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Charissa Lundy

Ok. Where do I start! If I could give this place a negative start I would. Not only is the lobby full of homeless people and is dark and smell like pee. They have 0 bedside manner! I counted 3 ederly patients sitting the hallway. A person comes in the ER via ambulance after a car accident. How do you let a patient sit in a room for 3 hours without so much of peeping your head in to check and see if they are still concious or hell even alive. These ppl only understand legal terms and lawsuits. Do not ever go here unless you don't care about your life. We ended up leaving.


So my mom was sent to the ER from Cone' s Urgent Care because her EKG was abnormal & a heart attack was suspected. That was at 930 tonight. It is now 1230 & my 72 year old mom is STILL sitting in the waiting room because they say they are waiting on a clean room. REALLY?? What kind of po-dunk hospital is this?? We're afraid to take her home in case she HAS had a heart attack but my mom is exhausted and is freezing. What a sorry excuse for medical care. Update: My mom HAD TO HAVE an artificial balloon pump temporarily put in to beat FOR her heart as her BP continued to bottom out. She was in cardiac ICU for several days before they determined her heart was strong enough to beat on its own. We wonder what could have been avoided had she NOT been sent back out to the waiting room-With no medical care-for all those hours.

Brian Walsworth

Wish I could leave a 0 star rating. Last night my wife was having chest pains, got to the ER and got her checked in, she couldn’t hardly breathe or talk, they took her immediately back to triage for an ekg, bloodwork, and vitals which was great, the er was full, people laying in benches and the floor sleeping. I had my 3 kids with me and after their grandparents picked them up was able to go be with my wife, went to the X-ray room and afterwards they put us back in the waiting room, I asked the nurse how long and she said up to 9 hours before we could see the dr... wait. 9 hours? Are you kidding me? Siting our there we had other people around us passing out, massive pain from who knows what, and the staff could not care less. We ended up leaving after 3 hours, still no clue what was happening with my wife, but this is totally unacceptable....

heath hawkins

7 and 1/2 hours and haven't even made it out of the waiting room on a Tuesday. Wife went to her Cone primary care with severe shoulder and chest pain, they gave her cough syrup and sent her home. 5 hrs later we're at Cone Urgent Care. They said "possible blood clot in lung, take her to ER, could be life threatening". Checked in at 8pm, it's 3:38pm and still haven't even left the waiting room. Should at least warn of wait times when they're going to be this long. They don't seem to see it as a problem at all.

Vivian Cox

My brother was suffering from nauseating headaches for 2 months while waiting his insurance to approve an MRI. The doctor at Cone ED sent him home after laughing at the way his head lolled and eyes rolled. His condition continued to deteriorate at home. He couldn’t even keep liquids down, became dehydrated and weak. He’s been admitted to Wake Forest Baptist-subdural hematoma. He could’ve died or had a stroke Sub


I am with Ethan’s comment, because the girl’s dad he mentioned is my best friends dad. I cannot explain the troubles that her and her family went through at this place. There needs to be some kind of lawsuit because they treat every patient like complete garbage and do not follow proper protocol. It is discusting what everyone on this review page has been through and I hope that you all get justice.

Tanzania Bacon

Came in at 3 am and at 6 am I still hadn't seen a doctor and my BP was 159/116. And I have high blood pressure issues. In pain so bad that light hurt my body and I just had to wait. This is sad.

Kim Heil

I was scheduled by my cardiology office for a “routine” cardiac CT. Despite having worked at Moses Cone Hospital years ago, I was amazed by the growth! I arrived at the main entrance, was treated to valet parking, and greeted by several people inside who told me where to find radiology. When I became confused about where I was, another woman was positioned near the elevator to guide me. Once in radiology, I was checked-in quickly, and waited no more than two-minutes for nurses to calm me back. My nurse was a lovely young woman (Shauna?): She was kind, gentle, and explained each step of the prep and procedural process. Once in the CT room, another pleasant staff person talked me through the actual scan, administration of contrast dye, etc. The entire experience was smooth, efficient, even pleasant, and well-explained. I’m very impressed with the management of the Cone Health radiology department and it’s staff! Even the valet parking staff were excellent.

Tabitha stout

Love the staff. Very Clean Hospital.

D Dalton

My husband was in 6 north. It was positive start to finish. Thank you all.

Charlotte Haigler

Rude staff expecially to people with mental illness. One nurse found it okay to accuse me of making my self hyperventilate and then consisted to get very rude with me while swinging her hands in front of MY face and then jumped on me because I started shaking and breathing harder because she was in my face calling me a liar and all together being a terrible person. The rest of the er staff wasn't much better

t evans

I went in at 11pm on 6/11/19 and stayed until 5am 6/12/19 and still was not seen! Service was terrible and the wait time was unacceptable! I went in with a throbbing shoulder and numbness all the way down to my fingertips. During vitals I was told I would be put in as a “4” or something and to hopefully speed up the process! That meant nothing to me since I was still there 6 hours later still in pain. Was asked what level of pain I was in while vitals were being checked and I said an 8! I left because it was pointless to stay when nothing was being done even after 6 hours .. I’M STILL IN PAIN

Chris Duffy

Been waiting 6 hours no one has even checked to see if my mom is ok she can't stand on her own and they just leave her sitting here

Shanna Dowd

0 stars is my actual rating - literally the worst experience I have ever had at a hospital. My daugther was involved in a car accident on Thursday, May 10 at approximately 4:30 in the afternoon. We were advised by Guilford County EMS that she be transported VIA AMBULANCE to the hospital. My preference is Wesley Long. However, because she hit her head on the steering wheel ( she had been rear ended) the concern was the possibility of a head injury. Apparently MC was the more appropriate choice for that type of injury - I now question the legitamacy of that claim. I met the ambulance and daughter at the ER - she arrived at MC at approximately 5:30. When I walked in and informed the nurse at the front desk that my daughter had been brought VIA AMBULANCE from the scene of a car accident I was surprised when she then told me to look for her right there in the waiting room. Surely someone transported to the hospital from a car accident VIA AMBULANCE would, at the very least, be back in triage. Nope - not at MC. My daughter, neck brace and all, was sitting upright in a wheelchair right in the waiting area as though she had driven herself there for a stomach ache. She had literally received more care from the EMS staff at the scene of the accident and in the ambulance than she did at MC. It was approximatley 7:00 before she was even seen by a triage nurse and, although she was pleasant, she took notes on my daughter's condition on a paper towel - the hard, brown industrial kind. Apparently MC doesn't believe in office supplies either. After triage, my daughter and I were sent back to the waiting area where by 7:30 she was beginning to feel nauseous and her toes were going numb. I informed the nurse at the front desk in hopes she would recognize that my daughter's condition may warrant more of a sense of urgency. Of course not - this is MC. Instead she gave me a blue vomit bag and said she would "make a note of it." Probably more so to charge us for the blue bag than to notify anyone who could actually help my daughter feel better. By 8:00 my daughter was still in the wheelchair and in tears - her pain had become progressively worse and I was about to lose every ounce of religion I have ever had and compromise my character beyond belief. The only reason I debated whether or not to stay was because I was uncertain if that was a safe move on my part - I didn't want to jeopardize my daughter's health by leaving a medical facility. But by 8:30 when she had been sitting in the same wheel chair in the waiting room after being transported VIA AMBULANCE and not one person who could do anything about it seemed to care I wheeled her to the front doors, ripped off her arm band, placed her on a bench while I drove my car around, then put her in the car and brought her to where I should have insisted she be brought in the first place - Wesley Long. We arrive at the Wesly Long ER at 9:00. By 9:10 my daughter was triaged. By 10:25 my daughter was registered and in a much more comfortable than a wheel-chair bed in an exam room. By 11:00 she had been examined by a doctor, given some Aleve, and taken to be X-rayed and received a CT scan. By 1:00 we were leaving for home with Naproxen prescription in hand. In over 3 hours at MC my daughter wasn't even registered for medical services after being transported there VIA AMBULANCE. Within 4 hours at WL she was completely taken care of and on her way home. I can't even believe these two facilities are both connected to Cone Health - I hate they ever merged. Its unjust to even affilitate one with the other. Bottom line for me - If I was on the brink of death and MC was within crawling distance I would let my family plan my funeral. I'd rather experience Chinese water torture than to step foot in the ER at MC ever again!!

Danielle McCleary

My daughter has needed frequent trips to the ER and has had to be admitted twice and is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit currently. Our experience with the pediatric team has always been wonderful. They provide quality care and lots of compassion and knowledge. I continue to be happy and confident in the care she receives from the entire staff!!

