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Taysha Diaz

I was a patient at the Rheumatology Department @ HSS in 2014 in the spring. I left because there was a doctor who's bedside manner was horrible. That and I found a clinic closer to me,. Well I am back unfortunately my health is deteriorating. This hospital and the NP who brought me here in 2014 saved my life. Other than that doctor everyone else was professional, courteous, and empathetic. And their Physical Therapy Department is exceptional. I was a patient there and am now back with a new diagnosis at their Physical Therapy Department. They have an excellent reputation and were the ones who found out after several tests and x-rays what was wrong. Go here and you will not regret it.

Aaron Kleinman

They ruined the past 3 Giants seasons

Brianna Yazici

Everything was amazing. Every single person in the staff did whatever they could to make me feel comfortable. Gaston Sekau was like a brother, he helped me dress myself, and made me feel comfortable. My physical therapist Dana Aaron is the best!!! Clean, friendly, and amazing hospital.

Eleni N.

Pieter N

Pathetic service. Even with and appointment waited more than an hour with no indication of ever being served. Third world medicine.

Corinne Meli

My mom and I have been impressed with the doctors, staff and facilities at HSS. They live up to their reputation.

Shatika Gilyard

Loving caring and very happy to have this hospital and it's staff is amazing

Gerald Schmidt

The place is run by pros, warm and cuddley no but clean as nd competent.

Brenda Daly

Alexia M Hernandez-Soria is an intern I found out while researching, not a full fledged doctor as she implied. She did not greet me, introduce herself, speak articulately, address our concerns. I asked her name, she mumbled. We couldn't see/read the name stitched on her coat, because it was open, unbuttoned. so unprofessional. If she is pregnant or has gained weight, she needs to have a coat that she can button so clients can read her name. She was flippant when asked questions about using the wrist in the next four weeks. "They will give you a whole LIST of names of physical therapists," was her curt response. She never told us who "they" is/was and since we saw at least six other professionals later that day, we had to keep asking each person if "they" were the "they" that would provide us a LIST of physical therapists. Turns out the "they" only provided a website for pt, not any referrals that have any connection whatsoever with the surgeon who operated on my kid's wrist. Not good! I shocked this resident by extending my hand before we left. Her communication skills, non-existent. She didn't take our concerns seriously (dealing with sports, school classes,fine and gross motor use going forward). Rude.She never asked why the patient required wrist surgery anyway, as all teens have wrist surgeries! Disinterested. If this is the next generation of doctors, heaven help us.

vasil balla

Very good

Douglas Flint

great doctors who know what they're doing

Don Johnson

Went there for knee replacement surgery about 3 years ago and had the best experience with everything and everyone...Doctor Seth Jerabek and his office also merit a 5 star rating for their warmth and compassion as well...this is the ONLY place to go for the absolute best orthopedic care in the world!

Frank Cooper

I'm very happy with this place this is the place my mother got a nereplacement couple years ago and her doctor was Doc cross your a superstar very happy I love you. Doctor Cross thank you

Larry Sashin

The hospital runs like a fine Swiss watch. Everyone seems to know what they're doing and it is obvious that the patient's health and we'll being is job 1.

Margaret Feeney

My husband had hip replacement and care was outstanding by all

Dane Peters

Best place I have been. They were absolutely professional. Dr. Allen was gracious honest and provided as much support when I came with a torn acl in my left knee. The second acl in the same leg in 4 years . When they repaired my knee after my first doctor butcher it at long island college hospital. Hss took care of me in a way that made believe I could have a high quality physical life after my procedure. This year I competed in my first SPARTAN RACE.

Emily B

I am sad to report that I am beyond unimpressed with this hospital. Coming from Boston, I needed to find a doctor to continue care on my wrist/hand in NYC. My doctor at MGH recommended Dr. Osei at the hospital for special surgery. Putting aside the fact that I was instructed to be in by 8am for my 8:30am appointments, yet not seen until after 8:30am for the two appointments I have had here, I had an incredibly unprofessional experience. Dr. Osei ordered imaging for my wrist/hand. When I arrived, I was informed that I was not getting the test that was explained to me or that was listed on the paper print out handed to me when Dr. Osei’s office made the appointment, because there was a discrepancy in the notes. I understand mistakes happen. I said I wanted to clarify with the doctor before proceeding because I do not want to wait several weeks for the next appointment to come back, and the out of pocket expense is substantial if this was not the intended test. The doctor was in surgery and the receptionist, Rachel Gordon, could not handle the issue appropriately. She asked me what was said in the room because the test did not match the notes. I explained to her and she said that didn’t make sense, to which I expressed I am not the professional and only know that I was told I needed to see one of two specific techs in order to do an injection, yet now was being told I am not getting one, and was not comfortable proceeding until I speak to the doctor and she said “I am trying to help you but you’re giving me attitude”. I have an overall feeling to not trust this team to take care of my medical issue.

Susan Janas

My mother went in on May 6th for a hip replacement and our experience was wonderful. They have the whole process down to a "science" and the staff were fantastic. She is partially deaf and everyone - doctors, nursing staff, ancillary staff - all went out of their way to communicate clearly with her If you need a hip replacement this is the ONLY place you want to have it done!

Angelo Trovato

Welcome to Hospital for Special Surgery, Main Campus.

