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Cecilia McAnne

The Volunteer Services are not only rude, but they are so disorganized. They seem so clueless when trying to give jobs or give volunteer hours.

Antwon Washington

They only wanted my Medicaid dollars. I showed up in tears telling them about my diagnosis and how afraid I was that my mom would just get a call from some random hospital that her son died and her be blindsided because I was hospital hopping trying to find a PCP to finally start my daily meds. The Nurse and Case Manager kept talking to each other in some Chinese variant about how no one had time to intake me to the hospital just yet. FInally I got fed up and decided that I would try the next hospital as an employee of the Leicht Clinic heads to the employee restroom saying, "I'm tired of these people coming in here with their attitudes when they don't have anywhere better to go." Laughing. My tears flowed freely much faster as I hightailed it out of their "holding office" full of scattered paperwork and tons of other people's health information just there for casual perusal if ever I chose. DO NOT GO HERE if what you'd like from a health provider is Dignity and Respect.

Rocio San juan


Weird place...fair.

Andrew Velez

Work fast and they staff are nice

stephanie elias

mariaelena russomagno

(Translated by Google) More than 20 years that serve me The best attention I've found (Original) Mas de 20 años que me atienden La mejor atención que e encontrado

Tara Ferri

I love my primary care physician Dr. Hanley but good luck ever getting to see an actual Dr. Usually you see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and they definitely don't have the medical experience to properly treat patients. I went in on Jan 6 after having a fever for 6 days. I had first thought I had the flu but my best friend and step sisters who are nurses (at Sloan Kettering and Albany Med, 2 top hospitals) made me go to the dr because a fever should not last that long, especially one that spikes to 101 every day. The PA I saw was dismissive and never really listened to me. I told him that it felt like something was sitting on my chest, and that I couldn't cough up anything from my lungs even though I was taking cough medicine for 4 days. I was just starting to cough up some thick yellow phlegm which he said was just post nasal drip, even though I said I was having no nasal congestion. He never swabbed me for a flu test, didn't look in my ears or throat, and only listened to my lungs because I asked him to. He said I had the flu and sent me home with a prescription for ibuprophen and an expectorant, the 2 things I already told him I was taking. Three days later I ended up at Bellevue with pneumonia. That should've been an easy thing to diagnose if he had heard that my lungs didn't sound normal, and had sent me for a chest x-ray. My ear clogged with the pneumonia and I went back and saw a different PA 2 weeks later. All he prescribed was claritin and nasal spray. My ear has is still clogged and I haven't been able to heard out of it for 3 weeks. I tried to get an appt with my PCP and the earliest appt I can get is April 7! That's 2 months away.

Eric Christman


The Plugg.

They literally have all kinds of doctors and specialists here. Great place!!

Ahmed Yassin

Its perfect hospital, clean and all employees are helpful ، doctors are professionals , thank you

B Lebron

Hansim Danlim

Slow, Very Very slow but you gonna do :/


Waiting in the receptionist almost more than 30 mins. No receptionist, no staff to ask you about your issue. Zero customer service as nobody cares are all are busy.

Starr Bebee

I been going here for a few months and love it do far I'm now starting my prenatal care here can't wait

E Schmeltzer

Zillah Lindsay

Very courteous staff.

Chi Lam

The clinic part of the building is very nice since my mom have been going to the same doctor for over 10 years. Recently, my mom have been sick in the hospital and couldn't walk because she was very weak and had Pneumonia and decided to go to the rehab/nursing part of the building. When we were admitted to the place, no one ever inform you anything and the case worker can never be found. The nurse aide won't help you go to the bathroom, they did give a lot excuses of not helping and just want to put a diaper on everyone and leave them in the room. The physical therapy isn't any better, they just give you 15-30 minutes to move you legs and arms and ship you back to your room. Even though the staff at the physical therapy was all very nice, the rest of the time there was pretty pointless and much of neglect from the floor staff. The nurses do give you a bunch of pills throughout the day, since I was there everyday I did ask what each one pill was and one of them being a stool softener I told her to delete, but at a later time gave her the same pill again and again. If any of the staff actual help my mom they would've known she had diarrhea throughout her time there. My advice, stay away from rehab center and get better at home or if it's a serious illness it's better stay at the hospital where doctors actually visit you everyday and nurses to help you out throughout the day when you need to go to the bathroom or move around. And by the way the case worker (Jan) gave us a appointment for a follow up in 10 days, that appointment was never put in the system and my mom and myself wasted our time again in the center. I hope this center do improve in the way they run the place, because in so many ways the patients who doesn't have a family member there would be neglected if some of them can't even walk, speak or move.