Briana Jaimes

My daughter was sent to the pediatric part of the emergency room from her pediatrician in Virginia on 2/16/17. I would have to say, this is by far the most amazing hospital I've ever been to. The staff was amazing and made my daughter feel comfortable. Special thanks to the CT physician, Ronda aka "MeMe," my daughters nurse, Ashton, and the other staff members we came in contact with. Absolutely blew my mind being in a place where people actually enjoyed their work. The exact words from my 5 year old daughter, "they are nice people here and they help me feel a lot better." My husband and I are very pleased. Worth the drive. Thank you ♡

Charlotte Wadkins

My husband was transported due to a COPD crisis and heart pains. Due to severity of his issues he was seen right away. He was stable but in trouble. He was there 6 days. The care and staff were exceptional. For serious issues, I would go nowhere else. I had a car accident 9 years ago, multiple fractured ribs, and again, trauma care exceptional. #1 in my book.

Nc auto dealer inc

On the website it said 34 minuets wait that’s a lie I waited for 6 hrs to to be seen my advice is go to Novant hospital in Kernersville trust me so much better!


I had a huge gash in my head. Bleeding all over myself had to wait about 3 hours to even have a nurse say that is bad... then they tried to double bill me

Brook Jones

Admissions was easy and the people very nice. They accidentally gave my Mom & husband the wrong room #, after surgery but I found them.. The Bone Squad @ 5 North took good care of me, especially my nurse Ginger, who went above and beyond the call of duty for me and my family. She made my Mom some hot tea, and let my husband video the cleaning and changing of my incision area. So I could do it correctly later after watching the video. I know I wasn't the most pleasant patient, and she was sweet and patient with me. Thank you Dr. Yates, Ginger Niu, and all of the surgical team for fixing me, and putting up with me!

Beth Woodard

After I came through the emergency department with a heart attack, both the ER staff and the staff on the Cardiac ICU were fabulous. They were very skilled, understanding, courteous and helpful. Cone advertises that it has a very low readmission rate on heart attacks and I believe it. They did a great job. I suspect some of the negative reviews are partly driven by the anxiety and stress people are typically experiencing during a hospital stay, when every interaction seems magnified. My experience was phenomenally good.

David Rodriguez

I've never set foot through the doors of a Cone health facility and NOT been immediately treated like a junkie looking for a fix. None of the staff listens to their patients, that I can tell, when they tell them what they know will and will not work for them. When asked what I was taking for pain I informed them it was over the counter meds, which were ineffective, to which the response is always to give me a prescription guessed it...more over the counter medications. And they simply will NOT listen to anything said after their decision has been made, because they are doctors and we are just peasants. What can we know about our own bodies? Apparently nothing, unless they think of it first. So, my advice, if you need medical services and are not able to make it outside the Cone health service area, just jump in front of a truck.

Stephanie Woods

I'm in the ER with my husband as I type this. We've been in the waiting room for SEVEN hours, and there are other patients here who have been waiting for the same amount of time.

Tiffany Martin

This place is awful!!! I was sent over as an emergency case because of my eyes. I waited 5 hours for them to do blood work then another 5 and a half for them to get an MRI!!! This was absolutely ridiculous! Not to mention the dr never wants to see you or talk to you about your concerns. I will never come here again!!!

Audra Smith

**** Update: Don’t know how to add/edit but I just got my bill! It’s big big they adjusted it because I have no insurance! That just gave me sooo much less stress. Thank u so much! I tried to call to pay in full but no one was available! I am so thankful since I don’t have insurance Because at Forsyth with insurance it would have been the same but I did get CT scans there so maybe not. And I think I was able to help someone who was left alone:((((. The polio patient who was left by his wife and she had left him by me I think so I could help! And I don’t mind that ..but my blood pressure was so high and I ended having pneumonia left in Lower left lung so I was struggling. I am a court reporter by trade and I’m constantly having heart strings pulled in “ALL” directions being torn in so many directions. * just wished I had my health at that point to help ur staff! Just talk to people because it seems that’s all some people needed. Just being talked to. And some people couldn’t her up to just have a quick chat. So I wish I was trained and could help.** 9-13 the staff are extremely nice here! But the wait was tortuous. I had a b to come here straight from work instead of drive back to Winston. However, what was more efficient is getting blood and xrays done so when I did go back, they were already done!. And another thing I liked, the staff came by and did blood pressure checks in waiting room. And they would talk to you and let I know where you were in the grand scheme of things. Breaking that wait up like that was helpful. But a big problem I had - no fault of hospital- which is sad, a wife dropped a man who can’t walk and left him there. But before that she chose to sit very near me and they argued constantly which I don’t think helped my blood pressure. 136/103. She leaves him And he’s moaning and asking people for help. So I did what I could and was comfortable with but the man was in agony and apparently had “gone in his pants.” So sad and nothing no one could do. And another man just fell leaving the bathroom. And as bad as I felt I went over to tell him a lady went to get help, to stay put. I just hated that situation having to watch and witness. But the staff was all so amazing! The PA Joshua came in bright smile and sat and talked to me about my issues and really had it thought out. not just “no emergency.” Go home. He told me things it could be and suggestions I was just astonished! So couldn’t have been a nicer bunch of folks from check in, triage, blood work, X-ray, to exam. I don’t want to ever go back but after all said And done, made the 6 hour event not so traumatizing because I feel like I truly got treated on a whole different emergency room level. Great job to all on 9/17!

Bobbi Sting

The slowest hospital I've ever been to, they don't take people in the right order. I truly hope I never have to return to this hospital again

SapphyreMoon Wolfwynde

I'm here for my infant daughter for her lack of weight gain and growth.. All the staff but one nurse is rude and does not listen to you at all. They expect you to shut up listen and do as you're told. Do not ever go here if your child needs care

Alexis Rehm

Horrible experience. My baby sister was stabbed in the head. She threw up on her self and They didn’t clean the sheets, Robin was the attending nurse on the night shift. She was rude, not caring, inconsiderate and disrespectful while Making side comments. She even made me go out to the nurse station to get a pad for my Sister to not be lying in blood while she stood in the room. I hate this hospital! No wonder it’s only a 2.4!!!!! My sister went to the bathroom 3 times ALONE because no one came to help her , even after pressing the help button!

dianne holder

It was Great visiting my enlaw after surgery. But when patient discharge time came.... I was told to pick up at entrance. I called alerting floor staff I was in loading zone... They said he's on his way now. 35 minutes sitting in hot car , no ac to run-. I called again. Then they brought him down. That was perfect example of poor staff communication! Doctors may be awesome , brilliant. But staff working with patient family.... Poor grade, for sure.

Mia Miguel

5 hour wait, PA WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE, forgot meds, forgot the kit she needed, was training someone, he was JUST AS CONFUSED AS SHE WAS...... a pure mess.

Tammy Johnson

There's so much I could say.... but after reading earlier reviews all I can do is completely agree with every horrible thing everyone says. I will add that the nurse coming thru the waiting room to check vitals told me they only wear gloves if they're coming in contact with blood but I guess person to person to person holding the thermometer cover from read uh person isn't just a little nasty and contains bodily fluids. But hey what do I know I've only been waiting 4 hours only to watch nobody have any sense of urgancy for their patients. On top of there's been a plate of food sitting in the floor since before we got here floors are filthy triage room already had blood in the floor. Just nasty and so unorganized and unprofessional. In a state with some of the very best hospitals we are left to suffer in this hell of a "Hospital"

Joshua Corbin

This is the worst hospital in Greensboro, they shouldnt even get 1 stars. No reason why people should be waiting in the EMERGENCY for 10hr +. I ask the nurse what im waiting for, she says that your nurse he just got here. Im writing the paper about this and i have PROOF i wait long hours just to wait again in a room.

Millie Mandella

Just called the lady who answered was very rude. I pray she has a better night


Worst experience ever in the ER tonight. I was treated so badly by the nurses. Zero compassion. Zero empathy. Nurses were hostile. I ended up leaving because of they were so awful to me. I’m gonna tell everyone I know they should never go there. That staff should feel ashamed of themselves.i wish I could give negative stars. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even walk. I had an incredibly painful UTI. When I asked the nurse if I could get something for pain her whole vibe towards me changed. When I told her I didn’t know if I could even get myself on the toilet she never offered help but made me feel like I was drug seeking. One nurse raised her voice at me. I could go on and on. I could hear them talking about me. One nurse was actually mocking me. They were some of the most hateful women I’ve ever come across. They were condescending and belittling. It’s like they don’t see us as people. I was in tears from the amount of pain I was in and they were so ugly to me. One nurse in particular was actually hostile and said something smart about me in front of everyone.

