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Monserrat Play, Laugh and Grow.

The front desk staff were not friendly. And the doctors appointments are so far and when finally I could see the doctor, it wasn’t how I spectated.


Overcrowded, unsanitary, rude staff. Proceed with caution..

Meeches Thomas

Front desk staff is very very rude. Unprofessional, bad rapport and no kind of good customer service skills at all.

Dekota Waller

Despite the friendly staff (with the exception of the very rude intake nurse), this was a long and miserable experience for me and my partner. We went to the ER after he had been experiencing complications with his eye for a few days. It had gotten so bad, that he began losing vision. He registered rather quickly, but then the waiting began. We sat in a room waiting to see a doctor or nurse for over 2 hours. Someone apart of the staff noticed that we'd been waiting forever, and she went to let a doctor know what we were waiting. We were forgotten about. Finally, a doctor came in, gave a lame excuse as to why we were waiting for so long, and he did what should've been done hours before. He then leaves us, yet again, and tends to another patient. We waited some more, then a nurse came in to give my partner eye drops to alleviate the pain, and we were then told that we'd have to wait another hour for an actual opthmologist to come examine him. An hour and change passed by, and finally someone came who knew what they were doing. She diagnosed my partner right away, ran through treatment with us, and here we are, still waiting to be discharged. Total time in the ER for an examination that took 10 min: 5 hours and 15 minutes and counting.... Don't come to this hospital unless you plan on dying before you get help.

Carmen Echavarria

Worst emergency room ever!!!!!!!! waited 4 hours and they didn't even looked at me

Unicorn Cat

my whole family goes there

Manuel W


Guadalupe Merchan

(Translated by Google) Emergency is a disaster, the entire HOSPITAL is clearer, if you go to the emergency room to be treated, they take time as if you had nothing. If you entered at 4 pm you will leave the next day at 1 in the morning, because they want to "take exams." In addition they tell you not to worry, they don't have anything, they give you 4 Tylenol and since it is done with the primary doctor. And the exams that you did? Where are you called to know about that, and there is never such exams. How beautiful if we knew that our primary doctor will see us right away, we would go to them but that is not the case, they tell you "the next appointment is for 3 months. WHAT !!!! I do not understand why if one makes an appointment with the doctor and they tell us that there is an appointment within 3 months, and the blessed doctors also do not attend after 3 o'clock. How beautiful to know that, then the people who work will have to die because they don't like to work. And the same is the same as the MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL, they just wait for one to be on the verge of death, for them to do something, what a pity it gives me attention in these hospitals. (Original) Emergencia es un desastre, más claro todo el HOSPITAL, si te vas a emergencia a que te atiendan se demoran como si uno no tuviera nada. Si entraste a las 4 pm saldrás al siguiente día a la 1 de la mañana, por que ellos quieren "hacer exámenes". Además ellos te dicen no se preocupe no tiene nada te dan 4 Tylenol y ya que se haga ver con el doctor primario. Y los exámenes que te hicieron? Donde están uno llama para saber de eso, y jamás hay tal exámenes. Que hermoso si supiéramos que nuestro doctor primario nos va a atender en seguida, nos fuéramos donde ellos pero no es asi el caso, ella te dicen "la próxima cita es para dentro de 3 meses. ¡QUE!!!! Eso no entiendo porque si uno hace cita con el doctor y nos dicen que hay cita para dentro de 3 meses. Y además los benditos doctores no atienden pasado las 3. Que hermoso saber eso. Entonces la gente que trabaja tendrá que morirse porque ellos no les gusta trabajar. Y igual es el HOSPITAL MOUNT SINAI la misma cosa. Sólo esperan a que uno está a borde de la muerte, para que ellos hagan algo. Que pena me da la atención en estos hospitales.

Fernando Piñero

This hospital has BY FAR the worst OR staff I’ve ever come in contact with. The scrub techs for the most part, with exception of maybe one, are the WORST of the worst, have attitude problems, act like they don’t want to work, and are just plain nasty. Unfortunately they also have very thick accents, which I don’t mind but then they get agitated when asked to repeat themselves. They wouldn’t know what’s sterile technique if it hit them in the face. They are USELESS. At least the surgeons are very capable and professional, and doctors seem to also be very attentive

John Sommese

Hard to believe how caring the people are who work here. Inspiring.

Connor Hicks

This hospital has literally the smallest ER waiting area that I've ever seen. The staff don't seem to care or go beyond whatever their job description happens to be. The waiting area in the ER is dirty. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.

mamadou Barry

Metropolitan hospitatal has cared for me since i was born. I am chronically ill and metropolitan is always there to help from the ER to my regular doctor. And the nurses are some of the kindest out there.

Ng Fook

This is funeral home, and when we were applying for the death certificate. we realized the name on the death certificate is incorrect. we called the hospital for correction. The administration office refused to change it because they did not want to. I will not recommend this hospital.

