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REVIEWS OF Memorial Medical Center IN New Mexico

Luke Robinson

Waited 7 hours in the WAITING ROOM ONLY!!!!! I waited another 5 hours in back. Go to Mountainview. This place is trash ran by trash. Not real doctors apparently. That long of a wait n they can't turn people out?? Sick staff

Miriam Au

Awsome service. Everyone was so kind and caring. Dr. Felts is the best, he truly cares and does everything to keep you comfortable!!

Moonchild 55

2008 i went went a distended belly that hurt like hell and was for some reason causing pain run down my leg. In the ER, Doc finally came in, found out we were un insured, (we were in transition from State job to City job). The doc did not believe i was in such pain. Took a urine sample, he prescribed pain pills and released me saying there was nothing else they could do. I got so upset, I told the tech who was so happy to see me being released, "you funkn made me piss, didn't even check it?, and now releasing me with my stomach hurting and distended, drink the damn piss and enjoy it." Husband laughed at them. At Mountain View they saw me and were upset because it could have been something that cold have ruptured, possibly apendicitis...well it was a serious case of diverticulitis which i spent a week at MVH recovering, thank goodness without surgery.

Isabel Aeagon



Sudden extreme vision loss in left eye. I went into the ER here, answered the questions honestly, one of which was if I'd ever used drugs. I was honest. Yes, I've used drugs in the past ON OCCASION (at parties usually). Doctors and nurse mocked me and acted like I was tripping balls. At one point Dr. Atkinson (forgive me if I'm wrong about the name--I was high, right?

yvonne loya

I had my baby on the 9 th of July and all tye staff there was amazing and did a great job.

Mel V

Okay so I was sent to the ER after my visit with my surgeon Dr. Carrie Dieker because she said i had to have emergency surgery on my Gallbladder to remove it i was extremely sick. Everything went amazing! The staff is great everyone anestisiologist all of them. I was very comfortable and enjoyed it because i was so nervous about this because i had only one other emergency surgery and remembering everything about it was freaking me out but that other surgery took place at mountainview. The only problem about MMC was i did not recieve a room to recover in while my sister stayed the night with me to help me incase the RN was busy and what not. There was no where for her to sleep because she was helping care for me and going and caring for her baby since he is in NICU he was born 4/23/2018. Shes been telling me that everytime she goes to see him theres four nurses in there at the most. Most of the time hes either got poop caked on his butt or crying only because he needs his pacifier or something simple hes a calm quiet baby that doesnt need much attention. Simple things that they can do as being the workers in NICU and taking care of him well she's not around since she cant sleep there with him. Why is it that there is enough workers and they are not providing the babies with what needs to be done. What if he gets a rash? What if there is an emergency and they are to busy talking or gossiping whatever they may be doing to drain the clock. They wont let him come home where we could provide him with the comfort he needs. Im just astound with the fact that babies are very important just as everyone else and they arent doing the simple necessities that are needed and that they get paid for, but they can provide my surgery after care without a problem. How wierd! Other then this i rate a 3 if my nephew was better cared for i would rate a 5.

Jennifer Carabajal

Doctor's and nurses in ER are very unprofessional and rude!!

Ashley Martinez

I hate this place! Ive sat here crying in pain for 3 hours! Havent been seen yet!!!! Never coming here again!!!!!

Steve Stochaj

I had to go to the ER for a knee injury. I was seen very quickly. I needed surgery, which MMC scheduled for the next afternoon. Nurses and Techs on the floor were amazing. Every single person I encountered put the quality of my care first!

Carla Stapleton

Karina Estrada

crashtestdummy52 g

I recently had a surgical procedure. It was THE WORST surgical experience of my life. I have had 9 surgeries in my life. This was BY FAR the WORST.....ANYWHERE! If I could rate this hospital ZERO, that's what I would rate them.

T.J. Smith

this is a sorry excuse for an ER , for a simple thing that should have taken less then 3 hours i spend 6 hours at this place , i arrive at 11pm and dont get out of there till after 5am , the ER was NOT busy except taking long breaks and dragging their feet! i have seen a morgue work faster then this place

Nathan Middleton III

Adrian Lucero

Not very happy with my stay here, wife had our baby and nurses were ok, however we ended up staying 2 nights and none of the TVs worked in the rooms, a nurse we had didn’t check in on us for a few good hours. Overall not the best hospital. Food was very bland and few things needed updating.

Mark Sonntag

Dr Edna Juarez and her MA, Elizabet are incredible. They are thorough and very efficient. Their friendly service makes their patients feel welcome and well taken care of. I am very happy to have them for my health care family. New resident of Las Cruces

Cindy Pereyra

Christopher Cope

Holly Hill

This hospital sucks. I would never recommend this one to anyone. I went there in extreme pain and they did not help me. I went there in pain and left put of there still in pain. Dr David Scolnick is the worst. I would rather suffer then ever go there again.

luis quinones

Clayton Roan

Most one star reviews are by patients who forget it is not first come, first serve..that.their wait may be saving someone else's life. Air evacuated off Interstate 10, Memorial Medical Center emergency department and cardiac unit saved my life. Clean, efficiently run facility. Excellent, upbeat staff from the doctors right down to the techs, medical records, clerical and even the volunteers. They cared for my family as well as they did for me. I thank each and everyone of you. You are all awesome!