Candice Bradner

From start to finish, our 2YO was there for 9 hours to receive 4 stitches above his eye. Arrived at 8pm and were taken back to a room to be seen at 1:12am and services were completed at 5am. We watched the waiting room turn over twice with people arriving well after us and being seen. We confirmed 3 times that we were still on the list. Our 2YO and 6YO were subjected to parents using the F word repeatedly and loudly in regular conversation. The explanation we received the second time we inquired about our position in line was that other patients were able to see a PA or Nurse for treatment whereas we were likely waiting on a doctor. That was not the case - a PA performed the procedure and we saw the Physician briefly at the end. We never expected this to be a quick visit - however we were advised by an on call nurse to have the eye stitched quickly, rather than waiting for our pediatrician or an urgent care to open due to the risk of secondary infection and bacteria in the wound. To reiterate - 9 hours to have 4 stitches seems excessive. We have 2 accident prone boys - we will never rely on services from the Pediatric ER at Moses Cone on N. Church in Greensboro again. We did not choose this ER expecting rapid service or clean facility. We chose it because of it's specialized ER for pediatric patients. Fully expected to be there 4 hours or a bit more. Horrible experience waiting 9 hours. I would encourage Moses Cone to invest in process improvement - I suspect it will substantially increase the number of paying customers. The lack of clear processes and adequate triage certainly turns such customers away. I intend to spend time researching an adequate emergency facility in the area so when I am faced with an immediate medical need in the future I will know in advance where to go. It's unfortunate that the accident happened just after hours of urgent care or pediatrician offices. Otherwise, the few professionals we encountered during the visit were very nice and had good bedside manner.

Rebkgb Rebkgb

I was charged $900 for a doppler of my legs which would have cost me $296 at Greensboro Imaging, I was referred by a Cone Health affiliated doctor to the Cone Health Heart office in the K&W building at Friendly center for the imaging. Cone Health charged the sonogram as an outpatient of the hospital. Which of their many doctors office are considered hospital outpatient? Patient beware. Ask the price before you get it done and shop around! You do not have to use Cone. I have lost all trust and confidence in Cone Health.

Alex Colombia

The emergency room is a joke. more than 8 hours of waiting just to see the doctor. Unbelievable that this happens in the USA !

Karen Bryant

If I could have given no stars I would've. This place is a joke. Ridiculously understaffed and filty. Blood on the floor, dried up so it's been here awhile. Not a little drop either, a whole trail of it. I have been here going on 8 hours. I have had lab work done, xrays and a few other tests and am hopelessly awaiting my results. In the waiting room at that. Apologetic, sure but I came for results not apologizes. I will curl up in a corner and DIE before I seek help from here again.

Laura Latham

They are completely inconsistent in their NURSING CARE! My Mother who now has passed was 98.We waited over 2 hrs.for her Nurse to come in RM.They sent in NA to check other things.Kept saying we were in line for the nurse to come in!!!They have timers on the wall they reset everytime someone from staff came in RM .Giving false data to whoever has access.So it appears the patient has been helped as needed..Total BS.they have a NURSING SHORTAGE!! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LOVE ONE UNATTENDED IF THET DO NOT HAVE A VOICE OR MENTAL CAPACITY TO GET HELP!!!.And please report them and write it down and take a screenshot of what you wrote.I made sure I spoke up on behalf of those who cannot and now Memory of my Mother.

Jason C

I couldn't express in words how much care I was given by this hospital over the past couple of days! I have been two a couple other hospitals but this one has yet been my best experience yet under the circumstances of having been diagnosed with appendicitis. Although the parking was a little confusing, I was promptly and politely seen by the receptionist who kindly requested me to be wheeled over to the Emergency wing of the hospital. I was serviced by a very kind elderly man who wheeled me over there, I know I never would had made that far with my fatigued and blurry vision I was beginning to have. Once received by the Emergency wing, I was promptly entered and admitted in, for the Emergency Room I would have to say I was moved I to diagnosis fairly quickly, within about an hour or so!! After I was seen by Jeff and Taylor, who both were very kind and professional they helped me to through diagnosis and determined I needed a CT scan for further determination of appendicitis. After waiting maybe another couple hours l, I was then seen by the kind staff in the CT Scan room. They were all very informative of my care and made me feel like a person, not a number. They were all very assuring that they would get me seen to and fully determine what was going on with me. After around half an hour after the CT scan, Jeff had returned back with the scan results and informed me my appendix was notably swollen but not yet had burst. He informed me of what option there may had been for it but strongly recommend I go to surgery that day to get it taken out. I was then promptly taken into surgery within the very next hour! Dr. Kelly and Dr. Thompson were my surgeons who took their time to come talk to me and Inform me of the procedure. I was also visited by the OR staff and they introduced themselves and asked me if I had any further questions as well, they had all done on a top-notch job going above and beyond my expectations treating me like a soul and not a number on their roster! The anesthesiologist had also visited me and was very kind and funny, he got some prior experience I had once with being anesthetized and he assured me he would have me taken care of accordingly. The procedure was done rather quickly and they done an awesome job bringing me back out of unconsciousness in the recovery room. It seemed they brought me back up slowly which greatly eased my anxiety after the surgery. The staff there were very friendly and offered me ice which was very well welcome since I came out with a lot of thirst and a sore throat from the intubation tube. I was then received by my wife and other friendly staff who patiently assisted into my room where I was seen by Regina, Joyce, my surgeon assistant Dr. Kelly again, and a few kind others who unfortunately their names escaped me although every single one treated with respect and kindness! My entire experience was a very pleasant one there! Moses H Cone was recommended by my wife's coworker, Mrs Brown, and I never regretted my decision yet!! Thanks to all the friendly and professional staff at Moses H Cone to help avoid a potential life threatening situation so promptly! Your works will not be forgotten on my behalf! God Bless you all!

Victoria Martin

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to the doctors are inadequate and your nursing staff is incompetent and rude and nasty and when a patient lays in the emergency department withoutwater for 6 hours and now been there for over 24 hours without food,Your hospital is more like a prison instead of a hospital I thought you were supposed to be one of the best hospitals around but since you have expanded so much your patients mean nothing but money your company does not care about people anymore it's all about money and what you can pay your executives.Your hospital desperately needs to be changed and I will continue to post on all forms of media how bad this hospital and its staff really is


The ER had pretty much nobody in it when I was there. I was taken back right away and vitals were taken. However a doctor came about 20 mins later stayed in the room for 10 minutes and then left. He never checked any of my wounds or cuts or anything else. They sent in a trauma nurse 20 minutes later and once again nothing that was physically wrong with me was checked. They then lost my insurance card while it was in their possession and are charging me almost $900 for this visit. Mind you I was never examined past having basic vitals taken and I was not shown any sympathy after being through a rather traumatic event. The trauma nurse was not helpful and did not make me feel safe in fact was very much victim blaming in her tone. I will never be going to another er for this kind of treatment.

Allison Keesee

My dad was brought in by ambulance for a major heart attack. He made it through surgery and was headed in the right direction for recovery but later got a staph infection from surgery that eventually led to pneumonia, that led to his death.


The e.r is a joke. They have people on beds in the middle of the hall throwing up because there are not enough rooms. Short staffed and crammed . not to mention the neglect and lack of "I can" attitudefrom the e.r staff . just shut the e.r down give it to someonelse cone can not handle it.

Jason Stratford

My elderly mother had surgery at this hospital and I found the entire staff...anesthesiologist, nurses, and Dr's all to be the best I have experienced anywhere! I was assured by the anesthesiologist when they were taking my mother back for her surgery that he was gonna take care of her...the look in his eyes was genuine and sincere and I knew that everything was gonna be fine and had a true sense of relaxation as if I felt a family member was performing the procedure! Only thing that I could even possibly complain about was my mother's food would be cold when it arrived to her room...but come on, we weren't there to be hospital food critics anyway...we were there so my mother could get the best possible care she could receive! My expectations were exceeded by the whole process, and I am extremely difficult to please! Hands down best hospital and staff I have ever experienced...period!

Chelsea Larkin

Firstly the two over worked nurses in triage were great under their conditions. Secondly, what happened to the 2 hr in and out wonderful experience? A child who is sick and/or hurt should not be waiting that long! I was not able to get my child checked out like I wanted as we had to leave due to noise,wait time, ECT... This is unacceptable for your staff (Who are so overwhelmed and worked). You really need to abjust that not only for the sake of providing the best services but also for your staff who should not be suffering under these conditions. Best part was is front desk explained to me that this was normal for a Sunday. You all really need to get it together. I have no further plans to have my family to be seen by you all.

David and Blythe

I really just don't know what to say about Moses Cone Hospital. I have gone down the list of reviews here and I'm appalled! If you start at the beginning of these reviews and read all of the negative post, by the end you will "feel" what the hospital is really about. And that's MONEY! Go down to the 65 year old five years ago and read his story. Moses Cone has turned into a mammoth entity and now has gained a monopoly on the health care market for a very large area. How do you suppose they've grown so large? By ripping off the public and the insurance companies. I hate this hospital so much! And yes, I have absolutely been a patient here, more than once and have visited family members here as well. I have NOTHING good to say about this hospital at all.

Francis Carbuccia

The most wack hospital ever dont even try to go there

Jocelyn Gunderman

I am very disappointed! This is the very worse experience in the Emergency Room! My boyfriend has a blood clot! We still waiting in emergency for 7 hours and still have not seen...if i know it will take this long i should bring my bed, banket and pillow here!

