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REVIEWS OF FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital IN North Carolina

Suz B

Cannot say anything good about this experience. My husband was admitted for outpatient surgery. He had a class 10 migraine, and was left in his room for 3 hours before being taken in for surgery. I was checking constantly with the nurse, and was told they were working on it. They gave him nothing to help with his migraine until 5 mins before taking him in for surgery. Completely frustrating and totally negligent in patient care. He should never have had to suffer like this in a hospital. I thought Moore Regional would be a better hospital to go to, but my opinion has changed about that.

Kayla Rodriguez

George R. Sutton

Excellent compassionate professional staff. Fast and efficient care. Thank you Moore regional for taking such good care of me in times of such great need.

Hugh Mungus

Very Long wait but it was worth it great staff great service

Kathleen Barry

With many bad experiences by others posted here, at this time I'm not sharing what happened to my mother recently. However, I will say to those with issues, Google isn't the answer. Instead: To file a complaint about conditions at a hospital (like rooms being too hot or cold, cold food, or poor housekeeping) contact your State department of health services. To file a complaint about your doctor (like unprofessional conduct, incompetent practice, or licensing questions), contact your State medical board.

Felicia Warriax

Very great hospital, great staff and intelligent Doctors!


Went in because of a food allergy and was wheezing for about 2 hours until the Benadryl that brought kicked in as still had not been seen in the ER so I left. They would not give me any type of steroid shot to stop the reaction unless I came in on an ambulance or passed out.

Ryan Starnes

This place is a joke. The staff has no bed side manners. The wait time is absolutely ridiculous.


Used to be the only hopital to go to... would drive an hour from home for the service. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE. Personally, I was admitted for what they wanted to be a 5 day stay with NO explanation of what was wrong with me or treatment of my pain. I was not even admitted until 10+ hours of sitting in the ER.... the doctor had FORGOT to request a room for me!! I signed out AMA after one night and went to another hospital who told me within an hour that I had several kidney stones and prescribed me pain medicine to take home. (Which is all that can be done for stones! Why would I lay around in a hospital to pass them?!) The next month, my Grandfather (who is in his 90’s) had a bad fall. He was taken to Moore. The staff preformed and X-RAY and examined his head and told him he had a bad bump on his head, but nothing serious. He was sent home in pain. He was bed ridden for a week, could not stand or move and nothing was getting better. An ambulance took him to Scotland Memorial at this time. After a CAT scan he was informed he had a broken back, a UTI, and was severely dehydrated. He was sent to a trama center in Charlotte immediately for surgery on his back in which a rod and screws had to be placed. HOW DO YOU MISS A BROKEN BACK?! HOW DO YOU SEND A 92 YEAR OLD MAN HOME WITHOUT HELPING HIS PAIN OR AT LEAST GIVING HIM AN IV FOR HIS DEHYRDATION?! He could have been paralyzed on the ride to the hospital or home...or even during the week he was bedridden and moved around by his family to help feed him and clean him! AT ALL COSTS...take yourself and your loved ones elsewhere!

Trent S

Took my brother there with a broken leg and had to wait for 10 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allie Gee

First Health is fabulous.......most of the time. Unfortunately, when folks like tonight's ER Triage Nurse behave in such an obnoxious and unprofessional manner, it reflects on ALL of the good folks who do a terrific job. I feel certain that First Health of Pinehurst is capable of employing those who ARE professionals and actually have a genuine desire to assist sick people who enter the ER seeking medical attention. The ER Triage Nurse who made it perfectly clear that we were nothing more than an inconvenience and bother to her. Simply pathetic and tremendously disappointing to be treated in this manner at my local hospital.

Malcom Blue

My Dad Is In Trauma Unit And They Are Very Good To My Dad And Very Polite

Bambi Simpkins

I couldn't have asked for better care for my fiancee. Everyone was fast prompt and answered any and all questions we had. They have some of the best bedside manner I have ever seen.

Adam Mann

This place is a joke. I waited for 5 hours for ultrasound to scan my leg while I was in the ER. Every time I asked they said I was next in line. This was in the early hours of the morning, my guess is ultrasound was on an extended break or just was hanging out. I refuse to believe there were so many emergency ultrasounds that morning to warrant such a horrendous wait. Next time I most definitelyrics will head on post, I don't believe the wait could get much worse.

