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This goes directly to the ER. The rest of the hospital staff is amazing and actually care about you. To the midwives your absolutely amazing and did a phenomenal job delivering our two babies. To the reason it’s one star it would be negative if possible. The staff in the ER are some of the worst acting professionals I have ever came in contact with. When you read on here and see everyone is leaving one star reviews there is a reason for it. If there is another bad experience then names will start to be mentioned. My wife went in early at 08:30 her name was lost multiple times in the system and she was not seen and put into a room until 12:00. This is when there was only a 40min wait in the morning. She was then stuck on IVs and sat in a room for over 5hrs waiting to hear from a nurse or doctor. The nurses that occasionally came when she called for them would just ignore her and her request. The doctor was very short and rude and must not understand how Lines work. If UNM is under staffed then shame on you for ever allowing such a thing. We won’t even mention people answering the phones in the ER as they are the rudest people you will ever meet. You cannot even talk because they talk right over you. They do not care about you or whatever it is what your calling about. This is all why they are the worst rated hospital and deserve to be the worse rated until they fix their issues. Unbelievable. Not to mention just like other have mention the places is filthy and not kept up.

Robert Bruce

Bad bad bad Needs its license to operate revoked. Needs to have all administrative staff fired and rebuilt from top down. Hospital nursing staff dangerous to be around.

Teresa Torres

I was there with my daughter at UNM the doctor was awesome but the nursing staff was terrible

Marina Pereda

I had been ok with unm my whole life and now it seem to be getting worse and worse, I had taken my little sister in who is 14 yrs old. I take her in and she is in a lot of pain and they send her home saying they can’t do anything for her, so we take her home few days later the pain is worse we take her again and they keep us waiting for hours in a waiting room, then they take us back finally and tell us the same thing that there is nothing they can do (she had a 9 cm cyst attached to her left ovary and Fallopian tube, they already knew about it) so finally I get tired of hearing that so I take her elsewhere and they same night she gets the surgery to remove it and it was bigger then they saw having to remove half of her left ovary and half of the Fallopian tube. Like who in their right mind sends a 14 year old home in sooo much pain and can sleep at night? I am truly disappointed in this hospital and to top it off now with my self I’ve had an appt set for months now and they change it without even calling me to let me know or anything? (I am pregnant by the way)


Every staff member was so awesome to me and my son!

Tess Smith

My brother was set under security watch after someone tried to kill him. But the doctor gave them full information after he was put under sugery and stalked me over the hospital even after security was called... no help at all... unsafe environment.

Hector Quintero

Waited 8 hours in the EMERGENCY waiting room before being seen and then 4 hours once we got placed in a room. All for them to say they can't find what's wrong and they can't help.

Isabella Brandenstein

Worst hospital ever. Wait time is extremely rediculous. The drs in the er and main hospital didnt give the right doseage for my fiancees diabetic father, he has bruises all over his arms that didnt even have the i.v in it. They told us he was being released 3 days prior and kept saying he wont be released til tomorrow. Discharge for him has been 4 hours and counting i wouldnt bring anybody here even if they were dying cause the drunk bums will be seen before them.

Charles Hutchinson

Judy Ribble

Excellent experience with robotic total hysterectomy. First rate surgeon Sarah Adams, MD and attentive staff on the floor. Was discharged the next day.

Customer Support

Years ago UNM was a good hospital with and excellent emergency room care. Now it could win a competition among the worst of the worst of intercity hospitals in the nation. No hand soap in the most critical of bathrooms, and no rooms causing outrageous wait times and peoples being put in the halls and then sent home immediately after surgeries. Since I did have insurance and could have gone elsewhere, totally unethical to not send me to another hospital.

Zinah Mccray

Currently am still waiting for my husband to be seen by the doctor and we’ve officially been waiting for 9 hours and it’s 4am. The hospital is dirty and smells so bad. Not to mention their nurses are rude and short. Recently moved here and have never experienced a hospital like this. Truly pitiful and sad

Isaiah and Angels Adventures

Kelly Hartley

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, do not go here. Seek treatment elsewhere. This place needs to be investigated. Abhorrent, disgusting, and unsafe environment. When those in the ER waiting room have to beg staff to attend to someone having a seizure, enough said. Do not go to this emergency room WHY IS FACILITY STILL OPEN? WHO DO WE HAVE TO CALL TO SHUT THIS DANGEROUS PLACE DOWN?


Do not come here!!! It is 12:03 am, and I have been here since 5:00 PM THE DAY BEFORE. Worse service ever, just waiting to get a bed!!! You will feel worse than when first arrived!!


