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Knowledgeable and respected professionals who treats each patient with respect and dignity. At this hospital you're not a paycheck to the staff, you're a human being.


Nasty Hospital!!! Thought it is a big hospital and we will get great care so we went to the ER for pregnancy related complication and they kept us on really really long waiting :( At the end we left the ER without proper care.Took blood sample and urine sample and was not able to generate test result within 5 hours!! Because , the doctor told us that the blood diagnosis machine was not functioning l, what they have only one blood testing machine(????!!!!!!) in this modern century:( They charge money from the patient/government without taking care of the patient.The way they implemented process and policy it looks like this hospital is run by thugs/criminals. Also all works stops in ER(!) for at least 1 hour during so called shift changes for their staffs. NY city or federal agencies should look into their dealing with patient. PS: Never leave this hospital without the test result in hand because you will not get the report delivered to you until 30 days.

jonatan gadaev

Great hospital! Great doctors and nurses! Like a 5 star hotel. Rooms are big and clean with a great view! I will recommend to all my loved ones to choose this hospital in case they need medical attention!!!!

Javid Khan

Phenomenal nursing staff and world class care!

Troy Klk

I truly believe the doctors here saved my life. Not everything here is perfect but better care than I’ve had in any other hospital.


It's like Heaven... So they say... I came to this hospital with my father who has a C4 Fractor in Hopes to recieve the best treatment possible... On the website you see so many stars, and you think, maybe some people in New York are either too needy or don't know how to act. Maybe this is why they have some bad reviews... Truth be told I am suprise that many individuals are not in the process of pursuing legal action... In just the few hours apon arrival, we waited in the ER and a nurse dropped my father's head after giving him pain medication, while he was on the transport bed‼ Talk about nightmare... After being admitted, not even 24 hours later another individual had dropped my father's head and back while on a transporter bed! When does it end?! He is already in huge amounts of pain and because of the two horrible experiences, he is in unexplainable pain to the point they had to give him huge amounts of morphine to help he endure his medical injury along with what their medical staff had created!! I thought we are supposed to go to hospital to get better not Worst! Also note, if you don't have top of the line insurance, you will not get accepted for treatment. Private hospital don't take the normal health insurance. Even if YOU ARE DIEING, They will send you to another hospital... Long story short, if you want the best care provider possible then go to a hospital that is willing to do What ever it takes to get you to better health. From personal experience and from the stories I've encountered from others, this hospital

L Perez

The nurses can be very nasty and NOT professional in anyway or manner. They hate it when you ask them a question. They are very rude and do not like to do their job. Patients go without a bed bath for days. Have no heart when dealing with elderly patients. They are plain rude with patients and their visitors. This is a very sad situation, but it will get fixed very soon.

Eladia Benson

My 2nd child born at NYPWC, and pediatricians clinic gave awesome care to both my daughter's. Highly recommend for exceptional care

Abu Usman

Always excellent services Pleasant team and workers if I would have 10 stars I would give them 10*****. Thanks a lot.


this hospital has better emergency room than elmhurst hospital. Even doctors and nurses are very nice here and more trained

Kayle Adams

One of the most organized, clean, well mannered hospital in the city

Victoria Sales

I brought my dying sister to this hospital and was very disappointed with the medical staff. The majority had an attitude and very slow to respond when you ask for help. I met one nurse that was very helpful and nice and her name is Betty Yee. She was the only one who was very helpful and would make sure that my sister's needs were attended. We even had one of our sisters slept overnight just to make sure that my sister was taken care of. My sister passed away after a few days . If there's a choice, I wouldn't recommend this hospital.

Amy Yefet

Such an amazing experience at this hospital. I had a hemithyroidectomy surgery on feb 27, 2019. Dr. Zarnegar is very polite and helpful and has good bedside manner. I’m very confident in my continuous care with him. The staff are very polite and friendly. I would definitely recommend this hospital to others.

Dominique Wilka

I had my baby here in May 2012. My husband had a brain tumor and suffered Cancer twice before in 2013. This is the best hospital in the world. I love the staff and doctors and the college as well. Everything is close by and they even have a small hotel in the Helmsly Building for family who are staying for patients. The Kids unit is great too. I had a cousin who worked at PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). They even pay for you to go to school if you work there. Everything is basically across the street or the next block over. It's like a small city center for college, doctors office, hospital for special surgeries, small hotel and main hospital. There volunteers are awesome too. They have some really nice rooms with beautiful rooms that are like a library. (9th floor by a bon pain elevators) My experience with delivery was awesome. I purchased a private room and had a bit of High Blood Pressure so they kept me for 8 days. So I only had to pay for 2 days. Not Bad. They give you gifts, Ralph Lauren for your baby and Chanel makeup and perfume for the mom. They treat you and your guests like your in a hotel. My Husband too had great Neuro Sergeants too. The nurses were unbelievable nice. I had to leave my husband one night to attend our 2 kids and his phone died and no charger. The nurse was like "call my cell phone and you can facetime him before he goes to bed to say good night to his kids" So nice, I'll never forget her. 100% recommendation for this hospital. It was Sloan and Kettering back in the 1800 before it became NY Hospital. So Sloan and Kettering is NY Presbyterian and a lot of people don't know that. Also the 1st hospital in NY since the 1700.

Stephanie Eisner

THE BEST! How anyone could give this place under 5 stars is beyond me! It’s a hospital, you’re gonna wait, emergencies come before you, it sucks to be there. My visit here was phenomenal (as hospitals go). Upon entering everyone was friendly and wished me to get well soon. I was taken in quickly and seen right away. I had to wait a bit for my CT scan but I think that’s cause two stroke victims came in and took precedence. I totally get it as I had a stomach issue. I was in and out in under 8 hours - a miracle in hospital terms and that was with 2 and a half hours of iv prescription drips. Turns out they correctly diagnosed me prior to all my tests coming back with a bacterial infection (found out the next day it was salmonella) and the antibiotics started working before I left. I know sometimes in an ER setting it’s hard to diagnose everything without a lot of background on the patient but they asked the right questions, had the right attitude and used all their knowledge to help remedy the ailment. Will be my go to recommendation for everyone I can tell. Thank you for being great!

