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REVIEWS OF Haywood Regional Medical Center IN North Carolina

Christina Davis

It wasnt so bad but there was one nurse who wouldn't do anything because "that's not how they do it in Virginia." They did not give me my verification of facts paperwork that I need for my baby to get Medicaid. I also still don't have her social security card number in order to claim her on my taxes this year. It's been three months. Also, the Virginia lady really seemed to enjoy making me feel stupid when it came to how I was taking care of my baby. There are ways to teach mothers how to do things without making them feel that way. Now I have to find a way back to that place so that I can get my baby's insurance squared away. Dont have a baby here.

TeriJean Surrett

If you have time to sit around and wait. They don’t take anything serious. Doctors are rude, they get you back in a room and wait two hours to even start an IV.

James Robinson

Dean Trull

Impossible to get billing information. Have tried for 10 weeks to get answers. New person each time, no answers, only concern is wanting money for services not performed. Trying to get thru to someone to help is impossible. Never seen anything like it!

Anon Anon

Very incompetent, money driven, garbage hospital. Stay away if you value your loved one's, or your life! Lots of drug addicts working for the EMS and they will gladly relieve you of any money or meds that you have lying around if you aren't attentive. Hospital staff are all subcontracted so that Lifepoint can't be sued for malpractice. Ask to be taken to a different hospital even if it costs more, that is if the EMS doesn't kill you first.

David Dick

Knowledgeable staff...must be understaffed because wait times are very excessive...

Jon Hinde

Been here for 2 hours haven't even been to triage yet this sucks glad I'm not dying

Ann Ottum

tamilla rector

Heather Brookes

Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Summer Turner

Received excellent care yesterday. Dr. Schwarz in the ED was awesome with great bedside manner. Thank you to him and the other staff who cared for me yesterday.

Abby Storke

John Surrett

Waited in the ER with my dad they where only 2 they got him registered and they was other people coming in they seen the ones they came in not my dad. Ridiculous hospital

Tonya Cagle

Normally I’d say to hell with this place but today I gave the benefit of the doubt and my er nurse Olivia has been the absolute best! She is sweet and listened to my concerns and acted promptly. Love love love her!!!! Ceo’s She needs a raise!!!!

Adam Underkofler

I was discharged without being told the results of my x-rays. After dislocating my shoulder they failed to tell me if anything was broken. I had to track down a doctor and demand them to find out the results. Worst bedside manner and horrible nursing staff. Do not go here if you are greviously injured, you will undoubtedly die here.

Linda Frye

Been at hospital one hr with husband. Surg at 2pm. Had to be here at 12 noon. All that's been done is get insurance cards, ID, and have him put on gown....SLOW, SLOW, SLOW.... BEGINNING TOO WONDER IF WE CHOSE THE RIGHT PLACE FOR THIS SURG.... WILL UPDATE LATER

Miranda Brooks

I am currently waiting to get my daughter discharged but I had to write a review on how amazing the staff is here at the emergency room! We hardly waited at all in the lobby, everyone was very prompt and thorough. The staff was very nice and polite. I have never been to such an amazing hospital, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the patients!

Antonio Fernandez

Wife was scheduled for c-section on 6/25/18 our obgy was Dr jenny van winkle i don't have words to say it and how thankfully i am all i can say is all the doctors that team up for the c-section were great and they explained everything i need to know before and during the entire time, the nurses from the 4th floor all of them were great (excellent) they provided me with pillows and a place to rest during my stay thanks to the nurses that help me on room 429 today she was discharged and i could not leave this place without leaving my personal expierence, everyone in there where very attentive. Thanks.

Mark Scott

Great Doctors

Edgar McFarland

Just was discharged after a 3 day stay. The entire 4th floor staff was professional a extremely patient centered. The technicians were excellent. We are fortunate to have such a high quality health care facility in Haywood County Ed

William McClure

Go to mission! !

Cardisa Hall


Don't ever go here, horrible care.

