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REVIEWS OF Peak Behavioral Health Services IN New Mexico

Cheryl Lynne

What a major joke to the max!! Coming back to "Las Crucifixion", New Mexico are still living, homeless, in California for the past 3 years, almost, about a week after getting into Camp hope- Mesilla Valley Community of Hope's well regulated homeless camp, I ended up here after the Las Cruces PoPo 5150'd me; all because of a few so-called "Concerned for my welfare" IMBECILES having overreacted to what I said about wants to commit suicide on MY OWN FACEBOOK page. What a waste of time; I needed transgender surgery not medication and more mental health LIES!!! Good Behavioral Health is a joke to the max!!!


I had to go here and it fuvking sucks man like. all i did was try to kill myself like damn why did i have to stay here for 7 days. For real though, the place really helped me out and put me on medications that helped me with my psychosis, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder, it also helped with my anxiety and insomnia. I really appreciate it.

carol miller

the adult unit had lots of groups and very caring staff. I would recommend this psych unit.

Christian Straus

I am a former patient of this facility. It made my PTSD and "behavioral problems" 10 times worse and I wish every day that this entire place be shut down. My parent who sent me here says she regrets ever doing it. It's full of malpractice and every person that I was with in there considered it to be more of a jail than a place to help. As an adult now, I am taking further action to unearth the horrible stuff that goes on behind these walls so another child won't have to suffer through forces therapy or something that feels like incarceration ever again.


Don't send your children here. I was sent here at 13 years old for a suicide attempt. As there are some good reviews, please don't send any of our loved ones here. The conditions in the bathroom are unsafe and there is bugs everywhere. They barely let you talk to your family members . The doctors are terrible at their job and do nothing but make your mental health worse. Staff does nothing for you .

pepper _

i hate your place.

cindy bencomo


My teenager received great care in their outpatient program. The therapists and staff were phenomenal. Anytime we wanted to sit down and discuss progress, they went above and beyond. Only time will tell whether the coping skills learned will help but as of right now we are beyond satisfied with the care and I will always write a review to praise when I feel it's warranted.

Ed Young

My adult son was referred to Peak in June 2017 but decided to try to work out his issues with outpatient services locally and didn't self admit to Peak. Outpatient has not been successful so he tried to walk in to Peak today. He called for an assessment yesterday since we live 150 miles away but they told him (and me on a follow up call) that he would have to come in to do a face to face interview. We drove 3 hours to Santa Teresa, waited another 3hours for the interview only to have them decline to admit him. They told him if he wasn't suicidal or homicidal they wouldn't admit him. Instead they gave him a list of other providers that might help. Unfortunately some of their information was incorrect, wrong city, etc. As a result we wasted an entire day and 300 mile round trip for no reason. Had they been interested enough to ask some questions or even just listen when we called we might have had the same result but without the wasted time, energy, etc. In fairness we have another family member who spent a week or so there last year and was very pleased. Unfortunately things are not the same this year.

Ffed Ehjkbc


Rhealynn Marquez

Unsafe living conditions.

