’t even get to see a doctor, no doctor came in, only nurses. Don’t go here, this is a really bad hospital and their services are horrible. You could die, and in the end they will say we were busy and we did our best. They never do their best.

Donerrah Harrington

The nurses are so so so rude!

Morgan L Glaser

Shayla Alston

Eric Jr

Had no problems with the staff, they seem professional, good about communicating with family members with updates etc. My only real issue was the condition of the waiting room/lobby. There were bits of trash scattered throughout and a blood splattered on one of the seats. I couldn't help but wonder if it was sterile or cleaned regularly.

Daniel Truitt

This place should be embarrassed to be considered a hospital.

Sara Kurtnacker

Jamie Rossell

Sally T

I am very concerned about the professionalism of the nursing staff. My family member was in the hospital and I tried for over 2 hours to reach a nurse about her condition. When I reached the nurse after asking to speak to a charge nurse, the nurse identified herself by her first name only and told me that I should ask my brother about my family member. I explained that I was listed in the medical record as someone the health care staff could speak to. She told me it would be a HIPAA violation to speak to me. I asked her to verify my name in the medical record. She would not. She told me to call my brother and hung up on me. I have never been treated so disrespectfully by a hospital staff member. It is clear why this hospital does not have Magnet Recognition. As a doctor practicing for 35 years, I have never experienced or witnessed such bad behavior. Unbelievable. I will be sure that my family member NEVER returns to this hospital.

Jeb Ayscue

Kristy l Hamilton

They were multi tasking with my condition and met the need I had. They were capable in helping me become adjusted.

lollipop newman

The nurses suck and are very unprofessional!

Ritchie Kelevra

If you wanna die go to regional, some the nurses were great but I spent t 3 days in there, saw my doctor maybe 3 time, having panic attacks and a heart rate of 154/103 and they gave me Valium and vitamns, never again!!!

Laterrius Brockington

Thanks HPRH for taking care of my mother and giving me and my family answers which none of the other doctors from two other hospitals couldn't do. HPR has gotten a bad rap for years, and that has prompted families to take their sick loved ones to "better" hospitals. I was a little weary about sending my mom to HPRH but the staff stepped right in and took great care of her. Thanks HPRH! Please keep doing a great job to attract the locals back. High Point needs a remarkable hospital too!

Charles Spencer

Very very slow


Alex Wilson

Absolutely terrible. Hopefully wake forest can turn things around after buying it.


gil martin

My son is a student at High Point University and had to go to Emergency room got there at 11:45 pm having trouble breathing and coughing. At 4:00 am he was still sitting there he has now left and gone back to school to see doc at 7:00 am what a joke as a parent not in the same town I would tell anyone go anywhere except that hospital do everybody a service and close so they don’t waste there time going there

Sara C

Worst experience in a hospital. Newly pregnant and experiencing pain, waited 7 hours in the ER to be taken to a dirty room (she picked dirty tissues off the bed they put me on), had a volunteer walk in on me changing into my robe, and then was told not to expect to have this baby. First they thought it was triplets, then told me "not to paint the nursery yet". STILL receiving new bills 4 months later. We're driving to GSO to have our baby instead of the .5 miles here. Don't waste your time or money.

latrece mannie

Debbie kincaid

This place is horrible.. my mom had a stroke and when we went to the ER they made her wait!!! I complained of course but we were put in the waiting room. The nurse said there were no rooms available... Time matters during a stroke... Go somewhere else with your loved ones

Marty Hedrick

My wife recently had to have two MRI's and an X-ray. She has spinal issues. They asked if she was in pain. She told them yes and that was the end of that. She was strapped into the MRI for approximately fifty minutes with no breaks between the one on her neck and the one on her back. She was in horrible pain for three days after this procedure. When she was finished, she told them she had vertigo and she would need help to stand and walk. The girl assisting in radiology, helped her up and then walked away causing my wife to loose her balance. Luckily there was a chair beside her that she caught herself on avoiding a complete fall to the floor. As we were leaving, we asked about the hip X-ray she was supposed to have and they said they didn't notice that and they were glad we mentioned it. The volunteers were great, but the staff we interacted with were cold, unfriendly, and avoided all but what they had to do in communicating with us. There are some good departments at the hospital, but I would not recommend this one to anyone.

