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Jaileen R

They had my great grandmother sitting in a metal chair for 5 HOURS and now her back hurts THEY ARE TREATING HER LIKE A ANIMAL

yvonne morgan

Sad to see this hospital still open for service...not kind for human services...this hospital is worst than any third world country...the beds full of bugs...and the quiet room for a mental patient is a mattress on the dirty floor..never mopped for years..the AIR CONDITIONING...out of service for well over one week..not one CONGRESS represented the people voted them into one cares for the poor, sick and helpless...this hospital is a DRUG store..over medicated patient..and the STATE OF NEW YORK.. PRETENTED it is ok..WHY?? WHY?? should a human endured such painful services.. Brooklyn Congress representative...we need your help???....immediately...

Loretta Cato

Lost (died) too many family members to mention in this place. I wouldn't send a dying animal to this ZOO (sorry zoos). rooms are dirty (blood on the walls), nurses with too much attitude and not enough people (or patient) skills, doctors don't seem to want to be there either (I swear they're just biding their time until their residency is up then they can move on to a REAL hospital) Trust me your'e better off going to the local vet than this place. Avoid it all costs

Cindy Sanchez

Employees in this hospital are very disrespectful, slow, lazy and give too much attitude to those in need of attention. I don't recommend it. Find another hospital. They should shut this hospital down! Nurses receptionist, security and doctors are rude! Absolutely rude!

rose gregoire

The worst hospital to go to from the security guards Doctors, nurse very unprofessional and rude to patients.

useline sylvester

Had two good experiences there, but the last one was horrible. The nurse before my surgery was excellent, but the nurses in the recovery room. Treated me like I was holding them up from going home. Was terrible nauseated, and they gave me no medication, rather they busy trying to get me to leave, even with me throwing up, the first time they got me to leave. That is not good.

Maria Bowen

Up until last year, I would have said 'if you can take me anywhere other than Brookdale, please do' because let's face it, this place has a TERRIBLE reputation. However, last year, my father suffered what's known as a widow-maker - he should be dead - but he's not and that's due to the care he received at Brookdale. He was brought in by ambulance and in just over an hour had been stabilized and when I got there, they stopped just long enough to let me see him before they wheeled him upstairs for emergency surgery. He is alive because even in one of the most insane and downright scary ERs in this city, they offered life saving treatment to a person who had one foot on the other side already. So yeah it's not the prettiest, but considering the giant population it services, that's to be expected, but at least in our experience, they've gotten the job done.

Abraham Steel

I swear to you, the doctor seeing me in the ER here spit in my antibiotics ... I didn't realize it until much later, but I am certain of it. He brought it in to me in a little cup. It was frothy and tinged purple. He watched me drink it then asked me how it tasted. "Kind of like grape." I told him, and he shrugged and walked off. When I was leaving and signing out, I saw a grape soda on a desk by a computer. Now, I am not 100% sure that the guy spit in the antibiotic, but it was suspiciously frothy, lightly purple in color, and tasted vaguely of grape ... just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Misha Vinogradov

My mom ended up in this hospital due to pulmonary distress - lungs were filling up with liquid for the second time in one month. After the lung liquid dried up the hospital tried to discharge her with the blood sugar of ~ 400. (Steroids have a side effect of elevating blood sugar). On top of everything else, nobody was interested in the cause - why the lungs are filling up. All my inquiries were unanswered. One of the doctors sincerely suggested not to come here again, while the discharging doctor unashamedly mentioned that Medicaid doesn't pay that well for such patients. I felt like we were in a Russian or Cuban hospital ... so sad. If you can persuade your ambulance driver to go elsewhere, you will be better off.

Joanna Olsh

It is a hell not hospital, terrible doctors, no water in bathroom at all ! I was there for 12 days, I couldn’t believe that I am in Hospital in NYC !!!! It should be closed forever!!!!!!

Emily Arocho

The most disgusting hospital i have ever seen. Bloody alchohol pads on registration desk it smelled like a subway completely unsanitary. Staff was completely rude and looked like they were confused on how to do their job...i give this hospital a giant thumbs down.. Wouldn't even go there to die.

Amanda Manning

My family member is there now and wants out!! He stated that the Nurses ignore him and the Doctors don't communicate with him. The service is really poor and needs to get better for our families in need.

sarah Kamar

nice staffs and service.

Yessica Catano

It is very clear that no matter how smart you are or how many degrees you have manners is not something that you can just buy. I dont understand how someone can work with people and still gain NO manners whats so ever. A doctor named james pernesty (I'm not sure if that is how you spell it) was a real jerk to my family and I. So if your looking for a place that the doctors aren't dirt bags then this is not the place for you.

James Rodriguez

All the money that flows thru here with patients and brookdale only has one Cardiac Emergency Room! So if multiple patients comes to brookdale they cant be worked on at the same time! So that means someone will DIE! Also if there is a patient scheduled for a cardiocatherization and a emergency enters the scheduled patient has to stop all procedures for the new patient!!! Neglecting schedule patients who hasn't ate for HOURS which affects there other health conditions!!! As in diabetes, cholesterol, acid build in the stomach, dehydration, etc. Staff shouldn't speak any other language then english or the language of the patient when they are on the clock. To speak other then english amongst co workers should be ruled out on duty. No respect to the patients and PATIENTS RIGHT & CONFIDENTIALITY. If staff speaks other then english how would a patient know they are protecting there RIGHTS!!!!???

Dalton Harris

My name is Dalton Harris! I had a ventral hernia repair schedule at the Brookdale medical center on10/14/19. I had such a pleasant experience with the surgical unit. Therefore I would like to publicly salute them for the professionalism in the manner they presented, conducted and executed their duties ensuring that my visit, procedure and discharge was of the Highest quality Health care Services. Every member of that unit went above and beyond what was required of them. I would like to express my appreciation to management to be mindful of and aware of the staff of your surgical unit (Pre& Post)of their dedication to facilitate, performance and to deliver the highest level Health Care Services. I would like to express a heartfelt thanks for the professional services I received at your facility. 10/14/19. Dalton Harris

Brina Swaby

I have heard a lot of stories about this hospital but I finally got to experience it for myself. Over 24 hours ago they claim my father need surgery and can’t be discharged. He was told to get up and contact his family himself ( a injured man “who needs surgery”) Upon my arrival some was smoking in the ER bathroom and the place smell like urine. The nurses at the front desk didn’t know who my father was. Scary experience by the way. When I found my father they moved him to the hallway due to no available rooms. 29 hours later my father is still in the hallways of the hospital. Service and care here is extremely poor.

Lucia Chew

Sorry but I have to give 1 star instead of o because I have been here from 10:30 am no food no drink and here I'm still waiting for the Dr to come in the room

Farheen K B

My appointment was at 11:30am and I’m writing this at 1:23 pm and still sitting in an empty waiting room. According to reception I’ll be called at my turn. Have to pickup my kids at 2 from school and I don’t think anything more pathetic can be . I don’t think I’ll be visiting this hospital again. Really disappointing and annoying

Lasheena McMillan

I witnessed a nurse push an elderly woman into the bed the lady was sitting up and she ask her to get back in the bed the nurse threw her back on to the bed then flung her legs and pulled the rail up smh I couldn't believe it

tonya covington

My elderly mother had mental medical incident! The staff was very supportive, even though they were understaff and very overworked! That's the only negative thing I have to say-when coming to a hospital you have many patients and people with different issues & I appreciate their efforts !

