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REVIEWS OF Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital IN New York

Deokie Persaud

Last Saturday, I had to get an X-ray for my neck. Two young men assisted me. One at the registration desk and the other, the X-ray technician, were very extremely professional. There was not wait time. Excellent service. Thanks!

Chaneil Mahfood

This is the worst hospital I have EVER been to. Most of the doctors are residents, the doctors that are more experienced seem as if they have completely lost connection with the world. The medical professionals don't know how to communicate to their patients, the staff apparently doesn't know how to communicate with each other and the billing department is so "backed up" that they sent a bill that was PAID BY MY INSURANCE to their illegitimate in hospital debt-collection agency. Please save yourself and just never go here. (You might quite literally be saving your life and time). The neurologist I saw said (This is an actual quote, I am not paraphrasing) "I don't know why you're here. They just handed me a piece of paper." (Did you even glance at my chart?)

Tamar Buie

Worst hospital EVER

James Pajuelo

Top notch clinical staff

Ni99quaisha Mercer

If I could give this hospital no star I would but. I have to put 1. The staff is rude and get mad when your knowledgeably. The doctors give prescriptions and don't even test your blood or do MRI or w.e it needs to be done for a diagnosis. If I had the means to go somewhere else I would . It feels like your a bother when you only truly concerned about your well being its heart breaking ppl only go to work to kill time not to actually help Nd relieve others worries

Jayde Dior

Thanks to Dr Naik, Dr Manoj, Rn Sandra Frith, Rn Matilda B. , Rn Samantha, Cna Denise G. , and the dietary staff that cared for me that weekend from June 15th to June 18th. I greatly appreciate everything you all have done for me. You all are the best.

Florence Ashley

My husband had a CTscan done at this hospital, result sent to his Primary Care Dr. without any concern regarding the size of his Aorta Aneurysm, however a week later my husband experienced pain , not knowing that it was from the Aneurysm, 2 weeks later he went to the ER at a different hospital and had to do an emergency surgery. The Vascular surgeon was amazed that the Radiologist did not point out the concern of the size of the Aorta Aneurysm when the CT scan was done. Thank God for pain that is what saved my husband's life. I would not refer anyone to this Hospital.

Amber X Marin

Horrible hospital ! My son (6years old) needed stitches in his head and had to wait over 3 hours ! Don’t go here !!!

Shaniece Hyatt

After my infant son received he shots, he became fussy and his temp rose.. Mind you his temp went from 100 to 102.6 in a few hrs. Of course this a concerning situation since he is so young. When I told the staff they told me to have a seat, I was shocked by the lack of concern. I let that staff member know his temp has been going up,then she left to go speak to some one. She came back and told me" the Dr. said his temp won't go up anymore ", really? How tf would he know that? Is he God?. I was very pissed off and I let it be known. I think these imbeciles printed their degrees from the internet because any trained professional would know that a 5 month old with such a high temperature is concerning. We still had to wait to be seen. I should have definitely went somewhere else and I will never go to this dirty underdeveloped place again.

Julio Cezar

Worst place ever you could be dieing and no one will attend you they needa shut this place down asap. Mount vernon period is a dump

octavia branch

This hospital is a place to go if you don’t want service!! The nurses are horrible and unprofessional The doctors talk about how annoying the patient are! It’s a mad house do not ever come to this death trap!! Hey

Ericka Drewy

Made a hole in aunts head

Ella Alz

Doctors hate to help you here. Seems like they have an attitude which I’ve never seen before coming from doctors. Nurses are nice but overworked which explains the long wait. I would never return here even if I was down to my last dying breath.

Sha Ch

My grandmother stayed here and the service was deplorable. The staff was inattentive, the doctors were lacking a caring bedside manner. Montefiore still needs an overhaul of this hospitals protocol.

Tha Thankful1

Fast and helpful service by caring individuals.

Dave zombie

Kemaz _kreationz

Staff has no idea what to do or what they are doing! The floor is disgusting! And they have poor pain management! You can sit there screaming and crying in pain, and for hours no one responds! They need to be shut down asap!