Bob Franz

I have Asthma and now have Bronchitis, had to have blood work done and asked the woman there if she could register me for my x-rays. To save me time and so I could get my meds I needed, go to the volunteer desk show this older woman my papers. Told her I needed to have X-rays done, she tell’s me I needed to register. I tried telling her I was already registered and if she would shut up to listen to me explaining. Finally shows here all the paperwork she had in her hand, she finally got it, I was being alittle short with her and told her I have Bronchitis. I’m standing there short of breath, sweating and she wants to give me a hard time, her and the young guy sitting sitting there tell me how to get there but NO offer of help or a wheelchair. Told them both thanks for the offer of a wheelchair! They must have been in a hurry to get off duty! I walked all the way to X-ray, had to stop several times, had trouble breathing. Get there short of breath, sweating profusely, trying to catch my breath.Went for the x-ray had to sit down for a bit, still hard to breath, sweating, got the x-rays done but was very uncomfortable. X-ray Tech was very nice, no complaints about her, walked back to the front entrance and had to sit for like 10 mins. Again short of breath, having hard time breathing, stopped a couple of times walking there, used handrail to help with walking. Staff passed by and not one asked how I was doing, you couldn’t miss that I was short of breath and sweating. So glad I didn’t need to be admitted or anything, I would have asked to be transferred to MoutainView before I would stay there. Have had x-rays in the pass there and had the same thing done as today with paperwork, has Blood lab register me. I also in the past had been offered a wheelchair, I have a bad hip and knee and at times it’s hard to walk. Doesn’t help having Asthma and Bronchitis! I’ll still go there for blood work but that is all, nothing else. The staff at the Blood lab are great and helpful.

Kris Nielsen

The surgical staff and the surg-med staff on the 3rd floor are world class! A serious surgery and a three-day admission was made as pleasant as possible by the nurses, techs, and environmental services there. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you, MMC!

Dante Fierro

There all rude Mountain View is the best

Michelle Conway

I came to MMC through the Memorial Weight loss center. My surgeon is Dr. Frank Felts. His staff in his office is impeccable, as are the staff, nurses, and aides in the hospital from admissions to discharge. My process started 01/24/18, with surgery on 08/21/18. I never felt unattended. They answer all my questions and go above and beyond. Post op I had the very best floor nurses especially Lilly. I recommend Memorial Weightloss Center and MMC to everyone.

Holy Atheist

Stay away if you can, especially if your going because you or a loved one has taken too many pills or are over dosing on anything. I went with my friend who had taken too many Adderall. His muscles were clenching up, his heart was racing, and he couldn't stop breathing heavy. They were fine until we told them it was drug-related. They looked at us like we were filthy animals and they treated us like that for the rest of the night. My friend was suffering in one of their small rooms crying and thrashing, talking incoherently, and hyperventilating. I thought he was going to die and no one, absolutely no one would help us. He just lay on the bed and I cried over him for hours. Every time I tried to get a nurse or doctor to go see him or to tell me what was happening they blew me off with no empathy or concern whatsoever. No one would help or tell me anything, no one would say if it was going to be ok. It was like I was in a horror movie and everyone was in on it. My friend was still hyperventilating in what looked like complete agony when a nurse finally came, after I begged the staff for the millionth time. She put a oxygen mask on him and helped his breathing to return to normal. Why wasn't that simple task done when he came in 3 hours ago? Who knows. It took her all of 15 minutes to return my friend to normalcy and explain to me what was happening. Thank god for her because who knows what would have happened if she didn't help. I would give this hospital negative reviews if I could. Stay healthy, because going to this hospital could kill you anyway.

B Kelly

martha Lambrecht

I've had surgery, blood work drawn, x-rays, and my personal experience was amazing. For the most part evrytime I went in I was treated by different employees and they all treated me very professional...clean, comfortable, and very competitive... thank you MMC keep up the good work

Darlene Kopp

Taylor Wright-Ortiz

Great staff. Great new management

Marisol Villegas

I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone. They are horrible and so are the nurses.

Valerie Perez

The charge is ridiculous. We waited almost 3 hours to only have vitals done so we walked out and they still billed us for $1,000.

MaryEsther Provencio

The hospital is terribly under-staffed and badly managed. First, the admission clerks are terribly inefficient and rude. I have had many tests at MMC, and each time, it takes forever to check in, so even if I arrive early for the test, Admissions manages to make me so late that the department is calling for me. Why don't they have a system for people who come in frequently for tests, like a badge that brings up the information automatically? Other hospitals have it. As for inpatient service, the rooms do not get cleaned until sometime in the afternoon, although the staff brings the pile of linens to the room, so I just changed my own sheets every day. There were never towels in the morning to take a shower, so I used the bed sheet to dry myself. Never mind calling Housekeeping: the buck gets passed from nurse to orderly to housekeeping, and then nothing happens. Then, meals do not arrive on time, or they never arrive because the computer has "discharged" you, or someone has incorrectly tagged your record with "NPO." Just as well, as Dietary could not decide what I was supposed to be eating, so my meals were bland, sugar-free, and tasteless anyway. One day before discharge, I finally got a visit from the Dietary lady, who changed my diet yet again, so it was the only day I got my meals on time. The hallways are very noisy, for a wing that does not get much attention from the rest of the staff. Even at night, it is impossible to sleep, and people come in and out, leaving the light on, so you have to get up and turn off the light when they leave. I told my doctor that if I ever needed hospitalization, I will go to the newer hospital, or to El Paso. For the amount of money this hospital charges, we should get better service! I have been here twice; I won't be here a third time!

