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Irene Villodas

Where do I begin…. I have to say I live in Brooklyn, NY and would drive all the way to this hospital because at one point it was the best hospital to me. I would take my kids and my husband. mind you I live literally 2 blocks from Coney Island hospital and would still drive all the way to queens just to come to this hospital. Well NEVER AGAIN!! I fell and bumped my head. I take blood thinners so it is definitely a serious case. I walked in and they continuously tried to insinuate that I didn’t fall. Explained several times how I fell and they just continuously said if that is the story I am sticking with. I was disgusted and they can see that so they took me right in. NEVER ASKED FOR MY INSURANCE INFORMATION. They took me to triage and the nurse took my pressure and it was EXTREMELY HIGH. 177/121. Now this is stroke pressure and I just bumped my head. The triage nurse never asked me what medicine I take, only if I have high blood pressure. They asked for my doctor’s name and that’s it (no contact information). I got to the hospital at 10:15pm and they never once gave/offered me an ice pack for the big knot that was protruding out and can be seen through my hair. They never gave/offered me anything to bring my pressure down or for the pain. Nor did they have a doctor come over to evaluate me at any point during the 6 hours I was there. I waited 3 hours to get a CT Scan done. I then waited another 3 hours to get the results which mind you were given to me by the nurse. NEVER once did a doctor, a PA or a NP come over to check me or discuss results with me. I was never seen or even checked by the doctor. When I complained to the ER “Manager” Manny who told me it is very busy and they are understaffed. Apologized and advised him that is not my problem. Explained to him the situation and he stated he will see what’s going on. He then disappeared and never returned to try and resolve anything. The nurse then came over and took my pressure again at which time it was 177/111 and still nothing was done. Another nurse then walked over to “my” nurse and asked if he was using the machine he stated he was done. The female nurse then said out loud you sure you don’t need this cause this pressure is REALLY high. I went over to the nurse and she stated yes that is stroke pressure but yet and still nothing was given not even an ice pack or something for the pain. At this point I am beyond frustrated and asked that they give me my paperwork so I can leave. There is no reason that a patient that has high blood pressure and takes Coumadin who is experiencing stroke like pressure and a blunt impact to the head with a 2-4” hematoma should be sitting in the Emergency room in a chair without being evaluated by a doctor. Now of course I am receiving bills from the ER, as well as the attending physician which I never saw, for the CT scan, and for the review of the CT Scan which I never received the diagnosis. Obviously this hospital has turned into a regular NYC hospital that just doesn’t care about their patients. Nurses and Doctors were just sitting around, joking, on their phones and not paying any mind to the patients that were there including myself. I AM BEYOND DISGUSTED WITH THIS HOSPITAL AND WILL NEVER GO BACK NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS. MY VISIT WAS ON 1/2/18. i WENT IN AT 10:15 PM AND DID NOT LEAVE UNTIL 4AM.

Jessica Tonnessen

We’ve been in the ER waiting room for over 10 hours now! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS! I’ve never been so disgusted with this hospital. Then you have to chase people down to try and get some sort of answer and they all feed you the same BS.

michelle Huertas

I went there to be seen at the dentist emergency part and they tell me all they could do is give me Tylenol wen I habe a whole in my tooth. They didn't have no clean chairs. Person calling back patients doesn't know how to deal with ppl that are in pain. I give it a 0 star

Jaymie Estevez

DO NOT GO if you have an actual emergency. I came in with severe abdominal pains. I’ve thrown up twice here and have been here over 2 hours and I’m not a priority. Don’t waist your time here. Nursing was rude and had an “oh well” attitude.

Maisha Shamim

The care here is subpar! My elderly grandmother was admitted here and under their care she was allowed to fall out of bed and even with the fall-risk label they took too long to respond to nurse calls. I wouldn’t feel safe having my loved ones at this hospital in the future.

Princess Campbell

Do not go here they charge you crazy amount of fees even when you have insurance for emergency care. Wait is for many hrs and cost for emergency evaluation is crazy.

Estratixs -

The ER is a hellzone. The staff are boring and slow. It took over 2 hours for me to get an IV after speaking to the doctor. They don’t comfort you or check on your needs, LIJ is much better. The Pediatrics is horrible. There’s no privacy, just some cheap curtains. No doors. Then they’re very cheap and split the tiny rooms, to get to the sink or trash can you have to intrude on the other people next to you. They don’t check on you, no privacy, uncomfortable, miserable atmosphere. It’s sorta hectic and you don’t feel tended too. Don’t recommend it. Boring, miserable, I cried for the 8 hours I was there. The nurses don’t listen to you and that damn Chinese man can’t do an IV right. L.I.J is a much better hospital if you want to feel actually welcomed. I’d never go here again. And the ER waiting room is always packed and it’s uncomfortable to be in a tight little room with random old people. In LIJ there’s a dedicated Pediatrics ER and it gives you a good room for yourself, an actual door, and friendly people that are always asking if you need a blanket or a pillow. Didn’t get asked that once here. LIJ is very swift and they’re usually very fast. They make time for you. And there’s people in Blue Shirts (Child Life) who ask to play games with you, talk to you, hang out, and make you feel more at home. It’s a friendly hospital. Do your kid a favor and don’t take them here. They’ll love LIJ but this place is torture.

Evan Durant

If it were possible I would give this place zero stars! This review is written based on the experience in their so called ‘emergency’ room. First off, i don’t know if it’s a ‘shortage’ of manpower issue or whatever but you got a nurse’s station with no nurses and if you expect to get any form of assistance from them when you do get a hold of one then forget it, for some reason doctors only arrive after some hours have passed. The waiting time is excruciatingly long and I am assuming you only receive proper attention when you are brought in by ambulance. How pathetic.

Samantha Hsieu

I had my delivery appointment there last week, Nurses have been very nice and patient with me the entire time after delivery and took care me and the baby overnight , very thanksful!

Phyllis Tocci Leman

I have had well over a dozen hospital stay/surgeries & a multitude of ambulatory procedures due to giving birth & my health issues. I have utilized many hospitals on Long Island & a couple in Manhattan. Recently I had an ambulatory surgery (foot) performed here. I was impressed from start to finish. The staff was on target with scheduling. I felt comfortable & not anxious. I didn’t even feel like I waited! I had brought a book to read, no time because of the efficiency. There were many in that morning for surgery. The hospital is clean. The staff...doorman to nurses to doctor exceptional. I am so impressed I want to find doctors associated with NY Presbyterian.

russell ibraham

Nurse Lauren from 3North has been amazing. My mother is a patient here and she has gone above and beyond to take care of her. Cant give enough praise, hope everyone I encounter can be as efficient and kind as she is.

angel PERSAD

Arrived at 920pm feburary 5. Its 1238am February 6 and still waiting for service...I see 3 other people before me and that are waiting too. I understand the hospital is very busy today. But over 3 hours is a bit too long.. I'll add more info on when my wife gets some type of service.