Slawomir Ratomski

This hospital is dirty and disgusting. Everywhere you go there are dirty used needles all over the place and empty drug bags. The food is tasteless. You don't even have a shower or a private bathroom when they keep you in a ICU room. Most of the staff I have dealt with are mean and just don't care about their patients. A lot of homeless people also sleep about in the lobby and stink up the place.

Bill G

After many attempts by me and my Therapist from Interfaith Hospital in Bklyn to see as to my receiving Treatment here in Manhattan , closer to Home I finally get through. They have the rudest phone personnel and misdirected my call 8xs.. Only to be informed to come in at 8am and sit all day as their intake process apparently is meant to trigger nothing but one's possible worst reactions.. needless to say I will NOT be seeking their Help and hey avoiding answering direct questions as to said treatment by them. Also spent hrs reading the reviews here on them and they ain't not a one positive... Don't waste your time with this place :(

Drake Matson

Loved passing by on the bus during the holidays

Random Long drive

The worstest hospital in the NYC, Laziest satff ever, Never again this hospital, Make America great again!!!

Moises Queiroz

I just came to visit a friend and there was nobody at the information desk for over 20 min... I couldn't do anything but wait.

Gowri Ramachandran

Jasmin Ramos

ONE star because it is needed to post. This office is disorganized, not helpful, and no one there seems to be on the same page as the next person in the same office. The staff there are extremely dismissive, barely listening to the person as they try explaining their situation. If the staff has become so desensitized and cynical they are no longer productive at their job and should therefore be dealt with accordingly. It is a bad decision professionally to have someone as the face of your office when that person is so rude. I have a year left in services that I can receive and due to this disgusting display of blatant lack of common courtesy I have chosen to forfeit the services just not to deal with the infuriating employees that WIC/Metropolitan deem fit to address those seeking help. Completely unacceptable and I am sure NOTHING will be done about this.

Reuben Detiege

Samuel Owusu-Sekyere

Very courteous staff!

Sandra Mejia

Scott Day

They were extremely professional and polite towards me.the facility was clean

Klau Any

(Translated by Google) Disgusting the way all receptionists cater to

Gary Broughton

Metropolitan Hospital I wouldn't send my Dog there. Majority of Nurses and Support staff was incompetent, Rude and Lazy. There were some excellent Nurses and Support Staff. Most of the night staff was either on the phone, sleeping or eating the patients food (no joke). I was there 3 1/2 Weeks. I was discharged with serious ailments, I didnt have when I was admitted. There were leaks and mold and dust. They had sheets laid out to soak up the water and and just left them down gathering mold. Just a heads up. Enter @ your own risk.

Rosa Rivera

(Translated by Google) This is one of the best hospitals because my daughter was born there, and there is excellent care (Original) este es uno de las mejores hospitales porque ahí nació mi hija , y hay excelente atención

Roxanna 2006/7

I can i say... it's the worst hospital

Juan David Live

Friendly environment

Gordon Boreanaz

Went in with a cold that was a dirty infection. Eww! The ER doctor I saw had a heart of gold and was caring and knowledgeable.

Kaled Ali

Not a bad place, when considering that this is one of the only major hospitals in the area after Mount Sinai. However, this hospital lacks so many basic amenities that other locations such as Bellevue have. It seemed to me last time I went that doctors were not aware of what is going on with patients and the nurses double as the receptionists.

Kenneth R Jones.

Just love it best hospital in the world thank you very. Much. NYC nys10029/5788

Isabel Echevarria

They keep you waiting to long just a virus and we here for 3 hour

Sandra Gonzalez

I've never said I di slide the place gyn treated me well also I was born there my son to and my 2 sister an 1 brother I think very highly of metropolitan hospital gi've them a 10

Veronica Azeh

Working night shift

Carmelo Lopez

Al Shannon


Bamboo Leaves

Born in this hospital

Starcitys Starcitysm

Awful hospital. Not the best care and makes everything difficult.


(Translated by Google) Metropolitan hospital is better than bronx care. This hospital is very good:) paisas (Original) Metropolitan hospital is better than bronx care . .Este hopital es muy bueno : ) paisas

Aiqin Chen

I spent $1,300,75 on an implant here last August, and the frame fell off in March this year after it had been installed for two weeks. It was a loaf of bread that was eaten in the morning. The toothframes were glued to the bread. It was a bit disgusting. I asked the doctor what was the reason? Doctors often conceal the truth, saying that the material of the dental frame is a problem. I have repeatedly stressed the need for professional doctors to help me see a doctor, and the hospital is arranged for interns to show me teeth, in March the toothframe fell off, or did not attract the attention of doctors, still arranged for interns to see my teeth, until July, my gums have been inflamed and did not improve, I asked for a professional doctor to see a doctor, the clinic did not agree. 。 So I asked the hospital for a refund. Because of the intern's misdiagnosis, my implant was seen in other clinics. The doctor said he dared not take such a mess. I am very disappointed about the attitude of the hospital after causing injury to me. I said I don't want to continue to see a doctor. It's only a month or a year away. I can't do a good job of denture implantation. I haven't brought a denture for such a long time. It's conceivable that I hurt other teeth. Please help me figure out how to deal with it now. This matter. Thank you. Welcome to give me valuable advice.

