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REVIEWS OF Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital IN North Carolina

larkin creek

considering the location and the area the hospital should consider expanding and being rated as a level3 trauma center do to its location the northeast ga area and west nc and east tn could benefit from that greatly

Eric Wilson

I just moved to this town last week, and was unable to find a nearby dr to continue my wife's medical treatment. We had to go to the ER and it was total madness. The parking lot and waiting room was crawling with meth addled zombies, I had to define SSRI to the medical staff since they didn't understand, the foreign dr who I could barely understand yelled at my wife in the midst of an anxiety attack accusing her of just being there for narcotics, and I had to explain what the medication was since he was convinced that it was codine.... If you want competent medical care avoid this place like the plague. I miss civilization......

Jennifer Wood

I wish I could add 10 stars. I cannot say enough about this hospital. Coming from a large city and suddenly finding yourself on vacation in a small town with a small hospital a certain fear sets in about how equipped the hospital will be to handle your emergency. My father fell and fractured his hip. He needed immediate surgery and rehab. This hospital was fully equipped to handle Dad’s surgery and recovery. So for orthopaedic emergencies it was the place to be. The hospital was so clean, the doctors and staff were amazing. Such a wonderful surprise to find such a great hospital during a very stressful time. The town of Murphy should be proud.

Lori Bourscheid

Absolutely received top notch care during my recent hospitalization.

Christian Love

Murphy Medical Center is located on ALT HWY 64, right down the road from Christian Love Ministries. We are so grateful to have this organization in our community, Over the years, Murphy Medical Center has played a vital role in the lives of the men and woman that we purpose to serve. They have partnered with us in helping a countless number of people caught in the bondage of addiction. We are glad to be neighbors:)

Racheal Woody

I love this hospital for the people who work in it. I was a housekeeper before I had an accident that put me out of work since the end of Feb this year. I could not be more excited to come back to work and work with the amazing staff. You all have made my heart swell with joy with all the love and support. I think everyone needs a raise!! I love you guys very much and cannot be more thankful to come back.

IanC Gomez

Great service And Great staff

Alyse Wolfard

I've been to Murphy Medical Center several times, and without exception I've received excellent care. Everyone I've encountered there, from the ER to the Drs, nurses, CNAs, even the cleaning and cafeteria staff, was professional, friendly, caring and went the extra mile for me and my family.

Sabrina Chambliss

I was extremely disappointed. For a so called hospital you would expect much better care. Absolutely NO bedside manner from doctor on duty. Nurses were helpful and accommodating thank goodness with exception of one. Red hair...wish I would have got her name....walks in with 2 blood collection vials. She tried to get a vein but couldn't so she just said oh well can't get any blood from you and walked out . No one else came in to try it again. After seeing the paperwork from what they did do which was not much. I'm concerned in a real emergency they could not handle it. After over 4 hours of waiting (probably for the test results from the blood that was never taken) doctor walks in and basically said ..well we can't help you here's the weekend and if you want relief from your breathing situation then you need to have your doctor find somewhere that can help you. Little did he know that we know what needs to be done. He never mentioned his Afib, high BP, bpm, congestive heart failure.I am convinced he just didn't want to be bothered. His BP had been spiking, afib going crazy and they hooked up BP cuff once! After that reading they did not check anymore. Sad and I have asked that he NEVER be taken back there again. The nurses where is are taking better care of him than this doctor did. You guys need to get it together and stop gossiping so much and check on your patients. One more thing one of the male nurses tells me after he asked how he could help me to just wait until he gets finished with his paperwork...well don't ask how you can help if you can't. Medically I question their abilities as a hospital. Maybe I'm wrong but I doubt it.

Tamara Emerick

Marilyn Moats

Luca Payne

They denied my mom care

Mike Taylor

Very poor service unprofessional negligence towards patients staff an doctors was very rude disrespectful wouldn’t recommend this hospital to anyone