Allison Hoggard

It was Feb 9 2013 when i was in a semi co driver fell asleep...i was brought here by ambulance. They brought me into the er on a backboard and left me unattended for over an hour. When they came in all they did was xray my neck and release me. They entire time the nurse and hospital docs kept referring to my pickup truck being ok. No matter what i said they ignored me and even took my insurance card out of my wallet for billing. Then released me!! I had my sister drive from Oklahoma..where i get me. We drove straight thru to the trauma hospital in Oklahoma City. My injuries that they seemed to have over looked: 9 broken bones in my back, 2 compressed disc in my neck, concussion, broken elbow. I was in a wheel chair and went thru extensive rehab both physical and mental therapy. I was off work for a year. I still have PTSD from the HOSPITAL!!!!!!! Never go here!

Paul Kelly

Had a dumb moment with a UXO Firework Was checked in fast and saw the triage nurse Then to get treated was out within 3 hours Way faster then any hospital I’ve ever been In. I would recommend for a ER visit if you have a choice

Elizabeth Chavez

Best Hospital in town!!

rebecca chase

Staff were rude and condescending. As I was sick, throwing up and chocking on vomit, one of the staff members laughed and asked if I was a fan of the rolling stones (I was wearing a rolling stones shirt at the time) Later when I needed the restroom and could no go due to IV's, there were no call buttons and tho the door was open no one payed attention to my pleads for help. When I finally was acknowledged, the only thing the male nurse could say was "what do you want now?" He never came back to reattach the tubes and took 30 minutes for someone to help. As my door was open, I could hear them countless of times laughing and bad talking patients that were coming in and out, they were extremely loud in they're chit chat and it is was 3 in the morning when patients were trying to get some rest. Everyone one was extremely disrespectful and unprofessional,. They disclosed confidential and inaccurate information to my family members about my personal health and history. (I am over the age of 18) No professionalism what so ever. I can understand that ER's are busy, I come from a family of doctors and nurses, but you should also know to show to some extent professionalism, compassion, and all around feeling of safety and care. Non of that occurred here, in fact is was the opposite. Sad excuse for a hospital. Now stuck with extreme medical bills for horrible service.

Merlin Jones

Pre-natal was superb! Post-natal? A living hell! There was only two families in the wing at the time we were there, but it still took hours for nurses to do their jobs. They seemed to wait for the baby to go to sleep before they would burst in and poke and prod the baby until she was awake again. I asked to store a sandwich in the fridge by the nurses station at around 2:30AM. They said they couldn't vouch that it wouldn't be stolen. I figured it would be ok for the 2 hours or so it would be in there. I was wrong.... 4:30 I went to get it, and it was gone! Same two nurses sitting at the station. I asked them if they had seen what happened to it. Of course the answer was "no". The catheter was literally yanked out of my wife by a huffy nurse after she had complained that it was still in 3 hours after they said they would remove it. She still. has pain from that years later. Wife had a C-section. We were told that the baby had to be in an approved car seat to leave. Ok, no problem. Was told that she had to be in a wheelchair to leave. Ok, again, not a problem. Then was told that she had to hold the car seat all the way to the front doors. What?!? Wife barely had any strength and was in major pain!! I said I'd hold the car seat. Was told by the nurses that they would call security if I did not comply. To add insult to injury, there was construction on the first floor, so the wheelchair bumped and jostled over the torn up floor. My poor wife was almost screaming with the pain. Billing was also a joke. I guess that since I had insurance, they figured I was a cash cow. On the bill, it showed two rooms per night @ $+2K/night/room. I was like, "wait a minute! we only used one". The answer?? There was two people in the room (Wife and child). I guess they forgot to mention to me that I would be charged for two rooms. I guess that means that next time I can sleep in the next room on the bed, instead of the folding chair they gave me. So, to sum up, NEVER go to Memorial! Run, don't walk, to MountainView Regional Medical Center if you ever need any proper care. I haven't been there yet, but after Memorial, I'd rather go to Juarez!

Yolanda Mmm

Best hospital ever, the nurses very nice with me and my bb..



Rafaela Bañuelos


The nurses and medical team that I had were fantastic, but the admissions and billing processes were terrible! My review is a reflection of the administrative portion of the hospital. For an out-patient procedure, the self-pay price without insurance at a private surgery center is cheaper than their estimates with insurance and they charge you based on what they think the procedure is going to cost before you have anything done! Then force you into payment plans based on that estimate the day of the procedure without any prior discussion or information. I won't return there if I have any other choice or options. What a racket!