George Dous

HSS is the worst Clinic ever, no body seems to care , I have my mom who has a hip fracture going from Staten Island all the way to Manhattan in an ambulance to find out when we get there that her appointment was cancelled, they said that the Doctor is not there, on top of that I had to take a day offfrom my work, no one called to cancel the appointment, when I asked for patient advocates to speak with no one came despite me waiting for one hour, finally there was a nurse her name was Virginia in the clinic, when I told her the story, she told I already heard three times, I am busy with my clinic has to go, in brief very overwhelmed place and no one care, don't go there. Try NYU much better.

kathy vandean

Dr Gullotta is the best orthorpedic reverse shoulder Relacement surgeon.He explained the complete procedure to so I knew exactly what going to take place . I would highly recommend him ! I was extremely satisfied ! Thank Dr Gullotta

Agustín Morquio

(Translated by Google) The best hospital (Original) El mejor hospital.

Patrick McCarthy

Great staff, I go there for my orthopedic needs. I have Dr. David Scher such a nice guy, and a wonderful doctor. Would recommend him to anyone!!

John Palmieri

Unethical institution. The doctor was good and answered all my questions about knee replacement. But, I wanted a second opinion and they charged me $35 for a copy of my x-rays. They should be forced to provide a copy for free. Not very impressive. Next time, I will get the x-rays done at a place like Park West and take a copy into my doctor. They also charged me twice for the same set of x-rays and refused to change the bill. I am still battling with them.

Nancy Fox-Hoover

I came to Dr. Della Valle with a right hip that had already been resurfaced and failed and a total metal on metal replacement that not only failed but the ball came loose and caused a lot of destruction to my pelvis as well as other parts about which I have no actual knowledge. All I knew was that at that point I had spent essentially a couple of years on crutches.....not because of pain as I had no pain, but because I was physically unable to step forward with my right leg. I am a professional singer, and was touring a lot in those years, and managed my onstage movement by spiffy crutches that matched my gowns. When I saw Dr. Della Valle, first he said he could not fix it, but would find SOMEone in the world who could. And then he took new X-rays, and did a few other observations, smiled and said "Miss Fox, I can fix this!" Presently I was admitted to the hospital and he indeed did fix it! I understand that it was extremely complicated, but all I knew is that I was so well cared for, and looked after at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Christmas came and went, and then I was home recuperating. Dr. Della Valle actually called me to see how I was doing, and surprisingly I was in no pain, and if there was a little I took a small dose of Tylenol. I began to walk again, and am still thrilled and extremely appreciative to Dr. Della Valle for taking on such a challenge. Last summer, (almost five years later) my husband and I climbed the middle portion of the Austrian Untersberg and next time will take boots and walking sticks and head for the top! Every step I take, on the level, in the German hills or Austrian mountains, or at home on the big bridge that leads to our New Jersey Island, i am so thankful to Dr. Della Valle and also to that spectacular hospital. I dance, I ride bikes, I climb, I swim, and I actively stage a lot of operas, illustrating movement of every nature. I have no pain, and I am - every day - simply thrilled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Nancy Fox-Hoover Ocean City, New Jersey

Beth Christenson

Excellent service

Jack Van Ooyen

Had 5 surgerys so far and I am 14 and I would not want to have them anywhere else shout out to Dr Green and Dr Onel. Also be don't talk about your struggles at hss because they are like extremely careful and pay extensive amounts of time to detail. They found out I had OCD in both knees and this has been like a hard year and about to have my 4 surgery this year and also have juvenile arthritis in most joints. So please don't complain they you hade to wait 15 minutes to been seen

Lalu Peters

Excellent in every respect, from Doctors ( all geniuses) to parking attendants- no joke! I've accompanied my mother here for two knee replacements(2002 & 2017) both were nothing short of magical experiences. Everyone you encounter is helpful, skilled and genuinely compassionate. I highly recommend!

Karen Wilding

Staff has been very helpful & friendly, love having StarBucks Cafe locations throughout. Appointments were on time, surgery went well.

Felicia Wilson

Amy A

very bad experience with aftercare. They were suppose to put the order in for home care and PT. They discharged my mother a 84 year old who had a total hip replacement after 2 days, they rushed her out. Visiting nurse and PT home care was order after 2 days and I had to make multiple calls at the hospital , the PT and nurse came in only one time. Also the staff is rude and as i requested a call back with instructions for post hip replacement they never return my calls. I am very disappointing.

tom derosa

This has nothing to do with the doctors in HSS but the rules that seem to change with the blow of the wind. I had a knee replacement in june 2017 and an ankle replacement oct 2017. I have pictures on my phone of both joints before and after surgery. I went to the hospital (HSS) Tuesday March 20th for a 6 month check up on my ankle and when I went to take a picture of it on the screen, the X-ray girl told me I wasn't allow to take a picture of my ankle. I then showed her many pictures on my phone, that I had from previous x-rays. So I didn't take a picture, but decided to call the hospital to see why I was able to take pictures before but not now! After speaking with a woman there I got a phone call back the fallowing day with a 3 way call talking to a gentleman who heads up that department. He explained why the hospital doesn't allow pictures being taken. Of course its because the hospital must have you sign a hipa form. Which you have to do after taking the x-ray and then they send you a copy of your x-rays on a disk. This all takes days if not weeks and a simple snap of my new joint would take a second. Thank you HSS for being so easy for us people to deal with(NOT). If I didn't love my doctor I would have gone somewhere else, like DUKE in NC.