Joanne Wilson

We recently moved here from SC. I am a cancer patient and am treated by my GYN Onc in Charleston. However, I get all blood work done at HRMC as well as all CT's. I have had at least a dozen blood tests and 4 CT's. Everyone has always been extremely kind, helpful and knowledgeable. I once forgot to pick up the berium before the Outpatient area closed. I called in a panic and was told it was not a problem and where to go within the hospital to pick it up after hours. In Charleston I would have been told 'tough luck' and to reschedule. The first 3 CT's I requested copies to get a 2nd opinion. They were gracious and had them ready within minutes. All 3 times the 2nd opinion was the same as the HRMCH so I no longer do that. I have also used their Urgent Care twice before I found a GP and was treated very well and I highly recommend it as well as HRMC.

Aaron Kneeland

Great medical center full of wonderful employees

Rick Bailey

Tonight I see our mountains are under a terrible winter storm tonight 2/25/15 I have a few friends that work at Haywood Regional Hospital. Earlier I saw you leader Mr. Patrick Wright on WLOS Channel 13 babbling about his staff and the snow conditions He is from Florida and probably drives a high priced 4 Wheel drive ..a memo was distributed to the lower paid staff that if they did not stay at the hospital or were not at work tomorrow they would be terminated really? I think this person is a poor leader? threaten the staff with termination ...what a terrible place to work ..shame on you MR. WRIGHT

Brandy Campbell

I went in BC I was having lots of swelling in my foot and lower leg. I feel that the Doctor had no clue the cause of it so they just guessed about it. On the other hand I had an ultra sound down on my leg to make sure I didn't have a blood clot and the lovely lady that done my Ultrasound was AMAZING. She was so friendly and went above and beyond to give me helpful information to try and help some problems I was having with my veins. She turned my lame experience into a much better one. I was so pleased with her and thanks to her I now know somewhere to start on trying to get rid of my leg pain. THANK YOU MANDY!!!!

Janice Freeman

I am through with this hospital. Bookkeeping will not return calls.

Phyllis Kinsland

My mom passed over the weekend in the ICU. I cannot say how cordial and supportive the staff was during the few final hours of Mom's life. They provided chairs for the many family members as they arrived. They provided us with a tray of refreshments and beverages. And they were so kind and gentle with Mom during this time. I am so very grateful to them.

Rachell Moody

If I could give a review with a negative number of stars I would! My mother-in-law is currently in ICU and yesterday she had an accident in her bed due to the fact she isn't allowed to wear adult diapers. The sheets were changed and the soiled sheets laid in the chair next to the bed on top a pillow. That was the second day in a row my sister-in-law witnessed the unsanitary practice! Alarms go off on the machine that monitors heart rate, blood pressure, etc and it takes over 10 minutes for a nurse sitting at the desk just 5 feet away to investigate the alarm then they do so with the attitude that they are being bothered by something like the most annoying fly. If you post a bad review here they give a canned response with the same name, job title and phone number you can call with your complaints. If you can avoid this hospital do so! I will be sure to avoid any owned by these people at any cost!

Lisa M. Valdez

What a joke! Nurses on 5th floor are dumb as a bunch of rocks.

Glenda Marshall

I've had the pleasure of being here since Monday and it's now Thursday. I've received excellent care from all the staff. They are on the spot with whatever you need. Every single person from doc, RNs, assistance ask me if I need anything before they leave my room every time. Kind, empathetic, and I've never been cared for any better. Well, except the ER doc was a crumuggion to start but I'm sure he was just making sure we weren't drug seeking. That's a big problem these days. Once my labs came back he was beaming a friendly smile and provided excellent care. This place serves it's purpose.. It's a wonderful regional hospital.

Aunt Sammi

Great experiences all around! Most people don’t want to hv one to the ER/hospital... but if you have to this is the one to go to. Staff is great from EMT at check-in, nurses and CNAs in the back to the registration person who comes to see me in my room, and the doctors have such great bedside manor. If I am in need of a hospital visit Haywood is my choice!

lizauda montilla

Scott Davidson

Savannah Johnson

Kendra King

I can't thank Haywood county ER staff enough for the care and attention they gave my daughter lastnight. And for this broken down one hell of an anxious momma. This has been a very difficult night for our family, but it could have been much worse without the dedication and expertise of the staff. My family and I are truly grateful for the level of care they were able to administer to my daughter.