Double AA Entrepreneur

I love going to this place

Qian Chen

Cowan Whitfield

Fantastic dental department

Anabel Guevara

Luz Briceño

(Translated by Google) It is an impeccable hospital! Most of the time the attention is very fast and they are very strict in punctuality, I love it !!! (Original) Es un hospital impecable! La mayoría de las veces la atención es muy rápida y son muy estrictos en la puntualidad, me encanta!!!

Yong H. Wu

alman coleman


Jessica Maldonado

I live around the area i been going to this clinic for 6 years .some times its hard to get an appointment but the pediatric department is the best my daughter loves the nurses.Also her doctor, Dr.crump is the best whenever i have concerns she is running test and checking everything. I highly recommend them if your in the New York area.

Vincent Lee

Esther Podolak

My mother was recently at the rehab center for over 3 weeks, after a hospital stay and we were delighted with the care she received there. All of the staff --nurses, social workers, dieticians, physical therapists were extremely professional and caring --always going the extra mile to accomodate us and treat Mom in the best possible way. By the time of her release, she was in amazingly better shape than when she had been admitted and we are extremely grateful.

Naomi Garcia


ivelisse rodriguez

(Translated by Google) They are very professional (Original) Son muy profecionales

Jessica Pogyo


Aisetou Jabbie

Yvette Rosado

Clarence Wright

It's the best

tony santiago

(Translated by Google) They are the best doctors and the friendliest ... (Original) Son los mejores doctores y los más amables...

Ray Ray

The medical part your in and out i love my son pediatrics doctor Dr.crump she amazing.....forget about the dental department terrible long wait everything is not done on the same day seperate appointments for exam and cleaning.....w.i.c department i was in and out rarely anyone in the waiting area so far so good

Randall Bellows

neng b

Cero Cruz

Had an appointment, would not see me and blamed a different establishment for making a wrong appointment with them. So that meant they don't check appointments being made or make calls to patients to confirm appointments.

Dayana Luque

Most of the staff is friendly and helpful. My primary care doctor Carson lee truly cares about his patients my mom and I have been visiting him over a year and he is always open to hear any concern and put his best effort to help. The lab and pharmacy are good as well sometimes they get busy but nothing crazy.

Tila Alarcon

(Translated by Google) Very good hospital for more than 30 years atendiéndome there and sadly withdrew my doctor MINI LIU my friend and counselor me all I am very sad with her are already three Angustiri and Irene are removed. Thanks thanks thanks to tre (Original) Muy buen hospital por más de 30 años atendiéndome allí y con tristeza se retira mi Doctora MINI LIU mi amiga y consejera mi todo estoy muy triste con ella ya son tres que se retiran Angustiri y Irene. Gracias gracias gracias a las tre

Rameriez Norma

They have every type of doctor you will ever need. Excellent place, my grandmother has been seen here many times.

Tere Huerta


Miriam Pomales

Edwin Pagan

Been attending Gouverneur Medical Center since before its modernization and have loved the institution since day one. My primary care physician is on point, knows my history and even remembers personal life details in regard to my career that I've mentioned. And his two nurses are professional rockstars! Causal and professional care all the time. I wouldn't go any where else unless I had a Senator's healthcare plan. Punto.

Nisan Khan

babu zhang

Marye Merced

Jackson Castillo

Henry pena

tina pan


Sharon Stergis



Our primary Doctors are excellent, the nurses are good but the orderly are bad. All the services they provide are OK.