Craig Grove

I would never normally write a review in relation to a medical facility, but I am floored by what has occurred here. Yes, their treatment was exceptional. To most, that is most important. For us it was too, but there appears to be too much concern for their reported statistics...their reputation of excellence if you will. We recently had a very close, loved one in their care. They were coming along well, and she was healing from the flu, pneumonia and fluid in the lungs. She was a mess when she went in, but just as she was getting better, they transferred her to Chattanooga, which was at full capacity and was a waiting list to even get in. Sound like a cesspool? Well it was. They sent her to Chattanooga to see a pulmonologist. After being transferred into Chattanooga, she was put in 'general population', sharing an open area with roughly twenty other folks. Feels like a war zone, but the flu this year was not a nice one. I get it. Her condition immediately started deteriorating. Chattanooga is quite a ways from Murphy and did not make supporting her easy by any means. We begged to get her back to Erangler Western Carolina Hospital where she was transferred from, but were told they don't keep patients over a few days. Well, as it goes and unfortunate as it is, we've been called urgently to come to Chattanooga because she is now so terribly sick that there is concern she'll not make it. Many conclusions can be drawn here, and all the facts are not revealed, but less than two weeks ago, she was about 70% back to health. Today, she is still here, but from what is in my perspective a poor decision may not allow her to be here tomorrow. She may be a statistic to statistics. Truly and utterly disappointed by Erangler for knowingly sending her into a cesspool of infection knowing her condition. Again, this doesn't take away for the quality of excellence they provided while she was there. For those of you who may be treated here, be very cautious. Their statistics may be more important than you or your loved one's life.

Weston Acosta

Place is terrible, lousy, waiting time is detrimental. If you are in a real emergency don't come here.

Courtney Jordan

If I could give this hospital zero stars, I would. My mother was took to this hospital because she was not feeling well. The doctor got her paperwork wrong (IT WAS THE PATIENT NEXT TO HER ROOMS PAPER WORK) and explained to my mother that she had acute kidney failure and Diabetes, and also had problems with her heart and proceeded she could die at any minute. Later they proceeded to not treat her well, they told my mother she could “Drop dead at any minute” and they sent her to Blount Hospital in TN. She was cared for at Blount and was a great hospital and ran the same test Murphy did and told my mother that she did not have a tie kidney failure, she also did not have diabetes. PLS DO NOT GO HERE.

Jared Howard

The Emergency Staff at MMC are really some of the best considering the size of facility. Ive had numerous visits to this ER and would like to commend them for their dedication and care. Last evening i was treated by Carrie Bowden PNP, a very thorough and kind practitioner. Thank you Carrie. Jared Howard

Professor .Jean

Questionable ethics The medical care offered by the personnel at this location is fine, and the individuals are obviously dedicated to their profession. Nonetheless, I am no longer going to go there unless I get carried in. The reason has to do with their business practices. Never mind that the providers are constantly trying to "upsell" you on unneeded visits to specialists or prolong even minor treatment. The real issue I have is with their billing department. They engage in double billing, insisting on payment from the patient up front, then they turn around and bill the insurance provider, who reimburses at a lower rate. They end up getting paid TWICE for the same procedure. GOOD LUCK getting your money back. The billing department comes up with every excuse in the book not to return the money they admit they owe you. What I really find appalling about this is that they know full who has excellent insurance coverage and who doesn't, so all they are trying to do is "milk a cash cow." Since they kept blowing me off, I finally called in my health insurance to force them to give me my money back. This prompted MMC to send out statements to me requesting payment for the procedures they hadn't billed yet, and when they did so, they credited the higher payment they had extracted from me to a completely different bill. Luckily these two procedures were both in the same year, so it didn't make a big mess of my flexible savings account. About three weeks after that I got a phone call from a phone number in Murphy claiming to be Murphy Medical where I was put on hold for about 15 minutes. It sounded like it came from a call center in India, and they were asking me for all kinds of personal information to "verify" my identity. Since it seemed like a scam, I asked why they were calling, and they said my account was "not in good standing." At that point I told them that if MMC really believed that, they could send me another bill or statement, but that I did not trust them to keep accurate books after what I had been through. I then called MMC directly and was told by the supervisor in billing that the call was from a MMC subcontractor. MMC had actually passed on false information that I owed them money, but she admitted that this information had been given to the outsourced collections department in error. I am done with this place.


Based on my own research and the experiences of others I spoke with, I chose Murphy Medical and Dr. Brent Davis to do my total hip replacement. It was one of my life's best decisions. Murphy Medical Center is a well oiled machine of efficiency, compassion and professionalism. Each and every person involved in my care couldn't have done their jobs any better. There's a positive vibe that surrounds this facility and carries through to the attitudes of all who are employed there. I never experienced a moment's worth of pain or discomfort from testing, lab and pre-op to my discharge with my shiny, new titanium hip. This hospital has a very good record for infection control (a huge part of my decision) and as a retired health care worker, I am definitely impressed with MMC's procedures in place to assure the safety of its patients. Dr. Brent Davis and his first assistant Maria provided excellent access and communication from my first visit, through my procedure and beyond my hospital discharge. I was amazed at the number of times they both attended to me during my stay at MMC. Physical Therapy at the hospital enabled me to gain strength and confidence for my discharge home and my recovery has been nothing short of astounding. Thank You All for Your Care & Caring. I am definitely recommending Murphy Medical Center and would not hesitate a moment to go there for any type of medical need. We are indeed fortunate to have such a stellar facility right here in Cherokee County, NC. .