Mimi Barry

Worst experience ever, I came into to this hospital with bleeding and I'm 7 weeks pregnant, I came in at 4 pm it is now 2:36am and I am still waiting on my final reading from an ultrasound that I took almost 2 hours ago. If you ever want to go to an ER this is not one of them I'm so disgusted by this experience I'm literally in tears as I write this

Veronica Ellis

When we registered at Weill Cornell ER they were expecting us to arrive by ambulance not on foot. Harlem Hospital sabotaged our ambulance transfer that insurance would have paid for by stating my mom’s emergency surgery case was non-emergent. Anyway, we were immediately taken to triage and my mom placed on a stretcher. They gave her pain meds while they looked over her records. I was given a comfortable chair to sit in next to her stretcher. We were in an area with one other person but had a rotating door of crazies next to us. After being awake for 20 hrs and feeling delirious I found it comical. The gastrointestinal doctors visited my mom throughout the night and had to repeat the cat scan because the images sent by HH weren’t readable. She needed another drainage tube but this time it was placed properly and it worked! They let it drain throughout the night and by the morning was taking her up to surgery. The family waiting room for surgery patients is so relaxing and welcoming. David was the welcome center coordinator who greeted everyone and ran down amenities and what the process would be like. Updates such as surgery start time, completion and when family can visit, are given in real time once you register your cell number for text notifications. They have a small conference room for doctors to give updates to families. They have a charging station for cell phones and will check your bags in until your relative is ready to leave post-op for their assigned room. They even gave me professional courtesy to check my work email once I showed my NYP ID. My mom’s surgery was a success and after a couple of hours in post-op she was taken to her room which only had two other beds. She received a welcome BINDER when she arrived on her floor and a bag full of toiletries. I can’t say enough good things about how my mom was treated and I thank everyone who was attentive and compassionate and took wonderful care of her.

Jehuda Ish-Shalom

Looks very nice

Roy Horton

I've been in since yesterday because I donated a kidney to a coworker. This hospital is amazing. The doctors, nurses and employees are the best of the best. The treat you like gold here. Diana is my primary nurse in the Baker wing and along with Marlene and samantha I couldn't have asked for more. They are so concerned with your recovery and comfort. I also had Keith, Sheryl, Abo and Caroline who were just as amazing.

Mike Chase

Came here around 4 pm on Friday to the er and got in pretty quick. Everything slowed down after that . Waited in a chair for at least 6 hours to finally get into a tiny bed that was on the side of the hall, not even in a room . Around 11 pm kept asking when my husband was going to get his own room after being told he was admitted already . Waited until 5 am for a nurse to tell him that they needed a stool sample before they could bring him out of the er into a private room . We decided to finally leave at 6 am after being told countless times he was going up stairs and people changing the story . We ended up coming back to the er later in the afternoon as my husband was having the same problems . Had to go through the process all over again , and finally after 7 hours of waiting on a bed in the hallway they gave him a little room after he had said he wanted to leave again . They woke us up at 6 am today saying my h/b was getting his room upstairs and they brought us to a extension of the er where there are curtains for doors and the next person is 5 feet away . So after almost 2 days of people saying he was admitted and getting a private room we are still in this make shift corner of a room in the er STILL waiting to get a private room and haven’t talked to a doctor since 11 am . It is now 5 pm . I don’t know what kind of business this is but no one should ever have to wait 2 days to get a room after being admitted . This hospital is horrible and the staff doesn’t do their jobs

Milton Valladares

Being going there my whole life and they’ve always treated me well

Margarete Mullaney

Well, when the medical records department provides me with my original birth certificate that is a supplemental record the high regard for this hospital will be upheld as it was with original owners!

Amira Agamy

The nurses, aides, and PAs are fantastic. Apart from the staff the doctors lacked compassion, and bedside manner. One in particular, Dr. Ellen Ritchie. She was my brothers oncology attending at 10 South. My brother died suddenly from his illness under her care. She was not present for several days to give us answers while my 22 yr old brother was actively dying. She was forced by patient services to come speak with us. When she did, instead of showing compassion and speaking to us with respect, she yelled and flailed her arms around in what seemed like she was getting defensive. As if we hurt her ego. All of this was going on in front of my dying brother. My family and I have never experienced anything like this in our entire lives. Such disrespect, such unprofessionalism. What kind of doctor acts this way? Especially with a family sitting with a dying loved one??!!!! We will seek disciplinary actions against you!!! I promise you Dr. Ritchie!!!!!!!!

H. T. Scaccetti

It's easy to understand why this facility enjoys it's rating as number five in the nation. First class treatment from professional and caring staff members in every single department. I have no complaints about the care my wife received for the two weeks she was there and have great admiration for everyone involved in her care and compassion they showed. Thank you so much!!!!!

Chai Latte'

My son had to come here for stitches and they did a great job, they were very warm and attentive the nurses and doctors were great.

Mohammed Taher

Overall Excellent.

Roger Martins

amazing medical center

Clara Zerra

The nurses at the labor and delivery are fantastic - the doctors I would say ok could be better but the whole service is fantastic- the lu take care of you!!!

Adrian DiMatteo

New York Presbyterian hospital charged me over $1,800 to prescribe me antibiotics which I knew I needed the moment I walked in the door. They didn’t do any tests, they simply asked me a few questions and I told them I was there for antibiotics. It then took them over four hours to issue the prescription. $1,800 (not to mention the medicine itself which would bring the total to over $2,000). There are two separate bills, one for the hospital and one for the physicians. The woman on the phone said she doesn’t know why they have two different billing departments. I told her it’s probably so that they can charge people more money. Human exploitation.

kamila mazitova

After several weeks with a loved one admitted for the second time now, I can definitely say I'm disappointed and quite upset. Coming to Cornell, we expected the best care possible from what is known as one of the best hospitals in NYC. That was not the experience we have had. The nursing care is appalling. Simple tasks should be performed daily and/or as ordered by the Dr. are not performed or are done when asked. Despite several discussions and complaints there has been no change. When confronted, faults have even been denied and cleanliness is not always upheld. Yet with some nurses, not a word must be said and they do a lovely job. Why must the care vary? Having a loved one in a hospital itself and their health is stressful enough!

Monica Brooks

Hi! It's Wonderful To Find Your Website :-)! I was a healthy little girl, and then, 58.5 years ago, all of you worked together superbly well, to save my life! Although my crushed skull and traumatic brain injuries seemed too overwhelming, all efforts resulted in spectacular recovery of most Abilities! I remember you! Prayers, thanks, well-wishes,... Mighty Blessed Christmas, Healthy Happy Every Year, :-) Monica!

Dante Flores

Service is very slow and the two ladies working in the main desk in the ER were just chatting away and not doing anything

Benjamin Presnell

The staff overall was really pleasant and professional. I checked in 10m late after waiting 15m for an elevator in the Star Pavillion. But then after 45m waiting to see the doctor, I gave up so I could make it to other meetings. I don’t remember the last time I had such an excessive wait for a scheduled appointment. Recommendation - go somewhere else unless you’re prepared for the very long wait.

Abrahim Jaber

The best hospital and service the doctor and nurse are fantastic

Sophie Lancaster

The doctors and nurses are amazing here specially Diana. She is so caring and expert. I am very much impressed with the treatment they give me. Thank you

Ned Brooks

The main elevator in the Starr building has been out of order for the weeks. This morning, two out of three of the rest rooms on the 8th floor are inoperable. This is inexcusable for an organization like NYPH.

DJ Hail Nazareth Wilkinson

Great hospital and staff is always avaiable. A great cafe kind of pricey but decent food. Several patient's rooms have a wonderful of the east river. Overlook the green color.

Annie Winfield

If there was a way to give less than one star I would. There is a nurse, I believe her name is Hannah Schmidt, and she is the worst. Total lack of care & compassion, no bedside manner, and incompetent. This girl has such a rude and nasty demeanor; completely unacceptable when handling patients. Her employment should be terminated and she should consider another career path. I would not even hire her to handle my trash. It is hard to find a caring staff member here. Please do not be blinded by their name, and take your loved one to a facility that will be hands on with care!

chrissy fritta

Beautiful Hospital With Excellent Doctors!!!