James Dyer

This younger generation don't take nothing serious, I don't care what profession there in, and add that formula with a night shift and......need I say Moore? Older nurses up through the wee hours of the morning working, younger girls sitting back grinning and laughing Facebooking on the COMPANY computer's!(seen it with my 3 eyes)Slow down on the hiring of these tight scrub contest wearing , easy on the eyes, unprofessional, rude, just in it for the check, disrespectful, sorry nurses! That alone brings your 1star rating up which seems to be 1of the problems! Let me say it's not the younge cool Iones but it's damn sure the better half!

Laura Gallo

Hospital is great!! The ER with the "hospitalists " is a whole different ballgame!!! Horrible ER!!!


The labor and delivery is great. Everything is nice, the rooms, food, staff, all of it. Except the bathrooms. The shower and tub combo are very outdated and nasty. There's mold and dirt in the grout. It's so disgusting.

Dyanne Locklear

Mckenzie Mclean

Went to the hospital with chest pain and numbness in arms and had to wait for 4 and a half hours just to be seen.

Lindsay Scott

Had both of my children here with great care.

Daniel Merida

g g g g git g-unit

George Morrison

John Downing

I went to the bariatrics center to speak to a doctor, and at no time did they explain anything. The healthcare industry is ripoff. I have never seen people here be so unprofessional and never call you back. After 3 weeks they tell me they not taking new clients but I just referred a customer their and they helped her. But she is white and I am black. Sad I will not refer anyone here and the girl stopped going.

Clark Miller

Penny Green

Christie Shook

This place runs like a fine Swiss watch. Truly a team of caring individuals passionately working to heal. And the food is restaurant quality, ordered and served like room service in a hotel. I enjoyed my stay here!

Rachel Richardson

Dr Margaret Sanders

Accurate prompt care and service including treatment Knowledgeable

Ricky Loflin

Mckinley W

Idiots leaving bad ratings because they had to wait really long even though thats what it would be like at any hospital.

Mariana Garcia

Will Batton

Was having trouble breathing left me in a room for hours without seeing the doctor. Had 2 different nurses say they was going to look at my X-rays and never returned. They are slow so if anything life threading happens I would recommend going to another hospital


I can't give this hospital a review score. My mother came in for possible pneumonia. A day before she was to be released, she fell and sustain an injury behind her ear, that required suturing, which due to the lack of staff monitoring her oxygen levels, she was intubated for 3 days, transferred to The Reid Heart center, where days later after she awoke from the coma, had obtained a blood clot in her arm, which was not diagnosis until I brought it to the staffs attention. My uncle also died in this hospital 3 years prior. I was not able to post this review until i entered a rating. Please note, the rating i would give is a negative.

paula spencer

One word.. AWFUL

Geona Brander


Kimberly Martinez

The people First Health has working in patient accounts are not friendly. They speak rudely and without compassion. I have dealt with 2 now and received the same impression of both. Bad enough if you're dealing with what you owe, but to deal with rude people on top of that is too much. I do not plan to ever use this hospital again, and it WAS once the only hospital I would go to. Have had surgeries there and given birth in this hospital. Obviously, new people have changed my opinion. And, NO, its not just because I have a bill there. I work with the public every day in my job & I know how to treat people.

lily shannon

Kim Thomas

Wow! My closest hospital is Greenville, SC and we had to use this hospital when my mother in law became ill, while visiting the Pinehurst area. I am so impressed with the efficiency here. The entire staff worked like a well oiled machine...everyone did their job well. I realize that this can’t happen every time for everyone, but you can tell that the staff knows their job and takes pride in taking care of YOU. They all try hard. Thank you to everyone. I appreciate your awesome service. I know your job is not easy.