Worst hospital in Abq, I had managed to avoid it for ten years, but was transferred there from Lovelace. Wouldn’t even go there to die

H Banana

Left presbyterian hospital because of how they were treating us. Went into the unmh ER because my boyfriend was going into afib. We were stressed and frazzled. Treated us with respect, were very knowledgable and nice. Got us in right away and treated. Thank you.

Brian Rutledge

Would rather have a back to back root canal each day for a week than have to deal with the unexceptabl incompetence of this facility. It's difficult to understand and accept how truly deep this problem really is. I dislike being disgusted or negative it's against my nature. But really! you ask for a blanket because my wife is freezing from being so ill. They won't allow her to have one in the lobby. And it takes an hour to get one once she has a room. You ask me to get a blanket. I'll be back with one before you can say cat in a hat. So I guess the take away would be plan on n waiting no matter how bad you feel for at least a 24 or more hours. Bring rations for a survival expadation. Truly unreal.


Pamela Alcantar

Angela Martz

The best doctors, the best care and the best experience for anyone and everyone who needs help in New Mexico.

Gilbert Montez

Richard Martinez

Andrea Delgado

Would not recommend the hospital nurses are rude as hell act like patients are a bother. Also treat caregivers like were useless. They give no appreciation to eachother what sadness.


Low level of employees, disgusting service! They do not have high-level professional doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esperanza Lerma

The most uncleanliness, uncaring, no remorse, not on top of things, always slacking and messing around on their time of duty never really focusing on the real main topic of their job which is helping people to recover from their accidents or illnesses. Worst place ever to try to get medical help!!!

Prince Ruiz

By far the worst service I ever gotten. I told them that my knee needed to be popped back into place so I waited 2 hours just to get seen waited another 1 hours for ex Ray's waited another 3 hours just to get a room waited another 2 hours to get seen by the doctor and when the doctor came in I told her what need to be done and she didnt do it, she just told me to put ice on it and keep it elevated and if it gets worse to go back in are you kidding me. A total of 8 hours wasted when it should of been an easy fix!! If you wanna waisted your whole day away and get nothing done for you this is the place to go.

Walter Quezada


We go to unm for my daughter who has extra needs and for my ob and we have no complaints. They're always friendly.

Jasmyne Gutierrez

I always come to UNM for everything. My pain was severe and yet have been helped. I waited at the urgent care before and they were more sincere and adequate. If I could get this nurse name I would call and have her reviewed. Most of the RN in the front for check in give no privacy to anyone. They literally will let two people in the check in area and ask what is wrong with you. Then they will make you feel less about the situation because they are trying to diagnose you in there. Clearly I brought my paperwork from the urgent care that is also from UNM to discuss my situation and yet nothing. 4 hours later I am still sitting in the waiting and every one that came after me has already been seen. I go to talk to the nurse and she said since my condition isn't serious that the wait is different. So because I'm not drunk and no sober I get seen last. Normally, I've never had this problem with UNM ever but today is the worst day to be seen in the emergency room.

Yesenia Rodríguez

Luis Alberto Velazquez Reyes

(Translated by Google) I liked the service and the fast attention (Original) Me gusto el servicio y la Rápida atencion

john huff

Very friendly staff! Long wait, but it’s to be expected.

Lynn Hemlock

Catherine Cook

Today we sat in the pediatric ER in a room for over an hour without seeing a doctor. Could see them in plain view talking up a storm but not once did someone come in and see us. I had to call in a nurse to see what we hadn't been seen yet. The ER doctor we saw is a joke and she blew off everything.

Brian Lockhart

Alyssa Metoyer

The worst thing about waiting around for them in the ER is that no one takes the time to tell you that they’re working on it. They will leave you in a room for hours before popping in to give you an update. Which somehow always leaves you having more questions. Several doctors may stop in to see what’s ailing you but you very quickly get the impression that they didn’t 1) check in with the doctor that left your room 4 hours ago 2) read the chart to see what brought you in. Seriously had to give the same story to 7 different staff members, including several different doctors and specialists. A little communication could go a long way here. One would even say it could save you from spending 12 hours there.

Matthew Lucero

I called because someone I know was injured and just because they didn’t know his name they would not give me an update even though they talked to the news. The receptionist told me because he wasn’t listed under that name she couldn’t help me??? Ridiculous how can you update the news but not concerned citizens?

Jesse Adams

The staff is awesome...