Ja Smith

Today is Aug.13,2018 i been waitng for more then 2 hours in the waiting room i just over heard another sick patient waiting in the waiting room and they have been waiting for almost 3 hours and she is having chest pain and all they can say is i am sorry , there is nothing i can do i wish there was more then one hospital in the greensboro area its a shame a person has to wait this long , if this lady dies i will be a witness in court for the law suit against Moses cone , they make all this money and they dont have enough beds. Its really said i am at the hospital for a sore throat and flu like symptoms. And i am also a diabetic they took my sugar levels and my levels are really high 520 and then they sent me back to the lobby telling me that they dont have enough beds and the max wait time can be 3hours , and i have valid insurances, next time i have emergency i will drive down the road to Baptist hospital in winston salem. ...Do not go to moses cone hospital for anything you can possible die for waiting to be seen by a doc.i repeat do not go to moses cone if you have a Emergency.

Torey Turner

Dr Douglas Delo had me escorted out the hopital after I requested an overnight stay after having 3 surgical procedures in roughly 5 days. 2 visits to ER & 1 visit to urgent care. The pain was unbearable & I could not chance leaving & having to wait another 5 hours to be seen so I requested outpatient stay. Dr. Delo spent less than 5 mins with me, suggested pain medicine & that’s it. When I tried to explain my situation he stated that i can either take the pain medicine or leave it. I asked to speak to someone over him & he stated he is the doctor, there is no one over him. I was then escorted out the hospital by police because I refused to leave the room without speaking to someone over him. Called the hospital & found out he did not follow proper procedures. I was told i could come back but would have to pay for another visit. Needless to say I have contacted a lawyer & filed complaint with the BBB. I have never been so humiliated in my life!

Shymari Huntley

Came in because I thought I was miscarrying and waited 5 hrs to be seen. Got back there and ALL staff even down to the Dr. showed no concern, compassion, or immediacy for my issue or pregnancy. Couldn't find a heartbeat for the baby at first after 20 min of searching and then my stomach growled and the nurse jokes "theres is the baby" and i respond "really" and he's like no.... the dr was rough with me and scolded me for saying "ouch" and told me i needed to calm down and i shouldnt be feeling pain. Worst hospital experience ever!

Demi Cicinnati

Dr Issacs and my nurse Eric were so good to me during my visit after being in so much pain. Not only that, but the wait wasn’t bad at all and the rest of the staff (Anthony even though you’re an Eagles fan) was so sweet and made me laugh for most of my visit which hurt but was so worth it!! They got me in and out, but I was very well taken care of and am thankful for the kindness I was shown it made all the difference.

Kat Thompson

I went to the emergency room on 04/05/2018 for chronic pain in both of my knees... the nurses were nice and got me in quickly and also offered me a wheelchair but what they didn't tell me was that my blood pressure was high at the time... after waiting in the room for 3 hours the doctor came in and told me that they can't do anything for me and that I need a MRI and told me they don't have one in their hospital... the doctor never even touched me or rechecked my blood pressure...she just looked at the x-rays from October when I came in for the same problem and told me she can just refill my old prescriptions but that's it... I went to another hospital the next day and they took care of my knee pain and put me on blood pressure medication...i will never return here every again...smh what hospital doesn't own a MRI machine... liars.

Wendy Lockett

They took good care of my husband.


My mother was taken there by ambulance in late April as her BP dropped and she started going into acute renal failure. She was in the ICU on a breathing machine and barely aware of her surroundings and the nurses outside of her room were LAUGHING AT HER to the point she was crying and pointing at the door trying to convey what was going on. The ER staff was amazing, kind, professional, and saved her life. The nurses when she got upstairs were attentive, kind, and warm. But the ICU nurses seriously need to get their behavior in check because laughing at a woman who almost died is despicable behavior. She was going through hell and they added emotional distress on top of it. She still talks about it with a heartbreaking tone. "They were laughing at me while I had a breathing tube down my throat and couldn't talk or write." The nurse she had, I believe his name was Michael (who was fantastic), went out and talked to them and shortly after we heard a woman yelling at him for "coming down on her girls." So not only were they demonstrating abhorrent behavior, but their behavior was DEFENDED. We never saw him again after that.

absalom mallory

horrible ... waited for 3 hours and i can barely breath because a have a fish bone stuck in my throat ... worst customer service i’ve ever experienced!!!

Sydney JacksonGreen

The service is extremely slow! Majority of the staff have terrible attitudes.

Dennis C

I was invisible, a ghost !!!! I sat in the emergency room lobby for over 9 hour's and never saw a doctor. Went back there the next day and after 3+ hrs finally was seen by a doctor. I am now a candidate for a stroke because of cone hospital.

Les H

Have been waiting 7+ hours so far in ER. I’m looking at reviews and I’m wondering if reviews have been terrible for months then why is nothing being done to resolve this issue? I’m seeing answers to reviews with phone number to discuss these issues and asking how you can turn this unpleasant experience around. You can’t turn it around but you can begin to prevent further occurring by seeing the actual urgent emergency needs patients first and having a posted wait time expectancy to deter non emergency patients!!! Utterly most ridiculous experience I’ve ever had in ER! Who knows when we will be called back to a room to be evaluated by Dr.

Setaria Watson

Worse ER service ever! I've been seen at another ER so as a comparison, Cone ER is horrible. I came in with severe back and down my legs pain. Arrived at 12:53pm, total wait time was over three hours for service. Now my PA was great with bedside manner but the nurse was slow, rude and interrupted while I was talking. I now understand why patients prefer another ER over Cone.

Lenka Ramsay

I must say that the emergency part of the hospital had a very very long waiting time, but the care was professional and carring once I got to that stage. Thank you all, it’s nice to be in good care when not feeling well.

M Waters

I went to this emergency room 5/22/19 and was treating with great care! The staff was very kind & caring.

Virginia Miller

The hospital and Drs offices on Cone Blvd need to have there employees smoke somewhere other them the bus shelter. The handicap have to stand and be subjected to there smoking because they monopolize the bench.


They do what they can with what they've got

Dominique Bradley

This place is TERRIBLE me and my boyfriend went to this hospital due to him having chest pains and we were there for 6 hours and not once did we speak to a Dr. they took 3 tubes of blood, checked his blood pressure and did x-rays and we never saw a Dr. on top of that a lot of the staff was rude and you could hear the attitude in their voice. I would NOT recommend coming here.

Carrie Caudle

Apparently, telling a nurse that she chose her career, after she was complaining about how patients treat her, is frowned upon. I'm sorry but some things shouldn't be said infront of a patient..Especially complaining about YOUR job! Now she bans me from visiting a sick patient in icu.. can she even do that? I never threatened her or acted any type of way except for telling her she chose her job.

rudy baker

After waiting what is currently 5 hours in the waiting after taking vitals, other people who have been here longer than us still have not been seen. Better not come unless you like waiting forever.

Donna Cook

Still in waiting room 7 hours after arriving. Either this hospital is way understaffed or they just don't care about the patients. Never again, Moses cone... Never again. And geez, to think we drove all the way here from asheboro just because of Randolph hospital's ER reputation! Bad choice on our side.

beth allen

I no longer have insurance and not knowing what to do I went to the ER. From the lady at the front desk to the nurses and the Dr., everyone was kind and smiling. It really makes for a better experience when those are around you seem genuinely caring. I was actually kind of surprised. I mean it’s busy and there’s nonstop patients coming in, and then there’s the “crazies” howling in “pain” I know I couldn’t do what they do. I can honestly say I had a good experience there.

J Solo

You’ll die in the hallway if it’s serious while the staff talks about how much longer they have to be at work. This is the worst hospital in NC. Brought in by ambulance for head injury and waited in the Lobby for hours. The triage nurse wanted me seen right away but said the PA went home sick . So is it that your understaffed or your hospital can’t support the size of greensboro . I will drive my family to raleigh for any other emergency’s.

Trae Robinson

Got into bad car wreck, went into er arm leaking blood , I was wrap in bandages (twice due to soo much blood leaking through and commenced waiting to 6 hrs still not checked by a doctor. 6 hrs mild concussion, bleeding and waiting while I watch ppl who came in hours after me be seen

Thelma Mcphaul

My 1st hospital stay there since 41 years ago almost to the day! The only thing that dropped a star was the 6 hr ER wait. Nevertheless.client services was gracious and the staff on 3East all get 5 stars!!! Love them all. Stay encouraged you're doing a great job. God bless

Shanita Long

This is the most rude hospital an poor service facility i have ever been to

Imran Shishir

Emergency Pediatric section: We have been waiting for doctor for 2.5 hours after triage by the nurse for my 18 month old daughter. and still not sure how long more would it take to see a doctor thought one hour back I was told I’m the first one in the line. LOL! I understand it’s Sunday however my expectation was a bit high because it’s a well known hospital. Per nurse - there are no rooms available at this time however Information desk can not provide any information for further assistance or when the doctor can be available. My concern is for emergency department, I would expect the hospital do a little bit better than this. At least some vision for the next step and just not blindly waiting for hours to see an doctor. Kids are very sensitive and I’m sure Hospitals can’t just ignore patients like this . I have been through many hospitals and very upset with the response. Time is precious and hospitals should value that accordingly. No one come to the hospital unless they have situation like me.