Karen Pauldo

Lucy Nash

This place is a

T. S.

Extraordinary staff, very polite and professional. I was admitted for over two weeks, and could not have asked for better nurses, doctors and surgeons during my stay. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Laurence Parks

Tried to detox with a friend on in th verge of losing his life. And they sent us home and told us we can't receive treatment . They use to be my favorite hospital. This drmazari could care less

catherine reid

Jariel Manueles

I was in emergency room with my sister she was really bad and they keep us waiting more than 3 hours and it was at night when there were obviously not to many people and they keep telling us there were no room available. What a bad service I wish there were a negative star to give them

Ivy Edan

Sorry I disagree with bad review. I have been in Moore regional icu and they saved my life. Treated me with dignity.

karma gang

The wait is long and the staff are loud and patients can be disrespectful we took my grandma and waited for 8 hours and it was Sunday on mother’s day SMDH and patients are racist she (grandma) was throwing up in a bag and the women got up and asked the lady could she move to to the other eating room were the other people were so BLACK PEOPLE WATCH OUT AND #STAYWOKE

Kat Davies

Only giving this one star because zero is not an option. The staff is so rude and unhelpful. I understand the long waits, but you’d think the service would at least be worth the wait. They’re so rude and unprofessional it’s not even funny.

Karen Roche

I chose to go to the emergency room at Moore Regional as they are in my healthcare network. Unknowing (and no choice given), the physician assigned to my care was OUT OF NETWORK so now I have a substantial bill due as a result. IF a hospital is "in network" one would assume that any/ALL services providers under the roof of the hospital would be also. In my opinion, this is unprofessional and unethical. I have called to voice my opinion and so far 3 out of 3 brushed me off and sent me to another person (who has yet to call me back).

Jennifer Houghton

Penguins Forevar

The folks in the ER and L&D are amazing. They always have our best interests and take care of their patients.

Anthony Sloan

This place sucks, you go to the emergency room for emergencies and will be there for hours for no reason, they're slow, ignorant and all around need to be fired. I mean why does it take so long to be seen? And they will lie and say it takes zo long because they don't have any rooms but in reality there just lazy and slow smh please avoid this hospital if you can.

Amanda Farnsworth

kevin francois

Dane Deon

Jay Jay

Sandie Beddard

The worse experience I have ever had. I was in the midst of passing a horrible Kidney Stone 4 days ago. I was left in a hallway for almost an hour, just to be left in a room for almost another hour. I was in unbearable pain and vomiting. Thank goodness I had the throw up bag from the ambulance, for nobody came in the room and I am sure someone could hear the uncontrollable nausea due to all of the pain. I had a nurses aide come in the room and tell me to get control of myself and to sit up correct on the bed.....I was on my knees in a fetal position was the only possible position for any relief since I had still not been given anything for pain. I watched several techs and nurses just on their cell phones. No cares in the world about the extreme pain someone was having. I guess they were all dull to patient needs or concerns. The doctor that finally came in was very nice and seemed sympathetic, but the two nurses that would repeatedly administer pain meds being ordered and given, did not put on gloves. I guess because the IV needle was already in, they did not find that necessary. I got the feeling that some of these people involved thought I was searching for drugs instead of relief from a medical condition. I had explained that I already knew I had a kidney stone brewing and had pain meds with me that I had tried to take, but had waited too late and the pain got ahead of me. I was out of town and alone at this hospital for almost 5 hours before my husband was notified and was able to get through to see what was going on and then make the drive to be with me. He tried several times of calling, but could not get through or someone to give status to my condition. At the end, a very nice male doctor came in.....I am assuming was an Urologist and also a very nice male nurse. I work with patients everyday for I am in the dental field and have seen patients that were in pain, afraid or just needed someone to care. I could have never acted so uncompassionate about another human being. I can assure you, I wouldn’t have a job if I had. I was in a hospital alone and in unbearable pain over something I had no control over. It is worse than child birth and that would be without an epidural. I hope none of the people involved with my experience ever have a Kidney Stone and if they do, I hope they are not left to just be patient with the pain, alone and have someone to tell them to get control of yourself and sit up straight in a bed. Now I will be left with the exorbitant bill for this experience. I have had one other Kidney Stone that put me in the ER two times and both visits at my local hospital were efficient, compassionate, and successful in patient care.