Bree Cuevas

Dont want to give too bad of a review. Everyone ive encountered here is very nice. But last year when i was 21, i had a miscarriage. Super painful experience for me and one of the transports taking me for an ultrasound made an off handed comment "oh youre 21? You must have partied too hard" I was numb after just being told that i lost my pregnancy that i never said anything. I wish i did. Hopefully you can train your staff better and to not make assumptions as to why someone is in the hospital.

Mercedes Garza

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I road in ambulance truck last night and took me up to Ob triage at this hospital and I had to wait for a doctor and a nurse until 12am and refused to help me out with my pain and my Breathing problems and they ware rude to me and my husband the whole time we ware there trying to get help from them because I’m pregnant and in pain And having Breathing Problems and when I told him that I was having pain in my legs they told me that I can walk just fine and on the way there to this hospital The permits Told me that my husband had to stay home while they ware taking me to this hospital And then they tell me if my husband was able to behave that he could go to this hospital with me

Laken Baca

Great hospital. Best in NM.

Steph McGuire

Mike McDonnell

Christoph Lujan


Michael T

Worst place to go for emergency. Sat there for 3 1/2, and that was just for vitals. So I just left and went to Lovelace. Lovelace is a much faster hospital that is more organized.

Jonny Bguud

Melissa Morehead

Terrible hospital very negligent.

norma chambers

isabel degattis

Victoria Angielina

craig swagerty

I tried to do a brain surgery here for my epilepsy. During the whole treatment process all they did was change meds over and over before the surgery and some after it. They left me with a big dent in my skull and also a crooked plate in my skull also. It didn’t heal my seizures. All it did was make them go from petit mal seizures to grand mal seizures(aka a lot worse). They finally wrote a referral to a hospital in Phoenix, which they wouldnt do in the first place, and I felt like God was trying to save me.

Carol Louis

ER's absolutely DISGUSTING!! techs are clueless Devin the "nurse" who was assisting our nurse was a rude old man rooms are gross they don't care your basically just another number there was vomit in the waiting room when I arrived!! No one was in a hurry to clean it up! They don't tell you what's going on unless you ask. Unsanitary need I say more!

Mary Wesolowski

You know even though it's been 4 years since last time I was in your ER I still have flashbacks of how poorly I was treated and the danger your ER put me in. Even if UNM is the only ER with a neurologist on call I repeat do not go there especially if you are on migraineur!! I went in there was able to say exactly what I have been doing for my migraines who my neurologist was and how many times I had taken DHE. They let me leave the hospital having an allergic reaction to Compazine. Their Patient Advocates are useless.

L Am



I was admitted to UNM hospital for two nights. My wallet and cell phone went missing for almost two weeks! Long story short my debit card was taken and $480.00 dollars withdrawn from my checking account. Finally I received all my property back, along with debit card, someone there is a master thief and UNM police need to find this cold blooded person!!!!

Wendi Miracle

Leanndra Nunn

Johnny Montoya

The worst place on the planet!!!! Doctors don’t care about their patients! Employees treat people like dirt making them sleep on the floor!! They charge $100 just to walk in the ER Then keep you waiting for 18 hours!!! Everybody that works for UNM Hospital is a horrible person!!!!!

Courtney Jones

This place is a joke. Dirtiest and one of the scariest hospital I’ve ever been too ever. Pure filth, waiting areas and bathrooms are very seldom cleaned. And they’re jammed packed with people setting up camp basically. They take all the cushions off the chairs to make mattresses in the floor. The homeless and drug addicts haunt this place like boards of zombies. You take your life into your hands going to the parking garage at night. Homeless sleep on the booths in the eating area. I do not recommend!

Elijah Rose

Unm hospital is the most unprofessional un organized attempt at medical care Ive ever had the misfortune of experiencing. I will not be returning.

Tim Russell

I hate this ER. Are you prepared to wait 12 hours before you see a doctor? Then I guess come here. I'll go die of cancer on my own terms, not sitting here being neglected.

Nos Dehgan

Absolutely the WORST EMERGENCY ROOM.. after waiting for 4 hours in waiting room they took me in the back. After an hour wait i asked the nurse when I get to see the Dr and they couldn't tell how long more i had to wait and that was when I left the hospital without getting treatment.... as someone on wheelchair for over 30 years I had my share of visiting emergency rooms and by far this place is absolutely a nightmare.... don't even think about going here... they keep you waiting and keep you in emergency room so they can justify the high jacked up bill. I contacted Medicare and reported them to not to pay for any claims from this hospital and also to the New Mexico state board.... Any other place you choose will be better than this place.