Anais Marie

they told me i was pregnant & clearly i wasnt !!! They had me sitting in the waiting area for hourssssss . Like imagine if i was a person who couldnt have kids & gave me the news that i was expecting & then have another doctor tell you that your NOT ‘ so unprofessional

spring garden1

My aunt take my grandmother to this something only God knows.

Nathalie Boyce

I am the mother of 8 children. I've given birth at 6 different hospitals in 2 different states and my experience at Brookdale Hospital has been the best that I've ever experienced. The nurses were friendly, kind and pleasant to talk to. They showed their support by making sure I was comfortable, showing concern for my baby and they did it with love. They spoke to me like I was a person that they cared about. They made sure that I had everything that I needed. Of all the hospitals that I did give birth in this was the only one that I've experienced such an overwhelming amount of humanity. The circumcision surgeon and the anesthesiologist took the time to explain to me everything that they were doing for the procedure and they spoke to me like a human being not just an ID number. Even the food delivery staff and the environmental services staff were kind by making sure that I had what I needed by asking me if I needed anything more by showing a smile, and acknowledging that I am a person and not just part of the furniture in the room. I had my own room and it felt great and I was able to comfort my baby walk around hold him sit in a chair to feed him and not be confined to a bed. I could take a shower comfortably without any Interruption from a neighboring guest without any interruption from random visitors. Everything was clean and organized. I had access to TV, phone, my own room, shower, coffee, tea, snacks, juices and great service. It was like a home away from home for these two days. And it felt peaceful. I absolutely loved it! All of this was very important to me because my husband and I have decided that this would be our last baby. I'm so happy that we've decided to come to this hospital. I would do it again. I recommend anyone to give birth there. They made my experience a beautiful one.

Lee Becker

Please don't go here. I went to get medical attention which is covered by my insurance policy. The receptionist recorded my name incorrectly despite me providing my I. D. For correct spelling. My insurance company would not cover the bill, because my name was incorrect in the hospital's records. Even after my name was corrected AND my insurance company paid the medical bill, the hospital took me to collections anyway. Worst record keeping I've ever seen. Save yourself the trouble and stay clear.

Marc Spark

The neurosurgery team saved my life and brought me almost completely back to normal working side by side with my Primary Doctor, my ENT Doctor, my Orthopedic Surgeon, and a multitude of other professionals. The nurses were caring and helpful. I have nothing but good things to say and remember from Brookdale Hospital.

alexandria Soto

If i would be able to put NO STARS I WOULD. Out of all nurse only two are nice. One a million doctors are nice. Very slow service and the ER waiting room smells like urine. How in the world does the ER smells like urine??????? OSHA OSHA OSHA

Pam Cornacchia

The administration at Brookdale just replaced one of the best, most well trained neurosurgeons in the country with a group for less money. They dont t care about patient care only the dollar! And they said it was to better serve the community! I feel so sorry for anyone who is taken to Brookdale to be treated. Pray you survive!

Starlet Joel

if i could give 0 stars i would, absolutely horrible customer service. prolonged waits, just a tiring and horrible experience all around

Louis Cornacchia

Despite good doctors and very good staff, this hospital still earned only a "D" on Leapfrog in 2017 after five years supposed improvements. Maybe less time on aesthetics and PR and more focus on quality of care is in order. Until you get this right, nothing else matters. This community deserves better and its not happening with the current administration. Hopefully the next administration will be more capable.

jalyah williams

Unacceptable patient care .. uncaring staff, horrible after discharge care

Ena Rodney

We ciy bus 200. Kids.

Rubi Rosado

I take my mother to the emergency room at this hospital and it was one of the most bad hospitals I have been able to visit in NYC. I had to call 911 for the nurses to take action with my mother, because I told my mother's nurse that my mother could't breathe apart from the pain that my mother had in that moment witch was very unbearable, .... this woman was y mother nurse and else was the mos irresponsible worker in that hospital...

Nicole Lee

My 74 year old father shared a room with a younger patient who had visitors literally all night (four men at 4am who arrived at midnight) one of whom was smoking in the bathroom. No regulation... Not a place for elderly.

idzay og

Staff are very rude! And a lot of bad reviews! I would not recommend coming here unless you wanna die!!!! This hospital is rude and very dirty and disgusting! I hope this hospital get closed for good!

Charlene Gerena

This place need to be closed down and put new staff especially the nurses. My husband was there for a gun shot wound to the head. The nurses were so rude and have a nasty attitude. It was so bad that I had to stay with him all day and night. They never were clear on what was going on. He had an infection they couldn't even tell me where it was from. They was so dirty. He had fungus while in ICU. They never clean the blood pressure cuff. The fact that he may have to go back to get his flip bone back in his skull scares the hell out of me. They need to close this hospital asap.

Jewels Liz

This hospital is DISGUSTING! By far the worst hospital I ever been to . Unfortunately my brother was admitted here since it was the closest but honestly I would’ve rather Jamaica hospital. The nurses here all have an attitude! The doctors give poor information. I will never comeback here I recommend everyone to stay away from this hospital. They’ll let you die here !

Shahzad Anjum

Still sitting here right now after 5 hours waiting in emergency that doctors could see my son. After long wait he is with doctor and I am reading these texts my son is sending me..he is with doctor right now since last an hour.. Worst hospital on this planet, Waiting for him to give me my medicines They were about to give me a shot but hospital does not have it Before doctor forgot about me and called another patient in the same room and then said ohh sorry i forgot They are talking with each other more than working Well I want to request the management please make a little effort to make things better.I read almost 99% negative reviews about the hospital.

P Sven

This is the worse Hospital in Brooklyn HANDS DOWN, if I could give this Hospital NEGATIVE 10 STARS I would. Everything was horrible about this place, from the Disgusting Emergency Room, to the clueless Doctors, even the idiotic Social Workers had the audacity to chime in. How NYC Health Department allows them to remain open, is beyond belief. I've honestly never seen anything like that in my life and I don't plan on ever seeing it again.

amber kashif

Like all the other reviews this is basically the same gist: the attitude the nurses here have is so unprofessional and rude. I HATE coming here for anything, I rather commute for 2 hours than come here because it is not worth being disrespected when you are sick.

gleymy garcia

Worst Hospital Ever!!! If you need to be treated for anything I would go somewhere else. I was in a car accident and the ambulance took me to this hospital, I could barely walk and there were no wheelchairs so my close friends had to help me even walk into the exam room. In the exam room I was given tylenol and told "I was over reacting, that I was fine and should go home that I was not hurt it was the adrenaline in my system". They did absolutely nothing and therefore I had the great pleasure of having a close friend take me to another hospital where I was treated correctly. I ended up having a concussion and major back injuries resulting in surgery. If I wouldn't have went with my gut to go to another hospital God only knows the damage I would of caused to myself by waiting!! IF THE AMBULANCE ASKS YOU WHAT HOSPITAL YOU WANT TO GO TO SAY ANY HOSPITAL EXCEPT THIS ONE!!!!

Jacqueline A. BROWN

Worst hospital ever. Where do i sign to close it down.?