Nicole Barnhouse

Screwed up my bills and couldn't coordinate with the insurance company. After 5 months of double checking on my bill I thought the ordeal was over. First health never sent me a bill for the remaining balance, instead they turned over my account to collections.

Amanda H

As a whole, the hospital is okay. As for the ER, alone, it's horrible! I brought my mother in for chest pain/chest tightness, and had to wait in the lobby for over an hour and a half. Normally, I wouldn't complain about that wait time because I've worked in an ER for years... I know... It CAN get pretty crazy. However, not when it comes to people with chest pain. Those patients always move to the top of the list! I'm very disappointed in the courtesy aspect as well. The triage nurse didn't even give time to answer the questions that she was asking. Very rude and impersonable. A lady came in behind my mother with chest pain, and they took her straight back. Yet another "who you know" and "how much money you have" hospital! I'd rather drive an hour and go to Womack on Fort Bragg!

Ryan Harth

Took my daughter here at 2am after she had a seizure. Her temp was 104.9. They got us into a room immediately and triaged her providing a constant explanation of what was going on. The nurses and doctors were wonderful. Highly recommend.

Lisa A Leach

Great staff...but the beds after surgery are awful.

Amber Collier

I can only speak of good things regarding this hospital. ER wait times vary on days due to emergencies at the time. My wait was less than 5 minutes that particular day. They genuinely care about their patients and will work with you financially. Highly recommend them!

Kate Merriam

They put the wrong gender on our daughters birth record, which requires the parent to go to court to get changed and then 2 to 6 months for the Moore county Office of Deeds to correct for her birth certificate to be fixed. Which jeopardizes her health insurance. The hospital has you review this information right after labor and delivering your baby when you are extremely sleep deprived, thus alleviating them of any reaponsibility to fix their error. Nightmare. On a brighter note, our labor experience was excellent.

Netashia Shields

Worse experience I've ever had in labor and deliver. Terrible bedside manner . Not enough room or equipment for patients. Save your time and self and go to a hospital capable of accommodating patients. Or you'll regret it. Nurses act like they have an attitude because they have to due there job. Only 6 rooms to accommodate and they fill up so you'll be stuck in a broom size closet where you cant get any medication wish I could give negative star.

Lobster Telephone

I love following the robots!

Jill Philpot

We took my mother in law here a few years ago, after she had a horrible experience with Cape Fear Hospital. This hospital is awesome! The doctors and nurses were awesome! They helped my mother in law and we believe saved her life. She was retaining over 50 Ibls of water weight and dependent on oxygen. They got the water off of her and she was able to breath on her own when she left. They found other issues other hospitals missed. We are so grateful we took her here when we did.

Lizbeth Castaneda

Stephanie Stewart

My mother has been in this hospital on a number of occasions. Each time I felt as if the staff was learning from us, as well as we are from them, which is a good thing. The doctors and nurses were very attentive mainly because we pushed so hard, they were understanding. This is our fourth time here and the staff today is unbelievable! Dr. Salvador has not come to talk with my mother about his decisions concerning her body. I am very upset!!!

Glo Snipes

I have been in the er for 4 hours the person behind the desk was rude I having medical issues they don't care if you are waiting never again I will come here the er sucks

michael chavis

The wait was long but very very good service

Jennifer Shingleton

Poor ER doctor-my mom seen one of the ER doctors and had bad bed side manners and would not run any test hardly to check her porta cath on the side of the neck is swollen to high heaven- she has cancer and how does these drs get away with treating someone like they are nothing....disgusts me!! Pathiatic!!

cierra daniel

I am highly pissed off!➡Dr.Matt and one of the other times she went another doctor with long hair and he was young looking with a stubble beard ⬅ They were my Moms doctor one of the times when she went to the emergency room. I will not be going back. I was hoping i wouldnt have to do this, i was hoping it was just the young looking man that was ignorant and unkind. There is no bad days, you cant take your personal problems to work especially being a doctor but my Mom goes all the time because she is in pain throwing up almost everyday and the only time she goes is when it is completely unbarable. I sit and listen to my Mom in pain throwing up. As many times as we go still looking for a answer, my mom is in pain and the medicien they gave her wasnt helping at all and she lets them know and they accuse her of being a addict, my mom is not a pill head or a druggy in which they accused her of being. Although she did go to sandford and they were amazing. I've told people about this experience and they've told me about Moore Regional Hospital. Also after telling someone nothing was wrong and they passed from a blood clot the next time they came in, which was not much longer after

andy ponto

Worst ER imaginable.