Joseph Weiss

Best hospital experience that I have ever had. Using the Urology department, Dr Scott David and the Imaging Center for a CT scan, I came home very impressed with the level of patient treatment. To compare this hospital with their Downtown Medical Center is like comparing apples and oranges. I will look to use the 68th Street center for more of my medical needs!!!

Saud Alduweesh

In the neuro ICU for more than a week, everything was good until new year eve were the staff were celebrating inside the ICU until midnight! Not a single feeling of professionalism or decency showed towards the sleeping patients in ICU who are under trauma and pain and doesn’t need to hear to the loud laughs and noises which made it feel like a bar rather than an ICU. The celebratory atmosphere was uncontrolled and disrespectful to the mer few hours of sleep that the patients barely get.

Maajeek Flores

The workers are incompetent and ignorant. My mother was in tears because of a sore on her bottom, she could barley walk let alone sit down, they put her all the way back in a longue chair and when she begged for a bed the nurse went up front and told the on call nurse to not give her a bed. I was outraged. My mother just wanted to lay down and they wouldn't let her. She then asked for a gown from the nurses up front to get her pants off of her sore and they complety ignored her as if she did not exist. Although no one gave her a gown they were shocked when she has pulled her pants out not let the pants touch the sore. They screamed and yelled at her to cover herself as if she was being perverted or inappropriate but in reality she just wanted relief. Since she refused to stop pulling her pants OUT NOT DOWN SHE WAS SHOWING NO PRIVATES OR ANYTHING. The nurse decided to take it in to her own hands and physically touch my mother at that point my mother had freaked out and started screaming. She was going to report the nurse so she asked for her name the nurse refused. My mom waited for about an hour calming down and she went to the nurses station to ask for a pillow and the nurse told a man to sit down he was laughing with her and cracking his knuckles she said "sit here while I charge your phone" my mom asked in tears how come he gets a bed and the lady yelled in my moms face "none of your damn business" my mom started screaming and crying for help and she asked for the nurses name one more time and again she refused so my mom took her phone and tried to take pictures of the lady to report which was wrong but she didn't know what else to do. The lady then called security and the security tried to man handle my mother who just wanted help she was saying she would go but they wouldn't stop hassling her. They threw me and my mom out. The sad part is they treated her so differently from the beginning once she told them she had bipolar disorder and that's disgusting because you are in the medical field. Horrible hospital horrible service they best I can say is well nothing, chose a different hospital on your next visit you never know you might be treated differently because of your depression or bipolar disorder. Ignorant don't study medicine if you are going to judge. Having that disorder isn't fun she doesn't love having it but it's apart of her just like her skin and so on so don't be ignorant pain in the mind is just as bad as pain in the body.

jesus moreno

Arrived here with Dr. Lee at 12:15 in the ER . The level of care here is... if you're lucky you'll live. He has a peg tube and no one cares if he was fed or not. Dr Villamar said he would get the order... nothing!!! These doctors and nurses just could care less. As a nurse myself it's a shame people could be treated this way.

BB Klang

The dedication and professionalism of the doctors and nurses in the PICU are top rate! Would highly recommend this hospital.

Matt Weitzman

After having a nasty fall, I walked right into the emergency room and was seen within minutes. The staff here is extremely nice, professional and caring. The facility was clean. I walked in and out with stitches and crutches in an hour and half, expecting a half-day ordeal. Thank you!

Corvette Solution

The worst experience a human can experience. They killed my father with there lack of knowledge of limphoma cancer. The doctor or the car dealer by the name of Dr Allen is lacking in bedside Manor. He gave my father 6 months to live my father died 3 weeks later. This doctor should be practicing sales nothing more. If you are ever faced with this so called doctor ALLEN you need to RUN or make funeral arrangements and say goodbye to your family. They only care about your insurance coverage not your health the staff is MIA and when they are around they are rude and understanding professional SHAME ON YOU.

Nathan Pratt

Here for a conference. Was impressed with the educational facilities for students and residents.

Anna Potts

I have been treated with excellent medical care. The leukemia department and the palliative department are superb!

Peter Henri Dragonas, M. D.

New York City's premier teaching hospital. Yet, I give slightly higher grades to North Shore-Long Island Hospitals in Manhasset and New Hyde Park. I know both institution have many affiliates. Since I have had little exposure to them, I am unable to say whether or not the affiliates add or subtract from the core academic institutons.

Susan Draper

They saved my life, and made me as comfortable as possible while doing so. Kudos to the liver transplant team and nurses in MICU, SICU, & recovery! They were on my side and doing everything they could for me from the moment I was transferred. I felt very confident in their care. When others hear my story, they often say they've never heard such amazing and speedy results, which is thanks, in a large part, to NYPWCMC!


I've visited NYP/ Cornell's ER 3 times. The first experience was positive. They called someone over from HSS who treated me and then referred me to one of their orthopaedic surgeons. The second experience I was admitted to the hospital, but because of my condition I was in a room in the ER rather than been stuck in the hallway like so many others, but still had to wait about 12hrs before a bed upstairs became available. For my third experience I was treated with a total lack of respect and was holding back tears when I left. I had surgery a couple of weeks later after being told by the ER staff that I would be fine in a couple of days. I wrote a letter of complaint to the hospital, and although they replied quickly, it was the usual brush off - sorry to hear about your experience, but we believe the treatment you received in our ER was appropriate. Unfortunately it tends to be just luck whether you get the good shift or the bad one, but overall I haven't been impressed with the hospital staff. They are slow to respond to calls, dismissive and the food is absolutely disgusting. I used to ask my friends to bring me in salads or sandwiches.


I considered attending medical school at Cornell. The facilities were brand new and they had clearly paid attention to the recent trends in medical education. The simulation labs were exciting and the learning spaces seemed very conducive to group discussion. The location is also perfect for access to the neighboring hospitals and much of Manhattan. The students were very diverse which added an energy to the school that I appreciated.

Len Mel

The best institution for treating Acute Myeloid Leukemia. They will do everything to save your life and they will always give you hope no matter how dire your situation is since they are first-class with all the latest treatments. They have an outstanding team for their Leukemia program. I want to give a shout-out to all of the wonderful nurses on the oncology floor who always take good care of my sister. I also want to thank Dr Michael Samuel and Dr Hsu and all the great people in their offices for treating my sister & saving her life. We are hopeful because of the entire team at NYP/Weill Cornell. A first class institution with first class employees.

Alma Q.

I don't know how this hospital has good reviews. I saw so many patients complaining, doctors being so rude to patients. A young woman doctor even threaten to kick out a patient after she was frustrated and in pain. Why do they even bother to be doctors if they're not willing to answer any questions??? Total wait time for a patient is about 5-7 hrs so good luck!

Anahi Gonzalez

great hospital love it !