Aichlin Heassler

***BEWARE*** Research and read reviews before considering Peak. Think me the disillusioned, delusional parent being manipulated by their child. So for what it's worth... I took my daughter to Peak Behavior Hospital because she was struggling with depression and wanted help. Despite a myriad of negative reviews, I allowed her to be taken into voluntary inpatient treatment. After two days she wanted to leave and I felt she was simply attempting to escape and not focused on getting better. I told her try a little longer. Over the next couple days, she was in good spirits and said the medication prescribed was helping and while there was little in the way of therapy being provided she found it cathartic talking to other patients with similar struggles. She relayed a consensus opinion the hospital staff were not providing any semblance of therapy and conditions were unsafe. But she's a teen and just making it sound worse than it is... The day after I attended a family planning session. When I arrived at Peak no one knew of our scheduled appointment, so a temporary counselor was told to conduct the meeting. We were informed she looked good for discharge that day. That night I was informed by the head nurse no discharge order had been submitted and she knew nothing else. The nurse then raised her voice at my daughter claiming she was manipulating her parents and not buying into the program. I rebuked her for speaking in this manner and was adamant my daughter be discharged or I would withdraw her. Up to this point I had not received a single phone call from Peak about a diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, or medication. This can't be common practice. Primary among my concerns are my daughter's claim the Psychiatrist, Dr. Burgelin, is unempathetic, rude and ill tempered. Amidst the discharge confusion, the head nurse called the psychiatrist and returned to say the doctor apologizes, but your daughter is not ready to be released. No reason why. This decision was made without consulting with the counselor we conducted the family plan with, where my daughter was very honest and sincere in continuing her recovery. The doctor indicated she would come in the morning to reevaluate and give an update. Satisfied for the moment, I agreed to let her remain at Peak for the night. The following day there was again no communication from Peak. I called the hospital in the afternoon to speak with the Psychiatrist or Supervisor, but was instead transferred to the temporary counselor. He spoke to me in confidence to be careful because Dr. Burgelin has received multiple complaints from patients and parents. He asked what my insurance was and upon me saying Tricare, he stated that's good insurance that will pay no questions asked and your daughter will be held until at least the seventh day day requested in the authorization. I visited Peak that evening and insisted again she be discharged or I will withdraw her. I was informed the doctor put a 72-hour involuntary hold on her for patient safety. Amazingly, this doctor deemed her a danger risk on the sixth day, the morning after I requested she be released. My daughter is now being held against her will due to my actions. Punished because I dared to request her withdrawal. After leaving my daughter, I searched Peak and was alarmed at multiple reports of sanctions and negative reports by behavioral health organizations and an exhaustive list of negative reviews. To think I allowed this and seeing her condition worsen is a nightmare. For what it's worth...

Chyleen Glisper

Every patient there is just a # to fill there beds so the can remain state funded. My son is currently at The Peak. I was called today for a counseling session... My son had an episode, the "counselor" hung up on me. 5 minutes later she (counselor) called me back and wanted my address so they could release my son. WTF?!!??! My son is due home on Sunday. I let the counselor know that my son was not well enough to return home, and by sending him back into the public in his State of mind that I will hold her, the Dr, and The Peak responsible. With a smirk... The counselor said " ya alright" and hung up the phone. .... And none of this helps the situation, especially since they were calling people on his phone list to tell them my son was missing within the 24 hrs of being there. And it wasn't even my son that was missing. Anyways, don't sign off for your family members to go to The Peak. They want #s and money...

Sarah Dominguez

I was brought to this hospital around a week ago and geez it was awful. We came here in recommendation of my therapist and while there I feel that in many ways my mental state took a down turn. We were promised that I would be constantly active with therapists and group therapy and in the near week I spent there I spoke to my therapist a whole two times and one was during my discharge where they hardly explained anything to my family. Additionally, I have to be on medications for physical needs and the majority of my medicines approved by doctors were denied at peak resulting in my arthritis to go largely unchecked during that time. The fact that patients are allowed to smoke so close to the units is also a problem as the door is kept open and smoke can enter, for me an asthma is, I came out of there with a upper respiratory infection. Finally, despite there being signs mentioning that there was a separate female and male unit, the units were coed, had we known this we would have gone some where else especially as I had mentioned to the lady who assessed me that I was uncomfortable around men in closed space. The staff, for the most part gave off an air of not wanting to be there and not wanting to help. While there were exceptions I often was made to feel that I was a bother to them. In conclusion, please I would say go some where else and avoid peak like the plague and to read the reviews before you go as I wish I had done.

Doris Cox

Adrianna Regenhardt

Why exactly are these patients allowed to make phone calls to harass and curse people out? Shouldn't they be supervised and be stripped from phone privileges?