Raps 26


Angela Grant

Elisa Encarnacion

If you want your loved ones to die- send them to this hospital. Two weeks ago, my 31 yo sister who works very close to this hospital suffered a stroke and was taken there. The person who does the MRI's had left for the day at 2pm!!! Although my sister was exhibiting all of the signs of a stroke- doctors couldn't find the GIANT blood clot in her brain after "running several tests". They kept telling us that she was okay and she "only" suffered a seizure--WRONG- and they wanted to admit her as a regular patient. One of the doctors there was yelling at my mother and my sister's co-worker (who had came with her in ambu) when they kept asking to have my sister transferred over to Gun Hill. While waiting in the ER my mother asked for a blanket for her because she was cold, and someone told her that there were no blankets available!! NO blankets available?! What is this?- a 3rd world country hospital? They kept my sister there for 12 1/2 hours with no meds given to her other than an I.V. while she had a blood clot in her brain that could of burst at any time- before she was transferred to another hospital for life saving surgery. So, again, if you wanna let your loved ones die- send them here- its the perfect place!

Andrae Simms

Terrible hospital very terrible,my girlfriend went to the emergency room pregnant wait for almost 5hr and still didnt get through,i guess her and my baby not important and there emergency room should be waiting room and not emergency,because all u do is sit on wait and never get through

Xavier Gomez

staff are ok , not enough space or support to put the the patient in rooms when the ER seems to be above 15 patients. sits patient in the hallway and get treated in the hallway if rooms are full. following up with lab results is verry time consuming due to lack of staff and orginization . One EKG machine seems to get lost or misplaced to many times. unable to determine if rooms are clean or not for janitorial could peform there duties because rooms doors aren't label . incomplete discharge paper work without stating what was given during the visit. nurses are rush and when i ask i was ok in my lab work they said yes but discharge paper work says other wise . hospital needs to be renovated more rooms, more equipment, more wheelchairs, and have a neighboring hospital to support this one. suggest building secondary hospital or extension above the parking lot across the street. i hope a government official reads this and help make mount Vernon better .

Jonathan Jimenez

Hospital should get shut down ASAP !! The wait is very long.. The care and assistance is terrible ! I took my pregnant girl friend there becuse she had a lot of pain and she had to wait 3 hrs too be seen by the nurse ! It shouldn't take that long especially for someone that's pregnant ! After the nurse said to go back in the waiting room to wait about another hour, we just left !

Veronica Servera

Sad to report nothing good about this Hospital. 7 hours spent in the ER while staff laughed and chatted. Time wasted! Equipment is old and outdated.

Renee Dawson

Very disappointing experience.... No empathy ... Overworked nursing assistants and Nurses that actually care...except for Joe Ferrari in ER and Esther, Tianna and Nakia on the 4th floor. I hope no one has to endure MATILDA.. THE WICKED Nurse


Mohammad Ridwanur Rahman

Sheldon Daley

Great staff luv this hospital

Nickeisha Nicholson

The wait time was a little long but the people here are all so nice and patient.

NF Designes


Charon clay jr

Abused by staff thought was homeless have new injury and can't get treated for the main injury caused a new injury and got cases



Courtenea Brown

The administration is very responsive and caring!

Sad patient

The experience was a disaster. Extremely long time waiting, million of times to ask when the doc will show up. This is not the worst. Finally, the doc came and she couldn't diagnose and give a treatment plan, she even did NOT listen!!! The only thing she's been trying to show me was that "I am the doctor, not you!" Yes, I'm not a doc, but I know the situation and the drugs much better than you. Don't go there. A lot of the docs are those prematched residents. It really sucks. Unfortunately there's no negative score here.

poppy pop

You will be ignored. Dr came, didn't even sit down, he literally stood in the doorway the whole time. He asked me was the problem. I told him I had a sore throat for 2 weeks. He then shined a flash light down my throat and walked out. Never saw him again after that. I had to wait 3+ hours to find out that apparently I'm perfectly fine. I rather go to a vet than here again.

Chanchochinchuchapin 00113698

(Translated by Google) The staff can feel it (Original) Las personal a sen lo ke puedan

Lluvia Briceno

This is the worst hospital ever !!!! If you wanna die come here !!! Worst help service ever !!! I don't understand doctors or nurses . If you don't like what you do for a living get other job!!! Don't take it out on sick peoples who are just trying to get help or feel better!!!

Pamela Chess

I took my 90 year old mother here to ER and it was horrific!

