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REVIEWS OF Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital IN New Mexico

Angel Joe

Danielle Thompson

Make sure to stay on top of your spot "in line" i was skipped and recieved a call 5 hours later while i was right in front of the waiting room. Its hot, its dirty, staff treat patients unequally if they acknowledge you at all

Danielle Wood

My 4 yr old son had surgery there. All the staff were very friendly even gave my 4 other kids stuffed animals while we waited. Offered to help with the baby when my toddler got up set. Just a great experience.

Karla Howell

Worst ER experience I've ever had. Was dehydrated due to the flu, I couldn't keep water down and hard to swallow. Asked for some ice chips while I waited. They said they were too busy. They were just sitting there doing nothing at that moment

Isabel Sarmiento

Aimee Siharat

Absolutely enjoyed my visit in the family practice and medicine building. Great service, i got checked in right after my first time patient papers, which got done very quickly. I arrived 30 mins early for the paper work, got checked in about 10-15 mins and didn't have to wait no more than 5 to 10 to get called up. The staff was very polite and thorough. Doctor was great and friendly as well. I'm glad i chose this place as my primary clinic. My appointment was at 9 am Friday if anyone was wondering, so if you're worried about the wait time, go in early!

Mercedes Sanchez

Hazel Bucholz

Waited for an hour and a half to be called back, desk staff was rude and judgmental. When I finally did get into a room, I did not receive any medication for my pain for another 4 hours, and by that point I was so mad I was willing to walk out and go to a different hospital if I wasn't in so much pain.

Janis Perea

There Very understanding and they do there best to meet your needs. I'm thankful for how they care for you.

Victoria B.

Syed S

If it's not life threatening then the staff shows no compassion to anyone's pain or suffering. Very disappointing...

Samantha Gabaldon

On Wednesday evening(8/31/16) at about 6:30 I brought my husband in to the ER. He had come home from work vomiting and sweating profusely while screaming in pain- he could barely walk. I thought I was going to have to call the ambulance but I got him into the car. After walking into the ER facility at Anna Kaseman, my husband went to the bathroom and collapsed. I frantically went to the front desk and was greeted with someone who literally rolled their eyes at me and pointed to a wheel chair in the waiting room. After getting my husband into the wheelchair and pushed out to the check in line, a woman came in, walked herself to the check in counter (not in the amount of pain my husband was in) and they checked her in FIRST!! My husband sat at the check in window for what seemed like forever, screaming in pain. I got pretty angry and told the women at the front desk that he was in A LOT of pain and I'm scared his appendix has ruptured... again, they rolled their eyes and told us to wait our turn. I told them it was our turn and that they took someone who came in after us before us! They ignored me. It wasn't until my husbands spasming got so bad he was literally screaming and almost falling out of the wheelchair that the person behind the front desk finally got up to check us in. While my husband was having this intense, very scary episode, the nurse or tech taking his vitals GOT MAD AT HIM FOR NOT HOLDING STILL. After getting checked in Dr. Tarver apologized and handled the situation beautifully. Turns out it wasn't a burst appendix, it was a kidney stone--- thank God nothing that required immediate OR attention because the front desk at Anna Kaseman could have killed my husband. The nurses and doctors are great if you can get past the front desk to see them. Word to the wise: if you have a REAL severe emergency that requires immediate attention DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE TO ANNA KASEMAN.

Jay Earl


Anira Seraug

I went here for some issues with my mental health because it was the only 24 hour hospital available. Took 4 hours for them to admit me, didnt get out till almost 6 the next evening. Nurse was rude and had a superiority complex. Now my husband is stuck here over night because the "doctor" left without seeing him when he got refered by his primary care for his own mental health evaluation and no one tells you anything! He has been there since 3 30 and in the 8 hours he has been there NO ONE could see him? 24 hours my rump!

Purity Nymph

I've been here since 945 this morning and I was coming to the ER for black stool and blood covered stool. I got checked in and all. Everything was going smoothly but once I got blood drawn and a needle in I was waiting in another waiting room for two hours. I watched as people who came in after me get called back. I had a photo taken of my wristband and iv bag and then was left alone. Almost making it to three hours of waiting and I finally get a room only to be asked the same questions as the lady upfront asked me! As he was leaving to get the urine test he told me that my doctor will be in after another patient...that was a hour ago too. Worst place ever. Please dont go here. I'm typing this while still waiting for a doctor

None Ya Business

This was an absolute worst experiences in all of my time dealing with Presbyterian Hospital. Never in my life have I been treated so disrespectfully by a doctor. First of all it took them 6 hours to do absolutely nothing. The wait time was not horrible, it only took them an hour and a half to put me in a room. However the other four and a half hours not one thing was done until the last hour. Two separate doctors came in to check up on me after a vehicle accident. Not one x-ray was taken, not one CAT scan was taken. I am still in pain they wrote me a doctor's note 3 times incorrectly. I don't know how a doctor that spent eight years in school could have such incorrect grammar. What kind of doctor writes with a pen over her mistakes in a types document instead of just retyping the doctor's note. Thanks to these doctors my boss now thinks that I have plagiarized doctor notes. I was supposed to be out of work for 5 days, my boss called to verify the doctor's note and the doctor renegotiated what the doctor's note said and instead of being out for five days I was only out for two days, still in very bad pain. I was prescribed no medication whatsoever, and the only things that the doctors did while I was there was put a stethoscope to my back, have me breathe a couple of times, and send me on my way with an aspirin and Tylenol. I have been a customer of Presbyterian since I was 6 years old, I am now 26. Do yourself a favor and find the new hospital completely because Presbyterian service is going down in service. By the way my own doctor refused to talk to me and specifically told the nurse to tell me that she was refusing to talk to me, yet she can go ahead and speak to my boss behind my back and not notify me of anything and go over her own doctor's note and then refused to talk to me about it after all the patience and kindness I showed. She needs to have her doctor's license revoked, because this could cause a lawsuit. Until a director contacts me this review will remain.

