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REVIEWS OF Roosevelt General Hospital IN New Mexico

Dario Chavez

I visited the RGH Clinic and the staff was very friendly and professional! It fills up quickly though, so go early.

biff johnson

I come here a lot. Luckily it’s nothing major, but it’s a nice small hospital. My only issue is in recovery the don’t have tomato juice. For some reason after I come out of sedation I always want tomato juice and I have to settle for orange juice.

Audrey Holgerson

This facility has rehabilitated me after a few surgeries and continuing spine problems. The therapists are always kind and professional.

Laura Disney

I had to make a trip to the ER. The nurse was very helpful and friendly. The doctor was rude and disrespectful. He made me feel like I was wasting his time. I went to the ER because I felt the need to go. I'm not the tpye to run to the doctor for every little thing. Thumbs down for the doctor.

Cory Chase

Ridiculous wait times even when you have an appointment.

Brittany Breton

Drive to Clovis if you're not feeling well you might die waiting on RGH to get it together.

Lisa&jesse Mata

They r very respectful nd professional

Amilee Gomez

I went in to the ER with severe tonsillitis and the nurse had me out of the waiting room and in a bed with swabs and temp taken in under 10 minutes. She was super nice and sweet and Dr. Hochhauser was just as amazing. He explained a few of the different treatments I could get to reduce the inflammation and pain I was having. He prescribed me a different antibiotic when I told him the ones I've been taking weren't helping. It's been about 20 hours since my visit and I already feel insanely better and I am now able to eat and drink again without pain. Thank you so much!!!

Danyka Chaves

Honestly this place is horrible. Anytime we have an emergency in the family we are very hesitant to go Here. I have spent hours Here to get misdiagnosed went to a real doctor and was instantly diagnosed within minutes. I have had the same issues with my sister And grandmother. Awful waiting times, my grandmother who was having chest pains was told to sit in the lobby and wait and turns out she was having a heart attack. She was in the hospital with sepsis and was sent home the next day not feeling any better what so ever and made no progress until days later when we took her to a different doctor. If you have another option go to a different hospital but if you have to I guess this place will do.

bobby Gorman

Best hospital around, patient doctors and spent time needed! I could not be happier with the service received at Roosevelt General. They do everything they can to ensure you are seen quickly and diagnosed properly. I haven't been to a clinic or hospital that cares as much as this group does on their patients!

Gabriella Armenta

If you've been here then you already know. I do not recommend this place at all. I know Lubbock is far but just trust me and go there instead. The receptionist is nice and professional but I cannot say the same for the others.

Kenzie G

No one in the waiting room when we came in, no one has come in since, still have been waiting for close to an hour. There is no one here. There is no conceivable reason a wait should be this long.

Kristine Nickell

My mom went into emergency they wouldn't listen to her run any test sent her home.. said she was fine ..she pasted away at home..they need to be held accountable and do there job.


Even if you had a screw driver stuck in your head and bleeding out, I would think about going to Lubbock. Honestly, the ER Doctor here is comically bad. If you want to live, go elsewhere.

Matthew Sena

Er Dr. and nurses were amazing!! However when I was admitted at night the attitude and willingness to show compassion from the nursing staff including there lead nurse Charlie was not acceptable by any means! I would be asking questions and Iris would give me the cold shoulder and walk out of the room. I have my girlfriend here worried about me and asked to talk to the lead nurse and she comes and turns on all the lights. I asked Charlie politely to close them because my girlfriend needed to get some rest cause she has been up with me all night. The way Charlie handled this situation was of the utmost disrespect. She said she wouldn’t talk to me if she didn’t have the light on. I have never been treated worse by a nursing staff than I was with Charlie and Iris!!!! Go ANYWHERE else!! So bad I had to add to it. Iris is unprofessional and would’nt t answer any questions. She just repeated herself till she left and I was still talking while she was walking out. The most in professional nursing staff I have ever witnessed. They are here for patients not the other way around! Fed up and Someone has to do something about these disrespectful practices!!!