Jackie Morgia

Bad experience at this hospital. Hadback fusion surgery. Was is very bad pain upon waking from anaesthesia-unaddressed for hours. Asked for something to drink over the next 10 hours-never given-had to wait for scheduled breakfast time. When tech removed the port for blood, she did incorrectly, hurting me badly and leaving my arm in pain and deep bruises. Had a change in med, left me in severe pain again for hours-unaddressed for hours as before. This hospital was unprofessional and uncaring-I would never have surgery here again.

Paul Weiss

I've received 4 surgeries at this hospital , the staff are attentive to your every need and the doctors are excellent, highly recommended

Cookie Gonzalez

My experience have been the worst I can imagine. I totally would not recommend this hospital to any one. I went for evaluation of one knee I express the concern for the other knee but at the time they thought of it being of no concern. Days later my leg (knee) was so swollen unable to walk or even think the terrible the pain had taken control of my left leg and body I can't even explain my situation I was inform I had to wait till July this is the end of March how was I going to deal with this. In a week to Lenox Hill Hospital had an MRI in which reveal much more damage than the right side and that was why the injection that was given did not work within one week had surgery. Hospital for special surgery has no concern to patients needs you are treated unfairly unless you have a private insurance or pay out of pocket. I really don't think is fair I work but have to pay for my own insurance. Put your hands into caring physicians not HOSPITAL OF SPECIAL SURGERY!!!

JenJen I

This place is wonderful! The doctors to the nurses, the patient care assistants were so nice and caring. All the clerks are very nice and helpful. They took real good care of my husband. I would recommend this hospital for anyone who has any back, neck or joint problems.

Francisco Rivera

I have . surgery.

Gloriann Iervolino

This is the best hospital. Dr. Marx is excellent with my knee replacement surgery. Dr. Marx listens to his patients and explains everything in detail in ways I would understand. Dr. Elliott is excellent. I had an ankle fusion to correct a nerve impingement and flat foot. Dr. Elliott explained the procedure and made it easy for I had to be non weight bearing for six weeks. The hospital for special surgery is the place to be.

Shaunda Gilliam

Outstanding customer service, very clean, always professional. Nurses are phenomenal! Actually all the staff here is phenomenal! Job well done. You get royal treatment as a patient.

Zaim Halili

A OK Hospital, but overrated Two years ago I met with Dr. Nestor to discus hip surgery, decided to replace both of them. Dr Nestor explained in detail the procedure the risks associated with surgery and what to expect afterwords. I had the surgery on August 2015 and everything went very well, was home after three days and started the recovery. 6 months after the surgery as I started getting more active I developed some pain on my right thigh, Dr Nestor immediately asked me to come in for a check up and based on the symptoms knew right away the problem. Dr Nestor is a true professional and HSS has lost a great doctor as I learned that he no longer practices at HSS. A year and half past by and I was doing really well, but in February this year the thigh pain came back, I called HSS and because my surgeon no longer works there they seemed quite hesitant to even see me, not sure why. First they sent me to see a nurse practitioner, I requested to see a specialist, after several phone calls and complaints I finally received a call from them to schedule an appointment with another specialist and they gave me a June appointment in March. HSS lost a great surgeon and they should bring Dr Nestor back.

Rachel P

I pretty much lived at HSS for a few years and couldn't have asked for better. The care the staff provided me from walking up to the building to assisting me in whatever I needed is a rare find. I will travel back for any future surgeries without hesitation.

Michael Cotton

This is one of the best Institutions in the world. I honestly can not say enough good things about this Hospital. The professionalism of its staff is like no other, from the moment you walk, or get pushed into the hospital

Eddie Chaves Sr

Best hospital around NYC Great Drs Great Nurses!

Sajairy Matias

I love coming here the people are so nice and make sure they take care of you well! Shout out to my athletic trainer in school Joel basically my 2nd home down here and he knows it

sis Virtryece Michel

Who is the new hospital president....did he square away the fa problems....of the president...

Richard Metzler

Staff here are amazing! Facility is world class.

NY Consumer

This review is for their Rehabilitation Department. This is one of the best facilities and staff that I have ever encountered. In my experience, I am treated exceptionally well from the moment I enter the building, to the moment that I leave. The PT staff are always cheerful, happy, positive, and knowledgeable. It is also beneficial to have PT staff that communicates with your surgeon at HSS. The Gym and Environment are state of the art. The best thing I can say is that I always feel better when I get my physical therapy at HSS Rehabilitation.

Peter Citrolo

I am a 73 yr old retiree .I have been in pain for 2 yrs with my knees. My family suggested I try one of the specialists at HSS. Dr Jordan Metzl diagnosed my problem and after a series of non-surgical treatments I am pain free. Everybody associated with my treatment from the cafeteria to office staff and all the other people I dealt with were professional,competent and helpful ,yet cheerful I would recommend this Hospital to anybody.

Irina Barton-Maycock

The staff is absolutely incompetent. What should take 2 minutes takes 3 weeks.

Marilena Pieleanu

Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle is an exceptional surgeon . My mom's total knee replacement gave her the mobility she dreamed about. Recovery was quicker then she was told. Stuff were very kind and helpful . Thank you to you all for making it easy on both mom and I.