Kayla Palmer

Boyfriend crushed finger underneath metal bed frame pretty badly. Thought it might be broken, turned purple almost instantly and had a pretty big deep gash above his fingernail. He was also dehydrated and ended up fainting 3 times before me and some friends could get him to the car. His hand was also cramping like crazy causing him worse pain. We barely get him into the ER since he's having trouble standing, the staff just looked at us like we were being dramatic. Get him slumped down into a chair so they can admit him and they take their sweet time and seem annoyed even though he's in very bad pain and keeps almost passing out. Get moved back and the doctor (Darcy J Bains) asks him to move each joint in his finger. Then offers a painkiller he can take orally or a nerve blocker injected into his finger. He was freaked out by going in and out of consciousness and didn't want to become drowsy, plus the cramps in his hand were getting worse so he opted for the nerve blocker. Takes about 30 minutes for that to happen and he's writhing in pain. I'm trying to help him drink water to at least help with how dehydrated he was. Finally the doctor comes in and gives him the nerve blocker and almost instantly instead of his finger becoming numb, his pain intensifies along with the cramps. This escalates for an hour and the nurses and doctor acted as if the worsening pain was his fault or that he was being dramatic or drug seeking even though he specifically said he didn't want any opiates or painkillers. They eventually give him a shot to help inflammation and some anti anxiety meds. Neither seem to help. He is very pale and continues to fall in and out of consciousness. Anytime we talk to the doctor he just says that the pain hes experiencing can't be from hurting his finger and that he isn't required to do anymore medically to help. I ask if he can at least give him some fluids for the dehydration and he just looks at my boyfriend and says "you can drink, can't you?" They put a splint on his finger and never even washed the wound for him. They discharged us with him leaning on me for support still very flushed and disoriented. The doctor (Darcy J Bains) was extremely impatient and condescending, no compassion just annoyance at my boyfriend's pain. Nurses were indifferent or irritated. I cannot believe how coldly and callously they treated him. Don't go here, chances are you'll end up being treated as an inconvenience and be sent on your way without your injury even being cleaned or bandaged.

Mountain Fisher

The ER was fast and efficient, other than that I had a miserable time after being admitted. The hospitalist, a PA I suppose, cut my pain meds by 75% and decided I needed alcohol detox therapy for some reason never explained to me. I told them to get that diagnosis off me. I went to the ER because I was having an extreme anxiety attack caused by a Dr who didn't pay attention to drugs l was taking and I had a bad interaction. The ER said I'd had a heart attack, but I didn't, and that's why I was admitted. I just wanted some sedative to get rid of the anxiety. The hospitalist was rather arrogant and I never got my proper meds until Rhonda Jagow took over as hospitalist. They put me on an IV of antibiotics when I got to my room on the 4th floor. I wasn't sick and didn't need antibiotics so what was that about? My time there was miserable until Rhonda took over and got me the proper sedative and pain meds in the proper quantity. I had an echo cardiogram done finally, the day before l left and I never was told what it said as it hadn't been read before I left. The shower was so small I couldn't use it because I'm claustrophobic! I've never seen showers that small in a hospital before. They'll have to carry me into that place before I go back there. Oh yeah, forget about a nurse coming to help you on the night shift. I pushed my call button and nobody ever came until it was time to hand out everyone's meds.

Cindy Demancinas

ana rodriguez

If I could rate this hospital 0 Stars, I absolutely would. Their billing department is terrible, and the workers are extremely defensive when your simply inquiring about a charge. It seems that they don't pay attention to what is being asked specifically of them. They over charge and do not send medical bills until the account has been transferred over to a collections agency. At the time of my visit, they did testing to which I DID NOT REQUEST, and NEVER received documentation confirming testing was completed or any results. But again, I did not request them, and was STILL charged 1500!! After being on the phone for twenty minutes to dispute the charges, they ask me to hold to look further into the account, and they disconnect the call by transferring me back to the automated message.

John Brightleaf

Right this minute they have a vet that is fine, tied down and drug snowed for profits and treating us as completely insignificant, to be lied to dismissively. This place makes people sicker and has a BAD reputation of people dying from staph they caught there. Find other care. These are monsters.

Mark Guzman

Great staff & they are friendly. My girlfriend who is pregnant had a appointment with Dr. D. & he was a great person who is concerned about the health of our Baby. Thanks MMC...

Kevin Dudley

This hospital is something interesting. My girlfriend while on the road driving from AZ to MO started having a bad headache that hurt in a way she had never felt before and her kidney started hurting her. I of course went to the first ER I could find. It was this location. We went through registration and stats very quickly. I was impressed at the speed of being seen however that quickly faded. She provided all her allergy and medication information to the administrating nurse who took vitals. She then had to give again to first nurse, and again to the doctor that first came in. Apparently none of them read admin chart or form. They then send her in for a CT scan upon recommendation from first doctor. Who also had her hooked up to IV with Benadryl, Saline solution, and a muscle relaxer that I'm not familiar enough with to remember. She didn't feel any better after the hour and a half waiting for CT scan results. Well new doctor showed up and said he relieved previous one. Stated nothing showing on CT scan, which is disturbing given she has a previously diagnosed Cyst that wasn't health threatening but should have been noticed. He then of course needed her medication list and allergies again. It would be efficient to write that stuff down right? He then tells her it's a tension headache and prescribes her same pain killers she is already taking but his prescription was less than a quarter the dose she is already prescribed. So in short it was a complete waste of time as she didn't feel better and we both agreed amature hour. Keep in mind we arrived at 10:30 pm and was admitted quickly but didn't leave until roughly 3 am. Again to be told to take a smaller dose of medicine she was already taking. I am happy she is safe, livid at the hospital and amount of time it took. While waiting I got to listen to nurses or doctor's talking about their stupid co workers and sharing stories of how truly stupid they were. This entire time we were waiting for nurse to confirm prescription and remove IV so we could leave. In total about an hour and half of listening to this. Just what I want to hear from hospital staff, how stupid there co workers are. Amature hour. Also note my girlfriend is an EMT in MO so not like she didn't know how to describe her pain or situation. Go anywhere but here truly will not help you.

Thomas Martino

Life taking....

Stella Herrera

Dr. Edna Juarez and her team are awesome! Very polite and professional. Elizabet Varela is a pro when she draws blood. Everyone has trouble finding a vein . Usually it takes more than 3 sticks, not Elizabet, she gets it the first try. So glad to have them as my primary physician.