Alyssa Ortiz

It took me 6 months to write this review because honestly I was so disgusted with this hospital that I didn’t know what to write. My OBGYN was only affiliated with this hospital unfortunately. Towards the end of my pregnancy they sent me on the labor and delivery tour. When I seen the labor and delivery room I was happy. When they brought us down to the maternity floor I was disgusted. Especially since they said the did renovations. The maternity floor looked out dated. Paint peeling off the walls. Looked more like a psych ward to me. I tried to register at Katz but since my doctor wasn’t affiliated it was too much of a process to get records transferred at that point in my pregnancy. The day I went into labor. I had to get induced. The nurses on the labor and delivery floor were great which is why I’m giving them a star. I was in labor for 26 hours. About 6 doctors came in within that time frame to see how dialted I was. Finally after the 6th doctor he told me the baby wasn’t positioned correctly. Which I find ridiculous since the 5 doctors before him should’ve determined that in order to try and position the baby correctly. So I had no choice but to do an emergency C-Section. I informed the nurses we wanted to cut the umbilical cord and do skin to skin. They did not let me do skin to skin right away and they did not let me husband cut the umbilical cord. They took that away from me and my husband. I cried for days Bc that was important and I didn’t see my baby for almost a hour after delivery. The doctor we had Michael Csompo was great. He came in on his day off to even check on me. On the maternity floor the nurses were horrible except for the nurse Jackie and this other lady who helped with me using the bathroom and dressing. I called for Jackie the first night and it took her 30 min to get to the room Bc the lady at the desk decided to take a lunch break and not inform Jackie and I bled out on the bed. Jackie did get mad at her for me since as a patient I shouldn’t have been ignored. The whole time the nurses were rude and didn’t check on me. When I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get up to hold the baby they wouldn’t bring the baby to the nursery to get help for me. I felt like it was the worst experience of my life. I will NEVERRRR come back to this hospital again. I will go to Katz women’s hospital like I originally wanted to. Also I found it very strange that all the woman that were in the hospital with me ALL got C sections. You’re going to tell me that we all truly needed one. We all know you get paid more for c section delivery. I honestly wanted to sue this hospital for how unprofessional it was and not taking the write procedure to ensure my daughter was positioned correctly for delivery and forcing me to have no choice but a c section.

Roseann Wingate

I had an outpatient surgical procedure yesterday. Everyone from the intake professional, nursing staff, anesthesiologists, physicians and other staff were not only competent, but also engaging and caring. I thank them all for the great care I received. My husband had the same experience several months ago during an outpatient surgical procedure he had at the hospital.

Wendy Morales

The best experience on one of my worse days. Excellent service and so profesional doctors and nurses. Thanks for everything.


My whole family chooses New York Presbyterian for years. For many years they have delivered our family members. Staff may change through out the years but the great service is always continuous. Gave birth to both of my babies here and met some great people. Love how most of the staff really cares about you and make you feel important.

Victor weng

Wait time is unreal.. stayed the whole night waiting.. staff is friendly.

Cesar Cedillo

Great experience good and fast service


Very good Hospital, professional and dedicated medical staff runs fast to solve problem. Dr. keenly listen and analysis problems too. Overall a good hospital in Queens. Thanks everyone.

rosa lucero

I brought my son the the ER because his fever wouldn’t go down below 103.5...the MD told me that it is ok that my son has fever.. nothing is going to happen if it goes above 104..I told him you know that when a 6 month old baby gets a very high fever the baby can start having seizures..these MD think that we don’t know things..

nacho biz

It’s very clear for anyone who goes to this hospital as an emergency, the staff just doesn’t care about you or your health period. Horrible experience they make you wait in the same room as very critical patients for hours. ER not to get you better but to make you more sick. They all look like they dread working there.

Elmago ozp

Been in emergency room 8 hrs....NOTHING should take that long!

Michael Rango

Hospitality, bedside manners, and most importantly a sense of urgency - things that are completely lacking. Coming from a family that works in the medical industry in different hospitals this one takes the cake as one of the worst. My father suffered a stroke recently and because he had a past of alcoholism they wanted to wait FOUR hours, after the results of the blood test, before doing a cat scan. To top it off, the lack of knowledge (nurses asking for help from my cousin who is also a nurse at another hospital because they didn't know how to explain things) to the sense of urgency was outrageous. I would highly, highly recommend another hospital because this one is terrible and completely undeserving of the NY Presbyterian name.

Jalal Hasn from USA

They have the poorest customer service in the world. You're not gonna get killed by doctor in that hospital they are very good doctors. But you gonna get killed by mistake of customer service.

Letty l

Takes way to long to check you. Like you could die in here and still not be attended. Not enough doctors. I mean we get your tired but this is an emergency we wanna leave too

Sabyne Wilson

Currently at ER since 5:30. I have not seen a doctor yet. Imagine almost 6 hours. I might have to die to be seen.

Md. Nahid

This hospital service is amaiging. I bought my kid here. Doctors, nurses and other assistants all are very good; helpful; understanding; professional as well. I wanna mention a name of a nurse name Audra- she is very responsible ; positive and solving. Good luck for all

All Architect

Incredible well run and very organized hospital. Our whole family has been treated here; always successfully and received great bedside manners. Even the food is good! Wonderful doctors and nurses and maintenance crew

Joel Fabian

The worst in queens

Rachel Reeves

Visited on 8/1/18 with my young child. Upon arrival, we were expedited to the front of the registration line. After entering the pediatric ED, the service was steadily pleasant. Nurses Susan & Jenna were very patient and compassionate towards my daughter who was nervous as she associates doctors & hospitals with "shots." Luckily, she needed no shots. Dr. Thompson was very thorough in explaining the diagnosis, what they were going to do for my child & with answering any questions I had. I was extremely pleased with the swift yet efficient attention they gave to my daughter. I appreciate not being overlooked & waiting hours on end. Kudos & God Bless them all!

arafat rahman

Slowest service ever. So bad experience.

Michael Pomposello

In the ER my dad waited 4 hours for Tylenol. Every request was met with an eye roll. Utter incompetence.

Ken hu

We're in ER for 8hrs , no nurse no doctor show up for any treatment no medicine we ask for discharge Bad service

jae chun

This is a very bad hospital. Not efficient and make there forever like they get paid by hours. If you have a urgent care , then go to urgent clinic or else you are going to stay this hospital until your sickness would get worse. This is a bad hospital. Not recommended for Chinese and Korean.

silvia quizhpi

The worst experience ever. Was I. The emergency room for 4 hours and my child was never given a room. She was seen by the doctor in the hallway.

