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REVIEWS OF Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center IN New Mexico

Jim Cucci

VA has improved dramatically over the past few years. It's about human beings now, not all focused on what policy dictated before.

Sean Burk

The staff is wonderful. They look after everyone that comes in and treats them all with respect.

Chuck McCoy

Bonifacio Luna

Very good

Jason Taylor

Couldn't get a hold of anyone.... Typical government BS

Jesse Navarro

Cindy Lancaster

John Ames

Great hospital with awesome staff.

Ryan Proctor

Some doctors are good, others lack the ability to be human and treat the veteran with respect.

David Gurule

I just have to go in there with kid gloves and treat everybody like their babies and you're their subordinate and you'll be okay

Butch Craven

Rich Gallant


Rachel Danczyk

Daniel Lugo

Ray Ray

The worst VA I have ever been and I have been to many. Total incompetence and lack of communication between depts. Computer system needs to have all nationwide computers tied in together. Takes months to get travel pay. I try not to go there unless I have to, the stress dealing with this VA is enormous.

Hermes Santiago - MSW, MBA

Easy location to find

laura aroz

larry bakke

Bruce E.

The wait is usually longer than preferred, but I've alway gotten excellent service and am happy with my care here.

Richard Garcia

Great care given every time I have appointments.

Victor Mendoza

Provides top notch care to Veterans living in New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Glenda Sasse

My husband gets excellent care here.

Don Morris

Life savings

Jon Pierce

I been in New Mexico sense may . I’m in Farmington. First not only will they not treat my service connected injuries I have a complete tear in my left knee and an infection as well I have a voicemail from the nurse stating she dr Bynum saying she knows about the infection and doesn’t care to do anything about it. The mri was on the 5 th October I waited 4 months the cd was sent to Albuquerque the 8th didn’t get loaded into the system until the 24th my hand is so swollen I can’t make a fist both my elbows look like a golf ball on the end I can’t bend my right knee. Been to the er twice the San Juan hospital they’ve been so awesome ,but they say they can only stabilize me I need to be seen by my primary dr but she already stated by nurse mat she not going to test so know . I like many others have to suffer. I also cannot believe that they carry a true rating on their reviews. Also al in Patient avocet he said I can always go somewhere else. I can’t work or buy insurance so the va is sadly my only choice.

Mark Gordon

i don't get it, the people that say this place is TERRIBLE, have no idea how 99% of the staff here will bend over backwards for these veterans. I guess they only see the bad in everything. Trust me when I say, the medical staff here, may not be the greatest in the world, but I damn sure know they care about our veterans and will do everything in their power to help these vets get better. So before you go spreading your hateful reviews, just know that THEY LOVE OUR VETERANS, and that's what matters!

Eulalio Rodriguez

Come see what they have offer Veterans patient. It is great place to visit.

madison Akins

Truly sad that I'm writing this review and wish I could give negative Stars. this must be the worst VA in the United States. I can't believe their actual individuals working at a VA hospital that do not care about the veterans. Ginormous disappointment to those who served us. It was definitely worth it to get private insurance and pay

Michael Norman

Very accessible.

Gary Johnson

Mo O

Amazing experience with excellent care in several units.

Darren Phillips

I had ankle surgery there and it was the best hospital I had ever been to. Dr Walker was the best. Very caring people. I'm not sure about other VA hospitals but I have heard horror stories so was a little apprehensive. I was very happy I went.

Larry Chavez

Bobbie Junge

Very honored to set among these heroic veterans. Their sacrifices should never go unappreciated. Staff at the VA is great. The Drs are the top of their field. Chaplains are always available. They are all truly caring folks who know they are serving the best our country has to offer. Ever feel sorry for yourself? Come see the strength you find in the VA. Thank you all for your service!

Jerrie Lawson

Currently there and haven't been seen in over 20 minutes. triage sucks.

James Hines III

Jim Williams

I have received excellent treatment in many of the departments in this facility. I have no complaints.

Bryan Mclean

Dr. George Higgins is a joke and a liar! We have proof that he lied to the VA, he took one look at us and made a decision of what he was going to do. The staff on the fourth floor truly need a tune up! It's like walking into a twilight zone. These people obviously hate their jobs, and I can only imagine how they ended up there? The blatant lack of knowledge medical or just common sense is astronomical!!!! My husband has very obvious issues, and this doctor lied about all of them. Too bad for him that we have proof that he lied......... This place is a complete joke! I feel sorry for the people who have to use this facility as their primary care! On that note the staff on the first floor are fabulous and probably should run the fourth floor! Courteous, polite and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. unfortunately they don't and resulted in a horrible experience at this facility! It's not right to call it a medical facility or hospital as it does not live up to the standards that Doctors are meant to uphold. There is no oath in this facility.

