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REVIEWS OF Piñon Perinatal IN New Mexico

sam lucero

my wife and I were referred to Pinon from our Pres. We had the hardest time scheduling our appointment. we called to schedule and got nothing for a few days.. At this point me and my wife are concerned that we are getting no where with this. after several attempts we got an appointment made.Wnt to the appointment and had an amazing experience from everyone we encountered,front desk ladies are so welcoming and nice, the gal that did our sonogram was great along with Dr. Brown he was fantastic! I would definitely speak highly of Pinon Perinatal and their amazing staff.

Janeya Garviso

Heather Carrillo

I had nothing but a positive experience here :) Very friendly and informative staff.

Andrew & Miriam

horrible horrible horrible. I was directed to them from my OB. My OB said they will call me in 3 days. They didn't. I waited a week for them to call, nothing. I finally gave them a call thinking they're very busy. I got no answer from Nikky or Nicole the scheduling lady. I called 4 times and each time I left a voicemail w/ my name and number each time and never received a single call. I finally gave up and said "screw it". I then remembered a month later about perinatal and decided to give them a try and call. Now keep in mind 2 months have passed and not one person gave me a call. After 2 months someone finally answers and we set the appointment. I showed up and was treated so rude by the scheduling lady. I ended up rescheduling the appointment after the way I was treated. I finally decided to cancel that appointment because of the way I was treated. If I could give them 0 stars I would but I'm require to at least give them one, one they don't deserve. I don't recommend this place.


The first time I arrived for the appt I had for an ultrasound I was told the wait would be an hour. After the ultrasound Dr. Brown, my partner, the technician and I had about an 30 minute conversation. At the end of the conversation I re-capped to make sure we were all on the same page. Which was to call to make an appt again for 5 weeks ahead. I called this week to make the appt and the person that answered the phone (Rose) was extremely rude. Another person called me back and said that Dr. Brown's notes do not show that I needed to come back. I am very unhappy with the way they handled me and would never recommend anyone to go there!

Denise Lomaintewa

sam martin

great professional introduction and exit all the other in between was not happy, tec and nurse was rude and unprofessional. student looks dirty will only go on certain days with Dr. Brown

Christopher Mirabal

Office and staff always behind schedule meaning loooong wait times. We were constantly uninformed regarding what services were scheduled for each appointment; not very transparent and poor doctor,staff/patient communication. Also, front office seemed constantly confused with insurance billing.

A. Trujillo

Fantastic and friendly staff and company! My wife and I were surprised by the negative reviews, as we have been coming here for four months with no problems whatsoever. The staff is very courteous and the doctors are all knowledgeable and professional. We plan on coming here again for our next baby as well! Highly recommended! A+

jessica salazar

Amazing experience love the receptionists and the girl that scanned me along with my Dr. would recommend to any expecting moms!

Amanda Benton

I was informed by my doctor I was probably going to have a miscarriage, so my doctor sent me here for a better ultrasound. There were two techs and they didn't talk to me just each other, talking about other coworkers. I was freaking out because I was scared to find out if I was miscarring. I finally asked them to be more considerate of me and to stop talking. Once confirmed i was miscarring they showed no sympathy. Doctors were nice, just not the techs. Don't recommend going here.

tiffany allen

Was not acknowledged when I arrived. the receptionist was very rude. Waited 45 minutes AFTER my scheduled appointment time to be called back for my ultrasound and waited another hour for an MD to spend 60 seconds “talking” to me. Hurley did not allow me to ask him questions and rushed out the door. Horrible for a “specialist”

Priscilla Dimas

Always have great and friendly service.

My Destiny

It was ridiculous to schedule I called and never got through so unprofessional the receptionist Victoria veronica ? One of those tried to help any way she could to make me the patient happy, she was so helpful and sweet . Horrible communication with scheduling the front desk ladies should be the ones with scheduling!!!! Thanks, Monica

Maila Sanchez

Pinon Perinatal is wonderful. I have been under the care of both Dr. Brown and Dr. Hurley during the coarse of three pregnancies, all three requiring special care/monitoring. I was medically cared for by both Dr. Hurley and Dr. Brown at a hospital in ABQ for the first pregnancy and then was monitored by Dr. Brown exclusively for the second and third through his service with Pinon Periantal. All the staff I have come into contact with have been kind and welcoming. Scheduling appointments was always done with ease. The facility is beautiful and clean. On one occasion I was seen by the Nurse Practioner who was thorough and reassuring which is something that I know any pregnant woman appreciates greatly. Dr. Brown always explained everything with a calm and kind demeanor while remaining professional. His expertise in his field is apparent and brought much peace of mind to our family during a time of unknowns. He also included our younger child(ren) in on the ultrasound visits which meant a lot to them and to us. I recommend Pinon to everyone that I know who is having a baby. Dr. Brown is especially great.