Seyi Omoigberai

The doctors and the nurses they are very good my son was transferred from Brookdale hospital . Weill Cornell they did excellent job. Dr Hoffman ,nurse Vivian in icu and the rest of the doctors and the nurses thank you God bless you all. Good people.

Sabrina Hope King

my mom is there now she has been cared for very well I continue to be impressed by everyone from the doctors to the staff that cleans....

Steve Cohen

Great hospital

Christine Heinz

I went to the emergency room the day before yesterday because I have chest pain. The doctors there could not find anything wrong, and suggest me to see a specialist and promised they will have someone call me the next day for the schedule. Then yesterday (which is "the next day") at 6:55pm, they finally called me asking a lot of details about my preference of scheduling without actually schedule a doctor! What they asked are: do you prefer an appointment in the morning or in the afternoon? which doctor do you prefer? which location do you prefer? etc. I told them it doesn't matter, as I just want to see a specialist as soon as possible. Then they said it's already after hour, so they will call me the next day again for scheduling an appointment, but it has to be after 5pm. (ridiculous!) Then today, right now already 8:20pm, no one called me! And I still have a chest pain!

Michael Firestone

Wonderful hospital - took great care of my daughter.

Xiomara Alvarez

Love that Hospital...I could recommend to anyone .. I Hope in the future to work in the hospital .. My daughter MARIZEL Vasquez work there for 13 years


It is unfortunate but from many experiences of mine as well as those of members of my family , We found persbitarian to be "mediocre " it definitely needs a big improvement I saw nurses who perform Drs tests and that led to unreliable results . My daughter told me they are incompetent because they are unable to answer simple questions .( why should she have another breast MRI , she just had one last week ? We felt they did not like us asking questions instead of encouraging it .what is worse is having a consultation with a dr prior to a surgery and feeling you are sitting in front of a soulless , inhuman being who is there as s butcher . I always thought a dr should be kind , sympa" patient and more importantly sympathetic to patient's situation.( if a patient is about to have s surgery and scared due to ineffective anesthesia ". The dr should be understanding rather than rudely saying ." We only have local anesthesia are you going ahead with this or not ?

Rodolfo Pereira

I just to work in the medical field and this is the worse hospital period. My wife has been waiting for 5 hours by the way she is pregnant and no one seems to care. She's having cramps and bad stomach pain really this hospital need a board review of something horrible experience.

Cinna Sugar

The best hospital in the world!!! Now living outside of NY, it makes me miss this hospital so much more!! No other place can compare!!! Thanks for all of the great service

Jake Smith

My experience hmmm 1st I would like to say that the doctors and nurses at this hospital are phenomenal they go above and beyond to make their patients feel comfortable and always with a smile on their face. Now for the 2nd part the PPOC Those are the people that assign beds to patients that have been admitted through the ER (I hope I got the acronyms correct) they are atrocious it seems that they are like a little mob that no one has any control over nobody ever sees them and they have no compassion and understanding of what the patients and their families are going through. the standard at this hospital is 36 to 72 hours to get a bed if you are admitted through the ER how is that justified the ER is the most bacteria infected are in a hospital how is that medically justified to keep patients down here this long? Even the Drs and nurses say that it makes no sense. My father is 68 years old was rushed to the hospital by paramedics with severe respiratory distress fluid in his lungs and heart failure he was stabilized by the medics and the ER doctors now he has been waiting in an ER Room with a patient next to him that is puking blood and defecating in his bed I am now at 37 hours of waiting for a Room how is this healthy for a patient with respiratory issues to be in an environment like this I understand hospitals in general are not the best place to be but ER is even worse so how is is justified medically to have patients like this elderly people waiting for this long to be in a Room they have total disregard for the patients and their families my mother is almost 70 years old as well and she is sleeping at night on a chair and I am here all day for close to 14 of 15 hours A-day in a chair I would love for somebody to explain to me how one of the most prestigious hospitals in New York City operates in this manner? Feels like we are in a third world country...

N10 Fit

A very clean and quite exquisitely large building that is well-maintained.

Anna Med

I called for an issue that was concerning me and was routed to the appropriate professional who eased my concerns. Now that's impressive! :) Thank you!

Victoria Tori

I really didn’t get any help.They been discharged me again and again with pain and without diagnosis.I don’t know how such a young doctor can be so mean and unprofessional.

Daniel Cross

Great Hospital, everyone is super nice.

Mikey Noynay

Visited a friend in the North Wing. Very clean, organized, and friendly. Staff were also very helpful. Beautiful surroundings and it is also near a river. Has a variety of restaurants around the area that's walking distance.

A Monshaw

beautiful building with some castle-like architectural features. the private rooms are spacious and were plenty for myself and another to visit comfortably with a patient. cute little gift shop with toys, stuffed animals and last minute newspapers. waiting spaces are clean and have awesome views of the city.

Simon Weinberg

I had my colonoscopy on 11/8/16 I am disabled cancer survivor in remission . Nurine Chodish she is a Nurse was extremely nice to me when I woke up . She was very patient with me . She is extremely special

Judy El Assir

I am very impressed with all the staff and doctors. I can't describe how kind everyone was. Very professional!!!

Mahmoud Shalaby

A huge tertiary referral health care center that combines expertise from both Cornell and Colombia medical schools. It's also a very warm welcoming center for international patients

M Lz

Had an out-patient urological procedure there Aug 22, 2013. Doctor was terrific. Recovery room nursing staff was OK -- professional but not particularly warm. Areas of the hospital itself were positively filthy. Two different bathrooms were mind-boggling dirty, one adjacent to pre-op and the other directly off the recovery room. Even operating room looked dirty and had water stains on the ceiling panels. Not exactly something to inspire confidence. If I didn't think so highly of my doctor, not sure I would want to go back.

Marcela Cuomo

My Huspand was admit to ER. They was very professional and kind. He get his room. They are looking to all the healthy issues he had So far I am happy and I feel comfortable with my Huspand been in that hospital Is clean. Jack & Marcela

Rezwan Hossain

the doctors and nurses are sooooo good and kind... i dont know how they do it..they do soo much for you...the hospital is one of the best too.. if you need to stay over night, there are sleeping arangements.. it felt like i was camping

Imdad Shah

I have very bad experience they treat you by you color I spend 12 hours in ER for nothing.

Kevin Rodriguez

I has a motorcycle accident and they where treating me good really good hospital

Greg Keras

The ER crew runs a tight ship, and the entire staff is courteous to and very concerned about their patients. This is a wonderfully professional place to go should the unfortunate occur.

Richard Fulton

Went to hospital January of 2015 for a scheduled catherization by Dr. Geoffrey Bergman, after seeing Dr. Wayne Isom. Excellent treatment and the nurses on the cardiac floor were the best

Andrina Fraser

The best hospital there is in NYC the doctors are the best the nurses are so caring and attentive and super nice!! My doctor Dr.Kramer is the best!!!! Wonderful staff and atmosphere... I've had my children there and I went there for prenatal care

Sparkle Anthony

Recently visited this University hospital due to my ill son. We walked into the Emergency room and they kept him because of a swollen thumb. The staff there is simply amazing. They are trendy & knowledgeable. Experts in action! Social workers, medical staff, teachers, & students. One warm welcoming establishment. They even help you to secure medical coverage.

tahera jannah

Such a great experience.

