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REVIEWS OF Milstein Hospital IN New York

Moshe Brody

christopher burrell

Great staff, terrific doctors!!

Isaac Yeung

Yehuda Teitelbaum

Ebony Anderson

This rating is for the doctors who are phenomenal...The nurses on the other hand with the exception of Clint and Ramon from 8th floor ICU...are horrible. I walked up on 2 nurses talking about how my mom's roommate was getting on her nerves SMH

Jasmine Rosario

They only allow 2 people up at once, and 3 of us went to visit our sick mother. One had to awkwardly sit downstairs in the main lobby while the other 2 went up, and we had to tag each other in. My mother, to say the least, was absolutely furious. Isn’t the focus supposed to be the patient? Her blood pressure was through the roof because of this...

Angel Tejeda

Beatriz Guridi

Ivonne Gomez


When they say this is the best hospital ever it is actually the best hospital ever

pastores Rodríguez,Benítez.

Yenny Natalia

Dr.Redler and her team were amazing. All the staff are very helpful and friendly

Illia Shapovalov

Great hospital and personal!

Nicole smith

Randir Maywahlall

Richard Bautista

Rabbi Yosef Cohen

Susy Santo

Very good hospital even though my mother pass way in there after almost one month in ICU. Most of the medical doctors and nurses took good care of her. However, the Palliative Care Team made our live almost impossible( only wanted to desconnect her from the life support machine). Any way, and the end- the palliative care team"won". Maybe they were right but we( the family) had hope until the last moment. The life support machine was desconect with our concent. However, it was an ordeal.

Joseph Mayer

Sandi Camargo

Love it.

Tarik Yunes

One star is for the security at the hospital, I was here for X-ray 2 weeks ago and got in the building with no problem. Yesterday I went back for more X-rays and almost wasn’t allowed in the building after providing my ID at the front desk. I was asked if I had any problems in the hospital, which I never had. Then security was called over and asked me the same questions. I told them that I never had a problem and I was just in the building 2 weeks ago. They didn’t give me a pass to access the hospital but escorted me to the elevator so I can get my X-ray done. I was told that my name was on a list for which I was given no reason or explanation on why. I asked them how can that be possible, since my name is not a common name it’s very rare that someone would have the same first and last name as myself. Even if that was the case they could verify my identity with my bday or address since they scanned my ID. Very horrible experience, especially when I’m going to the hospital to be treated. Honestly I feel that I was discriminated against for my Arab first and last name.

Josue Martinez

Great place to buy a gift for someone inpatient or any other occasion, friendly staff.

G Ramos

Timothy Clay

alysa campbell

My partner was in this hospital for close to a month. We spent our anniversary, her birthday and thanksgiving in the Milstein Hospital. We have had some really crappy experiences in other hospitals but every single day here was delightful. Thou we were going through one of the roughest times in our journey of life together, our stress level was through the roof. We worried, we cried. The doctors and staff were amazingly beautiful. So caring, our voice/needs were heard and met. Full of warm and patient personalities. We almost did not want to part ways. What we experienced was what I call the TRUE meaning of a family. We would recommend anyone amd everyone near and far to go to NY Presbyterian Hospital.

Lilivet Nunez

Jose Alberto Veras

William Leonard

Excellent place have all testing done here.

Shaniqua Glover

Great service ! NICE WORKERS! Very spiritual people even the housekeeping lady was amazing!

Rhonda Riley


My cousin was admitted for gastric bypass. Her stomach was perforated during procedure. After 3 days of pain she had exploratory surgery. Gastric acid leaked through the abdominal cavity injuring kidneys,liver etc leading to intubation related to respiratory failure. Family was given no hope. Surgeon abandoned her. He was in show no call for 3 days post rsurgery. WHAT HAPPENED! !!!! Today 12/27/2017 the team decided to discharge her to oblivion of rehab. Her wound remains opened. To be transferred to a nursing home??

Cynthia Reyes

Amazing Doctors and nurses in ICU. Hospital is beautiful and clean. My only complaint is the PACU staff on the 4th floor was horrible. Front desk personnel and nurses were rude in that unit.

BxGirl Blazin'

This is a great hospital. Period!

Laura Grose

Nursing staff in the 5th Floor CCU is incredible. Thank you so much for all you have done. God bless.

Tee M

Easy to get to from my residence and I can stay overnight with family.