Monica Devora

Horrible horrible service! The front desk people are rude and unwelcoming! Never going back there!

Stephen Green

Crap service hours waiting for 3 idiots in radiology even with appointment.

Susan K

Far better than Mountain View. Came to ER and was seen by medical professionals within 20 minutes. They admitted me and was in my room within 2 hours, had pain meds and was resting until surgery next day. Everyone was attentive the enter time I was there. It was during a major holiday and they were happy to be able to help. After surgery I was able to be released later that day. I will definitely use this hospital again.

Cindy Jinks

I had a sleeve done my Doctor was Frank Felts what a wonderful man. His staff is so loving and the hospital stay was so loving I felt at my team.

Cody J. Aikin

My experience for an echo-cardiogram was prompt. All-and-all was no longer than 45 minutes and received pleasant service from all staff! I would go again.

G Allen


Trying to get care at Memorial Medical Center was hands-down the WORST hospital experience of my life, which is saying a lot because I am ex-military and have been in Army hospitals, low-dollar county hospitals and urgent care clinics. I arrived at the hospital late in the night with severe abdominal pains. The registration staff was rude, one girl flirting with another worker, the other away from her desk. I get signed in and wait in a crowded waiting room, am called back after a few minutes for stats and told to give them a urine sample, which I have to cross the lobby again to a public bathroom. The bathroom was absolutely filthy with trash and wipes strewn about. I collect the specimen and go back to triage and knock on the door, no one answers so I sit there for another 10 minutes or so with urine in my hand. Get called back again for blood samples and finally ask if someone can take my urine sample. The "nurse" who took my blood left a gaping hole in my vein and sent me back to the lobby. By now I was feeling so unwell I couldn't even get up out of the chair. Blood was pumping down my arm. Another patient finally got up and got me some tissue to wipe up the blood. Waited more, was taken by wheelchair to ultrasound. Had an ultrasound done and sent back to dirty and crowded lobby. I don't know how much longer I waited there but by then all I wanted was to lay down, was very dizzy, in a lot of pain, and getting stared at by crowds of locals and their families who seem to hang out in the lobby. I had to leave to go lay down. Left with no care done. Got a call 5 days later that I have signs of infection in my labwork and need an antibiotic. Tried to log in to the patient portal to see my ultrasound or lab work results and the patient portal does not work, the customer service number for patient portal is unanswered, I was HUNG UP on by whoever answered the main hospital phone number when I was seeking help. This is all completely inexcusable. Do not advertise on your website that you have a 10 minute wait in the ER if that is not true. Get some of your staff to clean that filthy lobby and bathroom. Keep a guard on hand if you are going to let your ER waiting area look like a night club for bums. Keep some type of management on hand to make sure your staff are working and not flirting and playing on their phones. This hospital is a mess and I will NEVER be back there again.

Adrienne Gustamantes

I was very please with all the staff. Very friendly and very helpful.

S. Long

I had to get blood drawn from the Memorial outpatient lab. I have had MANY IVs and blood draws, in my life. My veins have ALWAYS been a problem for nurses. Plus, I'm TERRIFIED of needles. Today, a DACC Student named Deseree, drew my blood to check my thyroid hormone. I warned her about my "prude" veins. I started to freak out (as usual), when I saw the needle. This young DACC STUDENT was the 1st EVER, to tap my vein the 1st try and I barely felt it! I've seen RNs, get the Dr. to draw my blood! Good job Deseree! I have a surgery next month...I want Deseree to do my IV! I feel that my anxiety to needles, may be overcome. I am amazed!


Elijah L

Review is for the ER. Was somewhat slow to finally get help for my acute cluster headache pain, (a couple hours) but that could very well be due to circumstances out of their control. All the care I did receive was courteous, considerate, compassionate and professional, and the facilities are clean, reasonably modern and comfortable. I would recommend this hospital.


You have a nurses working there with prior drug convictions working there. What king of hiring process do you have. Tonda Salvini/ Tonda Slagle/ Tonda Griffith or whatever name she is going by now.

Lacie Soper

For the most part don’t ever get admitted here. My step father’s wife is on the third floor. Everyone working there is so rude, nobody knows what they are doing. Each person working has a completely different story. My step father just had surgery & is not able to care for his wife. Case Management there are so inconsiderate & rude & they got all indignant. I hope my step father files with the State Board about all of this.

Anna Jo Martinez Gonzalez

Who leaves a review at a hospital.... just me.... but I'm happy with how I was treated by the nurses on the 4th floor. Thank you

Nathan Lefever

Terie Murphy

Very Sad... We had a emergency in 2015 just days before insurance kicked in. Was admitted and there for a week. We heard that we could apply as a charitable case, that could pay for the hospital stay.. So we did... after doing so, we NEVER received any type of notice or statements or bills.. BUT we received a collection agency letter today!!!!! Had we gotten any notices we would have arranged for payments... but now instead we have a collection agency wanting payment to avoid posting against our credit... While this hospital was very good an saving our loved one... their business offices needs help! We really need medical reform...

philip glassmeyer

Went to the ER on a very busy night. Staff was still kind and attentive. Thankful they were able to diagnose and treat my life threatening situation.