Loretta Dais

I go here because unfortunately it's the closest hospital to where i live. Also, both my primaray doctor and cardiologist has residency here. They are great doctors, but the emergency room staff have no bedside manners. They are loud, and most times not very courteous to the patients. They also need lessons in cleanliness. How dare you not have toilet paper, hand towels and soap in the public bathrooms?

monique harris

I entered Brookdale hospital as a guest , and I too have noticed the lack of patient care. Appliances are either broken or do not work. You have to request to speak to a doctor/nurse on several different occasions before being seen, there are no straight forward responses!


Please do yourself a favor and avoid the misery of going here. Staff is very rude and do not care for the patients. Uncle had a mild stroke and came out with so many complications. Just horrible! Avoid this place at all cost!

TedKar Gee

They always take care of me!!! For over 30 years!!! That's because I take the lord with me!! He with me everywhere I go!!!.. If he feels that it's my time then it's my time and it doesn't matter what hospital I go to...he's the doctor and the nurses when I go!!! Praise god!!!!

Lori Vassallo

I went there in ambulance...I am new to the area and unfamiliar with the hospitals...they did nothing... my pressure was high...the paramedics took my pressure...and the doctor did legs were badly swollen...and I was filled with left foot was three times the size of the right...the doctor looked...never even touched me..I was clean...I had just taken a hair was still wet...she acted like I had the plague....but proceeded to pronounce me perfectly fine....I couldn't walk...I was in pain...and was having trouble breathing...most likely from a panic attack..I hope...and she said I as fine.. The next day I went to a hospital in Queens...and the took care of me...guess what...I wasn't fine....I will NEVER go there again....I don't even know if the woman I was dealing with was even a doctor...she NEVER said...and no name tag...the WORST hospital ever...

Jorel B. Acosta

Very small no space. Patients all in beds outside rooms. Lots of nurses without experience. Barely did any deep check they send you home quickly because they feel overwhelmed. Also they made so many mistakes on doing a I.V on me had 7 needle holes just because the nurses didn't know how to do a I.V. Nurses seem to not put too much care into patiences. The nurses all looked like they didn't know anything.

Tachoner Fields

They treat you like your stupid .I just got released from here and still feel the same .They sent me home with my chest very congested with my oxygen saturation of 89-90 sitting down . I think that it's time to close down this hospital for good .

Nija White

I was there almost a week ago.( In the ER pediatrics) My son has autism and was having unusual behavior they asked was seizures in my family I said no so they said it don’t look like a seizure we came in with the ambulance they ask me why I called the ambulance I shared the details ( it looked like a seizure)One physician kept saying am I sure it’s not apart of the spectrum. Like that was annoying I know my kid!! 30 minutes after the behavior was showing again. He asked another physician he told me my son was having a partial seizure. He made it seem like since my family had no history it couldn’t be smh . No test was ran they sent us home. Follow up with a neurologist. I can’t !! And y’all shouldn’t be defining ppl behavior by there diagnoses!!!


Worst hospital,worst doctor, worst phone operator. No respect for people. This place need to be CLOSED FOREVER. From the start where I only had to give my name the staff was already rude like they were doing me charity. The nasty doctor was also very very rude. He told a old woman to stop crying!!! I was just there listening to him being rude to this old lady ( his next patient I think) and was speechless. Then of course he was rude to me when I asked a simple and respectful question about MY HEALTH. It's been 3 months since my visit and I'm still have issues with the staff. I've been calling to have my medical records sent and it's been a nightmare! The phone operator are probably the worst phone operator I ever talked to. These people are NOT here to help you. They will treat you like a homeless person with no value even if you have insurance. PLEASE DO NOT AND A REPEAT DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. This is like my first review ever I never do review but people need to know how bad this whole place is. I can believe this place have a fews 5 stars I'm saying LIES.

Yanling Su

There are people who care about this hospital and work hard to make it a better place for this community. For this, I gave 5 star!

Raw inc.

Don't go there it dirty an slow u will catch something in there before they heal u fuc Dr Whyte rosemarie

Shay Johnson

Idk but hey this is where i was born so ahah ask my mom it was 2004

Mari West

So as I’m writing this I’m currently in my recovery room after giving birth , my labor experience here was nice the staff were very funny so nice to me but I’m in recovery with my newborn breast feeding and I see something run across the floor and I look n yes a mouse !!!! Im freaking out I don’t wanna sleep here that’s is so unsanitary n gross !!!!! Also this is my 8th pregnancy I never been in a recovery room that has a batbroom with 2 doors for u to share with another room n I can’t lock there side while I’m in it bc it’s broken so I’m constantly afraid someone will come in , this hospital is very dirty and out of date , they didn’t even have enough supplies for me after like the underwear n cleaning cloths , I just can’t wait to go home !!

Victor D Reid

I would put more stars but my patients ain't up for the task

José D. Colón

I am a patient on cardiology unit 2R for over three years. The medical staff and the administrative staff are rude, unprofessional and uncaring. I am presently in the process of changing my doctors at Brookdale.

Kadie Traore

worst hospital in brooklyn. I was admitted here for depression & suicide. After dealing with careless nurses (Ms. Marshal on the 13th floor was by far the worst) Yes, after attempting suicide they placed me in the psych ward where they treated me & all the other sick patients like fools. The social worker Sherry & Nurse Herbert were the best people in that entire hospital, they actually treated me like a human being & did not call me a “psych patient”. There’s been two incidents where I have received my meal over 2 hours later. I was brought in with the thoughts of getting better however 2 weeks later I was discharged but now with at least 10 more reasons to kill myself. Disrespect should never be a factor when talking to patients whether they’re psych or not. This is not just a horrible hospital, it’s also one that lacks Patient Care.

tariq saif ur rehman

The ENT dept need more professionalism I would have not put this not if had happened only once but this is the second time happing The Doctor saw me and I was informed that your medication will be send to the pharmacy but unfortunately it was not send and I took me Almost a week to reach my ent doctor This week sep 20 2019 I took my daughter and he said the same thing for my daughter and I have visited my pharmacy twice and they informed me that there is no medication send to the pharmacy Can some one take it serious this issue Thank you

Melda Corpuz

Good hospital.Physician are really helpful.

Ken Zhou

ER security was very rude and unprofessional. My grand mother was in the X Ray room and security kicked us out said too many people in the hallway. Then security said only 2 people allowed to go in. Patient doesn't speaks English and 2 people who speak English do not know the whole story of what's going to my grand mother. That's why we all have to going and security refused letting us to go inside the ER room with a Very very rude attitude. Do not waste your time at this hospital. Hospital doesn't care much and very slow. DONOT GO BROOKDALE HOSPITAL.

Andrea Wiggins

If you plan to go there for health related services you might as well go straight to the morgue. Funeral parlor will treat your body better than Brookdale

tamara rivera

I would never recommend this hospital to anyone! Went in with my daughter who had a fever Of 105.1 and they did not see it as an emergency!! They had us in the waiting room the whole time, we did not have a room or bed to ourselves. The doctor that helped us had a weird attitude, the nurses had nasty attitudes and some are so rude !!! This hospital is so unprofessional and disgusting. NO AC either. First and last time I take my daughter there!!! Horrible.