Matthew Sandoval

Saved my life in 94. Have continued to do more .To help ever since.

Zairah Maldonado

Who could possibly give this place 5 stars!? When i was having my baby the doctor went in the room and tore the amniotic sack with a hook so i would have my baby faster but she scratched his head. Thankfully it was only a scratch. I also had asked not to receive iv since i am very good at drinking water and i hate how uncomfortable those things are but they practically forced me to wear it. I also wanted to be moving around so i wouldnt be in so much pain but they said i needed to lay down because of the heart monitor. Im ok with them checking it once in a while but i refused to just stay on the bed and told them to f-off!! Some time afterwards, i got an infection on my throat so bad that i had not eaten solid food in a week because i could not swallow it. I went in to the ER and the ridiculous excuse for a doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me!! Are you kidding?? Im not a doctor and i knew what it was. My dentist was the one who caught it because I went to my scheduled check up. (The place is SUNDANCE DENTAL in rio rancho if anyone needs good dentists) Thank God or I'd be dead right now. He put me on antibiotics right away which quickly got me cured. If you go to UNM you may as well save your time and money because these a-holes will try to kill you or just simply let you die!

Jonathan Cooke

I'm not going to go into detail but I have an open wound that is seeping out all over my pants and wheelchair I'm sitting in I have thrown up about 30 minutes ago the only one that is coming by was a nurse who wanted to know my name so that way they could put it in my report I have been sitting here for almost four and a half hours and I understand that I don't know everyone's physical conditions but some people who can walk and appear able-bodied have come in and left meanwhile I'm sitting here in a snail Trail with my throw up bucket.

Claire Rodgers

A NIGHTMARE OF NEPOTISM. Everyone in the eye clinic is related except my doctor. I wasn’t allowed to see her in an emergency. It used to be a good clinic. Now it is a dump! They all cover up for each other. BEWARE. UNM doesn’t want you to know their last names. They won’t give that information out. If you come to UNM, plan on getting an attorney, you will need one!! I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM SHERRY READER IF YOU ARE OUT THERE.

Alonso Cordova

This place has treated my grandma amazing... Especially the people in the ICU’s and the 4th floor. My grandma has been through hell and back with her health but, They have the kindest hearts and built a relationship with my grandma and my family. They loved her and said she was a bad ass 81 year old lady lol. Thank you for everything and all that you do. ❤️❤️

Fayidh Al-Rashdi

Very very very bad hospital never come here if you don't want die.

adam astorga

I would avoid coming to this facility unless you want to be de humanised. The people working there are stone cold without remorse. I watched the security guard wheel a man with a fractured leg to the street and left him there for hours. I saw elderly people waiting up to 8 or more hours. Oh and the nurses aren't afraid to lie to you. They will say anything to have you shut up and sit while they collect money for talking with their friends. They huddle in groups of 4 or 5 and talk about patients. I over heard one talk about how they bumped me again for the 5th time. She suddenly changed her attitude when she noticed I was right there. What a waste of talent. They could be helping people but money is more important.

Jennifer Jeffers

Nicole Ray

If there is security, why should my ill father have to solve the domestic violence in the ER waiting room? Why should it take 35 minutes to learn where in the hospital my father even is? You want to build another building, but you don't even know who is in the one you have. There were many other inconveniences, but I find these 2 things absolutely unacceptable.

Martin Robles

Frances Robinson

Doesn't get much worse than this. I've lived in New Mexico for 12 years. I've been to UNMH ER three times in 12 years. UNMH ER wasn't good 12 years ago. Now it's horrible. Was there a couple of weeks ago and was treated very bad. Tried to address this with the office of Patient Advocate. However, Cara has moved on to bigger and better things (out of the UNMH system -- good for her!), and the new girl thinks Patient Advocate means "Hospital Defender". So I filed a complaint with the NM Department of Health. //// I've always waited 12 hours to be seen/treated. You would think UNMH would do something about the long wait. Oh, that's right -- unless you're actively dying, it doesn't care about you.

Sweet Jenn

There service is good with maternity care but there billing department is horrible. They don’t answer the phone or call back. They keep sending invoices that are paid for.

Tod Standing

I don't clean, so you'll do that. The last person kept forgetting to put the towels away. Sometimes the couch gets stinky, don't clean that though because I need it for business. I am laid back, so I'm going to have to be straight with you, stay awake at all times or you'll get a chance of me in your back end.