Michael Reyes

Stranger Lad

Chris Ortiz

The psychiatrist pushed through every patient very quickly and never called my parents to inform them on my diagnosis and medication changes. There was 2 elopements from the facility within my 8 day hospitalization, and there was even a period of 20 minutes when a gate to the outside was left open unguarded. None of the MHTs were on the same page, and were very lax with rules during visitation as many people had large bags and phones out in the open. The main reason I was sent to this particular hospital as apposed to any other is because individual therapy sessions were promised to me, needless to say this fell through. The group therapy sessions were rushed and cut short and overall didn’t affect myself or other patients around me. The staff lost a pair of my shorts and a sock while washing it. I brought this up to them, and they brushed it off without a care. At the time of my discharge I was told I would get back everything from the denies closet (shampoo and conditioner.) However, they just forgot about my belongings and quickly moved me out of the facility. Overall, this was an unhelpful inpatient stay.


Military unit is fantastic.

LaQuisha Monique

Stephanie Williams

I had to deal with the issue i was sent to this place for in an insanely unhealthy way out of fear. Unhealthy to the point where I ended up convulsing on the floor in a puddle of my own vomit.

Hannah Hopper

My mother and sister went into this facility. They both returned with horror stories about the staff ignoring medical needs of patients in the facility, of staff being rude and unkind to them, and of being promised recreation and therapy--but these activities lasted for maybe 15 minutes when they happened at all (once during each of their week-long stays). When I went to visit, the facilities were dirty and, although we arrived during visiting hours, we were forgotten in the waiting room for 45 minutes after checking in, before someone came to take us back. During her stay, my mother, who has special dietary needs due to allergies, was not permitted to have food that fits her diet. I do not recommend this facility to anyone seeking mental care for themselves or someone they love. A culture ranging from apathy to outright hostility towards patients.


roger Dalton

If I could give this place no stars I would. My cousin was a patient there and came home worse than she went in. Fell and broke her wrist took over 24 hours just to get x ray. I called her doctor gustavov or close spelling. I called his office to get answers. His office was rude and hung up on me. He told my cousin he was Russian mafia and would take care of me. Nice doctor huh . Place had huge cockroaches every where and stole my cousins meds the narcotics. When she left they kept personal property of hers only a few good staff Rosa and sofy David Clayton were all nice professional but there is no treatment they will be reported to ama it has been over a month since my cousin was released her personal property still has not been returned. Including a cell phone, valuable family jewelry which had been passed down several generations. Peak intentionally stole this property because of its value. We have called several times yet they have been rude to us I would not send a dog to this place. Patients are emotionally abused and sometimes physically abused. Staff steal patients meds. This place should be investigated and closed. The staff need to be incarcerated for crimes against humanity

Kimberly Lindner

My daughter went in because medication she was taking was causing suicidal thoughts that developed into a plan. We needed a safe place for her to detox. This was told to multiple members there. When the nurse practitioner saw her, Bergelin, she threatened my 14 year old child that if she didn't take the meds she prescribed, she wasn't getting out. She was putting her on the same meds that caused the issues. When I called the center, I was threatened with CPS and they put a 72 hour hold on her. I told them she was allergic to pollen, grass, trees, etc. They sent her outside with no medicine for that. Bergelin tried to kill my kid. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD THERE.

Marty Maestas

Luis Rodriguez

within this facility is Russian intelligence Luis Rodriguez - El Paso TX all government agencies please be advised this is not a prank I have clearance please verify


I was previously admitted here in the military ward when I was active Army back in 2014. I actually had a really good experience. I was having multiple behavioral health issues. The staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. It was a huge difference from the inpatient psychiatric ward on Ft. Bliss. They actually had activities to keep us occupied, a schedule, and we were able to speak to our doctor or a team every day about our conditions.

Ariel De La Rosa

I came into Peak in the worst state of my life. I wholely give 100% credit to the incredible staff for why I am the happiest and healthiest that I have ever been. The behavioral technicians, nurses and my psychiatrist helped me in so many ways. The most important was the fact that i knew they cared about me. They were always kind and helpful. The food was very good and I loved the routine of it. We had art 3 times a week, multiple groups a day working on coping skills and how to stay strong when you are back in the real world. My favorite time was when we went to the gym every day. I stayed 10 days (longer end of their time frame) and i am so happy to say that I am happy now, all thanks to Peak.