Ene Torres

I took my 2 month old here on a Monday because we were at the new hospital (mountain view)Friday. They were so much more concerned with him at this hospital the nurse's treated him with care and the doctor was just as caring. Friday they diagnosed him with dehydration by doing blood work that's all. Come to find out the problem is much deeper! thanks to the staff at this hospital looking into every possible thing! Now we will be seeing a specialist Tuesday. Thank you mmc for your amazing care for my family!

John Vernicek

Lauren Lownes

I went in because I had the stomach flu and was too dehydrated to keep fluids down. I told them this immediately as I ran to their restroom and practically spent the entire 5 hours there. They then proceeded to set up and emergency room for me, which I asked them not to, that I just needed an IV. They pumped 2 bags in me, ran 40 tests that I said I didn't want and they just preached to me over and over about alcohol and drug abuse. After 3 1/2 hours I had been better already and able to leave for awhile with an empty IV bag hooked up to my arm. They then removed the bag and said they would be right back to remove the needle from my arm and I could be on my way. No one came to remove the needle for about an hour, even though I popped out of my room several times asking for assistance. I have received numerous bills of outstanding charges even with insurance adjustments, but oh wait they ran the wrong policy number. After calling and asking how they managed to proceed to charge me and barely have coverage from insurance that wasn't even mine, they said they would update the insurance policy information and send me a new bill. New bill shows up with even less information on it, still the wrong insurance and additional bills for outpatient services a month later in which I was never there. Respectfully, Lauren Lownes

Robert Parker

Us fags case

Cleo V

Went in for chest xray. MD called ahead, told them it was STAT and that I am unable to wait. MD was assured I would be taken right in. Upon arrival at admission I was experiencing an epileptic aura and told the grey haired woman at the desk that I needed to sit down immediately. She told me I could go sit in the lobby after we did my paperwork. Familiar with my epilepsy I knew I needed to be down NOW or I would fall down in a seizure. There are no chairs At All in admissions so had to sit on the floor abruptly. This caused a code to be called and ER personnel to come to aid me. It was all unnecessary for staff and extremely humiliating for me. Had the woman heeded my request and suggested a close chair ( I later saw one less than 15 feet from where she sat) None Of That Would Have Happened. I am a retired nurse and I must say, there was negligence there and we are all fortunate I did not develop a seizure and fall as I could have been injured. (Liability anyone?) Perhaps a seat accessible to other people in need who request it? Perhaps the woman with shoulder length graying hair could be refreshed in patient care as she does work in a Hospital? Just a couple of suggestions. Also, Everyone else involved in my visit was PHENOMENAL. The understanding and quick action of the woman in brown was wonderful. She helped me out of public view and arranged for an immediate xray. She stayed with me until I was wheeled out. The woman at the admissions desk never acknowledged me again, actually keeping her back turned to me, and certainly never apologized.

Yecenia Pacheco

I came to pick up a family member, drove TEN HOURS from California and the staff communication was absolutely ridiculous. One nurse told me they weren’t here and another refused to confirm or deny them being a patient after confirming I was a relative!!!! The staff demanded a code to speak with them even after no one who he reached out to knew it. The staff was rude and unprofessional!!!! I had to argue and demand to speak to my relative until they finally allowed me to speak to them and verify they are being discharged!

Caleb Winebrenner

I really appreciate how responsive and attentive the emergency staff was. In a phrase, they saved my wife's life -- and handled a tired little boy (our son) and a concerned husband with grace and goodwill. Kudos especially to the nurse John, who made the whole ordeal a lot easier to deal with. No emergency situation is simple or enjoyable; helpful nurses and doctors really do make all the difference!

Sarah Boo

They drew blood and even after seeing I was getting a lump, still kept drawing and tried taking more blood. Both arms are still bruised. They prescribed me meds and had an allergic reaction. I went to another hospital and said they didn't find anything in the testings. They basically prescribed me medication and I wasn't in need of.

Laura Melendez

Todo excelente a excepción de la seudo enfermera llamada gloria q trabaja en el.piso de partos, super déspota, racista, se enoja por que los familiares pregunten muy mala carientas, pareciera que se le está pidiendo que pague la cuenta!!! Ojala que tomen en cuenta este comentario y la despidan no tiene tacto ni con los bebes, lo que resta de el personal mis respetos agradecimiento !!!

Indrani Rauth

alma Sanchez

Dr Felts and his staff did such a good job. All the nurses where so nice here at hospital. Love how carrying they where. Really recommend Dr Felts and his staff as well as the staff in operating room, recovery and the ones in 6th floor. Thank you all


Dr. Said Elias is the worst doctor ever very very un professional! Instead of helping he made matters worse . Thanks for nothing memorial and mr.said

Tom Reavey, Jr.

I think the hospital is making great strides in continuously improving both customer service and the quality of medical care, thank you! good job, keep it up!