stracey winfree

i will neve come here

Catherine Bowles

Called to check on my brother and nurse in CCU was abrupt and rude. My brother is very ill and she was so rude one day it might be her on this end of the phone

sh Tyson

Robin Parrish

There are some genuinely exceptional people that work at High Point Regional. They care, they go out of their way to help, they do whatever it takes. But whatever you do, avoid their Emergency Room like the plague. They basically give you a band aid and a pat on the head and send you on your way — after an insufferably long wait. Had to go two days in a row recently for the same issue. Nothing was resolved or diagnosed at either visit. Both doctors I saw seemed bored and didn’t take me seriously (not hard to guess that they’re probably overworked), and the nurses had way too many responsibilities to be able to take the time to truly care for their patients. I sat in an exam room alone for a solid hour, both visits, before a single person showed up. Another hour passed (at least) before the doctors showed up. Just someone popping their head in to say, “Hey, we do know you’re here and we’re going to get to you as fast as we can,” would have been nice. But nope, too much to hope for. On the other hand, I have become an expert at adjusting the ER beds. Out of necessity. Don’t expect anybody to help you settle in or make sure you’re comfortable. They drop you in the room — they don’t even enter it with you — and then vanish. The one bright spot was the very nice, personable gentleman who handled my CT scan. He treated me like a person, genuinely cared about how I felt, and was a pleasure to spend a few minutes with. (Didn’t catch his name, but he was my age and had gray/white, short-cropped hair.) He came to tell me he was going to do my scan, but when he walked in he noticed how uncomfortable I was on the bed. He left and quickly returned with a pillow for my head. Even the nurses didn’t notice or didn’t care that I was in a lot of pain and uncomfortable. To almost everyone, I was either a number or I didn’t exist. At my second visit, the doctor never even came back to talk to me again after he first saw me. No going over the CT scan, no blood work results or diagnosis. Not even so much as stopping to tell me what foods to eat and what to avoid. He just wrote up my discharge papers and had the nurse give them to me. That was that. Complete waste of 8 hours and some ungodly amount of money. If you’re headed to one of the surgical wards upstairs or to maternity, you’re golden. Those people are all fantastic. But stay away from this ER!!

Zhenique Brown

Worst service ever , the doctors and the nurses are so rude. Didn't even ask all the medical examination information. Wait time take forever and a day. Never again .

Cheyenne&Floyd Long

Love the car but I have been waiting in ED for over 5 hours with high bp and headache and have not seen a doc yet...

Michelle Nicholson

One of the aide was extremely rude and threatening to me. Also, bad and not knowledgeable nurses. Two CNAs were nice though.

Stiles Fifield


Kim Arnold

Joel Fuller

Went to the ER by ambulance bacause I could not move. I was having lower back spasms with unbearable pain. The ER was not the cleanest place for a Hospital. I was there for a total of 10 hours and saw the Doctor once. She only came in my room for 5 minutes. Sent me down to get a MRI. I overheard the techs. talking to each other saying that it was broken and had to call the repairman in the morning (it must have been working when they billed my insurance company over $7000.00) just for the MRI only. A total of over 10,000.00. I would lay there for hours before someone would come in my room. The doctor spoke about 10 words to me the one time she came in to see me. It did not used to be this way and wonder what has changed?

Matthew 19:26

The worst E/R experience of my life and I am 55. Without getting into a wordy rant, I'll just itemize the horrible events and issues that took place: 5 1/2 hour wait Doctor and nurse arguing with me, apparently because I had been asking questions that they couldn't answer. Doctor complained to nurse that he took a very long time with me, which was only 10 minutes, when I was asking more questions. Doctor didn't know what was wrong with me, but wanted to give me Valium intravenously and send me on public transportation after that. I said if you don't know what I have, then why are you offering Valium (a dangerous drug) to help it? That must have infuriated them. The doctor was literally running away from me while I still was asking him questions. I refused the Valium and left without knowing what was wrong. Then they put down on my release sheet that I was there for anxiety. I was not there for that! The nurses certainly do not have any patience or treat you with compassion. They also do not guide you as to what is coming next or what they are going to do. Next thing you know, I'm getting a cat-scan and she wasn't even preparing me for it. Horrible Horrible place.

Casey Garland

Too short staffed apparently... took 3 hours to see triage nurse and 5 more to see a dr. Nurses were rude and unprofessional, assumingly due to lack of staff.. not somewhere I would want to go if I were dying!!

Teresa Hodges

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU LOVE YOUR LOVE ONES STAY CLEAR OF THIS HOSPITAL!!!! My mother was a direct admit in fluid overload. Regional cardiology, regional nephrology, and regional pulmonary all saw my mother in the 6 days she was in there, the doctors did not listen and my mother was discharged with more fluid overload then when she went in. Skin had 6 broken blister wound that she did not have on admission. Horrible bruises on upper arms. Diagnosis with pulmonary HTN with no medication or follow up care. High creatine level that rose higher and was released with no medication. This hospital needs to be shut down, before someone dies over lack of care!!