Freestyle Junkiee

Absolutely the worse patient experience ever. The ER staff is extremely rude nurses have no bedside manor what so ever. Gowns given were used and ripped. The sheets given were stained and dirty still had blood on it. Once we made it to an assigned room the restroom was extremely disgusting had no toilet paper for someone who was going to have a colonoscopy done this is unacceptable. When asked for another gown after my godmother had an accident on herself was told that they didn’t have any The surgical blue team were the only ones who actually helped whenever we needed anything they made it happen found everything we needed and were very compassionate made sure we were very comfortable and understood everything that was going to happen. This place definitely needs new hires people with excellent bedside manor and patience towards the patients. I could always use a second job. This place could learn a thing or two from Northwell.

Mel Ram

This hospital is by far the worst in Brooklyn! My mom went in with an ambulance at 1:00pm, did Triage and then the told her to sit outside in the waiting room for almost 3 hours and wait for the doctor. The doctor called 2 people in the 3 hours she is sitting waiting to be called with high blood pressure and other issues. She would leave but she needs the medication. No one helps at this hospital they don't need no star or rating! Everyone is nasty and rude and need proper training! Time now 4:24pm still waiting...


This is a terrible terrible ungodly place. The mayor owes black and brown people of brownsville a better hospital than brookdale. A way better hospital. Yall treat people like they are poor black trash and its really sad. You never know how well connected a patient is im going to the media with this information

Gabriella Hudson

This hospital needs to be shut down everyone fired and new ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL staff needs to be hired. Had to come to brookdale because a family member was in a bad accident and this was the closest hospital, i get here and as i try to find out any information the woman at the check in window tells me to hold on while she has a full 5 min conversation AS IF this isnt an ER and people arent confused and emotional. She finally decides to do what she getting paid for and give me some information and a vistitors pass. I go to the trama area to look for ny family i stop at the nurse station one security guards asks if i i ne help i explain to him the situation again I HAVE A VISITORS PASS in plain view i was allowed back here by security and staff. The guard then tells me i should be back here a nurse comes over thankfully to tell me where my family is and that i can go as im walking over i am stopped by another guard because apparently there isnt anything to secure but a woman wearing a visitors pass directed by staff where to go; and asks me where im going again i explain why i am here as i do a nurse says please dont allow anymore visitors. Then this guard turns to me and says i need to leave i said just checking on my sister and ill go she tells me no leave now ... At this point i have had no information and yet still been allowed back by the hospital staff so as i start walking back to the visitor area she tells me oh well miss you can sigh all you want... Im not sure if this hospital is aware but this is an ER most people are here because there is an emergency and people are emotional i can sight if i want to because i am frustrated then even still walking away as this guard tried to argue with me to try and prove she is someone of importance another guard tells me to calm down. I was quite calm and relaxed right up until there rent a cop security and the guards not 1 but 2 tried to tell me to relax when i already am. Im here for a reason not to hangout and gossip until the staff at brookdale hospital not once did I yell nor was i rude simply needed some help in a very difficult situation. This shoild be BASIC TRAINING if you work at a hospital. I would never come here even if i was shot and the ambulance told me this was the only way to live whats the point might as well just leave me in the street Dont come here save yourself the trouble

Muhammad Daud

So I went to the ER at this hospital for a pilondial cyst and they took me in and had me wait for no reason. They didn’t even treat my cyst. They had a general surgeon come in and he told me that he will perform the surgery but he made me wait 30 mins and then came in and told me to go to a flatlands clinic for a surgery and then when I got home and I looked at the discharge paper it didn’t have no number for the flatlands clinic that he recommended me to go to. I had to call the er and they kept transferring my calls. Very bad hospital yet the general surgeon I got seen by was professional and was nice !!!

Jose R Lopez

My mom was brought here by the ambulance that picked her up from her home. She stayed there for about 5 days total. It's not her normal hospital that's at Jamaica hospital. I took the time to read a few comments before I posted mine and it was scary to see what people are writing. I can only go with my own experience. Staff seemed helpful most of the time. Hospital can use a touch up job on equipment, decor and some staff members. You get better customer service from the older staff because they have more customer service experience and know how to respect more due to there up bringing at a different time. In today days, kids don't have much respect. Younger staff seems at time to reflect the neighborhood mood. From what I saw, the hospital has changed on some levels but still need improvement on many other. I know about this place for many years now. I use to live about 5 minute walk from here and know what I'm talking about. One change that's needed badly is the neighborhood, it's ghetto fabulous. This is a major problem and seems to carry over to the mood of some of the younger staff and most people that bring an attitude that should be left home. Respect people and you will receive respect back. Major change starts within a person and then things around you will change as well. Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are. Stop the negativity/drama and be positive/motivator. Be a leader and not a follower, so lead by example.

Ajani Bethea-Nurse

Worst hospital. They looked at me and gave me the wrong diagnosis instead of actually testing me. The actually emotional distressed this caused me. Don’t got here!!!

jose pagan

This is absolutely the worst hospital I have ever had to deal with. Nasty, disgusting and that's being nice. If you wanted to God forbid commit suicide but are afraid to then come here because they will do the job for you. They get mad and security will escort you out should you ask why your loved one has a bruise. Being civil and educated doesn't work, God help you if there is no other choice but this place.

Mylisha Hill

I wouldn't even give it a star! But Brookdale is ok w children, when it comes to an adult not so friendly. I went to Brookdale last summer, I knew I had an uti, I just wanted to make sure it was that and nothing else. Basically I had an uti like I knew I had, they did all these test wasted my time did a CAT scan, still said they don't see anything. Told me go home and take Tylenol. Nothing happened I wasted my time and money cuz the Tylenol didn't do nothing. The next morning, I called the ambulance had them take me to woodhull, and they treated me for my infection, like I knew I had. Days later I was back to myself again. So never will I eva go back to Brookdale.

JC Lamus

Just don’t come to Brookdale, go to Jamaica Health Medical.

Oury Bailo BAH

I came to the emergency room with broth who was in a heavy, we spent more three hours, no one came to care of us. That’s sad

Google User

The worst , be ready to wait for looooooong time , doesnt deserve one star

Thomasina White

I have great experiences when I visit. I truly see a huge difference from the staff to the medical service provide each time I visit this facility. I know they had a very negative vibe but things are obviouly changing. Good job Brookdale

Angela Luisa

Do NOT I repeat, DO NOT, come to this hospital. It’s truly a shame that they’re still in business. They need to shut down and get their act straight before they try to treat another ill patient again. The lack of care in this hospital is sad and outright disgusting. 2/5 stars is pitiful and if nothing changes then they’ll end up killing their patients.

Kasey Oliver

This hospital is an atrocity. If my father would have went to a different hospital, he would have been alive today. The nurses are rude, the doctors are rude, and the establishment itself is pitiful. There are mice running around the hospital. Its dim and not welcoming. The higher officials should be ashamed. Be aware of Brookdale hospital. For yourself and your loved ones.

Rasta Barbiie

I will neverrrr ever recommend anybody to come this hospital. Service is terrible. Place is dirty and unorganized

gabby gabby2362

Came here super early with my fiance to avoid crowds.. Was nobody in the waiting room and still didn't get seen for about 2 hours. Once he was called I went back there with him.. The Dr was really rude and wouldn't even let me go in the room with him. Would never come here again and neither should you!

Imani Kimball

This dump doesn't deserve a star. The staff--unprofessional, unknowledgeable, combative. Do yourself a favor, stay home and suffer in dignity OR simply be the next baffled patient to write a review.