Heidi Stack

2 Knee replacements and tomorrow a hip replacement, very caring attention Drs and nursing staff


Like any place, it's a mixed bag. I've been treated by a couple of great surgeons, but have also seen a couple of MDs who I was less than impressed with and did not receive an accurate diagnosis from. I also wonder how well their stats are maintained given that I suffered life-threatening complications after an out-patient surgery and I was never contacted by the hospital afterwards and nor was it recorded in my medical history at HSS. I do not know whether the surgeon reported my complications to the hospital or whether he was obliged to, which concerns me. For the hospital experience itself, I've stayed there once and it was a horrible experience. Staff were unresponsive to calls, the food was absolutely disgusting, the PT wasn't able to answer any of my questions, as it wasn't her area of expertise, and I had medication taken from me, which left me in a lot of pain. I get nauseous from meds, so was spacing out what I was given. When one of the nurses saw this, she just took the meds away. So I started to use the pump more and then what happened, I started throwing up, so I was both nauseous and in pain. Not a great combination. And finally, why do you charge $50 just so I can receive a copy of the images, that I've already paid for, on a CD? Most offices offer the first copy for free or provide online access to images.

Deborah Figluizzi


I was considering a research fellowship at HSS. I was impressed by the faculty and surgeons here who were able to manage both great patient care and cutting edge research. The location on the upper east side of Manhattan was also great for accessibility and some distance from the most crazy parts of the city. Although I ultimately decided to pursue my fellowship elsewhere, I would love to train here at some point in my career.

Latoya Hankins

Best hands down


I would give them a zero but one is the lowest. I have had 12 surgeries at HSS - doctors are excellent - social services horrible. When I had money they kissed my rear end and licked the bottoms of my shoes. No money lousy treatment.

Maria Lena

One of the best hospital. The patient care is so nice here.. Highly recommended

Chuckie A

Best Hospital In New York City. I been going there since i was a baby til i was about 18. Iuse to go there to wait for the Hampton Jitney to go to camp.

Jared Smith

Fantastic, great care, professional and efficient. I had both hips replaced simultaneously and was walking within days, xc skiing at 4 weeks, tennis at 12 weeks. For joint replacement and orthopedic issues, I would go nowhere else. Great Docs, nurses and support staff.

Stephanie A

My son has had multiple surgeries here and the care has always been outstanding. I do wish HSS did not deal with Bio Dynamics for DME. They are as fraudulent as they come! They bill you and the insurance company! Had this happen twice! Totally recommend HSS wound never recommend Bio Dynamic Technologies!

Janet Henry

My husband had hip replacement and then last year surgery for broken femur by dr. Sculco. Both surgeries went great. Dr. Sculco is an outstanding Doctor.

Mary stuart

I found that when I requested to see an orthopedic surgeon, I was sent to a Physiatrist who only put me through the same scenario (an epidural and PT) as I had done before earlier before within the time span of 6 months. Then, when I filled out all the papers and sent them to the office of the orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Frederico Gerardi), I was told I was not a candidate for surgery. I wrote to Dr. Gerardi and he never responded, I e mailed the office - no response, I called up and was told “they did not know”. Now, I at least could have had the courtesy of a response. Why don’t you put out a survey and ask your patients how they feel about how they are treated? This would be an excellent idea. Courtesy to the prospective patient is very important and no one likes to be ignored. A sample of what you could send out would be: INSTRUCTIONS: Please rate the services you received from our practice. Select the response that best describes your experience. If a question does not apply to you, please skip to the next question. Space is provided for you to comment on good or bad things that may have happened to you. If you can’t complete the entire survey at once, you may come back to it later. Your previous responses will be saved automatically and you will be able to continue where you left off. At any point during the survey, you can clear the entire survey and start over by clicking the “Clear Survey” button. When you have finished, please click the “Submit” button. Note: You are known world wide for your surgery and expertise in treating patients - why don’t you show the patients some courtesy???

steve saxony

Radiologists and quality of the MRI are world's best. I would never go anywhere else to get an MRI of my brain, spine or joint.

Moshe Klein


-not informed until 6 hours AFTER a simple pedical screw removal of a dural tear- a critical time for healing/complained the whole time of awful headache -while the nurse followed protocol for spinal headache, she did not disclose why she chose this course of action -while dural tear was in surgical notes, each doctor denied the issue the next day, and dismissed the nursing plan -placed next to a mental patient who screamed for 12 hours before her removal, after as many complaints -food is awful -never once saw staff dr. I would not choose this hospital again if the need should arise


It's the best hospital in the world

Rohan Sura

Ivette Saylor

I have been going to hospital for special surgery for several months for one pain swelling really bad pain i've only had X-rays..Injections that haven't worked I was prescribed a medication for PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS which I haven't been diagnosed for. Dr schowalter hasn't offered another course of treatment besides meds. And injections. She referredme to CAP . Which didn't offer me any help but therapy. A return date of 2 months mind you I am not able to ambulate correctly I am in constant pain they also didn't do any X-rays or MRI or laparoscopy. According to another hospital which had more sense and did a MRI. HHS reviewed theirs.. Which said torn miniscus. Fluid and inflammation. I have not gotten any resolve.

Patricia Yuan

This review is for the nursing staff on the 8th floor Recovery Area. After my total hip surgery at HSS on August 19 I was sent to the area for post-operative care. Members of the nursing staff there, especially Jae Choi, Rosanna Perez and Jocelyn Santos, not only were attentive to my needs but also traveled extra miles to make my otherwise difficult and stress-filled post-operation transition as easy and pleasant as possible. Their dedication to their duties, compassion and warmth to their patients merit a 5-star rating. They have my highest regards and gratitude. They are the Florence Nightingales of the modern day and deserve to be recognized.