Saraswati S


Bob Howell

Just got home from pretty major open colon resection surgery. I only take time to submit reviews if my experience is extreme. My experience with UNM Hospital was extremely good. From diagnosis to discharge my experience has been exceptional. During diagnosis and evaluation, all the staff of the Gastroenterology clinic were just superb. Dr Christina Ling was very considerate, professional, and courteous. She went out of her way to explain things and keep me informed. My Surgeon, Dr Sarah Popek, and her team were the definition of professional, highly skilled and caring healthcare providers. Everyone on the 6th floor south area was amazing...could not ask for better care during my hospital stay. All my appointments were long wait The hospitals on line 'my heath' portal keeps you informed on all aspects of the healthcare being provided. Thank you for being the outstanding organization that you are.

Melissa Rodriguez

someone knows if they accept presbyterian insurance in this hospital UNM??


an absolute hell, workmans comp denied me treatment and sent me to hell AKA UNMH ER. they recommended me to urgent care but i got denied by a woman with souless eyes behind bullet proof glass rudley told me to go back to ER waiting room, ER then considered me dispatched to urgent but i was forgotten in ER waiting room, battled with drunk vagrants that people were begging to have removed but security was apathetic to our plight. endured level 9 pain was told by another soulless looking tech who bore a pointless stare through me, to take some tylenol in the morning after receiving 8 stitches they finally figured out i was not supposed to be in ER. i always wondered if hospitals treated people in work clothes better the answer is a flat out no. next time i will wear a tuxedo.

K Glover

wow! The doctor just stormed in our room," I was with a patient that has renal failure and hasnt peed in a day, but since you think your daughter's more important lets spend the next 20 mins or so talking about her plan so we can get her home". My kid had/has a very bad rash and has been receiving treatment here after leaving Pres,Thursday night. My husband has asked everyday, several times, "can we get her home cause it looks better and treat her with oral meds?" I understand how that would be annoying but professional staff shouldn't lose their cool.

E Rain

Literally worst traumatizing experience of my life. If you have a car accident ask to go anywhere but here. They treat you like a criminal, leave you in the hallway like a janitor bucket, badly positioned neck brace, don't clean up your wounds and a student doctor grabbed my breasts saying it was part of a medical exam even though I had been to plenty of doctors and have never been touched like that. Over all awful. I had one saving grace of a nurse who adjusted my brace and let me use his phone to call my mother.

Evancia Valencia

Brandi Romero

David Quinn

i went to all the cute hospitals they were rude i never wanted to go to unm, but oh God didnt have a choice, those nurses and doctors were so knowledgeable , i thought i had died and went to haven. iam out of state right now but there is no better place in us other than unm, for every ethnic group.God forever blss you all iam 73 and havent been hospitlized yet. keep up the good work.E.Malory.

Dennis Waters

This place isn't fit to care for animals let alone people. Go anywhere else. Dirty, filthy. E R, unprofessional staff, spent all day in ER for heart issues ! No star rating. Don't want to cuss, so ending it with go anywhere else !

Captain Gigma


Daniel Turner

One star says it all

s Sanchez

This hospital has a guy named Thomas that works in the medical records department that is incompetent for his job. Don't request just 1 record from a department because he'll send the whole record for a life time. When I called to question him about it he answered the phone in a rude demeanor as if it was my fault he can't read the request. He waste everyone's paper, ink, and time! Glad we will never hopefully speak to him again.

Chris Solano

My wife almost gave birth in the parking lot at UNM hospital and no one came to assist. Security was sleeping at the desk. No help what so ever. We finally made it to triage and the nurses were flustered telling my wife not to give birth and to hold the baby in, Crazy!! To top it all off, every bed full in the hospital! Beds were dirty, floors dirty, broken call light, broken reclining chair. Cafeteria food cold. The list goes on and on!! I will never go back to this hospital, worst experience of my life!! They refused a tubal ligation because they had no staff to due the surgery, that’s scary! I’m paint over 10,000 dollars for bad service!!!!

Jade Hoatpants

The er is the worst I was in there for 10 hours 3 different times in pain and throwing up blood in the waiting room and was never seen.

Hectic Productions

No compassion, no concern, save yourself the trouble and go to a different hospital if you want quality care.


Cee Jay

I guess EVS is still on Labor Day vaca...this hospital is gross. I see no cleaners, not even in ER.