Carolyn Monroe

Nick Ussery, SPT

Excellent healthcare community with opportunities for everyone at different steps of their careers.

Tina Bounphengsy

Surgical staff and the assistant nurses were very welcoming (Dr. Walker and his staff)! The hospital always does good but, today I am very disappointed. My father is getting back surgery done on his damaged sciatic disk. After hours of waiting my father was finally taken back. We were shown to the surgerical waiting room where we were told we had a "quit room" reserved for us because of how long the surgical procedure was going to take. We were relieved knowing that, since we were up since 5 am and the surgery didn't start til noon. We were shown to our quiet room and were told that if we needed to go out, that our belongings would be safe in the room since the volunteer had the keys. I responded with that's great we're actually going to go get lunch and the volunteer said ok. So we left. The surgery was estimated to be over 5 hours long so ofcourse after eating lunch we (my mother and I) went to the store to buy a phone charger because my phone was dying and a travel blanket (so we could relax in the room). After returning, I asked if they could let us back in the room (since they have the key) and they looked at me crazy and told me they gave up the room to another family. I was shocked that they did not even notify us especially with our belongings in the room! His response after telling him that? "That was hours ago!" So I asked if I could atleast have our belongings and they told me that we didnt leave any (which we clearly did). I am beyond disappointed with the volunteer and staff at the surgical waiting area. Not only did they not notify us before giving up our room but, they also didn't care to make sure if we left anything in there. I'm glad nothing valuable was stolen. They didn't even offer us another quiet room for giving ours away. I just want to know how they told us it was RESERVED for our family and that our belongings were SAFE, when neither statements were true.

Lonnie Hinson

Really a great place to be. I was very pleased with all the staff EXCEPT the hospital doctor. My surgeon spoke to me about 3 times in the 10 days I was there. I had double surgery and enjoyed cutting up with the nurses. I was not allowed to lay in pain. The food was like a 5 star hotel. They called and asked what you wanted off the menu. I was not able to eat for 7 or 8 days but it looked great.

Abigail Sheppard

Brittany Walsh

Staff is always nice and friendly!

Megan Jones

This is for HOKE CAMPUS~ I just recently took my daughter there around 3am on a Sunday. There was only one other person waiting along with my daughter to be seen. I had to ask for some assistance after an hr and a half since I heard some of the staff laughing and having a good ol'time in the back. I was concerned that my daughter was having an allergic reaction since half of her face was swollen and neck was very stiff. They assisted us into a room after me persistently asking for help. Then the doctor preceded to ask me why I would think it was an allergic reaction when it could be just a sore throat. So, she barely examined my 5 year old daughter and said Motrin would do the trick!!! Needless to say she was 100% WRONG! Took her to her doctor's office that following day and found out she had some type of virus that was attacking her lymph nodes located right under her jaw line!!! Now she is on antibiotics and a steroid. No thanks to the ER! She had to suffer a whole day without sleeping, in pain and confused on what was going on with her!

Marie Evans

I had a miscarriage on Dec 7th & was given meds to help pass it, January 2nd I came in because I was still bleeding horribly & I told them I feel like my miscarriage was incomplete & I felt like they should’ve done a ultrasound.. they did bloodwork & tested me for stds that later all came out negative, they also seen my hemoglobin levels were relatively low at that point & didn’t even tell me. Fast forward to January 18th, I almost pass out at work so I go back to the ER... they tell me they think I might have diabetes. They come in to draw my blood so I ask what all the bloodwork was testing for, the man acted like he couldn’t answer my question & runs back to the doctor & says I declined bloodwork & then they discharged me

Nunyah Biznaz

My son was to be admitted in the ER because of emergency and safety precaution issues due to his diagnosis. I left just a second to feed my baby, and my son had about a million tubes of blood drawn; when I entered the room the nurses scattered like roaches when you turn the lights on, and never once told me or got my consent to do this! When I asked why they did this, they said, "It is protocol" NEVER ONCE DID I SEE THE DOCTOR, ALTHOUGH THEY SAID THAT SHE WAS THERE GIVING ORDERS, "DR. Sarah E. Haley-Wein, D.O." What the hell kind of "hospital" is this? Lawsuit in progress! RUN FAST!!!!!!!