Joanna Levi

Worst hospital ever!! If l could l would give ZERO stars! Only after 3 HOURS nurse came in and asked me if l were okay? Clearly I’m not okay of I’m in the ER, doctor showed up after 5 hours and sayd she’ll be right back and finally came back after ONLY 6 hours, spent over 8 hours and still NOTHING, while bunch of doctors are standing around telling each other jokes and ignoring their patients!

Hassan dayllam

This is the best hospital I ever been I bring my kid he have a plum in his back .they take care of him and they did everything they could do perfectly and kindly .he’s feeling good now and we appreciate all the job they have done .thank you doctor. spigland .and thank you to all of the staff at the hospital. god bless america

Gigi Belkhaouda

They are the worst people they don’t care about u and the way how they talk is the worst like u asked them something for free or from there packet if I can give 0 I ll

Alan Wolk

Nasty and no food in ER. Come here if you want to get sicker. Staff varies between nice and nasty

Mim Senft

My deepest thanks to amazing doctors, nurses and staff at NY Presbyterian/Weill Cornell that cared for my husband after he was hit by an electric bike in NYC. Not only was the emergency care and care in the hospital more than what we could have asked for, everyone treated us with care and compassion.

Latifa Alajmi

Nice & great hospital and I appreciate there services for patients , also the doctors are genius :)

Sazzad Hossain

Really terrible and does not give priority to patients. Disrespectful nurses and hospital staff.

Daniel Mojica

Every single staff member was so friendly and went out of there way to help make me feel comfortable . the doctors took the time to both explain the procedures and make sure I was comfortable and my pain was well manageable .

Jason Yan

Had an overnight stay here and the medical staff took care of me very well and were really nice! The food that I was provided was also pretty good.


Mark Souweidane office has disappointed me greatly. I read so many positive reviews and one negative. Unfortunately it looks like the negative may have been right. I reached out to Dr. Souweidanes office the end of January sending them my sons MRI'S as they requested. I sent an email asking for confirmation that the MRI disc were received. Didn't hear anything back UNTIL Feb 8th. February 8th the office called me and said that Dr. Souweidane suggested that my son have the surgery done. She said she was transferring me to another woman who I would give all my sons insurance information to. I spoke with her and emailed her everything she requested. They both told me that they would get back to us soon to schedule an appointment. I waited three weeks. Sent 3 emails to each of them asking for updates. No one email back. Last week I called the office on Monday and was told that it was a completely different woman I should be speaking with. Not the two that I had been emailing. I was told that they would put my number and my sons info on that womans desk and have her call me. Didn't receive a call. So Wednesday I called again. Same thing, was told they would call me right back after the woman got in. Friday I called again, was told that, that would call me back. Tomorrow will be a Month since they called me to recommend surgery, a month of me contacting them and getting NO FORM OF ANY COMMUNICATION BACK. Which has me starting to believe the one negative review I read that stated that this doctor only takes on cases that are easy for him. I am so incredibly disappointed though I am holding on to my faith, praying and claiming that my son is going to be fine as I began searching for another neurosurgeon.

Wontae Kim

Great hospital with very nice staff and excellent doctors.

rayven walker

They don’t care about the patients. Im here now with appendicitis and they have me waiting in the hallways for a bunch of strangers to walk by and view me. I have my period and Im a female and I need privacy. They pretended they have no available rooms. But they pick and choose who gets a room instead of making sure all patients are comfortable. No one checked on me to make sure I was fine. Im having pains and they want to do is give me painkillers so I can be satisfied. They know nothing and they don’t wanna be here. They only wanna get a check.

Hasan Brown

Best hospital in the tri-state area! Excellent service, great environment, clean space, great atmosphere!

Brady Candell

Spent the night in the ER here. I always knew that emergency rooms were hectic places, but I couldn't believe how hard these nurses work. The four nurses that attended to me were all friendly and helpful - despite the alarms ringing everywhere and people in misery. These people are unsung heroes and I thank them for their commitment. The one thing to be aware of - and this goes for ANY popular ER - is that if your malady is not life-threatening, you will end up waiting as they prioritize the emergencies.

Stacey Abraham

Have been waiting for a neurological surgery time for an 84 year old man for over 24 hours. If this simple piece of the process can't be resolved, I am fearful for what this hospital and its laser wielding surgeons have in store for us.

Matias Iacono

This hospital discriminates people based on their economic status

France Desmarattes

Gréât care of my friend, thank you ❤️

gregory yearwood

It is the number one hospital in the State Of New York and number six overall in the country... It's staff is courtesy and extremely professional in their interactions with patients or visitors... It also has a teaching relationship with two ivy leagues medical school, Cornell and Columbia Universities..

Amp Anantapa

My boyfriend went to an emergency room last night because he fainted for 5 minutes and some one in the restaurant called an ambulance. Even though he insisted he was find they told him he should get in the car just to lie down for a litte bit and then put all the life saving equipments out on him and insist that he has to be taken to the hospital. The whole time he said he was fine. After we got to the hospital, an hour went by we menage to see the first doctor. She said he was fine and could be dismissed so we were waiting to get a discharge paper. But then another two hours went by, another doctor came in, ask the same questions, said he was fine and then leave. Some nurses came by and did blood sugar and check his pressured twice. Then we waited another 3 hours until we couldn't stand it anymore and told them we just going to leave that they finally giving us a discharge paper. The best part is, the whole time he has this needle in his vein, we repetedly asked the nurse to remove them, she said sure but never did it until I got really pissed off and started to raise my voice then this one nurse said you can't just leave, you have to sign the paper first. Then it hits me, they kept the needle in him so that he couldn't leave. ( there was nothing attached to it, he was in perfect condition and didn't want to come to the hospital in the first place. ) We were there from 8pm to 1am for absolutely no reason and probably will get charge for all the double tripple treatments they did to him. Absolutely terrible experience. I was unrealisticly unprofessinal. Half of the people there were fine and just wanted to leave but couldn't. Everybody looked mad because of how slow everything is. This was just my experience, I'm not speaking for the people who are actually sick.

Carl Cutting

Very professional,helpful staff. Dr.Fahey is put you at ease and answers all your question.Nurse Mary Smith keeps you smiling and you mind off the operation. My husband was kept updated on was was happening via text.In the family waiting room David Cobb kept family briefed on additional information. Excellent job all around.

hailey bloomer

Everything is nice but the doctors don't listen. They misdiagnosed me multiple times and refused to admit me after having to come back to the er three days in a row. Rude and aloof.

Jennifer Jennifer

My boss lost his hearing aid in the emergency department last night. I don't expect them to find it, but called to see if anyone had turned it in, and if a memo or something with my phone number could be posted up for the day in case anyone finds it. I was connected to two different people who couldn't help me; the second said I have to call back because they worked in shifts. I asked if I am supposed to call back every so many hours indefinitely l, or if to light be possible to just put a post it with my phone number with a receptionist or lost and found person somewhere near where we were so they know who to call if a hearing aid shows up. SHE HUNG UP ON ME. Was I really requesting the impossible? Cornell, fire whoever you've hired to handle the lost and found, they are not doing their job, not even trying.