John Bynum

Had a bad car accident month earlier. Had been home and discharged for 3 weeks. I fall, have some breathing issues.....I actually called 911 because I as honestly scared. To my review, hands down the biggest conglomerate of a cluster f$&* show I’ve ever seen. First there’s no bedside manner to any level of provider. Because I had an IV, I was not allowed to be with my wife in the waiting room where she was being harassed by homeless people they just let sit in there. Then when asked to have my IV removed they said well they could just discharge me. My wife is a Healthcare provider locally and I wanted her in there to hear the test results. Apparently that’s ALSO not allowed. I got questioned as being an inmate from abq jail while sitting in triage with them where I was placed, Got denied a wheel chair when I clearly can’t walk. Got questioned for “drug seeking behavior” because I knew a little too much about drug interactions ( with 5 broken ribs, a broken sternum and punctured lung) Got sent home with the same meds I had at home, punctured lung and instructions to follow up with my primary care.....oh....and to boot? Labs showing signs of clotting. So please, save yourself the bum infested junkie land of UNM. I will NEVER be back and I highly advise you to go elsewhere also. Pretty sure they payoff ambulance drivers because that’s the only way a human being would be sent there.

Jerry Gomez

4hrs and still waiting. Restrooms are dirty. Nurse called and got them clean.

Philip Trueax

Excellent hospital!

Mandabear Smith

I had a small issue that turned into major surgery. The staff(doctors and nurses and techs) made me and my husband feel so informed and comfortable. Everyone was very professional and caring. They made us feel like family ❤

Andrew Nagem

Very helpful and Conference comprehensive care

samantha ochoa

Worse hospital in the whole state, If you are not at the edge of dying then won’t even bother to check on you. The nurses are rude and when you ask about how much longer and the just say it’s a long wait. I’ve waited six hours and not once did I get check on.

Amanda Maestas

My boyfriend and I waited over 3 hours to be seen and we were told it didn’t matter how long we were here, that the “sickest” people were seen first. Mean while my boyfriend is vomiting waiting to be called back.

magaly Segura

Amazing OBG doctor's and staff

Keir Kemp

This place won’t feed you if you’re vegan. Unless you eat tofu or soy products but to get plain old salad and fruit trays is impossible and they have it. They’ve fed me twice and I’ve been here 3 days and out of the 2 times I ate my nurse Scott purchased me an over priced salad out of the cafeteria once . So leave it to the dieticians I would’ve starved

Luna Love

I went to this hospital from another, once my temp doctor found out I'm half Native American and Hispanic, he said I'll get fat and die and I should find another doctor at my own hospital, not him, then told me to pick up my medicine and pay for the visit and the extra time he gave (he's Persian by his last name, guess racism comes from different ethnicitys). Racist Doctor. I recorded it on my phone.

Vanessa Zavala

I never really write reviews maybe 2 in my life . Just want to commend the Beautiful Experience we got at UNMH when Our daughter delivered there child . Our daughter was there 3 days - our nurses and her mid wife were beyond Amazing Every single one of them. Our Granddaughter was born on 04/20/19 - Beyond Amazing experience- exceeded . Thank you Thank you .

Kathy Trevino

My dad was admitted with a severe infection and has been at UNM Hospital for 5 days now. The Surgeons, Drs, and especially the nurses and technicians have been so awesome! They show they really care by talking to him and explaining what they are doing, why they're doing it and constantly asking how his pain is. They have been really gentle with him. They really make the family feel welcome too and make sure we're comfortable. With as many shift changes that he's been through, they have all shown him such kindness, and I wish I could remember them by name to thank them. It really surprised me the level of care he received and would recommend UNM to anyone needing help.

J.L. A.

This hospital is disgusting I watched the doctor drop a purple glove on the floor in dried up fluid and the.n pick it up put it on and inspect my boyfriends wound....we have been here four hours and they have literally can in inspected and reopened the wound twice and just left

Brown Style

I swear this place makes you stay here for weeks can't go home. They have shity nurses it's a joke an they have people training on your young kids poking them so many times more of a chance for your children to get an infection like they dont really care. They make you sign a paper so that way they don't get in trouble if you kid gets badly sick or infected.

Miguel Magallanes

Gerald Martinez

Pretty good hospital, after visiting my sister after she had her baby it seemed like they were short nurses in the post mother area, I could see that being a improvement making sure they have enough nurses there. Thank You

Michael Brooks

Great service, got well fast there, friendly staff.

Melinda Merriam

UNM Hospital’s emergency room must be overwhelmed and understaffed. You will wait, and wait, and wait. Then you will be seen, put in a curtained room, and wait, and wait, and wait. There are plenty of successful hospitals in Albuquerque. Do yourself a favor and use their emergency rooms. The emergency room needs new management. UNM Hospital needs to step it up.