Frederick Morrison

doctors are horrible

Jana Yancey

Eli O

Allen Walkinonsunshine Cundiff

Sylvia Porter

I was there at the hospital with my Mama from 4:00 PM until 12:00am and asked why haven't y'all saw my mama yet...well come to find out there wasn't even a doctor there because the doctor was to busy playing golf ...and all those patients there at the hospital one woman was pregnant and set there from 3:00pm until 11:00 PM ...and then there was a woman and her boyfriend running around getting money from all the patients saying she was homeless and needed money for a hotel and food and needed a ride and she had a glass eye...she caught me in the back of the hall way where there was no one around and asked me for money I gave her $4.00...and came to find out the couple was convicts who was wanted in Georgia and the security guard finally gave them a free taxi back to jail to be transported... And also that was going on from 4:00 am and until 12:00 am ...they should have been escorted from after they were seen by a doctor... Wow...and the Army guy felt sorry for the couple gave them $50.00 and after he heard they were convict he said wish I had my $50.00 back...and he basically done it to get rid of the couple ...the couple was actually scary looking ppl ...and I was scared to even leave ...maybe knock you in the head at the parking lot...but glad they finally got a ride to the jail...that was one adventure at the hospital... And as for the doctors they need more doctor at the hospital if there gonna go out and golf while patients are sick at the hospital... And I know that pregnant woman was probably in premature labor and waited all that time...and then the heart patients just set there all that time as brother died because of waiting for a doctor at this hospital and he was in the hall when he had died...I think they need more doctor to see patients who really needs to be seen before they die in the hall way just to see a doctor it's ridiculous... One guy was spitting up blood ...more needs to be done for sure...and this was all at the emergency room...and one woman was on her last cemaster of cancer treatment and was setting there from 5:00 PM until after 12:00 am she was running a high fever and had to have a blanket and I thought she looked so pittiful you would have thought they would have called her back since she was a cancer patient and setting there...she could have died and her being a cancer survivor... What is wrong with Moore Regional Hospital these days...

Brittani McIntosh

Usually the ER wait is pretty looong, but your care and medical procedures are usually spot on and USUALLY ince called to the back they usually are able to speed things up. Hit and fet you on your way, they are always very friendly, as a matter of fact we are currently in for a week long stay on the pediatrics floor and eceryone has been super supportive informative friendly and quick to ask if we need/want anything, im especially grateful for my nurse the other day, kathy chin, you could tell she really was sincere about caring about you, your pain management, your wants and needs... and she even cared enough to try and talk to keep my mind somewhere else so i wasn't mentally freakin out!! so OTHER THAN THE WAIT TIME ( and thats not always horrible) moore regional is the BEST or at least in the top 3 emergency rooms/hospitals in this and/or any surrounding counties for miles, id drive a 2 hr drive outta my way hust to fo there bc of the nurses, doctors and staff! That is all for now! Ps I LOVE THE LABOR AN DELIVERY FLOOR EVERYONE IS NICE AND EAGER TO HELP, THEY WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM TI MAKE SURE UOURS AND BABIES NEEDS ARE MET AND THAT YOU ARE BOTH SAFE HEALTHY AND HAPPY!!! Would NEVER have any of my babies anywhere elae! Top notch moore regional KEEP IT UP

Tamara Puerto

Most insensitive doctors and staff


Officially. Blair


My wife and I were at this hospital Saturday night she was having stomach pains and was treated real nice that night the staff really took care of her ,but we had to return for the same problems Monday night ,and my wife was told by a nurse name ,Matt to kill herself if she want to because she was in pain ,and they kind on treated her like she was some kind of drug addict,it's such a shame that people think everyone is coming to the ER just for pain meds ,what is this world coming to !!!!


