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REVIEWS OF Gracie Square Hospital IN New York

Magda Silva

THIS IS THE WORST HOSPITAL MY SON HAS BEEN IN. THE STAFF SEEM AS IF THEY NEED TO BE THE ONES ADMITTED. IT TOOK A WEEK TO SPEAK WITH MY SON'S DOCTOR. THE STAFF NEVER DELIVERED MY MESSAGES, AND I HAVE SEEN A STAFF MEMBER MAKING FUN AND LAUGHING AT A LADY PATIENT. HEART BREAKING. PEOPLE GO THERE TO BE TREATED AND ARE MOCKED FOR THE MISFORTUNE OF HAVING MENTAL ILLNESS. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS PLACE. MAYBE TAKING IT TO THE MEDIA IS THE BEST STEP. Joyce Martines, the supervisor of Grace, psych, never came to speak to me . I waited 20 minutes. Ashley, one of the staff, refused to deliver a message to my son's doctor when I had already been told to call in 30 minutes prior to speaking to her. Debora, one of the staff, has a terrible unprofessional attitude towards patients and the parents. She acts really low. Officer Macdonald, made fun in front of me of a lady patient. This hospital is a ZOO. Yesterday my son saw one of the patients dead, bleeding from every cavity when applied CPR. No therapy has been offer to him . He is traumatized. I want my son out of this hospital and they won't allow him out. I want him in a better hospital. This is a Zoo and the staff act like loose animals. Ivone Williams, told me she can not check on my son for me as if I am a stranger. I have been going to this hospital every day. I am very in olved in his life. My son lives with me and I want him back home safe. These people in this hospital are horrible. This hospital should not be open if they cannot be professional enough to take good care of their patients. Today August 1st, I found out through the Act team that Dr. Geller and the staff don't want to talk to me because of my reviews. Is that legal? I thought the reviews were meant to improve the quality of the hospital and staff in favor of the patient. This place breaks as many rules as they wish.

Jose Mercado

Vincenzo Frosolone


Isabella Martin

When my son got admitted to Gracie Square hospital I read every review I could find. He's discharged for some time now so I'm writing a review to let others like me know about OUR experience. My son was admitted to the 2nd floor. THE GOOD: A lot of the staff were actually not as bad as I expected. Some people stood out like Scott in the medication booth was hilarious. So is bigJohn. They lightened the mood on the unit. Carol, another medication nurse took time to talk to my son about his medication, if you knew my son you would know the amount of patience that requires. Aaron's calm is contagious. Vivian and Meagan are angels. Deborah is... I went to her in tears once and somehow ended up laughing and feeling much better. Theres something about how she looks at you and talks to you- some kind of sorcery. Christine music therapist is sweet and talented, a favorite of a lot of patients. Dr. Spencer is kind and knowledgeable. Social workers actually do their jobs. The food was served hot and tasted better than at other hospitals. Visiting hours are 11:30am- 8pm every day! THE BAD: PHONES!!! Patients answer the phones in the dining room. Sometimes the staff answer the phones rudely. The patients are extremely BORED. The day time is packed but everyone just stares at the walls for most of the evenings. These adults need more than coloring and music. No one should need an order for ginger ale. I mean, come on! My son says he felt shut in at times like the place itself was driving him crazy- defeating the purpose. Doctors should see patients more often. I heard a lot of complaints about patients not being seen for days. I'm not sure how accurate that is but it should be looked into. More food choices, especially for those on special diets. Some privacy during visits would be nice. Some of the patients are very intrusive and it can be uncomfortable. WHAT TO KNOW: Find out what you can bring before bringing anything. No clothing with strings, not too much food because they don't store food, only 2 visitors at a time and all visitors have to be 18 and older. Oh and they check everything you bring up there TWICE. Also, unless you want a well-worded explanation from Deborah, no sharing of outside food with other patients.

