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Vanity Jackson

I was sent here because i was hit by a car they had me waiting over 3 hours only to hand me some damn ibuprofen. A man next to me kept sh**ing his pants and all the cna on shift refused to change him. that was so inhumane they had the man just sitting in his feces for hours which can lead to ulcers and a lawsuit but no one cared. If you want to die this is the perfect hospital to go to because these people get paid to do nothing.

Sophia Zayas

SBH Health Systems saved my grandfather's life. My grandpa had a heart attack while parking his car and he was taken immediately to St. Barnabas Emergency Department where Dr. Celaj the head of Cardiology waited for him at the entrance. He was taken urgently up to Cardio Cath where Dr. Celaj saved his life from a massive heart attack. I thank the staff at Cardio and the nurses on the ICU floor. My grandpa is with me as healthy as can be and I thank St. Barnabas for their adequate attention.

Rajiv Ramjas

Duck this hospital and all the immigrants doctors

LilShawny Shawn

The worst hell hole there is

Annaiiz Ceballos

Been waiting 5 1/2 hours for testing results and discharge it almost 5am been here since 10pm. The doctors didn't ask or look for my niece until I asked for her discharge papers. They had no concern. Her blood pressure was extremely low she should've had an iv, when my cousin realized that's when they decided to put an iv after almost 3 hours she was there.

Natalia Canchola

You sick people let a 15 year old boy bleed out to death outside just steps away from your emergency room.thats unbelievable he didn't wanna die and you guys failed him.

Nawrin Tabassum

Worst service ever!!

Lois Greene

The worst in regards to the emergency department. The wait was so ridiculously long.

michelle thomas

Love my hospital SBH

Tynisha Simmons

I had my gallbladder removed here the surgery doctor was great the only thing I didn't like was the residents trying to put a iv in my arm he was moving the needle everywhere in my arm luckily I have a decent tolerance for pain their was blood everywhere once he finally found my vain my vain was stinging he had to take it out I was In a lot of pain their all I have to say is Dont let the residents do to much with you if your having major surgery also I didn't like the separate shower was somewhere in the hallway we had to share it with everybody on the floor I think that's horrible the nurses are lazy Dont like you calling them to much breakfast is OK but lunch dinner your better off not eating lol

Tinyvette 1

(Translated by Google) Lousy service I went to emergency and last from 2:07 pm until 7:00 pm waiting for my turn. (Original) Malísimo servicio fui a emergencias y dure desde las 2:07 hasta las 7:00pm de la noche esperando mi turno.

Frank Cooper

I remember I was there bow tell her I say was 13 years ago and got my parents came to see me every single day now I'm doing fine and I'm doing well I'm working on other things but I'm mentally in a good place

Tanasia Shante

This place sucks, please don't risk your life going.

Jose Ortiz

Its like a roach motel u go in but u don't know if ur coming out almost didn't make it out twice never again it should be knocked down and start from scrach

gertrude jones

Had a scary experience due to my son's injuries. The doctors and staff at this hospital are great. They were caring and understanding to all of our needs. I am forever grateful. Thank you

Steven Ortiz


victor Lopez

Alex Goins

Why were police just standing around watching Junior pass? Why didn't the nurses that passed in the surveillance video turn back and help him back to the hospital, or call them and tell them what was happening? Why did it take so long for help to arrive to Junior outside of the hospital? Why were the cops that were on scene not more involved in this incident; they should'v tried. These are the people protecting our children?? These are people we are supposed to trust with out lives??


YOU LET JUNIOR DIE IN FRONT OF YOUR HOSPITAL. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE HOSPITAL how can you let this 15 year old boy bleed to death after he ran what was he supposed to do if he couldn't make it to the door!!! he was right in front of security and you couldn't pick him up and take him inside!!?? what a disgrace of a hospital and i hope all of you get shut down and fired . throw the whole hospital away 0 stars don't go here !

Mohamed Salem

I preferred to stay on the side wake instead of a bed in this hell, they lift me dying and other patients helped me.

joisy martinez

Freddy Garrido

This Hospital stinks, they don't have a phone operator to answer calls. Unbeleavable, you have to leave a phone message to call you back and they don't do


I was born here and when I was sick they made me feel better

Ajay Suman

The hospital has improved dramatically w new hires and a new outlook

Jades World

Justice for that 15 year kid

Tyler Eufer

The worst experience of my life. Had to go here after a late nighttime head injury. Would avoid this place like the plague.