Kim G

This was my first time admitted here as a paitent. First, the building seems new and beautiful, so was stuff. But as I stayed longer, I found out my room's heater is broken and ice machine is broken. Nurse here I had really did minimum if not just empty promises. I rarely seen by doctors as well. Person who worked hard was Assistant Nurse Ms Tarsha. She was going beyond and above to make us comfortable and did whatever I asked. She is amazing hard working person.

Stephanie Chen

the worst doctors, worst nurses,the worst emergency in this world, you can ask them so many time, they not answered your question,try to ignore me,the service is so bad. My daughter have high temperatures 103.i have ask them so many times give her some medicine, they said they all busy, I ask the other nurse to help, and she told me I have to wait my nurse, even she is so free, I mean what? The attitude is so bad.

Jules Huang

i gave birth 2 times in this hospital. The nurse are super nice,friendly and so passion. recomended hospital

Nasrath Jahan

Doctors and nurses are so patient and caring , very professional and very good bed side manners

Mahfuz Chowdhury

I went their hospital with my wife she is pregnant but they don’t accepted metro plus . I don’t know why???

Damaris Israel

Always have a good experience when I go to this hospital.. Very professional staff, Clean waiting area and treatment rooms, had surgery 3 years ago.. was very pleased, going back for another surgery for something else. I would recommend this hospital to my loved ones

diana laboy

Well let me tell you all something my son has been attending here since he was born . I also was taking care of for many reason and my father ! They are all very sweet, and helpful! They are great with asthmatics ! So all you people complaining are because you got a bad attitude! Also every time my son goes there the emergency team they take him right in no complaints ,and my father who is diabetic !

Amina Halsey

Emergency Dental is a joke. Yes they're open 24 hours but they don't tell you that the Oral Surgeon Leaves at 1pm. So if you expect to get seen and get a tooth pulled you better head there extra early like 5ish in the morning because you'll be waiting over 3+ hours just for them to tell you the Surgeon left and for the dentist to see you just for pain meds. :(

Michael P

The staff was very attentive and had the best bedside manners. I was able to recover very quickly and couldn't have done so without this hospital

Ram Tuvilla

Hi, this review is with regards to the doctor who helped the blind man who was looking for a guide to exit the building. God bless your good deeds , doctor. You are an example of a person worthy to be emulated.

Grace K

Worst emergency service experience ever! Tooth hurt crazy, need to pull out. Went to emergency and waited for 5 hours just for the doctor to tell me they don't have the equipment to pull out my tooth. Such a waste of time and energy!

Nics McL

I walked in with chest tightness and some pain down my left arm. I was taken to do an EKG right away. It took a while for the results to come. They did many tests including one to make sure that I didn't have any blood clots since I travelled the day before. They were thorough in their approach to dealing with my issue. The staff were professional and friendly and did their best to keep me informed when information came in. I would definitely recommend the emergency room. It took about 7 hours but they did a thorough work up which put me at ease.

Kassandra DeJesus

Honestly not a good hospital . When I was in pediatrics I used to get called faster but it was still very slow. Now that I’m an adult they will let you wait a century and die in the waiting room if u have to . I went a couple years back with horrible stomach pain at midnight . 7 am comes and I’m told by a doctor who is about to clock out for her shift that my catscan is fine. And I told her if I could get admitted because I couldn’t take the pain and wanted more research. She said she’d look into it and I got admitted about an hour later and was taken upstairs to a room. To my surprise when the doctor that comes in for the next shift appears in my room, she tells me I have a an infected and inflamed appendix and need surgery this very day. I can’t believe I was in so much pain that I let go over my head the fact that I was about to be sent home by the previous doctor and was told by the previous doctor that my catscan revealed nothing . Had I gone home, my appendix could have exploded and I could have possibly died. This is insane

Joseph Pena

Iam so happy I had my baby today best customer service great doctora clean and fast service thank you so much doctors and nurses and staff of this great hospital

Emily Andrade

My son fell on his face on some steps before he went into school ems took us to this hospital ER. The staff was fantastic and went by fast. Greatly appreciated.

Ki Ki

This place is amazing. I've been to three hospitals in Brooklyn, 1 in Queens, 1 in Manhattan, & 1 in Long Island. & I have NEVER experienced such great professionalism & mannerism. Literally every single person in this hospital is genuinely polite. Keep up the good work & thank you. :)

Yuseph A

The Nurses are doing their jobs. However, the Doctors in the Pediatric ER find that conversing with one another about their personal lives supersedes the care of their patients. Hey New York-Presbyterian officials, you should have supervisors going around to make sure doctors are doing their jobs and not sitting around while patients are waiting to be seen in both the General ER and Pediatric ER. People come to this hospital to escape that disaster on Parsons Blvd called Flushing Hospital.

Greg Thompson

I had to take my wife here yesterday because of some contractions she was having. We were scared of whatever was happening because she is only in second trimester. The staff and the doctors were nice and comforting. They reassured everything was ok with her and the baby. We are thankful that we were being looked after.

Steve Romero

this place use to be great. I was here with my son the service is horrible if i could give no stars i would. Never coming back here ever. the nurse the staff not helpful what so ever.

Nina Morgan

At first I was annoyed. The place seemed out of sorts and I was unfamiliar with the registration process,but once Pattie clarified everything I was much more comfortable. The wait was not long and the radiological techs Millagros and Tyler were very professional as well as having great bedside manners. The professionalism was much appreciated! Keep up the good work.

Katherynne Sosa

Let me start with saying that this hospital has always be my go-to for any emergency needs and my daughter was born here. I also take my daughter to the Theresa Lang Clinic for children and have no complaints about the clinic. I recently visited the pedriatic emergency room because my daughter had 105 fever and an alarming cough. Luckily as soon as we came in we saw the triage nurse and passed through the front desk almost immediately. It wasn’t until we were in the emergency room that we were extremely disappointed with the level of attention. The nurses and doctors were in no rush to get to us and after an hour of sitting there waiting to be called I finally got up and got the attention of one of the nurses who was kind enough to take my daughters vitals. I don’t know if their lack of timeliness is because they lack staff or they simply are inconsiderate of others. When the doctor finally came around to see my daughter it was 4:30am. Since I arrived at 2am until 4:30 am my daughter was not given any medication for her fever. Not only that but the doctors instructed that she be given a nebulizing treatment and an x-Ray of her chest. Sure enough an hour and a half passed by before anyone came to set up the nebulizer. I had to call it to the attention or the nurse who blantaly admitted that the doctor never told her about the nebulizing treatment. This is extremely frustrating as it demonstrates the lack of communication going on in the ER which is incredibly alarming considering that in any emergency room nurses and doctors should be on the same page working hand in hand at all times. I understand that sometimes nurses and doctors do the best that they can but in this instance it did not feel that way. They were often posted behind the desks chatting discussing what was for lunch and giggling about things that had nothing to do with their patients. As a mother I’m overwhlemed and concerned about my daughters incredibly high fever and it was aggrevating to hear the nurses and doctor discuss things irreverent to their field of work and that of their patients. It took another hour to get my discharge papers and by the time we were discharged it was 8am. The changes in shifts are NOT an excuse for incompetence. I will be seeking a way to file a formal complaint and then follow up. There was also a patient next to us (teenage girl) who was alone without a parent and had been admitted after my daughter and was not seen or checked on by neither the nurses or any other staff for more than an hour! I thought that was dispicable and was really the last straw. The lack of attention and consideration for patients from the night shift staff was very disappointing and there needs to be changes. If my daughter had gone any longer without fever reducing medication she could have suffered from much worse ailments because of their negligence. No one cares what you’re having for lunch!!!!!! Do your job!!! For the sake of the patients! New supervisement is required!!!