Charles DeCresie

My experience attempting to work with their administration staff has been much like you'd expect from Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus...No offense to the clowns of course! Poor communication skills & no general accountability from anyone I've tried to work with thus far... Best of luck as a patient if their administration is this careless!

iskender DOE

In my whole life this is the worst dirtiest disgusting hospital i have ever seen. 5 hours just to tell me 600 mg ibuprofen and clairiton. I walked out that please never again ill go there

Joseph Fratto

Kimmy Queendom

There is a lot of room for improvement at this hospital.

Sink Heart


Small hospital. Not the most beautiful aesthetically. The nurses are experienced, friendly and skilled. This hospital serves a community that often gets ignored.

Cat Blackman

What do you expect from a hospital and staff that is located in a predominately black city. They don't care plain and simple. Folks are willing to drive or take an Uber to a much better hospital than to come here. Equipments are faulty or doesn't work, staff and doctors treat you like they were forced at gun point to come to work. Extremely long wait times. Your life and care does not matter at this hospital. The nurses have such nasty attitudes. To the extremely few nice doctors and nurses, please go to a better hospital you don't deserve for your rep to be tainted by this despicable facility. This place needs a serious revamp or needs to close down.

Bela Hershkowit

Drewskii entertainment

Mt Vernon montifiore this hospital I have never seen such poor service. The 1st nurse who took care of me was on top of things. “Joe “ The second nurse was horrible I was there 2 hours after joe left and she had only checked on me once.

Taji C.

I went to the emergency room on Monday to see a doctor. They ran many test but I never got my results. I sat in that cold room for almost 2 hours. I took a nap, woke up and even charged my phone to the full 100% and still no results. The doctor then comes in and says it normally does not take this long but will keep you posted. He later came back and said the results are still not in but I can call you once they come in. Mind you that was Monday and today is Thursday, I still don't know what the results are of my testing and i'm still sitting here in pain and discomfort. They gave me meds but my thing is how can you give me meds for something when you don't even have the test results to know what it is... smh i'm so disappointed. If I ever have an emergency again I will simply just go to the emergency room near my job in the city, i'm sure I would get better treatment. If you have other option PLEASE go with them because if you come here you will only be let down.

Samuel Soto Jr.

len llamas

I scheduled last May because they told me the cardiologist is only there once a month so I got a June appointment. I arrived 25 mins before my scheduled appointment. I asked the guard if the doctor was there and she said I had to write my name and register which I already did so I waited. I was wondering why the receptionist was not giving my name to the nurses since it was almost my scheduled time. After 35 mins someone asked if there is someone there scheduled for a cardiologist and I said I do. And then again they told me to wait. After another 20 mins the same nurse told me to go to the reception and asked me to tell them that I am still waiting to be called. Then again they told me to wait and seat. After 10 mins I was called by the receptionist and asked me to re- schedule my appointment and I asked why, but instead of answering she asked me if what time did I arrived, as if it was my fault that they had to re- schedule. She even asked me if I have seen a nurse, of course I have not, nobody even bothered to call me for my vitals which definitely means they overlooked my registration and did not even gave my name to the doctor. I was a bit furious since I have been waiting for more than an hour. Nobody was there to tell me what is going on. I waited for another 5 mins. And someone called me and apologized that they had to re schedule because the doctor left already!!! Left 20 mins ago and nobody even bothered to tell me. Nobody knew???? Horrible!!! Worst ever!!! If I have a heart condition and you will re shedule me for another month and something happens to me you will all be accountable.

Huilling Liu

EB Ellison

I couldn't pull up to the front door because commercial vehicles parked for a excessive amount of time. Patient w/ walking disabilities don't have access. It's a crying shame no one cares.....

Ingrid Powell-Cerease

Excellent service!! Great job Nurse Jackie n Dr. Bell!! I appreciate the services rendered. You both should be given a raise!! Best wishes always!!

Albino Juarez

Tha nk

Lisa Gordon

I have to give this rating one star if I could give it none I would. The staff is not very professional the staff talks to much and they are slow at what needs to be done as it is according to their job description. One patient at a time I understand that but you have people who don't take the ambulance but are in excruciating pain and still the staff is slow at attending to them. They have the nerve to update the name but not update on better staff.

red red

I wonder if the doctors know or understands what it means when some attend the emergency room. Y is it taking me so long to c a doctor mouth vernon hospital emergency room, this is ridiculous.. I wouldn't recommend my biggest enemy to this place..

