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Chakma cultural

This hospital stuff work like snail and they are very rude. I would like to be close this hospital.

Lola AVila

My mom was giving me milk with the bottle and a did not move is was calling my name a lot of times and I was like a stick then she called 911 and the truck came the driver crashed and had to call another one then we got to the hospital the doctor said I have nothing wrong and that my mom was worrying too much. I hate is hospital and you should too nobody will care if this hospital closes everyone will be happy we had to wait for 6hours

Denys Myronenko

If you want to live go somewhere else, if u have 9 hours to wait and be given a runaround then go for it. This place should be shut down for medical negligence, I have seen a man curled up on the floor moaning in pain and they wound not even let him see a nurse, as far as I understand the next step is somehow getting yourself around the hospital to fill out paperwork if u want to be seen by a doctor, their emergency room is a torture chamber, so bring a book you will be waiting for hours on end.

Paula Phan

My grandmother was admitted to this hospital Thursday February 11, 2016 for an emergency surgery as she fell and fractured her femur. It is now 5:52 on Monday February 15, and still no surgery. She has been promised this surgery since Thursday night when she was diagnosed. It also took them about 4 hours to get an x-ray and diagnosis, and we are currently STILL waiting for the surgery to be done. It is ridiculous to be promised such a thing day after day, compromising her care as she is also required to fast before this surgery due to the anesthesia. So not only has she been in pain for the last 4 days, she is also hungry and is just told at the end of the day that it will happen "tomorrow". Well, tomorrow is not good enough when it does not happen "tomorrow". If this was a young kid, I could be more understanding to the situation, as children heal easily with these types of fractures and surgeries, but this is an elderly woman in her 70's who is in a massive amount of pain. Any surgery involving anesthesia for a person that age is already risky. I would NEVER recommend this hospital to anyone that cares for their loved ones. This hospital is a complete joke, as well as their staff. Even one of their nurses agreed that anyone who comes in, does not have the greatest chance of coming out. I will make it my priority to contact the hospital administrator and report anyone that is involved with compromising the care of the patients that are admitted.

Joshua Davidson

if yall hurt my boy etika we gon have some problems

Kahire Wynn

Emergency room staff treats everyone like heroin addicts! The nurses fill you with fluids,then are nowhere to be found ( or just ignore you) when you have to pee! If i could unplug my i.v fluids im ok, but what patient knows how??? They think because its an impoverished neighborhood hospital, that every patient is on drugs or stupid. If you're lucky enough to get admitted upstairs its much better, but that E.R SUCKS!!!!!!!

Sun Earth

My name is C. Holmes and i went to the emergency department yesterday. I want to thank the doctors for taking very good care of me. The fighting against the nurses, PCA's and the 1:1 orderlies really frighten me . If you ask to use the bathroom they would threaten with the possibility of being restrained. I remained very quiet because i didn't want to upset the staff. I didn't even ask for a glass of water. One female orderly actually said to another female orderly in there tan uniforms "we should get better treatment than the patients because we work here" as soon as she came onto the evening shift.

Marty Dew

Take care of desmond amofah please.

Rezaul Mian

Stay away from this hospital. Every single person is rude. Amateur nurse squad. Dr has no sense of maintaining time (Get ready for whole day waiting).

Ay Nayra

Terrible terrible place .. ... Chose Flushing instead .....I love this hospital very organized and staff are very friendly and professional.Before visiting this hospital I went to Elmhurst hospital emergency room and after waiting for four hours ...and treated unkind from the staff....I was still not seen by a doctor they claimed it was only one Doctor ... so many staff were just doing everything else but work nurses were working on homework laughing and joking while people were in pain ...Either way I was so disappointed and in pain from a car accident I had .I couldn’t believe How I was in the emergency room yet was treated like if it wasn’t an emergency. I remembered flushing hospital it’s a bit further from my way which is why I chose Elmhurst hospital this time around what a mistake ! I was In so much pain ...anyway I took another Uber to flushing Hospital because I remember how fast it was when I was last admitted...As soon as I arrived to the emergency room ..I was taken care for in less then an Hour I already was seen by a doctor and took X-rays... personally this hospital has yet to fail me ..I love Flushing and I will never cheat again Expecially for Elmhurst Hospital ...regardless of the distance or pain I won’t go in because I know I will never be seen

Xavier Zurita

Great service pa nicole dobron she take care me and help alot thanks

Canuto Cast

THIS IS HEALTH MATTER! But unfurtunate this is what Western Queens area have "Nothing" This place it's a focus if infection since you enter to the ER waiting area. This place cannot be call a hospital it is more a chelter for those one who don't really have a reason for medical care to be there. Scabies, roaches, bed bugs, dirty floors, bathrooms nasty. That without mention the tediuos and horrible process of registering, "Pre-register, signing consents, triage nurse, and after final enrrolment for insurance and then wait to be call, on top of that the bad actituted from care services "Not All of them", the longest wait to be call by the doctor. Please if someone from the DOHMH is reading this review this is a desperate call to take action to this hospital. WESTERN QUEENS DESERVE A BETTER MEDICAL CARE TO ALL 24/7!!!

Jennifer Williams

They said I was going to die and there was nothing they could do. My dad googled what they had to do and I survived. The doctors have 0 knowledge and 0 bedside manner.

Samuel Garcia

Worst hospital ever. Doctors are unbelievable negligent. You feel like in a third world country. They should shut Down this place for good.

sinta Victory

It looks that they were short staff . Staff mostly were rude and didn’t really care . But Couple of them were extra nice . Restroom in main lobby is worse than gas station’s one. I needed to walk around with no bra to find unlocked restroom to wear my bra back after CT Scan. No changing room for patient ( if there was any, didn’t know where , no one let me know) No patient restroom . Special restroom looks like only for worker . Please add more staff.

kristina babaev

The worse hospital ever, don’t wish for my enamy to go there. All Intern with a very bad attitude, All staff just seat and talk to each other and ignore patients that waiting for 9 hours.