Ana the wolf

I'm trying to make an appointment a month ago and they tell me they're going to send an email to the hospital and nobody calls me it's the worst service people die waiting for an appoiment that's worse hospital in NYC


DONT EVER GOT TO THE ER time they see you, you will be dead. The customer service is bad most of the staff are nasty. This is a place where they send students doctors to work out all their kinks and mess up before going to a real hospital it's like you are their test dummy so if they mess up it's okay. Patients care is not their model. If u sick you better go to mountain sini

Bettina E

I was there yesterday. It took FIVE hours to have blood drawn, have my BP taken, and pick up a prescription. I asked to see a doctor, and was told I had to either make a separate appointment (which would be three months later!), or go to the ER even though there's no emergency. I'm convinced any problem will either go away on its own, or I'll die quietly at home before anyone at that hospital could be bothered to help me.

al king


Kel'lez Unleashed

The pediatric residents move very slowly, it doesn't matter weather it's busy or not, you will wait.

Johanna Medina

Very disappointing with the service. My mother had an appointment today with a Gastroenterologist. Her appointment was at 3pm and she was seeing at 5:30pm. I find it unacceptable for the staff not to advise the patients the doctor is running behind and instead they are sitting there texting. I understand doctors run behind sometimes, but two hours for a follow up visit is just too long. I advised her to look for another location.

Tomfrank Tomfrank

This is a city hospital that can deal with trauma well. This place always seems crowded. The emergency room is packed and feels like your standing in a dark dingy room waiting to be called to see a doctor. The rooms are multiple patients and this hospital feels like its seen better days. I avoid going here if possible

lao López


Joris Gomez

NICU NURSES AND DOCTORS ARE AWESOME.. They Took Care Of Babies Like They Were There Own!! Best Department So Far!!

Denni Z.Lopez

Hospital Sucks

mergirl2000 Dunne

Super speedy in the emergency room

Jreyes_ Jeinny.reyes

(Translated by Google) It's terrible that I do not advise hospital (Original) Es pésimo ese hospital no lo aconsejo

Kassandra Torres

My experiences here were always excellent. The staff who've attended me were so kind. They were always so helpful with any questions and concerns I've had... Treated me so well all the times I've been there. Everyone there were very friendly. No other hospital I have been to compares to this one. I highly recommend this hospital to everyone. For me this is the best hospital out there. They really make you feel at home.

Carmen Quinones

Awesome. Treatment was fabulous.

Katerine Gomez

I was pregnant and I was treat it over there but I have a complication bleeding thru my nose during the pregnancy and went over there so they didn't care enough and make the bleeding worse son after 2 days I got transfer to bullevue

susana galindo

Terrible experience I don’t recommend this hospital! The service is horrible...

Vinayak Budhiraja

9. Name the optoelectronic device used for detectin 9. Name the optoelectronic device used for detecting optical signals and mention the biasing in which it is operated. Draw its I- V characteristics.

lindsay dickerson

You have to wait for months to get an appointment, and then you'll sit in the waiting room for hours because the doctor is always running late. Everything is worn down and the floor staff is kind of rude sometimes. BUT ITS A PUBLIC HOSPITAL AND YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I don't have insurance and I see a doctor for $15 and get all of my prescriptions for $2. If I have to wait forever and deal with people who don't know how to deal with people, that's fine by me. Oh, and the pharmacy is "pay what you can" - doesn't matter if your pills are $1 or $100.

Ruth Toro

I don't suggest to go to the ward in this place. They lost my stuff and found it after one and a half weeks. Also, they gossip too much about patients and it's annoying

Kayla Flaherty

Staggeringly bad care. Do not go to this hospital if you can avoid it, go to any other ER in the city.

Ben Mitty

(Translated by Google) Thanks Obama, top hospital. (Original) Thanks Obama, top Krankenhaus.

lein golibriz

Good service

Tarek Shaath

Old hospital, but a lot of movies are filmed here!

Cindy Banegas

They was a excelente person with te pacient

Renee Green

A group of 30 people have been waiting for medication at Metropolitan Hospital Pharmacy for hours. People went to the window many times complaining constantly. For at least 40 minutes no one was called. Some people waiting mentioned that they were psych patients and they got pretty aggressive and agitated. This situation is potentally danagerous. The HH services has gone to pot in NYC.