Julie Jackson

The food is undigestible, Head Dr. Alexander Kolessa has his head in the sky as he never distributed my medications as told by my doctor. I went home having a Total Knee Replacement in a 2 door Honda, and with 5 days of Physical Therapy. Occupational Therapy said that they would order my 2 surgical supplies before I was discharged, and then I get 2 prescriptions to do it myself, and for me to call. AND the driver wanted to pick up a friend on the way to my place in his Honda. Do I need to say more (2 door Honda)? What happened to a VAN? They blamed it on my insurance company never on them....I was told they electronically submitted my pain medication, then they couldn't do it. But did they tell me that critical information. NO!!! My driver went in to get my medication. This operation is poorly run. I would not even rate this place and suggest you just move forward and choose another Rehabilitation Hospital that knows how to treat their patients. There are few people that I can honestly say are good and can count on one hand that work there.

Joel Tepetitla

Joseph O'Connell

3 appointments all on time from a primary care doctor who was concerned about a lump on my neck. I then saw a surgeon for a consultation that was excellent then had ultra sound on a neck tumor 2 days later and was given a diagnosis . All the appointments were on time which I've never had anywhere in NYC & i grew up here! My previous doctor was generally 20 minutes to 45 minutes backed up for the 5 years I saw him & the previous one was often up to 1 hour behind on all his appointments!

Debora Romano

The right place for your medical needs!

Diana Carmona

My brother who's 4, had an appointment on April,17,2017 in the Department of ophthalmology and the service sucks. The nurse and the doctor don't know how to be patients with little kids to check their eyes.My little brother cant speak and both of them were yelling at him which got my daughter and I really infuriated.

Angel Valentin

Beautiful hospital

Scott Tatman

My father in law was in comfort care there for 4 months until he passed away. The staff was attentive and the doctor and PA were always helpful in making sure he was comfortable and pain was managed. He died peacefully. They were truly wonderful

Mi Lin

I did an upper left wisdom tooth extraction today. It's horrible! Unlike my previous wisdom teeth extraction, this young doctor gave me three shots of anesthesia but I still felt a bit sharp pain. I refused when he attempted to give me the forth shot. My also did my first tooth extraction here. They had to cut my gum and sew it. This is for lower wisdom tooth and I only got two shot of anesthesia which is fairly good. But they cut my lip when cutting threads and poked my eyeball with extracting tool. Thanks god my eyes were closed. I did cleaning with one Hispanic hygienist, literally he just pushed upon the surface with a hard metal tool over and over again. He told me nothing is better than pushing by a hand for cleaning. Honestly this hospital is a dream place for newbie doctors. They have a lot of patients which means lot of a practicing for young doctors. Not surprisingly, majority of doctors there look like young graduates!

jl k

Tina Cantarero

Joanne C

Great people, best care best Nursing and Rehab Center. A few months ago, my grandmother experienced a bad fall and sustained a hip fracture. She was admitted for 2 months in the Nursing Sub-acute floor (RM 547B). She received treatment and rehabilitation for her injury. When she came into the facility she can barely move but she was almost full-weight bearing when she went out. It has been 2 months since she went out of the facility and now she can walk independently. Who would even believe that a 93 year old would be able to walk after that kind of injury? She would keep talking about how the CNAs and the nurses took real good care of her, would talk to her when she was alone and bored, would help her with grooming and bathing too. She enjoyed her time while she was there especially when she was attending recreational activities and breakfast activities that the staff would host for her and the other residents. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who cared for my grandmother during her stay there.

nydia Ramos

Terrible assistance . Would not recommend this place .. If you leave a family member.. You have to be there Or else . The patiencen . Will be all day alone . They could ring the bell for help . And the nurse neverrr comes.. I have to help many patients . To go to the bathroom . Terrible hospital

Wenzhou Dong

(Translated by Google) its not bad, right (Original) 还不错吧

Laurence Padilla

David Banner

This is where I grew up. It is great to know that there are so many doctors and staff that truly want to help people. Thank you.

Carla Mosby

Larry L

Very convinient for Chinese People.