Terry Bearce

Bibi R

I really got the feeling they were only interested in $$$, not in my condition

Adrienne Turner

My son receives excellent care for his spastic cerebral palsy. His orthopedic surgeon is awesome

Leidi Velasquez

Best hospital

Benny Ashurov

Every one comes here from the city

Emelda Kinyuy

Best in everything.Thanks for the care.I really appreciate.Keep Up.!


It is no wonder HSS is ranked #1 in Orthopedics in the COUNTRY! I felt like a VIP from the moment I entered the hospital doors. HSS sets the bar high for Professionalism and COMPLETE patient care. I had total bilateral knee replacements on October 12th 2016. It was the best decision I could have made. Dr. McLawhorn helped change the quality of my life! I’m BACK IN THE GAME! Thank you HSS from the bottom of my heart! Isabel Bardina

Joann Nisco

My daughter Christiana Nisco had leg lengthening at Hospital for Special Surgery with Dr. Fragomen. Thank God for Dr. Fragomen and Hospital for Special Surgery. My daughter was well taken care of and all needs were met. Her leg length has been corrected and is walking correctly with out a limp.

Elma Peters

Best hospital for scheduled surgeries

Bruce Bennett

I have seen Dr Howard Rose for my knee injury. His office responce to my questions, sending reports, contacting my physical therapist , and answering my questions has been exceptional. His support team is excellent!! THANK YOU!

shiva bhagirathee

Best Doctors! Best place to go!

Yvonne Spraggins

HSS truly earns its place as the #1 hospital for orthopedics in the U.S. but as far as my husband & I are concerned, it is also #1 in patient care. The doctors are excellent and the nursing staff are second to none. My husband had back surgery (laminotomy w/partial fusion of the lumbar) on August 22, 2017 and now 2 months later he is doing so well that he can believe it. Thanks HSS.

Mr.Mappy The Mapper

Terrible coverage for my Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion (Teeth randomly Liquidize.) They claimed that there was no remedy for such disease, and I was crazy for even asking for treatment for such an ailment. Will never return. Boo, my teeth are liquid now. Thanks a lot.

Paul A.

Had back surgery I walked out the next morning and been great ever since. Going on 3 years now I can walk free again..thank you HSS

Lisa Coleman

HORRIBLE!!!! Dr. Andrew Weiland is a monster.. Deemed my son disabled with out examining him. He suffered for 3 years with right hand pain, stood accross the room and barely glanced at his X Rays... Nasty office staff. DO NOT GO TO HHS.. They are money hungry an do not give a rat's ass about their patients.. Hospital for Special Surgeries is a joke. The doctors their are a joke.. All they care about are dollar signs... Find a real doctor who cares. Time to retire Dr. Weiland!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anuradha Dookeeram

Hss is the best place in the world for surgery and impatient care but for the employees they treat the worst I got hurt while assisting a 2 to assist patient by myself because most of the time we work short staff and by the time I waited to get workers comp approval on my surgery which was a year they took and I needed six month extention on my medical leave they basically did not approve me and now I am home recovering and out of a job with them in pain and depress my manager never even call me once to see how I am doing basically I am a nobody after slaving for number one hospital in the world

Jacqui Moreau Kemp

Went to the HSS by plane multiple times after my local top 10 hospital failed me. Had both hips operated on and was back to running within months. Wait times are long, which is fine as long as outcomes are good (and they were) - the wait is long because they are thorough. Dr. Coleman was very available and caring.

Kathy Sylvester

Katie Quinn

Have been here for two separate surgeries on my elbow and physical therapy. Great experience all around. Very accommodating, from check in to contacting your family for pick up.

Cody Alexander

Astronomical charges for a regular doctor's appointment. They characterized it as out-patient services rather than an in-network appointment so I am being billed more than $500 out of pocket for a 20 minute doctor's appointment. The hospital did not tell me what the charges would be upfront and is now refusing to give a reasonable discount.

Suzanne C Kida

I love HSS and all the doctors and nurses that have taken care of me are the best. Especially Dr. Yee in Rheumatology who has been taking care of me and my Lupus for the past 15 years. Because of him I found all my other doctors who have fixed me. Dr. Waldman who took care of me 12 years managing my back pain and got together with Dr. Yee to find a spinal surgeon. Dr. Sama who did my spinal fusion and then some and took away the pain. Last but not least, Dr. Rozbruch who is fixing my drop foot and ankle deformation which was a result of my initial spinal problem long before I ever found the HSS. THANK YOU ALL.

Stella Shin

Dean Zahradka

Fantastic Doctors and Staff! The Only Orthopedic facility that I will ever go to for my orthopedic care. There's a reason why they are #1 in the World. Unmatched excellence.

Lena Wu

Passes cost of expensive recovery equipment to patient without fully explaining cost. My partner had his own boot that fit and was appropriate for his recovering ankle but they upsold their boot without informing patient of the cost. By the time we realize that they charged a $300 copay for a boot two months later, there’s nothing left to be done. Service for surgery was good, but the rating is for visibility on lack of transparency on health care provider’s part.