Kevin Thom

Have the best for veterans

Michael Archibeque

Gloria Brown

Really helpful an respectful place

Tony Sanchez

Monica McCray

Janice Dickert-Schuster

Jose Valdez

Great service and treatment with the best doctors.


Dr Chunk is extremely uncaring impatient and inept.

Michael Lam

I have come here for years and have received a mixture of good and bad service. Most of the staff is pretty friendly. This facility is far more better than the VA in New Orleans though. Plenty of parking even on the side streets. Disabled accessible. I got a new staff doctor and the lack of care continues. I am in so much pain. If I had the money, I would go to another hospital for care.

James Cathey

This va sucks ... If the staff cared for the vets as much as they cared for themselves it might be worth the effort...

El Chingón

I had an emergency gallbladder surgery on Monday, at the Raymond G. Murphy VA hospital, the staff took very good care of me, from diagnosis through surgery and discharge a day later. The accomadations were impressive. Thank you to all of the VA doctors and nurses that helped care for me, and make my stay comfortable.

Smoke Bud

Best hospital in town.

Lily Brannigan

They do not cater to female vets with trauma in any way. There are no safe spaces for us to wait for appointments and we are often left alone with over 20 men in most areas of the hospital. For any woman who has been through sexual trauma at the hands of a fellow service member, just a warning that you will be subject to an environment where your anxiety and stress will be multiplied. There are not enough female primary care doctors, therapists, or psychiatrists at this hospital. And the pharmacy staff will call you names and hang up on you if you ask for a female representative. Not female vet friendly at all.

James Dulong

I am a new patient to the VA medical system. My involvement with the Albuquerque VA has been excellent since day 1. The staff, volunteers and my support team have been nothing short of amazing. Compared to the private health sector, this has been the most positive experience.

James Matthews

Vincent Fortunato

The worst VA I have ever viisted

Arthur Harris


Avren Anthony

Thank you for the service. You guys have helped me to be healthy for years now much appreciated! Thank you very much to all staff!

Alicia Colon

As an employee too much sexual harrassment and people getting you in trouble only by rummors... if this place had a 0.0 or -0 review i will give it to this VA... is the worst VA in the hole United States im Daughter if a Purple Heart militar and i was born in a Military base abroad.... this Hospital is a shame for Veterans Zero quality service for Veterans and Employees...

April Alphord


Great place

Eric Price

Raymond Rose

Shy why Thecomedian

We really have never had a bad issue at the VA Hospital. Everyone is always so pleasant and helpful

adam astorga

This is an untrustworthy facility. They are all crooks from the bottom up. I know the VA is a good organization but this hospital needs a reform and don't expect the director to solve any problems he is just gonna allow the mistreatment to continue

Don Pellegrino

Moved to area 4 years ago. I checked in to transfer my records. Everything went well and I got my appointment with primary in 2 weeks. I have been extremely happy with the care and staff . Had surgery to replace a knee and everything and everyone was fantastic. Thanks.

Nadine Nagamatsu

Walked in to get setup

Mark Engi

Sean G. O'Mara Sr.

Excellent service with the dental group, in particular, Nichole!

AL Cunejo-Rubio

Rema Jay

I can honestly say that the this was one of the most pleasurable visits that I have had in a long long time. First time meeting with new primary care physician and he seemed to genuinely care. The nurse was polite and so we're the clerks. I even had to eat at the cafeteria which had a nice variety of foods.

Courtney Hewes


Richard Rockett

Medical staff are compassionate, caring, and very capable.

Jane Besel

Superb care and caring, committed staff.

Tim King

Richard A Camacho

Wayne G Rice

Been very helpful to me and my medical needs


2/2 stars for efficiency - Got in to see someone 2 weeks after I requested the appointment, even though I have heard stories of wait times exceeding 3 MONTHS. 2/2 stars for a good doctor - I expected a poorly trained, frazzled (albeit well-meaning) doctor but ours was calm, efficient, thorough, and definitely seemed to know what she was doing. 0/1 stars for ease of access - I had to walk over half a mile to actually reach the clinic doors because their parking lot was so small the overflow was at least 500 cars. Wish I was kidding, but it really was that bad. Cars were parked bumper-to-bumper on the side of the road, in some cases blocking other vehicles. According to the front desk, that was normal.