Jacksepticeye fan forever

If I could give 0 stars I would!! They gave me a run around for 2 days Dr faxed for labs twice and they couldn't find them!!!

Catherine Li

Kaiba Girl17

Would have put 0 stars if it were possible. My mother, a patient with congestive heart failure, waited in the ER for over 9 hours. The monitors she was hooked up to went off several times an hour and no one ever came to see what was happening. After that we decided to leave and they insisted that they provided care and services that never actually occured. Worst place for emergency care, I wouldn't send my dog here.

Aaron Dehart

Sarah Plemmons

Beth Edwards

Having had 2 inpatients surgeries in the last two years I must say i received amazing care from my provider and all the staff! This hospital provides better care than I could have ever imagined! Would recommend to all!

Donna Henry

My daughter had to go to the ER October 14th. The staff was great but I saw one throw the IV Needle in the trash can. The room they took us to was so nasty I couldn't believe it. It looked like it had not been cleaned in week's. That's disgusting.

Marie Goins

This was my first time at this hospital and it was with a tramatic injury. Dr De'Angelo was very attentive from beginning. What really got my attention was fact Dr. De'Angelo was also very down to earth and friendly. Upon my admission nurses on 7th floor were very attentive friendly and helpful. Special thanks to Beverly (cycle manager); Shayna RN for excellent nursimg care but also for care comcern and support in tryimg times accidemt left behind. Thanks also to Lisa Cna that was very helpful. Dr. Rudd thanks to him for care and medical attention but also for being down to earth caring and encouraging. Thanks also to dietary. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Thank you all. Marshall

Tyler Evans

The emergency room is a joke, every time I’ve ever been they did absolutely nothing and then sent me a bill for it.

Christie Arrington

This is the worst hospital ever!! They have the rudest nurses in the ER that I have ever seen.. if you don't want to die don't go here

kesha gentry

Marcus Metcalf

The worst hospital wife came in on Thursday Nov 30 and returned on December 1st and they acted like she was joking about her pain and the doctor was a pure smart @$$

Amanda Ga

Nurses are fantastic, drs are great. Great birthing experience and they treat you like family.

Deserae howard

Sussy Huskey

Renea Winchester

From the moment we stepped into this hospital we were treated with kindness. All staff were well-trained, respectful, and did their job exceptionally well. Dr. McAlvany explained the procedure using terms my father could understand. We absolutely adore her ! Nurses: Russ, Heidi, and Pam were incredible as was the respiratory therapist. I can't say enough good things about Pam. I have many years experience in Health Care so I tend to analyze treatment critically, especially when it's treatment for a loved one. Mitch, who took Dad into the OR, is the perfect person for that position. He possesses so much GENUINE care and compassion for patients who are nervous. Everyone we met seemed to truly love their job and want to be there caring for the sick. Speaking on the cleanliness of this facility. Outpatient is on the 7th floor. The facility is spotless. Absolutely spotless, as it should be. Same in the Cafe, and the first-floor waiting room. Jo Ann, the volunteer and another volunteer (whose name I didn't not get) walked the waiting room every half hour making sure coffee was filled and the area was tidy. The first floor restrooms were exceptionally clean. This is the older part of the hospital, that receives the most traffic. Keeping that area clean isn't easy. This hospital has been through a lot and I am thrilled to report our experience was positive and filled with top-notch care and compassion. Thank you to every single member of our Health Care Team. You are awesome !