This damn hospital sucks ass!!!! Went to the ER with a broke leg and they gave me a damn knee brace! I dont know how they are trusted with peoples lives smfh.

Glenwood Blount

Jason Gwynn

Worst hospital I have ever been to. Never saw a nurse until I left, no call button in room, was not asked if I needed anything. Was bawling my eyes out in pain and was offered nothing. Also, they wouldn't do an MRI, which is what I needed done. I would not send my dog to this hospital!

Jonathan Shoffit

Have been sitting here with my daughter for almost 5 1/2 hrs in the ER. Apparently triage means nothing and it's first come first served. When your child is in pain to the point of crying you would expect a level of compassion that just doesn't exist here. All you hear is"We are waiting for a room to open up" . Train your staff and update your waiting patients so they know if it could be serious they can go elsewhere. If I had a limb hanging by a thread I now know I would drive myself to Womack or UNC.


Jessica Hernandez

The ER wait time is horrible. Took my 3 year old with a broken bone waited for 6 hours!!!!!! My sister went after a week of having given birth and waited for 5 hours!!!! Insensitive waiting times.

Nina Bostic

Sharon Hicks

.Terrible, there is not a low enough rating for this hospital. The nurses in the ER, Maternity and Behavior Health wards are rude, useless and do not care, they are there for a paycheck and do not deserve that. The head of nursing has lied, and gotten rude when I ask for help due to the abuse my family member received here. I witnessed the nurses in Behavior Health Ward, making fun of the patients while they sat and ate in their station, the maternity ward was just as bad when a family member went into labor and delivery. The ER is awful, when patients are to be monitored they have no idea where they are, they are as rude as the rest of the employee's here. I would not suggest this place for anyone. If you truly love a family member, make sure you stay with them and monitor what is being done by this staff at this hospital.


Lisa Lowry

Jeanne Rhea

I had a relative in Room 3810 September 23rd through 27th. The staff went above and beyond to care for the patient and Faith especially was very attentive and understanding. The housekeepers Karen and Grace kept everything neat and clean. All the staff was very good, but sorry, I cannot remember their names.

Hennessy Kv

Been here over six hours wasting my day in a ER

Santina Robinson

I have never felt so disrespted before whom ever the lady physician assistance who was on duty on 6/8/2019 7pm that came in to talk to me talked very hateful rude a plain disrespectful i got up and left out never ever wants to go back there i broke my tooth and she told me we are not a dentist do you have a cell phone her words was its a simple as goggling a dentist and going first off you don't talk to anyone like that and second you dont know a person or they situation on what i could be going through so i feel like she should have thought her career over before she became a physician assistance she will never get any patients and keep them with an attiude like she has so if i could have given the hospital a 0 i would have because she is only adding bad reviews to you all hospital

Kimberly Ratliff-Chapman

Outpatient staff in surgical waiting area are more attentive to the White families than all the other races in the waiting room. They are suppose to take the patient name you are waiting for but they didn't take any black families names until the doctor came in looking for the family of the patient. I overheard the staff say they was going to kick a black man out the quite room if another family wanted the room. The staff was talking about patients with people in the waiting room in a disrespectful way. Just ridiculous. I never seen nothing like it.

Jeff Lynch

I was visiting my brother and I was in severe pain and I was also vomiting due to I have chronic pancreatitis once I got in the back the doctor came in with an attitude right away he came with the nurse how the doctor was talk to me and treating me the nurse was even looking at them weird I want to Dr. left she apologized I got so mad on how I got treated and talk to you by this doctor I signed out AMAPatient rep call me from another problem saying please come back if you ever hear I gave them a second chance and I get treated with the most unprofessional.

Katharine R O'Hara

My visit to the ER was beyond frustrating and the wait time was absolutely uncalled for. I waited for 5 hours before realizing that it was almost 4am and I could now get in to see my family doctor in a matter of 4 hours. There were a descent amount of people in the waiting room, however, not enough to justify that long of a wait. There were people still waiting at 4am who had gotten to the ER at 6pm. The staff were pleasant enough, but could not give an estimate on how much longer. I ended up leaving after not even getting seen. If you can avoid going to the place, I say don't go and avoid frustration.

matthew deffenbaugh

Friendly staff, not sure if they know what they are doing though...had x-rays of shoulder, chest area and somehow they missed my collar bone that was completely broken in two although that was the main complaint i had and there was obvious swelling in that area. Doctor filled out paperwork wrong staying injuries were to right side when everything was clearly on my left!! Extremely displeased and would recommend driving out of your way to fo to ANY other hospital!