Markus A

I worked here for 6 months and it was hell. The people that come through those doors are some of the worst things on earth. The only thing this hospital gets right is the "free" birth control because no one that uses this medical facility should be procreating.

Sir Loin

I was at a party, and I got too drunk to the point where I passed out. My friend called 911, and I was found in the hospital. But not a hospital BED, a psych ward. are you kidding me? I was put in a psych ward because I had too many drinks, and I was left in that ward for TWO WEEKS. TWO WEEKS.

Jenise Flores

Very unprofessional . I will never go again they’re was nurses acting very nasty to me an my mother . They didn’t wanna feed my mother they have only one person cleaning up after my mom. the nurse manager talk nasty , I never was comfortable with the rascism that’s takes place in that hospital I will never go their again nasty ass nurses and they have (nurse Williams, dean , and Casington ) I’m listing names because they’re are discussting

Sonofa Joestar

Let me tell you, my grandmother lives like a 3 minute drive away from brookdale but she hates it there so much that one time she felt like she was dying so we called the ambulance and she told them she rather go to Kings county hospital which is an extra 7 minutes and rather get treated and die there. Luckily my grandmother is still alive but trust me, stay away from brookdale

Yahli Eady

My aunt was a resident at the Brookdale Nursing home for many years. The nurses took very good care of her. I visited her every wk or 2 so I got to know the nurses and other staff members. I found them to be very friendly and professional to all patients and families at all times.

Ms Smith

Went into labor and delivery last night because I had a headache for two days, because I suffer with high blood pressure I called the office before I went in to ask them if I should come in, the lady that answered the phone said yes, when I got there the nursing students were very friendly and helpful however the midwife which sounded African was disgusting, she came in looked over my paper work and asked why did I come in and after explaining that I was advised by my doctor to come in being that I am a high risk patient, and also explaining that I called before coming she replied with she don't know what I want her to do with an attitude. I was extremely polite to the staff but her sarcastic comment sent me from 0-10 really quick. That's not the way you deal with patients, especially a pregnant one, she went and got another midwife which was also disgusting, so I said since they can't seem to provide adiquate service I told them to discharge me. I over heard them making comments at the front desk to the other staff members, I felt like I was in a room filled with juveniles and not professional. Something needs to be done about patient care at brookdale, I felt like I was begging for service, I will not be returning there for my delivery and I will take this matter further

Dolores De Jesus

I went in for pain on the right side of my rib cage and pain in my right shoulder instead i was treated for chest pain. Dr. was very rude when I asked about transportation to get home. He told me about everything that wasnt wrong with me first for him to approve that. Then said you know you can use your discharge papers for public transportation, you know that right. If i would have known that do you think i would have asked you. DUH!!!!

Jonathan Flecha

No Professionals THEY Made The Patient Worse. Junior Posada died earlier today of internal bleeding from a fractured rib they broke while using the defibrillator after his first 2 heart attacks and after had a lack of oxygen to the brain and died not to mention before he passed a machine malfunctioned they lack proper resources and poor care of patients hygiene yhis place should be SUE And Shut Down by The #CiTYOFNY

Angel Barbosa

This review and comment is intended for the owner to respond and take appropriate action. Yesterday evening, 3/17/2019, my sister was in your Hospital ER for pain on her back. She was put in a room by herself and given fluids through an IV. After several hours, my sister told the Nurse, she needed to use a bed pan. The Nurse never brought her one, causing her to urinate on herself. She then called me and complained to me about the incident. She told me that she was going to complain about the staff. I told her, that this was not the right time. I didn't want your staff to delay in seeing her. I then called your Hospital and requested to be transferred to the ER. I identified myself as a former Police Officer, gave my sister's name and your staff could not find her in the system. After I insisted that the system be checked again, the person told me that she was in the ER. I asked to please let me speak to her Nurse. They transferred the call. Again, I was told there was no patient in the ER by her name. Again, I asked the individual to recheck. Finally, a female voice told me that she had been discharged at 11:10pm. It is my opinion that this is one of the reasons your hospital gets poor ratings. Service, accountability, being efficient and patient care. It is also my opinion that most of the individuals that are brought into your Hospital are of low income and on fixed income with no other choice but to get services at your Hospital. For this reason, these people deserve better services and treatment. Nobody is buying your promises that things are improving at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center. Respectfully submitted, Mr. Barbosa

zhindel cepeda

Worse hospital in history. Lasted 4 hours just in the waiting room, not even my vitals were taken.

Prospect Kids Academy

I must say I was hesitant at first to have surgery at this hospital due to all the bad reviews, knowing that my surgeon only operates here, but it was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. Head/chief nurse Esho on the 11th floor, who only works the night shift was a pure gift to me. She made me feel as though I was her only patient and gave me all of the attention I desperately needed. Fresh out of surgery, she took a walk with me to make me stretch out my muscles, rubbed my back and made me feel comforted at a time when I was vulnerable and sad. I highly recommend this hospital for any traumas but especially for any after care due to surgery. Thanks Ms. Esho you were the best nurse ever. I hope our paths cross again- Josie W.

adrianna michel

This hospital is horrible their are in need of a press ganey customer service course the only staff that is polite is support staff housekeeping and security guards. No one does hourly rounds properly doctors take forever to answer page but they are polite. pcts and nurses are rude response times to call bell are a hour iv from er was left in for three days specialist or not call in for consult as soon as my love one is discharge I will be making a serious complaint. Im just documenting everything from admission to Discharge. I strongly suggest everyone to fill out surveys and make proper complaints its the only way this hospital can get better it also get budget cuts when surveys shows bad reviews bad service in health care should stop.

Iyana Chaney

Do not come her. long waiting time.

Ashley Mendez

Horrible hospital it describes the neighborhood “GHETTO HOSPITAL” wouldn’t stay here if I was dying because for one I might get even more sick from the bacteria in the air because the rooms they keep you in are nasty. Stayed here for a whole week and it was so horriable ringing the bell for someone to come to the room seem like a issue when they finally would come the nasty looks on the women who work there both day and night shift was so nasty and rubbed me the wrong way!. I think this hospital needs to be did completely over again and needs new staff period the vibe the nurses give you here is just so nasty. I don’t know if they were just ghetto or they are just nasty people in general that they gave a job too. Funding also for all the money the put into Brookdale on the news you can not see it what I found the most grosses part of this hospital was sharing bathrooms with people next door from me I never in my life been to a hospital like this and not only that half of the machines wasn’t even working to take my blood pressure which means they lack funding on medical supplies obviously even the oxygen machine I used I haven’t seen in years it was an actual Oxygen tank instead of the more modern ones that is on the wall which actually fell on top of me when I went to use the bathroom. JUST A HORRIABLE HOSPITAL ALL TOGETHER EVEN WHEN YOU COME IN THE LOOKS ON THE STAFF FACE IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!

Princess Green

Worst hospital ever. I have a video of a nurse talking for 30 minutes before before she came and gave me my asthma medication. These ladies are so sad.

Delah Bee

The worst hospital ever! Terrible bedside manner. Suffered severe back trauma in a car accident, and the rude nurse who needed to take my blood pressure sucked her teeth when I asked her please help me remove my coat. And yanked at my sleeve to get it off. If you can go anywhere else, please do. Do not go to Brookdale.

Mohamed. Mostafa

The worst hospital, service very bad ,I was there 3 days for surgery and I was waiting in emergency area because no room .