I hope i never have to be seen here. But, if I have to hope to come out alive.

Paul Wilson

Best gym in Cherokee County

Maraeh Carringer Craig

miguel escobar

Matt Stiles

Terrible, I've always thought e.r. stood for emergency room, but here however it stands for waiting room. Brought my young child in who was very sick and dehydrated, no one else here, 30 minutes to see triage nurse, 20 more minutes to go back. Finally get a room and over 2 hours before seen by Dr or even checked on by nurse. In the medical world, patient care is supposed to be number one, but the Dr's and nurses here seem to only be here to collect a check. All of these people need to go back and rethink what it means to be a medical caregiver. It bothers me so much because I use to be a caregiver. If you have other options for medical care, I suggest you go there instead.

Christina Belcher

Natasha Smith

We were in Murphy on vacation and my 11yr old son became sick..very sick. We brought him to MMC, to the ER, they immediately took every precaution to help him..from xrays to cat scans...although it took awhile (because it's not a common illness) to diagnose...they did everything they could to relieve his pain and figure out what was wrong. 12 hours from our first visit, we found out our son had viral meningitis. He was taken by ambulance to Asheville to a pediatric the recommendation of Dr. Wagonner. After 4 days, he was able to come home. The compassionate care and concern that was given to us there is absolutely beyond the normal standard. We felt as if we were family. These people will always hold a special place with us!

Jonathan King

Staff are friendly, still a small hospital with no real interventions or major treatments that can be handled here. Most patients are transferred to other facilities.

Chad Von Dette

Super awesome staff that really cares about your condition. I was advised to stay in the hospital ICU because of the diagnosis. I needed to leave because I'm from FL and my vacation party needed to drive home. The hospital say "no way" or sign a release because you need to be admitted. I spent 3 days in the hospital curing/helping Impedito. Which is a crazy bacterial skin infection. They had to wear plastic over their garments and hands to not get infected. Within 3 days I almost look back to normal. Thank you = the staff at this hospital. You were all so friendly, caring, and accomedaiting. Not that I want to go back, but if I had to, this is the place that I would want looking after me. Great job everyone!

Tex Jumper

if i could give a zero i would.....went to ER with huge hematoma on back after riding accident and in severe pain. They wouldn't provide me anyplace to wait except on a hard chair next to a poor screaming child with 106 degree fever. after 4 hours wait, xrays determined i had two broken vertebra, they tried to get me on life flight to TN, but would not discuss any treatment i would receive there. I said i did not want to go to TN and so they sent me home...NO pain meds, NO DOCTOR ever seen. It was a zoo. NO DOCTOR was ever in the ER, but some frazzled PA.

Chelsie Smile

My fiancé and I went to the ER and waited five hours, we were seen by 2 different people and they basically asked us a few questions and then left for a few hours and came back to ask a few more questions and then left again until another Doctor noticed we were waiting there so long so she went to the Doctor who was supposed to be treating my fiancé and said "you know you have someone who's been waiting on you for over 2 hours now?" And he said "I don't have time for him." - The doctor who noticed us waiting so long then took over and proscribed my fiancé something and then left to get the discharge papers. We then waited even longer until my fiancé got up to go to the bathroom and the nurse said "oh, we have your discharge papers right here, so sorry!"- the papers had been sitting there for half an hour. Will never go there again. *Edit* : Also, the proscribed medicine wasn't even what he needed. We got proscribed something that didn't help at all. We went to a local clinic because he was getting worse and they helped him out more than Murphy did and only charged us $60. Haven't gotten the bill from Murphy yet but I guarantee its going to be a pretty hefty bill, for very poor service.

William Dailey

I had a wonderful experience with my knee surgery. The staff and the nurses are awesome. From some of the reviews I read I was a little scared at first but I am so glad that I decided to have my surgery here. Everything went smooth. I am feeling great. Could not be any happier.


Nurses were very nice and staff but was very annoyed by how long it took for discharge papers.


Better off dying and that says a lot

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