James K

clean place !!!!! glad i went there ,,,,,,,,

Anna m

I called for a Rx refill for a customer & representative in the operatator department talks to me like im not a human... & called me dumb for asking if it's possible he can help me i would of understand if i was rude but i was not i did nothing but ask professionally ... when i asked him to treat me like a human i am that was so unprofessional he goes oh well now im not gonna attend you.... & hung up !!!! all because i asked for help !!!!! this was absolutely uncalled for im calling from a pharmacy imagine how they treat customers!!!

Marc Duarte

They forced me to under go a medical procedure in order to get pain medicine for a bus accident. They didn't feed me my entire visit, no excuse. In staff bickering, no rhyme or reason to medical protocol. I am worst off after treatment than before I came to Metropolitan. Doctors aren't very helpful, show for show.

Jaslynn Gonzalez

Been dere all my life luv my hospital born and still go to the hospital everybody knows me on the fifth floor on both side 1`st ave and 2`nd ave

Lethicia Matos

this was the worst place I've ever been a whole my life. I thought that public health in Brazil was terrible until I came here and wait for 7h per service!

Juan Hernandez

(Translated by Google) I like how they serve me and also speak Spanish for me is excellent. (Original) Me gusta Como me atienden y Ademas ablan español para mi es exelente.

Morte Morte

(مترجم بواسطة Google) في حين أن العملية برمتها لغرفة الأشعة السينية والتشخيص حوالي 4 ساعات في المجموع ، لا بد لي من القول إن الموظفين كانت فائقة المهنية ، واستيعاب ، ومفيدة. جيدة كما يحصل على الرعاية العاجلة. (النص الأصلي) While the whole process for an x-ray and prognosis room about 4-hrs in total, I have to say that the staff was super professional, accommodating, and helpful. As good as it gets for urgent care.

maria gomez

Im 32 weeks pregnant and have experinced such discrimination during my prenatal care at the high risk clinic throughout my pregancy. The last C-section I recieved at this hospital for a pervious preganacy was performed by a “resident” doctor and caused horrible infection shortly after. I was seen at high risk today by Dr.Rosenfeld and voiced my concerns to her about having my fourth c-section being done by any students or “resident” doctors. Dr.Rosenfeld misinformed me of who would be performing my c-section. She gave me a list of three random resident doctors who would be likely to perform my surgury as I later found out after calling labour and delivery to inquire further informtaions on the name of the doctors given to me. I was only given last names and was ignored when I told her I did not want any resident or students present during my c-section. Dr. Rosenfeld disregarded my request to create a birth plan as well pretended to be ill informed of what a birth plan was by asking me to desceribe to her what it is. Later that evening After waiting 20 mins on hold with labour and delivery Dr.Rosenfeld awnsered the phone and was extreamly passive aggresive when ignoring my request again and trying to reassure me that the resident doctors are experinced and qualified only then informing me that she is a resident doctor herself. She then went on to say that I would have difficulty finding a hospital and doctor that wasnt a resident with the health insurrance that i have. I wouldnt advise exapecting mothers to trust this hospital with the birth of their child if it is not your first. The nurses are also extremely rude during your visits and they treat the exapecting mothers like uneducated cattle because they have mesicaid health insurrance. If you wish to have unbiased reapectully fair prenatal care do not go to this hospital. I am going to file a futher compliant on this doctor as I now have to find a hospital and doctor with only 8 weeks ahead of me to perform my c-section.

Naji Boo

Needs Updating!

_ItsMe EIM

Had my first child here the staff is so sweet made me feel comfortable !

Tina Allen

Hospital needs to be shut down. Multiple improper discharges with this place it's like a revolving door. A money pit for insurance companies and life threatening for patient. Check out their repeat customers #medicaid #departmentofhealth


The worst hospital ever: Metropolitan hospital missed the disease that was in my leg for 3 years. I didn't have surgery there, so I went Hospital For Special Surgery who fixed my leg and actually knew what they were doing. I was bowleg but now it's straight . I still have the brace on but their physical therapist are working my leg so that it gets stronger. Ever have leg problems? Go to Hospital For Special Surgery. The best doctor in the world

CJ Collier

You get the rag doll treatment

Jason Valencia

This is a horrible hospital they have you waiting in An waiting area just to call you and put you in another waiting area I’ve been here 3 times with the same issue they keep changing my antibiotics and the clerk calls everyone whom came after me I rather self medicate myself before coming here again

Michael Mendoza

Just a hospital

Gloria Pagan

I am a 71 years old woman, that at the age of 16 years I had a spinal fusion. Knowing that at that time it was very difficult and painful, but I had the best care and the best concerned doctors. I am so glad you are still given the best care possible. God bless you!!

Heeho Kim

Hospital for the low income patient. It's one of the HHC affiliated.