Tito Rodz

Ray Bethune

My son was at the emergency room this morning. He informed the nurse he had to use the restroom. The nurse roll her eyes at him for asking to use the restroom. That was totally unprofessional. I know New Yorkers has a tendency to be rude. However, if a person shows up sick or simply shows up for whatever reason. A person should not be treated disrespectful. Also, during that time, a security guard was cursing patients. All of the above is truly unprofessional and disrespectful. Such actions should never be tolerated when dealing with sickly people or the public. These are people that truly hates their job and should be looking for another job.

Edwin Aponte

One of the worst I have seen.

Jessica Boggs

No one caught my child as I gave birth despite me saying, "This baby is coming. It's coming" they didn't have anyone even check if the head was crowning yet. No one looked down there any time after triage despite my comments and the obvious fact that I couldn't help but push. So my baby was born onto the bed. They also sent my husband to the waiting room so he missed the birth!! When I am an 8 in triage, you do not send my husband away! I am extremely upset that they did this especially since I asked multiple times for my husband to come. Our experience did not get any better from there. There were so many nurses and people coming in and out of my room and I never knew who was my nurse or who was my baby's nurse or who was the nursery nurse, etc so when I asked the wrong nurse about the wrong patient, they seemed upset that I would ask them something that isn't their job. They wouldn't listen to me about my feeding desires and concerns . They push breastfeeding at the expense of the baby. I even had a nurse walk out while I was mid-sentence telling her my concerns. I am not exaggerating. Things about the building: it is old and dirty. They clean it, but it is an old and dirty building. Something wacky was going on with the heat and cooling. It got so hot in my room I felt as if I was in a sauna. Then it got so cold in the room. There is so much more of the details I could share, but let's suffice it to say that I will never go back to this hospital nor will I ever suggest that anyone go there.


you guys let a CHILD die in front your hospital. he ran while blood was gushing out his neck to the hospital thinking you guys would rush him straight in to the hospital which keep in mind was ACROSS THE STREET but no, y’all let him sit on the sidewalk dying in front of the nypd that were trying to ask him questions instead of saving him.. if you guys were actually doing yalls job and doing something, JUNIOR WOULD HAVE MADE IT.

Ethan rivera

Never ever again er room worst in the Bronx they ripped my arm back out damaged my Spine. And discharged me in 6 hrs

Jakob Schadner


Rina Wyatt

Gud help

sherill everhot

Not a good place to going Doctors are horrible

Jose Hidalgo

Back service.

Samantha Lawrence

Worst hospital I ever been

Selania Paulino

Horrible experience. Came with extreme pain, wait 2 hrs I started crying and a nurse gave me a pill which caused me stomach pain since it was empty. Walk out after 3hrs of being in real pain without a doctor see Me.

Raps 26


James Fresneda

Excellent work. Magnificent patient care.

Michelle Almond

Worst hospital ever. My mother has been there for four months. In and out of ICU. Multiple infections due to lack of care and left for days with wounds leaking because the one nurse who can change her bandages is unavailable! How can a hospital have only one person who can change a dressing. If you are poor and have Medicare or Medicaid you are not worth their time.

Ami Picazo

The wait is usually long in the ER room.

Youssof Nadiri

They drew blood from me against my will and left me with an infected scar on my arm a month later. The nurse didn't even bother to wipe an alcohol swab or bandaid over it afterward. I am afraid to go back there and get hurt again. God help me heal please.

new 14

Hate it

Magaly Ortiz

I've been going to this hospital for many years and my parents also....from cancer on and always, always, always my family and I have been treated kind and respectful. their are a lot of homeless people that go there but bendito where can they go. it's sad to see them but thank God for St Barnabas hospital that takes them in no matter what! keep up the good work. more hospitals should care about the homeless, helpless also

DeVaughn Morgan

I'm still here waiting with my kids so they Can be seen since 9:30pm may I remind you they was just hit by a car... So why am still waiting...

Yomally Melo

This is a absolutely TRASH HOSPITAL they do not have no medical room to examine children’s is super dirty, I took my son with high fever vomiting and running nose, they didn’t done no type of blood test or influenza test to check on my 3 year old son. All they did was gave him some medication to bring the fever down. And they send me home with a 99.9 fever on my child, but yes they did diagnose him with the influenza without testing him. They main entrance looks like a place for homeless with all those drug addicts and bums sleeping in there. This is ridiculous that NYC has those type of hospital

Alfonsina Collado Infante

Rude staff, surgery was suppose to by 7 am then they said 11:45am bc its along process, then come a nurse to say they waiting to start. Ooh and for parking u got two nice black man that wont let you park even if u are a patient. They was very rude.