Cori Herrera

When I called to asked questions on enrollment for mental services, the receptionists would interrupt me multiple times and transferred me to different people. These people would then interrupt me mid sentence and wouldn't help me at all. I went through 7 rude transfers before finally hanging up. Horrible service. Don't bother asking them for help.

kyle Alan

I was here for 6 months when I was 17 to 18 I’m now 25 and am still suffering from ptsd from this place. They had me on17 meds in the morning 18 at night I had tremors for a year. They literally had me on 500 mg of seraquil and 150 of trazadone at the same time. They lock you up in a room with a bathroom attached to adjacent room allowing for you to get jumped from other patients. I was stabbed I was beaten and humiliated staff treated you like you wrr a prisoner and they stole most of the possessions I came in with including money and my I touch not to mention they Didn’t give me my prescriptions when I left which forced me into withdrawls. This place will drive the kids into a monster. The Sutherland church shooter attended this hospital. Enough said

Kacey Lewis

Andrew Mock

I loved this place. Never before in my life have I ever colored a more beautiful picture. Honestly had a great experience. I talk highly of this place often.

carey henderson

Cassandra Flores

My son was admitted to Peak Behavioral the first thing I did was look at the reviews and right away was thinking I made a mistake. Well I'm glad I don't really go by what others think or say because this place was the best for him he likes the staff and other patients there he is doing allot better understanding his problems. The staff is great they really know how to relate to kids and teenagers. I really do recommend Peak Behavioral for anyone who has a child who needs help with any anger issues or issues in general.

Aimmee Lerma

I had my mother admitted from UBH in el El Paso TX over a nervous breakdown because my brother recently passed away. It was quiet a relief because once she was admitted the nurses were helpful and understanding. I did notice they were extremely slammed that night so I understand if they were short with answers. But I hope this provides you as positive feedback to be more more patient, maybe have some more workers for back up when there is too many patients coming in at a time. I really liked the fact that the therapist contacted me to go over information and progress, it made me feel it was the right place for her to be. I was also pleased with nurses when contacting them, they were always kind and showed empathy. They had an answer for every question and when they didn’t they asked to provide the right answer. I was okay with the visitation 3 times a week two hours each visitation day. It was more friendly and family oriented than UB but i do wish they were treated more like a hospital than like a halfway home prison type. I believe a nice outdoor park with lots of shade is more therapeutic than the kitchen area. I strongly suggest a more upgraded kitchen area and cleaner will help family and patients feel more at ease. I feel this patients should be treated as what they are admitted as patients. Another thing i was skeptical about is sharing rooms. In this type of condition this patients are they should have there own room alone and have there own night stand, bed, tv and of course upgraded to feel comfortable not like a prison. Specially for each individuals safety, almost $3,000.00 dollars a night per patient should be more than enough to that this patients with love, kindness and respect. One thing I disliked a lot from all Psychiatric Hospital was the smoking. Second hand smoke is as bad as smoking yourself. Again this is a hospital and should not be seen as a half way home, prison, or patients should not be seen as criminals. They are all unable to control this emotions they are going through and I believe this type of hospitalization should be more concern for this patients well been and smoking should not be permitted for patients. There are so many medications and activities that can be worked on to stop smoking. I really hope this concerns get acknowledged and make a difference and be able to have this hospital at a top rating and be recognized for the best Psychiatrist hospital to be admitted too in New Mexico. Also please, please clean that kitchen and upgraded it smells and its just such a depressing place to see your loved one in.

omen loc/cak

Worst place I've ever been I now had to visit a hospital because. Of there carenot a place for anyone

donna reynolds

My son was released Tues. 9/4/2017, but on a bus to Albuquerque with no ID, phone or money. Got here Wed. a.m. Was there to detox, suicidal on 8/27--took off again today(9/8) after leaving suicidal note. Good job. Apparently lost his insurance 9/4--just couldn't wait to get rid of him,huh?