Debrah James

If you attending one of there clinics bring yourself a good book and something to eat you are in for whole day of waiting. And the medical help is mostly people you can't understand


Worst Hospitals I have ever gone to living my entire life in New York City. This place is a total filth in the emergency room blood on the floor of one of the patient rooms with used alcohol pads thrown on the floor, food left over from patients. The maintenance female was obviously milking the clock while standing in front of the desk chit-chatting with the employees for over an hour an a half no wonder this place is a hot mess. I complained that the room they put me in was dirty not only did I complain but numerous other patients complain that I spoke to. When I first got in they were letting all the sick patience that came in after me before me when I'm having severe issues and some bleeding. I had to wait 35 minutes before seeing a nurse and getting a wristband before waiting another 6 hours in an open area where all the nurse and doctors are at. Every time I saw a nurse or a doctor it was in an open area where I had no privacy. I had a man stare at me that was a patient the whole time while the doctor- resident is lifting up my shirt. None of the tests I had requested from the doctors and nurses were ever done actually nothing was done I waited 6 hours just to get results of a damn pregnancy test which I had already done at home! I'm having problems with my intestines/organs/infection I don't even know!! No test were order or done. my urine was sitting on the floor for over 5 hours they told me my urine was going to come back but they never even took my urine it was on the floor the whole time!!! Nothing was done I was such in shock I should have never came to this Hospital! The doctors and nurses are very neglectful of patients issues. All the doctors the desk clerk everyone working at this emergency room all were arguing for the 6 plus hours at different times that I was there never seen an establishment so unprofessional! This place is just for homeless people don't waste your money and time at this ER!!!!

MiniDiva05 MiniDiva05

(Translated by Google) I like very much (Original) Me gusta mucho

Kyle Peterson

Staff were great and they took care of me from day 1.

Aydin Torun

It does the job it is supposed to. The 14-day detox/psychiatric is the only one of its kind in the city hospital system. Sheer volume makes personalized care difficult but they manage. They could probably do a lot better with their appointment-by-phone system. You know there is a problem when you give a patient no choice but to come in, get on line, and sit in a waiting room just to make an appointment to see a doctor, irrespective of specialty. It kills me to say so but there has been a vast improvement here, and in public city health generally, from the way things once were some 50 years ago. 12/2017 update: Re-reading other patients' reviews, I must admit I have allowed my prior experiences thru shelters, jails and prisons to skew my sense of what is acceptable. Case in point: My wife lying on a bed needed to use the ladies' room. When I requested a pair of slippers for her i was told: "But she's wearing socks. Can she walk?" It being common knowledge that most hospital patients die from infections exacerbated by unsanitary conditions this is apparently news to E.R. staff. Yes, of course my wife can walk but after having done so, and continuing to do so as nature calls, am I to believe this heavily-trafficked area leading directly from the street where dogs rule and humans expectorate, is safe enough to traverse, and put one's shoes back on afterward? Really! But then city hospitals turn no one away and if the staff, largely from the Carribean with a substantial Hispanic presence, do not seem up to par, bear in mind, you get what you pay for and a lot of what you may experience is someone's on-the-job training. Besides, you will more than likely be better treated than the guys in handcuffs chained to gurneys, right? (So where does one find First Class Platinum 5-star E.R. treatment? That's easy, Lenox Hill Greenwich Village, Seventh Avenue (12-13 Sts.)

Mell M.

They scheduled appointments for you and when you show up they tell you that the cancel, without call you to tell you know that they have reschedule.

Rodolfo Guerra

good service. staff was kind.

Patrik Hobbes

Well I came to review the cafeteria but I can't find a separate cafeteria posting. Anyways the cafeteria food is so delicious! It is made healthy so will not feel guilty eating this. I went every Wednesday...the oxtail OMG! It's so good they run out you have to go early as you can since they only make it on Wednesdays. That's all anyone has to remember: Wednesdays = Oxtail! Makes my mouth water just typing this.

Leonard Sturner

They just keep you waiting for hours with zero communication and treat you like a number.

Ivone Paixao

The best hospital And people

Nelson Cordero

i had gone to the hospital to detox from heroin . after having to wait for over 8 hours for a bed just to find that there was not a bed available for me i was discharged . how was my experience ? it was terrible . i am looking for help of my own free will no law or a.c.s involved , i just want to stop being drug dependent, and after not being helped and having door after door closed in my face i have been made to feel even more hopeless than when i started. inpatient drug facilities will not intake you without having first detoxed at a hospital and you must provide discharge papers from hospital to join an inpatient drug program . its a sad day when a drug addict is asking for help on there own , not being forced , and has had door after door shut in there face.

Estela Laufer Carchi

(Translated by Google) Many thanks to the professional team at the Metropolitan Hospital. Excellent compassionate and very professional personal service. I had an arthroscopy with Dr. Tyler Lucas great human being and professional with all his team Anesthesiologist magnificent. My infinite gratitude. (Original) Muchas gracias al equipo profesional del Hospital Metropolitan. Excelente servicio personal compasivo y muy profesional. Tuve una artroscopia con dr Tyler Lucas gran ser humano y profesional con todo su equipo Anestesiologo magnifico . Mi gratitud infinita.