Lourdes Serrano

Jabbar Richmond

Nice staff but extremely long wait times, in my case 4+ hours. Should have went to a different hospital but this one was the closest, next time I'll take the extra distance for better and faster treatment.

Blake Friday

At first I had my reservations about Mount Vernon hospital. Due to the employees often times in the hallways of the Emergency room, openly speaking their mind on the service, and the overall experience. Then it happened to my mother and I, as she had a stroke. I SEILDOMLY WRITE A BAD REVIEW. EVER! The overall care for my mother was okay, and I've been through this once before too many times in Westchester, but in a more organized setting. Meaning this was a very painful experience for me from 9am, Sunday morning until present. My mother came into the Emergency room with belongings from the nursing home. Even rode with her there. Even washed her belongings, telling Emergency room nurses and brought the items back. Nursing staff in emergency placed the foot heals in a bag for personal belonging on the back of her bed. When the staff moved her from Emergency room, to the 4th, to the 5th floor she had her personal belonging from the nursing home. I know, because I was there all day, 2 times a day, everyday. Some how, as she moved to the 5th floor with belongings, and was moved into 3 different rooms to be Isolated, and was supposed to be discharged within two days according to her doctor, I brought her an sweatsuit to wear. It was cold out, discharge was in a day or two according to her doctor. Told her acting nurse floating in the hallway on the computer, that I brought the clothing, where I placed them, in her personal belongings bag. The night of discharge, 3 days later due to still being isolated, her belongings are LOST. THE STAFF NEVER REPORTED SHE HAD BROUGHT PERSONAL BELONGINGS FROM THE NURSING HOME, FOOT HEALS AND SWEATSUIT GONE! FROM EMERGENCY ROOM,TO THE 4TH, TO THE 5TH FLOOR. BUT I WAS THERE! I TOLD THE NURSES! I AM SO HURT that they'd LIE, and not reimburse me for her belongings. MOST OF ALL THAT THEY WOULD LIE. I even held up EMT from taking MY MOM until they could find her belongings. Lied and told me the didn't see nothing, as some of the nurses that where on staff the night my mom was brought to the 5th floor were present. NOTHING! Trying to STAY CALM, BUT MAD. Then being DISCHARGED to be placed into the nursing home that night 7pm, my mother was supposed to be cleared of being in Isolation, as to her being released to the nursing home. Nothing in the doctors notes said STILL ON Isolation, stated EMT. We get to the nursing home, they didn't have a bed ready because the hospital didn't state in the notes she was off of isolation. But her acting doctor from the nursing home, stated she was cleared. After 30mins to an hour pass, waiting for the head nurse to figure out the riddle, almost 8:30-9pm, she was finally placed in a room with another patient, because they didn't have a room ready for an Isloated patient; bacterial stomach infection. Next day, she has a room in a isolated room. I just pray my mother is okay being so far away in the Bronx in another nursing facility, still on Islation with Alzheimer's away from me (feel like I lost my child in the system can't get them back and she has insurance) because she was ABUSED in a Mount Vernon nursing facility, long term, the only dialysis center in Westchester. I'm so upset, hurt, and frustrated of this overall experience. My advice TO ALL, watch your loved ones closely, double check everything, and watch your love ones personal belongs closely. Make sure you speak up when you see something THEY DO WRONG. AND LISTEN WHEN THE EMPLOYEE SPEAK IN THE HALLWAYS. Because as patient as I am, they still have LIED to my face about what their doing to rectify this situation, as their looking diligently for items with NO NAME IN THEM. NOW THEIR STILL ASKING FOR MY PATIENTS IN THIS MATTER. HOWEVER, SIGNS POSTED ON THE WALL IN ALL ROOMS STATE, "NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PEROSNAL ITEMS BEING LOST OR STOLEN." I WILL LET YOU KNOW IF I GET JUSTICE FROM MOUNT VERNON HOSPITAL. SO DISAPPOINTED. HURT. FEEL BETRAYED. I WAS THE ONLY ONE THEIR WITH HER. I BROUGHT HER HER BELONGS. GOD BLESS!

Sarah Miller

The staff was great but tell me who discharges someone at 8:15 pm was blown away by this

NIKKI Rodriguez

Very pleasant Doctors & Nurses clean n caring

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