Beth Moras

Adoration. Kathy Leventhal is fabulous ! Ambassaor Services for the Office of the President, I assisted her at a specialty retail shoe store in Paramus, NJ. As I assisted another person in need of good shoes for exercise, she engaged conversation and informed them of the incredible services and personnel within HSS. I was INCREDIBLY impressed with her need to embrace others and guide them to HSS. There is no other hospital that can offer the level of services it provides. Her desire to educate people for the best healthcare was more important than her own immediate needs. Due to her incredible persona, I will always recommend HSS to my customers. Fan for life for HSS and Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julian Aenlle

very selective on who they take,I guess you have to be celebrity or have a family member work there or be very wealthy to be accepted by this place,my insurance is welcomed with open arms everywhere except this place,all you get is good luck with your injury,I called twice because I couldn't believe they didn't accept the Empire Plan ,they didn't even want to talk to me so not impressed at all,and after reading some of these reviews ,I think I'll stick with my local Doctor,he got better reviews than this place,I was just going for second opinion and I guess I got it,"Stick with my First choice!!!"


Great professional care. Highly recommend it if you need knee surgery.

Jim Ryan

Azimullah Rehman

The care that I received from this hospital was amazing. Our family is most grateful to be at this hospital. The whole medical staff has been most accommodating and attentive.

Ali raza gujjar

I'm working surgical all sizes items


Dr. Salvati and the professional staff were fine but the support staff in the back office need training. After my appointment I stopped into the office and explained that I was relocating out of state and needed this report sent to my neurosurgeon as soon as possible. I was met with an attitude from the two women in the office telling me that they had to have someone type up the report. One week later--and 5 calls from myself and 2 from my neurosurgeon's office--and still NO report! My immediate impression of this staff was more "CAN'T than CAN do" and I hope that someone in management will spend some time with these women to explain to them how to treat patients. Thanks, JB

Natasha Emery

Been going to HSS for almost 20 years. I've had no problems with my past surgeries here


I want to come there to do surgery

Wyatt Frame

Very nice hospital with good doctors and nice, new machinery

Please Delete

From not being able to get in touch with my doctors, trying to switch my pain medications but forgetting to add the new medication into the computer system and not being able to fix it for 12 hours, forgetting to plug in IVs, forgetting physical therapy treatments, mocking people in the hallway who were crying for god to help them - my experience with surgery at HSS was abysmal. It’s a factory for joint replacements, and if your surgery differs slightly from the norm, they just don’t seem to know what to do. I did have some very kind nurses, but the most they can do is generally try to hold your hand while you shake and cry. I wouldn’t return here for all the money in the world.

Alex Sobol

(Translated by Google) Well, (Original) Е

Joe Quinn

The doctors there are good at what they do, provided what they do doesn't include listening to the patients. If you think you have some important or useful information for them, don't bother, they aren't people who like to stoop to the possibility that someone without an MD may be able to inform them. I had some symptoms that seemed important for them to know but instead they would cut me off and jump to conclusions. I ended up having to go in for a second surgery to repair my nerve. On the way in to the second surgery, I finally got one of them to listen and he said "It sounds like your nerve is damaged." If they had known that, there would have been only one surgery. The icing on the cake is when they sent my balance to a debt collecting agency before my arm was even healed enough for me to go back to work. But I guess it's better than most hospitals, and I expect most experiences are better than mine. Another plus is that Dr. Weiland looks exactly like Larry David.

Pradeep Wagh

Very Good patient management as also friendly handling of family members in attendance.

Giles Hendrix

Each drs office separate entity... drs excellent but some of the rudest staff ever encountered Especially in Stamford

Yosef Shmuel Gestetner

Incredible boutique hospital!

4 S

I have received a very attentive are here


(Translated by Google) not good (Original) 不好

Melissa Jones

Amazing experience from the second we stepped out of the car! Every person I encountered was friendly, professional and understanding. Very comforting! Will never go anywhere else!

Sally Hodgson

Pride of staff, care of team, excellence of Hospital and surgeon. Doesn't get any better anywhere.

Brian B

I tried to schedule an appointment due possible nerve issues in my neck through their referral service. The referral service provided me 2 doctor names at a time to reach out and schedule directly so I would call and leave a messgae, So far, I have left messages for 6 different doctors attempting to set up an appointment and I have received no phone calls back. I called referral services back several times and they connected me directly to Dr Shetty line twice. Dr Shetty's office offered me an appointment an hour later both times the day I called but I live over an hour away so I couldnt make it even if I left from immediately from South Jersey. Both times, they said they would check the schedule and call me back. Still no calls and I left additional voicemails since then. Nada

Carlos P. Robalino

Had reconstructive ACL surgery & staff was great & I've been recovering better then other people who have had the same surgery as I. Definitely have a great surgeon!!

Yakov Fasten

Very good & sensitive staff. Out to help patients & family with comfort.

Richard & Paulette Godfrey

Terrific experience! Recently had total knee replacement with Dr. Michael Ast, the whole process flowed smoothly. Flawless transitions. Staff were empathic and helpful. If you must get a joint replaced I recommend HSS.

Anne Griffin

The worst hospital in the country.My husband, after a total knee replacement and dumped on the sidewalk, placed in a van with a driver who said, "jump in" while he was in a wheel-chair. He is a physician.He wrote a letter describing the lack of an orderly, the poor discharge (with blood in his arm from a poor phlebotomy. The director of the hospital did not have the courtesy of replying to another physician. Go to a hospital that cares for the patient.

jamie brown

I had an absolutely horrible experience today with HSS. First off i explained to the admin. exactly my symptoms and how long i was experiencing them. Told her what i was diagnosed as having and also told her i was looking for a surgeon. After arriving for my appointment at 11:15, i was not taken into the observation room until 11:30 where i proceeded sit for another 30 minutes before Dr. Griffin came in and basically called me a liar by saying that his Admin would never have told me what she did. I continued to be taken aback by Dr. Griffin's arrogance until i just decided to tell him that is enough and left.