Audrey Muza

The ER is horrible. They are extremely uncaring and unprofessional. My mother was in the hospital in November for 2 weeks in a diabetic coma. Fast forward to January when we came into the ed because her blood sugar was unreadable. They just sat us in the ER for 7 hours, because she wasnt critical enough. Nobody checked her sugar, nothing. After we got into a room the doctor was kind but we had a male nurse Madison who was rude and insulting. I even overheard him calling us difficult to the other staff. He went 5 hrs without ever checking on her wheni left for a bit. Her call bell was hanging on the wall when i got back; if something had happened to her she would have died in that room. We complained to the charge nurse about him, she was not suprised at all. She was great and took care of us and advised us to call guest relations on him. We were discharged only for my mom to go into stage 4 renal failure 2 days later that they missed. She had abmormal labs during that visit and nobody cared to treat it or acknowledgeim it, so we are in the hospital again. We got discharged again and another 2 days later, we were the ed AGAIN. It's like they put a bandaid then send people come. Im sitting in the hospital again, the staff is still just as rude, my mother was admitted lastnight but she stayed in the er for 24 hours after that. I called guest relations and they said they will investigate. The staff at this hospital is rude and they do not care about their patients. I am tempted to leave and take her to a different hospital, but cone health runs the whole triad area. What happens in this hospital is patient neglect and malpractice. I will be calling the nursing board and even the medical board. Also it is not acceptable that there are patients laying on benches in the ed in pain. It's disgusting

Angel P.

I went in to the emergency room with shortness of breath. I was not checked. I was told to go sit in the waiting room. I asked how long it would take he said three hours. Went somewhere else and found out I had a pulmonary embolism in both lungs. If I stayed there would have died in waiting room.

A. Penetra

On May 3,2019, I called the phone number on the statement for payment arrangement. Representative Scott answered my call and I proceeded to explain to him the reason for my call. Explained that I would like to be put into a payment arrangement plan. He gave me one option 6 months interest free for a rough estimate of $203.00 monthly. I paused and expressed my feelings towards the option. I expressed my feeling and also asked Scott if he thought that was right, because an extra $203.00 monthly seems extremely high. Well that’s when the conversation took a dark turn, the rep. then said (in the remark) if I knew I didn’t have the money to pay the hospital, then why did I go in? I replied and asked Scott what was I supposed to do then, stay home in pain??!! If I’m not mistaken, I then asked Scott if the calls are recorded? He said yes, they are. I replied GOOD because I want your manager to listen to this conversation. I then asked to be transferred to his MOD or a different representative and he said “NO”. It went back & forth for a good minute, me questing to be transferred to someone else Scott kept replying “no I will not do that” “no”!! the call took a darker turn and that’s when I felt threatened and Scott said “ I’m sending your account to collections as off today (5/3/19)!! I’m pretty sure that’s when I hung up and made a second call and spoke with a different rep Michelle. I proceeded to explain to Michelle and started to explain to me that $20.00 a month is not acceptable and they are procedures or protocol (one of the 2) by the Hospital. I stopped her and apologized to her and told her I am not in a state of mind to sit here and listen to this after I was just disrespected and threatened by Scott. She stated that the team leader Marie is not in, but she can transfer me to her voice mail. I left a voice mail and till this day team leader Marie has not called me back. I immediately googled the number to make a complaint, left a voice mail. A representative called me back and I gave her the whole story and time line so they can go back and listen to the phone call. Per the representative Mrs. S (did not get the spelling) was going to bring this to the Directors and have them return my call today (5/3/19) because no one should be treated that way. We are now on 5/6/19 and no one has called me back. I called the Cone Health Hospital experience number and left a message on the general voice mail, wanting a follow up call in ref to my experience with their employee. I also have concerns in reference to my account and what any disgruntled employee’s might do with my personal information. I have already made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, of NC. I’m completely disgusted in the way I was treated!! I’m not looking to get Scott fired, but feel that Scott should be retrained on his customer service skills. 5/7/19 I have not received any call from anyone, so I'm guessing this is the norm, truly sad!

Thomas C

Great services from the security all the way to the hospital staff. Very attentive and by far one of the better ERs I've been to. I'm from Lynchburg Va and was impressed on how caring the staff was here. Staff even came by to check on my brother as they were getting off from their shift.

Carolyn Gaymon

Been here 3 hours in the ER dept and still has not been seen. I know that there has to be a fast track. Need to be conscience of other peoples time.

Courtney Horney

If you have to go to the ER, do yourself a favor and drive to UNC or Duke. I am not an ER person but after having swelling in both legs and hands. And severe pain in my joints I finally decided to go in. The waiting room is large but they pack you into this small section of blue chairs for triage. Which, if your concerned about germs, not a good idea. After triage they send you out to the waiting room which you hope will be short but sadly was 6 hours. Six hours of sitting in a hard chair, rocking back and forth in pain. I declined the offered narcotic because I think it's ridiculous to just hand out that kind of stuff like candy. I watched many people put that drug under their tongues while waiting. If you want a quick dose of narcotic pain medicine then show up at Moses Cone ER! After finally getting back to a doctor, I spent another two hours and 750 dollars only to be given a water pill. The reason for the wait was supposedly that they had no beds. Well, I can tell you that theirs a whole other section to the one I was in that was completely empty. The place is mismanaged, dirty, and a pill factory. The nurses are nice and they offered blankets. By the way, 750, is with good insurance! Do your health a favor, if you can do the car ride, go to UNC, a teaching hospital! Your body will thank you!

anastaysiah R

I have been here for four hours for excruciating pain and I was in a bad accident and I’m pregnant. No one has even came to check on me. It is understaffed here, terrible service, no one lets you know what is going on or how long the wait is. It is very disgusting and ridiculous how they treat paying people! It’s now going on five hours. People that’s just walking in are going straight to the back while u have people who have been here for hours who are in pain like myself smh!

Roberto Godinez

I camme in with pain in my abdomen Waited in the er waiting area for 5 hours then I was told there was 2 persons in front of me, after waiting 2 more hours I checked again after seeing 4 people who came in after me get called I was told there were 3 people ahead of me... The lady at the desk was HORRIBLE did not like me asking questions. I left without getting treatment.

Jan Kellam

You should not sit in an Emergency department all night and still not be seen!! Maybe you need to hire more physicians and less people doing vital signs over and over again in the waiting room.

j low

Moses cone killed my brother now they trying to cover up his death saying he died of natural causes he just had heart surgery at Duke hospital and the doctor said he recovered fine and he won't have problems. Moses cone over filled him with fluids in his lung and his heart enlarged and he died we asked 3 times to send him to Duke and they said no we can take care of him.

Emily Holmstrom

The responsiveness of the ER team is top notch. The doctors and nurses are always wonderful and knowledgeable and always do the best that they can!

Carmen Reel

Waited 7 hours to be seen in ER last time I was there for severe dehydration. Wait was miserable and awful

Maria Lopes

Came to the er around 5pm it's now 11pm and I'm still sitting in the waiting area. It's horrible!!!

Debi Curl

below score is due to the emergency room department overuse under staff and that's not fair to the inpatient care that you do receive at Moses Cone hospital. I just had a total hip replacement and if it wasn't for my nurses Marissa and Chris working together as a team with the common goal my stake would have been so much worse. These ladies were phenomenal they got me to understand my pain management. We discuss the medications and advise that Rome was not built in a day and that really helped me understand my frustration. I was always having some say on my care which made my stay pleasant. Now, let's talk about the nurse text we have Laverne we have Heather we have Theresa Allison Nikki these ladies are the champions behind the scenes with the nurses. Big shout out to the nurse text when you're shorthanded and you have a lot going on state came in this room helped me do what I had to do always with a smile always with positive encouragement. These are the things that need to be up front when it comes to the reviews. I personally think there should be an emergency room review and a hospital review. I read the reviews and thought wow I was going to have the worst care because of all the emergency room, but I had the best care and these ladies are just not getting the credit. I feel bad that there is so many negative reviews with the emergency room department one day they will fix it.

Joshua Hale

The amount of time you have to wait to be seen is rediculos. I would rather travel else where then deal with them again this is not the first time I have spent hours in the waiting room but it will be my last.

James Sauls

Never been hustled so bad in my life. If you ever need to visit the emergency Department be prepared to wait for a very long time. Terrible!!!!

wendy graham

I am an RN with 23 years of home nursing experience in Greensboro. I have heard the bad and the good about Cone from my patients. Then in the summer of 2019 it was my turn. My husband waited several days to see if I would live or die while on the ventillator in ICU. He reported wonderful care and compassion from the nurses and the hospitalist physicians. There was only one nurse that I had a (professional) issue with. I did not complain but the next day the nurse manager, who apparently heard I had grumbled, visited me and took a full report assuring me it would be delt with. Wow. Three weeks and only one issue. I will go back to Cone next time!