Loren G

A friend had a negative experience in the adult psychiatric department. They gave him a long-acting 30 day injection of a heavy-duty medication to which he had a terrible reaction, but was released anyway. It was a terrible mistake and he could have died. The doctor said all the right things, but did all the wrong things. My friend was put into a dangerous situation by doctors who were supposed to be helping him. Beware!

Vanessa Gonzalez

Their billing department has HORRIBLE customer service. Every time I have called they give me the biggest attitude, and they are never wrong. They will try to fight you that they are right all the way. Every single women I have spoken to in that department has been so rude & ive never encountered such a rude department

sulman sha

I thought i was wrong, this Hospital is a complete joke! I came my sister, she had serious fever 102 degree at that time, but no one cares! We waited hours after hours, not to mention we were in the EMERGENCY ROOM. The nurses and receptionist are not properly trained, they are the rudest people I have ever seen. My humble request to the city to look after this issue and provide better service to NYC public

Eileen Joy

People in the registration desk and nurses are so rude and lack to show they actually care for the patients!! Barely privacy: patient beds are 3 ft apart from each other. Staff members talk aloud to others about shopping and ranting about other patients and co-workers without caring if patients can hear. Most workers have attitude and show very clearly that they don’t wanna be there at all. I also witnessed coworkers give attitude to their other members as well. My mom got a CT scan and no one informed us where they kept taking my mom to different rooms. Only 2 doctors or nurses actually showed they care. The one filipino doctor was really nice other than that the workers look like they are forced to take care of patients instead of wanting to make sure that we get the help we need and feel better. Disgusted that i was even born in that hospital.

Barbara W

Thanks for saving my son's life on 10- 10-19. To the special Doctor that contacted me to inform me of this crisis. Thanks so much!!

Thomas MEME

Please keep our boy etika safe.......

Aniko Magyar

Very amiable and competent doctor... but after a wait of SIX HOURS in the emergency care room. Hospital is fairly clean.

Esther Faruk

Very unprofessional staffs. Actually they deserve zero star.

salman chaudhry

The front desk Asian lady in the emergency room is extremely rude to patients especially patients who have trouble speaking English. I saw her yell very rudely at this old sick man for no good reason.

Azlan Talat

The rudest and slowest people in Queens all work here

Elmhurst Crack head hospital

Place is disgusting - STAFF or shall i say brain dead , incompete dingbats have no idea of anything, place is COMPLETELY mismanaged - You can find better care in the jungles of AFRICA then this TOILET BOWL called ELMHURST HOSPITAL !

Ivan Jose

Keep Desmond (Etika) Safe!!

Alex Cuji

Not a great hospital to be in for the City

lokmani rai

Emergency Service is 1,000 times faster in Nepal’s worst government hospital then this Elmhurst Hospital. Compare one of the poorest country Nepal

The Graceful Dahlia

This place is bloggable. That’s all I kept saying. I walked in at 1pm and ended up leaving at 10 and still not having been seen. The only reason I left was because a certain nurse was honest enough to tell me that we wouldn’t be seen for hours. They don’t even label their samples they handed me a page of labels with my info on it like it was a DIY deal or something. I sat there holding my urine sample for a good 3 hours before I decided to put it on the floor-which by itself is gross. The lady across from me was basically bleeding out and nurse just all by like nothing is happening. Also they don’t care how packed a section is they will literally sandwhich you in there anyway like they were discardIng rotting bodies. Now all I need is for them to send me a bill for not having done a thing....

ten zin

I saw lot of negative reviews here and I know it’s fair to put it that way, with my own experienced. Most of the staffs are don’t even care what condition you are in they just act robot with no compassion, but unfortunately they don’t work like robot though. If ever wondered what Elmhurst women’s delivery room like is ? Well I did and m sure most of the people too. Any ways to the point I went to the D5 Yesterday which is delivery area and there they keep you at One of the area which is contraction rooms before delivery. Almost every staffs were robot. They tired of seeing same people with same condition like my and you so so they don’t even bother. One of the lady was crying a lot because she her baby was not moving. After crying for while she asked for water to one of the nurses and she was that she is busy so she can’t get it for her. So my wife offered some. We thought to hv baby here since it’s close and convenient for us but after seeing this We decided to deliver our baby somewhere els! Hope this review help someone like me to to figure what to do! Gud day.

zewei yu

I came to the Elmhurst Hospital ER after my doctor referred me here. This is absolutely not a emergency room based on my experience, I have been registered for almost 5 hours and i still don't know who my doctor is!!!

Anit Shrestha Shrestha

Really slow and wasting time ...

shithi chowdhury

Very slow and poor service. Takes hours upon hours for a patient to get attention. One can be dying of pain and they show no care whatsoever.

Super Man

Yesterday at 8 pm i was in emergency. There Receptionist short Mexican girl she was really rude with me. She don’t know how to talk with person. Most she need to learn what is hospitality.

Shocking Combos

Give us etika back now

Bd Fun

This hospital is something else you just have to wait even tho u on time still they took hour to call people

Ashley Perez

10pm-4am waiting, all for a numb busted open finger full of nonstop blood. Restrooms, no toilet paper. Staff, no help. Maintenance, disgusting. Not recommended.

Alisha khan

I am mother of 2 kids 12 years and 5 years. My both kids born in this hospital. My daughter was suffer from asthma , for so long. I always have to take her to emergency because of trouble breathing. We are always back-and-forth to the emergency So many different doctor I took her seems to be ok and few months later her Asthma got bad. Since I took Dr Lisa Forman my daughter Alisha and my son Adam there asthma got completely cure . It’s so worth to wait and see her. Because of Dr Lisa Forman we go to Elhurmust hospital . She is so detail take her time to each patient . Thank you, Elhurmust hospital to provide such a wonderful doctor

Crazy Cat

Food sucked in the psych ward. Staff was nice there.