Spekis Noutsos

(Translated by Google) God kept it unnecessary to be. The ride continues. (Original) Θεός φυλάξει αχρειαστο να 'ναι. Η βόλτα συνεχίζεται.

Ashley Dudek

Lorraine Biondo

I had both knees replaced at the Hospital for Special Surgery in 2006 by Dr. Howard Rose. I can't say enough about him. It was a wonderful experience and had no problems until this year with pain in and around my left knee going down to my foot. I was told the pain in my foot came from nerves in my spine. From that point on I was treated for Sciatica from Doctors in my area of PA. My whole left side became more and more painful. I had both knees replaced at the Hospital for Special surgery in 2006 by Dr. Howard Rose. I can't say enough about him. It was a wonderful experience and had no problems until this year with pain in my left knee radiating down to my leg and foot, and was told that it was coming from nerves in my spine. From that point on I was treated for Sciatica and my left side became more and more painful and turned inward touching my right leg. I went to a spinal surgeon in Brooklyn that operated and performed a spinal fusion on L4-5. I had the same pain after the surgery. Nothing changed and I continued with excruciating pain for three years. I was preparing for another spinal surgery on L5-S1 when I decided to go back to the Hospital for Special Surgery instead and see Dr. Rose who did my original knee replacements. He did an MRI and discovered that my knee had become detached and immediately referred to Dr. Michael B Cross for a knee revision. On 8/12/15 Dr. Cross operated, and gave me back my life after three years of a living hell. I have absolutely no pain in my knee. Dr. Cross and Dr. Rose perform miracles every day at this hospital with their expertise. They have been blessed with extraordinary ability and change peoples lives every day. They are truly a credit to the Hospital for Special Surgery and the hospital is very lucky to have them. I recommend them to every one.

Jose Ramos

H.P.W. K

I had scoliosis surgery for a 77 degree curve at the HSS in 1977. I was in the hospital for over 3 weeks. I wore a body cast for 4 months. My curve was reduced to 13 degrees. I am now 50 years old, married with 4 kids. I still remember the doctors and nurses and the techs and the friends I made there. Thank you all very much. You probably changed/prolonged my life. As for the people who complain about this hospital, if they complain about the best orthopedic hospital in the nation (and maybe the world) then nothing will satisfy them.

Amanda Emerson

Not happy to go to the hospital but here I had a pleasant experience.

Colleen Iodice

Judy Karrberg

I had an early morning appointment with Dr. Serota on Friday, 3/15/18. It was my first time at the new facility and was completely impressed. As always, Dr. Serota was professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, and personable. I met the security gentlemen at the front desk and operating the elevator and couldn't ask for a warmer welcome and kindness. What a refreshing change to be treated so well by the hospital staff! The staff at these new offices should be highly commended. My husband and I appreciate the treatment we received.

mischa marchenko


Carrie Sealy

I had right total knee replacement on 8/12/19. The staff was awesome. From the front desk to the admissions office, they were very friendly. Dr. Haas and his surgical team were very comforting and explained everything. I thank the anesthesiologist who checked in with me before and after the procedure. I wanted to give a special shoutout to Gladys (pre-op nurse) and Vanessa (recovery nurse). They made me feel very comfortable and special. Gladys made me feel very at ease before my surgery and Vanessa (as well as Deidre and the rest of the recovery team) made sure I was comfortable after the surgery. Amanda (the physical therapist) worked well with me and helped me to understand the rough road to recovery. My mother (who waited in the family atrium) was very impressed with the technology and friendliness of the staff as well. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone considering surgery.

Anna Frank

I have to say I have never experienced this much concern and care from a medical facility. I came in to radiology for an ultrasound but they made a mistake and did a CT scan. The doctor from radiology called me personally to apologize and rescheduled me to come back promptly for the correct procedure. The office even paid for my parking! I came in and the office manager greeted me and profusely apologized for the error. She stayed with me the entire time to make sure I get taken care of well and promptly. I had my surgery a few days later and the entire nursing staff was sweet and attentive. Great facility!!!

Varun Sharma

Best for Orthopedic surgery

Lar S

I am a Financial professional and a recreational triathlete. For years while training I suffered countless injuries ranging from stress fractures, to muscular injuries. Every other doctor outside of HSS attributed my injuries to over training and diet. I went to HSS in 2012 because something had happened and I could hardly walk, in a regular team training session. I had a marathon schedule overseas in 8 weeks from the injury and an IRONMAN scheduled several months later. HSS did not just treat the symptoms, they identified and treated the root of the injuries.My issue could have been fixed YEARS before if another doctor just drilled down as to WHY I was getting injured. I completed both events that year in the pace times I expected and surprised my coaches. I maintain an injury free lifestyle and I incorporate the physio techniques I used as part of my rehabilitation. Best hospital in my opinion. Marci A. Goolsby, MD was the first doctor who helped me with one issue and was able to identify another root cause of the symptoms and referred me to Harvey Strauss, DPM, FACFAS who was the other doctor who made my life pain free and injury free going forward. Thank you both!