Christina Phillips

Amber Williams

This week I watch a doctor disrespect a PT and got loud and very disrespectful . The Doctors here are rude and will be filing a complaint with the hospital.

Tripp Nazz

Worst experience ever!!!!!! Came in with Cardiac symptoms and left( really????)this is a hospital who cares? dr never back in ( as promised ) nurse on her phone ! Front desk could care less .......don’t go there unless you want to die!!! By the way I’m a doctor ...worst ever!!!!!’nn

Royal & Mommy

horrible service doctors just sitting back there having a time

Olando Dickson

The Lindsays


amanda baker

Fast, excellent nurses

Roberto Ramírez

(Translated by Google) It is a hospital without doctors (Original) Es un hospital sin doctores

Louis Stubbs

had congestive heart failure got great care

Ameriah Sink

Been to the ER with my kids a few times, as well as with the hubby. Always knowledgeable and even when u r waiting your health is being monitored.

Christine Bright

Great hospital with caring people

Shahriar Khan

Emergency room has only 1 doctor and 1 nurse on duty and then a handful of incompetent fat zombies. My wife and I were there at ER and they made us wait 6 hrs for very minor procedures. One tech came and have us one info and the nurse came and gave us another info. They are so dumb that you can read their blank face and know that you are in wrong hands. I saw patients who are miserable and the staff just don't care. Pathetic service from pathetic group of people. A nurse/technician/cheap labor (whatever you wanna call it) forgot to do one test but claimed she did that; when my wife said the test was not done, they did the test and took another 2 hrs to complete the result; at one point, we got frustrated and asked to be discharged with our test results (it was 730AM by then),the nurse/tech/cheap labor told us, she did not like how we approached her; we took two steps back and asked her if the little princess was comfortable and that she was ready to do her minor job, the PA intervened and all our results were done all of a sudden and we were graciously discharged. This hospital is just a train-wreck and so avoid at any costs. Even if you do go, make sure you record every incident. They are bound to mess up and you will do the people of high Point a huge favor if you get back at them.

Andria Hicks

If I could give less than one star, I would've. My daughter had to be taken here because she was having severe abdominal pain. She was sitting in the waiting room crying and throwing up in pain for 3 hours before anyone put her in a room, then they took another hour to get her pain medication, at this point she was passing out from the pain she was in. They finally administered pain medication without being hooked up to any monitors. The medication lasted about 30 minutes, and when they gave her more medication is when someone finally hooked her up to a heart rate monitor. After about 2 minutes on the medication her heart rate dropped dramatically and we had to run around the hospital trying to find someone to help because they never gave us a emergency call button. They ordered a CT scan and a Sonogram, the girl who did the sonogram was in a hurry to get off of work and did the easy external sonogram and not the internal one that was needed. They said she had a cyst and sent her home and told her to go see her doctor whenever she could. We took her to CMC and they immediately operated. Her doctor had to remove her right ovary and said had they done the internal sonogram they would have seen that the ovary was twisted and could have saved it. The level of care from the workers was unacceptable.

Pam Allred

I have to say that my experience was great.. I went to the ER on the 14th with my back after going to cone for over a month and wasnt getting any better... When i came everyone was helpful and very concern about the pain i was in they went the extra mile for me because i was truly at my end with dealing with this on going pain... They didnt treat me like a drug seeker and they didnt dimiss me being i have no insurance.. These people saved my life because i was to the point of wanting to die i didnt value my life being the suffering i was going throygh... Once again i want to think the staff on duty last night... These care givers was truly heaven sent....

Johnnie tarell

The nurses need help alot of it!

Ha To

My room was dirty, crumbs & a big bug crawled across the floor. Waited 3 hours and then left because I still hadn't been seen. Unprofessional rude staff. Worst facility I've ever been too. Driving to Forsyth or baptist is definitely worth the drive. Would give them 0 stars if I could.

Big Pickel

Great care, friendly staff

Julia Milan

Vicki Queen

So rude and disrespectful

sheila swicegood

Horrible....staff acts as if they are here to collect the money...uncaring..unknowing & cannot even be nice!!! Pathetic facility!!! Just at a loss for words it is so bad..just thankful situation is NOT life threatening. ..just broken tailbone!!!

Margarita Pacas

My grandmother was there a couple days ago due to a stroke and due to medication would soil herself (we’re talking diarrhea). The nurses left the soiled sheets in the bathroom for the entire time she was there, the cleaning crew didn’t even take it out (I was there!), they threw her soiled clothes into the closet, didn’t even bag it. When it was time to discharge after a couple days I find out she’s been sitting on a soiled changing pad. I was completely mortified by the lack of attention and care that was paid to my elderly grandmother. A patient that could barely walk and had trouble speaking! Days later my grandmother informed me she it would take hours to get just a cup of water, and while I was there I saw lots of flirting between the nurses. Save yourself and go to another hospital!