Sarah Bezuidenhout

This is where lesandro Guzman-Feliz also k ow as junior bled to death when he had to run a whole block, but no one helped. RIP Junior #Justiceforjunior

Samuel Jimenez

Paul Santo

So far these people are being very nice... It was very hard to find. No markings on the building. I had to ask 4 clueless Security Guards....

Carmelito Santiago Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Good good. (Original) Buena bien.

Nelly DM

(Translated by Google) So far, I had good experiences in this hospital. I can only say thank you for your attention. (Original) Hasta ahora e tenido buenas experiencias en este hospital . Solo puedo decir gracias por sus atención .

Michael Jordan

The worst hospital in NYC, a man died in the waiting room, and since his death services haven't improved. The staff is uncaring and incompetent you have to be somewhat educated on your illness or your at the mercy of it's ruthless staff.

Uriel Martinez

Victoria Gomez

If there was a zero I would give it. Their customer service sucks, the wait is super long for no reason. They call the same people name over and over with the waiting room being empty. Usually when it's a child they should attend even faster but they take the same as if it were an adult or like someone with no issues at all. People please don't do it to yourself. Don't visit this hospital.

Juda Best

My father was admitted there and when my mother informed the nurses that he was complaining of feeling more pain and discomfort around his whole body they totally ignored them for up to 30 minutes. By the time that the nurse came my father was unresponsive and it took 20 minutes for him to wake up. They did not know why this happened or what they were doing. The nurses and the doctors do not know how to comunicate to each other in following up with a patient.There is miss communication and lack of responsibility on both doctors and nurses. One thing is for sure and that is that wether you come out of that hospital alive or dead the doctors and the nurses will still get their pay check. So, if you have a voice you must use it to complain when things go wrong there and make sure that these doctors and nurses listen because otherwise they do not care. Sick patients need to be treated with respect and great quality of care in a diligent manner. If you are a health professional in that hospital, were is the love of consideration that you should have towards the sick people? This hospital needs to change for the better every day! Shame on the President, administration, doctors and nurses for doing a terrible mediocre job!!! If you are sick do not go to this hospital or any hospital that is mediocre. Just get up and leave because that is your right. You do not have to be in that hospital just because the ambulance took you there first. Complain about your situation and demand better care or just pick up and walk out to another hospital that will take care of you the way that you need to be treated. Patients have rights. Know your rights as a patient. Remember the hospital is there to serve you and the community.

Kim Q-L

Do not go unless you want to die. i had a severe yeast infection with alot of swelling and burning it was at a 10. They wanted me to wait 2 hours on top of the 2 i waited for triave with no medication. i couldn't take the pain i had to take a cab to montefiore hospital.

Mandjee Sannoh

That place needs a visit by the department of health, it's a shame to call that place a hospital. The lack of professionalism by the staff is a disgusting I watched as they spoke to the nurse manager with disrespect when she came to try to "help" me. She then disappeared never to return. The state needs to do something about that place ASAP before it claims more innocent life.

Ibrahim Martinez

This place is horrible I went with my spouse to the emergency room and I was flabbergasted, I waited 4hrs to be called -3hrs to be seen by a "student doctors"- another 3hrs for the results to come in- 4hrs to be released. 14 hours just to find out everything is fine.

Pablo Avila

I love this place because is fast to do everything


Me recuerda a Junior

Neville Miller

Working at st Barnabas Hospital is very satisfying in many ways. I get to interact with many different cultures and I'm exposed to all kinds situations in the emergency department, that keeps all the nurses very busy, in all it's a great place to work.

Adalverto Gonzakes

pues esta padre donde vivo



Vanessa Rivera


Adriana Salazar

More about

Artur S

Had worst experience ever, bad hospital , bad service , etc... yet they charge you like other places for a fraction of what other hospitals offer.

Eric Salazar

How can you guys not help a poor kid begging for it, this hospital really a disgrace.

priscilla soares

Just horrible.

Christopher Vergez

a 15 year old bled to death on your premises , may his soul Rest In Peace. The lack of URGENCY shown was beyond most people , Your institution is an utter disgrace..