Marty Nelson

Judith Amos

Good Hospital

Candace D. Clontz

Moments, literally less than 1 minute, after posting this review, a nice lady in the ER calls and tells me a radiologist re-read my CT Scan, apparently I have have something called Rectus Muscle Hematoma. Therefore provingi was and still am in pain. With my INR being so high, this could be really bad. At least someone there does their job. However, this should have been found and properly cared for last night instead of sending me home with a 'pulled' muscle. I told them and everyone repeatedly, this is not a pulled muscle - I have pulled muscles and this is pain is excruciating and something I have never felt before and I NEED RELIEF!! Yesterday (3/29/2017) I made two trips to the ER. The first time was a good experience. The doctor (I can't recall her name) was exactly what 'we' expect an ER doctor to be. I was found to have pneumonia and my INR was 4.47, far above my therapeutic point. She sent me home with two prescriptions, one for an antibiotic amd litoderm patches for the massive pain in my left side. After being home just a few short hours my pain level increased by triple. I was in so much pain I was crying. I could stand. It hurt somewhere deep inside unlike any pain I've ever felt. My sister took me back to the ER when my percocet and muscle relaxers offered not even the slightest bit of relief. Needless to say upon my second arrival I was greeted with the rudest most inconsiderate doctor, Stephanie Trowbridge. I know there's an opioid/pill issue going around here (and everywhere), however NOT EVERYONE IS AN ADDICT AND LOOKING TO GET HIGH! I am so sick of this hospital treating me like I am there to get 'drugs'! I did ask for a second dose of the pain medication she gave me earlier because it gave me a great deal of relief from the pain. When my pain began to worsen again, I asked for a second dose so I could finally sleep sonce I had only slept 3-4 hours in 3 days. The doctor looked at me with a smug and rude look about her face and said, "We're not giving anymore IV meds!" It was her tone and expression when she said this. Prior to this before a ct scan was run she made the comment, "If this test comes back negative then we're done, do you understand?" It was all I could do to refrain from verbally assaulting her. No wonder this hospital had such a low rating and the majority of people around here go to CJ Harris or Mission. Its time for Haywood County hospital to remember that not everyone who says their hurting is there for a "fix". There are a few of us who are not addicts and are seeking relief from what ails us. Shame on HRMC and Stephanie Trowbridge... I can't and won't put the Dr in front of her name because with her attitude and lack of compassion for patients she isn't suitable to take care people - I wouldn't take my worst enemy to her. I am insulted and again in pain. So thank you for nothing HRMC and S. Trowbridge. And I am sure this woman's behavior is condoned and nothing will be said or done. Typical. I gave 2 stars ONLY because my firsy visit. Otherwise it would have been 1 one star because no star isn't possible.

Joer'ct Drew

My grandmother goes for physical therapy. while they are helping, they aren't really helping with the issue of her leg, which is the point of her going there to begin with

Shadow Chaser

This place is a joke. I pushed the nurse button at 6:53 nurse came at 7:40. They ate very unprofessional. In on a cardiac floor they only round every 4 hours.

Teresa Talbot

When I actually lived in this county it was referred to as the Haywood County mafia for good reasons. Now, 20+ years after moving I just received a voice message from the hospital that I've had NOTHING to do with in more than 20 years! Needless to say, I WON'T be returning this call!

Juanita Cayer

Went to urgent care on a Sunday for pain down left leg. Received an injection for pain. Waited twenty minutes for them to see how it worked. I told them it wasn't helping at all. I had been in severe pain since Friday. Later Sunday night I could bear it no more. I decided to go to ER, as I was directed by urgent care to do if it didn't ease off. After explaining this to ER staff they explained they could not give me a script for narcotics but could give me an injection. So after waiting another twenty minutes to see if it helped, I said maybe a little. By the time I walked to the car it was hurting just as bad. Yet no one did any test nor was I informed what was wrong with my leg. But was told to keep an appointment I had made a month in advance with the vein center. Well of course I would keep that I made the appointment! Which had nothing to do with the extreme pain down my left leg. Upon being able to get in with my doctor I was informed I had sciatica. Will someone please tell me when Haywood Regional is going to teach their ER staff how to help people and not give lecture on opioids. I have never received this type of care at Mission. I have also never received help from Haywood ER. They have improved on getting people in quickly but not diagnosing the complaint. Much room for improvement. It would be greatly beneficial to stop assuming because we are residents of this county we are automatically profiled as drug addicts. Prednisone and nerve medications helped me get better. Will continue going Mission. Haywood should obtain the help of the ER director of Mission. It would truly be a great thing to feel confident in our county ER.