Kara Ryles

Im embarrassed to say 3 out of 4 hospitals I went to for prenatal care. Atleast one was just do to me relocating and the distance. When i went to Elmhurst for prenatal care the social worker got all my words twisted. Made me out to be the worst with her selective hearing. By the time i was able to get her notes corrected my records were sent to my new hospital i went to as a result of relocating. Also i had an issue at Elmhurst with the midwife and her notes as well. They don't think anyone will check behind them. I always check my records. Do the same. Ask for copies.

Yomero Aquitoy


Sharmila Bisram

Elmhurst Hospital is an excellent hospital. Very friendly, caring compassionate staff. I highly recommend it.

tina c

The doctors and nurses are the most rudest people you will ever meet, and to think their job is to help people. I asked a nurse to help my grandpa and she had the nerve to say that she was not the assigned nurse and told me to wait for his nurse. His nurse was no where to be found still after an hour. This hospital is awful, lazy, rude, and disgusting. They even have roaches. Do better

Amanda Chogyal

My daughter was born here. I tried to breastfeed her. She wasn't latching on properly. The nurse who saw me told me that my nipples were too small and my daughter didn't want it. . The hospital staff were upset with me for not watching their baby videos that were on the tv. I just had a baby. I needed to rest not watch some stupid videos. They treated me like I had no idea what to do. This was my first pregnancy and already they acted like I was a failure. I had to come daily for them to check my daughter's jaundice levels. They told me the reason why it was so high was because my daughter is asian. She is only half! Meanwhile I tried to breastfeed her. I couldn't get more than the colostrum to come out. She wasn't gaining weight properly so they threatened to keep her at the hospital to find out why she wasn't gaining weight. I was so scared they would take her from me that I ended up giving her formula instead. She gained an ounce. Worst hospital ever. I feel really bad that my daughter couldn't breastfeed. She is now 7 and doing great.

Ch H

Someone needs to train the employees answering the main line to be courteous and patient, when families of patients call. Very unprofessional staff.

Jani Brea

Literally such a bad hospital.. patients are in pain begging for doctors help and all they do is walk around and ignore them saying the doctor is coming but comes in like 1 hour .. don’t understand I’m never coming here again been here since 12 am and now is 11:17pm because of how long they even take to make It to you smh . Not to mention I hear them cursing within each other playing around MIND YOU THERE Are PATIENTS ASKING FOR HELP BECAUSE THEY ARE IN PAIN.

Jasmine Robinson

This hospital is the wrost ive been here since 8:30 it is almost 2:00and still havent been seen this is so not in order nurse dont know how to give needles pray for the staff there they need it dont go thete at all if you can avoid it remember its your life and need to be treated with love and care from those who really care god bless all

nikky beacon


Tiffany Evans

This hospital, is the worst hospital ever !!!! Please don’t come here. I would rather die than come here and I’m so serious !!!! I bought one on my clients who was complaining about having stomach pain. It took them hours to treat him. They had us sitting for hrs. The staff is extremely unprofessional and rude. They have zero care when it comes to the patients. I saw a pill on the floor . A patient was begging to use the bathroom multiple times. He was in restraints, and they never took him to the bathroom.! I don’t even know why this hospital is still open. The nurse doesn’t show any form of compassion towards the patients. I was asking a nurse a question in regards to my client. . He ask me if this was my first time coming here , I responded yes. He told me to just go with the flow! ! How can you tell somebody to just go with the flow! Trash hospital , dirty unprofessional, rude. Over crowded and understaffed ! Like I said before do not come here !!!!!


worst hospital ever, most so called "doctors" are students and not real doctors which do not know what they are doing, they are more interested in giving prescriptions to everybody without explaining why. Avoid this hospital like the plague and get yourselves another place.

Yuseph A

This place NEEDS A MAJOR OVERHAUL (cleaning and renovation) and better doctors. Lots of homeless people hanging out in the hospital lobby and outside the entrance. Adult Emergency room and Pediatric Emergency room are disgusting.

KILLSHOT0804 bett

This place made me wait so long, I understand that there is many patients but I got there at 11:00 am with no people, and the orthopedic finally saw me at 6:00 pm, and the thing is they forgot I was even there and waiting. They gave me a cast and I still waited for another hour for a ct scan. I was getting really annoyed when all I heard was the nurses laughing and talking about eating lobster! When I was waiting in there room.

Random Phantom

My grandpa aost died. Some indian decendent woman was our doctor. Very unprofessional, very rude, most of the doctors are underskilled and 3rd class. Do not go to this hospital if you care for your life. Avoid at any cost.

Bryan Aguilar

take care of my dawg etika edit: nvm he aint there


This Hospital is growing in good way. Comparing many years ago. I can see a big difference.


living hell! I went to emergency at 8pm and left there at 2am. The staff there basically walked around doing nothing. I have waited so long that i began to talked to every nurse. Finally they had a brief check up and gave me painkiller...latee i checked with a gastro doc and i did have some syptoms that thet didn’t care to fibd out from their patient! My worst decision ever is to come here. Avoid it at all cost!

zinata zavalunova

terrible staff, the place is very dirty . Doctor had 0 knowledge . would never go back again!! no one cares if you are feeling bad , there is no communication between staff . The staff claims that a hospital should be as it is .. HORRROBLLLEEE

Jah Manel

Always waiting and waiting and waiting so long to get help

CCU uu

totally agree with the other reviews, my grandma died too, and it was an indian female doctor she was very disrespecful and unprofessional, she dont know how to treat family members that are suffering. She works in the 4th floor, she should be fired for unprofessional cold heart person.

Mireya Estevez

The woman at the front desk in the pediatric center (night shift) has to be the most unprofessional person I've ever come across. She greets you with attitude and acts like you're scum. Besides the attitude I received, I've even witnessed her call a child's name and pronouncing it wrong and once the mother finally caught on and said that she was sorry, but they were saying the kids name wrong the lady says, I said his name how ever I said it , same thing do you have a problem? Don't know how these people get hired, but at least the doctor was great.