Steve Tanes

Appropriate clean welcoming atmosphere with professionalism and confidentiality respected

Igor Ancor

on the upswing. improving by the day

wilbert valestil

Great and very nice hospital. Caring and good staff. You get in and get help as soon as possible

Nina Sabghir

I have had several hand surgeries in Manhattan. The doctor there insisted on general anesthesia. I heard really good things about Dr Stracher in Orthopedics at Brookdale. He has done a wonderful job keeping my hands working. In addition both my experiences with the operating room staff have been every bit as good as in Manhattan. And the surgeries were done with a block (much safer than being put under).

Sabrina G

Absolutely poor excuse for a hospital. Family member in the MICU, Nurses are clueless & rude. Will definitely be getting her transferred out of here and never coming back. They should burn this place down!

Ebony Nance

Nurses are rude and unpleasant. They have stink attitudes. This hospital needs a whole new staff team or just shut the whole place down. Every time I go here, I don’t get great service. It’s horrible here.

Syd Lala

Terrible staff. They sent me a on a wild goose chase just to find a sick child who was in the emergency psych ward.

Stacey Ann Thomson

My family was scheduled for surgery that should have taken 1 hour. When I got there and upto 3.5 hours later my she was still in the OR. No one could give me or her husband any answers, the staffs behaved as though we were a nuisance to them. After being allowed to see her 24 hours later she was in a bed that still stained with, she was not given any hygienic products, she didn't have a nurse until 10:30am almost 1 hour after I got there. We tried asking for clean bed sheets to do it ourselves and we were met with poor attitudes, the bathroom had a rusted tub which is not safe for patients and floor was also filled with rust. It seems as if everything within this hospital was in very short supply including work ethics. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone even if my life depended on it. Stay away !!!!!!!

justin williams

don't ever ever eveeeerrrrrrr bring your child here .. been in the e.r for 3 hrs .. and when i ask the discharged my daughter with out ever being seen .. while most of the nurses apologized. it had to be one to say o well .. it's busy o well ... like why are you a nurse

My name is not Mohammad

This hospital is a dangerous place to go if you have an emergency. Try to avoid this place by all means possible. If you have a real emergency I would advise staying away from this place. You may never walk out of this place. Brookdale Hospital reminds me of Gotham hospital from all the Batman movies. I had to take my employee here for huge cut on his leg, needed about 20 stitches. The Doctors, nurses, and FDNY were more worried about how they can refer an attorney to sue. Horrible caring of a patient. They never gave him antibiotics and now its infected. If I ever get injured in Brooklyn I would rather drive to Long Island to a better hospital so I can survive.

Rasel Mahmud

Service is very bad this hospital. Very smell on emergency waiting area. Like pee

Erinn 77

Better off going to a veterinarian for medical treatment than this closet. Its really frightening the incompetence that is exhibited by the medical staff. I went to the ER for really bad back pain that wasn't responding to Tylenol and other OTC measures. It was in my kidney area and with my extensive history of UTIs I was worried it was an issue with my kidneys. They completely dismissed my concerns, told me it was muscular and discharged me with muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory. Well 3 days later I woke up sweating with a fever and in excruciating pain. I couldn't walk I was in so much pain. I wasn't returning to the trash heap known as Brookdale so I went to Northwell where they knew what they were talking about..turns out I had a kidney infection just as I suspected. Physician's should listen to patients sometimes..we know our bodies. A few days of antibiotics and pain meds and I was good as new no thanks to BrookHELL hospital.

Abymilde YT

I was held hostage here. They refused to transfer me to another hospital upon request. They forced me down onto the bed and handcuffed me. Then they sedated me so they can give me treatment that I refused to take. They basically blackmailed me after that into taking medication so that I’d be released early. I feel extremely violated And terrified of hospitals now. This is the worse experience I’ve ever had. I felt like I wasn’t even being treated like a human being. They just used my body and health to get more money out of my insurance. Stay far away from here!

Manuel Morales

Utter garbage staff is racist, and disrespectful easily the most disgusting place on this planet....

Yesenia Vanos

horrible, discusting, annoying, dirty, filty, unsanitary hospital, this hospital is more like a homeless shelter, people laying and sitting on the floor waiting for nurses. so dirty. blood splatters everywhere. never again, I will rather risk traveling to another hospital than to be taken to Brookdale, place should be shut down.

savage Queen

I had a seizure at school then I was picked up by the Brookdale ambulance and all they did when I got there was hooked me up to a machine then I was there for like 2 hours then they said I should be fine and sent me home then I had another one when I left the hospital and I was brought right back.The only reason I go to this hospital is because it's the closest hospital to my school.So that is where I'm sent

Vernon Rodriguez

One of the Worst hospitals in the city, I wouldn't even let my worst enemy come to this hospital. I've been here a handful of times throughout a 10 year span and believe me avoid it take the extra time to go to another hospital no matter the pain you are in (staff and doctors are horrible )

traci jenkins

This place need to be shut down permanently. Especially the gynecologist 4c-30 the gyn female nurse kicked my sneakers she could've kindly told me to move my shoes if it was in her way. I felt violated when i left. Also i forgot to mention the emergency room and bathroom are unsanitary and the smell is ridiculous. More janitors maybe? Please for the love of god don't come here.

C Caine

I'm in the emergency room right now since 3 and it be 630 it's smell like urine the seats are dirty the receptionist is rude when they check your vitals they have attitude security don't do they job on they phone all day the doctor here don't really help at all this is the worst hospital in Brooklyn don't come here at all

Gloria Mitchell

My mother and brother both died it this hospital due undoubtedly to its ineptness. The staff is woefully unprofessional, rude, and nasty from the bottom to the top. I wouldn’t send my dog to this horrible hospital...and it has the audacity to be a teaching hospital! UGH!! SHUT IT DOWN!

stehanie kelly

Worst hospital ever. Mice infestation. Almost bust my stitches running from one after my c-section.A sad day in history for me.

Nancy Vaz

My mom passed away in july,and when I went to tell the nurses .They told they were busy.worst experience of my life.

marie_ spice

The absolute worse service ! patient care really needs improvement . Most Nurses have the worst attitude . Hospital needs lots of renovations and materials. Just called the dental department the receptionist had the absolute worst attitude and hung up the phone on me.

Erin Kirton

I must say this hospital is begging for a renovation badly. A good thing at least the lady at the ENT was extremely nice.


I am a Brooklyn native so I've frequented this hospital quite a few times over the years. This hospital has been disgusting from the early 2000s when I was little. It seems that not much has changed. I am reading the reviews and they all say the samething-- the hospital is dirty and the saff are rude! I've seen direct replies from the hospital, yet nothing has changed. I am very confused.