Wanda Sinclair

I would like to say I was visiting my best friend in room 3712 Reid Heart Center on August 23, 2019 and had the pleasure of meeting a very nice housekeeper name Aatianna. She was one of the nicest young lady and also very clean. She went above the call of duty to make sure my friend was comfortable and was very polite.

Claudia Barley

My husband fell and I fell trying to help him up. He had a vertebrae fracture and I broke my humerus in 4 places. We were in the er for HOURS. Xrays, scans, labs, and doctors. We both had to be admitted and we still waited for hours. WHY? Because they had a room, that was not ready. It was an older, semi private room. I was very upset and the er staff felt it best to keep me with my husband. We could both stay in that room together. Everyone was so busy, but we were always treated with respect and gentleness.


for patients with copd i reccomend this hospital. they take really good care of their patients. i would give 5 stars but the emergency room wait time can be outrageous at times.

Sueann Graham

Checked in right away and the receptionist was friendly. BUT, we found out, incompetent. She registered me and my son and said the lab work would be in network. After we waited 30 minutes to be called and after I asked how I would be notified of the labs, the receptionist looked up the info and said it was out of network. Someone tell me if there is a way I can CHARGE HER for the extra costs!!!! Nice but incompetent is not worth it.

Josh H.

Lacy Rayven McLain

I was hospitalized for two days. I still feel like I left with no answers. I feel like the doctors did not listen to me. The bed was very uncomfortable. I will say I had amazing nurses and I love how they had the room service menus.

Jim Gaspari

This hospital is a joke. I have been here several times in the last year. Once because we thought my 5yo son had a concussion and after 2 hour they still did not see him, so we took our chances at home. The behavior health system here is also a joke as well.

natural light


Let me start this by saying this was not the first hospital we took our child to. We started out a CCH in Sanford but after 20 min of my 5 yr old daughter screaming from 3rd degree burns on her hands and NO ONE would do anything to help her (they will be reviewed later) we left and drove the 26 miles to Moore Hospital. It literally took 4 minutes for her to check in, be pt in a room, 3 nurses and the Dr were in there to see what was wrong and had her calmed down and ready for a trip to UNC's burn center. I could not have been happier with the treatment that she received while she was there. I don't know how to thank you enough for what you have done! I will NEVER go to CCH in Sanford again now that I have moved back to the area and see how well Moore Hospital treated my child. Thank you again for a job well done!

Jeanne Gallagher

go there at your peril the drive North to bigger better hospitals are worth your life

russell ingram


Just gave birth here @ 1st Health Moore Regional Hospital. It has, BY FAR, ABOVE & BEYOND, been THE BEST birthing experience, (out of x4), that I have had ANYWHERE. A HUGE THANKS of gratitude to the WONDERFUL doctors & nurses, as well as ALL the rest of the staff here! THIS is THE example all hospitals in our nation should be following! Its been excellent, and my standards are high & I'm not known as easy to please... AWESOME JOB EVERYONE! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Davien Taylor

Bad service and bad staff. Went to the er with severe abdominal pain waited for hours in the waiting room and once I got in the room i called for my nurse but they didn't come and I got misdiagnosed they said it was nothing so I went to UNC and I had to be rushed into surgery for appendicitis would not recommend this hospital to anyone

Jackie Crawley

I was told I could either stay in pain or die cus they won’t discharge me with my antibiotics and they won’t treat me for my pain while I’m here .

Sheri Merrill

Nicole Droz

We had to take our daughter in and everyone was so helpful and incredibly friendly. Our doctor and nurses were amazing.

laura gallo

What a joke!! Where do they find the ER doctors or what even you want to call them!!! What an embarrassment to our community!!

Cj Channel

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