Ipsia Perez

Arrived at approximately at 9pm, it is almost 1am and we have not been called yet. When we arrived the waiting area was almost empty I do not understand why the extremely long wait to see a doctor.


Emergency room staff is friendly and knowledgeable but the wait is outrageous! Waited 3 hours for transport from ED to the admitted room! How backed up can you be to wait for transport 3 hours?? Terrible!!

Mireya Estevez

They got us in in a timely manner. However , don't go here. The attending doctors will talk youand about snicker about you in the emergency room while getting your consult information. Too bad they didn't notice I could hear everything. To the doctor that actually switched shift with the doctor that was supposed to see me but didnt want to, I thank you. You were kind and compassionate and gave me an answer to my problems.

Ricardo Medina

Nice hospital all clean and organized

Kimberly Zamora

Amazing hospital and staff. Went in for 41 weeks Induction. As a first time mom they made me feel very comfortable and safe. The PA’s, RN’s and Nurse Asst. were all truly amazing loving people. Constantly making sure the baby and me had everything we needed. I recommend all moms to be to choose NYPH Queens, you won’t regret it. They are very informative and walk you through every step of the way. Appearance: 5/5 Bedside Manner: 5/5

Kiose Pandelis

My wife gave birth to one of my kids there. And on the way for the next one also. Great staff and doctors. 5 stars.

Je Lo

The only good thing of this hospital is the name. The doctors, the nurses and the aids are careless and inhumans. My mother suffered a stage 4 bed sore while been there. Nor in ICU or in the regular floor my moms care was treated properly. Is something simple to avoid, but yet some how their careless acts, will take months if not a year for her wound to heal. The doctor's main interest is how much money they can get before Medicare starts pressuring them for discharge. Patients are been discharged pushed or pressured by Medicare and not by the patients health treatment accomplishments. It is a shame that a hospital like this place is called a hospital. I could give it a zero star if i could.

Dejanira Ramon

I only go here to see my daughter's pediatric doctor. Don't go to the ER it is horrible !!!! They don't care about the kids being sick. My daughter had a fever and the doctor didn't care. I take my daughter to Elmhurst Hospital only if I need to go to the ER !!!

Philippe Jean

Great hospital. The staff is kind and caring especially the social work staff. Made transforming to Rehab very smooth and comfortable. Addressed all our concerns and made transportation Arrangments.


It's a real hell hole going to the ER at this hospital. Came in with Adult son under dr recommendation for dehydration due to virus. He was left in hallway for 2 hours with a whole lineup of beds as well During that time a nurse did an ekg out in the open in the hallway near the er entrance with everyone passing by. When he asked for a private area he was told only women get private space and for men they disrobe them out in the hallways. this legal or sanitary and isnt it discriminatory to have such a policy. After 2 hours he was brought into the er room with a tiny space with no curtain available to close off during his exam. This is like being in a third world country. He asked for a flu test and was refused.

Michelle Wan

I am in hospital this time, Chief of surgery Pierre F. Saldinger. you are very concerned about me, in the busy schedule to find time to come to the ward to see me, you are very responsible good doctor. Operating table to play a high level of positive energy, superb technology. You are willing to take care of each patient with beautiful mind and exquisite technology, so that the patient's life continues and health reappears. I'm so proud of you。 You're an excellent angel in white。 Patient. Xiu ying wan. 10-12-2019

Thomas Overmiller

My wife and I are thankful for this hospital baby. We are especially grateful for Dr. Na who has delivered two babies for us and is a fantastic doctor. The labor and delivery nursing staff is also outstanding. The cafeteria in the basement is a little-known secret, offering many good food options, especially for breakfast!

Clifton Telemacque

Very good hospital. The nurses and doctors are very kind and patience. Nurse Rose Simon is awesome, she has a very nice sense of humor and she's professional. My grandmother was having lumpectomy surgery and I was the contact for her, the hospital has a system that text me updates about the surgery while I wait and that was good.

Li Wang

I got a fish bone stuck in my throat. I went here to check and they let me wait for hours. Then run a CAT scan or something. The doctor said he didn’t see anything. He also asks a radiologist check out and also nothing. He asked me to stay for 3 days. Later I still feel hurts and come see a throat doctor. He put a camera down my throat and see a pretty large fish bone! I mean WTF. Doctors in ER need to be more responsible!

Christopher Kevin

What A Great Hospital To Go To The Nurses Are Extremely Helpful And The Doctor Comes To Check Up On You And He Calls The Next Day To See How Your Doing One Of The Best Places To Go In An Event Of A Emergency.

Orlando Francis

No, it is a nice place.


Don’t come here...Ever!!!

Clara Starr

If I could give negative stars for service I would. The ONLY thing great about this hospital is the quality of their nursing staff. The rent a docs they have in the ER spend most of their time wandering around aimlessly from patient to patient and literally do nothing except say “ I will be back” If you think that you will get the kind of quality service you expect from NYP Manhattan, think again. You won’t be treated as a human being. You will be left in the hallway for literally hours. You will ask someone for information and they won’t be able to provide an answer. Again the nurses and techs here are WONDERFUL and make it possible to tolerate the endless hours of mindless waiting for someone to read a CT or call a surgical consult. The rent a docs don’t even bother to EXAM YOU but I’m sure they’re billing Medicaid and Medicare for thousands of dollars in procedures. It is now going on nine hours and so far the nurses and techs are trying to get answers. The docs? Nowhere to be found. Perhaps they’re just dragging the time past midnight in order to bill for two days of care. I am marching straight into my state Assemblyman’s office in the morning- they’re doing hearings on the state of hospital care. They need to know just how hospitals, especially this one, interprets that term.


