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REVIEWS OF Turquoise Lodge Hospital IN New Mexico

Jesse valentine Prather

The staff will help you with any and all you substance issue. Great consoling and therapy.

Teresa Torres

I just got go yesturday, if knew what I know now would not went there. If I rate turquoise lodge is a scam from the first you go and leave. Some of the staff where offull and mean If there was a 0 I rate that. They detox but don't put thur rehab.☹

Arturo Montoya

I believe that if a person wants the help , they will go thur it all no matter what . Its all up to the person no excuses about nothing ...excuses are just a way of been weak. Be brave people Have some hope ........Torquoise is a good place and its medical .. NO EXCUSES If you want to get better you will.......... I did

Fenix Toralen

Great place to get help with addiction if your are seeking it. Make sure and call in and get on the waiting list. They may have immediate open beds but it could also take a few weeks. A nurse will call you for an evaluation and let you know more. Also check out MATS on

Y Montoya

four people i know were accepted right away , detoxed and then kicked out

Christina A

I’d like to Thank turquoise Trail Lodge for everything.

Richard Samuel

I had a brief glimpse at a couple of the reviews. I was there ... The staff was AWESOME ... the food was better than what I eat at home ... Jail food? Whoever posted that needs to check him/herself. This place is paid to help you with an addiction, not to wine & dine you. I give it 2 thumbs up.

John Kirby

The facility isn't great. The food is terrible. The staff seems pretty detached and even a little bored. The smoke breaks are unbearably few and far between. But the worst part of this rehab program is the people that focus on all of that information and use it as an excuse to leave or not get better. I went to Turquoise Lodge in June of 2014. July 04, 2014 was my last dose of Subutex. I'll be 2 years clean this upcoming July and I owe it to Turquoise Lodge. To those of you that need a rehab but can't afford it, Turquoise Lodge is the way to go. It isn't the Hilton. Or the Ritz. Or Passages Malibu. But as I said while I was there, "It's damn fine for the price you pay to get in." I encourage anyone who needs help to go there, find the help you need, and live your life again. Good luck. John

Chris Ronning

Sarah Wood

IOP is wonderful! I can't speak for the other programs but the intensive outpatient program is well designed and facilitated by very caring and knowledgeable counselors. It is expensive ($600+ for uninsured) but they are very flexible with payment plans. It is a safe place to work through a mryiad of issues (family, relationships, stress/anger/depression etc.) And applicable to all life aspects beyond addiction. The is expensive if you don't have Medicaid, they require each member to do individual therapy sessions with a psychiatrist and get involved in AA/NA which is time consuming, and the 16 weeks with various afternoon hours can be cumbersome for individuals who have a job that has to accommodate the meetings. My impression overall: amazing staff!!! Ideal program and is a safe place to be honest about everything to get the help needed.

Jennifer Urban

DON'T TRUST THIS PLACE WITH YOUR LIFE! Staff left me with most Horrible experience of my life. Its a prison! They make you worse then you were.

Carol Miller

I was admitted in May 2015 and 4 years later I’m still sober!!! They helped me so much. They kept me busy the whole time which was good. All the staff was awesome. I am so grateful for turquoise. Thank you! You saved my life.

Sawlid Temperr

I was told there would be medicine to help with the withdrawals and there would be counseling. Most of the staff is quite nice. But I was in severe pain and was given ibuprophen. I literally was given some non-working medication and left in a room to go through the most horrible withdrawals. I kept telling them the medicine didn't work , and they didn't do anything about it. Then they had the audacity to wake me up and abruptly to go to meetings that had NOTHING to do with addiction. SO I spent most of my days laying in bed just wanting one moment of comfort. Again most of the staff was nice but the few were so rude telling me to get out of bed -- then if I didn't go eat in the mess-hall I couldnt have a smoke break. I literally spent my time looking at the clock waiting for a smoke break. And that was just detox, when really you wanted to get accepted for the 21 day rehab. They had no beds available, so in a nice way I was told to leave and to contact other places. And at that point I still was in withdrawal. So I am still withdrawling, miserable and now have to find some place else in hopes they have openings for in-patient. It's kind of like somebody saying you are not valuable enough for help when I BEGGED for it -- and with a smile, I had to leave. Food is like jail food, not good not bad. Most staff very pleasant but they don't do anything besides take vitals. And the medication they give you does absolutely nothing except at night they give you something to sleep, then you get you up in the morning [sometimes rudely] to get up and go to breakfast. The meetings were nonsense, and the doctors do not really do anything. I am saddened by this experience. Now I have to sit around and call other places -- starting at the same time. Within 45 minutes of being out of there, I already had gotten something to kill the withdrawals -- so basically I am no better off than I was before. Saddening simple saddening.

Alexandria Gutierrez

My dad had to go for about a month, I thank god they are helping him.

Suumer Cornelius

HORRIBLE!!!! My HIPA rights were violated on more than one occasion... Worst experience of my life! I left there worse off than when i entered... SMH!!

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