Maria Rios

Marlene Alcaraz

Badddd! Waiting for 7 hours in excruciating pain!

Brianna EATON

Worst hospital you would ever go to. Especially for your children. They dont care about infants at all. Dont take your kids here. They dont care if they need Ivs.

Justin Butterfield

RoseAnn Serrano

The most horrible, ignorant, unprofessional service I have ever experienced in the medical world. I took a friend in for anxiety and we were told they were going to "lock us in" by their one of their staff members. REALLY?!?!? Horrible horrible horrible! Shame on you for hiring such insensitive staff!! I wish I could leave a red WARNING star to inform others to run the other way!!

Tammy Willey

Last time I come here! This place is dirty! They keep calling people back that have left without being seen, they wait 15 mins come back out and call the same person. 5 people have left without being seen. Worst place I have ever been!

Jessa R

Anyone who complains about not receiving “Speedy” treatment at an ER needs to understand that priority comes first. I have been to the emergency room many times in my life and as soon as I get there, I feel more at ease. When it comes to my children, knowing that a capable medical team is near by, makes the wait seem shorter and a little less stressful. They are not in the business of getting you in and out like you want. They save people’s lives. If it’s not worth your wait time, then maybe you should just make an appointment with your primary and wait a week instead. These people work very hard and deal with things that you wouldn’t dream of putting up with. They are also compassionate when deserved and I have always been treated with respect and satisfactory treatment at this hospital. It is my ER of choice, even though no one actually “enjoys” visiting an ER. It’s not meant to be fun, or accommodating. You are there for a reason and if your reason isn’t justified enough to wait patiently, then seek alternative accommodations... this isn’t a place where you are greeted each time with a smile and a handshake. Some people are bringing their family members to the hospital for the last time. They don’t care if you are happy, or not. They just want help! To work in such an environment causes employees to supress all emotions. It isn’t anything against you personally, so have a little compassion and understanding for the people whom are willing to walk in here each day and take care of you and your loved ones. These people give up holidays, weekends, family time, church, etc... to be there for you so, thank you Kaseman staff! I appreciate everything that you do and I wish others could see the hard work and effort you put in every single day! Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you spend some time with your families! Xoxo, the Positive Review Fairy

Lauren Barreca

Dr Kimberly hall Moore is the worst Dr I've ever seen. I have acute bronchitis that been going on over a week. she deduced by just looking a at an xray that She did no tests, didnt look in my mouth, a dress any of my other concerns. Now I am drowning in my own chest fluids and cannot breathe int the middle of the nigbt. She was happy just sending me home telling me to deal with it. I have neurological issues and aspirate on my food and drink so infection in my lungs is a big deal. She had a very bad additude when I asked her questions. She gave me an antinausea since I couldn't stop throwing up but didnt bother to look up my other meds causeing me to have a bad drug interaction. Shame on this excuse of a "dr." I'm very concerned you would keep somebody so unskilled and that hates their job and people so much on your staff. Wow.

Jasmine Christine

No sense of urgency. You'll wait all day to be seen... worst emergency Room


The workers park all day in the 2 hour parking for customers because they are too lazy or feel entitled to park there I have seen the whole street on both sides filled with employee cars because they feel they don't need to utilize there employee parking lot I will be call the city again and police and parking enforcement just like I did last time. It is nice when the street is clear and customers can use the parking space provided to them instead of lazy nurses and doctors. I will post more pictures as the workers show up this is awful

William Dean

My son was taken to presbyterian after collapsing and having 3 major heart attacks 3 surgeries and an extended hospital stay. All of these which saved his young life can be attributed to the care, knowledge and professionalism exhibited by the entire staff. If not for these people we most surely believe our son wouldn't be alive today

William Ogden

Gary Guzman

All the staff in cdu were professional and wonderful. I would recommend kaseman every time.

Su M

Plan to wait. Very poorly run operation. Employees were rude and very unprofessional. The " quiet heals" signs apparently don't apply to the ER doctors and nurses. The loud talking and laughter make it impossible for patients to get any rest. Just a big party to them. Most are more focused on playing with their phones than patient care. I'm giving one star because the food in the cafeteria wasn't bad.

Jennifer Hanson

I had the worst experience here at the Kaseman ER and I wasn't even sick. I was trying to interview for a job and I'm glad they disrespectfully never called afterwards. Not only are the uniforms the same as Wendy's (black straight slacks, black shoes and a black polo shirt), you have to talk to staff through vertical slots in the glass that are distracting and hard to hear through, let alone talk through. Staff were on their cell phones in front of sick patients and because of the glass, often yelled at patients. Great customer service. My interview was a joke. The manager handed me a pen and a notpad and told me to take notes.... during an interview. Then she made me sit an observe someone work for 30 minutes. They did nothing. The peer interview was horrible. One of the young ladies kept talking about how I didn't look like I could handle drunks. The other one kept talking about how as long as management doesn't see you, you have your phone to keep you entertained. I could not work here and I am so glad that 3 weeks later, I got an email letting me they had selected someone else. I will never apply there again and you should not either. I will not be having medical services there either. The rio rancho location is so much better. And staff are so professional. I think HR needs to look into the management skills of Angie who is clearly failing. Things kept falling down in her office during the interview. Good job Angie