So I remember when this was Booth Memorial Hospital and you do everything to avoid coming here. BUT, how have things changed. My most recent visit here really impressed me. The lobby was inviting and I saw state of the art equipment everywhere.

arkar soe

It used to be ok service ... Now everyone work there becoming so lazy ... I been waiting for 2hours only two people they take in so far ... I still have 4 more people in front of me ... Let see how long I have to wait..all I see from outside is nurses and doctors are having fun.

sheri roshdi

I delivered my baby there and I found very good service and nice medical team . I love this place.

Justin Lazo

Very good Hospital. The doctors here are nice and friendly. Fast service and they always make sure your doing fine. Took my nine year old kid here for check up and doctors were good.


They have fat and quick service. They are amazing. My father felt great less than 5 hours. Just amazed by the quality.

Agustin Iglesias

Horrible I’ve been waiting 5 hours and nothing. Don’t come here if you cherish your life.

Andy Lee

Honestly, I've always believed hospitals were a great place, a place where doctors and nurses would work miracles and save lives. However, the older I become the more I see that our world isn't the way we think it is. My experience at this hospital was horrible. You can easily tell who actually wanted to help and who just wanted to stand around, collect their paycheck, and then laugh at you or your loved one's suffering. Physician Assistant Choi was one of the staff that I believe could careless whether you got better or not. You could tell by her attitude that she was impatient and did not care how much it hurt the patient when she stuck needles or needed a scan done. There were however, some great nurses that actually cared and had morals. The nurses would provide water, blankets, and had a good attitude. The only reason the staff are able to get away with abuse is due to the fact that the patient cannot speak fluent English. It's not good to generalize an entire hospital staff as incompetent and inhumane but you get the feel when you enter. Security rolling their eyes when someone doesn't know where the button is to open the door as well as nurses raising their voice and getting annoyed if you ask too many questions. Granted, I suppose some patients are at times unreasonable but I think the staff should still help due to the fact that it is a hospital and their sole job is to help people. This is my few cents and I hope whoever reads this does not have the same experience. If you're able to, try to go to a better hospital. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Sandra Wiley

Going to the hospital is never pleasant, however, the staff here do their utmost to make your visit or stay here as pleasant as possible. Since 99% of my doctors are affiliated with this hospital, I come here for all my imaging needs & virtually all my blood tests are handled here. This makes it easy for my doctors & me to see the images (a few taps on their computer keyboard) & written reports. This place has a parking lot & is near public transportation. It is handicap-friendly.

Damian C

Fantastic service and prompt response to emergencies.

Kristy Lisa K.

Every time I'm not well I know I'm going to be taken care by honest doctors who sincerely care for their patients. I'm usually seen in less than 10 minutes and am out of the hospital in only a few hours at most with all my labs accurately checked and feeling much better and stable. The nurse Willie is such a kind and compassionate one she is always so sweet.

Lorna Quiles

i went to the hospital on 10/18/19 thinking that this was a good hospital. when i went to the hospital i had a letter from my GI doctor stating that he thought i had a perforation in my intestine and that i needed a CT Scan along with antibiotics through an ivy. I was in the emergency room a good 2 hours before i was registered. Whenever i would ask a RN when would i be seen the response would be, give us a few minutes. i was finally registered when a medical student intervened. It was 8 hours later that i was taken for the CT Scan. It was 10 hours later that they gave me the morphine for the pain. i was poked 8 times in order to get my ivy line. the RN poked me 5 times, another nurse came and poked me one time and i requested that they use the ultra sound in order to get my vein. A doctor came with another intern or i don't know who and they were 1 hour trying to get my vein. It appeared that they did not know what they were doing. What a nightmare!! In all i was poked 8 times. It was at 10:30pm when they started me on the antibiotics that the doctor had written on his note and then at 1:30 am they discharged me from the hospital. They were in a rush to discharge. Had they done what they were suppose to do, i would not have been in the hospital for so many hours. Then they discharge a sick person at a time when is dangerous, what is wrong with their compassion and caring for the ill. I will never go to this hospital again and don't recommend it. Please go to a different hospital. I had a negative experience and believe me there is more about the hospital that i can say. The bathroom was filthy. During all the hours at the hospital no one kept me informed as to the delay or what was happening. The transporter, Sandy, had issues and an attitude. The doctor and the nurse were hardly seen by me. Not even a resident would stop by to let me know what was happening. This is not a hospital to go to, as the patient does not receive the best care. It lacks doctors to tend to the sick. I never saw a gastroenterologist in the ER and don't know if they have one.

Vinny Spoons

Good vibes from all of the people i interacted with.

Alexander Koatyan

The ER staff took very good care of me from check in to check out with it being so busy they even had an army of GI doctors that performed a endoscopy for me.

Tara Kasmatis

Always impressed with this hospital. Especially the Social worker. She was really knowledable and able to advice us professional. The piano I’m lobby really relaxing and gives and nice feeling when coming and leaving. Sometimes the volunteer plays

Vanessa Montoya V.

My obstetrician is not affiliated with this hospital, but I decided that it would be my hospital to gave birth, after speaking with Mrs. Dora Ruiz and making it clear to me that even if my obstetrician was not affiliated with the hospital I could still gave birth there, I had no doubt, from the beginning excellent care, both the nurses and delivery team were excellent, during my 3-day stay the nurses took special care, I can not remember the name of the nearly 15 who took care of me and my baby but each and every one did their work with love and vocation, if you are going to be a mother do not hesitate to leave in the hands of this hospital and this team the best moment of your life. Thank you so much!!!

Cherry Red

I went in the emergency at 12 pm and now is 6:40 pm and I’m still here. They just took my blood and that’s it. I swear to god if you are really sick don’t come Here. The wait is ridiculous. They had patients after me going in before me. They keep saying next and next. But my Number never came. Please avoid this place. By the way I’m still Waiting to see A DOCTOR!!


Great Service!! They are very comitted to the service, they attended my wife in a very good manner and in record time!! Muy recomendado, buen servicio y te atienden rápido!!

Mayra Núñez

Hands down the best experience I’ve had at any hospital. I tend to always come here because they’re great, but last night was amazing. Entered the ER barely being able to walk and in very bad pain and I was dealt with right away. The doctors were the best and surgery went well. Special thanks to nurses Shanique Ivery and Revalyn Thomas for everything!

tania akter

I like this hospital, friendly environment & most of the staff are good. But the emergency care should be more improved & good, they take a lot of time to start work on patient & the service is also ok type.

Shirin Akter Nayna

All Drs, nurses & US technician are very attentive, details oriented & helpful ! Best hospital i have ever seen. My baby is born here & they take care a lot while delivery from begining to end !! Highly recommend this hospital

Jason Polkovitz

After we had our first kid here, we decided to have the second here too. Excellent nursing staff and the pediatrics division is wonderful.