Margaret Brenseke

Zachary Boober

Don't go to the ER if its an emergency ... Takes forever to get anything done, and most times its done wrong

Cynthia Alderman


So I went to this hospital twice toward the end of my pregnancy and was treated like an outcast both times. The first time the OB on call literally looked at me and said what are you doing here you dont be long here ..... I'm a wake forest patient my home hospital is Forsyth but I recently had to move to high point, my doctors have told me that if I cant make it to Forsyth then regional is a sister hospital well the OB at regional did not like that so I got sent home she also told me to never show back up via EMS, it was false labor. The second time was real, contractions were 3 mins apart and I had just had an OB appointment were my dr told me I was dilated 3cm. The nurse at regional looked at me like I was faking the pain but she didn't even have the right monitors on me, she had 2 heart beat monitors and nothing to show contractions, another nurse came in and said that she had the wrong monitor on and once she switched she said oh there's the contractions! They were very strong on the screen, when she checked me she said I was only dialated 1cm, I told her that was impossible because just yesterday I was 3cm, they told me I could sign myself out..... my mother in law and fiance knew what was up and took me straight to Forsyth (30min drive) once I got there they told me that i shouldn't have been sent home, they had me to walk the halls a couple of times, once I got my epidural it wasn't an hr later my baby was born and so quickly that the nurses didn't have time to get in the room before he fell into the bed! I have a friend that is at this hospital right now being induced they told her last night she was 3cm and then this morning she was 1cm, ladies you never go backwards in labor that's impossible please seek care somewhere else. I hope that no one else ever has to go through what I went through, I was scared and felt like no one was on my side until I got to my hospital where I was treated like family!

Randy Varner

High Point Regional Hospital What A Joke FOR A Hospital Only Hopeing When Wake Forest. Take Over It"s Get Better No Way It Can Any Worst

Sweetly Scented

This people told me that my dad had a brain tumor . We in fact he did not. Worst week of my life

Tina Barnes

Admittedly through the ER with a high fever with infection and as a room came available on the 7th floor they were getting ready to wheel me out and the ER staff wished me good luck as I was going to need it...I thought how odd well their words rang true. I stayed in the hospital with no medicine or anything. I couldn’t understand why I was being kept. After the fourth day with no visit from a doctor and peeing on myself after trying to get help from the nurses station. (I normally use Moses Cone in Greensboro). I had my son to come and get me out! He had a 3 1/2 hour drive to come and get me or he would have been there sooner. I walked out with without being checked out. Next time I think I will call a witch doctor (insurance company was billed over $117,000...I contacted my insurance and and they denied several charges) to make me feel better!

Ed Jones

Father in law seen in ER 3/15/16 for chest pressure and.Sob. he wqa.taken to a hall bed by EMS then to email 13. Door to 11.lead at hour. (Standard is 3 minutes) He had no wheezing, but and.clammy. breathing treatment was ordered before he was evaluated by a physician. He had no wheezi ng, and his 12 lead was not done or evaluated prior to the breathing treatment. An increase in the heart rate increases oxygen demand on the heart and is a potential risk of exacerbation of a potential MI. It's worthy to note that his heart rate was in the 50s. Labs revealed his potassium to be 3.9. (Low) a key ingredient in electrical operation of the heart. Potassium was ordered, brought in the room where it remained unhung for well over an hour. This is not only potentially life threatening but sheer negligence. Not our first experience that actually did cost the life of another family member. We will no longer be doing business there, but our business there is not yet finished. #poormedicalpractice #dangerousmedicine! #laziness #sad

Carlos Zarate

Muy mala mi esposa más de horas en el cuarto con un fuerte dolor sin atenderla pero si lo primero me cobraron el copa y Y tomaron los datos de la aseguranza

Reza Day

Nora Salazar

This Hospitals staff/team is the worst. They don't even know wth is going on they come in the room saying "oh did you know this, do you know that" there is no communication between patient and nurse at all. And when you ask them questions they ignore you and always seen to be in a rush. What upset me the most is that I came with my mom and the nurse was putting something through her IV I asked what it was and she just said "it's a" and walked out! I'm just like no you need to tell me whatever your putting in her just to be informed. Highly upset with this place.

Angel Vasquez

I deliver my baby girl there and was the,firts time been there and had some complications with my baby heart rate almost seem to lost her but the nurses and,doctor all was taking good care of,me and I'm so please with them because they did a great job I have my,beautiful,girl that big,brothers and my fiance,and,me,are,enjoying thanks alot.

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