Kaleigh McLean

I would rather die on my way to Mission. Sent me home with another patient's discharge papers with all of their demographics TWICE!! Also misdiagnosed me. Also sent me home with an antibiotic I'm allergic to. Rude doctors, rude staff, poor quality care. Being in the medical field myself, this is concerning. Especially when I called the nurse back to see if she wanted me to bring the other patient's papers back to shred them, "Nah, just throw'em away." Ok...HIPAA 101, they get shredded. At least I'm a decent enough human being to do it.

Melissa Mason

I was admitted here by Dr. Matthews when I had my hysterectomy. Everything went great. The nurses were wonderful. The surgical staff was excellent, but I feel that is because Dr. Matthews wouldn't accept anything else. I was in a newly finished area for surgery like this overnight.

Josh Ladet

Quite frankly the worst experience I've had in my life. The absurd amount of time spent in the waiting room would have been better spent driving to Mission and still would have seen a doctor sooner. Seriously, may the patients back charge for time spent in the waiting room to offset the exorbitant ER charges? If you're not birthing a baby, by all means it's in your best interest to keep driving to Asheville.

Donna Bailey

Diagnosed with Cirrhosis supposed to have a Paracentesis a month ago and they will NOT return my calls !

Kevin Summar

Heather Mina

In the past 15 years I delivered my little girl here, been treated for an allergic reaction, & brought freinds & family members here to be treated. I am SO thankful for this medical center in my community!

Ronnie Burgess

Don't know about every one else but the hospital is awesome!!! They saved my life in 2014 when I had a plural effusion which turned into a empiema thank God they was there

The Haven Maven

This place is horrible! They have terrible service with no attention.they will keep you bfor days only to tell you there's nothing wrong. Have seen our nurse once since the start of her shift at 7am and it's now 3pm. They don't even provide you with water unless you ask for it and they bring you a dinky little cup...."make sure to stay hydrated" they say. The food is terrible. There is a vending machine that doesn't will take $5 and not give you any food or drink. This place is a joke.

Alisa Ring

THIS IS THE WORST HOSPITAL I’VE EVER BEEN TO. Waited three hours, and ended up going to a different hospital because there was still four people in front of me. NEVER GO HERE EVER.

Digirl Qtpie

I had to stay here for five days. The kitchen closes crazy early. They brought dinner around 5, so at 8/9 if you're hungry you can have junk from the vending machine, or an old sour sandwich. The nurses are nice, so I'll give them two stars. They have many areas that are below what I expect from a hospital. I'd suggest going on to Asheville. Also, there is lots and lots of waiting in between being seen or updated.

Darryle McGaha

Terrible, Service is terrible

Tony Rogers

There was a recent outbreak of legionnaires disease that was linked to the NC Mountain State Fair. Well, I was one of the over 130 that contracted it. It is a long story of how I came to the emergency room at Haywood Regional Medical Center (HRMC), but I had visited Mission Urgent Care on the previous Friday and was tested for the flu, it was negative, but by the following Tuesday, I was having difficulty breathing and made my way to the ER. Upon arrival, the intake person could tell that I was in distress and called back and told the ER staff that I needed monitoring. Once in the room the nurses, nurse practitioner and respiratory therapists were all focused on getting to the bottom of what was going on. I had a CT scan and it was revealed that (the staffs words not mine) I had one of the worst cases of double pneumonia that they had seen in a while. They said that I would be a resident of HRMC for several days. While waiting on the room, I got a call from Mission Urgent care as a follow-up to my visit and when they heard me say I had double pneumonia, they brought to my attention the outbreak and told me to have your staff test me for legionella. Little did I know at the time that the HRMC staff were already on that. And the doctor said they were going to treat me as it were legionella. Once up on the floor, the nurses, CNA's, RT's, housekeeping, lab and food staff were all amazing. They went above and beyond what I feel were there duties to make sure that I was being taken care of. Housekeeping would ask if they could get me anything or if I needed my nurse. The food staff made accommodations for what I ate as what was on the menu would turn my stomach at the thought of eating it. Everyone was amazing. I really do wished I could remember everyone's names so I could call them out personally, but there names have escaped my memory. But every one of them were 'ROCK STARS' in my eyes. But I will say that my nurse practitioner on the floor, Jennifer Sanders, was AWESOME! And to the one RT (I couldn't get her name, as her name badge was backwards the whole time) that work with me on the Wednesday night that I was in such distress, THANK YOU! You were rock steady, showed confidence which really calmed me down as I was truly scared for my life at that point. But you kept trying things until you found what worked. Haywood County, I know that for years HRMC has been given a bad name, but we truly have a top notch medical facility and totally back them! If you hear anyone say otherwise, you need to correct them. HRMC and their staff are totally amazing!