Lily Ip

Bring your own blanket. It’s freezing in here. My MIL (the patient waiting in emergency) asked for a blanket and got snottily turned down by a nurse at her computer. She said “I heard you the first time and you asking another nurse 10 seconds later? Be patient!” Seriously??

melissa almeida

Don't get me wrong my docters are all affiliated with this hospital are amazing Unfortunately their ER is not the best went last week because I went to city md prior and they told me to.go to the ER gave me a.paper and all I waited 3 hours and no docter had seen me the nurse told me might be 5 hour plus wait I had to leave I was really dehydrated needed IV and ended going to another ER which took me right in and indeed needed a IV was so bad that they couldnt find my veins and when they did blood wasn't coming out very slow the nurses felt bad Point blank avoid this emergency room if you dont want to wait 5 + hour it was ridiculous not sure what would have happened if I continued waiting

Sanya Rahim

Worst ER ever...went in today they did absolutely nothing and had us wait 2.5 hours to do one test...and then made us wait another 3 hours for a second test...this place is such a disaster, wish I could give 0 stars instead...

Maria Morales

Great Hospital, wonderful bed side manners. . I have heard nothing but good things about this Hospital. It's true what they say about this Hospital, Amazing things are happening here! Sincerely: Michael Morales


Dirty pediatrics ER. Very long wait while many staff dilly dally. Unsure of the process but, just for a rash we waited two and half hours to be seen. Deplorable, especially with an empty triage at the time we arrived. 3/23/19.

Matt Skawinski

They never know what's wrong with you. They run tests keep you there all day, nurses pay 0 attention to you. Never seen an actual doctor, always PA's who are clueless. Excruciating chest pain radiating to the back, swollen feet and they say to go home and take Advil. Not worth your time. This place is ran by children.

Fanny Perez

Quality service ✨ very fast and organized!

Favio Cardy

By far the best hospital to go too in Queens, in my opinion. Best experience. Very clean and hospitality was great.

gayle addison

My husband was hospitalized here with 9 broken ribs on November the ninth 2017. He was on floor 7 step down, the staff was outstanding Professional, caring and friendly. I was never worried about his care.

Mary Guevo

Worst hospital for dangerous surgeries, such as vascular and brain. The surgeon never showed up after the surgery. My father passed away after an artery surgery/stent placement on the neck after six hours of the surgery. The blood was supposed to flow to the brain but the artery was opened too much that he had a brain hemorrhage. The nurses and the attending resident doctor neglected his medical needs after the surgery and therefore they killed my father.

Mohammed Ahammed

Yesterday night I go Emergency for my Brother he is very sick When I reach after one hour Nurse assessment after that patient kept in waiting room more 1:30 hour after that Nurse move the patient to the ECG and ETT Chair because no bed available for emergency patient for another 2:30 hr Dr assessment but unfortunately Dr not able to come so I talk to Supervisor and ask how long need to come Dr she said they face high volume of emergency patient right now so she can’t able to say exact time when Dr able to see the my patient Where as my patience feel very sick so I decided to move the patient another hospital My question is how you treat the emergency patient after 4 hour supervisor say she don’t know when Dr able to come How frustrating it was for patient It’s absolutely ridiculous emergency of this hospital Where hospital charge from patient insurance

Epic Gamer

The doctors did not solve my problem and it took 5 HOURS for the doctor to attend me

Mikey Kuplevatsky

One of the worst I've ever been to. The nurses are slow, they're not at all attentive, and they consistently make mistakes when taking notes down as to why you're there, among other answers to questions they ask you. i once went there because I had an allergic reaction to a medication and was unable to breathe. They gave me nothing to help at all. No oxygen mask, no medication, no doctor for at least three hours, no water, nothing. Absolutely worthless, I'd have better luck walking into a stranger's house asking for help. The one in Manhattan is miles better.

Norma San Martin

Every body they are nice except two days after nurses at ER one of them was saying in Spanish oh they has to wait with very Nesty uptitud I was waiting for a injection because I was in a lot pain I ask I couldn’t wait anymore and the doctor talk to the nurses and two of them they was complaining about my injection the hospital has to training the staff about humanity’s


I called to speak with someone, and I got send around the whole entire hospital & NOT ONE person helped me, the people in the EMERGENCY ROOM DID NOT HELP ME AT ALL.

Julissa Nunez

My son was born at this hospital and everytime he has an emwrgency he is seen here... Great staff and super attentive and fast... I live in the bronx and troop it here

Rony Gomes

I must say Dr.Todd from the delivery unit was very professional . She did her best effort for my wife . Thanks to Dr.Todd for everything

Tsering Dickey

Worst place to go. When you need a care. Staff are not friendly. Don’t go there.

Lo Wo

We made an appointment at 1:30 and it is currently 3:00 and we have yet to see the doctor. When we came in the waiting room was empty and it still is. We don’t know why the wait is soooo long but this was a serious waste of time.

jordan dake

Excellent service. Staff was kind and took great care of my child.