Dale My

Horrible. You cannot call your doctor or their assistant. You are shoved into a off-site call center that takes messages and then you wait. Maybe you get a return call, maybe not. Maybe you are at the phone and if not it is more days waiting.. Even when your doctor tells you explicitly to have them transfer you they will not So if quality care is your concern, If you wish to actually talk to your doctor, they the Presbyterian system is not the place to go. I canceled my surgery. If I cannot reach the office to relay insurance and scheduling problems then they fo not care enough to be allowed to operate

Cheryl Sharps

No one likes to go to emergency rooms. Last Friday, I had severe stomach pains and was taken to Kaseman ER by ambulance where it was determined I had appendicitis. I arrived in the evening and spent most of the night there, but nurse Tony and all the staff, CT person, doctor, were all so nice to me and the biggest thing was that the pain management was excellent. I had to get surgery the next day at another hospital which ambulance took me to, but the pain management was excellent to hold me through the night. I am very grateful to the doctor and nurse for that. They were very fast and responsive if I needed to hit the call button, but I was checked on often, and I was not left hurting horribly from the pain. I have had the surgery and just got home today, but I wanted to thank Kaseman ER for a fine job!

Rick Chavez

Be carful don’t see Christopher J Mcllwain gives you the run around!!!

john evans

It's a shame that the doctors at Presbyterian kaseman care more about their reputation and their career than they do their patients... because of the epidemic with painkillers they're taking patients off of painkillers just so they look good it's not fair to the patients that actually need them. It's a disgrace that the doctors put their reputations in front of the patients needs just because they want to look good in front of the state ..not only is it illegal but I think we should all contact news channel 7. To all you doctors you took an oath to care about your patients not your damn career !!!! You're supposed to care about the patient the patient's needs and their suffering not your damn career and whether or not you're going to lose your license

Dapper Chinchilla

Went to ER with a severe allergic reaction, staff was friendly and efficient, in particular Jennifer R RN and Chris Gavaldan PA. In and out in an hour, Jennifer even took me back to somewhere comfortable while the meds took effect. Chris gave my husband his card and asked him to let him know if I recovered. Everyone there treated me and my husband very well, I'm really impressed that they went above and beyond and were genuinely kind and concerned. Thank you for making an unpleasant night so much better for us.


Avoid this place like the plague, the clerks are not properly trained (probably because there's high employee turnover there) and I can guarantee you their lack of knowledge about how things are run will waste your day. Their Radiology department is about a 5 minute walk from any of the entrances, so best of luck to you if you happen to be on crutches. I'd avoid the ER there, too, since I know at least one person who went there with a life-threatening, treatable illness and was sent home. This forces me to give one star, but I give zero stars.

dj Paul

Rose Howell

Sparkey L

Went to the ER early Monday morning and the staff was amazing. I’ve never had such a pleasant experience in an emergency room ever! The staff was friendly, considerate, showed compassion and were on top of their game. The NP Catherine was efficient and truly outstanding. I would recommend this facility to anyone needing assistance.

Dedra Ann Marrujo

I went to the doctor last night and got the worst doctor he didn't even check my knee.. told me I nead to see a specialist .and gave me any information like he promesxs .bad doctor

Shannon Corder

My doctor is based out of here and I’ve always had a good experience. Today my check in was quick and I was brought back to the exam room five minutes before I got to see my doctor. He was very attentive and answered all of my questions. I’d recommend Kaseman and Dr Gildersleeve to anyone.


Went Here For Pain Meds (Refill) Was Treated Like A Drug Addict And Told That I Should Not Be In Pain! I Showed Him X-rays In The ER From Raa And He Continued To Tell Me That These Are Normal For My Age! My Age Is 23 And I Have Scoliosis, Osteoarthritis, Bone Spurs In Spine, Along With Some Of My Spine Disks That Are Pushed In More Than Others. I Went To Get Pain Relief And All I Got Was The Label Of A Drug Addict Going Through Withdraws, I Was Given 1 Hydrocodone Every 8 Hours For Withdraws In Reality I Am Usually Taking 2 Hydrocodone Every 4 Hours For Pain Not Withdraws Not To Mention I Waited 4 Hours For This BS In 10 Out Of 10 Pain And When I Got Back There The Bed Was Dirty Leaving Me To Stand The Whole Time And They Never Got Me Out Of Pain Thanks A Million Presbyterian You Guys Sure Are #1 In Healthcare Ha!

Mayra Cordova

J kin

They are so very slow in the ER. Good thing my son didn't have a big emergency. Got here at 1240 pm with my son having a horrible pain in his side. It is now 6:12 pm and just barely got a ct scan.

Jo Felder

Collin Martin

Where do I even begin. We came because we were pretty sure that my girlfriend had broken her foot. The staff was incredibly rude and unhelpful and the waiting area in the emergency room was absolutely disgusting. She was in a good amount of pain and they didnt do anything about the pain till we had been here for nearly 3 hours shortly before they took us to a room. She later got something that actually helped with her pain not the tylenol they gave to make us feel like they were trying to help her. She was complaining of her foot and they x rayd her ankle then later had to do more x Ray's like why not just do them in the beginning when that was the possible area affected? We waited another 2 hours before we got those results back putting us at close to 6 hours at the emergency room with horrible help. We barely got checked on and it tended to feel like they had forgotten we were even there at times. Kaseman you deffinately have some work to do.