Robert Mason

Absolutely the doctors in the ER are the rudest and incompetent people that I ever have dealt with in my life. Was accused of being there just to get drugs and not once did I ask for anything I just wanted to know why I was having chest pain. They never even took an xray. Dr decided he wanted to lecture me on the meds that my family physician has prescribed me and I basically told him it wasn't his place to question my dr 2nd who is he to question anyone at all when didn't have anything to do on why I was there. There is a something called common courtesy if you refuse to grant don't expect in return. Maybe y'all should try to see why this hospital gets a bad rap instead of trying to impress the higher up. I live 5 miles from this hospital and I will certainly drive the extra time to go to mission hospital.

Marian S

I agree rude front desk. Poor communication. Can't leave messages for trainers. Seems like know one know who anyone is that works wonder they have a 2.8 rating. Sarcastic with you trying to leave message. Overall hateful. I'll just join at Waynesville. Much nicer group. Realized left message here instead of the Recreational Center.

Skye McKenzie

My first time ever being here 8/27/18, seen by Jessica Drake. I had a sudden onset of severe upper right quadrant abdominal pain, particularly where my liver is located. The wait was short. Drake ordered a dry CT scan and pain meds. CT scan came back clear - of course it doesn't mean something life threatening could still be occurring. Drake tries to send me home. I overhear her on the phone speaking to another doctor about "drug seekers", particularly 2 drug seekers she had which complained of abdominal pain (myself and another male). Mind you - I dont even drink, I was in tears and couldn't walk. I haven't even been to the ER in over 2 years. I have a professional career and NO indication of drug usage. After hearing her conversation I felt like my well being was the last thing on her list after I was labeled as a drug seeker. Mind you I didn't ask for ANY medication what so ever. I requested an ultrasound that Drake originally declined. I requested it again at which point she hastily entered my room and interrupted me... very rude and condemning. I cant believe that patients cant emote pain without being labeled... not everyone is on drugs or seeking them. All I wanted was decent care to assure nothing critical was going on with my body. Sudden severe liver pain isn't a good indication. I now understand why so many people are misdiagnosed or end up going home and dying a couple of months later, lack of care and compassion. Perhaps not all doctors at Haywood Medical are like this, but Drake definitely needs to remember her oath to practice medicine - which I dont even believe shes a doctor, rather a PA. My advice - go to Buncombe. ALSO - ultrasound tech said its probably gas discrediting my pain level. Never heard of severe sudden liver pain capable of causing you to pass out for 6 hours as gas. EDIT - Waiting on Ultrasound results and Drake keeps bad mouthing patients to nurses and other physicians, just said that no one here has a true medical condition, and she wants to see someone who does. One of many sarcastic comments loud enough for all patients to hear.

Savannah Franklin

I would never recommend this hospital to anyone. Honestly would rather take the risk to drive to mission!

Kim Childress

Dawn Oliver

Carl Correia

Visiting the area from Massachusetts and needed to seek treatment at Urgent Care in Waynesville. I was transferred to Haywood Regional Hospital where I was admitted to PCU for two days. The staff at each site and in each department were friendly and professional. All my questions were addressed to my satisfaction. I received excellent, attentive care.


DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANY MEDICAL TESTING. my mother got her liver checked here last year, they told her she had a fatty liver. Last month she moved to Raleigh and found out she has stage 4 chirrosis of the liver. This is something they should have found in her initial testing, as she was most likely stage 3 by this time. Be it either negligence of doctors or faculty equipment, she is going to die from something that could have been treated if noticed earlier. I will soon be transferring to an out of town dr and will NEVER go here again no matter the circumstance.