Olena Sokolenko

We came with our little son to emergency room. As he had heart palpitations, and vomiting the day before, so he was very weak. When we got into the hospital, we needed to sign in, so I waited and they didn't even offer a seat to poor child, so I just went straight to the chair and put him on one. Then we went into the pediatric department, went through registration and vitals there, at least the nurse was nice. Then we went into one of the beds. My son felt asleep. They put him on monitor. You know how cold it is in hospitals, they didn't give him the blanket, we went to the people behind the counter to ask for one. Then the doctor came , examined my son and said that he was dehydrated a lot. Ok if he is dehydrated, don't you want to give him some water then??? So we spent 4 hours in the hospital with very dehydrated child , and they didn't even give him water. It doesn't make sense to me.

Natasha Alexander

I had my twin girls delivered here by Dr. McConville. It was such a wonderful experience. The staff was amazing with helping me recover with a c section and caring for my babies. They check on me several times a day. Gave me an option to keep newborns in the room with me or in nursery. The staff takes pride in educating you before you leave the hospital. I could not be happier with the way I was treated.

Denean Paulik

Unfortunately, I've gone to quite a few ER rooms around the City and this is the one that I prefer if need be. First, you can call and find out the wait time and get through so you know what you are dealing with. Each time I've been here, I've had some privacy while undergoing treatment and everyone was pretty efficient. The one complaint that I'd make is that there is no pharmacy nearby which is a pain if you are going in for stitches and then have to make a run a few block away for prescriptions.

Sayeed Ali

it is crazy to me to see the ratings that give a one star experience purely based on a singular experience with a singular individual that provided lackluster care as if that were an indicator of the quality of the medical institution in general. i have been going here for many years for all sorts of issues and to many departments (gastrointestinal, otolaryngology, immunology, etc.) outpatient and inpatient setting. There are times when when i've had bad experiences with practitioners, long waits for procedures, late discharges, but the quality of medical care and the attention they give is unparalleled having gone to many different hospitals. the staff are generally always patient and cordial, and they do a good job at the hospital. It is not easy nor pleasant to be at the hospital for extended periods of times, and oftentimes you will get a nurse or doctor who you do not feel is adequately understanding the level of pain you're in. I've come in to other hospitals for kidney stones and have had to wait for hours to get a bed, but upon transferring me here i've always felt like i'm being taken seriously right from the get go and they always go to bat for me with insurance companies. all my surgeries i've done here, and all my chronic illnesses have been treated here. every other place i've gone to has just not been up to par with this one, though i would put lij up close with weill cornell.

Morgann Cohen Graubard

I have been on hold for 30 min trying to get the administrator on the phone. Waiting 2 days to have a speech therapist come see my loved one and assess for safe swallowing. I have been told "it's the weekend " too many times. Horrible customer service.


We took our two year old brother there at least four times and everytime the staff and doctors would run away with their problems and send us to our pediatrician instead. They'd tell us that there's nothing wrong with my brother and whenever we took him to his pediatrician, there's always something wrong. THEY ARE VERY IRRESPONSIBLE

Stephanie D'avanzo

They have great bedside manner the doctors and nurses are really sweet the only downside was the wait for a room as I was being admitted they made me feel comfortable even if I was waiting in my Bed in the middle of the hallway lol !

Michael Cherilus

Other Hospitals that i brung my mother to didnt want to treat her. They said they would be hurting my mother rather than helping her. I didnt give up on my mother, i tried taking her to sloan kettering but couldnt get a reasonable appointment time. But who would of thought right across the street a hospital called Weill Cornell would come up with a plan to treat my mother. I thank God for the medical doctors, oncologists, nurses and Surgeon THEODORE SCHWARTZ for doing my mother's surgery. He is one of the top surgeons in the country. To God be the Glory im so excited. Trust in Jesus, yeild to his decrees and holiness, let him be your Lord and Savior. Dont reject Gods love which is in Christ Jesus. Hallllllelujahhhh!!!

Tyler Sivad

Went to visit a friend in in the Greenburg wing 12th floor who had a Colonoscopy done. Found the nurses, aids, attending physicians and even the administrators to be indifferent, uncaring and generally having a lack of compassion. My friend was in a considerable amount of pain to the point of TEARS streaming down there cheeks, soaking there gown and they would do nothing. "Just give it a bit more time and let the drip do it's job". This went on for a considerable amount of time until finally got them to check the patients vitals (complaining the whole time that they only check them once in the morning and in the evening, that's all they are required so why do we want it again!) to find there heart rate was quite elevated while there blood pressure was VERY low and they had a temp of 102.. If they just would have done there jobs rather then telling us "Were doing the best we can" while doing the very bare minimum that was required of them maybe my friends stay in there wing would have been a more pleasant recovery. And that part is the mildest of the things that went on while they were there. I was truly disgusted and amazed that such dis-passionate, condescending and unkind people could be apart of the medical profession.

Family In NY

Cant describe in words how awesome this hospital is.From the doctors to nurses and labour and delivery ward excellent service!Even the food is bomb(Postpartum stay).No jokes.I always recommend this hospital to everyone.


Excellent service in maternity. Was treated so well in recovery. baby classes required before discharged while admitted there. Maternity department will make you feel bad as a new mother if you cant breast feed. Gave me baby bag and Chanel gifts for having a baby in their hospital. Room with a view of river. I highly recommend new mothers to have their baby here

Suzanne Watkins Brown

DO NOT GO HERE with a life or death emergency if you want to live!

Gerard Rose

My 6yr old boys went for a procedure here, and they were amazing. The children's waiting room was great for kids, the nurses were kid friendly, and my boys loved the PJs. If you have to go, they make it as fun as can be, given the circumstances.



Kenneth Holiday

In the past my care has been wonderful, although that's not exactly how I feel at the current time. Having registered myself 25 hours ago, I still find myself sitting in the ER waiting for a room. There are people here who have a greater need for immediate care than me, so its understood why they are put in the rooms. My complaint is that sitting for seven hours with no, or inadequate medical attention, in very uncomfortable quarters is sub par, unacceptable and wrong. The staff has been taught very well, except for allowing me leave the ER grab my own meal in the in the main hallway with bandages exposing my IV line as I ladled soup. Every three hours I was told a bed would be opening up immediately. It would be appropriate to be honest to let me know ahead of time to prepare myself for a long wait. My limit set for today is 9:00PM which will be 26 hours in the same clothes, sick, in pain, in the middle of a loud ER room. I may bite the bullet and wait, but this indecent should reflect poorly against social media rating sites.


If I can give 0 stars, I would. The nursing staff in the neurology department are unprofessional and careless. My grandfather was in this hospital and the care he received deminished his health. He was not turned as he should have been every 2 hours and developed sores!! And try asking a nurse to do their job, their response would be “do it yourself”. Take your loved ones elsewhere. The name of this hospital is prestigious yet the care you will receive is not.