Aiden Wan

My grandmother wasn't able to walk due to weakness & she was treated like VIP during her entire 2.5 month stay in rehab. Every department which includes: Nursing, Rehabilitation, Social Worker, Dietary, Kitchen, house keeping,etc., all took assiduous care of her. Because of them, my grandmother is able to walk today and we are forever grateful. As for the "complainers" that expect everything handed to their love ones, you need to re-evaluate yourself and look up some articles on how patients are getting better results from their family involvement. You can't sit back and be lazy & not get involved in their recovery. Expecting someone else to do your job & just complaining is shameful. If you don't get involved, they will be back in the same situation. Although she was discharged since February, my family still participate in getting my grand-mother up every chance we can. Helping her improve is what you should be doing. If you are not sure what to do is because you spend too much time complaining and not learning from what they were teaching.

Imen Dakhlaoui

I've been going to this Medical Center since I was just a a child. I never had any problem with Gouverneur. I had to switch Doctors because unfortunately i got older..... my former doctor was Dr. Crump. Shes the best Doctor hands down! :)

Jenniffer L Burgos B

Alejandra Aquino

Anyanelis Molina

(Translated by Google) I like this hospital, it is very clean and its staff are nice. (Original) Me gusta este hospital, es muy limpio y su personal son agradables.

Dilenia Quiroz R


ej shortell

This hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in the city. You can go visit it without charge. In the 1800's it was one of the first hospitals to have a TB center. Interesting. Very historical. No charge to visit.

Fiona Drennen

Omg this place has every doctor you could need. I go here for my kids and my own health visits and they have a wonderful mental health clinic I love as well. Such friendly and helpful staff. Definitely especially recommend the children’s services and the mental health clinic.

clara bonilla

It's a very clean place and the rooms are extremely nice. The food is good. The staff is very nice and loving. The only problem is that there isn't enough staff especially on the weekends. I've been there for 3 weeks going every day. So I notice this issue. Other then that its an excellent place for your love ones. I highly recommend these facilities to anyone.

Fernando Bobis

Karen Neal

I've been a patient for over 20 years and I've never had a bad experience. From the clinical staff to the customer service and administrative staff, every experience has been pleasant. I've recommended a few friends and they love it too. Wouldn't go any place else for my family or myself.

Kevin Wiley

Jose Rivera

Good place and it has everything and they always keep everything clean

Gilberto Elias

Angelita Macabudbud

The place is clean,

Jasur Uzakov

Thanks for doctors my tooth good!!

trinity l

I love that hospital been going there since i was little

Cinthia Alvarado

محمود العروي

(Translated by Google) Great view (Original) منظر رائع

R. Ramos

Nice & Clean

Azucena Sanchez

Sofhie Hanako

this place look amazing

Yang Jin Lu

some of the staff have serious attitude problem.


Christine Leslie

Jerome Ellison


Willnel Gómez

Everyone is so helpful and patient

Lee Rey

James Reinl

Originally, I gave Gouverneur a bad review, because I had such a hard time getting on their books for my first appointment. But since then they've been great, really helpful, in both dentistry and hospital, so I've raised their star rating. Thanks guys!


Very diligent workers, I volunteered and worked here. In my opinion, everyone was positive and professional when they are at work.

SkeyeBeauty by Shalisse

Gouvenuer handled a situation I had promptly and extremely professionally. Great hospital!

Naicker Murrel

Some of the front desk attendees are very disrespectful and not patient with people. The doctors are good, they try to get to know their patients. Maybe Gouverneur need to spend some time training their front personnel some customer service, especially since they're the first point of contact....

curt raeford

veronica meza

The_Fabian_ FAMILY


Irene K

When I went to register the lady behind the counter stated that I had to make an appointment to register. Mind you I live around the corner and I had all of my documents at hand, she kept insisting that I make an appointment. I called and they state that I can do a walk-in to register. This lady wasn't trained properly or was lacking certain skills.