Yvette Cruz

Not that bad. Staff were friendly but it did take a little while for us to be seen

Hunter Sterling

Very unprofessional. Nurses playing in hall laughing being loud. Never once check on me and my wife . I had to ask them for things . Because they never check on us .

Mariarose Cordova

I just don't know what to think about how much the quality of the care can vary so greatly from shift to shift. The lack of respect towards a patient can also vary greatly depending on the staff at the time. It's so disheartening to see my adult daughter who is pregnant and has epilepsy be treated so badly here at times. Also, there was a patient bleeding out in the front main lobby of the hospital and when I alerted security they called someone to clean it up however, they continued to just let people walk right in front of them directly through the blood as they stayed seated behind their desk. I went up to the 4th floor, sat in the waiting area with my daughter for a bit then remembered that I had forgotten something in the car. When I got back down to the lobby there were no cones around the bloody walkway and people were still walking right through it. Security was on the phone and not responding. So after averting a few people from stepping in the blood, I just pulled the trash can out and put it at one end of the mess. Then I walked to the end of the security counter reach behind and pulled the big yellow cone out and put it at the other end. Unreal that they couldn't have done this right away so that less people would have stepped on it and tracked it further. Who knows what is in the blood and how many have it on their shows now...

Theresa Sandoval-weaver

They have always been fantastic with grandson. Respectful, caring and understanding.

Jamie Roe

I have never seen a hospital where patients who were in a car wreck and taken from the scene of the accident by ambulance in C-collars were brought in by wheel chair and made to wait in line for triage with every other walk-in patient!!! And then made to wait in the main waiting room with everyone and their families, being made to feel on display with C-collars and everything!! I was brought in at 3pm and not discharged until 2am!!! Completely unacceptable! Wish I could give zero stars. And the triage nurse, Amanda S, was very rude and demeaning

Jennifer Marchiselli

April Montoya

They wait is ridiculous 3 hours and counting. I just wanna know what my results are and leave. To much of a waist of time

Tatiana Padilla

If you care about your life and the life of your unborn children DO NOT GIVE BIRTH HERE


Filthy. Avoid.

Mayra Gomez

If I could rate negative stars I would.. experiencing this hospital from both sides as a patient and business, they suck! 14 hour ER wait, ridiculous... you call to set up appointments and get put on hold for hours and if they happen to answer they transfer you elsewhere to wait another hour, that is if they haven't hung up on you already! Very poor service

Scott Jackson

UPDATE HAD TO GO BACK LAST WED. 5 SOUTH HAS A LARGE GROUP OF NuRSES THAT WILL TRY TO MURDER YOU. I BEG THEM TO DISPUTE THIS FACT. I WAS TOLD TO GO BACK TO SLEEP AFTER EXPERIENCING STROKE SYMPTOMS . WAS MADE FUN OF,AGAIN. THE ENTIRE NURSING STAFF ON 5 SOUTH AND ICU SHOULD BE IN PRISON. MORE THAN HAPPY TO GIVE M9RE DETAILS TO HELP SAVE LIVES. If you see Derek- run in the opposite direction. Beg for anyone else to help. He will try to kill you He has no compassion and should be fired, but staff only believes staff, so good luck. If you have any other option take it. Go to Denver or phoenix. Health care at unm is an oxymoron. The absolute worst nursing staff on the planet. The doctors are quite good, but the nursing staff has no understanding of compassion or empathy. Derek is "perfect" and will allow you to leave and risk your life a day after brain surgery just so he doesn't have to help you and Jason in the ICU are particularly evil and seem to get great joy out of making sick people suffer. They would fit in better working for satan. They spend there whole shifts playing on there phones and to simply ask for your meds is such an inconvenience. They should show they are compassionate or be fired.


Amanda Amanda

Tuffy Turda

Horrible place. I went in numerous of times. misdiagnosed me and weren't taking me seriously.

wanda z

I have used UNM and their clinics for decades. Have ALWAYS received remarkable, exceptional care. My GP is Dr. Valerie Carrejo at the 4th St North Valley Clinic. My brother had been seriously ill for years requiring 2 emergency hospitalizations. As his care giver I stayed on top of his care like a hawk. ALWAYS excellent care,and I was kept informed of his treatment and progress. The number to call 272-2111. I'm really surprised at all the negative comments. Another made a very important. We need to monitor our health and get appropriate care ASAP. Get a personal family doctor, get an appoitment to see them first. Go to urgent care if you made a mistske and had't contacted your family Dr. The ER is for emergencies.