Stefanie Behrens

Waited 10 hours to be induced in labor & delivery waiting room (39 weeks & 5 days), several people were taken ahead of me,n finally after speaking to a nurse supervisor, I was placed in the recovery room. THere a P.A. MICHAELA told me she was going to see how dialated I was, then without warning, intentionally broke my mucus plug. I screamed in pain, "STOP, STOP!! YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" SEVERAL TIMES. She was REMORSELESS & without letting up or lightening her grip, told me "birth hurts". Her & a female Asian doctor, who's name I forget; bullied me into having a induction, telling me my baby will be stillborn & will die in my sleep, I won't even know, that he likely had the cord around his neck, even though they had just performed an ultrasound a couple minutes earlier. I had no preclampsia, diabetes, or fetal complications; that supported having an induction; A procedure which if performed too soon, unnecessarily or incorrectly, can cause fetal death, uterus rupture, oxygen deprivation, cerebral palsy, N-ICU stays, etc. The exam "MICHAELA" gave me, was so rough I felt like a cow being sent to slaughter. I signed out AMA & was given a stack of paperwork I suspect was delayed consent for a membrane stripping, that I didn't ok, but I was too exhausted to read it.(I wasn't given a copy) when I got home I was in a TON of pain, w/bad cramping, SEVERE bleeding, & backaches, that lasted for weeks. I never had these symptoms during my pregnancy before this occurred. Days later NY PRESBY. gyno kept pressuring me into having the induction, listing completely different reasoning then the others did, & throwing in the occasional "but it's your choice". When I declined yet again, & continued my appts for sonograms, Dr razavi LITERALLY made the ultrasound tech walk me into triage to induce that day! I told her I didn’t need to be accompanied nor did I want to induce, she DGAF. I walked in, then got the hell out of there when the tech left. The more forceful they got, the more apprehensive I felt. I just had a BAD FEELING, but no where to go at that point. After every sonogram I was practically stalked by the head of MFM, Dr. Skupski; (who I later found out was being sued by a colleague for sexual assault google it; but wasn't suspended.) He Tried to get me to induce,& also cited different reasons then the previous doctors & nurses. He went on to tell me several times how they don't make anyone induce, they're don't make money off it bla bla. I saw a family friend who's an OB, I was told all was great & there was NO REASON to induce, & doing so would likely cause further interventions(C-section) long hospital stay(ka-ching $$)etc. I then found out there's a TON of pending & recently settled lawsuits (even A-rod is suing them!) many for labor & delivery. Including a woman who was inducted by my NY PRES Doctor. He caused her son brain damage & deprived him of oxygen giving him lifelong cerebral palsy! A lawsuit she won. After a final opinion from a 3rd gyno, I was told yet again everything was fine & not to let myself be bullied. I gave birth at LIJ, to a healthy 8 lb 8 oz boy; no induction or c-section needed. It was a WONDERFUL experience. The doctors from NY PRESBY continued to call my husband & harass me about induction DAILY, until I told them I had our son. 4 months later, I received all kinds of medical bills from NY PRESBY, with BS insurance claims; saying I had appts w/skupski when he was literally stalking me. When I had ultrasound appts he would just randomly show up in the room to push me to induce. They said I was in the ER, I NEVER was. They make you check-in the ER for induction, before you go immediately up to labor & delivery where you actually wait, to suck more money out of your insurance. The whole thing is ridiculous. I'm going to drop the dime to my insurance, if they don't remove the BS claim. Go to LIJ, Winthrop, NYU, mt. Sinai, ANYWHERE BUT NY PRESBYTERIAN!!!! I Wouldn't send my worst enemy here. They DGAF about you, just your insurance

Reyna Austin

This should be 0. This hospital is the hospital from hell. The nurses in this are very rude and argumentative with the patient and families. You can not get any answer from anybody, all you get is I do not know, we are not sure, we are checking and so on. My husband has been in the hospital for 2 days and we still don't know what is wrong with him. You have to order your own food, have to wait for 15 to 25 for them to answer and the food is always late. People if you want to keep your sanity, do not come to this hospital. If you need a GOOD hospital go to NYP in Manhattan. I came to this hell because the ambulance would not take us there it was too far.

victoria zajkowski

I gave birth to my daughter here on September 13 2017 and majority of the staff were AMAZING!! They went out of their way to help me out with just about everything I needed and any questions i had they answered! I felt very comfortable leaving my daughter in the hands of the nursery staff knowing she'll be taken care of for the short time she was there. I ended up with postpartum preeclampsia unfortunately and had to stay an extra day and a half and be treated but in the recovery room the staff I had were absolutely great! I was even allowed to pump breast milk and my husband was able to bring it downstairs while my daughter was in the nursery! This hospital is clean and well managed. I am very happy with my experience here! Thank you NYH!!

S Pr

Dr. Jason Sample is a dedicated, companionate, highly qualified, experienced and very efficient surgeon. Explanations and instructions given are clear and to the point. The surgical department has skilled professionals who take good care of all your post-eperation needs. Thank you to all members of such a superb team.

fardeen Khan

This place is very clean and the service is excellent here they threat you with all the help you need here

Shaquanna Wright

I am currently sitting in Labor & Delivery waiting room because they do not have any beds in the triage area but my problem besides from this is, the nurses. Upon arrival in a wheelchair the nursing staff just looked at me but no one attempted to get up and ask for my information, so I had my mother hand in my paperwork from the emergency room. Then I was instructed to give a urine sample and then in the dirty bathroom, the nurse performs a doppler reading on me but was standoffish because I stated to her that this was unsanitary and she needed to have facilities come clean the bathroom. I am 36 weeks pregnant and between myself and the other pregnant women, this is truly unprofessional. And the attitude from the staff is unacceptable also the cleanliness of this area is disgusting. I am very disappointed with my visit so far and it is sad because with all the renovations they have done, changing the hospital name and the hospital is still the same. They should have renovated the staff too. Waiting for patient advocate to come down and speak with me now.

Brandon M

Worst costumer service in the world. Mother was in pain and couldn't attend her appointment, when we called to reschedule they put her on hold twice and hung up the phone BOTH times. When we called again a third time, the lady at the front desk gave us attitude for wanting to seek help. Go somewhere else.

Jasper Zheng Yu

Worst medical facility ever, the ER is a joke! Not organized in any sense, nurses rather sit around and joke with each other or flirt with doctors rather than really do their job.

Jakelin Jerez

Kind doctors. Great nurses. Fast paced.

Danna Aguilar

I love this hospital they really nice quick to attend you and super clean.. they are the best I really like it. I recommended, also I didn't have any problems. Specially this hospital clinic is soo nice.. best hospital I been in. keep it up love it love it love it..

Ms.Camille Danne

Birthplace. Charismatic,Always friendly.Professional enthusiasm. Spirited nature.

Francisco Resinos

Great Staff! Great Service! Very Educative, We learned alot me and the wife!


I’ll save you the trouble of going to this Hospital which is a waste of your time that can never be regained, unless you closely know someone on the medical staff, otherwise you will be waiting for hours on end to be seen. I arrived at the ER 4 hrs ago, only to sit here and wait. I’ve seen patients come after me and my pregnant wife, get care and leave while I’m still waiting. Pathetic ! I don’t recommend anyone going to this Hospital especially to save a life

hassam shakeel

I took my grand father in the emergency Room around 3pm they did few tests in the beginning and then made us wait 8 hrs to meet the doctor and go over reports .we left the hospital around 11pm . I have been to hospitals where emergency rooms took few hours to see the patient but this hospital tops all of them . I wish i could give them -5 .

Franklin Jerez

Great, friendly staff, they took care of me pretty well.

Axelis Torres

It is understood that you have a lot of work to do but when you know your patient is diabetic and you know they are in pain and you still haven’t taken any blood or a finger stick now that’s wrong. I’ve seen the doctor before Ive seen the nurses. That’s ridiculous when it is suppose to be the other way around. This is why I say I rather die before going to a hospital. Plus an hour wait!! Like okay I guess we are going to have to get some lawyers involved because this is negligent af. Everyone is walking around and just checking the monitors. How about check my blood sugar ma’am or sir. How about take some blood so we can get the ball rolling. #annoyed af

Angeliki Skarakis

This hospital is a good hospital, I am happy we have this hospital in flushing because the nurses, doctors and staff are great. They do all they can to help patients and make them feel better. Rather come to this hospital then flushing hospital.