Sukhjinder Nijjar

Elias Friedman

Gregorio Diaz

David Lora

Antonio Ramos

yl d

Lashawna Myers

good service

Moises Francisco

The physical structures are great but the care is horrible . Just a big name that can’t live up to what they preach . If you love your family or friend , avoid going there .

Abe Tomco

Dr Kato and his large team were wonderful and truly the best in the world. The ICU team (nurses, residents, etc) were exemplary. I am a physician from out of state and was really impressed by my family’s care here.

Danicel Baez

Calisto Rego

very good icu, waiting areas n other facilities.

Elaine Chan

Meeeeeh definitely not a hospital I would like to go to or suggest. I came here to visit a friend who was hospitalized for five days. In that time she was moved 3 different times because they placed her in rooms that they felt she wasn't qualified for. The staff didn't communicate with other units so there was always miscommunication and long periods of time where nothing was done.

Derrick Dover

Jeury Baez

Ralph R & K Limousine


Sandra Deliard

Arelis me fascina liriano

Marta Harlos

Lisa Flemmings

Very professional

Al White

Evan Hoffman

Good care, bad parking.

ravi Sookdeo

Secuirty doesn't have what the hospital preach no emphaty... Very disrespectful! And no common sense. If you are going to the ER go somewhere else prepare for 6 hours wait time. This place is just for the looks.

Efroim Goldklang

Really good

Patricia Flores

I was admitted after having a stroke. The nurses tried but the 8th floor doctors in progress have a long way to go before they can call themselves physicians. Joe was the most humane, conscientious, an excellent nurse. Joe did not forget about my hideous pain. Relentless with compassion, my knee obviously swollen- who went through many hours of repeated attempts to get an actual response: the attending doctor to approve Motrin for pain, since Tylenol wasn’t helping to reduce the pain reaction from a recent open knee surgery. So much pain endured over eight hours. Results are that now my entire left leg is stiff. Worse now than when I had the knee surgery two years ago. Adding insult to injury: Two months later and I’m still pursuing in home physical therapy . The “attending doctor “ whom I never actually met, has rreportedly refused to complete the M11Q form to the insurance company. Unbelievable! This is really happening to me. And oh! The social worker was on vacation by 4:30pm on the same day she rushed my signature on a printout for discharge. Incompetence , irresponsible, liars, weak as a team supposedly having a patient’s safety as a high priority. Many excuses and only seemingly concerned about what an insurance provider will pay for and with the least amount of paperwork involved. Bedridden and “Not enough staff for the Hudson North-8th floor unit” was the second excuse given while neglecting a human being admitted via the Neurologist at the Emergency Room after an MRI indicated ischemic stroke. Patient care services was also dismissive and/or failed in addressing the problems on this unit. Privacy rights? Do not get me started on all of the medical and personal information spoken out loud involving a woman who was sharing the 2 bed hospital room ideal... No conference rooms available for Doctors? Can anyone else recall HIPPA rules of privacy laws? Following this “D” grade of medical care was the hasty last minute experience of a disastrous and an unsafe discharge: leaving me alone, unable to walk, weak, and no safety plan. No adequate means to care for myself. I have seen animal shelters take better care of wounded animals. Milstein WAS a “patients first priority “ hospital. Ten to fifteen years ago. Now I would personally recommend Montefiore Hospital or Mount Sinai instead. I would never send a family member or friend to suffer like I did. Be AFRAID, be VERY AFRAID. Do not leave your loved ones to fend for themselves alone in this facility. What behooves me is that employees talked about feeling stressed out by watching people being mistreated every day! A good brand name gone terribly bad. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Only 1 star because of the wait (27 hr) that it took from the ER to get an actual bedroom. The staff and technicians are five star but you can't rate the workers!!!!!!! Also this hospital isn't for common issues such as cold/flu or cuts and bruises more of a major issue kind of place.... Think of issues like diabetes for transfusions or cancer like radiation. They treat both adults and children and offer tons of help for the patients on site. The issue is it takes forever to get a room due to the large influx of patients who shouldn't be there because they don't need to ( and should be thankful) be because they don't have the ailments deemed necessary for the purpose of this Hospital.

Mandi Jimenez

Impeccable service, process, and everything in between. Thank you for such a remarkable experience given the grave severe patients and their families/staff.

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