Cecilia Rogers

Due to urgent care being closed, many people are forced to the ER. Having said that, I called my insurance company's dial a nurse (we have military insurance and have to get a referral for urgent care.) I thought I'd just pulled a muscle and was wanting urgent care. The nurse said I was having signs of a heart attack and to hang up and call 911. I didn't do that. I drove myself to the ER. It was a long wait, I arrived around 6:15p and left around 1am. The care was GREAT! The facility is being renovated, so they're tight on space. Adrian, Sean, Devin and Dr. Yeargen were absolutely wonderful. I thank them for taking such good care of me, keeping things lively and keeping myself and my husband updated. I didn't end up being a heart attack, pancreas, kindey stone or blood clot... just a massive thoracic strain (left side). I'm thankful they were so thorough.

Thomas P

Nice facility!

Amber C De Baca

Went in for chest pain and vomiting as well as numbness in my lips and hands. Left sitting in the waiting room for 3 hrs because “heart attacks aren’t usually alert and talking”

Mariya Tseptsura

ER is unbelievably slow. Spent 5 hours there and never even got a doctor's opinion.

Jason Greenlaw

Silver Fox

came in for chest pain, they checked me out then put me back in the lobby in a gown, i went to the window to ask if they had my updated insurance information, they lady in front said sit down we will get it after treatment, I was there four hours they were taking other people in a room that arrived after me. after treatment they gave me payment plan information, I said, I have health insurance she then told me you have health insurance like she was shocked. The women who work the front are some of the rudest people I have ever met.

Leo Watermiller

Been here for since 5 am, no one has helped and the vending machines have hourly times which isn’t convenient at all. It’s now 7 And I haven’t received any help whatsoever and I’m starving, the cafeteria is closed so I can’t get any food

Gholam Soltani


Jessica Plumley

Very Nice and Somewhat Fast when it comes to the waiting room. They do their very best on getting you seen by the Doc, you'll get In and out depending on what your being seen for n how long youve waited.

Chris Eboch

Doctors may be good but the overall experience was terrible. They didn't have any information from our PCP. We had to come back to see a different doctor, because the first one wasn't the right expert. Then they didn't handle the insurance billing properly, and multiple calls have resulted in no paperwork being sent to insurance.

Barb Shaw

Waited forever to get help for my special needs daughter. The staff was unsympathetic and uncaring. The one doctor I saw was so mean and hateful and scared my daughter she was rude and uncaring I had expected better from this case. The security guard who walked us to the car because it was so dark outside was very kind considerate and understanding he could give that doctor and a few other staff members there lessons in interacting with patients and people in general

alejandra mejia

Unbelievable they prescibe the wrong medication to my husband and now thiers barealy 5 people in waiting room but they said its going to be a couple hours before the room is available worst hospital in Albuquerque

Lisa Jennings

Stay Frosty Gaming

Don't bother coming here. The front desk staff are incredibly rude and can't even pretend they care about what you need, and when you finally do get checked in you end up sitting in a room for hours without seeing a doctor or having any explanation of what you should expect. Just generally a lot of people who don't care if they waste your time or if you get the health care you need or not. You would be better off making the trip over to UNM or the Presbyterian on Central.

Sarah Glenn

kaseman presbyterian is one of the best hospital here, there staffs were great

Jennifer Jeffers

1/23 Jessica at the surgery check in desk station 2 is so rude and disrespectful. She aggressively tossed the purple paper and pen at me. She was not friendly. Then she didn't give me the family member card with my number on it for my husband. I'm here for surgery, I don't need her unacceptable behavior on top of it. Update: do not ever use Presbyterian Orthopedics Office here of Dr.James Clark as his staff members Sonya and Robert are rude, unprofessional, unfriendly, and sickening in their behaviors. Because my surgeries were for a lawsuit, I had to stick it out. I advise everyone to go to New Mexico Orthopedics for all orthopedic issues. They can be reached at 7244700.

Margo Watson

Multispecialty Medical Group. Good parking, large lot, $3.00 Valet parking. Well trained and friendly staff at check in. Qualified, well trained Certified Nurse Practitioners fill void in physician shortage in New Mexico. Very clean, elevators.

Mary Smith

My three-year-old son became seriously ill in 2011 w/a persistant fever of unknown origin that wouldn't seem to break. After a whirlwind two to three days I finally took him in early one morning. This was my last ditch effort to get a medical professional to take his deteriorating condition seriously. "Mo" the CNP who was assigned to him did as did the awesome nurses that spent almost twenty min trying start him on an i.v. but b/c he was so riddled with fever they couldn't find a good vein. They did, & after me begging for four hours, Mo on the phone back & forth with his primary ped & the hospitalist at Pres's main campus, they finally agreed he needed more care I was able to give him at home. They admitted & transferred him to their awesome ped's unit at Pres downtown & I couldn't have been more impressed with their treatment of us! Awesome e.r. dept & awesome providers, & awesome organization!

Mary DeForest

I couldn't get past the front desk. They never even signed me in nor asked what my problem was. After an hour, I went elsewhere for medical care. A few weeks earlier I met a young woman that waited for hours-and she had an ambulance take her to a different ER, where they set her broken leg. That affected why I left.