Dr.Jacquelyn Wilson

This is the worst degrading hospital experience I've ever endured in my existence! My husband was admitted for stroke & brain bleed. He came in walking & talking. By the 3rd day he was put on a ventilator & incoherent for 16 days. Heavily sedated & multiple meds. No concrete answers no prognosis, no neurologist. I put in for a transfer weeks ago and still waiting for response. They bullied and harassed me about giving him a tracheotomy! Very rude, unsanitary conditions & the Dr's don't know how to treat people. I had a very bad experience with "Dr Abrol" she told me any questions I have i should've asked in the ICU, she also stormed out yelling PLEASE don't TOUCH ME to my cousin who asked her why is she being unprofessional? She told us anything we need to know, GOOGLE IT. she also asked us if we think keeping him on a vent MAKES THEM MONEY? I just can't fit in all the nasty derogatory, un cleanliness, unprofessional, lack of empathy I've received since dec14th 2017 My husband opened his eyes Thursday, he was aware Friday & Saturday by Sunday he has a fever 102, today all I can do is pray. Still on a vent with high vitals. After my complaints I met the chairman of internal medicine this am. He was very kind and warm. 1st time I felt respected and heard. Everyone was doing a GREAT job today. Hopefully tonight we'll see what the results of the testing will be. I will never recommend this place to anyone. It's so sad how they perceive us. What they expect us to be comfortable with receiving. My faith will continue to be in GOD not man or medicine. Nyc out to be ashamed for condoning 3rd world treatment on its watch!!!!!!! Hello all this paragraph is an edit as of 6/20/18 unfortunately my husband died 5 days after I wrote this review. They gave him the tracheotomy on Wednesday 1/10/13 he died Saturday 1/13/18 still no explanations. If any of you can email or refer me to an attorney whose willing to fight for patients rights please leave a comment. Please don't trust your family in the hands of this hospital EVER...

Michael Reyes

I was born here and have had family die here. It's a hospital they try their best to keep you alive and in their various clinics keep you healthy. However many of the nursing staff especially on the floors where patients stay the night, are often rude and condensending

Catalena xo

WORST !! I Gave birth to my son here a year ago, the nurses are rude I had a couple nice ones and very nasty ones I had a nurse say to me what do I need her for when its you and the father there when she came in my room, I wanted to go off on her but I had just had a c section and I was in to much pain. For one this hospital has roaches and you have to share the bathrooms with other women who can have complete hygienes problems which is nasty ! If you are having your first child PLEASEEEEEEEE DO NOT GO HERE !! I made sure I walked around alot just so they can release me because when you have a C - section you have to show them you can walk and use the bathroom to go home.

Larry Arnold

A ONE STAR DOESN'T EVEN COME CLOSE FOR A RATING! I feel sorry for the good people that do work here because they are few in number. Never again...NEVER do I wish to hear my mother say she needs to come to Brookdale for anything. I've commanded her that if she has a medical emergency to keep $100 cash to get a cab to any New York Presbyterian hospital because based on my sister's current care's night and day compared to Brookdale. My mother was making progress and why she is in extreme pain compared to two weeks ago is beyond me. I'm not even going to go into detail about the social worker telling me to place my mother in an uber to get to follow up appointments when she's hardly ambulatory at the moment. As I make this post, I asked for a doctor and that was at 5.32pm. It has been two hours and still no doctor to answer my questions. I have siblings at home to take care of and continue to spend hours traveling back and forth to maintain my job while caring for two people in two different hospitals. All places are not equal...this I've learned. STAY AWAY FROM BROOKDALE HOSPITAL! PERIOD!!!

Elle Brown

Was once a very nice, well run place but unfortunately its frequently used for EMERGENCY instead of patients in need of regular Dr care. Yes the emergency room is usually full to capacity, yes its periodically understaffed however if you're NOT facing a life threatening emergency, elderly or an infant please take yourself to any of many minute clinics instead of running to Brookdale or any hospital in that matter. How dare you complain of impatience when YOU allowed treatable sickness to become emergency? Caribbean's flood this place with nonsense. Yes I said it & if you're upset about anything said its because you know its true

Jeffrey Fernandez

Very Dimissive & Horrible attitude

Omowal Williams

One of the best hospital, patient care is second to none..

Dionne Kelly

I’m sitting right now the ED and this place smells so bad I’m wearing two face mask. I had to give urine and when I went to the bathroom I almost died it was so nasty and smelled so bad. A bathroom for ED patients should not be filthy and odorous. I complained to the ED nurse about the bathroom and the maintenance staff was upset. The maintenance staff was giving me the evil eye and went to his coworker to complain to him about me stating the bathroom needs to be cleaned. I don’t even think the maintenance staff used any sanitizer to clean the bathroom. I think he just used plain water and his nasty attitude to clean. An ED or any parts of a hospital should not smell and be dirty. I don’t even want to discuss the RN on the floor. Nasty Nasty Nasty. I will definitely take this complaint further. As a case worker it really saddens me to see how cruel staff here are to sick patients.

Toya Haynes

This hospital is disgusting... I came in here for asthma and instead of treating me, they are eating. Another lady came by ambulance for asthma and has been waiting over 2 hours for a treatment. THROW THE WHOLE HOSPITAL AWAY. Very lazy and rude staff

Venus Warner

Do not believe the positive reviews of this hospital, they are from staff members attempting to discredit the negative reviews of those who truly experienced their bad performance. Instead of doing better you are putting your cronies on the internet to offset the low reviews how despicable. Go to Roosevelt Hospital, Long Island College, Methodist Hospital, or Mt. Sinai Hospital. Do not go to Brookdale it is dangerous to retrieve medical attention here, it is not safe don't be deceived.

Prince Zane

Worst experience since I've been in the states. They are there simply to collect a check. Absolutely no regard for anyone

Raul Aristy

It is blatantly clear that the movement to close good hospitals and leave horrible hospitals like Brookdale open for business, is a long-term nation-wide plan by conservatives in government to artificially create misery, then consciously promote misery in urban areas all over this country. Brookdale hospital is a perfect example of what happens when our public servants hand over control of the health care system to corporate America. Brookdale seems to be staffed by high-school and grade-school drop-outs rather than real medical professionals. It is a disgrace to the borough of Brooklyn and a disgrace to the city of New York. Someone needs to investigate this hospital and the health care industry for promoting such filth.

LadyPrez Bibi

I was there for my 6 weeks check up. I had my child with me. I was looking for a family room with a diaper changing table and in all 3 bathrooms i went into not one had a changing table. I asked security if there was a bathroom with a table changing in it and he told me that there might be one in the emergency room. I was in the main building and in order for me to change my newborn's diaper i had to go around to thee back where the emergency room is at. That is absolutely crazy even insane. especially since they had a makeover at the maternity ward. i must also say my experience there with the staff is horrible. There's some amazing nurses and staff. But those other one's that feel they are just there to get a paycheck make it horrible for everyone trying their best. It's insane how most of the staff members cover for each other. Literally some of them have this nasty attitude that it makes you feel like your health is not worth checking out. They don't speak to you directly but they are ok to speak about you. I have had my encounters with some of them nasty ones. But i breath in and out. I have put in a formal complaint for most of the indiscretions and rudeness. and only one got back to me which is the one for the bathroom. For the nurses i got nothing not even a we will look into it. It is very hard for those who are trying to do their job.

Soki Brumfield

The Director House Keeping doesn’t care about his workers in the evening Supervise is a very lazy

Entiesse Entertainment

the doctors don't return phone calls. you have to go down there in order to get any assistance. I am switching to another hospital just so i can save my own life.

William Berkshire

Went to go visit a relative and felt like I was in a Rap video


There’s so many bad reviews. I think I just went there on a good day . Everyone was nice and helpful. I did not wait too long to be seen, treated, and signed out. I will definitely come here again.