Henry Castillo

Sucks ass

Samantha Montoya

Worst hospital ever to send your children! They do not communicate with parents and never return phone calls but worst of all is they never answer the phone in the unit. Literally the phone will ring for minutes and eventually you’re very lucky if they do decide to pick up. They let my daughter go home without medication and still almost a week after her discharge they have yet to return to my call regarding this no matter how many messages I have left

Wendy Martinez


Alyssa Soliz

Damian Copado Maynard

I was admitted to Peak in the summer of 2006 because of depression and feeling very suicidal at the time and was given 100 MG of Zoloft or sertraline (HCL) which helped me about 40-50 percent of my depressed mood. The rest was up to me but I was extremely anxious so I definitely needed a boost with medication regimen at the time to get me back on track and the hospital did their job and I did mine. I met some very empathetic people and caring people too at the hospital who were suffering from various conditions God bless them. Damian Maynard

Dan Caguingin

Damen Roher

There was a homicidal patient admitted there, among mild mannered patients, allowed to roam free. The medication is un-regulated. The staff has no clue how to handle things, so far its only made things worse with some patients. Theres nothing good I have to say about this place. There are many safety concerns about this place. The only good employees ive met are leaving, for a good reason. So far the only positive thing about that place was the military ward. The staff there are awesome to work with. And they fully understand all issues.

summer. xxvibez

This place really helped expeccially the groups doctor m is a great guy rtc is where i was and i learned alot the ceo and patient advocate is very nice

Joshua 2w

Trash 0 stars this place is unsafe food has hair everywhere

Gerardo Moreno

The very real fact that my wife needs help and refuses to acknowledge and or ask for it, is not lost on me. I would think that with a letter from CPS and what I told the admissions clerk would be enough but it isn't or wasnt.

jorge rueda

It sucks tho

Makayla Cheyenne

A Google User

I was 13 when I went there and the doctors there prescribed a bunch of meds to me at once and which made me aggressive and the staff where forced to restrain me and put injections in me which gave p.t.s.d wich i still remember today. I've had someone I am really close to go to the same place and also had a bad experience I do not recommend this place it is a unhealthy place for children and can leave permanent damage to your kids like I very well know.

Michael Villarreal

I was 14 years old when I went into that place one of the scariest things in my life. I am 17 and out for almost 3 years good place with good doctors

Jessica Jandran

The kids were mocked for being "crazy" by staff. Kids were not allowed to speak until spoken to and treated worse than dogs. Unstable place for kids and up with any issues. Kids were crying at night for their moms and the staff handed out pills to shut them up. Extremely sad, poorly managed and over priced. Never send your children there, they don't care! Just another crazy kid to take advantage of. Venerable scared kids afraid and heavily medicated.

Sherri Rhoten

Staff do not follow court orders regarding custody and give more info then they are allowed to to a parent with no legal rights, my daughter went several days before seeing the Dr. She was removed from her meds she was taking prior to arrival only to be put back on them a week later. Her meds as with many psych meds have dangerous side effects when stopped abruptly. She has to taper back on her meds after she finally started receiving them. Though none of my parental rights were stripped they refused to stop giving personal information to JPO. She was referred to short term treatment by her Dr. and they have no intention of releasing her prior to 3 months. Therapist has not been returning phone calls and schedules therapy but doesn't keep appointment. Students only have school for 3 1/2 hours because school is not important to them. They have caused way more harm then good. Please think twice before sending your child here. This is a very dangerous facility and it should be shut down! My daughter reports it is worse then jail and I am inclined to agree, though she is a minor who I have sole legal rights to they often exclude me from treatment and often do not answer the phone on the unit during phone time. CONSUMER BEWARE HORRIBLE PLACE, THIS IS NOT EVEN A GOOD LAST RESORT!!!!!

Kathy Greene

This facility needs to be investigated by state agencies due to poor management. As well as therapist not doing their jobs. The facility needs to have a separate area for detoxing from geriatrics and stop drugging people detoxing patients. These people brought the drugs abuse on themselves and the detox is a easy thing for them the way the peak medicates them. Whenever they come out of the fog they are ready for round two. They have frequent flyers coming through the door. That's where they make their money and people with real mental health issues are tossed to the curb

DAVID Rogers

A Smith

Sad excuse for a hospital


Understaffed and lacking professionals with experpice in patient needs. Required classes are held, but to no effect. Staff learns PowerPoint charts, reads from them, and cannot effectively apply lessons on a simple chart. Unruly patients are not treated effectively leading to further unruly behavior. It's ad if the "animals are in control of the zoo."