Finch Jones

This place is fantastic! On December 12th I had an appendicitis and went into surgery 6 hours after I checked into the ER at High Point Med Center. Once I arrived at Moses Cone for my surgery I immediately was checked in for an emergency surgery and then was prepared for surgery. My Surgeon was Dr Shuaib Farooqui from the Pediatric Surgeon of Greensboro and he did a fantastic job! I definitely recommend Moses Cone Hospital!

Danielle Monk Monk

Waiting over 2 hours in pediatrics area. Where is the sense of urgency or are y'all understaffed. Like these are sick kids and you put certain kids before others based on how y'all rate the patient. So sad. I would of left long time ago. But since I love my child, and after working a 12 hour job, I have to sit and wait. Pissed off frfr.

tammy brown

cant help on time here and not right help family prices at all and dont do what tell whats wrong with you dont get all thats wrong with you at all

Sara Poole

We waited 10.5 hours and did not get into a room to see the doctor. We have been in other emergency rooms in other metropolitan areas and the wait to get into a room may be as long as three hours. One patient was there for 12.5 hours . Another patient said she had been to this emergency room on other occasions tbut had not had to wait as l ong as she did that day. But when my husband asked the nurse at the emergency room desk, if there was something that caused the wait to be so long, she said it was like this every single day.

Sandy Webb

Horrible experience with Occupational Health employee Daniel, seen in Occupational Health needed a referral to specialist and Daniel refused to make referral for me. Only reason for 1 star is no star is not an option. Doctors there were fantastic, must wonder if they know how their staff handles patients outside their presence. Would recommend going directly to ERYTHROMYCIN and skipping this unpleasant person.

R Berisha

I don’t want to be here any second but my son since I’m praying for my son help my son because the doctor Pedriatiku I don’t know her Name 5/14 /19 and 5/15/19 9:00 pm to 1:15 am they know her name all the nurses and no one came here because they don’t want to see their name o my god this is crazy they don’t care about people wow .

lotus.flower Cheatwood

I am new to the Greensboro area and I was not pleased at all with Moses cone. There was a couple of Pros, like checking me in getting my blood pressure done and blood work and urine sample. However after that they told me to go sit in the waiting room while a room become available mind you, I wasn’t feeling the greatest at all. I had my son with me. 2 hours and 30 minutes go by and no call for me. I kindly got up and asked the front how much longer until they call me. And the lady said We are on a 5 to 6 hour wait. I was sooo bothered. I couldn’t believe it. Most hospitals is at least a 30min wait and the max 3 hours but 5 to 6 hour wait. I’m from VA and the hospitals there like st Mary’s, Roanoke memorial Lewis gale and etc do not have you waiting. I was hoping for a better experience being new to the area. I will try and seek other hospitals.

Scott Beck

Waited in the ER for over 6 hours before being taken back. They don't care how long you have been there, they take patients randomly and out of order, even if it isn't a serious problem. Would recommend that you go anywhere but here.

Talb Mommy

This evening (10-10-19) I entered the ER with my daughter who was having severe abdominal pain. I asked several times how long it would be before she was seen and the triage nurse always said, “There were no rooms available”. “We had two traumas”. So all nurses and ALL doctors were needed for two traumas in the entire hospital. I asked if she could be seen on the adult side and I was assured it shouldn’t be much longer. There were several patients (infants and toddlers) that left because the wait was so long. We even saw shift changes.....I would not recommend Moses Cone ER pediatrics. For pediatrics go to Brenners in Winston-Salem.

Aaron Robbins

I have been in many emergency departments in my life time. On 12-18-2018 my wife was a patient at this hospital. This was the absolute worse care I have ever seen from a medical facility. We arrived at 2 am. Upon arrival the nurse told us they had an extremely busy night but there was only about 3 people in The lobby. We waited in the lobby until 545. The lobby was disgusting with trash all over the floor. I counted 6 vagrants asleep on the benches in the lobby. Once in a room we waited until 730 for another test that needed to be ran. Again the actual ed was a ghost town. I saw maybe 3 nurses and 2 patients. At 610 I went to the nurses desk to voice my complaint about how long we had been waiting. I told the nurse I had an appointment at Duke at 8am. The nurse behind her mumbled well you aren't gonna make it. The actual ed was littered with trash and food. I counted multiple nurses and or technicians playing on what appeared to be personal cell phones. I will never use Moses Cone ED again. I would not even take my pet there. I would not expect this type of hospital in the United States. The most aggrivating thing is I had to pay a co-pay for this aweful medical treatment not to mention what the hospital will bill me later. I put a 1 star only because I had to the hospital did not earn that star.

Danielle Reynolds

Tried to kill my grandfather. Told him he had two weeks to live and there was nothing they could do for him. Thankfully I am in the medical field and my family and I were able to look into treatments that could save him. The hospital admitted those treatments could help him, but told us they were not equipped to provide them. They were just going to let him die instead of transfer him somewhere that could help. Luckily we were able to transfer him to UNC where they saved his life after sitting in Moses Cone for a week deteriorating nearly to the point of no return. The nurses here also allowed him to develop a bedsore. Also, my grandmother is currently sitting in their ER because they told her she needed emergency gallbladder surgery or she would likely die tonight. She has been sitting in the ER for hours. They are trying to kill her too. This place is a disgusting excuse for a hospital.

Tomika Watkins

If you want to die go here. worst hospital on earth.

Angie Sink

I recently visited Moses Cone Hospital with a friend who had a bad experience. First it took 3 transfers before the permanent room was available. Secondly, once you leave the emergency room; they let student nurses do the IV sticking which by the way was a bad idea; there were problems securing the IV. As a result my friend has a blown vein in one arm. Third, some of the 3rd shift staff do not care to check on the patients at all. Pros there are some pretty good doctors and nurses, who work there and do an excellent job.

Kionn Williams

Do not go here for pediatric behavioral health cases. Much better treatment at Alamance Regional Medical Center

Melissa Carmona

My mom was here for over two weeks due to some surgery and was treated so so well by absolutely everyone. From the registered nurse, nurse technicians, doctors, and even the lady that came to clean her room every day. I hear a lot of people complaining, the truth is, probably those same people have never been to poor countries where patients have to deal with sleeping on the floor and dying waiting for medicine to be picked up from other hospitals. My mom was so grateful for how nice everyone was as well as receiving the best care she could have received. Apreciate what you have in this country. Thank you Cone Hospital.

B Williamson

Took my 1 1/2 year old daughter to the pediatric ER with labored breathing, cough, stuffiness, and chest congestion. We sat in the waiting room for over 20 minutes AND WE WERE THE ONLY ONES IN THERE. I had to go to the desk and demand that we be seen ASAP. I am a hospital pharmacist by the way. When we got to the back there was not a room available so we had to go to a triage room. RN placed an oxygen monitor and her oxygen was in the low should be 99-100. They wanted to give her oxygen. The nurse got a tank and some oxygen tubing. THEN a patients family member came into the room (HIPPA VIOLATION) and asked the nurse how to get out to the exit. HOW ABOUT SHE LAYS THE OXYGEN FACE MASK DOWN AND LEAVES THE ROOM WITH THE FAMILY MEMBER!!! We got patient relations involved after the visit. They offered to not charge us for the visit but I told them that the claim had already been submitted to insurance... The nurse was named Sara Jane....I dont think she is with Cone any longer. I would not take my dead dog to that hospital....I have 2 other complaints about this dreaded place that I will post later...

Jamaal Curtis

Yall always taking so long to let someone in the back of the room

Raymond Espinosa

Worst hospital in all United States america How is it possible a hospital with plenty of nurse and practicioners but very little to doctors. Some how shortness of breath and fainting due to lack of oxygen is not that important so Waite in the waiting room with trouble breathing for 5 hours Let's not forget wrong treatment how do u give someone sodium chloride for loss of fluids instead of addressing the breathing concerns Building full of retards More worried on billing you then treating you.

Michelle Purvis

Worse experience ever. Two RN; Brooke and Cricket are rude and unpleasant; will be calling the state board

Shakierah Gaskin

This hospital is the worst hospital I've ever been to.. I came in around 5pm with severe abdominal pains and they were unbearable ! I didn't get seen until 2am!!!!! When I was finally brought back to a room, I waited for another 2 hrs and I had to remind the nurses that I needed to be seen. I was given a quick diagnosis, and prescribed Tylenol and was sent home . All that time of waiting and sitting through pain for my problem not to even be solved and for me to be rushed out of the ER .

GS Auto

I am typing this with no pants on just a black bowtie and black socks. This is a great place to find bargains on receipt paper rolls and under socks.

Paula Wam

Took my friend here. She was experiencing excruciating pain in her head. Loud noise and bright lights were making her headache worse. We checked in and we waited for about 1h. They took us to the back and all they did was take her vitals, they sent us back to the waiting room. We waited for about 2 1/2hrs and we are yet to see a doctor. They are many other sick people in the waiting room and some of them have been waiting for 8hrs +. They have the WORST emergency room. The staff is rude, except one lady. There is a small unqualified little girl walking around taking people’s vitals in the waiting room. They need more qualified workers. I am not the one sick, but my only concern is someone could die in the waiting room. CURRENTLY: STILL WAITING TO SEE A DOCTOR.

