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REVIEWS OF Jack D. Weiler Hospital IN New York

Mystery Man

Moses Thompson

Great meals and cool people

Mafiastylez El Leon


Nice hospital. Great customer service. The Starbucks coffee is tasty and cheap.

Political Page

This place is horrible the patients are mistreated and the staff not all but most are on cell phones or hanging out like its chill time. I'll be marking a page on Facebook Instagram and YouTube. Time too speak up if you see something say something.

Daniel Mcritchie

Just had our daughter here. Very professional and courteous team of drs and nurses.

Flip Warbucks

Horrible manager nurse in the ER, Rachael somthing. If you run into this woman (west Indian accent) run the other way or go to a diffrent hospital. She woke me out of my sleep to force me to sign a paper that took me out my bed and into a hall way. I have intussusception and a kidney infection as i write this. Haven't eaten in 3 days and they put me in a cold hallway. Worst hospital ever, should have gone to Jacobi where i was born. That woman is a manager and i can only imagine how many people she has done this too. She has no tact and is very aggressive and strong armed in her tactics, she makes the other nurse's look bad just by work association. 0 out of 10

Dolores Gowins

Jesus Quintana

Juan Blanco

Bella Love

11/3/2017 First Time I had to Dial 911 I was experience terrible Panic attack and Anxiety and my heart was beating so fast ..One of the paramedics recommend me to go to Albert Einstein Weiler Hospital he told that was one of the best and all Turns into a Nightmare and The Doctor David Zybert was the doctor see me and explain how bad I was feeling the took my blood and give me Milk of Magnesia and let me wait almost 4 hours in a small room seating with that Anxiety that feeling Anxious it's Horrible...But Dr Zybert Discharge me without give me anything for the anxiety I was shaking... I Left the Hospital feeling worst than ...also I notice all my paperwork referring to me as a He, Man

anthony wright

My auntie Ms. Bertha Starr said to me, She was well cared for by Doctors and nursing care while in their facility. But the waiting for a bed in the E.R was a bit long, although, I guess that would be as expected when there are no beds to be sent too. Also my previous stay at this facility was a very good one the doctors and nursing care was wonderful to me as a senior. They were very professional. I thank U all for taking great care of my auntie.

Jose Cuevas

Have been in the emergency waiting room for 6 hrs already just to get a ct scan done just horrible better off going to a hospital in manhattan.

Jessy González

Patricia La Marr

The food here is AWESOME! in the cafe they make ur meal as to how you want it!

Ethan Roofian

Angela Ramirez

Caleb Fischer

Went here once for a blood draw. Great place, takes forever to get to from Manhattan.

Eddie Como

Ariel Arias

Es un buen Hospital y con muy buenas atenciones

Amanda Jimenez

I love this hospital, !!! on January 4 1996 I had twin girls the staff ,& Drs did an Excellent job, my experience was great ...keep up the good job

John Fortugno

Amy Veras

rachel ribacoff

Worst expreience ever, worst discharge planning, sent a 93 year old home at 9pm when original discharge time was 3pm, mouth was caked with blood, sent home by ambulance on oxygen when no oxygen at home, no home care referral made, impossible to reach social worker. MD refused to refer a patient to hospice who had end stage Parkinsons and wasn't eating or drinking and she had clearly expressed her wishes.

Karen Campbell

The experience was a nightmare. Important stuff is being done here and it seems ... haphazard. Also perfunctory. There is no humanity shown frankly. It’s all just cold abc xyz. I can see why facilities get sued. No effort to build a relationship or warmth at all. Just robotic mechanics. 4+hours wait time for a bed due to “cleaning.” Shame. And I am actually pro medical facilities.


Paul Santo

I attend Next Steps. Which now Next Steps, the Wellness Center, Yeshiva University, Montefiore Medical Center & Einstein Collage of Medicine have all Merged or were in the process of merging. I'm sure they are pretty close to being done at this point 3/10/2016.…. This whole area is all either Hospital's or Collages connected to Hospital's. Good place to be if your sick....

mabel Iturralde

(Translated by Google) I love this hospital here I had two children the attention is excellent the baby stays with you all the time if they bathe or care everything they do in front of you, and they let you be a person with you and is also well cared for I recommend it (Original) Me encanta este hospital aquí tuve dos hijos la atención es excelente el bebe se queda contigo todo el tiempo si lo bañan o lo atienden todo lo hacen en frente de ti, y te dejan quedar una persona contigo y también es bien atendida lo recomiendo