Ok so i have never seen such rude staffs

June Song

I do not understand how this hospital got bad reviews. My mom has a serious heart problem so I called 911, she was urgent there was no wait.... She survived that night and moved to ICU, now people took care of her so nice way...I gotta thanks to all staff and thank you again. God bless to all staff. Btw, look at this glass shinny floor. Don’t you think this is clean enough?

m j

Worst customer service!! If you are not in extreme emergency then you should look for some better alternative. The doctors are super nice but before getting to them you have to go through the worst staff in the world I have ever seen. They will treat your pain like nothing and while you are in super pain and upset the nurses are talking to each other about new fashion and shoes and joking around delaying your treatment. They will just ignore you as if you don't exist and have the least sympathy with your pain. If you have an option you should go to a different hospital.

Zain Khan

Horrible. Just horrible 5 hour wait for a stomach pain with the Emergency room not as packed.

Magdary Almonte

Worst hospital ever. They dont do their job correctly. They think you have all the time of the world to waist watting for them to treat you... you can die waitting for them!!!!

mirka delgado

You could literally be dying and they’ll tell you you’re 100% fine. I had a ovarian cyst and it was big to the point when it was ready to explode, I could’ve been left sterile meaning I could’ve never had kids, I was in so much pain and they sent me home saying nothing was wrong that I’ll be fine. The next day I go to flushing hospital and had an emergency surgery.

Fran Sunstar

You lot better look after Etika.

Mariejane Faderan

This is honestly the worst hospital. If you have a loved one please dont bring them here !! The service is horrible, the nurses are rude . They would forget to tell us information or updates and yell at us for not knowing. I cant believe i was born in this ridiculous place .

Phurbu Gyaltsen

We have our baby at (NICU) which was nursed by RN Dolma Choeying la. She was very humble and nice. Thanks

Erwin Blossfeld

If hell exists, I think I know where it is, in the emergency room of this hospital, General Hospital NYC Health + Hospitals / Elmhurst, ELMHURST, I never thought I saw the greatest lack of professional ethics in my life until I came to this place with my friend in serious condition, the indifference, the lack of compassion, the human misery on the part of all the people who work in this place Made an impression on my life. It was a terribly painful, painful and spooky experience, someone has to know that this happens at this place, the indifference of the doctors, nurses and staff who were only interested in their cell phones, constantly checking their cell phones then tending to their patients. I do not have enough words to describe the terrible long wait we spent in this place, my friend was finally treated after waiting more 15 hours with a concussion in the brain, sewed up without anesthesia, no x-rays, CAT scan , no antibiotics or analgesics, there was not someone to help me with a wheelchair to take my friend to a toilet. He was treated in an inhumane way and I could not be quiet, they are some soulless, in humans, lacking in ethics and lack of love in their hearts . They have no respect for the pain of others, God will see their actions and their behavior, that the divine justice will take care of all these bad people who work in the emergency room of the General Hospital NYC Health + Hospitals / Elmhurst

Kalsang Kalsang

This hospital is one of the worst hospital . I was in emergency room after I broke my hand and I was waiting for nurse to show up ...after 4 hours she came ..I just want to ask why is it say emergency when u have to wait 4-5 hours.totally disappointed

Mateo Osorio

Unbelievable, despite already knowing how bad the service here is, I decided to still go. Got there at 4 am and it’s 7am now and yet to be checked. Every time I ask for someone they are on break! Now they are telling me I will be helped past 7am. What is the point of being a 24 hr emergency center if is no one to help you. On January 2nd at 6:40am a white male wearing black scrubs reassured this was a 24hr emergency room, is it really? The nurse? Carol well she just took my temperature and pressure. You call that being a nurse? I could do that too while being on pain. Call me a nurse then. NYC health acts fast to send you bills ASAP but can’t change the way they function. To add on, the waiting room is full of homeless just laying around or sleeping. No organization whatsoever. Unprofessional to the max!


On of the worst hospital

James S

Hospital where I was born. It's an okay hospital but it has been overcrowded for very long. The city needs to start building more hospitals because people travel all over Western Queens to this one because there are no public hospitals in other dense neighborhoods, such as Astoria.

Ahad Hossain

Do not go to elmhurst hospital because they are the rudest well you could go to the 7th floor they are really nice

Wesley Ballard

This hospital should be shut down in the interest of public safety the emergency room staff is rude lazy and totally incompetent and those are their good qualities


refused to provide a wheelchair for 1 hour until my appoinment was up with an orthopedic surgeon. I had surgery 2 weeks ago. and I cannot sit in a regular chair or else it hurts and stings. I had to walk to the second floor with my walker because there are no wheelchairs for me that I can put my feet up. Terrible

Alejandro Rojas

The staff aren't too bad so there you go another star. But that's just because they are nice. That should only be half a star. In other categories. Staff love to talk, which causes minor delays. I'm joking. MAJOR DELAYS. Like 4 hours or more in the emergency room. Kids or adults do not come here. Also this place is not too clean. As I am posting this it is 1AM in the emergency room. Got here at 10 pm. Avoid at all costs. Go to another place. A place with good ratings.

Salman Mazhar

We went to the emergency room with a broken arm and had to sit in the waiting area for 4 hours in pain. If anyone in the neighborhood has the option to avoid this place, please do. Go to mount siani in astoria way better.