Darlene Peguero

My exsperience was horrible. I dont recommend this hospital at all I believe we all have hurd bad things but I thought within time they will upgrade care more for patients sins they do have a high postion wear a uniform not for fun but to saves life etc. Maybe the hospital just needs to get shut down. This was a scary threatning moment to my life and my daughter. I went in to the emergency in extremely high pain (walking funny) because as a mom I new it was coming my baby was coming . The nurse I had that evening had a nasty attitude and was no help what so ever who ever is in charge of St.Barnabas is not on top of their staffs and the whole health team. My point is the DR. Sent me back home in extreme pain they couldnt call me a cab they made exit the longest way out . The only reason i picked this hospital to give birth was because of the jacuzzi and i wanted to try it out instead they sent me home 2hours later the baby came out in my house . I basically had a home delivery . Telling nurses and Dr. Something isint right you just can't discharge me i went back to the bed to lay down something wasent right but the nurse comes you gotta get up we discharge you already. Like what? Are you serious .. Very disapointed and dont recommend it at all!

Isabel Hernandez

I sometime like it because I was born there

Andres Meran

Horrible. When i arrived with my mother pregnant and bleeding they just sit her down in a regular chair for like 2 hours. Then, when she finallay got a bed we had to wait for like 8 hours just to get a sonography. Nurses were slow as hell and personel was careless.

Glennys Ortiz

(Translated by Google) That hospital is a hospital healthy kills arrive early with pain leave you the whole day time bienen time go worst and seen in my life are people who do not care about your situation when you call to see what's happening ignore you just tell you come back and spend time and nothing are people who have no ethics that should not serving people are more and animals are treated well are not know what to call good run poorly and salts worst features and eyes that get into that slaughterhouse nurse touched me made me a mess pulling my blood did not know how to get the tube and blood watered because of filled orrible and when I said that this did not tell me I had time doing the job I can not imagine me how many people are ruining are intesponsable have spoken badly neglected inexperienced have nothing but compassion for outside because ay necessarily put a crash to comment not give him a star or deserve nothing ✨ 0 (Original) Ese hospital es un hospital de mata sano llegas temprano con dolor te dejan el día entero hora bienen hora van lo peor que e visto en mi vida son gente que no le importa tu situación cuando llamas para ver que está pasando te ignoran solo te dicen que vuelven y pasa el tiempo y nada son personas que no tienen ética que no deberían están atendiendo gente es más ni los animales se tratan así son no sé cómo llamarle bueno llegas mal y sales peor cuenta y ojos a los que se meten en ese matadero la enfermera que me tocó me hizo un desastre sacándome sangre no sabía ni cómo sacar el tubito y la sangre regada porque lo sobre llenaba orrible y cuando le dije que así no me dijo que tenía tiempo haciendo ese trabajo no me imagino yo cuántas gente está malogrando son intesponsable he inesperto mal hablado descuidado no tienen nada de compasión por uno sino fuera porque ay obligatoriamente que poner una estrellar para opinar no le diera ni una estrella ✨ no merecen nada 0

Laila Sky

Horrible horrible horrible. Why are you still open? You guys help no one. Make us come on our timed appointments to have us wait for hours for a five minute visit. But let me be 1 min pass the 15 min grace period and you can't see the patient whether pregnant or not. Smfh this hospital only cares about a check at the end of the day not about the ppl at all. Sickening just sickening

Ss H

the absolute worst experience of my entire life

Ryan Abraham

Lee Jane

i had two incidents at this hospital , This has to be the WORST hospital in the state !! im so tired of this hospital . The first incident is when i came in for n appoontment and i did come 20 minutes late due to the train delays , i explained to the doctor what was going on and why i was late , the front desk receptionists were okay and understanding then they were trying to contact C.wilson , i believe she is a GYN doctor and after repeatidly trying to contact her , she finally comes out very fustrated and i just explained to her that all i wanted were my results ,& she came out into the lobby shouting out my results , which is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL !! i go to school and iam in the medical field & shouting out someones results even if it is negative , you are NOT allowed to share their informtion . i spoke to the director & hopefully shw addressed the situation . The second incident is now iam in the ER and i have been waiting since 11 o clock for my results bc iam having chronic back and breast pain and my mother who is disable , we were told to leave the room after my examination nd we were not giving seating and there were multiple patients standing nd bc of my back pain i have to sit down . My mother had to go back out into the waiting room and iam currenty sitting on the floor waiting on my results , This hospital is a sad case . but i will leave everything in gods hands with these lazy ass nurses and the people who run tgis hospital should be ashamed of themseves as well , no one has offered me a seat or anything & i PROMISE I WILL BE CHANGING MY HOSPITAL . & i RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL TO NO ONE !!! i pay for my insurance , & i deserve better & so does anyone else that needs care !!