Kevin Hengst

Was chocking on something that made me unable to eat or drink. Took 9 HOURS between the waiting room and the exam room. I'm patient, so if that was just it, then fine. It took them 6 hours and me telling a nurse that they didn't have my medical insurance! I gave it to them while I was there, they apparently failed to take it down, and called me twice afterwards to get it again! And that's not all, they over-coded their procedures to skyrocket the bill and gave me a bunch of useless tests just to drive it up more! They took most of a day and are charging thousands for what should have taken no more than an hour. You need a lawyer to go to this hospital! Treat it as a last resort only!

olga Martinez

Gary Bentley

I arrived at MMC (Memorial Medical Center) Family Medicine Center on the northwest corner of the MMC campus at 0911 for my scheduled new patient appointment at 0930 October 2015. I had run a little late because of construction southbound on I25, having been told to arrive 0900 so as to have time to fill out new patient paperwork. The woman at the counter window took my driver license and insurance card and handed me a clipboard with paperwork to fill out. I sat down in the waiting area, which was virtually empty, having maybe 2 or 3 patients. At approximately 0930 another woman asked me to follow her to the back. She said I could finish the paperwork later. She weighed me, then took me to an examination room and took my blood pressure, which was high at 138/93 or so. She asked the purpose of my visit and I said primarily to obtain a new bp medication prescription since I was running out, but that I also had other medications related to my spine and other orthopedic problems and needed to find a new PCP so was hoping that I might find one of their docs to be amenable to that. She left me in the exam room (taking the paperwork) at about 0945 (or earlier). I sat for a long time, trying to prop up against the wall (since cervical and lumbar spine pain prevents my sitting for long unsupported). Finally about 1010 I got up and lay down on the exam table, the neck and back pain demanding that change. All this while there had been no sound of patients being examined in the nearby exam rooms, no conversation, just an occasional cough in the distance. Finally at 1015 I I got up and walked slowly out using my cane, passing a counter where it appeared my doctor was standing talking informally with a worker behind the counter. She made eye contact with me but said nothing, remaining more or less expressionless. I said nothing but nodded in greeting (and goodbye) and walked by on my way to the door out of this area. I pressed on the door several times but couldn't get it to open. A young man came up behind me and told me to press some button to get the door to open (and asked nothing about who I was or why I was leaving, though he undoubtedly knew), finally opening it for me. I walked back to the admitting window, noting that the waiting room now was full, approximately 60 patients and/or accompanying family/etc. now filling almost all the seating in the large room, and asked for my license and medical card telling the woman not to submit any charges since I had not seen a doctor. She betrayed no surprise and in carefully measured tone asked innocently if the wait had been too long. I said yes that 30 to 40 minutes was too long to be left in silence in an exam room without any hint that the doctor was going to see me. She did say she was sorry (in bland clearly artificial tone, given the verbal context), to which I replied, equally bland, that I doubted it. I left, getting somewhat drenched by a cold rain as I had to walk about a block back around the building to the other parking lot (since they refused egress to any but staff at the other doors). I don't know what to make of this outfit, I mean there was no one there when I got there and they let the place fill up, not appearing to want to see me or anyone else (maybe they were waiting for me to leave). I would advise anyone wanting to see a doctor in a non-emergency setting find one anywhere but at Memorial, since there seems to be something wrong with their management.

kellie raine

Went to get blood taken took 4 hrs worse place ever...and i was there 6 am

Tracie Ebbs

I have had all my surgeries accept for one done at memorial medical center and the doctors, anesthesiologist and nurses and nurses aids are phenomenal. Thank you for everything! You will always have my business.

Two Sticks

Rene, RN, in the ER took great care of my husband. Victor, too. Thank you for helping him. You treated us with kindness. All of the other nurses and aides on the 6th floor were excellent. You are truly professionals.

Kristina Turner

Failed to treat me properly for blunt Force head trauma from a military assault & covered up child abuse & libeled victims in retaliation for reporting.

Bree Stacy

Absolutely the worst customer service EVER nurses are beyond rude and no help at all. They don’t answer any questions and have horrible attitudes towards customers. Will never return there.

Brian Wilde

I cannot begin to express how terrible my experience has been with this place! My daughter was referred for an "emergency" CT scan of her broken arm 7 months ago. I never heard back from the doctor about the results so I had to call them. Two weeks later they still hadn't even looked at the CT scan! To make things worse 7 months later I am still getting a bill from the imaging department and they have never submitted it to my insurance. I've provided them the insurance information multiple times and they say they will correct it and I keep getting the same bill now with threats to send to collections. The billing people are either incompetent or unethical and lazy. I'm not sure which is worse. Avoid this place at all costs. Find anywhere else to go.

Shaylynn Perrault

We have horrible experience everytime we come... We have came twice to MMC. We came the first time and we were here for 8 hours.... And the dr had diagnosed him with a virus. She gave him a pain med insted of an antibiotics. We are here again today because gallbladder failer runs high in my husbands family on both sides so we think its his gallbladder... they are the only ones who offers the test we need and we've been here for 4 hours. They won't do the test... They are not listening to what we're saying is the problem and are giving my husband the wrong meds and are assuming that its his tummy when its not its his gallbladder area. All the staff are horrible and rude. At our last visit they tore my husbands vains all up and it was purple for a week long. I'm so tired of our hospitals not being what we need.

pablo horcasitas

Marychu Corral

Good place

Daniela Castañon

John O

one of worst hospitals i have ever been to several years ago i had bronchitis and was coughing up blood the triage nurse was unimpressed and made me wait almost 4 hours to be seen

Ernest L. Peña

I've been clean for over a year and they still treat me like a junky . But they did save my life a couple times just some staff has prejudice. May God guide them to the right path

dario solis

Horible experience!!! This Hospital relly sucks .They do not care for the patients.

Laura S

I had surgery here Aug 28, 2018 EVERYONE from Dr. Felts, to the anesthesia team, to Sarah, Gilbert, and Ava and everyone on the 6th floor for the OUTSTANDING care and respect of me, this is an EXCELLENT Hospital, I 1000% recommend them!!!!