Dee Diane

Horrible place! My boyfriend was scheduled to have surgery today and it was the worst experience ever. We were told to arrive at 6am and after being ignored and kept waiting for almost 6 hours we were told that they couldn't perform the surgery today because they dont have all the proper equipment! This experience was just totally unacceptable. Would recommend that you go else where for your medical needs. Also 80% of the staff was extremely rude and unprofessional towards us.

Eric Przedpelski

While the whole process for an x-ray and prognosis room about 4-hrs in total, I have to say that the staff was super professional, accommodating, and helpful. As good as it gets for urgent care.

Victor Parra

(Translated by Google) Thanks to the service of this hospital I have been treated very well, I really like it and I have been kind, I feel very grateful for everything. (Original) Gracias al servicio de este hospital me an atendido muy bien me gusta mucho an sido amables me siento muy agradecido por todo.

silvia nava

Starstar Taylor

My mom works there

Pretty Karma

I was born here

Barney Oldfield

Saved my life. Great staff and skilled doctors.

Marissa Luz Maldonado

This is a horrible hospital! I took my grandfather there a few weeks ago because he was feeling very ill. We told you guys he had not taken his blood pressure medication for a few days and you right away jumped to the conclusion that that was why he felt ill. You sent him home! On the 1st of Jan 2018 we had to bring him to Mount Sinai Hospital ER on Madison Ave. Where, today, he is currently lying in his death bed waiting to pass! He is sick with a terminal illness. An infection in his blood that he is, unfortunately, too ill to even have the necessary test preformed on him to figure out where the infection came from! A simple CT scan can kill him instantly! I took my grandfather to your hospital more than 3 times with the same symptoms and all you did was brush him off! His death will be from your doing or shall I say from what you guys DIDN’T DO FOR HIM!!!

jorge garcia

(Translated by Google) The best hospital the nurses were very attentive with my princess ... I recommend this hospital especially the fourth floor the team of midwives and everything in general are a love .... (Original) El mejor hospital las enfermeras fueron muy atentas con mi princesa... recomiendo este hospital en especial el piso cuatro el equipo de las parteras y todo en general son un amor ....

Raquel Alonso

The health System is broken. I Arrived at emergency room @ 6pm with my mother who has 75 years old and being see by the doctor @ 12:45am. The Emergency is crowded, nobody are able to give a right information. They keep apologizing for the waiting, but don't do nothing to make faster. The place is dirty and bad maintenance. People are piled up on the hall way, waiting area, it's chaotic. It's a very sad place due to the pain and suffering of the patients arriving every minute. The nurses trying to be as kind as they can be, but is beyond their power all the chaos.

Rickia Del Valle

Slow ! The people at the front desk are rude and seem miserable so theyll try to pick under your skin. Ive been here for my first born in Womans Health and all they do is argue with each other. So much miscommunication. I wouldnt recomend a person expecting go here at all !

Adrianne Ferree

My daughter was taken to Metropolitan via ambulance to the nearest hospital. She had 105 fever and shaking uncontrollably. Once there she did nothing but complain about the care. 2 days later, I called the hospital to have her relocated, assuming good care at a county hospital was impossible. I spoke to the Administrator on duty Suder Raj, and within moments, my daughters care shifted. In the morning, I spoke to my daughter who shared that several people came to see her to find out what was going on. The head of nursing, Dorthy Neal came in while we were on the phone, and she was extraordinary! I spoke with her, she took responsibility and was appreciative of the complain as it brought several issues to her attention. She said there were several processes not being followed and they took pride in patient and family centered services. she was going to make sure the processes were getting followed, and provided my daughter with information about what was going on with her care. she gave my daughter her cell phone and made herself available 24 hours. People like Dorthy Neal are change makers, the hospital is very lucky to have her! I can rest assure she is in good hands. thank you Suder!!! thank you Dorthy!!!! you guys rock! Because of you, County Hospita'ls reputations can change as being providers of great service and care! Adrianne

Shelly Anin Real Estate

Great staff

Ek Ka

i was late 3 mins for my appointment and they did not let me be seen by the doctor , by doctor i mean their either student or intern doctors you never get to be seen by a real doctor in Metropolitan hospital! several months ago i was there waiting for 3 hours for my urology appointment and finally i decided i can not wait anymore and left before i was seen! so make sure you have all the day free if you have an appointment in Metropolitan hospital! also when i call to make an appointment they say the approximate wait time is 13 minutes but they kept me on hold for 45 minutes at least

Liza Allende

I was born in Metropolitan Hospital....i rearly have a reason to go back...

Lauren Palma-Perez

I was born here

Yeli Preciouz

Bad service ! Keep on hold for 30 mins don't rust them !