Just went to blood donation today. I was with Nurse Lopez, she was so warm welcoming, very attentive to detail, nice, always smiling but the most important her skill in injecting needle is awesome. Only one time shot and needle is in. I donate blood regularly and I always nervous about how skillful is the nurse. I almost gave up when one time a nurse poked me 3 times ( left and right hand). Took me a year to encourage myself to come back for donating blood. Thank you nurse Lopez for the awesome job you did

Natalia Turiano

Today I went to my regular clinic. When I went to the bathroom I noticed I haad a rash on my face, arms, neck. I saw the doctor, she felt I was having a very bad allergic reaction. I'm asthmatic. She notice that my throat was closing. She called 911.I was taking to elmhust hospital. I had just arrived and I overheard a doctor telling the paramedics that took me there that my condition was a waste of time. They took my vitals and took me to another room. I waited about 1hour and still not seen by a doctor. So I asked the nurse and she told me that the doctors felt I was not in disstress, so I could wait. She said that not doctor was going to see me yet. That I have to wait about another 2 hours. Then see the doctor. That I was going to be there all day. They didn't even ask me if I was okay the whole time. Even after telling the nurse that I felt pressure on my chest. I left the hospital. Very bad hospital. No good service.

Shreoshi Rahman

This place truly is disgusting. It’s not a hospital where they strive to help and aid everyone to their best ability. They watch and laugh with no expertise or skill. Do not come here, based on everyone else’s review as well, this place has no insurance to save your loved ones. This isn’t what doctors do.

Magnificent Studios

Pediatric emergency room , the African American lady from triage night shift , I find rude and uncaring

J 13

You have to sit on floor or bed of patient your with. Worst ppl work there... disgraceful hospital

henry diamond

Took my friend to the ER and had the worst experience with a very bitter and rude arabic woman. I left my friend inside the ER and went outside to move my car and when i tried to go back in, this bitter moody woman yelled at me there were no visitors allowed and literally closed the door in my face while she was going in. If she told me nicely or at least in a normally respectful way i would've understood. There was no need for the nastiness but it was clearly the way this woman is. I explained my situation to a nurse and she let me back in without inconvenient. Later i saw this older arabic woman yelling at two nurses so i guess she was one of these sad embittered supervisors who hate their own life and make everyone else's miserable. Sad for the hospital to employee people like that. Nasty arrogant employees like her make the place even harder to work in for their own coworkers The waiting time was long but it's an ER and the doctors were kind although didn't solve my friend's issue and she had to go to another doctor to get the diagnosis and treatment she needed.

masud rahman

I had a bad car accident today.I am at emergency hospital since afternoon 4:40pm. I’m just reviewing now at 2:35 AM in the morning .worst service ever I had in Elmhurst hospital.they don’t care about the patient. I’m surprise and in New York City Hospital that kind of service.people should take a look.

zeynep sözer

Waiting for a long time in Emergency. If emergency is like that, I cannot imagine others! Wish all the best to all patients in this hospital!


keep ma boi Etika safe yaaheard.


Honestly the worst hospital. Having to wait 9 hours for a blood test and a ct scan?? We asked for painkillers and an hour later we ask again and they say that there’s no order.. wth?? Honestly the worst. No matter how backed up patients are, dont you think 9 hours is too much?

Jarrod Keene

Y'all better take of Etika real good

Mohamed Ismail

Worst emergency service ever.. they can keep you waiting tell you bleed out to check you in.


Worst hospital ever. Long wait times. Unprofessional.

Tara Kasmatis

Easy to find parking. The social worker was really helpful and professional. Made the transition to New York center for rehabilitation smoother.

Hemak Mistry

I brought in a relative to the emergency today around 5:30 PM and it's 7:50 PM right now and we still haven't been attended to. These guys made some goof up at the registration and my relative is still waiting in the emergency waiting room for more than 2 hours. The irony of emergency. Mr. Jessie Kwong RN just informed me that my relative needs to go to the triage for his body tests before telling me we're next to be called in for treatment. The staff is totally irresponsible.

Josh P

I swallowed a foreign object and it had to be taken out. Everyone we came across was super helpful and compassionate. Starting in the ER with DR Colleen Smith. Once we got to the endoscopy section Dr Grossman was the anesthesiologist. Then for the king of gastroenterologists Dr Aaron walfish scoped out what needed to be taken out. Everyone was super compassionate and knowledgeable..

Chaudhary Harris

I went to the emergency room after breaking my ankle. I arrived at around 8 pm and wasn't seen by anyone until 11, didn't get x-rays until 1 and didn't receive results or advice until 2:30 am. For the record, I was not seen by a doctor but was seen by a nurse practitioner. There was no doctor present in the "fasttrack ER" while I was there. Although there were empty beds in the fasttrack ER, the waiting room was completely full. During my visit, I saw over 50 patients with my own eyes, 0 doctors, 1 PC, 1 nurse, and police officers, and around 10 clerks. Many people knocked on the door to complain that they'd been sitting for hours. Final thing I'd like to share is that I was barely able to walk and had entered the hospital from a large entrance in the back. I opened the door and went inside and this area, where there were a lot of insurance desks, had absolutely 0 people, no guards, and no button to press for help. We literally had to call the hospital to ask someone to come get us but during that call a nurse appeared to say goodbye to a friend who we asked to help us. Such are the conditions of the HHC currently. Shouldn't have to go to the city to receive quality care.

Mike Hernandez

I hate this place, worst hospital. I’d give them negative 5 stars

Rezonate MTG

pray for etika. please take care of him.

Laura Jimenez

The worst! A month ago, my sister had an early delivery and she could not get to the hospital where they were taking care of her pregnancy, unfortunately the ambulance took her to the nearest hospital and they took her to this hospital. When I arrived at the hospital instead of attending to her quickly (my niece was being born) they asked her absurd questions like "Why are you here?" "Why did you come to this hospital?" Please it is obvious that it is an emergency and it was also obvious the emergency for which she was there. My niece was born a few minutes after my sister arrived at the hospital. After that one of the very rude nurses took the footprints of my niece, I finished taking her fingerprints and when I wrapped her and almost fell her down. Sometimes it is for obvious reasons that these hospitals are not seen, because of the terrible attention, the terrible attitude. When I was in an emergency with my girl, it was terrible, the last time I was there with her, it was because she had an infection in her throat, they checked her there and said she did not have anything, they sent her something for fever and that was it After hours of waiting, my daughter can not sleep all night, I had to take her very early to another hospital and they told me that she had a throat infection and they gave her antibiotics. If it were for this H. Hospital one dies. Fatal.