Jose Rodriguez Ortiz

Jose Deanda

I get excellent, prompt attention, a friendly atmosphere...

angelique anderson

Very poor service for our veteran today! My father checked in to the ER today and finally left after 4 +hours. He is a high risk patient who was just admitted 2 weeks ago and received a blood transfusion due to his condition. Please tell me how this ER is so short staffed that it takes this long to see a patient?! I have been a nurse for 25 years and it's sad to hear the VA can't do a better job!!

Adam Gonzales

F. Woods

If it's after hours you can forget about even leaving a message for your primary care doctor... kept getting nowhere when I called to find out why my meds had disappeared on my prescription list. Couldn't even leave a message. Also, still at least a 3 month wait for care. I am in pain and the doctor wanted to send me to physical therapy and the first appointment I could get was 3 months in the future. Meanwhile, screw me and my pain. Nothing has changed.

Dina Harmon

The Women's Clinic is top notch! They are always patient, caring, and helpful. I truly appreciate the outstanding staff.

dawn chase

The care given to the veterans here is remarkable. I am surprised at what is offered that you will not receive in the civilian sector like Presbyterian.

Brenton Nick

Kim Winkler

My husband has been to several departments for the past couple of years and they are always efficient and timely with gracious employees. I think ABQ VA must be one of the best our there.

Don Conger

I've been treated respectfully and professionally at the VA Hospital in Albuquerque NM.

Chris Davalos

Wait times are long

s f. sr

Felicia Chavez

They give you the then around when it comes to billing information. The employees I tried asking questions with were rude. The parking in the area has little cameras for vehicle safety after all the taxes we pay. My father was not given proper meals, the blueberry pancakes were grey. Their are no berries just looked like grey powder was.poured into pancake mix, it was disgusting.

sherry Tufaner

My dad was placed in the Palliative Care unit and I had to deal with Linda Horowitz social worker. Linda was very rude all she cared about was free up a bed. She tried to place my dad where he would never get any visitors and she said to me I dont care. She should be fired and soon!!!


This VA did not give me my meds I needed that were prescribed out of state at another VA clinic. I was told by my first PC that she could only see me for one issue at a time. She misdiagnosed me. Set me for glasses I do not need. The Staff never placed copies of my blockage in file dealing with my heart. I finally got a new PC who did no exam even though I told him I was bleeding. I told him about the referral for cardiology and he told me that my labs looked great, never showed me them and further stated that "You guys always say you have something but never provide the paperwork". I told him I gave copies to the main hospital and he said that they were not there. He told me the same thing as the first PC that he did not have time to address all my medical needs and he would see me next year.

Gina Aragon

Staff is definitely focused on patient care.

Joel King

No waiting to get immediate service from Dr Morales in dermatology. Best healthcare I've ever had.

Fernando Natachu

Care provided is good. How ever the travel reimbursement office is slow. I have to travel two hours to be seen. As of today I have not received my reimbursement. It has been been four weeks.

dee boss

Fast and helpful

Gus Garcia

My wife received great service at the ED. Thank you.

Chris Moseman

Really bad experience in mental health with the psychiatrist. The rest of the hospital was great, but for the mental health experience, I have to give one star. I feel so grateful to have moved away and no longer have to use this facility, and if I still lived there, I’d use my insurance to find a civilian psychiatrist. These burned out VA employees need to find work elsewhere that will satisfy them and stop collecting a check like a welfare case.

Tiffany Simeral


At PT saw me right a way and work my shoulder good.

Amber Harrison

Take good care of my husband, quick usually. Good drs

Shaun West

krispy dolla

Getting out of this place is a nightmare

Charles Bell

Excellent, caring assistance over many years. There are some of the finest people I have ever met working there.

Mark Dodge


Ismael Ramirez

These people are a Godsend they are the reason I'm still alive and breathing I owe them my life


Excellent medical care for the last 12 years. Air Force veteran.