Team r.kelly york

They taking goodd care of my baby girl right now love it

Turd H. Slurper

a real lifesaver

Denise Stadelman

carrisma blyden

I'm not sure what has happened to this hospital, but it used to be so good! Now, I'm not to sure, first off the overcrowding was unbearable I came in at 5pm and didn't leave to about 12:00am in the morning! They didn't have enough docters to handle each ward, I was in the white ward, I guess that's the ward with patients with little to no pain. That's ward was extremely crowded. I'm talking so crowded patients didn't even have chairs to sit down, to where the nurses had to confiscate wheelchairs from patients using them to accommodate other patients! Then I went to go get a sonogram becuase I had serve abdominal pain, plus I'm expecting, the technician straight up says "I can't give you no information about what's going on so don't ask, once you go back downstairs to the ER, the Docter/ Nurse will answer all your questions" I'm like why should I have to wait for information about my pregnancy that you clearly know becuase you are performing the procedure as we speak?! Anyways they ran blood, waited for at least an hr for the results of that. Omg! I was so happy to get outta there, then the hospital didn't give give me a least something to eat or drink, I was there for more then 5hrs that should've been provided for me. Please get more docters in the ERD preferable the white ERD ward . And feed the patients. The ones that have been there for more then 5hrs and don't have to take any tests that may interfere if they ate or drank something.

Iris Santiago

Thank you Colleen or a woman I spoke to in whatever department I was transferred to- operator did not explain to me to whom I was being transferred to- about getting information in services. Thank you so much for knowing how to do your job proficiently!!!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

melissa Lertola


Nadine Gonzalez

Clean hospital

Anthony Dellicarpini

Nur Md. Faisal

Allie fernandez

I went to the Allen pavilion hospital in 218 in the Bronx and I got there on Saturday at 3 am with excruciating upper abdomen pain. They throw me in a room forgot I was there when I complained they gave me meds for nausea and acid reflux. Some time around 12Pm they discharged me and said it was abdominal pain, a "guy who identified him as a helper" gave Me the discharge paper told me not ask question because he didn't know my situation and he was only helping. On Monday at 5 am I came to this hospital and when they first took me in to a room to take my vitals and after explaining the symptoms they did an ekg right away, also gave me pain medicine , did an ultra sound and did a blood work. They found out I have a few rocks on my gallbladder and I'm getting surgery. Because of the attention this hospital provided me I give them 5 stars.

Jenia Whitney

a lot to learn...

desenia ortiz

Roro Lavive

Two years ago I gave birth to my first child in triage in a bed they barely had time to clean and the clothes I wore on my back into the Jack D. Weiler Hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine...My significant other missed the whole birth of his first born ....because I was Frightened and helpless in the middle of a triage bustling with workers telling me I wasn't in labor and doing everything but physically pusing me out the hospital doors repeating the same mantra "no beds" I even have the discharge papers to show for it signed 30 minutes before I gave birth .... The workers at triage irreparably marred what was to be one of the most magical days of my life... I figured as time passed I would be able to forget, and move on after all I was filled with so much joy at the sight my child nothing else could hold my focus.. But as time passed and I have recall my delivery I'm made to relive the trauma brought on by these incompetent workers who had no care for me or for my unborn child enough so that they would shove me back out into the street while in Active Labor .... (There was one nurse that kept yelling for me to leave the bathroom and recieve my discharge papers after they denied me care so my Bf went to get the car because and they were sending me home I had to discover on my own that I was crowning in the bathroom right outside of triage and then had to beg for assistance... First from the doctor I who initially examined me (and erroneously told me I was "not in labor" and that I was to go home take a warm bath light candles and relax and to come back a week later to be induced) she refused to help me even after I said "I felt my child's head in the bathroom." "We have no beds" she said as if it was nothing So I had no choice but to find someone anyone who was kind enough to at the very least take a look.... And I found a nurse (who also told me there was no beds) but she was willing to examine me she did so on the large reclining couch in the sitting area I gave birth in a dirty triage bed 5 minutes later..... In the clothes I wore in on my back The Jack weiler hospital was pretty useless there's no other way of putting I would have been better off having my child at home Hopefully young mothers to be read this and decide not to trust their life and the life of their unborn to the hands and nature of such discourteous and uncaring incompetency .... They hesitated On helping me deliver my child But they did not hesitate in charging my insurance tens of thousands for her delivery....

yogi B

I am one angry parent at this time..this hospital truly doesn not daughter sat in that hospital for hours in a food..can you imagine a nurse tells you she will bring you some soup at at 2 and its now 4:37pm and the patient still has not terrible...shes dizzy and hungry...I wish I could have them in the same position that they have my daughter works are the WORST...she is actually going to take the IV out of her arm and take a cab home...I wouldnt want them to take care of me in the little things much more to have them operate on me..bunch of care less bums....yes my name is Yolanda Brown

mariann bassani

I have never in my life seen such incompetence in a medical facility! My mother in law went there saturday morning and sat in the 'ER which was like a zoo for 2 DAYS!! yes 2 DAYS Granted she had a virus and needed a private room but for 2 DAYS in the ER and the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing Most of the staff was very nice but one of the aids/nurse said to me, "well the hospital is full and they don't discharge people over the weekend". So they keep people there that are healthy enough to go home. Terrible... just consideration. And then the family doctor comes in around lunch time today and says so what's going on? are you kidding me.....we've been here for 2 DAYS!!! I would suggest driving a little further away to have better care. I didn't even want to give one star but that was the only way to post this. Just disgraceful really need to be your our advocate.