Sami Cordova

Dr. Hurley was good, but I was left to foot the bill of an expensive genetic test that Piñon Perinatal should have gotten pre-approval through my insurance. This test would have and should have been covered by my insurance. I am very disappointed by their customer service and lack of communication. This was 100% their fault for not getting my insurance the proper information before hand and continued for a year. I would not recommend Piñon Perinatal to anyone.

Addin Jotavich

It always take 45 minutes to 1 hour after the time your appointment is scheduled for them to see you, even getting there early. The front desk ladies are kind of rude. I don't have complaints of the rest of the staff, but the previously mentioned facts make every experience there awful.

Amanda Santillanes

stephanie martinez

Not sure the name of the person who was supposed to be helping me today but she should not be allowed to answer phones. Horrible service. Avoid going to this office if you can. I'm going to see if I can go somewhere else. The Doctors are good but the front desk staff ruin the whole experience.

Stephanie T

Doctor told me my baby had hydrops before even doing a full check. Then treated me more like a lesson than a patient with his resident student. Horrible

Hope Oller

showed up to my appointment 15 minutes early, with and empty waiting room, and still did not get seen at my appointment time. Finally got seen almost 45 minutes later!!!!!! Complete BS! And this doesn't just happen once. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have an appointment this is what happens. Staff is friendly but waiting an hour to be seen is rediculious and makes me mad and irritated. . . . After waiting over an hour for my appointment I was taken back, ultrasound literally took 12 minutes. Probably the most painful ultrasound I've had because the tech was pressing so hard on my belly with the thingy and then had to argue with her about how hard she was pressing and then she left to get the doctor to look at my measurements and stuff had to wait again 10 mins . . . . Had to get a heartbeat monitor on because my baby wasn't doing practice breathing the lady was putting the monitors on me and literally pressed so hard she left a red mark scraping the monitor against my belly. . SOOOO done with this place worst treatment I have ever had. DO NOT RECOMMEND. If I could give them no stars I would!

Mama V

I live 2 hours from Alburquerque, in Las Vegas NM, and i was referred by my OB because we no longer have "specialist" that can come to our town to do visits/checkups on ultrasounds if you have high bmi. Anyways so my husband and I got there at 2:10 filled out 4 easy papers, my appt wasnt until 2:45 plus I told them we are from out of town. One of the front desk ladies left right after i checked in and was left with this other huge rude lady. I waited there in the waiting room till 3:19 and literally 5 other moms were seen before me. When i got there i was the only one in the lobby. The front desk lady didnt apologize for the wait or at least be friendly make conversation just starred at her computer the whole time. After a whole hour waiting i finally got up and was going to confront the front desk lady but she left to the back, as i stood there waiting for a few minutes they finally called me to the back. I didnt have to wait in the back for very long, they did my ultrasound right away then told me the Dr will be in to see me. They didnt tell me i would be seeing a male Dr so that made me very uncomfortable. He just checked my baby on the ultrasound but still, i was uncomfortable the whole time being there. I was there till 4:30. They scheduled me in 6 weeks again "to monitor me" but im telling my OB i had a bad experience and refuse to go there. I wouldnt recommend this place to any moms, new moms or experienced moms. Very rude, no way of comforting moms or a warm welcome, a lot of waiting before your appt even if early. I wouldnt give them 1 star but have to in order to post a comment.

Allie Wolf

Very friendly office!!! Everyone is caring and professional. I always feel like I'm being well taken care of at my appointments.

Joshua Groves

Unprofessional. Waited 45 minutes past my appointment time. They expect you to come in 15 minutes early but won't see you in a timely manner. I was also under the impression I would just be getting blood work when I was told then they required more be done. Procedures I did not want done. They told me I could not refuse such procedures. That is what I left and I will never go back nor would I recommend anyone go there.

audrey lane

Was in earlier this week to the jefferson location. Scheduling was not to bad played phone tag a couple times with Rachel but was surprised to get in a fast as I did! I had a great experience, both ladies up front Veronica and Roslie were awesome I felt very welcomed and comfortable there. My tec Krystal and nurse Paula were also amazing along with Dr.Brown. All around great practice 5 stars