Tina Sanchez

I have gone to my new doctor twice now and Dr Gildersleeve had not sent or authorized my records to be sent to the new Dr. I WILL be taking this to News channel 7. This is an addition to the post from Below. Because the doctor who did not give my boyfriend his pain medications he had to use more of his medical marijuana than normal and now he is suffering from CHS. He has been vomiting, in massive pain, taking extremely hot showers because that's the only relief he can get, his blood sugars are through the roof because they can't eat like he's supposed to because he throws it right back up again, he can't even drink water because it comes up as well. So thank you so much Dr Gildersleeve for great concern for my boyfriend and taking him off of his pain medications. He was going to take this to news channel 7 but you know what I think I might do it as well. Let's put it this way if you want to live don't go to the primary physician by the name of Dr Gildersleeve. If I could prove it I will bet that he is getting kickbacks for as many people as he's taking off of pain medications. He took me off of pain medications a year ago this past June that I had been on many years because of chronic pain. This man did not even give me time to come down off of them he just took me off of them cold turkey. He is messed up with my medicines many times at the beginning of the year you took me off in my heart medicine which had caused me to go to the Heart Hospital several times because of chest pains. I finally got them to put me back on them. Then I was taken off of my cholesterol meds. Now I have my cholesterol down to 120. I'm sure I was taken off of them went up to over 200. The only reason and put back on Staten is because my blood work came back as showing cholesterol is being way too high and the Keratin told Dr Gildersleeve but I needed to be on a different Staten. Another complaint is my boyfriend is also on pain medications and he has been taking them for many years never has had a problem with taking his pain medications the only problem he has is he is supposed to call them in on Thursday go pick up the prescription, and then pick them up at the pharmacy on Sunday. Dr Gildersleeve has messed this up even for the past 3 months. He doesn't give prescription on Thursdays he waits until the weekend when his office is closed and then by the time he picks them up on Monday he's been out of pain medication since Thursday because you can't get his prescriptions when he's supposed to. I fully believe that this doctor is getting cutbacks he doesn't care. He doesn't care about your health all he cares about is money. You don't want to talk to you like this so if you want your health taken care of and your medications managed correctly don't go to him Hey people, if you agree with anything I have said hit like.

Lynn Trujillo

Crystina Gomez

They don't even deserve one star. I went in on the instruction from my obgyn office for postpartum depression. First the front desk staff are completely rude. Then I waited 2 hours to be seen. I get back there tell them what's going on and they push push push for me to have someone to pick up my kids and I don't have anyone so I tell them that but the came at me about it aggressively 4-5 different times. Then I explain to them that my kids have already been abused I don't trust anyone and that I have no one. So they try to take my kids because of the postpartum thoughts as well as claiming a red alert because theyd been abused in the past. Well no duh I said no to anyone being there to get them then. Idiots. So after that I just wanted to leave but they brought in 5 people 2 security guards to keep me from leaving trapping me and holding me hostage for what? Then finally when they let me leave after having been no help at all they misdiagnose me claiming I had anxiety when clearly its postpartum which is more than common with more than 3million cases per year in the U.S alone. There staff consists of pure uneducated rude idiots with no consideration or common sense. They are just the Devils play things.

Rachel Lozano

I have a broken arm got here before 5 other people...3hours later, everyone of thoes people I was infront of were seen before me. The two ladies at the check in counter were so rude. Another lady came in crying saying she thinks shes having a heart attack, they gave her attitude and told her she would need to step back and wait in line like everyone eles. This place is beyond unorganized and rude (only speaking for the ER waiting room and staff).

C Cassano

amy s

My 18 year old daughter is suicidal and hurts herself but because she can bs her way out of things they decided to let my daughter go. New Mexico is horrible for not helping people I understand my daughter didnt want to be here for help because she doesnt think she needs the help but unfortunately she does and I guess nobody cares to help her so hopefully nothing happens to her thanks to nobody caring enough to keep her there. I cant get help for her anywhere in Albuquerque and it hurts me to see my daughter this way unfortunately she doesnt see what's going on with. I wouldn't recommend coming here for help.

CK Harding

Presbyterian was not in my Network. On the recommendation of friends and my Gen. Prac. I opted to pay the additional cost for an open inguinal hernia surgery. I do not regret the decision. Every “customer “ interaction was polite and courteous …all medical personnel took all the time required with me to make sure I was comfortable with and understood everything that was being done to me. The surgery was competent and "uneventful". From my experience I would recommend this facility without hesitation.

Whiskey Hangover

Excellent care from highly professional ER staff. For the people on here who are opiod-seekers or who think that hospitals/ERs should be run like resort spas or wine/cheese bars, get a grip. Your expectations and lack of contact with reality represent about 90 percent of your problem.

Dj M

8/29/2019 NOTHING CHANGED! REVIEW STANDS! Update 11-17-2018 I just filed against Radiology for attempts at HIPAA Violations for demanding to change my information and when I would not allow it, they denied necessary medical. Just got a letter of JUSTIFICATION from Patient relations = FILED FOR HIPAA VIOLATIONS as ONLY Group Admin may make changes to my account NOT those at Radiology front desk!!! UPDATE 11/6/2018: I go in for the X-Ray my PCP has ordered. Radiology tells me that they can ONLY do the xray IF I allow them to 'ALTER' My Account then they site 'Real ID Act'. Then Supervisors tell me that REAL ID ACT has nothing to do with my X-Ray ordered by my doctor. Radiology wont do the XRAY unless I allow them to alter my account AND they Site that they have changed 5 accounts that way already .... RUN! First I am set up with V Prins CNP. I am there for help with spinal cord stimulator and she immediately says "To have it deactivated and removed." I had to correct her. She then refers me to Dr Ray in Rio Rancho. Dr Ray had no idea why I was there! 9-26-18 NO ONE can tell me if they will activate the two ports OR are going to deactivate and remove against my will. RUN! DO NOT LET THESE OFFICES TREAT YOUR NEIGHBORS DEAD CAT much less your Family!