geoff dunn

NYC Transit sends all their cases here. Transit EAP is a bunch of nasty genital sniffers, who would rather fire you then give you treatment.

joan saunders

I have been calling this place for the past 2-wks now and I cannot get to speak to or with anyone besides the staff that is very rude. They all needed to be retrained. I keep getting transferred to voicemail that is already filled and no messages can be recorded. The staff is so rude they cut you off and dont not even listen to what you are saying thus ended up transferred you to wrong phone that is always busy with that annoying beeping sound. Does anyone ever pick up the phone with the knowledge that there is another humanbeing at the other end of it? The director's voicemail box is always full. Does she ever clear her messages? And where the hell is the doctor Melissa Kaye? Why is she always missing? SMH this place is the worst and I am not kidding..


Felt like a prison. Cramped with crackheads stealing. Two years later I was at a psychiatric hospital in Washington State and the difference was staggering. They should close this place down.

Ash Nak

(I'm writing this from the time I entered (05/18/19) to when I left on 06/03/19): It was jarring at first to enter Gracie Square. It was my first time (and I intend the only time) I was hospitalized on the in-patient psychiatric unit. Security at the entrance wasn't the warmest and it was a quick check-in and go process. I was in the waiting room for about two hours before heading to the unit. Once on the unit though, everyone was incredibly nice. While it took some time to adjust, if you give them a chance, the staff can be amazing. The nurses and nurse assistants will look out for you and they do their best to help you recover. I loved my treatment team with Dr. Alan Geller and social worked Rebecca. They were on my side and did their best to make sure I was receiving the best treatment while also respecting my choices. They helped me navigate and overcome challenging conversations with people close to me and were straightforward in the best way. I gave it a 4-star, because you can't go outside. The walls can feel dreary and there is limited space to move/walk/exercise. However, they do have something called the comfort room that I found helpful. I hope you don't end up in any in-patient unit, but if you need to be there then take advantage of the time to heal yourself. Go up from there and good luck! **Please note, though, that Gracie Square is undergoing renovations and improvements, so I think it will continue to improve.**

Ivy Bartholomew

Jeffrey Hernandez

Being admitted was rough but the staff was nice and the people were surprisingly in an okay state of mind I only really felt threatened once

Caitlin Frosolone

I recently left Gracie Square Hospital (yesterday), and let me say it was quite a traumatizing experience. Get ready because this is going to be a long review. I want to start off by saying that the social worker Kate is a wonderful person, and was the only employee there that made me feel like my mental illness was taken seriously; I dedicate one of my stars to her alone because she was amazing. I was voluntarily admitted and when I asked the useless nurses about how to discharge myself, only one or two of them seemed to know anything about it. I'm pretty sure the nurses even know how bad this place was, because as I left a few of them told me they hope I never have to come back to a place like that. Whenever I went to the front desk to ask a question, the nurses often ignored me and it took at least five "excuse me"'s to get their attention. As for groups, all we did was color and listen to music, which is only therapeutic to a certain extent. When groups weren't running, everyone sat around watching the TV which literally had about 5 channels total. Everyone was bored to death. The patients were expected to answer the phones; I witnessed many nurses who heard the phone ringing and would just walk past it. When we did hear the phones ringing, it was sometimes impossible to find the patient who the caller was looking for. One of the last things I witnessed before leaving was a fellow patient sobbing on the floor, so depressed she was unable to move. The nurses at the desk just looked at her or walked by her without saying a word. Finally, a nurse came over and just told her to go cry in her room and not in front of everyone. While being in Gracie Square was the worst experience in my life thus far, it definitely motivated me to get better so I never have to return. Please, if you can help it, do not go to this hospital.

Alexander J Endress

Tiffany Lopez

Don’t submit yourself to this hospital voluntarily unless you want to be imprisoned.