Yocasta Perez

Saved my Father's life... Forever grateful.

vilma medina

I Never Scratched My Ass in Public

I was born here!!!

Paola Villalona

Janay Johnson

Worst experience in my life. Was admitted for pain due to a severe sickle cell crisis and the doctors would not give me anything but what i was taking at home that was no longer working. They make you sit all day waiting for answers from doctors just for it to be too late to report them. I’m being generous with giving them one star cuz i wouldn’t even give them that. They also tend to lie about which “professionals” came to see you.

Joan Paniagua

I had never been to a hospital where so many patients wait at the ER with little to no doctors handle their jobs backwards. One lady doctor had me waiting at the bed leaving me waiting to get examed, a male doctor talking to me like im crazy, and all they did was sent me to get an xray done. They hook an hour and a half to get my discharge papers. I left there in one peace cause I couldn't wait anymore

Pedro J. Rosario

Always an amazing experience! Love the staff and the way they treat me and my family.

Mary Cruz


Great cardiologist treated my mother fantastic and very respectful

Jennifer Hili

Three weeks ago my beautiful daughter was born at Einstein. It was a busy night and there were more moms in labor than labor and delivery rooms. The residents in triage put our minds at ease and handled the situation beautifully. Most of the nurses did as well, though some spent more time complaining about systems issues than attending to the urgent situation. That wasn't comforting... Once on the maternity floor, the nursing staff was incredible. Einstein is already a great hospital, and an optimal place to have your baby, as you get your own private room. But the nurses were so attentive, knowledgeable and available it made all the difference. We were especially impressed by Cassi, Laura and Maria who were the nicest, kindest and so attentive to whatever we needed. Thank you Einstein staff for being so helpful and supportive during such a special time :)

Poeticfn OnIG

My Great Grandmother came here. She received no food. But yet they mark you as you ate. She only had 1 meal. But, their medicine is very good and their staff is very helpful.

Keyla Marie

No stars if I could. Horrible hospital came in at 3pm got out at 11pm ... just for a dam emergency ultrasound because I had very bad cramps during my pregnancy ... doctors were all speaking to eachother and ignoring everyone just eating and that's it.

The Real Gaming DAD

Staff is super friendly and very passionate about their work. Montefiore taking over Einstein hospital was the best move yet.

David Bunch

lizzy Lombardo

Horrible!!!!* My husband has heart problems, has a stent. We were in e.r. since, 12:30 Monday afternoon, he is still flipping sitting there, Tuesday, not one doctor saw him, only a p.a.. a doctor was assigned, never saw him!!!! That's not nice, they want him to relax in the hallway of the e.r Really Now a doctor will get paid for not seeing my husband, so dissapointed The hospital has tuned to crap

Deirdre Gibbs

Faith Animation

Jenny Medina

Worst hospital in the world! Do not go there for a beautiful labor experience because you will get the opposite! First off the anesthesiologist messed up my epidural big time. They kept poking that large needle in my back numerous times. Two separate people kept trying to stick the needle properly using me as a dummy. They did so bad that they placed the needle in the wrong place and gave me too much anesthesia in the wrong place to where I couldn't feel my bottom half of my body. Mind you this is my 5th child and I know what to expect with an epidural. I wouldn't wish this feeling on my worst enemy. So to take off the "spinal catheter" aka epidural, I need blood work done or I can bleed in my spine and possibly croak. Some of the nurses were nice I'm not gonna lie but don't leave your precious life at the hands of these incompetent people because you will regret it. Besides the epidural I was trying to explain to them that my water had leaked but wasn't completely ruptured and no one listened so I was in labor for about 13 hours with my water still not broken which caused me to sit there in pain rather than speed up the labor process. It wasn't until i got really pissed that I made the doctor check me and she ended up breaking my water with her bare hand and boy she felt stupid. The list goes on and on. When I finally get moved to my room no one comes to check on me and give me pain meds mind you I still have the spinal catheter on because my platelets were too low and I can possibly bleed in my spine if they remove it. They want me to lay still because I still have this epidural needle stuck in my back but if I'm in pain how am I supposed to sit still? Overall I regret coming here. I should've drove further and gotten proper care! Do not make the mistake of coming here and spread the word which can possibly save others from going through a nightmare!