Cristal Marie

I am currently writing this while sitting in the waiting room. My one year old nephew fell on his head and has a pretty big cut on the side of his forehead near his temple. He was bleeding alot and threw up twice. It took an hour for the nurse to see us only to sit us back in the waiting room for another wait of approximately 1-3 hours since all the rooms are full. The waiting rooms are pretty empty and the receptionist has had an attitude since we walked in through the door because we interrupted her "cell phone time". This is by far the worst hospital, there is always an extremely long wait and take no propriety on walk in emergencies. Ive been here a handful of times and each time my experience gets worse and worse. It is currently 1:18am .

Christine Barfield

Dad took mom there at 6pm here it is almost 4 in the morning and not only are they still there the staff has not offered them anything to eat or drink. My father is a diabetic and he had to get cookies out of the vending machine to bring his sugar back up. I even called the hospital and asked them to make sure he has something to eat for this reason. I asked them if they offer food to the ones that wait so long and was told that yes they do but nothing got offered to my dad. Mind you he wasn't the patient but still if you are going to have people waiting so long then you need to actually show that you have a heart. I go to Annie Penn which is part of cone health system and get treated way better regardless if i am a patient or with my husband. Cone hospital needs to take lessons from them in manners. Dont get me wrong parts I'd this hospital are great but the er is horrible. The nurse that answered the phones was rude as hell.

April Valentine

Great hospital from emergency room, surgery, ICU, RN, CNA, housekeeping , rehab, financial aid and food service. Extra special doctors. Thank you for everything.

Charles Pendleton

People are walking out because it's been so long. he told me he's been here since 1230 4 hours for my wife and no one is trying to extreme pain

Tonya Christian

If a negative star could be given I'd give them a -5.. My boyfriend has been here since 8pm, no one has came in the room to check on him. Asked for a snack at 4 am told no doctors order. Where's the damn doctor? Haven't seen one since he walked in. The 3rd shift nurses are very rude and they should all be fired. Lazy ash and will not do their job. I HATE THIS PLACE!!! Wouldn't dare recommend it to anyone.


There is absolutely NO urgency in this place. They will let you die before they actually check on you.

Ethan Glenn

My friends dad had a heart attack and was taken to this hospital. He underwent surgery and that went fine, it was what happened after that deeply disturbs me. The nurses spread false rumors about him to other members of the staff such as he cussed them out and things like that. They also gave him a large number if drugs behind the doctors back. He was given so many that he could barely talk and he could’ve over dosed. The nurses were more concerned with gossiping than actually helping this man. Honestly if his wife want there the whole time I’m not sure he’d be ok right now. UNLESS YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL.

Samantha Canela

If I could give the ER a 0 I would. Now don’t get me wrong I totally understand what it’s like working in the medical field and not everyone can always be pleased but today was appalling. My boyfriend presented with signs of anaphylaxis as a result of an awful allergic reaction and the EMS providers told us to go to the ER. I expected him to be seen ASAP considering how bad his reaction was but NOPE. After the first time he was seen/his vitals were taken we waited THREE HOURS. Thank goodness his reaction cooled off after he took an antihistamine however a nurse finally came to him only to take his vitals and he told there’s a lot of people in front of him (it’s not her fault or the doctors faults etc. I understand it’s a prepblem with the hospital as a whole and the way it functions). But imagine what could’ve happened if he hadn’t taken that before? It would’ve been far worse and I’d rather not think about it. This needs to be addressed and sorted to provide a safer environment for patients and allow people to be seen quicker.


To start off. This is the worst place you can go. Went to the ER because my father was urinating blood. Plus he was in very bad pain. Waited in the ER for 8 to 9 hours. Once in the room nurses was very Rude. And they just through my father out. This is BS Hospitals should never be like this. I also found it dirty and I have seen roaches in the hospital multiple times. I highly recommend to go somewhere else.....

Dale LaRue Bailey

Worse customer service. Worse phone reception attitude. Snipy receptionist. Poorly functioning volunteers. Long long wait for a room post surgery. Great valet service! Recommendation: look elsewhere

william mack

Bonnie Pruitt Hicks

I have waited for 7 hours in the ED I have a history of heart issues. Been left to sit in a waiting room with a ton of other people and they act I’m bothered! Who runs this place why do you not have the proper staff for the amount of people. This is sad and crazy and I pray you never have to experience what you have put so many threw. I came because my doctor instructed me. You are a thoughtless group.

Cindy Bunch

Every person, including nurses, doctors, and staff, we encountered during my daughter's 5 day stay was caring, kind, and professional. They also provided excellent medical care. I cannot say enough good things about Moses Cone and the folks on the 5th floor west.

Staci Belcher

The wait is ridiculous. They give me a pain pill to help with pain but I am already weak so it makes me drowsy too. On top of that been waiting over 7 hours just to see my results and my pain pill is wearing off so experiencing pain again. This has to be the slowest place ever. I am never coming here again. I will take my business elsewhere.

Tim Collins

I went to cone thinking that their ER would be quick being a bigger hospital. I WAS WRONG. I had a severe neck infection and was told to go to the ER if it got into my lungs, and it did. The first note that something was wrong was the guy yelling so the whole waiting room could hear that he had been waiting for an MRI for 10 hours. Couple that with the fact the people I sat next to had been there for 10 1/2 hours. After 6 hours of waiting I said screw it, who really needs to breathe anyway right? CONE HEALTH IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO MODERN MEDICINE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Tiffany Medford

The nursing staff is impeccable.


I was very disappointed with my experience. After the patients MRI, the doctor didn’t even come to the room to discuss the results, simply had the nurse bring discharge papers. She didn’t seem to care at all that the patient was leaving with no real diagnosis or care instructions. Just basically “oh well you aren’t dying today so it’s not my problem.” She seemed incredibly annoyed by my presence from the moment that I voiced any questions or concerns for the patients well being. She insisted that he take a “migraine cocktail” even though he didn’t have a migraine, and an anxiety med before his MRI even though he said he wasn’t claustrophobic. When he was discharged, he was completely drugged out from unnecessary medications and it was impossible to tell if any of his symptoms had gotten any better. I never even got to meet the doctor, his 5 minutes had already come and gone before I arrived.

Ewa Czajkowska

I have brought my friend to the ER , she had problems breathing shortly after her surgery. She waited for several hours in the waiting room, until she stopped responding to questions. I have asked the charged nurse 3 times to have her checked, and not until other patients started raising concern and we had to make sure she doesn’t fall out of chair, was she taken back. The nurse in the D unit was very unpleasant , had time to play with the EMS backpack and pretend she was able to carry it, but was offended when I asked if she could check on the status of the CT scan. I used to work for this hospital and my friend / patient is a nurse who also worked here. It’s super disappointing to receive that service at the place we called home.

Evan Sachs

I genuinely wish I could give negative stars here. I had to go in because of a shortness of breath due to my lungs and heart. The first day was fine, but the next I had an echocardiogram early in the morning at around 10. It took 6 hours to get anyone from cardiology to me after asking the nurse and doctor to get ANYONE several times, and the PA that came was one of the worst doctors I've interacted with. I repeated my problem and was told over and over the real doctor was coming soon, he was definitely coming. The other doctors promised the same, and then an hour and a half later someone finally came and explained everything. Even leaving the hospital was a pain, as my personal information wasn't entered well. I can't sign up with MyChart because it tells me my personal information is wrong, when I think I'd know my own birthday and social. I called the hospital and asked for a fix and was transferred four times and ended up back AT THE START of the phone call. I'd go get work done from someone in a back alley before recommending anyone to come here, as at least an untrustworthy guy with a scalpel will be quick when he says he will. I'm sure that I'll get the same response of "sorry you had a bad time, call here" that everyone else has gotten so please please please don't bother coming here, Even if you're having an emergency drive to Raleigh or Durham to get some quality care.

Iyoniah Teague

The worst experience of my life. The staff was rude and just didn’t care. My family and others have been waiting over five hours to see a doctor. Going to a hospital out of town or just riding it out is better than going here.

Nick Joyce

Having people in the hallway IN PAIN jus sittin around not being taken care of these nurses walkin aroun la dee da like everythings fine an it took 9 hours to get a dang room, literally the nurses I encountered were there only to do there "job", very sad what I seen today.

claudio calderon

Been here for almost 6 hours and only had vitals and a quick X-ray done Still waiting

Shawntae Davis

The worst hospital ever do not bring your love ones here they will die! We will be waiting forever, they were misdiagnosed you, The staff is really rude I don’t care about anything but their paycheck! If you really care about them to not take them to Des hospital

Derric jennings

Had great service at Moses Cone. Fast service in the ER even though the ER was busy. Had a great service in the hospital. The nurses where the best. Highly recommend if you have to go to the hospital.