Darrell Rosenbluth

A very, very large facility that maintains the highest level of careful, caring, on point patient care in all specialties and modalities. A tightly run ship indeed. Friendly staff from housekeeping through radiology, labs, MDs, RNs, et al. I've had truly excellent experiences there. If pressed, I can and will name one physician whom, if not practicing under clear cut conflict of interests, remains a cretin of total amorality. He does detract from this facility's high standards. Such mutants do not usually survive long in a otherwise salubrious system. I suspect that macrophages will ultimately neutralize the singularity of this medical toxicity. Let's hope.

Kat Haggerty

My doctor was great, as were the nurses. But a security guard cornered me and asked me on a date. I was in the emergency room for a debilitating migraine, and I get harassed by a security guard. Not okay.

SnapShots Photo Booth Rentals NYC LLC

Staff good, Doctors Sucks 6 Hours wait..

Tuli Hannan

Horrible pediatric (emergency) service.

Adriana Heredia

Thank you so much!!! to everyone there is a very good and clean Hospital they make sure that you feel comfortable. I dont like hospitals and avoid them but You make me feel like at home I feel much much better now. I hope never got sick again.

The MAYster

I had to take my mom to the emergency room today and I was VERY fortunate to have the best ER nurse - FLORINDA CHEN. She was sooooooo comforting for my mom and extremely patient with AWESOME bedside manner with me and my mom ... I cannot tell you how appreciative both my and I were to have someone who was busy with so many demanding patients. This young lady had the ultimate professionalism and true authenticity in expressing concern and care for my mom... I hope if the hospital management sees this review and sends a survey = I cannot wait to rave about the care this nurse gave which is so far and few between.. I only wish all nurses had Florinda's demeanor ... We are extremely grateful and only hope she is compensated 3 times over whatever she is being paid because she truly was the BEST NURSE I have encountered in my 54 years of existence...

Rohit Kumar

Great service!! Staff was so good. I would really recommend this hospital. Nurses and doctor there are so helpful and great.


All you do is wait ... getting discharged wait 5 hrs before you get your paperwork

Lesly Vasquez

My husband has a serious pain in his stomage and He spend 4 hours and nobody help him. This ERS is slow , cold and bad !! I really don’t come back

mushui chen

I went in to to ER at 12 in the morning because of my moms head injury (she was bleeding). We waiting an hour for the doctor to come. Waited another hour to do CT. Then 4 more hours for the report to come back. Oh and during this whole night we were in there, not a single nurse help my mom clean the blood on her head, the blood was already dried up by then. So we wasted 6+hours in there without any treatment. Such a fantastic hospital in New York.


I can’t think of a better hospital experience. Each professional introduced themselves and was very kind and attentive. I didn’t want to wait for the survey because I don’t want to forget the names of all the wonderful people who took care of me. Diana in emergency, a perfect nurse was the beginning. Roberta my nurse when I got admitted, a wonderful sympathetic professional, Sue, the nurse who replaced her, wonderful. The surgical team (can’t remember their names, but a better group does not exist). Of course my Surgeon, Dr. Merola, the best and Dr. Villani who also operated, a wonderful manner. Also the anesthesiologist (can’t remember her name but also wonderful and her assistant Gina and the other people. I felt as though there was an army of people taking care of my every need. It was truly incredible! Of course NY Presbyterian Queens is a very busy hospital and I hope I was a good patient. Living near Manhattan there’s always the thought to go there BUT right HERE in Queens, 10 minutes from my house is a great hospital with great staff, oh and by the way, the cleaning staff help you too! KEEP up the great work and service to the community. You are all important; vital to our great borough of Queens and to the city of New York, I was operated on August 2nd and was released on Aug 4, 2018.

Miguel Jimenez

Very super nice people. They offer you crossword puzzles and coloring books. Better then Elmhurst hospital.

Ahmed Allam

I visited a friend of mine and I was amazed by how super clean it’s. The staff and care are exceptional!

Shirley Wong

Modern, staff is nice, wait times can be a bit long.

Anthony Nunez

7 hrs to be seen in the emergency get it together amazing things are not happening here

Teresa Xiamen

I delivered my baby on April 1st, and we stayed at the "Mother and Baby" unit for 3 days. The services were outstanding. The doctors are very professional and friendly so are the nurses. The nurse checking my room and ask my needs every hour during first day and night, and every two hours the next days and nights. I love the most is the night shift nurse Mrs. Mary Mutty who work 11pm-7am shift. She is an awesome person. She gave me good advice about how to take care my newborn and always offer help when I need it. She definitely worth a five star.

Nun Ya

From the ER staff to the OR on the 3rd floor to the day to day Nurses, all staff has been beyond amazing and caring. The surgeons and doctors I’ve met have been so thorough and helpful. They truly have been making my experience nice and easy. I was told I need to stay here another week and I can’t say that I mind. It’s been comfortable and clean, the nutrition options are fairly broad and just overall, I’m happy.

J Lee

Nurse repeatedly said she doesn't have time to give me the medication or stuff to help w my pain. Had me wait hours to get my scan... Wasn't a pleasant experience. Go somewhere else if you had a choice.

Lovjoat Singh

People waiting in er should be given a room, no matter if they are severely sick or injured or not. This should be basic protocol to treat all the patients with a level of respect and responsibility. And the wait time is extremely long.

Mashnun Moin

The doctor came in a rush with messy hair, looking like she just arrived from a party with a mussed white coat and her purse still in her hand. She spent two minutes examining my grandma and then tried to leave in a rush without answering our questions. Unacceptable bedside manner!

Wong Jamie

Doctors and staffs here are full of professional attitude and are also full of kindness to the children.

Wayne Rhodes

The staff was very pleasant, they took time and great care of me my whole stay. Everyone on the second floor was wonderful.Thank you so much.

swria atmar


Diane Seltzer-Charchat

I was in the hospital for 3 days following surgery 1/22-1/25-18 and I found the hospital to be fair. Most of the nurses are exceptional but they are overworked. Very little response when I pressed the call button. You rarely get a nurse but instead a nurse assistant. The bathroom was kept dirty in my room and the room was tiny (3rd floor), so tiny that when I got out of bed, I nearly hit my roommate. It was also dreadfully hot with no air circulation that I needed to ice myself down constantly and this was in the middle of winter! My IV kept breaking as did everything else. Not a great experience but Dr's and nurses are for the most part, wonderful.

Delfina Adolf

The waiting time it is ridiculous. Like people attend ER for fun. I have a nurse that drop me in the triage then disappeared. Can believe that long time ago this was one of the best hospitals in the whole nation.

Jonaydin Guzman

excellent service!! I loved the way to treat me when I had my baby! each peesonal is very kind and take the time to help you in everything related to a newborn and with more reason if it is your first baby! I would definitely give birth in that hospital without the slightest doubt!!!


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