Soumik Dey

Emergency of this hospital is ran by bunch of animals. Nurse name Erin or Erick or eran is the most disgusting human being I ever met in my life. I wonder how come no one sees this type of frustrated comment. Hope someone sees it and responds.waited for over 5 hours no one bothered to come to my father. My father was hospitalized last Wednesday for vomiting blood and was told upon release that if he’s stool stays black and hemoglobin level goes down to come back immediately to ER. After waiting 5 hours, I went up to find out who the nurse was and asked him to update and he rudely said no update. After several attempts to find out, we were laughed at by an Asian lady and other Philippino nurse. at the end of 5th hour we decided to leave and when we told the nurse he said okay rudely again. No one should go to that hospital and government should close this place down. The patient that came after us got seen before us and our issue was very emergent. Can I give them a zero star. This is not the first time, we been thru this issue. GUYS GO TO OTHER HOSPITAL BUT NOT ELMHURST.

Real Video

This all reviews goes to new york news channel now . Lets see how i team news gonna cover it soon . Fired those all lazy staffs here and hire new energetic staffs so patient gonna live not die here. Slowest and wrost hospital in new york. Give 1st prize to worst hospital ever.

Tesiya Khatun

This is the worst hospital ever. I have been waiting 5 hours to be called inside.. I’m writing this review as I am sitting here in the waiting area, sick, tired, and hungry. I would rather die than be here in this hospital, by the time someone would come to check up on me I feel like I would already be dead. I’m so frustrated with the staff and the way they handle patients here like animals in a zoo. Everyone is not feeling well and it’s their job to reassure everyone in a nice and kind manner but they always fail to do so. Avoid coming here if possible, chances are you will become more sick waiting here to see a doctor in the case of an “emergency”

Dorota Dabrowska

I had very bed experience in this hospital.I dont recommended coming here.

Brian Martinez

Bro I been here for about 7 hours now and still counting too

Baba Lawo

I’m never going there. It’s a waste of my time. You achieve nothing going there. Trashy!

Shadi Haj

This hospital is the worse hospital ever I came in very bad nonstop pain on my head and numb on face weakness body ...... 1. Waiting about 7hrs 2. No bed available 3. Didn't make any test 4. The end the just gave me advil lol 5. The pain going up and worse and make my vision glory numb on face and arms ..... 6. Now I have been there 11hrs and 35min just waiting for someone to come the take meds off from my arm which is done long time ago lol

Ponch Ice Tea Knight

at least take care of etika.... look the hospital may not have great reviews but dont give him or his fan a hard time....

Oscar He

The staff here are the rudest people to ever work in public health services. Don’t they realize that the patients they interact with might not have long to live? The least they can do is be a little more understanding. I went there with my father a few months ago who was suffering from stage 4 small cell lung cancer. We were seeking an opinion on how to proceed with the cancer that metastasized to his spine. He was in a wheelchair, but it was at the point that even sitting for more than 30 minutes can be excruciatingly painful. There was a misunderstanding and we did not get our hospital card and the receptionist felt offended by it. She sneered at us and seemed delighted to say “guess you’ll just have to wait longer”, as if we deserved this as punishment for a misunderstanding. All the while, my dad had been sitting in the wheelchair for 2 hours already. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pain he was in. He did not even take his pain meds as he wanted to be responsive when speaking with the doctors. Not even 2 weeks later, my dad passed away. He was so close to death, yet he still wanted to visit this hospital to get better. He did not deserve to be treated this way. If I ever have an ailment that only this hospital can treat, I would still not visit as dealing with this place is worse than dying.

Qianwen Lin

The worst hospital in the nyc!! Keeps waiting and waiting, and the nurses are really careless and rude!!! Never ever came to this hospital!!!

Supastar Rell #LordOfTheRealms

My father has been waiting for 13 hours and counting...we are still here tired hungry and waiting for someone to move him to an actual room.

Fabian Guaman

I spend my all day there .. & they told me "everything is ok" and also they send me home even through i still with the pain.

Clara Thompson

I was taken to the emergency psychiatric unit here when I suffered a mental breakdown. The staff was absolutely rude, especially the woman I was in the ambulance with. She kept yelling at me calling me a liar when I answered their questions. I was then forced to wait almost 6 hours to see a doctor. Mind you there were maybe like 4 people before me. They kept me in a dirty room, no food or water was offered to me. Finally when I did get to see the doctor I was treated like a child. They didn’t do much to help diagnose me or give me recommendations. Also she told a family member something personal so talk about doctor-patient privilege. After that they had the nerve to misdiagnose me. They claimed I had ocd even though I gave no symptoms of such. So therefore I went a year without the proper medication to deal with me mental illness. Come one year later and me actually getting worse I went to a psychiatrist in my area. Most amazing man ever who told me I actually have borderline. I wish I could shut this hospital down. Worst experience of my life. If I had the choice I would have never came here. Also needs to improve their psychiatric facilities.

Mashroor Reza

People here are very rude. They have careless staffs who were busy chatting with each other when there was a long line of patients waiting for registration.

Sohel Rana

If ever think to come here then you need lots of patience. Because there is no approximate time like 4 hour or 5 hour. Most important receptionist is very rude totally absurd. It is true any emergency you have to wait and we are ok. But if you cannot give appropriate time to patient then management should thik that, time is very important. We are living in Technology world and there are so many tools or monitoring systems they can add provide better services and better understanding and we all should share our responsibility. Together we can make better community for us for our future. God bless America.


I took my daughter for a blood test and a black lady who works there took the blood whilst she was busy singing and listening music, and also calling someone about a family affair. All this was done while she was busy with private affairs then I asked her are you done, may I leave? She wasn't even ready to reply and just nodded. She works at room 145.