Caren Moor

Please do not send your loved ones to this hospital for any kind of treatment because there is none available.The staff is horrible and rude and make fun of the patients right in front of the patients face.When I say staff I mean all from Directors to Nurses and Aides all participate.This hospital needs to be shutdown and closed and all staff fired.The Nursing Director is the worst she is a Reptilian Witch I seen her degrading Staff and patients.Beware Gracie Square is the New Willowbrook.

Melissa James

Patricia Demery

Patrick Jao

This institution should be renamed to Gracie Square Asylum. It definitely reminded me of Arkham Asylum after I had visited. The incompetence of the medical staff was astonishing to me. It seems like they are just trying to find any reason to keep patients committed there and not really focused on getting people better. For example, if you're reading a book this means you are too isolated, if you socialize and converse with someone else, then that means your too aggressive. Either one is probable cause enough to extend a patient's stay an extra week with no other diagnosis. That is just garbage. Whatever the reasons are behind this poor behavior (gaining more funding for keeping people in, or just loss of motivation and not caring) is no excuse for not providing actual help to the patients who need it.

Michael Mendoza

Hospital for the poor

Anibal Quiles

Andrea C

Debbie Bonneau

This place was a horror beyond horrors for me. They treated me like an animal and degraded me in every way possible. Not one time did anyone ask how I was doing, but they sat with clipboards observing my every move. I wouldn't recommend leaving a dog here.

Monique Rivera

h r

Dr Tony Dedonatos is a master with meds. Finally I got the correct combination. Lucky for me he ended up here. He turned down a major league baseball career to help people. He's a trooper! Thanks Tony! You're the best.



José Damian Jimenez Gómez

Antonio Castro


Abbey Riley

Bubie Lala

Great staff

EJ Maxwell


My sister came out just as sick as she went in. It was so obvious when she came out. Family made several calls to speak to dr and not once did we get a call back. They should be ashamed for realizing an unstable person.


Ynes Mercedes

This place doesn't deserve a star or any positive recognition once so ever. The staff is the main issue in this facility. By far the rudest "professionals" I've ever encountered in the medical field. I've been down this road before because my mother has a mental illness that she's had to deal with for the last 10 years SO I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Out of all the places my mother has had the misfortune of ending up in this dump. They have a rule enforcing guests to leave their phones and belongings in a locker. Which would be fine by me if literally the entire staff wouldn't be on their phones through out the whole time. Why are they the exception here? If that's the case make your emergency call out in the hall or something! Everyone from the doctors down to the assistants that work in the front desk are so desensitized it made me cringe the first time I visited my mother. The phone situation is another deal that has me stumped as to why any of these workers get payed to be honest. EVERY SINGLE time I call to try and get in contact with my mother a different patient picks up the phone and very rarely Am I ever able to speak to her, unless I call the front desk staff who proceeds on answering the phone extremely rude and just connects me with the same number. That policy they have where the patients get to answer the phones when they please should also be considered dangerous or at least be monitored because I've had NUMEROUS amounts of patients ask me to sneak things in for them that not only will probably cause them harm but they're usually items that aren't even allowed in the facility. Who's to say the next caller won't oblige by what the person is asking them to do?! In conclusion I've left several voice mails with the head of department DR. Anthony and have yet to receive a response. These people are being treated like criminals and this place feels like a prison honestly. The bathrooms smell disgusting and the entire floor just feels and looks old and unhygienic. DO BETTER!!!! It's our loved ones lives in your hands people!!!

Brittany Avillan

Deepak Kumar

wayne mike

Washington R Medina

Brian Davitt

Snake pit I'm not even kidding do not go here Guillaume


My friend is in here and they do not know how to treat people with mental illnesses. Period. It is a toxic environment and makes the issue(s) worse for the patient. Also, the five star reviews with no explanation for this place seem like false reviews.

Jennifer Lo

My hospital stay was great except I didn't like the night nurses they don't want to nothing for you so they need new night nurses but other then that it's a good hospital.

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