I love this hospital, my daughter has had multiple surgeries here and the Dr's and Staff has so much respect. Would not go to any other hospital.


Very good professionals and kind people in all services.

Mary Therese Goldman

My experience was a nightmare. My daughter was transported by ambulance at 12 noon on Friday.We waited hours for an xray and then more hours of waiting for an ultrasound. At 11PM we were told an MRI had been ordered and they would take us down asap. 4 AM was the time we finally went down for that test. We waited 4 more hours for a surgeon to tell us she didn't need immediate surgery but needed to see a gastro DR. We left AMA at 4PM on Saturday after waiting 10 hours for a gastro consult,despite numerous pages. She was admitted by the surgical dept. without our knowledge or consentThere fore the ER Attending wouldn't even speak to us to answer questions. Despite numerous pages an attending from surgical would not come to the ER to discharge. Every single Dr and nurse had a,"How dare you speak to me", attitude.We were in the hallway for over 30 hours,with my daughter on a gurney,even after she was admitted.She had not eatev for over 36 hours by the time I got fed up and left. I have unfortunately spent a lot of time in hospitals this year. This is the absolute worst hospital I've been to in all this time.

Jill Abbinanti

Went to the ER this morning -- was brought in right away! I was expecting at least some time in the waiting room, but that didn't happen. Entire staff from security to nurses to doctors were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and caring. The even gave me a copy of today's NY Times! This is not the typical American ER experience.

Nigel Lake

Go somewhere else. Terrible experience. Longer post to follow. Read the 1 star ratings before coming here. First, internal processes appear terribly disorganized. Extensive delays as the left hand and right hand try to communicate. Decisions are made - eg drug to proscribe - then not communicated, resulting in long delays. If you don't follow up, you may not know that the system has broken down. Worse, delays in internal communication must be adding to patient risk, by delaying the start of the action that is required. This isn't to fault the medical knowledge involved, but highlights woeful internal process. This in turn must add to medical risks, not to mention associated liabilities. Case in point: the hospital can't even organize to have enough water cups or straws. More to follow.

Jason U.

My wife and I have been coming here for several years now. I donated a kidney. My wife received a kidney. Wife needed to have her tonsils removed. In each and every visit the staff was disorganized and seemed uncaring. Nothing ever goes the way they tell you it will go during your pre-op discussions. They tell you that you will talk to the anesthesiologist so you can explain concerns raised by your nephrologist, yippy don't get to talk to him. They tell you you'll be with each other in the recovery room after your surgeries, you aren't. After my wife's transplant they didn't give her any water until I demanded it almost 6 hours after surgery. As I write this we are sitting her for my wife's tonsilectomy. They told us to come in early so they could start IV fluids to keep her hydrated for transplanted kidney health because you can't drink water for hours before surgery. We come in an hour early and reminded them about starting the fluids. We sat around waiting for 30 minutes before I got up and reminded someone who informed me our nurse was busy and it would be a while. After another 20 minutes I asked someone else who said we didn't have an order for fluids! I explained the situation again and they basically acted like couldn't care less and said they had to call our doctor! After another 25 minutes a lady came by and said she was the one that talked to us on the phone and that there was indeed an order for IV fluids and she would find someone to do it. Here comes the same lady that didn't care earlier, now she cares and wants to give the IV. She spills the IV fluids all over the paperwork and decides she needs to reprint it. She's been gone for another 18 minutes now. Still no fluids. Nothing ever happens the way its supposed to here. And no one is very concerned about making it right until you complain to the higher-ups. This place is like McDonald's, except McDonald's gets your order right at least some of the time.

Sara Tran

wonderful hospital - had to spend 4 days and was impressed with all the staff!

Renee Bouwens

Long long wait time but the doctors and nurses are excellent. Super caring and they were above and beyond thorough during my ER visit. ER is a bit of a mess but that’s to be expected with all the patients going in and out. The concierge folks are delightful and I felt very cared for.

Terry Siciliano

Pleasantly helpful. It just took three calls to get connected to the information desk. Whenever they answered, the phone would disconnect. However, once the call stayed connected they were very polite and helpful.

Rich H

This is a great place to receive compassionate care. This is one of the best hospitals in the city!

vera gojcaj

Dr. William Middlesworth and Dr. James Lee performed a partial hemithyroidectomy. They were amazing. The nurses care after was so personal. Nurse Xiomara, Teresa, Regan just to name a few. They are thorough, kind, caring, extremely knowledgeable . This is our third time on the 4th and they are consistently caring.

Attila Oláh

Open 24/7, the staff is very friendly and professional, and we had practically no wait. As a tourist in NY, I would highly recommend this place.

The_Fabian_ FAMILY

They use to be good now they suck! Never return your calls for peds they are horrible with answering the phone and Obgyn too . If u have an appointment at 2 be prepared they call u way after that !

Curran Altschul

I was brought here mistakenly for a cardiac complaint and have been kept for three days against my will in the psych unit and had meds administered against my will. Please help!!! -Curran Altschul

Nancy Florio

What a horror! To be waiting in the Emergency Room with my 89year old mother for 16hours and still no bed for her.... Now to be told the customary wait for a room is 40 hours!!! Sitting in a hard chair with my daughter at my side to advocate for my mother.... This is seriously sad way to run a hospital Patient Care advocates are cold and very insensitive.

Charlotte Rademaekers

This was the best hospital experience I could have had for my labor and delivery. I actually had a home birth with my first child because I was so afraid of the hospital experience and the tendency towards Ceasaraen Sections and unnecessary interventions. I have heard countless horror stories about terrible bedside manner from doctors and nurses alike, which is all the more challenging to women in the vulnerable state of labor. But I decided I wanted an epidural, so I opted for the hospital. The staff at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell could NOT have been more professional OR more nurturing. Not only was my every need met without judgement, but people went above and beyond to help me adjust: through coaching my breathing and pain management, constantly checking in on me and seeing to my comfort and my husband's, and providing suggestions from burping the baby to successful latching for breastfeeding. During the two in-hospital days after the birth, I had the choice to keep the baby with me have them take him so I could sleep. There was an endless stream of experts, classes and tools to help new moms. I left he hospital having met with several lactation consultants, with a ton of mothering newborn techniques from sage nurses, and with a large supply of kit to help with my recovery (you name it, they will provide it for for you for free). And my room overlooked the East River and the sunrise. I went in expecting the alienating and dehumanizing experience of a big institution and came out feeling like I had been staying at the Ritz Carlton. I could not recommend the hospital more.

Michael Gorbachev

Took my ill fiancé one to the ER here because of the good reviews, after being admitted waiting more than 4 hours to hear back from the doctor as my loved one was leaking bile from her abdomen wound, We waited 9 hours total for blood work and a cat scan, their excuse was that they were backed up even though it was at night and much emptier than when we came, the ER doctor never got wound specialists to look at the wound and fistulas (the reason we came), she didn’t want to change my fiancé’s wound either nor did she refer us to any doctors only gave us a directory, just like most bad hospitals they will keep you waiting in the dark with no communication and do the least to help, the good reviews must be fake.

