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you guys could’ve did a little more to save junior smh...

Justin Greenaway

Nicole Farrell

They have some caring nurses and doctors. But they will take you off the board for the slightest little things. I was there tonight from 10:00 pm till almost 5:00 am and they took me off the board for the slightest thing. I saw a doctor got medication and was just waiting for my discharge papers. The doctor said I went outside too many times


The worst hospital my husband went here with a deep cut He needed stitches for 8 hours we were waiting in the Waiting room before he was seen

Osirah Ma'at

Horrible Experience!!!! been sitting here 2 hours!!! no one came to see me yet and on top on that the nurses are so rude!!! DONT EVER COME HERE !!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Worst hospital I’ve ever been in

ashley trinidad


Dennis Larios

Jennifer Sosa

Jose Olivo

Stephen Wight

Worst hospital ever! Their slogan should be "Health Care at a Snail's Pace Guaranteed" Absolutely horrendous! Save yourself the headache and never bring any one you love here and if any one you love talks about coming here I strongly advise you talk them out of it!

anthony me

Has to be the worst hospital in this country. A 15 yr old kid had to run across the street thinking he would get some kind of help there if he made it to the entrance but instead they let him bleed to death right in front of the hospital entrance in front of the security booth. God be with you if you are misfortunate to have to seek treatment here.

Jonah Trill

They don’t answer the phone when you try to reach a patient and take forever to transfer you. Worst hospital I’ve ever had to deal with.

Brynell Brown

Hu Hi

Yaulina Martinez

Worse damn hospital , no professionalism , no type of communication , went in with my infant and after waiting an hour just to register the lady at the window while seeing a line for an hour decided to not take anyone and sent us somewhere else, I ended up having to argue with the people in line because they decided to form the line differently to skip everyone . Always a issue in this place.

jesse jones

This hospital doesn’t even deserve one star. Cruel and inhumane the way people are treated here from what I’ve heard. Disgusting

Donna Glover

They do need restructuring but did save my life

Joseph Eisner

I've been to Monti mount siniad and I would of never ask for sbh but they saved my life


Rude receptionist, slow slow slow waiting time. Don't come here if it's an actual emergency.

Jada Delgado

Wouldn’t even give this place one star...patients are bleeding out in the waiting rooms...just seems like there are bodies everywhere. Blood on the floor..My grandmother was left for two hours without anyone including the doctors knowing what to do with her. Patients are walking around barefoot on the most disgusting floor I’ve ever seen. Dirty sheets, doctors and nurses not sanitizing their hands after meeting with patients. Disgusting I feel like I’m in a war zone

Max Ameur

McDonald's give better and friendly services than this place Don't ever go here

Kingdao 187

Jacqueline Bazemore

I only hit that first star so i could do this. This hospital's rating should be -0 that's how bad the service is here.

nikki green

Worst hospital in tje world please dont come here please i am currently sitting in the emergency room for almost 6 hrs and countin3 for a stomach ache i cant believe they get paid to do nothing best job in the world i bet

yordi fernandez

fidus yalezett

Wish i could give this God forsaken garbage( not a hospital) zero thumb for allowing a young man die outside without any help what so ever. They are all going to pay for this heinous negligence sooner or later.

emily Bachant

Francine Washington

Went to tge the ER after fainting and having headache... The staff was very efficient and informavtive. So very grateful for that. My only grip with this ER is the inhumane way that people are placed in the back there was no privacy and place with three man around me. And one was asked to change into a hospital right in front of me. I was also told by a staff member I could be there up to eight hours hour. I was very uncomfortable so I left. I would like to thank to the triage nurse that made sure I was taking in a timely matter and the doctor who was on her job... Plz get fresher sandwiches when some has to eat


If you are not dying, look elsewhere. i sat in here 6 hours with a rude inconsiderate staff. My son waited for an xray for almost 4hours while they played in their phones and searched the net.