Matthew Volpe

Waited an hour and a half...empty waiting room when arrived, 2 people admitted ahead of me. Then she tells me it will be another your own life go somewhere else for an emergency

Emmy Messer

My Mother-in-law was recently a patient in ICU for seven days. I am writing this review, because the experience we had with the nursing staff was excellent. I first wanted to start by saying Lauren and Danyell both deserve a pay raise. Lauren was probably the most patient person I've ever met. She is top of the line, and your team is lucky to have her. Danyell is a seasoned pro, very intelligent, kind and compassionate. The care these ladies and the other nurses gave our family was impeccable; we appreciate all that you guys did. I also delivered both of my babies on the same floor, my first was born in 2008. Both experiences were flawless, I give most of the credit to God (He knew I was a chicken) and the rest to Sally and the HRMC staff. Thanks for always pulling through for our family, your hard work and loyalty does not go unnoticed.

Brittany Kerr

Tamyr Milagros Mendez-Whipple

I don’t live in the area, but had an emergency and ended up here. I walked into the ER and within seconds I was triaged, and taken care of within minutes. The treatment there was fantastic, fast and efficient! I was admitted and even though i wasn’t happy about the size of the room (kind of claustrophobic), but the staff in general was really good. Have to give proper mention to these awesome nurses: Marissa (so caring and fun), MaryAnn (she is the boss!), Jennifer (only had her for a few hours but she was super honest and nice), James (the night time gentlemen that was so caring and understanding). I guess the only room for improvement that I can find is the food, there wasn’t a lot of variety, it was all country meals and mainly bland (even though I was in a regular diet). Maybe if they add some pasta or international options? I can only eat potatoes for so long. Other than that it was a good experience for being hospitalized.

Chris Deaver

Very caring. Efficeint and clean.

Carol Wingate


Great ER experience during busy holiday and flu season. Everyone from the receptionist to our nurse Katie M. and Dr. Trowbridge could not have been more attentive and helpful with my husband's facial lacerations from a freak accident all the while attending to a packed and needy waiting room the day after Christmas. Our first experience with the hospital was excellent.

Savannah Masters

I went into Haywood Regional and wasn’t taken seriously at all. The nurse joked and said “it must not be that serious if my doctor couldn’t see me that day” and laughed as he walked out of the room. The nurse who took my vitals referred to me as a little girl the whole time. When they told me I was having a miscarriage the male nurse still joked and acted as if it was all still fine and was very rude. They were dismissive and treated me like a child the whole time.

Courtney Schley

Care wasn't great and the billing department is worse. I've been dealing with them for 10 months now and they STILL haven't fixed my bills. First they sent one of my bills to a collection agency within a week of me receiving the bill. Then they set me up for a payment plan for bills I hadn't received yet and didn't approve to have a payment plan set up for. I keep calling and they tell me they've fixed things, but then I get the same mail telling me that nothing on my account has changed. Supposedly my account is sent to managers to be fixed but months later I'm having the same problems and no one calls me back. Update: Got ANOTHER letter from a collection agency about a bill dated 9/2017 that I NEVER received any notices of, and spoke with representatives a year ago about and was told that I had no outstanding bills after the last fiasco. DO NOT GO HERE OR ELSE THEY WILL RUIN YOUR CREDIT SCORE BY NOT BILLING YOU PROPERLY.

F Avers

They have a licensed practical nurse on staff named Lisa Welch Nilles who is against vaccines and is posting on an anti-vaccine nurse group. A healthcare professional with these views has no business working directly with patients. I hope they will fire her.

Patsy Trantham

This hospital is wonderful. I have always used Mission Health but due to an emergency illness, knowing I would have to sit at Mission for hours i went here. I can’t believe how quickly they saw me and literally saved my life. I was much sicker than I thought and ended up there for 5 days. Everyone from the housekeeping staff to the doctors were wonderful to me. I received excellent care. No ignoring the call bell till u per on yourself like my poor mother went through at Mission. This hospital has changed so much. A nursing supervisor came in each day to check on how I was being treated. I will never go back to Mission again for an ER visit!!!