Don Jackson

Quin Orth

I agree it does seem like a conspiracy that they’re trying to take patients off painkillers from pressure from the state it’s not fair to the patients that I actually need them

Mariah Griego

Worst service ever! Took my 7 month nephew in with a fever over 102.0 waited forever for them to tell me "it the start of something come back if he gets worse" took an hour to discharge us. My sister Went and schedule an appointment with his doctor the next day to find out he has 1• Strep throat 2• Eye infection 3• Ear infection. When the "doctor" didn't even check him out or give us antibiotics.

Nidia Alanis

Great care, resourceful people!

Sandra Urioste

Thank you to the night staff at Kaseman for treating my husband Vincent this last Thursday. He had been treated there before so they knew that it was serious. They got us in right away and the female doctor on duty really listened to us. He was treated there until he was transported downtown and just got out of the hospital. I cant thank you enough.

Hectic Productions

No sense of urgency and very rude staff. I you expect concern and compassion BEWARE !! They are drones that are trained to be rude!!!

Sarah S

Roslyn Lujan

Was there with our 2 year old daughter. Slept for awhile. Then at 6 am made us leave. When they knew we were from out of town. Will do our best to avoid this hospital in future. Didnt even TRY to clean the sticky gunck out of hair.. Not a good experience at all!!!

Luc Westfall

Horrible hospital ever. Super slow service, rude receptionists, all around would not recommend this place to anyone

Amy Thomas

I took my girlfriend to get an MRI yesterday at 2. We got there early, but weren't seen until 2:30 (not too bad) and they took her into the room with the machine. I know those machines are loud so I would think they would give instructions prior to turning it on....... nope. I could hear them yelling the instructions in the waiting room and, apparently, my girlfriend couldn't hear over the machine so they yelled them two more times. The scanning begins and it sounds like I'm in a war zone. I think, "Thank goodness she has headphones with music so it's not so bad for her"..........wrong! The machine turns off an hour and a half later and one of the techs yells twice that she's done and can leave now. She comes into the waiting room with tears in her eyes. She gets dressed and almost runs out of there and tells me that she couldn't hear anything they were saying over the machine and the headphones made it sound like machine guns were going off in her ears. The tech at the end didn't even try to help my now deaf girlfriend off the table. She loves going to every other department at Kaseman, but never wants to return to the X-ray/Radiology dept. They really need to work on their bedside manner.


Came in when no one else was there with a serious medical condition. Was told to wait in the sub-waiting area. Two hours I waited just to watch new people coming in get a room before me. This hospital is the worse and they are very unorganized. I had to sit there and listen to staff talk about going to the club and cursing as if they weren’t at work. With everything going on, they couldn’t find anything else to do? I’m highly frustrated, sick, in pain and needed medical attention. Unfortunately, my 3 seizures and other major medical issues did warrant an emergency on their end. Sad and pathetic excuse for a Hospital!


Kept me in the ER waiting room for 2 hours without pain medicine. I was literally screaming in pain and the nurses walked right past me. I was there for 7 hours, and they only gave me info in the last 15 minutes. They misdiagnosed me as well. If I had known how bad this hospital was i would've sucked up the pain and had the ambulance drive me to UNM even though it was the farthest away.

Dionna Dominguez

Kaseman is horrible. They make you wait forever, and the nurses can be very rude sometimes. My grandma fell and went here in an ambulance and they took 2 hours to see her and take her back. And when you tell them that you're in pain, they don't care, they just send you off and tell you to come back if the pain gets worse. Like that helps a lot. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone. Its also pretty dirty too. Pres downtown is way better than Kaseman, I go to Pres downtown and I live right by Kaseman, that's how bad I think Kaseman is. Every time I've gone here, or anyone I know, its been a horrible experience. Like I said, wouldn't recommend Kaseman to anyone.

Kathryn Fuller

Jeremiah Sanchez

If you ever want to work here dont stay far away from this place.


J. Nichols

Highly disappointed with the skilled nursing facility. No communication skills whatsoever. I need to know what's going on with my father. Do I have a clue? No. No one returns my calls or answers the call light. They're too busy bs'ing at the nurses desk.

Chiara Slover

I agree with the other reviews and Dr. Gildersleeve he obviously is taking patients off painkillers from pressure from the state or for kickbacks

Christy Sobolik

dominique molina

Absolutely love this place! I went in Wednesday night & had the most amazing PA & nurses, even the ultrasound tech & MRI guy was great! I would recommend this ER over any place. I've also had a surgery here & they were great!

Monica Barajas

Efrain Martinez

This place is a joke...been here for 5 hours and nothing

William Conner

Unbelievable. I called three times. Holds were 20, 25, and 30 minutes to reach a person. I was then transferred to another person to make a first apointment - no direct line for that. Hold time was another 15 minutes. The other two times I was assured somebody would call me back and nobody ever did. The lights aren't even on over there. Just wow.