Abigail Moran

The worst hospital ever!!! They give pain meds before knowing what diagnosis. The diagnosis takes 12 hours to get. Treatment is put on hold...the floors and walls are cover with blood and body fluids..... dry and wet. Trying to get transported out takes another 12 hours....oh wait that didn't happen, we left because they wanted another day pay....... they sit at computer and forget the patients names and forget where they put them at...asks at the front desks and they are unsure what floor or where they put the patient? They say sorry for the wait........24 hours and was counting...I give a negative 10 but it doesn't allow it.... A death can die and be sitting waiting for treatment!!!

Sefanur Donmez

One of the most horrific ER rooms, my dad is taken to the ER and when I tried to ask about him they kept ignoring me and giving me the worst attitude, if you can avoid this place please do it’s terribleeeeee

Gina A.

Great staff! Radiology department helpful and caring people!!


Please take care of Etika, but after reading all the reviews it seems thats not the case sadly...

Audrey Anderson

Honestly terrible service. HIPAA guidelines are disrespected as well as Osha guidelines. No compassion and empathy. As well as lazy staff and janitors. Never come here unless you want to wait for hours to even get seen.


If I could I would give zero star to this place. I was in lot of pain. Nobody cared, made me wait for hours. I had left thigh abscess humongous. But no nurse no doctor showed up to even ask for me. This is my last time coming here I swear to god

Dilza Chang

this Hospital has been very good to save lifes, especially the ER, the Doctors and staff are competent, professional, knowledgeable and responsible for the people coming in from all over the town.

Ibrahim Sheikh


Jokhongir Safarov

Terrible service I have ever seen. We had to wait for 20 minutes in the emergency room. Never come to here. They make you suffer in the Emergency room.

Carlos Gutierrez

Probably the worst hospital I have ever been to. Only recommend coming hete if you have an absolutely urgent emergency and don't have anywhere else to go. You can wait hours (and I mean like 5-10+) waiting for the most rudimentary of diagnoses and discharges.

Jade Brown

I've never experienced so much disrespect coming from a place that is supposed to take care of people. I was not a patient here, but I was trying to locate a friend of mine to see how she was doing. I was transferred to several different departments, and this was all in the span of an hour. I spoke to at least 6-7 people, and ALL of them were rude. The final person I spoke to who knew what was going on gave me the most attitude out of everyone. When you are dealing with people whose loved ones are ill, there is a certain manner that they should be approached in. I was extremely taken aback by the service here and will warn anyone who decides to come, get care from elsewhere.

Rigzin Gelek

Elmhurst hospital is worse hospital in New York ,very bad system at emergency room & all stuffs

Abu Khaled

Very bad service. We were waiting for 5 hours for surgery but they scheduled us in the wrong clinic. The staff has no idea for almost anything. Was expecting better service from this hospital.

Che Yang

Do not go this hospital. Staffs and nurses are so rude. I told them to fill my child physical examination for school but they say , her physical examination is not on system.

Jessenia Fuentes

The worst experience I have ever had. I waited more than 5 hours and the doctor discharged me without even having my results. I would rather go an hour away than to go to this emergency room. Never again!!!

Battle Matrix

Went there after passing out , informed them I also have asthma and tightness of chest and they made me wait an hour and a half to even see the registration person.. and the lady was so nasty once I got to her we got into an argument and I refused to even receive service there , took a cab to mount sinai where I was treated immediately

SA Ahmed

This is an easy to notice big hospital. This hospital is located in a place where most inhabitants are Asian, therefore most of the visitors and patients are Asian, and there are latin too. Staff are not warm or not neglecting, and they are from different race. This hospital is easy to commute. Beside buses, Jackson Heights Roosevelt station Or 74 Broadway station within walking distance.

ptsd of the grail war

Please, take care of Etika for us.

Primal 138

Please keep Desmond (Etika) safe!

Niu Niu

This hospitals emergency room is the worst!If you are in an emergency you should never go to this place!!!they kill your life!!Staffs there never work. All they did was laughing chatting and wasting time. The old women at the front desk(not the nurse at the front imformation desk though this lady also did nothing)was a mean lady. I was in a very uncomfortable situation and felt like I couldnt stand it anymore and she was yelling at me!!!!I was crying and nobody helped me.I ve never been treated in this way in my whole life. I want them to know how to treat patients in a proper way. They should learn how to work and should have a right attitude and care about other peoples life. Overall this hospital is very helpless I went there because its close but I ended up at a City MD.

Forgem Nos

The staff aren't bad people. Let me get that out first. It is just they seem understaffed and the HR sucks. The security is late lax and lazy. I took myself out of fear it might be worse to stay. I wouldn't eat the food either. I guess this is the place for the low scoring medical staff. Please avoid. Take the cab elsewhere.

Faith McKenna

This is the worst hospital I've been to. The doctors and nurses really don't care about the patients. One nurse was forceful with me when I said can I please cover my arms or get decent privacy while you undress me and expose my body. It Is against my religion and I was uncomfortable to expose my arms in a hallway full of strange men considering I was kept in a hallway . She persisted yanked the blood pressure cuff and was very hostile not caring about my protests to please let me cover myself before you take my vitals but she yelled back at me saying "your religion? Im not stripping you down now get on the bed!" The nurse was very hostile and did not treat me with an ounce of dignity or respect. The doctor even said "After you do her vitals, I don't care what you do with her". Obviously they were very overwhelmed and didn't care about excess patients but this is the worst "care" I've ever experienced. I've never felt so neglected and violated ever.

Shayne Coffey

Good care, slow timing, and slightly dirty

Jabid Morshed

This is the worst hospital I have ever gone to. A few months ago I broke my wrist and I had to wait for a cast for 9 hours. I reached the hospital at 10pm and left by 7am. The doctors and staff are careless and don't care if the patient in front of them is in serious pain. As a person, I request that nobody go to this dreadful hospital

Johnalynn Barrett

I thank God this er saved my baby life. However as adult treatment my family members had 0 star reviews.