Jaqueline Guzman

During the summer an ambulance was called because i had extreme chest pain. In the ambulance the paramedic noticed my blood pressure was crazy high. Since im only 19, she thought there was a mistake and tried again, but it came out high again. Inside they checked a third time with a different machine, and it still said my bp was high. So where did they take the teenager with high blood pressure and chest pain? To the waiting room with the non emergency people. While in the emergency room, i could also hear a man screaming that it was his 3rd day there and he still didnt have a bed. Horrible place.

Isha Dotson

I am currently under the care of the primary care and hematology departments at Brookdale hospital. Eventually my physical woes worked out. But I'm left with the emotional trauma of being neglected and mistreated at the hands of this hospital. My story starts late 2017. I started having extreme fatigue, rapid weight loss, depression,confusion, bruising on my arms and legs. I went to urgent care where I was told if I did not pay 50$ I could not be seen. So I left -only to end up that evening in the emergency room.Instead of running blood test or any type of physical. I was escorted to (CPAP) a prison hole.There I spent hours trying to prove I was not insane. When I was discharged I was treated as an outpatient psychiatric patient for a little over 2 months. During that time my symptoms got worse. In late Feb of 2018. I went back to the emergency room. Where I was finally diagnosed with a rare blood disease I had 11 years ago. I thought all was well at that point bc I knew deep down I was physically sick but things only got worse. During my treatment I was neglected and put into harm's way.The ICU was filled with loud staff who will argue in the middle of the night . I bled out during a removal of a port from my groin in which the aides (who was rushing to go on break)started wiping me with wipes thats used for furniture. This went on while 2 doctors was trying to stop the bleeding. I have more grievances but the worst was the psychotic episodes i suffered bc I was giving an overdose of steroid medication.During one of these episodes I was handcuffed by police and taking to interfaith. I am receiving bills til this day from interfaith.i think it's unfair I should be in arrears for something I did not cause. When i tried to reach out to patient experience I just get past around. My friends and family begged me to.go to another hospital . I wish I took heed but I was too sick too make those kind of choices, however I am once and for all going to find another facility to take over my care. My fear is that they are all going to be just like Brookdale After all -Who really cares about a black 44 year old woman with 5 kids!!!

Odelia Shriki

The worst hospital, amateurs! If you love you'r self Stay away!!! I got there with an ambulance and a broken knee three Day they told me I will have surgery and of course I am all this time without food and drinking, fast. Every day They have another stories why the operation is delayed. The doctors and nurses do not coordinate the stories until you finally understand that they are lying, and you start asking why you are lying and have no answers with calf look. After three days without choice, I left the hospital with a broken knee on the way to another hospital. Just spare yourself suffering stay away from there.

Melenny !

Being the fact that it’s a hospital you’d expect it to be clean. The bathrooms are horrendous. I’m a mom and had no place to change the diaper of my 6 month old. There was trash on the seats and writing on some walls. Also it took me 10 minutes to find the place I was looking for! There was absolutely no one in the halls!!! I was just at the hospital to visit someone but I won’t step foot in this hospital again.

Louis Edgar

The most inhumane Hospital of all times I went in for chest pain and irregualr heart beat. The physician just gave me one look and refused to further investigate my problem and told me you are 18 could not possibly suffer from any heart conditions at all and discharge me. No blood work no ekg. I get treated like this because I am young well guess what I can sue you for negligence how about that? why should the state even liscene such idiot pathetic physicians who cant do simple jobs the health care sysytem is just a complete failure.

J.A. Pagan

Disgusting, unprofessional, horrible and unprofessional place. It feels like everyone (including the Chief Medical Officer David N. Rose) is up to no good. Nurses are supposed to reposition patients every two hours and they don't. They yell at patients in the ICU and treat them horrible. It's a super dirty place. They are violating everyone's rights in here, don't come here!!

Latoya Ellis

I did a Surgery on the 6th Aug 2018 as an out patient, my surgeon was Dr Chaudhry, who is my ENT Specialist. From the moment I walked in the Hospital that morning I felt very comfortable, Everyone was absolutely warm and welcoming they make me feel at home, While doing my Vitals one of the nurses make a joke about something just to see me smile. the nurses on staff that day was very friendly and professional. I just wanna say a big thank you to all the nurses and staff that work on that day, Cant remember all the names, but it was a wonderful experience.

Evie Goapele

To be honest this hospital deserves no stars. This is my first time coming here. Very nasty place, the nurses are unreliable, and very rude. They are always rushing and not helping. This place is unsanitary. They have these sick people just waiting for hours. This place is just pitiful. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVE ONES TO THIS HOSPITAL!! You are going to regret it. They don't care about the patients.

Tom C

Avoid this place at all costs. Spent a year going here trying to resolve a medical issue. Not only are the staff rude, unhelpful, and disorganized but the doctor who is a "specialist" misdiagnosed me multiple time and proceeded with a surgery based off a misdiagnosis that not only didnt help but also injured me. Now a year later my medical issue is still here and worse and now I have damage from the surgery that will require more time and money. All in all please avoid this place, I spent a years worth of time money and stress just to be in a worse place from where I started. Dont even get me started on how any process you need to go through at this hospital is long, inefficient and everyone is super unhelpful and rude along the way

Yana Guzman

Waiting in the wait room to be seen, arrived at 11:15pm- it’s now 1:25am and have not seen a physician. Wait room is dirty small no air- please avoid bring your loved ones or pets here- Go to manhattan hospitals or a nearby urgent care center. Staff is rude uncaring slow, it’s disgusting to be here! Do not recommend and I will never return here! Yes fever chills abscess no help

A1 Sec10

It wasn't HIV that killed my best friend it was the drugs they gave him to combat the HIV virus, he never had HIV; the doctors tested him for HIV but what the doctors did not know was that they were testing for a retrovirus; A virus that is indigenous to the human body. In fact, HIV is not even real, it was a conspiracy led by a group of conspirators that were a part of a secret society brotherhood that were conspiring for human population control; Dr. Gallo, Dr. Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and Dr. Jay Levy at the University of California, San Francisco, are the conspirators who committed worldwide genocide through their medicines to combat a virus that is indigenous to the human body

HoloScope Gaming

I was always told not to go to this hospital but I did not listen as I did not have a bad experience until may 22 when I went to labor and delivery there was only one doctor the labor went well and everything but I had a retain placenta they should have given me a d&c but did not went to my six weeks checkup on june 20 no doctors again only midwife requested a sonogram she ask why I told her I suspect that placenta tissue was left she said they took out everything only to go to a outside gyn did the sonogram and a big piece a tissue left inside of me if I did nothing I would have ended up with and infection had to get it removed asap by another doctor negligence on there part and I will not be going back to this hospital

Jacob Myers

The worst facility in Brooklyn New York. it’s sad that the Brooklynites have to go through this

Ricky Casphere

One of the worst hospital I ever been to. Never ever going there again.

Samuel 18

The worst hospital in Brooklyn

Earlind Gabb

Went in for possible stroke haven’t been seen by anyone in over an hour. Going to another hospital before I die. Update! I went to Brooklyn Hospital where i was treated immediately for a stroke. No surprise I was dying. Please don't go there to Brookdale.

Krista Martinez

If I could give the medical records department less than 1 star I would. Requesting medical records took more than 4 months. Trying to contact them to check status was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!

Bobby freeman

Wait was little long, but staff was great during the wait...

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