Virginia Mallon

Awful operators at night. I spent an hour trying to get an update on a patient in the ER and the crew answering the phone were surly and rude. Refused to help. Not good service at all. I feel bad for anyone with family there. You will never get through for an update

John Hallmark

I went to the ER last night to get an MRI because of a shoulder injury and wasn't able to move my arm the night before (I went to another Hospital and they didn't have an MRI machine). I told them right off the bat that I just had x-rays done the night before and I wanted an MRI because the Doctor I saw at the other hospital said everything was perfect with my bones so it had to be a "soft tissue" thing. I tell every single person that I see that I want to get an MRI done, the first guy says they do it if it's an emergency and I say ok because that's why I'm there. So, after seeing the doctor I go to get my x-rays. After the first couple, the x-ray tech pulls the blue screening thing away from me about 4-5 feet in front of me, literally not covering my lower half at all and it's in direct range of the x-ray camera. I ask her if I should bring it closer and she tells me no because it will block what it needs to and to stand still. I comply, but I'm worried now because I know that screen is supposed to cover my lower half. That isn't the worst part, AFTER I get the x-ray and go back into the room. The doctor comes in and says everything with the X-ray is ok (which is what I had been telling them since I arrived) and when I ask to get an MRI he tells me no because it's not an emergency, so I asked him at what point does it become an emergency because I couldn't even move my arm the day before. He then said that they don't do MRI's for rotator cuff injuries. Not only did they not tell me that up front and save my time and money, they strung me along through taking x-rays (questionably damaging) just to take my money before telling me no and leaving me with this remaining injury.... I understand that there are positive reviews of this place, I came here because of that, but this was so unacceptable and probably dangerous because of the rushed x-ray technician not handling things properly. I'll never go back to this place, all they wanted was my money and didn't do the one thing I requested or tell me they wouldn't until it was all said and done. What's the point of being a hospital or even doctor if you won't listen or help the patient that is paying money they don't have just to see you for an injury that is bad enough that someone uninsured is willing to go to the ER for? Whoever is reading this, I hope you either have a better experience here or somewhere else.

Sommaya H.

Fast, good service

Vernon Wright

Great staff, facility, and overall professalism in the New York City area. They live up to their reputation of excellence.

Una Galligan

Best hospital doctors nurses all the staff I had some surgery there could not meet better and nicer very professional thank you all and God bless each &everyone of you Martin &Una galligan

Josefina martinez

So far 3 hours at the ER and no service , so disappointing being that I've had 2 kidney transplant here and I love my team. I gave one star but it should be none.

Guo m

Update: 2nd visit was super smooth I was out in 1 hour! Also the NP and the staff are very friendly and that counts for something. This place is a a god awful nightmare. This is exactly what people are talking about when they rail against Obamacare. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy my life won't be ruined with bills if I get hit by a bus and I'm safe in case of emergency but being assigned to this place is a curse from the deepest depths of Comrade Trump's hellscape dystopian vision.

Sonia M.

Nice service overall.

Christy Turkish

I called the adult ER dept, Dennis was on the phone....he was callused and unhelpful. People are scared and stressed when dealing with medical emergencies the last thing they need a jerk working the phones.

Alfred Carillo

I cannot imagine that this hospital has not been cited by the Joint Commmission thus far. I arrived in the ER at 3 AM with my 30 yo daughter after she had a post surgery complication and in severe pain. We were ushered in well enough and seen by the ER Docs who called the Ortho people from HSS where she had the surgery a week before. They made the decision to admit her to HSS (their sister hospital) at 930 AM for observation and from there it all fell apart. By 3PM in the afternoon she was STILL waiting in the ER for the transfer, with us being told one ridiculous story after another and knowing that it was simply a transport down 2 corridors. When we complained, they said we could always just leave. Really? Just leave? Oh, not that they were recommending it, but we COULD do it. All the while, the place wasn't even busy. The largest group of people imaginable were coffee klatching at the desk and shopping online while patients are yelling at the staff for some type of answers to their questions. They knew my daughter was in severe pain, yet it was like an imposition to them to even come in. As an RN employed by a Long Island Hospital I was appalled. Not only is the care here horrendous (they dont even have call bells in the ER areas), the filth here is staggering. The bathrooms reeked and had feces stains all over them while the housekeepers made believe all was the norm as they pushed carts around without doing anything with them. Seriously, this place is a dump. If I were hit by a car in front of this disaster, I would crawl under a bush in Central Park and be tended to by squirrels rather than be treated here. Pass this Horror Show by on your way to a real hospital.

masud khan

My getting cancer treatment from there Dr: nurse and hospital worker very nice and friendly, they care about patient. Best hospital experience ever had, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Noel Cordero.

Literally the best and number 1 hospital in New York City/ State And 5 in the USA. Excellent!!!!

nika alexander

My daughter had second to third degree burns and they did an exceptional job with her recovery they was awesome with helping me emotionally get through the situation and some people were saying she would be scarred for life because her entire face was burned but the nurses in the burn unit took so good care of her its now 4 years later and you cannot see one single mark on her body she recovered 6 months after leaving the hospital completely

Clay Lee

This is a huge hospital... like a little city. Everyone treated me with kindness and warmth. The nurses are very professional and nice. My stay here was one of the best.

Bonnie Fedge

Three full days waiting in the ER after admission sharing with four people, and fecal matter. 7 days to receive a transfusion previously prescribed by a doctor. 10 days for a colonoscopy. Nice people but the system is incompetent. I am stunned by the inhumanity.

Aaron Beny

2018.11.28 Back here again. Hospital still nice and clean and hospitality is good. But lack of actual doctors not nurses or cleaning crew getting really bad. Hospital-5 Star, Medical 2 Stars ----------------------------- 2018.11.15 Just got here. So far so good. Medical service even though very nice but very slow. 4 hours later Still waiting for xray. But the food is good they even bring ice cream in pediatric section. Doctors change a lot and each says different thing. Hospital 5 Stars - Medical 3.5 Stars

Barbara Feinman

I have spent a lot of time at NY Presbyterian-Cornell and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have severe asthma and have been in the ICU many times, as well as the ER and regular medical floors. My insurance won’t pay for an ambulance except to take the closest hospital which is not NYP so there have been times when notwithstanding that I can hardly breathe I take a taxi to NYP. Everyone from the attendings, residents, nurses and techs to the housekeeping staff are always striving for excellence and are extremely friendly and sensitive. The nurse to patient ratio is high. There have been times I’ve been scared and crying. Even though they are busy the nurses took the time to talk to me. And, they did an excellent job with discharge planning (making appointments with doctors I need to follow up with). I would recommend NYP-Cornell to anyone I cared about.

Theresa Horne

This is by far the best hospital I have ever been to. Every single employee was so professional, kind, and attentive! It is so nice to go somewhere where you can feel people actually love what they do. :)

Namur Al Amin

The absolute BEST hospital in the Northeast.


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