Stormzy Storm

you didnt take in junior :(

Stephanie Grullon

It's a dirty hospital and the staff are no better

Diego Torres

(Translated by Google) shit (Original) un mierda

Cindy Charlot

Saw the doctor only once. Didn't see her till hours later. I was in so much pain, they have me epidural twice and still nothing. The nurse kept saying, I don't see any contractions on the screen. Why is she in so much pain. Turns out that my water had already broken, Noone knew. I couldn't tell because of all the drugs. And the baby was already there trying to push out. But the nurse kept telling me not to or I was going to hurt myself. Wasn't until hours later that they finally called the doctor and she said why wasn't I already pushing. She could feel the baby's head. My blood pressure went up due to the fact that I needed to urinate but couldn't as well as the baby crowning. It's why the nurse couldn't see the contractions on the screen. Worst experience ever. And I have 3 kids already.

Genesis Muñoz

Slammed my finger so hard my nail accumulated blood under it and my finger was palpitating. Couldn't write since it was my dominant hand, and was offered no help to fill out registration paper. Had to register since it was my first time there and took their time even though they saw that I was in pain. Sat down got called to triage, nurse took vitals AFTER helping a coworker make a dramatic scene about not being able to take off her own bandages from blood being drawn (there were about 3 other nurses available to help her). Sat down again for a couple more minutes and was called again. The different nurse was preparing to to take my vitals again, when I told her that it was already done. Had to wait for the triage once again. Told a different nurse I would like pain killers since my finger was hurting. She said ok, and told me there were 11 in front of me. I was willing to wait. I started getting upset when it took her about 30 minutes before I reminded her about the pills. Asked registration if I was billed yet so that I could walk out and they told me to fake cry so I could be attended. I walked out once I was given the pills and a fresh ice pack. Not worth it. By the way there was a guy who was there way before me and when he confronted the stuff about newcomers going in before him, the triage lady said that he's got 3 more people in front of him and that he should just wait even if newcomers were going before him. Ridiculous.......

Bexsan Maestre

Sucks ass

Mikey Montero

This place is evil

Serena Best

5 hours I've Waited for the doctor to call me

Inessa Mack

Literally the worst hospital ever. They make their patients in the ER wait over an hr to be seen and once they're admitted, they have them laying here for long periods of time. The bathrooms are disgusting. Feces all over the toilet. Bad experience for my mother.

Yeniffer Encarnacion

Glennys Abreu

No idea how this ER is even opened. The worst service any human being can get. If you’re in pain or need immediate assistance please disuade from going there. I went in yesterday (Wednesday night) and it took at least 3-4 hours for them to call me/examine me. The place was total chaos, no structure and definitely NEVER EVER will be going back. “This doctor” was going to perform a GYN, told me to take off everything below the waist and just left me in the room for almost an hr, alone and NALED. HELL NO! How uncomfortable can it get?

Steven Quinones

This places gets no stars, had to put one to post this . Two hours and counting still in the emergency waiting room. This is the last time I come here to this hospital.

Bonni Millions

They were horrible towards their patients. Doesn't know the meaning of patient privacy. Rude nurses and dumb doctors.

Ahmad James

The staff is extremely rude, called the dental department to make an appt. And was on hold for 20 minutes. I will take my business elsewhere.

Life with Baby alive

I'm sick so I can go when I want to go

David Jimenez

Worst hospital in the bronx...its that simple

Claudia Velez

Hostility was amazing, technical team five star.

Zoraima Rodriguez

It seems unreal that in 3 years the quality of St. Barnaba's Hospital had receded 20 years. The condition of the hospital is detrimental, including the patient's care. Staffs are just uncaring, unintetested, nurses and doctors as well. The seven hours that took to be seen by a doctor was very sad and painful. It seems that I will be saying good bye to a hospital that I had once loved so much. I am so sorry for the community.

Abena owusu

friendly and nice workers, you feel at home because everyone is friendly which creates a good working environment. Also employees work hard to achieve higher satisfaction of patients.

Damian Rowgalo

I honestly rather pass, before coming back here again

geraldine severe



That hospital is the worst it's dirty and some of the nurses staff are rude

Sharon !

It is horrible. We had to wait 4 hrs in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to call us. There weren't many people where waiting. But I've been here multiple times. But i think its best to take a ride in the ambulance because they call much more faster.