Sky Lane

From the ambulance drivers to the staff in the emergency room to the cardio ICU service dog and best friend was listening and accommodated by UNM Hospital staff thank you

Fidel Lucero

Joleen Brown

Worst Emergency Room Ever! Go anywhere before going to the U.N.M. Emergency room. Heck go to the local herbal store. They will help better than the Emergency room at U.N.M.

Big PayBacck

Carlo Genaro

lame beast4011

osmara gonzalez

Tammy Cochran

I was having problems with my breathing and chest pain and I went to UNM and I couldn't find anywhere to park close to the emergency room. Well after I was in the ER, my wait time was nine hours!!! I couldn't believe sitting in the ER for nine hours! They don't do that to you in other state's. There you get in and out with a correct diagnosis. Here they didn't even know what was wrong with me!!!! I will never go there again!!

Eli Rivera

I would never recommend this place to anyone. They have absolutely no communication skill. The doctor didn't do the operation right. When the actual doctors come in they have no idea what occured

veronica romero

Broke my foot the doctor had no relief, they think everyone's hooked on pain pills still suffering thanks north valley clinic

Patricia Naranjo

They tell you exactly what they're doing to you, and when you can get medication. Prompt and efficient.

Willie Martinez

The care I received was the best!

Cameron McIntire

George Alarcon

I had 10 hours waiting at emergency and never get attention. Got Surgery, was told me to come back if feeling worst such, bad service


Kance Joe

Jake S

I feel so bad for anyone who has to come here .... I don’t think they are understaffed because I watched two nurses one in red one in blue talking about there social life .... while no one can come and attach me back to my machine asking “ you didn’t have your blood pressure cuff on “ well hello you haven’t been in to do it .... a little busy talking about what you did last night ... I guess during a shift change no one can see anyone? I think you need to schedule a few Drs at different times so that patients don’t have to sit in pain while we wait for the sift change ... I don’t get it ? and we pay for this insurance maybe I should have tried the one in Rio Rancho damn

Reagan Booth

Been in the er waiting room for over 8 hrs now still no dr or in a room

Wendy Pester

Update: it's midnight and I'm still waiting to be seen. I'm from out of state and need treatment, it's not as if I can go to my doctor back in Pennsylvania. University of New Mexico Hospital is a disgrace. I arrived at their urgent care st 9:30 am. Three hours later I was rolled over to their ER. It is currently 6:37pm and just heard there's an 8.5 hour wait time. They've taken blood twice, did 2 breathing treatments and checked my vitals 4 times. Why are they not diverting to other hospitals. Absolutely appalled.

Albert Abeita

For as much money as this hospital gets from Medicaid and other private insurance and state funding, you'd think they'd have money to buy new hospital beds. This is unacceptable considering the fact I just had open heart surgery and now dealing with a pleural effusion. They stuffed blankets behind my bed to sit me up right because this bed is out of date and probably unsafe. If this bed falls back and I get hurt best believe someone's getting sued it's ridiculous.

Matthew Romero

Great place to learn and grow ... Lots of good people...

angelique sedillo

Great doctors and super amazing, attentive staff but horrendous security. Eddy was horribly rude to me and my family during an ER visit. We were forcefully escorted from the patient room and yelled at down the hall as we were complying with orders. Extremely disappointed and completely unprofessional. Hope I never have to deal with this bs again.

Jenn Padilla

Melissa Candelaria

My mom was in medical ICU her nurse Nichole was a very awesome nurse very helpful to my mother's needs.. keep up the good work all other staff nurses should learn from her politeness and caring for patients thank you Nicole

Alejandro Beltran

Came into emergency put us in a room and just kept us here for more than 8 hours. Took blood and some test when we berly came in. And they just keep coming and checking up. No doctor comes and tells us nothing. Its very stressful.

Sabrina Thomas

i have s.v.t and unm has helped me from diagnosis to planning surgery. they have been so nice and helpful.

Justin L

Ryan L

This place has an amazing staff and group of providers who I believe really do care. Everytime that I have been here I was treated with respect and my concerns were taken seriously. The nursing staff is one amazing group!

Anselmo Cox

Jordyn Ferrari

Like all ER’s in Albuquerque there is a lack of care for patients and the wait time is way pst what it should be. Something needs to be done. Patients are neglected to be seen for up to 9.5 hours. Wether they are bleeding, in severe pain, or just have a cold. No one is being taken care of.

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