Kimberly Orr

I was referred l by my OBGYN to get my ultrasounds here, and have had all ultrasounds here but I would not come back I frequently would see the two receptionist take and make calls and after almost every call with patients that could make a negative comment about their experience, and laugh. I refuse to call now I will go in for anything I need because the violate HIPPA quite frequently as some of the called they take they put on speaker asking for patient information. I always know to come in early for appointments about 10-15 minutes early so I can get seen on time because that's really standard with making appointments, so I thought. I went in yesterday 15 minutes early the only one in the waiting room and one girl came in maybe 10 minutes after I did and and another one maybe 10 minutes after her and I was the first in the waiting room and last to be seen, but it was already 20 minutes after my appointment was scheduled that they called the other patient and 30 minutes after my appointment when they had called another patient and I ask the receptionist if she had signed me in because I was here before those other 2 patients and she they both got very defensive saying we do stuff in a certain order, that "order" I have no idea what it was but they said they would Check where my file was then finally 10 minutes later I was seen and finally when I was seen they rushed through my ultrasound and I asked for a good picture for my ultrasound and they gave me the worst pictures possible because they were so behind if my appointments was scheduled 6weeks in advance I expect to be seen within at least a half hour not an hour and not to be rushed if I waited that long to be seen. As I left the receptionist had to make a comment saying next time you don't have to come in 15 minutes early just come on time and you won't have to wait which she was still wrong because regardless if i was on time or early that day o was still seen an hour after my appointment was scheduled, if you can do not go here ultrasounds are one of the Best part of pregnancy I shouldn't be upset the whole time there and after, not only that every time they find something wrong with my pregnancy and never consult me I don't even bother asking questions I just call my OB office right after because I am not as stressed after I speak with her.

Janeth Nunez-del-Prado

The ultrasound techs and Drs are amazing but the receptionists can use some work. The radio blasts loud annoying music in the lobby and when I asked them to turn it down they said they didn't have time. They also said they keep it loud for privacy purposes. Follow HIPAA and don't talk about patients in places that can be overheard, don't try to drown out Protected Health Info with loud music....

Mary Smith

Upon getting pregnant for a second time at age 36 through the help of fertility treatment, I was referred to them for a.m.a testing & also having a mild/moderate high-risk condition. I was seen by Dr. Gonzalez, Stacy (RDS), Hilda (RDS), Michaela, & a few others. I cannot say enough nice things about them! This is a top-notch, awesome & expansive comprehensive high-risk OB practice. Dr. Gonzalez is brilliant & they were so on top of everything! I naturally delivered a healthy 6.2 Ibs baby girl w/my regular ob thanks to their vigilence & care. These folks are great!

Steve R

Agree with the unprofessional comment. I also waited 50 minutes after our scheduled appt. to be seen. Additionally, although most people are courteous who work here, one of the techs was very rude during a prior appt. We requested to not have her again, but they just assigned her to us again regardless.

jessica madrid

I went to the Rutledge office a few weeks ago after many attempts for the scheduler to call me back which was frustrating and she was rude I think you should have more help and have two schedulers. As I went to my appointment I was waiting for an hour which was upsetting. I do understand there a lot of sick mothers that they are taking care of. However working in a similar field upfront with angry and upset patients sometimes its hard to keep calm and your cool which every time i go in they have a friendly smile. I believe the the ladies upfront are very patient and kind and are always so sweet! They do their best to keep the lobby informed as to whats going on and offer water and a snack. However the sonographers are very rushed inpatient and the medical assistant is not to kind herself. Dr. Hurley is a little aggressive and Dr. Brown is always nice. I feel if they had more then one dr working or more help they wouldn't always be so behind i have to take off of work for every appointment because I never know how long i will be there. all around I give it a 4 star and that's for the kind faces upfront and Dr. Brown

james janessa

my husband and I went to the office on Rutledge my OB referred us there and I must say the amount of concern and amazing staff that made our difficult time easier. We appreciate the professionalism and sweet loving ladies that we encountered Rose and Veronica up front are the best and made us feel like they have known us forever. Crystal, Paula, Weston and Dr. Brown are all amazing and I'am so grateful for everyone's time and help you all are definitely amazing people!

jessica carrillo pacheco

Dr Brown is a great doctor .I went to one on Jefferson last year with my last pregnancy high risk and now with this pregnancy also High risk.. They really care about your baby .. they make sure everything is going how it should ... The wait is a little long but it's definitely worth the wait.. definitely recommend to any high risk mom's to be

Deanna Garcia

Ed Matteo

Would give zero stars, if possible. My wife went for prenatal testing. Have spent countless hours wrangling with insurance company after receiving exorbitant bill. Pinon Perinatal assured us it would cost $200, but we have received several $2000 bills instead (we are insured). I'd go elsewhere for prenatal diagnostics, where the staff is more familiar with the true costs of its services and is aware of the realities/complexities of the America's convoluted insurance rat maze.