Martial z ov Bo s hn

the parking is not good for anything you crash the vehicle and nobody responds to what happened do not visit that parking lot Compartir esta traducción SMS Correo electrónico WhatsApp Twitter Google+

Raoul R Persaud


Yesenia Marte

I was transfer here from another hospital. This hospital is soooo dirty specially the emergency room there was blood on the floor and the bathroom smelled like old pee, the people here seen to not have no humanity, they don't care if you dying they just give you Tylenol and let you wait for hours and hours, this is worst than A third world country. Tell me how a pregnant woman bleeding is sitting in a hard chair waiting since 8pm to 4 am and nobody has the decency to tell you that they working on it, or even keep you updated. I had to start screaming and cursing for them to come see me. it seems like they chit chat is more important than you health.Next to me was a lil girl throwing up and the mother had to scream for them to go see the lil girl.. I feel like if someone doesn't like they job or don't care about people should not be in this field.. The only reason I came back was because the doctor called me Monday to tell me, I had to come back on Tuesday Since get blood work done and take a shot since my blood is rare, she reassure me that I just had to tell them I was here for a shot and would not have to wait as long as Sunday. I got here at 9 am is now 11am and they still haven't even taken any blood. the doctor told me that I had to come back in, you would of thought that everything would of been taken care of, that is not the case I have to do everything all over again, I told them I was here on Sunday you would expect for them to know the history and know what is going on, All of them said that they didn't know anything, really?! How you cannot see a person history specially if I was here Sunday.. Is really messed up that we pay this with our taxes and these people are just misusing our resources to do absolutely nothing. when I told them I was in pain all the offer was Tylenol I told them I have Tylenol in my bag what is so different. I was in a room and someone took me out of the room and sat me on a chair (again).I had to go and scream at them again, I told the nurse what I was here for and then is when I had answers from them.. If you have no choice and have to come here the only way that you will get them to do anything is either dying or cursing them out, because if you don't say anything and just sit there waiting for them to acknowledge your presence, get comfortable because you will be here for hours and hours..Funny thing is that this is not even busy! I understand if is busy, there is only two people here, one is waiting for result and me, that's it. is a shame that even in 2017 there are Emergency room operating like this.. Only if you almost dying and there is no where else to go I would recommend this hospital, go to manhattan go to queens go to Brooklyn tell them to transfer you in a helicopter to another state, don't come here.

Edward Parra

Brenda R.

The most of the staff were wonderful, except for one. I went in for surgery, and one of the staff stole my coat. I came out the hospital without a coat, because they so called "couldn't find it". All my other belongings were in there, except my coat, and it was December. Thank God I didn't take my purse.

Saquan Jackson

Great clean hospital friendly staff. The only thing is that their visiting restrictions are so tight it makes it hard for your close family members to see you

Karla Rodriguez

There was a few nice nurses/doctors but my overall experience wasn't pleasant. I was abt to deliver my son and was put into the waiting room by the stupid medical transporter. Rude nurses didn't introduce themselves & while I was having contractions almost delivering my baby I was told not to move because I'd make a mess. One nurse was very rough with him. The nurse came in and told me to stop feeding my son because he was going to be circumsized but yet didn't know what time. My delivery for my daughter was at Bronx Lebanon and I give them 5 stars for the whole experience. #notcomingbackhere

Eliana Gutierrez

(Translated by Google) That hospital shit because of them, I almost gave birth in my house because they are responsible. (Original) Esa mierda de hospital por culpa de ellos yo casi doy a luz en mi casa por inresponsable k son eso estupidos

Misty Cho

Willy Estevez

You get your own clean room and personnel are very attentive ! Five stars

Hazel Colson

Noel Diaz

I enjoyed my stay here. The staff was very polite and attentive. The nurses took excellent care of me .friendly and polite staff.




Well, even though I haven't been here recently, my mom told me I was born here. And for the very reason I was helped being brought to life in this hospital, I give 5 stars.

Rossini Perez

I gave birth to my first born here, and will give birth to my second in march! Staff was always very attentive, food was great, baby stays with you(unless there’s a medical emergency), you are allowed two visitors while in labor. Also one visitor can spend the night so you won’t have to be alone! You have your own private room (with a shower)when in labor and after baby’s born.


What kind of nasty people working there.I called to schedule an appointment for a specialist. I was told that they can not help me and I can not just come in when at first place I CLEARLY stated I need an appointment. I was told to call back.

Nathan Craggette

pedro bido

Very nice people!!!


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