Kate Hoyt Yates

My husband was admitted for a cardiac surgery and we could not have been more impressed by his many doctors, nurses and medical assistants. They were all kind, caring and genuinely caring. We were highly impressed with the entire procedure, hospital and staff

Christopher Keller

I went via the emergency room with chest pain. It was really packed, just before the hurricane, and it took 3 hours to get a bed in the E.R. They did the best they could under difficult circumstances and were very professional. Once admitted, the E.R. doctor, who was excellent, made an immediate referral to the cardiologist team. Those folks were quick and thorough. Had a heart cath done, where a 95% blockage was discovered and a stent put in. These cardio doctors, and the PA, were all outstanding. The nurses were also exceptional. "Rickey" was my cardio nurse and she was awesome. While I hope not to have to go through this again, I know that if I do, I will be in very good hands. Thank you to all who work at Moses Cone. You are a dedicated and wonderful group of people.

Cathy Shannon

16 hour wait because my aging mom had a healthy heart and was on bottom of list, plus hospital was full. Now 2 days later she has pneumonia and is fortunately being treated in her own home, after seeing pulmonary doctor.

Eric Prince

Hospital is the place you can trust. Re-writing my review since my last looked very biased and was attracting negative attention. Anyway the place here has a very structure way of doing things. Things that could be improved is parking. Other than that I do see this place having great staff that are very patient with everyone. It takes feelings of stone to work as a doctor and be able to take the emotional stress of a large hospital like this.

Ken Pittman

Disappointed with the doctors in there. Just because i sound a little better they discharge a person before the person feels or is better.

Monsha' Ervin

It’s Easter Sunday, I’ve been waiting for more than 4 hours, and really tired of seeing the same nurses walk around running their mouth and standing around the nurses station when they have patients waiting, my nurse who drew my blood was a sweetheart, but the lady who took my temps wasn’t so much. If you see a patient in pain why ask them to keep getting up to throw things away ( u have on gloves , the trash can is closer to you). A young lady sitting near me has a fever and a very bad cough, yet she said no one offered her a mask — still waiting

mila smith

Unhelpful and rude stuff. THE SLOWEST hospital to ever exist. Been in waiting room for going on SEVEN hours and still have not seen a doctor. There are so much larger cities that get people in and out quicker. You could literally die in this waiting room. These people do not care about you, only about billing you an excessive amount of money. Save your time and go to High Point Regional where you can get in and get out instead of being put on hold for hours upon hours. At High Point Regional, they actually care for their patients and the well being of others. Moses Cone is the absolute worst. It is SHAMEFUL how they treat their patients and how the staff handles things. If they know that they are continuously busy, they need to invest into more space/more staff/MORE SOLUTIONS rather than just to tell people who are sick and in pain that it’s going to be SEVEN + hours minimum before you can be seen.

Kenny Quick

This place is the worst. I have been waiting for 7 hours and 30 minutes. Staff is rude and unprofessional. How can you say that you provide medical services, But make someone who is in pain sit and wait for 7 hrs.

M Dawson

Billing department is "HORRIBLE". we paid a bill on feb 28, 2019. and they continue to send late payments. I submitted a copy of the receipt paid and they continue to state the bill was not paid. requested to speak with a manager and they refused to provide a name or number!!!!! providing 1 star rating for extremely generous

SharonLA L

This hospital was the worst I've ever been in my entire life. My mum had a banging migraine and she had a temperature of 99 degrees mind you in Fahrenheit and also a high blood pressure. We got there at 7 in the evening, few minutes later she was called in for blood work and after that we WAITED FOR 5 HOURS, even in my country Nigeria that people claim is underdeveloped, I will never be in so much pain and uncomfort and a nurse will act like she cant see me. We waited and before we left we talked to this stupid lady at the desk that could she at least get some over the counter medication for the headache and the cold, she refused and said no until the blood work comes and mind you the nurse that even asked her questions saw her body temp and we also asked her for some quick pain reliever and to reduce the cold and body temp she refused as well. What is a hospital if you don't get immediate attention?? We even went to the ER.. We left CONE HOSPITAL AT 12 am in the morning without getting any medical attention no attention from any medical practitioner. I was very bitter and very upset because America claims to have the best health care system.. are you kidding me?? And it's not even free it's a big shame.. people were lying all over the place with no medical attention! This should not be normal, it is highly unfair to treat people this way. I hope karma deals with all the practitioners we came across that day. And I wish I could give less than one star

Lawana Trotter

Had the best possible care at Cone hospital from Oct.3 to Oct.7,2019.From the start in the emergency room to my stay on 3rd.Floor.Cardiac Unit!Everyone from service from cafeteria..ones that kept my room clean.I did not want for anything!Everyone made my stay very comforting.Thanks to all of them.I would not go anywhere else and get this kind of treatment from each person I had contact with.Love to all who cared for me and made my stay a happy one even though I felt so bad.

Debbie Dalton

This was my 3rd trip to the cath lab and 6th floor - I love everyone and they really all out to make me comfortable. Thank yu all - you know who you are Patrick, Jim, Alexis...all of you!

Laura Hay

My mom has numerous, reocurring medical issues and has been in and out of hospitals for years, so we've seen quite a bit of Cone. Overall, we've all be very pleased with the medical care. They have some outstanding doctors and nurses. The nurses in particular are usually very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. The biggest issue at Cone is the speed of service in the ER and ICU's and with pharmacy. If your family member is in critical care (as my mom has been a few times) then they get them right in and taken care of. If the problem is less critical, then it can take awhile to receive care. However, I think it's important to note that they are usually always very busy, so I figure the delays are for that reason. It can also take a long while for medication to be dispensed or for something to clear pharmacy as well. (Not sure why on that one) But we've been pleased with quality of care. Mom has had some difficult and challenging medical dilemmas, but the staff always did their best to figure out what was going on and provide the best care they could. She also had a brain surgery at Cone and had an excellent surgeon and nurses for that as well. While there have been some sub par staffers and instances, overall the staff is great and service is as well.

Connor Corbett

Waited 7 hours to be seen. It was around 3 am before I was actually called. I had to walk laps around the room of ill patients to even stay awake, which was extremely painful. I was referred by an urgent care so that's the only reason I went. Only if you are on your death bed would I recommend here, one of it's benches in the waiting room very well could end up your deathbed....

William Po

I havent been there but many hospitals part of same network. Another Moses Cone group hospital has a popup warning appear on admittance screen that warns if you only have medicare for my 85 year old mom. Nurses warned her ER doctor of this - I overheard them. This is the deciding factor I believe of what treatment you receive. My sister has worked in Billing dept. All Moses Cone Group hospitals use same software.

Football boyzz

Was there at 10pm and The wait time was awful, I was there a total of seven hours. The triage was wonderful but the acting RN at the check-in/registration was absolutely the most dispositioning, unpleasant human to be in a field that deals with the public daily! When I was finally taking to the back the staff literally showed nothing but sarcastic concern and acted as if they needed to prove their control. Oh did I mention I was released at 6:15am and that was because I asked for my release papers.

K.H. E****

Had outpatient surgery recently. I arrived at my appointed time and things went smoothly. After admitting I was promptly taking back and prepared for surgery. The staff was fantastic and very professional and courteous. I felt like I was treated with respect and my whole experience went very well. A few weeks prior I had come to the emergency room and was also treated promptly and with respect. I can only assume that as people if you are treated with respect and treat others with respect things tend to go much easier. Would recommend Moses cone hospital to anyone and feel comfortable and confident upon returning to the hospital for future appointments or emergencies.


Worst experience ive ever had. Got there and checked my girlfriend in at 10:50 whom is also 30 weeks pregnant. We are still currently still waiting, havnt taken anyone out of the 10 people that have been sitting here with us for the past 5 hours. Obviously this place needa shutdown if they cant even take care of their patients. If you are so understaffed that you cant find help anyone why are you even open. This hospital is trash! Employees more concerned about cracking jokes and gossiping. There has been three ladies just standing there talking and telling jokes. We see where our money goes to, lots of staff that dont know what they are doing but atleast they can tell jokes!

Leah Chalmers

I would give Moses cone a higher rating but I can't. I done been to this hospital a bunch of times and met a bunch of nasty rude staff members of this hospital. I remember wen I was in the hospital for 3 days I had an IV in my arm my arm got irritated as if they didn't put it in right. I tried telling the nurse about it and she acted like she didn't care. I went off the deep end and I told her to get the hell out my room an I wanted the IV out my arm asap. So they took it out & try to b nice to me again.but I felt like they weren't doing their job right.u sit in the ER they take their time to see u like it's not that important to them because their not in that situation.careless an pathetic. How about get some people that actually give a damn about people in that hospital that come up in there seeking help for their conditions. Don't ignore them or go by the severity of the condition. The ER is too damn slow for their own good. And once they get u they rude. Need to be some changes to some of these hospitals

Diana Skellington

Honestly if you want to get checked out and have a pleasant experience the best time to come is 10:00pm. They have been so kind and caring the whole time I've been here.

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