Travis Munsell

My wife asked the dr for things to help calm her from throwing up. Wife asked for a blanket or even an iv and they told her no. The dr came in and when she asked why she couldnt have this stuff that she can see why this place has 2 stars the dr told her "this is my er if you dont like it you can get out!" I recommend noone going there unless u wanna have to flirt with the dr in order to even get a freaking blanket

William Bittick

Worst hospital I’ve ever been too. No one In The waiting room made me wait over an hour. Had bad gout and made me walk wouldn’t offer me a chair until after I had walked half to the beds. The nurse chewed me out and asked me why I didn’t see a pcp. I told her that it came on fast and didn’t have a chance too. Told her I was on allopurinol and she informed me that was all they were going to do for me... didn’t realize nurses offered diagnoses. And then I had to sit and listen to the nurses at the station make fun of me and another patient who was in the er. Avoid this place like the plague.

Alexis Bingaman

Just left there. Great staff. Amazing facility. They have great care given to patients. Not disappointed at all!

Melissa Arguello

Was just informed of a bill for a yearly exam last January, never got one in the mail before I was turned over to a collection agency. At the time I only had family planning insurance, yet I heard nothing about this. Not even when I had full coverage and this could have been dealt with. Frustrated beyond!!!

Re Hill

I have only met one good provider in this hospital and medical clinic. I always get poor care at this emergency room,so I go elsewhere unless it is a real emergency. One time in the ER, they gave me a pain drug that I told them I am allergic to, and I got really sick. The doctors in this hospital and clinic are not very smart about medicine. Only one provider there gives me fairly good care. I can't even give this facility or it's clinic a full star. It won't let me give anything less than a full star.

Scott Hassett

My daughter is attending Eastern NM University there in Portales. She neglected to eat breakfast one morning and had a fainting spell. University clinic sent her to the ER at Roosevelt and they must have seen a young, unattended, female college student coming from a mile away and they WHACKED us. They did every procedure in the book and then, even though they are in-network with our insurance, the "network discount" was a puny 10%. The estimated in-network cost for similar procedures at hospitals in Clovis or Hobbs is only a fraction of what Roosevelt is charging. All I have to say is don't have an emergency anywhere near Portales, NM.

Rachel Tripp

RGH was terrible I went there on a Saturday, when their hours are from 10am to 6pm. I got there around 4:30 and was told "the doctor isn't accepting anymore patients." How can a doctor not accept patients. Needless to say I will never be going back.

Julie Montano

The RGH Physical Therapy is the best! It's definitely worth the wait to get an appointment. Very friendly and helpful staff. I would rather drive to Portales then to stay in Clovis for Physical Therapy. The RGH clinic is also great when you call for an appointment they can usually get you in the next day.

Ryan Nordgren

Great community hospital. The operating room staff are kind, caring, and compassionate. Wonderful to feel cared for.


I was the ONLY person in the waiting room and waited two hours. During that time a person who works there called a made up patient. Needless to say, Ima Dork didn't answer her call. What a terrible place.

Clay Gartin

There's some good Dr's here

Addison Robbins

One person can ruin your whole view of a place no matter how good everyone else MIGHT be, and I’ll guarantee you she will do it. Jori Watson is trash, at best. It’s unbelievable she has a job at a hospital. Pathetic!

Chad Nance

makenzie banister

I don't even want to give this place a full star, it would be one thing if one person I knew was misdiagnosed once in their life, but every single time one of my family members has gone into this place, their answers have been nothing but false. When my son has emergencies I hesitate to take him to the E.R. but I have no other option. They hardly run tests and just assume their illness, and prescribe unnecessary meds. Luckily, I trust his pediatrician and ALWAYS get a second opinion ASAP and, to no surprise, he winds up being misdiagnosed, and actually has something totally different. Clovis E.R. is the same way. I truly hope something is done with these places whether it starts at the hospital or the educators that teach these "doctors". I am beyond upset with the way my son has been treated each time I take him in, as well as other family members.

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