Glenn Johnson

I have been getting my medical treatment here since I moved to ABQ just over two years ago. I didn't like the first male PC doctor they gave me but I was soon switched to a new one and she is fine. I haven't had dealings in many of the departments but the ones I have been seen by have all been competent and courteous. Parking can be a hassle at times but then a lot of people visit the hospital so it's to be expected.

Wyetta Bardley

Dominic Blaze

Doing better, didn't have to wait 6 mos.

Vedo Granado

Good service

Rush Walker

They seem as though they are well trained and offer excellent service to the veterans that come here. A great veterans hospital.

Xenophon 42

Moved here from Cincinnati. The Cincinnati VA facility I had been using was wonderful, they were able to get me in in a timely manner, and I received top-notch treatment. But since I transferred my records here, I have had nothing but problems scheduling appointments, getting treatment, or even getting someone to reply to my messages and have had nothing but headaches dealing with their mistakes. I am now using the Veteran's Choice program because I have so little confidence in the treatment I would receive at this facility.

James Stephens

My lab girl was in today

Richard Daniells

No horror stories. I've always been taken care of here.

Jesse F

I could drive just an hour and a half to El Paso but the VA hospital in Albuquerque is so great, in almost every aspect, that I choose to travel the 3 and a half hours it takes to get there from home. I'll start with the "bad" just because it's not a big deal for me (as I know it is for others, and for good reason) so I want to get it out of the way. The parking situation is kind of a nightmare, but once you get the hang of it (AKA immediately go to overflow and park...if you find a spot closer on your way...God bless) it's not so bad. Everything else about the hospital is outstanding. I've been to a fair few VA hospitals and clinics and Albuquerque's, by far, is my favorite. In Dallas and El Paso the staff and even the volunteers were outright mean at times. I understand their workload must be insane, but this isn't necessarily the patients' fault. There is no such attitude from the staff or volunteers at the Albuquerque VA. Everyone seems to genuinely care. Efficiency is next level as well. I'm sure this is nation-wide, but they've really taken to it in Albuquerque. I know that, for me personally, being told I'm an efficient worker is the best compliment I can receive. These guys take the cake. Keep up the good work! See you in a few months!

Alex Romero

Helped me get my benefits in order.

Michael Crabtree

I work here so my rating is going to be totally biased.


As a female VETERAN I have been treated with respect. I am sorry for the way some feel they were treated. I am very grateful for the treatment and services that I have received from the VA and the Raymond G Murphy VA Medical Center. I have always had honesty and treatment options. I believe that the best way to get the best of what you need is to ask questions. Ask about your treatment options, ask for help in the things you don't understand. You can be a great advocate for your health and care. Do not take "I DON'T KNOW" for an answer. Tell them "GET ME SOMEONE WHO DOES HAVE AN ANSWER"

Tammy Griego

Betty Bless

Veteran hospital.

Robert Vasilian

I have had nothing but excellent care in the specialty clinics

Victor Mike Golf

The VA is not treated fairly in the media. Yes, there are issues, but I've never personally witnessed any thing negative. I'm always treated well.

William Lutz

Best VA care to date. In 20 years of travel about the USA, this has been the best facility and care by far. Efficient top notch primary care, bladder surgery through Urology department was super great, pharmacy was fast, efficient, and the mail refill service never failed me. Myhealthevet works well with this Hospital. Good communication with me, the veteran. Good catholic mass schedule. Good little retail store. Cafeteria, not so good. Starbucks is a plus. -CPO US Navy Retired

Jimmie Brittain

Excellent....,!!! Thanks

Jesse Finarelli

Josiah Allen

Very fast service and down to earth. Then again it was a Saturday evening.

Samuel Marion

Tim Frazee

Improvement s have been made, since the first time I came here.

Al Schryvers

Apmt today only to find out podiatry had cancelled it, without notifying me, they regrettably saw me, but doctor kept saying he had lot of patients, he was asking me what they should do, when it should have been telling me what he could for my foot. I had surgery Feb 14th on my right foot tendon, see no change and I asked what the surgery was supposed to accomplish as I have never been, told and I never got an answer. Still have problems and they wanted to push me out 3 months for my next apmt. This operation was a farce since the beginning, foot still swellen and they said be a year before it woul get better. Doctor did operation is gone, think he was a quack. Never talked to me once after the operation.

space boat

My grandpa was a patient at the va a couple months ago in the icu and he had a nurse named heather I think her last name was Carlton or something like that. My family found her to be very short with my grandpa, her attention seemed to be other than answering the questions we had about his care. She was very rude and unprofessional. We have never complained about anything but the more we have thought about it the more we don’t appreciate the way she treated our family as a whole.