Rod Harkleroad

Josh Bartolovich

For being an out of state visitor I would like to share this information with all of you. And I am an employee of an emergency room myself as a patient care technical assistant. From when you walk in the door, the security staff was very kind and polite .They truly seemed very caring. The EMT at triage was very nice as well. Especially sharing war stories. Then I was taken back to my room and handed my past medical history lost as well as all my medications and allergies. She was very friendly and very caring. My nurse was very friendly and informative as to what she was going to do. The doctor that saw myself was very friendly and caring as well as understanding of my current medical situation. Before he left the room he explained in great detail what type of testing and treatment was going to be done. The nurse came back in to get my blood and to hang my medicine bags. She came in every half hour to check in on me .(Which is a practice that happenes rarely.) Upon my discharge the doctor came in and explained what type of home care I need to do as well as medications. The nurse came in with .t discharge papers and my script. She, again, was very informative as to what I needed to do and what I needed to look for when I got home. Upon exiting the facility the security guard was very friendly and we shook hands as I thanked him. All in all I would say that this was an amazing experience and would recommend this place to all visitors.

Max Gard

cendy botello

Long waits

Tonya Anderson

Linda Sluder

As good as it gets except for the time spent waiting.



Google should come up with a negative star system just for places like Haywood Regional and it’s urgent care centers. Got turned in to a collection agency for not paying my copay at urgent care 4 months ago for a very long wait for the doctor just to roll her eyes and tell me she doesn’t know what’s wrong. Most recently I had an out patient surgery when I checked in I was given a statement of the soon to be bill that was $4300. After I was discharged I was informed that the bill is just over $11,000. I even used less equipment and time than was scheduled!

max domalavage


Angela Stacy

Floors are so gross! Seen blood on handrail in waiting room! You would think housekeeping would do a better job than what is being done now. Just seen a post on facebook as well. Along with dirty needle caps and blood spots on the floor. Housekeeping needs to pick it up!

joshua barba

Absolutely horrible sat for an hour and a half in the waiting room got here at 10:30 didn't get taken back till midnight possible diabetic ketoacidosis which can kill somebody within an hour and a half thank you Haywood Regional Medical Center.

Thomas Tucker

Courtney Fisher

Brian R

Ravonda Killian

Anal Palmer

Cedric Green

I was born in this hospital and have came here when sick since a kid and still do only cause it's the closest to the house but never if I can help it come back to this hospital again some of the nursing staff suck and will let you die I won't let them work on my dog if I had one


I have a chronic disease and have to be admitted to the hospital quite often. Most of the time the Er and nursing staff are very kind and helpful but the problem lies in the contracted drs. Some of them are very knowledgeable but some are completely ignorant and you are stuck with who you get or so I was told. my main complaint about the hospital as a whole is that no one except a few surgeons know anything at all about ostomies and will never contact my gi Dr or surgeon Regardless of how many times I ask them to and when I contact them myself they can never get anyone to respond back from hrmc.

Jennifer Smith

My mom was taken here from the Cherokee hospital because sylva turned her down from being admitted back in Febuary. (Thank goodness) and the staff here have been beyond supportive and caring. She stayed there for roughly 5 days and was sent home and to return today for surgery. The doctor would repeatedly call me throughout her procedure offering comfort, support, and informing me of her progress. I am so thankful for the medical staff here! The nurse Vanessa was phenomenal!! She made my mom feel cared about and made a lasting impression to not only her but me. Always smiled and entered the room with positivity! Thank you!

monique crook

Ricky Bobby

When you are driving to Mission to see real doctors there is a billboard on the way to Asheville that begs you to turn around and go to the hospital you just drove past. Ignore the billboard and continue on to Mission.

Grace Yearick

Christina Morrison

Staff was caring, inforative, efficient, knowledgeable. I was there about 4 hours, including exam, diagnosis, xray and discharge instructions. I have been treated in the ER before and have always had good experiences.

Donna Silvers

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