Sophia Marianito

All the nurses just sit around and laugh at each other and take hours to finally see a patient but can’t even bandage a simple cut

Allysia rappuhn

Mary Meador

The whole staff was so nice to me they did everything they could to make me feel better

Leo McCandless

They took forever to treat me and everyone there was just chatting it up, they were quick to misdiagnose and charge me for unacceptable care, they charged $1,222.90 for something I didn't even have and did not run proper tests and scans. If I were dying I wouldn't trust kaseman with my life

Norine Rome

My aunt was there for only one week and the care there was horrible. The call lights buzzed all day and night and when you finally get a nurse or tech to come in sometimes it would be over thirty minutes later. My aunt was suppose to be walked at least three times a day but would only be walked once if she was lucky. Again the facility needs to hire more staff for all the patients it has. Please reconsider sending your loved ones here. Therapy is not adequate either and the e promises of daily therapy is not true either. I would visit in the evening and it was a ghost town with not a staff member in site and the call buttons ringing.

Gh Sol

Slinky Pets

I would give zero stars if I could. Horrible horrible horrible!!! Loooooooong wait time in the ER , do not come here if you want to be seen in a timely manner. I will go to women's hospital ER as I always have but Kaseman was closest to me to I went her for this emergency. What a bad ! Staff is rude as well here. DONT DO IT !!

Christopher Shepherd

Everyone was helpful and professional


Was told to bring my son to ER instead of urgent care as they have "appropriate equipment" to treat/ assess. We were seen in the hallway with other patients present, they claim to have "pricacy dividers" in the hallway (I didnt see). Only vitals taken, eyes checked. Yes they have us "education pamphlet" and sent us on our way... Now we have this huge bill. Of course the hospital wont "adjust" the bill as they are convinced they did something for him. They are sure they did not breach confidentiality. NEVER AGAIN.

Eric Jonas

Long wait to get pain relief for a bad gout flare up in the ER even though I asked for ibuprofen right off the get-go.

Michael Sanchez

they are awesome

mike j

The ER check out staff aren't very friendly or helpful. The two nurses that are here now Friday Nov 25 2016 at approx 5:30 act as if they would rather be anywhere but here working

Arie Deller

Pretty good place. Great nurses and techs even though the check-ins aren't always so often. Good rooms and therapy and daily events.

Roberto Vasquez

Love my doctor

Conner Bopp

Do Not come too this hospital! Complete waste of time. My wife messed up her knee and couldnt walk so we came to the emergency room and waited over 2 hours too be seen, only for them too give her a bandage and crutches without telling us anything. They then instructed us to visit the orthopedic hospital Monday to have the mri and figure everything out. We asked several times if we needed an appointment and they said No it is a walk in clinic. Monday comes and my wife limps down our 3 story apartment only to find out they only take appointments and they dont have openings for the next 4 hours. DO NOT waste your time here. These idiots do not care about your health at all.

julian swazie

This place sucks

Alondra Rascon

shorty nunez

They suck here brought my son for surgery and the people weren't very nice. Then when we came out my truck was stolen. The security said oh yeah they steal cars here every day we got our cars stolen too. We been tryna catch them but they come in different cars everyday around the same time.

Jordan Fisher

We're going on 10 hours in the ER. There is a girl with pneumonia who's vitals have not even been checked, they gave her a blanket and left her in a hallway. They have done nothing with my mother who came in with chest pains and super high blood pressure. The doctors and nurses have done absolutely nothing. Laziest staff I have ever experienced, no help to anyone. There is blood all over the floor, crackheads walking around and they did nothing to help my mother at all. Don't waste your time and money here

Cindy Stevens

I had out patient surgery in November. Everything and everyone from check in (very early in the morning) through knock out were great, knowing who did my surgery I'm sure it was great as well. My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is with post op. I jokingly mentioned needing coffee, and it was given to me. Man did I get sick, but i accept the blame for drinking it. EVERYONE was kind and accommodating to me and my family member waiting.

Nook Sitsiinineez

After two terrible experiences at the main UNM hospital and the UNM Sandoval hospital, I should’ve came here first. I’m not saying this lightly but I had amazing care. My nurse and doctor listened to my issues and checked on those specific areas, the were responsive, and caring. They gave my diagnosis, explained what was going on, gave me medicine and wrote down what it was called and told me when it would start working and what it does. UNM made me feel like a number they were trying to get out of the way and didn’t care either way if I left. The staff here was caring and you could tell they work like a team. Excellent team, excellent care, and knowledgeable. Thank you Kaseman Pres team!

Cari Lemme

For years I have used this ER for my kids, my elderly mother and myself and have always received great care from all staff members. Expect to be there for a few hours. I think that's partly because they are always busy and partly because they want to monitor you for a while to decide what's next for you, i.e., admit you, send you home, order more tests, etc.

Dawn Sekayumptewa

Very nice staff from triage to ER docs, nurses & techs; no complaints. They were very attentive and everyone was friendly.

Shawn Romero

Had surgery here today. Everyone was fantastic. Nurse Pam (don’t remember her last name) was so sweet and helpful. Nobody wants to have surgery but if you have to, this is the place to be. Thank you Kasmen Staff!

roneesha sanders

The worst hospital experience ever. I could barely walk or talk. No one cared,but I did get back right away. Once I was there the lady checked me. Rolled things over my forehead with no warning, and was very rough. They took my blood and spilled 2 or 3 tablespoons of it on to the bed. Not to mention the gave two IV one on each arm. Asked my a million question even though I literally can't speak. They treated my nausea through the IV and discarged me with nausea medications, But never treated my throat so thatI could take the medicine. And I could not even sleep through the night because It feels like I'm swolling razor blades. I can literally chew on my uvula because it's so swollen. Not to mention my bed was dirty and there was urine in the toliet of the filthy bathroom, AIDS R US. I will never let anyone I care about to go there again. Also whatever policy is in place about discharging patients, change that! I could hear security talk to the front about how I was discharged and coming there way. Like I'm an escaped convict. Then when I try to find the door the same lady from up front rudely tells it the opposite way like I'm trying to dine and dash. When I sit down to give the lady my information a security guards stood over me until the lady getting information was comfortable. Once she was done they unlocked the door. I feel like I just got out of jail and not the hospital. It was just so uncomfortable. I felt like I could've not talked half as much as I did. They didn't do anything about it anyway. I can literally say I hate this location.