John Clegg

Been going to this VA for few years and is a great VA.

Sheri Smith

To: Raymond G Murphy VA Medical Center This letter is to inform you of the wonderful service that my husband has received from all the programs and patient services at this great medical center. I know from experience that other VA Medical Centers cannot compare to you. From the Doctors, Nurses, MA’s, Office, Lab and Cafeteria Staff and Volunteers, you are truly a professional, personable and caring organization. We also were amazed at the DAV shuttle service that comes to our small town 3 hours away, and that you have a Hero’s Hall for overnight stays. It’s nice to know that the men and women that served our country are treated with dignity and respect, for they gave their most precious possession of LIFE for our beloved country. I would like to mention also specific people that we have been working with: • Dr Ratliff • Dr Chin • RN Rob Duncan • RN William Steidley • Marcy Ogg • Beth Clark • Dr Lanzi @ the Farmington VA Clinic Once again, “YOU ROCK! Sheri Twyman-Smith, Max Smith (patient) Navy veteran

Michael Hughes

They do their best.

Donald Gallegos

Great people although they are always busy

Patrick Tom

Best health care

Rosie Mccomb

Hospitals are hospitals, no one wants to be here

Nicholas Dice

Was told to arrive at 0700 for labs that I didn't need, or were even told what for. There are no signs indicating where the lab is. Also, veteran patients have to walk further in the cold than the employees. Make what you will of that in terms of service to veterans.

Matticus Skibert

Had a surgery here and they were great. Staff was great. Really great people who cared.

Jody L.

Awesome help.....

Robert Gatewood

Great primary care. ER is way too slow.

Jody Welch

Just visiting but they are all very kind

Carla Caetano

I have a patient throughout the past 14 yrs off and on. I have had excellent service and patient care. Very good bedside manners. . One thing I Have learned is we are. responsible for maintaining our own health to a to a degree. One thing they teach us in the m military is "follow-up" . I have been told that VA will call me and about 99.9 prevent I have have..The staff in ER Beacon ortho anywhere I have been in that hospital have been out standing. people.. proficient. . Knowledgeable. . Caring. .and very importantly.... They work as a team. They know when to lead and when to follow. The ER staff gores above and beyond. They are thorough and tbecause they are so proficient they are able to oexpedite transactions i.e. ..discharges.. Almost everyone one of than thanked me for my service. It's nice to be redone after 20yrs active 9 civil service... especially when you're alone. I'm going to volunteer for VA Respectfully yours, SFC Carla M. Caetano United States Army

Deblyn McCaughin

I am a veteran and this is the BEST care ever bar none.

Jillian Borowski

Excellent consistent care

Evelyn Cruz Colon

Excellent Medical Care. Needs more physicians in many areas but in spite of this the medical care is great!


Great staff.

Ricky Garcia

I was stuck there for 8 days after emergency surgery and was treated very good. They took good care of me and were very friendly! Great staff! They saved my ass!

Ruben Sanchez

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Laith Maali

Jacob Williams

Francesca Wilson

Jessica Helvie

I am beyond grateful for the amazing care that my grandpa received while he was here for his knee surgery. The staff was nothing short of phenomenal. They were very attentive and never had an issue with us being in the room with him. His physical and occasional therapists were incredible and his nurses all had an amazing bedside manner. Thank you all do much for taking care of someone who means the world to my family and I. God bless you all!

Yvonne L

Absolutely the worst. Horrible communication! I had a breast biopsy done on a Thursday and was told someone would call me with results. Instead I received a call from a surgical scheduler on a Sunday - my birthday noless - and was informed by THEM that I was having breast surgery. OH MY GOD!!! That's the worst way to find out you have cancer. Again today got a call from Tri-West that I had a referral from the VA to go see an outside Oncologist. WHY? Called the VA and was transferred around 6 times and still got no answer! I had to literally get to the hospital so I could go straight to my primary care doctor to ask why. This must be where the doctors who got D's and F's come to work. If you can just go apply for Medicaid and avoid this place.

Alexis Graf

Great place to work

Daniel Rioux

A hospital for Veterans

Martin Sloan

Services are being provided in as timely as possible

Jennifer Rosenhagen

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