Otis Jeffrey

Sam Szeto

I used to be a volunteer at Gouverneur and I really enjoyed my time there. I built so many wonderful relationships along the way, and with that, I decided to show up to each big event, just to help out. The outreach and volunteer department has a special place in my heart. So a shout out to them. Everyone was just extremely kind and thoughtful. However, I wish it was the same for the security guards. A lot of them are extremely dedicated to what they do and very understanding too. I understand that security is a big factor in safety and that it's a strict process. But today, I encountered one guard (she knows EXACTLY who she is) and left on EXTREMELY bad terms. It wasn't just me who had an issue with her, but a few others, including staff and people entering the event. If it was just me, then yeah, I'd see that maybe I was the problem, but that wasn't the case. I wanted to believe that it was just a bad day for her, but it seems like that's just who she is. I have no idea what this person went through to obtain such arrogance and ignorance. I was just a volunteer and she wanted to ruin my experience. I live by, you are GIVEN the respect that you GIVE. She failed to do that. My two cents to her, If you start a conversation with an unreasonable attitude, you'll only receive it back. If you don't want me entering through an exit door even though it's more convenient, say it nicely OR why leave it open to purposely make it look like an entrance? Like please, would it kill you to be more reasonable? I'd give 5 stars to everyone except that person.

Masiel Salazar

Don’t waste your time here. They are clumsy, slow, and disorganized. I had lab testing done and they lost the only test that I cared about! After retaking the test they lacked the grace of calling me back to tell me my results. So I called my doctor and after 10 tries NO ONE answered the phone. Annoyed, I go to three different desks in three different locations of the building just to get my results. Once I made it to the right desk they woman there asked me if it was okay that the person behind me could go in front of me and without waiting for my response (which I was going to say that it was NOT ok) she tells the woman to go ahead anyway. She took twenty minutes with that person. I left. Don’t waste your time here

Nancy Yen Chong

Good bunch of dedicated professional all in one place Great service

Natalia Basurto

Cristina Cabrera

Lise Greaves

Nice place in and out fast

Qiang Cai

Peter Ou

Fatima Mossolem

They were horrible. It felt like i was in a chinese nail salon by the way they treated me. By that i mean that they were talking to each other in chinese, and that horrible feeling of people talking trash about you never left. My self esteem dropped to the point of depression by the time i left. Its increadably unprofessional and rude to talk about your patiants in front of others. Truthfuly my experience was so bad that if i was shot and there were no other hospitals near me i would prefer death then stepping into that place again.

Paul Fratamico

Spencer Guida

My dad is in the nursing home since he has altzheimer’s Disease and the nurses are very friendly to me and my mom. My mom has made friendships with the nurses as well as one of the patients mother. My grandma’s surgery was done here as well for her eye the clinic is very friendly. Also she (my grandma) has been here for rehabilitation when she had surgery for her hip. Everyone in the rehabilitation center was very friendly. If I could rate this 10 stars I would.


Yese Castillo

xue guan

Top Fabric

The place is nice and clean but the 3rd floor mean dental department is Soo desorganicer on weekends you can

Delores Gooden

Very nice staff and great place, staff is very friendly. I volunteer there and Tracey is so fun to be around.

K Shimanovsky

Even though they've spent millions of dollars and years renovating, this is still by far the worst hospital I've ever visited. Nothing has changed, they still make it difficult to see a doctor and get help. I try never to use them anymore, but I really needed to see a doctor recently and just tried to use their walk-in service. Lo and behold, they no longer have walk-in emergency services. I had to plead with a nurse to let me wait and try to see a doctor because I needed a prescription. Initially they told me to just go somewhere else like Bellevue, only after I cried from pain did they let me see someone. I spent less than 5 minutes with a nurse practitioner, though I spent over 2 hours waiting to see one.

Douglas Blanco

jakir chowdory

Luenda Richards

I've been coming here for years and was very pleased with everything. Until recently I made two trips all the way from Brooklyn to have blood work one week prior to seeing a doctor place in the system. Once I was told that the doctor was not there to make the order so I went back the following Friday. The nurse told me I have two weeks and again the doctor was not there but she will forward the information and give me a call.during the week. I am down to one week and I am yet to revieve that call, I made a call today only to find out that there's nothing in the system for me to go get it done. I am told that i will receive another call again hope they do. I miss my retired Doctor Patel this never happened for the years I've been seeing him, he was the best.

Maria Chavez

(Translated by Google) I love very good service and everyone is super friendly

Michelle Cummings

Pau Solano

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