Maria Griego

Well after reading all these complaints... I have to say. I have been going to Presbyterian for over 6 years. And I had only one problem. If you want to even consider it a problem. I had to get my blood taken, the first time, I couldn't feel a thing except for a little pressure. But the second time I went it, the nurse was rough and had attitude. Now... I am 20 years now. I work everyday, and I give attitude to customers sometimes. I'm not perfect and neither are these people. I absolutely love my doctor and my nurse. I love the ladies that check me in. They are always so polite. And yes busy considering the fact that it's a hospital. I recommended this place to a couple of people, and they haven't had any complaints. Quite honestly, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!

Vincent Brandon

It seems like the staff goes one of two ways: nice and useless, or mean and useless. Nursing staff forgot to enter Mother's information into Epic (their medical system). Presbyterian hospitals don't carry contact information for all the doctors in the network, so we had now way of contacting the transferring doctor from a separate urgent care. Switchboard hangs up when you call. It's almost scary how bad the management, NP, and charting staff are.

Nichole Underwood

I've had cellulitis countless amounts of times went in today, the doctor told me i was wrong and it was a dental problem! Even though I literally left from my dentist to this hospital. The "doctor" lectured me on smoking and didn't care past that, she only came in 2 times! The picture posted is of my arm that one of the supposed "experienced nurses" gave me an i.v ... They took my vitals at the beginning and that was all! My paperwork says they took it more than 3 times and magically they were all exactly the same. Took me 3 hours to get a cup of water. I went in at 4:30 and didn't leave till 9:50! Got no where!! This is the worst!! If you come here i hope you don't get doctor Marci Catherine Gambarota!!! Worst doctor ever!

Michelle Bencomo

Rudest doctor ever. Said we should only come to ER if its life threatening. Otherwise wait for your primary. So I'm sick today and I need to wait until July. The worst ever.

barbara charley

Michele and I go there alot for their coffee it is "Starbucks" and they also have tasty desserts in the cafeteria (and WIFI)

Ashley Banister

A week before coming to this er I was seen at Lovelace women's hospital er for severe abdominal pain there the dr told me I could be pregnant they only tested my blood and told me to follow up with pcp. A week later I couldn't stand the pain and passed out so my family brought me to kaseman they did ultrasound and found I had an ectopic pregnancy and was bleeding internally they saved my life. The surgeon went through my belly button I don't have a huge scar. all the nurses and Drs are so nice.

Chassity Stawinski

Took way to long to get back to see a doctor.

M.C. Rowley

Kaseman ER is efficient, professional and results oriented. Need I say more?


Place is horrible. Albuquerque slime left and right abusing healthcare. Another great reason to move away

Jessica Ulibarri

Abraham Claucherty

William Bryar

Great nurses and doctors

DL Gray

I was there for a rather minor Day Surgery, and was ready to go home and be alone that night because my husband had to be out of town. The nurse after hearing this called my doctor for me and cleared it for me to have a night in the hospital so I did not have to go home alone! Plus, everything was wonderful, the nurses and techs were absolutely more than I could ask for. The hospital itself was clean and beautiful inside. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience

Jenny Lloyd-Strovas

We are new to town and took our son to this ER because it is closest to our house. He had a head injury and began vomiting profusely within a day. I went to the desk labeled "check in." She didn't slide the window to the side, just looked at me angrily and asked what I needed. She told me to wait in line. I told her my 3 year old son experienced a head trauma and was vomitting. She said, "See that line, it's like a normal line. Go wait in it." I was in shock. I've never been treated so rudely, especially given our situation. I've always been asked what the problem was then put in a que based on severity. There were 7 people around us and all of them talked about how rude the staff were. One lady even said, "Have they ever heard of hospitality?" Another mom in line suggested we go somewhere else since our son's condition was a very serious concern. We went to the northwest lovelace ER facility. It was a night and day experience. They treated our family with compassion and respect. DO NOT GO HERE if you can help it.

Karen Villanueva

Just the best staff and service ever@

Kay Torres

This hospital doesn’t clean their bathrooms and there was a lot of nasty stuff in them. Also, the hospital will let patients who are literally projectile vomiting sit right next to you and not bring them to a separate area. As medical professionals, you should not allow people who are exposing bodily fluids to OTHER PEOPLE. This has to be violating some kind of health code, all the nurses just looked at him and then looked away. Don’t go here, please.

Judy Sims

Never trust the ER. They will take the word of the ambulance personnel and take unneeded Xrays and slap you in a psyche room for the night on a bed that's barely more than a board when you have horrible back pain. Resulting int doubling the pain. And btw, not a drop of water all night.


My mom went here for a leg injury that was making her sob to the point she couldn't even speak. She was in so much pain. When the nurse asked her what happened my mother told her the truth and the nurse told her to "come up with a better story" this ER is probably the worst in town. Go to a different ER or a different Presbyterian if you actually want to be treated. These nurses aren't caring or compassionate.

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