Edward Prus, DDS

Actually stars are given according to the doctor I see. I practically have paid for a wing in the hospital as I and my family have been there so many times. I choose my surgeons through investigation. In all but one surgical case they were five star. One made a technique mistake (determined years later), but with my approval, so who's to blame? Another blew off my wife before any work was done just after getting her shoulder MRI. He admitted, prior to the MRI he had never encountered her combination of problems (which are very difficult, surgically speaking). He handled it by not calling us back. Label him Dr. House. She is going to Mt. Sinai. Other than that, HSS is superb. Drs. know their stuff and I know many of them. I have minimal problems contacting them and the work has been thorough, even if not without some post op issues. I am living a much better life now after 4 joint replacements. HSS is spotless and that is VIP for me. I could easily choose Mt. Sinai but I come here. I like how I feel here and I trust them. PS I am a doctor too.

Geway Bajuta

Does any one know how much does Scoliosis Surgery cost. Thank in advance

Reece Mazade

Bea Velez

Dr. Rose is amazing and has such great knowledge with hips and a great personality.

Michelle Manning

So far I've just had to go here for imaging, an MRI and CT scan, but everything moved so smoothly, on time, and very professionally. I was so impressed. I work in the medical field and I understand what can happen to clog up movement of patients, but based on what I saw with the employees - I believe they have it down to a science. I'll be heading back a few more times and will review each of those as the saga continues. **update - I had my surgery 4 weeks ago today and am very pleased with the results. And with the hospital and all of the RN's, care givers, physical therapy personnel and the doctors and PA's. I was under for about 6-7 hours, had 2 cages, 2 rods, & six screws put in my lumbar region. I was in the hospital for four days and treated very well. I'm very thankful to all at HSS.

ermin cekic

Z f's h

Christine Keaton

Very nice hospital with good doctors and nice, new machinery.

صهيب العراقي

(Translated by Google) Public Health (Original) الصحة العامة


Had a very complicated hip replacement there almost 3 years ago. My life couldn’t be better. The best hospital, and the best doctors in the world. Thank you Dr. Della Valle.

Elizabeth Gramer

Only the best here! I have had multiple orthopedic issues requiring over 20 joint revisions and replacements over the years. After getting messed up by surgeons in smaller N.J. hospitals, I was directed to HSS where I received the most professional, amazing care I could hope for. They replaced my knee and both shoulders and my issues were complex, believe me. I will not let ANYBODY but an HSS doctor near my joints!

bigman deez

Surgeons are good they understand your situation thats it.

Shelley Rochambeau

Dr. Windsor re diagnosed my knee problems from needing an life altering total knee replacement (recommended by my orthopedic surgeon back home) to a meniscus tear requiring no surgery at all, and I am forever grateful.

Kevin Washington

Leslie J Torres de Sánchez

Bill De Cicco

Simply outstanding

Olive Rodriguez

This is the Four Seasons of Hospitals. I took my son there 10 years ago and most recently in February and the service has not wavered one bit. Starting from the Doorman (the Indian gentleman) who always greets everyone with a smile and a helpful hand to the checkin staff, nurses, Doctors, technicians, the cleaning staff...everyone seems to enjoy what they do! I have never met an unprofessional person in my many visits there and for someone like myself who has spent my life in the luxury hospitality industry this is quite IMPRESSIVE!! I could not get over my interaction with the cleaning staff and nursing assistants..all so thorough and kind. Whatever they are doing there is definitely working because the entire team at HSS rocks!!!


Very professional, advanced, clean, friendly, and caring hospital! Top notch world class medical center! I'm very impressed with this hospital! :)

Jesse Brown

Leg surgery

Ann Tyson

I would give more stars if I could. Dr Demetracopoulos and Dr Peter Sculco are miracle workers. A little over a year ago, after a botched ankle fusion at a different hospital, I could barely walk and was in 24/7 pain. Now, with an ankle replacement, a hip replacement and a lengthening of my right leg, I am a new woman, or rather back to the person I had been. Almost entirely pain free and able to stand up straight and walk without even a cane. All the doctors, the nursing staff, the support staff and everyone I dealt with at HSS treated me with friendly professional courtesy and I cannot say enough good about my experiences there.

Wayne Silverman

If u have normal health insurance then i assume the review would probably be better-whenu have Medicare primary and Medicade secondary or just medicade u r a homework assigment for residents in a clinic-first of all the clinic is understaffed-i blame the HMO's for this-when u call the clinic u never get a live person and for them to return your call is rare-they r nice people and try to do the best they can but in my opinion that is not good enough-i'm thinking about volunteering there but at that specific clinic-i am former medical coder and biller and maybe former isa bad word-i did not forget what i learned

Vladimir David

Before going, make sure you know what you will be charged. I went and got an X-ray and an evaluation. (2 procedures) But got 3 bills. Apparently, during the eval, taking the 20 seconds to look at the X-ray constitutes a separate service, and it allows them to double the fee they charge you. If I would have know, I never would have showed up.

Diane Harris

Amazing professionalism and respect. All the employees from the check in to the surgery unit were wonderful. No complaints!

Brian Davis

Kris Hogan

I have been to a bunch of hospitals as support for childbirth, surgery, etc. This is the best hospital I have ever been in, without exception. Doctors, nurses, PAs, techs - everyone double and triple checked everything. Everyone answered any and all questions. The level of communication with the patient and the patient’s family was outstanding. In short, if I ever need to have surgery I’m coming here. So impressed.

Susan Gregg

This hospital was once the best... Its come a long long way down.. The nursing staff is third world at best.. If this is the future of care in the US ... We are doomed The billing and customer service are a mess too..


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