Alaine I

Their billing department must have incompetent illiterate workers or they use a horrible billing company because on 2 occurrences they've sent me bills on services my insurance covered AND paid for. INCOMPETENT!! And my billing problems seems to have been resolved...almost 2 years later.

Doris Rodriguez

My brother in law was very critical thanks to Dr Vera and the staff at icu he has come along way thank you guys for all your care and attention .

Wach 172

24hr emergency dental


Why did you allow JR to bleed out? Why was there no sense of urgency? Why are functionaries just standing about in the video? Why was there no hesitation to help someone showered in their own blood? What kind of emotionless beings(because theyre obviously not human) do you have working at this establishment? What is being done to reform this institution? How am i able to contact your superior? When did you pretend to extend a hand to this dying child? Why are you still in business? Where did you learn to be stonyhearted and a medical institue at the same time? so that i may go ask them a few questions too, #JusticeForJR Pathetic Excuse for a Hospital

ana peguero

Worst hospital in NY they would let you die here and not only that they dont provided good costumer seevices, the sloppy asf doing their job acting like you own them damn money smh

scorpio 890

hospital has improved quite well since the past couple of years

Lex T

Your facility from reading reviews and seeing your pathetic staff pass by a dying boy are trash. Being on or off duty y'all still have an obligation to help. I hope you get a complete overhaul of your facility and every poor excuse for a person gets fired. Did they not want to mess up their scrubs? Like seriously scrubs are meant to get dirty. Now their faces and lack of action will forever be circulating the internet.

Joudary Vargas

Staff don't care, went in there because I was getting an asthma attack, first I had to fill out a form then wait to be registered, then wait to see the nurse to determine if I was indeed having an asthma attack, then they take you inside and you have to wait another 25 min yo receive your first tretment, never in my life will go to this hospital for any reason, never been to a hospital were you have to wait when you have asthma.

Marian Rock

My 90-yr old Aunt with dementia was kept in ER for 36 hours. The only way anything got done was for me to scream - not my usual way of handling situations. This hospital should not be a Trauma 2 hospital

Magdalena Hernandez

alpha production


Stacey Casas

This is the worst experience I’ve ever had EVER in any hospital. I checked in to the ER a little before 11pm and I waited there until after 7:30am and still wasn’t seen by a doctor. 8 hours and 30 minutes is way too long to be in the emergency room! I went straight from my international flight home to their ER because both of my feet were swollen and looked like balloons, and I was worried I either caught something or had a severe allergic reaction to something. From the time I was there the swelling moved not only from my feet but to my legs as well. I even developed a rash! And yet, nothing! I had to repeat my condition to 4 different people and still nobody took me to the back for a checkup. I even had a nurse walk by and comment on how bad my feet were, and still nothing... I finally left at 7:30am because I knew City MD would be opening soon. I went there and was immediately treated, they sent me to Montefiore hospital to get a Stat Ultrasound done because they were worried I had a blood clot. City MD and Montefiore were both amazing!! They actually showed they cared what happened to me. I was a person to them. Because of the lack of professionalism and caring shown to me by St. Barnabas hospital, I will never willingly step foot back there again, and I will tell my friends to choose another hospital instead, preferably Montefiore!!!

Ivan Martinez Nieves

Worst emergency room ever. Had to wait for 6 hours and nothing. I left. The city have to check this hospital.

Alexander Ojeda

Michelle Ramos

I was well taken care of i cant say anything negative about the hospital for it being my first time there. Yes it took a while for me to be discharge but its because im pregnant and they had to make sure that me and my baby are fine before they can send me home my doc was very caring and polite.

Cowell Hayes

alright, so far

Karen Rivera

In the emergency room with my son right now we have been here for over 8 hours, my 28 yr old son has extreme right side pain and swelling from back to front, he was given some morphine and just left untill the nurse moved him over to share a curtained area with an elderly female and took his small area over to increase area for another patient... I want to sign him out to take him to a hospital closer to home where he can actually get some medical attention- if It is an appendix and this hospital let him sit for over 8 hours we will be seeking legal assistance... I understand overcrowding in city hospitals, but when I see nurses playing flirting games with each other while their patients are crying in pain it makes me furious, There was only one nurse this afternoon that was working hard. His name was Alexander, sorry but I wouldn’t take my dog here...