Liberty Duenas

Nikki Z

Debbie Salas

Absolutely love this place. Staff are very respectful and understanding. Would recommend to everyone

Valencia Rose

The space and staff are quite nice. However, I was somewhat disappointed with my visit because we waited over 30 mins to be seen. My appointment was @1030am and we even arrived early @1015am. We did not get called back until after 11am. May or may not return for my next appointment in January 2018.

Mayra T

I called the office yesterday during my break from work to schedule an appointment. I got a voicemail and was disappointed but a lady called me back and let me know that she was sorry and that she understood that I was working and would let everyone know that when i called back to get either of the schedulers so i could get an appointment. They were so helpful to work around my work schedule and they got me scheduled quickly. I can't wait for my appointment!

Ashley Hernandez

The doctors here are very nice and professional. However both times I've gone to this location the ultrasound techs in my opinion didn't do that great of a job. The first time the lady was pressing down way to hard. This is my 3rd baby so I've had many ultrasounds before and I've never had anyone press as hard as she did when she was doing the scan. The second time I went was for my anatomy scan and the lady told us, sorry we have to get the "boring stuff" over first and take all the measurements before we can see any fun stuff, of course which is fine because after all that's what is most important. After she took all the measurements however and checked what she needed to, she only let us see the profile of our baby for about 30 seconds. She didn't give me any actual print outs just a disk that shows an arm, leg, hand etc not the whole baby. Needless to say I'm very disappointed!!! If at all possible go to the Rio rancho location they are A lot better!!

Sarah Mikeal

Cptamerica r

This is the 3rd visit with this place and we are done there care is sub par at best they are always over an hour late on appts and this is every time I have 3 kids this is even being written about 30 min after appt time to find out the sex my wife has incredibly bad morning sickness as well and the staff could care less they favor certain appts over others be warned do not go here the worst care in albuquerque metro for prenatal care!!

Daniel Lopez

This is to the Rutledge location. I do not speak about the Rio Rancho site because my wife and I have not been to that site.. my wife and I were referred here by our OBgYN to this office for our ultrasound check ups. Ever since we came to this office we have been greeted nicely but have not been held in the most professional manner. Every time we come it's always something new that's wrong with either our baby or reading. We've come to the point where we are so irritated with Doctor Timothy Hurley. He has never said a positive thing about our baby and he always make us feel like something is wrong with our baby. The way he says things leaves you doubting if it was even worth coming here all the time. There are two doctors at this location and we always have Dr Hurley come in for a check up. We've asked for another doctor but there is always an excuse. My advise do not choose Dr Hurley to come in after the ultrasound tech has finished the ultrasound check up. This doctor is very rude and does not know how to speak with expecting mothers that just want a healthy baby. At the end of everything we left this office and are now happy with our readings and we find to know that our baby is so healthy and we are doing everything right in our pregnancy. Piñon estimated a 10 lbs baby to be born and now we are told that our baby will be 6lb 11 oz. which seems more reasonable. If you decide to stay here, mothers, please ask for the ultrasound tech you like the most and do not ask for doctor Hurley. Great Ultrasound tech: Francisca Candelaria, Annette Tapia, Krystal Salas Better Doctor: Steffen Brown. Follow this advice. Or go to a different site

jessica garcia pacheco

i was a new patient at the jefferson office last week, i must say i didn't realize how busy that office is, their are a lot of high risk women it amazed me. Despite the long wait my experience there was amazing and so comforting, everyone was super nice and sweet from the moment i walked in and checked out, very professional and sweet! I appreciate the staff will recommend to other expecting moms!

Sophia Smith

Kale Guerrero

Had a very bad experience here, very insensitive Dr. Come here only if you would like to leave clueless, hopeless, and depressed.

David Chavez

Went to the Jefferson office I was surprised to read the reviews on employees being rude, the ladies upfront were up to par very professional and compassionate. my wife and myself were treated extremely well! wonderful experience for us would definitely recommend to other couples

Tiffany E

I've been to both locations and like them both however today 10-18-18 I went to the one in Rio Rancho with a new pregnancy and have to admit how easy going and smooth it is over there. first thing i walked in was great from beginning to end I was pleased with the staff and all I encountered. Will definitely recommend to my expecting mom friends!

Argi Hountoumadis

Josh Nowlin

Lack of interest in their patients and overall bad atmosphere. Terrible billing system

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