Z Vanryn

Put me through withdrawals on my medication came home in terrible condition, on top of that I had to get an AMA to leave. I'm 17 and well behaved it made me feel worse in there when I felt fantastic at home. Put me on medication I didn't want and often left their patients alone. SOMETHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED. unsafe and irresponsible. Don't take anyone here ESPECIALLY YOUR KIDS. Me as a kid I felt unsafe to show emotion and speak up and that's not healthy development and coping mechanisms.

Stefany Lucero

This hospital is a good one but they treat there patientence like prisoners other than that I have nothing bad to say

Nikky Aubrey

The most awful psychiatric experience of my life, and that is saying something. Their psychiatrist or whatever he was put me on so many pills I couldn't walk straight. They diagnosed me with a condition I do not have and medicated me for it. I do not remember the time I spent here in detail, but I do remember how despondent I felt.

Reviewing You

Disgusting, incompetent Admissions Department, poor leadership, needs to be closed.This place commits insurance fraud every second they remain open.

nadine garcia

My name is nadine garcia when I went there i was 12 years old and i got out when i was 14 years old and this place is awful the doctor there sexual abused me and srached up my back and the staff their covered it up then he started labeling me me after my father wanted to come see me their for Christmas he was trying to cover up the scratched up back he gave me and then he got their cps in volved and said that my dad was sexaully abuseing me when that was a lie but they kept me thier over 2 years and the xoctors still their im just making you all aware af what happens their so you are very care full of where you put your kids at

Randy Moralez

Staff sucks

Michelle Rodriguez

My daughter was a patient at Peak for seven days and was admitted because of suicide plans. While there, I realized that many of their employees don't have enough control over their own emotions when handling the emotions of the patients. They let their own emotions get out of hand and scream at the patients in a very immature way. Fighting with patients is totally unacceptable and unprofessional. They fail to realize that each patient has unique issues and they use standard cookie-cutter style treatment to treat every patient the same way in an assembly line fashion and babysit most of the time rather than treat anybody. When it comes time for one-on-one with the therapist or psychiatrist, they push medications. If the patient's parents decide to go with their own opinion and go against medical advise, they pout and get upset and lie to you to try and convince you to go with their advise. When I wanted to discharge my daughter against medical advise, they told me, "the insurance won't cover this, you know. You'll have to pay the entire bill," which was a blatant lie. Then they tried to send me off without any medication and without even telling me which medication she was taking while she was there which is dangerous to just be cut off from psychotropic medications, as all those doctors will tell you themselves. By doing that they are going to hurt somebody and all for their own selfish and greedy reasons. I will never recommend anybody to go to Peak, and will always highly advise against it.

maga news nation William barnard

My son was recently in there the peaks Are unprofessional my son is incompatent to make dissions they were gonna release him in elpaso Texas he's not from there. They put his life in danger they can care less about the patients I fell a long overdo investigation should be done the staff are very cruel and rude worst place ever I fell the District attorney And. Adult services. Should be invold I fell insurance fraud. Is very possible all the drs are ass holes. And nearly destroyed my son's life. Thank goodness for the courts to step in when they did. Do not send your kids there or family. It's unsafe. And highly recommended. To pay attention to the reviews I also strongly recommend complaining to the state

Edward Fuentes

Precious Izza

Honestly I don’t know how they treat them inside the facility but the lady that was at the admissions office was rude! I tried to see if they could admit my brother last night and so we dropped him off cuz he said that he’d be okay and we’ll my brother is 35 so we’re thinking it’s okay but not even 20 min later we get a call from him saying that the lady was being rude to him and that she didn’t have beds for him so we got back for him and we get off cuz he’s still talking to the lady and once she sees us standing by the window she starts to change her mood and she’s like you know what I can squeeze you in, like really? If you can handle a job like that then don’t work there period! Treat people with respect

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