Pedro pedrohernandez0880

(Translated by Google) very well (Original) Muy bien

Chael Veloz

(Translated by Google) Never in my life had I seen such a bad hospital like this yesterday was to check a finger that I have incarnated at 3; 50 I arrived at the hospital and it lasted until 1 o'clock at night and they came to attend at 10 o'clock and the doctor who treated me a Jew , he put an anesthetic on my finger then said I'll be back in 2 minutes and that two minutes will be 40 minutes or longer and after the anesthesia was gone I stopped and I told someone by the doctor and he went crazy that then I had to put more anesthesia two punchons more and it comes and it only cuts me out blood and now the finger is the same or worse I cry desperately I just ahy in that hospital and I am pregnant and nothing nisikiera eat one was horrible Ahy can see the photo of the hospital last night and that was worse today and I left the skin of my finger ahy same lebantado and did not know how to remove or cut me the corner of the nail (Original) Nunca en mi vida habia visto tan mal hospital como este ayer fue para chekear un dedo que tengo encarnado a las 3;50 llegue al hospital y dure hasta las 1 de la noche ne vinieron atender a las 10 y el medico que me atendio un judio, me puso una anestesia en el dedo luego dijo vuelvo en 2 minutos y eso dos minutos se convitiendo en 40 minutos largos o mas y ya la anestesia se me habia ido luego me paro y le digo a alguien por el doctor y haci volvio el loco ese luego tubo que poner mas anestesia dos punchones mas y viene y solo me corta me saca sangre y ya so la uña el dedo quedo igualito o peor yo llore desesperadamente yo sola ahy en ese hospital y yo estoy embarazada y nisikiera nada de comer le dan a uno fue horrible Ahy pueden ver la foto del hospital anoche y eso fue hoy esta peor y me dejo el cuero del dedo ahy mismo lebantado y no supo sacarme o cortarme la esquina de la uña

Rhianna Valentin

The worst hospital I have ever been to, I can't imagine a hospital being any worse then this one. When I called with several questions I was told something completely different. The way they treat the patients in the ER was inhuman, I'm pregnant and they were passing food around in the ER at lunch time and I wasn't asked at all if I wanted any and I had been there since 3 am.. so NO breakfast NO lunch. I've noticed the staff on the unit do not enjoy there jobs they look absolutely miserable, the receptionist don't know what they are talking about and will pass you along to all different extensions. I honestly would rather die in the road then go in there for emergency care!! The passing Civilians would be a better hope of saving my life then the staff here

Carlos Colon

They are good

Vraja Swoboda

Gave birth there, and have been in the pediatric ER several times. They can get swamped, but the Doctors themselves are very caring with good bedside manner.

Brittany Mullen

Experience was horrible very dirty sink in bathroom was not even working no working fountains the one and only nurse in pediatric emergency was very rude service was extremely slow ended up leaving and taking my child to another hospital.... And the nurse was treating patients with no gloves on

David Diwby

I just got out of SBH after 5 days for intyetnal bleeding. Started in the ER, went through endoscopy, radiology, ICU, and their regular observation wing. Each department was extremely professional, caring and compassionate. Every Dr., nurse and tech we're superb at their job and because of them I got through my illness and was able to go home to my family. All my follow ups we're set up by the staff and they fully met all my needs. When the ambulance came to get me that night my girlfriend was like " nooooo. Not SBH. They are horiable. But I think my exsperiance there has even changed her mind. All the staff their we're great. I don't have enough good things to say about them. My condition was life threightning and they did not stop until I was healed. Thank you to SBH and all it's staff.

L Don

This is a disgusting place it's a disgrace people working here have a lack of empathy. they treat patients like they are in a prison you have 3 to 10 hours to be seen by a doctor.they have no heat in waiting rooms while every working in the back has heat it's just sad how people are treated.....


Ummm...very poor hospitality. I waited all day. I missed a day of work and school sitting in a waiting room with OLD people. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MY LEG IS STILL BROKEN.

Rich H

One of the best trauma centers in the Bronx.

monica martinez

Horrible place!!

Danielle Mceachern

This was my first time going there. I had to go to the emergency room and it was filthy, i am not sure what the rest of the place is like, but I didn't even want to sit down to get my asthma treatment. The nurse was really nice and I had fast treatment, but they sent me home with the wrong medicine. She got both of my asthma pumps wrong after I told her which ones I took. They said I have to go back to the emergency room if I want the correct meds, I decided to take the chance and wait for a doctors appointment at another place. Hopefully that will not be too long. They treat the homeless nice and I think that is great, but in my opinion it really needs to be cleaned and they need more janitors to make sure that it stays clean, and they need to make sure they give the right medicine. I should have checked but I was there from 3am till about 6am I was so exhausted.