J. Serrano

My sister’s partner ended up in this hospital because she was in a car accident nearby. I couldn’t tell you what was more frightening with this experience, the accident, the lack of service in this emergency room or the patients that wanted to attack the doctor and nurses for their lack of interest and attentiveness. So many things happen in the 8 hours we spend there. I think the only friendly faces were the technicians and the security guards who were always amicable. All the doctors were on friendly terms with each other laughing and joking and talking about personal matter but failed to listen to their patients. One of the doctors was even having her breakfast while we constantly asked her for pain medication or the progress of the additional x ray since they did not do the first one correctly. My sister and her partner arrived via ambulance to the ER at 8:45am and it took over 4 hours to get pain meds (only Tylenol), and she was terribly hurt. She served this country and suffered several injuries in her knees, were she had 6 other knee surgeries performed on both knees, so her pain medication tolerance was high. This was communicated to the nurse and the doctors. One of those surgery was only 3 month ago. The doctors did not prescribe anything in the ER instead waited for her to be discharged to prescribe her muscle relaxer and pain medication. In the process of waiting she was screaming in pain and no one assisted or checked in with her. This was the worst service we have ever received at the hospital and we constantly at the VA due to her surgeries and physical therapy. The space was also limiting and no one was directing anything unless you can advocate for yourself, we spend 2 hours in an unassigned space out in the open. This was only fixed by a technician that saw us trying to accommodate my sister in law to pee, in her words “this does not look appealing to pee here out in the open”. So, she squeezed us in an area with a lovely older lady. The pee incident was also a challenge for us since we asked for assistance from the staff. I asked the nurse to help us facilitate how she can pee either by proving a wheelchair or crutches so we can escort her to the bathroom, and the nurse blatantly said for her to walk to the bathroom. When I told her, she was in pain and could not stand up, the nurse lied and said she saw her walking earlier. I told her that was impossible as she arrived in an ambulance. At the time her x ray had not come back and we were not aware if anything was broken. Since I did not want to further engage with the nurse I ask for an alternative, to give us a bucket. This was also a problem as she didn’t even acknowledge me and ignored my request. I had to assert myself several times and my sister had to raise her voice for her to pay attention to my request. If you are not in a life threading situation I suggest you go to another hospital since the lack of excellence, diversity, respect and integrity is dreadful. Our negative experience was not only with the nurses but with the way the doctors treated the patients. Most of the doctors only sat in their areas doing “paper work” no one did rounds on their patients at all. The only time the doctors started to look busy and assisting patients was when an older gentleman arrived in the ER, everyone got off their behinds and started to work. As soon as he left everyone was back to doing “paper Work” at their space. The doctor kept referring to my sister as my sister in law’s friend. They need some seriously cultural competency education; the lack of social awareness is dismissive and appalling. At one point they kicked all visitor out of the emergency room since a patient went ballistic for lack of care. He kicked one of the doctors so everyone was asked to leave and wait outside.

Tracy Cabibbo

The surgical team at St. Barnabas was fantastic! I had a great experience. Thank you!

Missy Mv

Danielle Mceachern

Came by amulance with a high fever and wheezing from my asthma, (there were two legionnaires disease cases in my apartment building, so there was the possibility of me having that) EMT expalined everything to them, they sat me in a chair. I sat there for over 45 minutes, but because my fever was so high I got up because I was afraid and wanted to go to another hospital that may move faster. I did not know what was wrong with me and i did not want to Gamble with my health just sitting there. I did not want to leave without saying anything because they would be wondering where I am, and that would have been rude of me, so I said it very clam "hey I'm just letting you know that I am leaving" The nurse turned around and she yelled at me and said "if you want to leave you can leave! It's not your turn" I just said I understand and left. I cried so much when I was on my way to the other hospital you do not treat people like that. I understand they were overwhelmed because there were a few situations where the patients were being violent and security had to be called but that's no excuse to speak to a sick person like that. There is too much going in the Emergency Room, they have their hands full with way too much, trying to help and control people who have addiction issues, disorganization seeming to go by who came first at times instead of emergency, seemingly very short-staffed I have never seen anything like it. (They also gave me a name band with the wrong name on it, I had to tell them that was not my name, they said it was the EMT who gave them that name, but i do not think so) The next hospital I went to saw me right away! Put a mask on me, took blood, and put me on the asthma machine within the first 10 to 15 minutes of me being there there. I thanked them so much for their kindness they were so shocked at what I was telling them. I pray they figure out how to re-organize so that their workers can have a less stressful environment and so that their patients are able to have the fair treatment that they deserve. Maybe they need to have a specific section for people who are struggling with addiction, so that they can have people who are actually qualified to help them when they come into the ER. They should not be with regular sick patience that is a very nerve-wracking environment yelling and cursing and hitting people security being called it was too much.

Doris Bonilla

Stuart McPherran

karma menzel

I'm reading these comments on here about people saying the hospital let Junior die but the boy was gonna die anyway he was cut in a main artery in his neck there was no way he was gonna survive he lost way to much bleed they try to save people lives they don't make miracles happen only good do sorry so it was not the hospital fault. May he r.i.p but on the other hand I gave birth to my son there in 2015 and it was not a good experience I must say I will never recommend no woman to give birth at this hospital.

Leaveadislike ?

This is not a hospital,they let our Junior down

Nardia Sharpe

Princess 02

Michelle O

They let a young man die right across the street from the front door. No one can outside to help him. This has to be the worst hospital and doctors I’ve ever seen in my life.

Belle V

I had a VERY bad infection growing and they gave me Xray and Catscan just to tell me i was Okay. 5days later i went to Montifior and they gave me same procedure except i had to go for 2 surgeries in the same spot because i was under the impression ALL was okay. NEVER going here again and this was my FIRST visit.

Natalie Rodriguez

This hospital needs to be shut down. Would give zero stars if I could. They leave people laying in their own feces for hours and will literally forget about you. Monitors going off 24/7 they don't care. Pretty sure people have died there cause they ignore it

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