The doctors are pretty great but that's because most of them are doctors from Mount Sinai volunteering for extra shifts at this over priced clinic. Because that's what it is. It isn't a real hospital. It looks like and ran like a broke inner city clinic. The nurses are terrible and everybody who isn't a doctor there talk to you with an attitude. And apparently their nurses are not certified to do certain things, which is scary. I was told by 2 doctors that their nurses weren't certified to handle my husband's pump. It was a simple pump that even I was trained in 5min to use. They gave my husband expired medicine. And it was his heart medication that keeps him alive. Thank god i caught it. Everyone was walking around taking notes on paper. And when i say Everyone i mean doctors, nurses, social workers.....Everyone. Apparently they don't even have the money to print out forms and charts? His nurses literally came to his bed side writing his medical information down on scraps of paper. This hospital is horrible and needs to be shut down. It shouldn't even be allowed to operate as a hospital. Because it isn't.

JC Tirado

third floor wing e-01 or e-011 billing , there is a lady named Damaris. first she scream NNNeeexttt as if we are animals or something, later while looking at her cell she said what do u need, i gave her a bill that was sent to me she looked, ohh ya gotta go to a-117. I said but... , no no they will take care of it. my second attempt i said i just came from there and they send me here, ohhh she screams to her supervisor i guess "they sent him here" give me your insurance card information so i can look, evidently she did not read the statement when i first gave it to her other wise she would it found all the information there. so the complaint i want to make is the type of service that this individual is providing, mistreating us left and right, treating us like ping pong balls, screaming as if she was talking to her daughters or something, not doing her job properly. If i dont raise my voice she would it have sent me back to wing a-119. so i stood there for a while and she did the same thing to other non english speaking person. i dont know who is supervising Damaris and all those savages if she is allow to scream when she calls the next client. absolutely no manners at all and more concentrated on her cell phone, she told me write here in a blank piece of paper how much you make IN ENGLISH!!!. this bad experience took place around the week of april 16 at 1pm

Sol Weistein

They have a bunch of incompetent doctors, the only thing they do is cat scan, Ray x and take blood from you every 4 hrs and finally kill you. If you take an older person than 60 y.o, expect them to kill your family member. Please don't ever take nobody here, eat and have a healthy lifestyle, dont ever depend on doctors because they will kill u sooner. Cirugy medicine is the only one that I admire the rest is BS. We have to stop depending from this kind of places, because they only care about prescribing u drugs and affecting other organs. PLEASE EAT AND HAVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE LETS AVOID DEPENDING FROM THIS CRIMINALS WITH A LICENSE.

Ishita Ayesha

ER is the worse. It’s like they’re the rudest people in the world. Seems like hundred of staffs are like just roaming around, laughing, eating while people are in pain sitting in the waiting area for hours and hours.

uhhh kip

treat Desmond Amofah right you better treat him good at that little hospital because if you dont I will use telekinesis to crush your lungs and then i will eat them

Zully Lupera

First time I went the staff was really nice and everything went rather quickly, the second time was a completely different story, it took 2 hours to get medical attention for my dad. They told me they would transfer him to a room since he had to stay the night. That never happened and I ended up sleeping in a very uncomfortable chair in the waiting area.


I remember the first day that I had my appointment approximately a year ago, then the service was smooth, fast and very efficient, but now since they started working with a new system the service is very disorganized in some areas, and on top of that the computer system is so slow that they take much longer to process appointments and medications... it takes long time the process of registration, appointment, medication, and wait time to see your doctor...☹


Y'all better treat Desmond properly.

Va Vasilika

The worst experience in my life, we went in with our familiar and they live him stay for 2 hours with his diabetes 309 and the fever101.

Lan Tran

Two days ago, I went to Elmhurst Hospital by Ambulance. I was treated by sweet and good doctors and nurses there. I feel sorry couldn’t remember their names. Deep in my heart, I always remember and thank them for what they did to me. It’s not perfect, and had some delays. But they are so busy. Some staffs work so hard. No time for them to take a rest. I Love them all.

Polo Cruz

The worst hospital ever in the history of terrible hospitals. Nurse on the 6th floor where my grandmother lay dying, screaming at sick elderly patients very aggressively and complaining about her workload. Appalling and disgusting! Why do these people work in this field if they hate the work that comes with it? Very sad and dangerous for these patients who can't even defend themselves. I hope that nurse drops dead. She is trash and shouldn't be around these sick and dying patients. Very dangerous. Think twice before coming here.

rip the nigfever

please let our mans etika be safe thank Chu <3

tipu lima

They call themselves a "baby friendly" hospital, Is not true. This hospital is very low class hospital. Me and my daughter come hospital emergency room by ambulance . We still wait 4 hours. Doctor no call yet. I don’t know what time call my daughter name. I think more 2/3 hours wait. It’s not good. Why people come emergency room. The staff isn't friendly either. If you can get a proper appointment in another hospital, I recommend going elsewhere.

Jordan Jones

They call themselves a "baby friendly" hospital, but they aren't mom friendly. For your initial visit, you wait 3 to 4 hours in their new, but understaffed, women's building where there is no child play center or drinks. That was good planning for a maternity section! The staff isn't friendly either. If you can get a proper appointment in another hospital, I recommend going elsewhere.

Alba Lora

This hospital is a complete joke. You’d think that after so many negative reviews they’d try to make things better. Bedside manner is poor, the staff is extremely rude and Lack sympathy and nobody ever knows where anyone is. Typically I wouldn’t bother writing a review but quite frankly I’m sick of the treatment patients and visitors have to endure when walking into this hospital . People that come here to visit are already dealing with tragedy the last thing we want is to be treated like we’re an Inconvenience. I was given a phone number to speak directly to my Sister whom is a patient there. I was given the run around since 10 am this morning my family told me that she’s been wanting to speak with me. I was told to call back in an hour and I will . If I’m given the run around again I promise I will begin documenting.

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