Norma Elias

(Translated by Google) Very grateful to Dr. Newman and everyone in the 9th Floor of Intensive Care. My sister Angelica Elias died yesterday September 13, 2018. The care and attention was extraordinary, excellent. They have a lot of commitment. Thank you. (Original) Muy agradecida del Dr. Newman y todo el persona del Piso 9 B de Cuidado Intensivo. Mi hermania Angelica Elias falleció ayer 13 de septiembre de 2018. El cuidado y la atención fue extraordinario, excelente. Tienen mucho compromiso. Gracias.

Missy diaz

Better than Lincoln hospital this hopital is best treat ment and services

j garay

Its okay. You going to meet rude people but there are nice people in this hospital

Berenice Trinidad

(Translated by Google) Personally, I like it and I am very grateful, because they have helped me and treated me very well in all the health problems I have had. Thank you very much thanks to the nurses, doctors and all the staff. (Original) En lo personal a mi gusta y estoy muy agradecida, porque me han ayudado y atendido muy bien en todo los problemas de salud que he tenido. Gracias muchas gracias a las enfermeras, doctores y todo el personal.


Worse staff! Especially those women working on the first floor replacing clinic cards. Rude, racist and slow. Go to a different hospital but stay away from here! Three to five months to schedule an appointment at see a primary doctor. It's ridiculous.

Juan-Carlos Montes

My grandmother was helped by the administrator Ms Quinones and the lead medical professional. They were thorough and informative with all my questions. Thank you!

fahd abydos

Good good

John Lion

Well I came to review the cafeteria but I can't find a separate cafeteria posting. Anyways the cafeteria food is so delicious! It is made healthy so will not feel guilty eating this. I went every Wednesday...the oxtail omg! It's so good they run out you have to go early as you can since they only make it on Wednesdays. That's all anyone has to remember: Wednesdays = Oxtail! Makes my mouth water just typing this.

Vergotas Puto Bastardo

(Translated by Google) It is a good hospital I liked the treatment of the special neophrology clinic to Dr. Roger Carvajal Mendoza (Original) Es un hospital bueno me gusto el trato de la clínica neofrologia especial al doctor roger Carvajal mendoza

Jason Mr ツ

(Translated by Google) Excellent. All very well. Very kind. There my son was born. Thank you. To all. (Original) Excelente. Todo muy bien. Muy amables. Ahí nació mi hijo. Gracias. A todos.

raddbarber JuanAngel

keeping it simple, The staff are extremely rude, They stole my babies placenta, which we asked for. They threatened us on several occasions, something the nurse did effortlessly, giving the impression that it's a norm. The experience in total was heart breaking, given that our childs birth was suppose to be a welcoming experience. Nothing welcoming at all about the service provided. I could go on and on and on, hopefully the message is received. This hospital has very poor standards.

Rob Viviano

IDK about the rest of the hospital, but the ER is really doing a great job.

Jose L Santos

the system is broken at this hospital. they'll push you to get a NYC Hospital ID even if you don't need one, and you'll have to travel to almost every corner of the hospital's maze to get answers. Ask your parents, ambulance, friends, cab driver to take you to any other hospital. I completely lost trust in city hospitals from my experience. I wont recount my story, but I had to write the management after a serious injury to get a phantom bill dropped. The doctors may be amazing for all I know, but the hoops and loops they're used to making patients go through are not designed for people who ask questions.

Constantino Ferraz

Very good Hospital

Scott Burton

good services

Andreea Magirescu

The pharmacy staff are very and extra very slow!!!! For some pills refill you have to wait at least 2-3 hours, which is not ok. Very very very disappointing!!

Leticia Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Dental care is bad my appointment 9:30 am, is a delayed are 11:30 And are moving to others who arrived later or her date was later than mine and simply Fracis and the doctor say I have to wait

Luzmaria Rivera

Well at the current moment family member in the ICU he is being card for. we all just wish he gets better and come home.

Esteban Vasques

(Translated by Google) My experience that I am living in very good thank you for your nice attention to my person thanks (Original) Mi experiencia q estoy viviendo en muy buena gracias pir sus lindas atenciones a mi persona gracias

Daniele Di Rollo

(Translated by Google) They gave me a hand, but I saw a lot of bad scenes. (Original) Mi hanno dato una mano, ma ho visto molte scene brutte.