Karla Rodriguez

I took my baby and she was seen right away, the staff was very nice & took great care of my daughter. I loved it

Alrick collins Sr.

Underated because of its location, but is very accomplised, and has some great staff, fro diewctors to janitorial.

Julio Greene

The staff was a little rude but they did their job at least. I'd go again if I had to.

Dwight Simmons

Needs a lot of work. Not my first choice for care.

Leaveadislike ?


Edwina Rivera

Was forced to give birth here because it was the closest hospital to my house and baby was coming FAST. Absolutely horrible experience. 1) The room was filthy and in order to shower I had to share a PUBLIC bathroom with all of the other ladies on the floor 2) If God forbid there was an emergency the nurses move like snails AND if you ask them for anything they act like it comes out of their pockets 3) When they drew blood from my daughters foot they bruised her whole foot going up to her ankle. God knows how rough that nurse was. And to top it off they're sending me a bill for 2,000$ when I have INSURANCE that covers it all. Never again, worst experience ever.

Jemima Brown

Great care from L & D staff

Pamela Shields

Terrible Terrible Terrible service, staff are all practicing, don't Go in case of emergency.

Lulu DeBlanca

important, read all of this post: security here attacked me and forced me to stay in the hospital and checked me into psychiatric inpatient when i showed up into the emergency room with glass shards in my feet.. the ambulance driver falsified his reports... they are a bunch of losers... also all of the staff have english as their second language, yell "HUH?" in a weirdly annoying way, and the psychiatric doctor who is a short woman is seriously dumb and condescending. check out my freaking youtube. i would not voluntarily do business with these individuals and i suggest anybody to whom this message applies files a civil suit as well as complaints to the appropriate medical authorities. again, their security staff are obviously former violent offenders or perhaps unhinged vets, and committed physical crimes against me. also, they stole my phone and "lost" it.

Johanna Jimenez

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention (Original) Excelente atención

Cristo Garcia


Sodely Paulino

This hospital is very bad

lisette leonor

Lisa Mecarthy

At hospitals people deal with other peoples life. And here I could see the difference between the staff members who came here for another day at work, and the staff members who came to help people and to save life. It is all about the attitude. 5 Stars to those who honestly want to help, 1 star to the staff who count the seconds to go home.

Maria Perez

(Translated by Google) They did not take care of Junior, a 15-year-old wounded boy who asked for help in front of the hospital bleeding to death, and they did not give him the help he deserved and needed, they lost a lot of time to help him. He did not deserve that and you failed him. (Very bad). (Original) No atendieron a Junior, un chico de 15 años herido que pedía ayuda en frente del hospital desangrándose hasta morir, y no le dieron la ayuda que merecía y necesitaba, perdieron mucho tiempo para atenderlo. El no merecía eso y ustedes le fallaron. (Muy mal).

Leonor Lopez

Anthoni junior vite

Ahmad Shoib Qazizadh


Gess Nunez

Gabbrielle morgan

Worst hospital ever. Dirty. staff rude.

Jeanne Cancho


Google User


Enriquillo Munoz

Excellent services the doctors and nurses are very well, but the elevator and some areas of the Hospital have to be fix or chance, I think that is time of chance the elevator and put new floor in some area.

Meli 180

Horrible got hit by a car on Jerome Ave . Was sent here because it was the closest hospital waited 4 hours and then started freaking out nobody checks on you or is even around . Started to demand results or help or some type of diagnoses got so angry ripped everything off of me and walked out nobody even cared. Had to go to a different hospital for MRI and x-rays . I told them I'd rather die outside in the street than ever go back to a place with non- existent help.

Belle V

I had a VERY bad infection growing and they gave me Xray and Catscan just to tell me all was well, being under that impression tge infection got so BAD it ate away at my joint where Montifiore spotted 4days later and i had to undergo 2 surgeries in same spot. Never coming here again and that was my first visit.

DuVaughn Swanston

Worst hospital in the Bronx don’t waste your time.

monique cooke

I was a very bad experience. I was there because i my stomach was hurting come to find out that i needed surgery . When an ignorant nurse put in my iv blood leaked ALL over the place and then a couple hours later they sent me home after i told them i still wasnt feeling good. I came back less than 12 hours because of the pain and they mess up my iv twice. The only good thing was the nurses. The worst ever!!!!!!!!!

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