Olga sanchez

I waz born in this Hosptial in 196? Live on E118 st Manhattan, NY

Luis Torres

This hospital is the worst as far as the whole staff are terrible I call to inquire about a friend ask if he still was in their care and some stupid woman who answer the phone told me she could not give me that information so I told I asked her how am I suppose to know to go visit him and she could not answer I then ask her name and she made one up this hospital should close down

Flower tulip

I must say this hospital has improved. They are doing great renovations, cleaning it up, more importantly they seem to be very organized, and the in take lines run very smoothly. However, most people who go to this hospital are hardworking people who cannot take much time off work because we need the money. When we do take off from work to go to the doctor, its because we are really concerned for our health. On many occasions while visiting the doctors in window #3 on the 3rd floor, EMT, and in gynecology, I have experience the worst bedside manner ever. I was rushed, and ignored. This ALL took place when I was in my one on one appointment with the doctor! They would check a part of your body lightning quick, and say there is nothing wrong. GOD FORBID you say, "really"? These doctors then think you are questioning both their academic, and professional career! You just cannot ask these nasty, egotistical, come into work with a chip on their shoulders, narrow minded doctors a damn question. It has happened every single time I've see a doctor at Metropolitan Hospital. Its disgusting, and terrible. One doctor on the 3rd floor in window 3 (who's last names starts with A) actually yelled at me. It sucks to be poor, because this is the trashy behavior you have to settle for. I'm sure the doctor's are nice people, but they need to understand when people ask questions they simply want to know about their health, and it has nothing to do with the doctor.

Jay Money

go to next one

Marlen Marrero

0lguita Chavez

(Translated by Google) This place is excellent to be able to enter exact addresses? (Original) Este lugar es excelente para poder entrar direcciones exactas??

Mely Mely

(Translated by Google) What a bad experience I had in emergencies are lately putting students and one of them I try to draw blood never found me the vein it stung me all and I got worse than it arrives. What a bad thing to practice with one without consulting you first, the patient should agree on such things and more if one goes with problems of pressure and the heart. How do you think? That upsets you more than you get! (Original) Que mala experiencia tuve en emergencias están poniendo últimamente a estudiantes y una de ellas me intento sacar sangre jamás me encontró la vena me picó toda y me puse peor de lo que llegue. Que mal que practiquen con uno sin consultarte primero, el paciente debería estar de acuerdo en cosas así y más si uno va con problemas de presión y el corazón. ¿Como se les ocurre? Eso te altera más de lo que llegas!

Rosy Mendoza

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention (Original) Excelente atencion

patricia ngo

Not a very convivial hospital. The staff were extremely rude and unhelpful. They abandoned you in a room for hours without even telling you what you are waiting for. The doctors barely talk to you, and act as if checking you out is a favor. I left 5hrs later, with pain killers and as uninformed as I came in. Google would have been a better use of my time. I don't recommend this hospital. Scores very low on the hospitality scale. I will not return.

صهيب العراقي

(Translated by Google) Public Health (Original) الصحة العامة

Melvin Perez

I was born here and I remember it clearly! I love that hospital I lied.

Jim Zeneli

Not a good hospital. About 90% of the staff is rude, useless mainly nurses. For any questions I had regarding the patient, they would say "ask the doctor". Very poor patient care.

alex hylton

Readd the reviews and was wary...decided to experience it myself....excellent conditions..excellent staff long wait ...very good hospital trust me...i saw no bums or anything had a clean environment 2

Hesa Weerdoe

The worst hospital ever.. Majority of the staff are rude & unprofessional. They spend more time joking & playing with each others. 90% of the staff spend more time in there phones then into patients.

paola perea

I take an hour trip to metropolitan hospital because i like the service and the nurses are nice but the receptionist from radiology in room 2D48 “late 20s,blackhair with glasses” was so rude,unprofessional and kept talking with her coworker the entire time. They close at 5 and i been here since 4 she told me to sit down and wait. It was 5pm she grabbed her stuff and just left with out even telling me or the other person waiting a single word! Just looked at us left and went back to turn off the lights. October 24 2019


Doctor jason mackbdoesnt tell me much bout my child pigeon bone on his chest... sucks how im tryna leave da facility n I cant find another hospital that can accept my health plan

Alexandra Bentayou

The worst.

Clarisabel Basurto

(Translated by Google) No. They explain you well .... And the exams? (Original) No. Te explican bien.... Y los examenes?

Jeremiah R. Richardson

I feel safe there I care about my health

Maria Avellaneda

Is the best hospital compared with others. The staff very nice, the comunicación spectacular and my doctor the number one. Dr. Ramadan Ponamgi thank you for everything

Shanee Gantt

It's a good hospital i can't say anything about it i was born that hospital it's been 28 years now might change hospital i dont know but it is not a bad hospital

Cihan Ugur

Came in to the emergency room because I wasn't feeling well. long story short I left because everyone there was complaining about the lack of service and wait times exceeding 5 hours. I now officially consider this hospital my Worst hospital EVER.

Olatunde Ola

Great hospital, excellent and passionate staff.

Klever Muy


Google User

Doctors used Google to figure out my child's symptoms. They also didn't know what was going on and tried to keep my baby in the hospital without a diagnoses even though the signs were obvious. I had to threaten them with a lawsuit to have my baby discharged.

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