Deb DeMine

Got to say that my husband works here so we were required to use them. Thank God I have seperate insure now and can go elsewhere. Sad to see the generic responses from the hospital on concerns below. After being a hospital safety officer for years I know how difficult it can be but so many complaints should tell someone there's a major problem.

Dani Baiza

I am so incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Benevento here at Memorial Internal Medicine on S Telshor. I am new to Las Cruces and found it very difficult to find a doctor, but after calling multiple places under the primary care and striking out, I then searched internal medicine and this office was very helpful and booked my appointment with Dr Benevento. JACKPOT!!!!! What a great doctor, thorough and easy to talk to about my issues and concerns. He gave me plenty of time, asked many questions about my health history/family etc., I enjoyed his sense of humor as well. So so happy and RELIEVED to have found this practice and more so Dr Benevento!!! As well, I want to mention the scheduling and staff at front and Gloria, Dr Benevento medical assistant was also very pleasant and helpful. Thank you for your care and professionalism.

Martha A. C.

Velia Rodríguez

John Romano

I went to the ER for a simple issue. My medications did not arrive in the mail from the VA. The nurse practitioner who saw me was rude, all but called me a liar, and then CLEARLY violated HIPPA by calling a "friend" at the VA who said "I was not in their system." Hearing this I knew the NP was full of it and called him out on his federal law violation. His attitude changed dramatically when I dropped the bombshell the I was a nurse before I retired. He then began to try to cover up his obvious illegal behavior and even offered me an ILLEGAL prescription for a pain reliever, which I gladly accepted as evidence. I lead a double life before I retired and was also a Texas Peace officer with the Govenor's Task force #4 for... you guessed it... investigation of prescription fraud, among other things. Anyways, I'm retired, I got nothing better to do, so I guess I will pave the way for my fellow vets to get proper, professional health care from this hospital by removing a huge problem from their ER. This NP is going to loose his license by the time I'm done with him...

Theresa Baros

They schedule an appointment then don't have anyone to perform the test and don't have the decency to call and tell us. Waited for nothing!

Elizabeth Dosch

I wanted to give a huge thank you to the ICU team at MMC. Last week, they took such great care of our loved one and treated the entire family with respect and compassion. It meant so much to all of us during a difficult time. All of the nurses, doctors, and staff were great. Thank you again so much from the entire family.

Joseph NoneBusiness

Worst excuse for a hospital I've ever seen in my life. I've been to emergency room twice this week, they make you wait in the waiting room for 4-8 hours just to be seen (no exaggeration) then once you're seen the vastness of their incompetence shines through. I came in with severe abdominal pain and couldn't even get so much as a shot of Toradal. From now on I'd rather just drive the 4-8 hours to the next nearby hospital then waste it sitting and suffering in the waiting room. Absolutely unacceptable, and disgraceful. My first time going I ended up having an intestinal infection which was causing blockage and pain, so what did the doctor do? Gave me meds to prevent my intestines from having bowel movement. Which is just common sense that is the opposite of what I needed. That's why I ended up with even more severe pain and a return trip the next day. Didn't look up what the meds were until days later though. Doctors aren't gods, they're humans and can be fools; or even given incentives to damage your health further so that you return and they make more money off of you. Which I believe is what happened to me. Every phlebotomist there also failed to draw blood with proper procedure, however neither certification nor training is required to work as a phlebotomist in New Mexico so what can you do. And who cares about venipuncture when your suffering horrible pain. There is one thing good I do have to say, and that is that the receptionist were tremendously nice and even went so far as to get me a blanket and help me lay down on some chairs in the emergency room so I could be more comfortable while I was suffering. I wish I could thank them but I don't remember who they were as I wasn't focused on such things at the time.


Awesome nursing staff! Keep it up!

Rosalinda Lopez Murillo

Beautiful Awesome

I want to thank the staff in registration, the sugerical unit and Dr. Owen's. You all are very professional, polite, helpful and extremely kind. The laughs before my procedure were nice and needed. Thank you all for taking care of me and recognizing that I was there twice in one month. Kudos to you all and especially thank you for making me feel safe, warm and treating me with much dignity and respect. ❤

Christina S.

Had to go to the ER last week due to car accident. It was actually pretty fast, but I might have just been lucky cause it was empty. They took my vitals and made me get a couple x-rays. I was done within a few hours. Not sure how billing will be, but it was as pleasant as you would expect going into the emergency room would be. I have had minimal issues (so far).

ysus zerep

Horrible communication between doctors, specialists and nurses. I had to repeat myself hundreds of times. The nurses only went once per shift to check my dad. Once in a 12 hour shift!! The aide went 3 times, of course to do vitals, other than that no one made sure my dad needs were met.

Nawaf Almutairi

Berna Riuz

Thank you to all the nurses and doctors at Memorial Medical Center you all deserve 5 stars thank you very much Luis in ICU you're like an angel taking care of my loved one.

Lee Ann Price.

Horrible service and then didn't bill my insurance and put me into collections ..wont answer the phone should just close this hospital .. Worst ever

Andrew Garcia

Laura Chavez

Pedro Hernández

Came in to bring a family member to the emergency room. Brought him at 12:00pm, and I am currently writing this while waiting inside one of the rooms, still waiting for the Nurse Practitioner to see the patient. Only reason theybuave two stars us because of the ease of access to snacks and drinks. Ridiculous.

Liliana Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Excellent place thanks (Original) Exelente lugar gracias

Melanie Vee

I had a brain ischemic attack, and the ER team got me in, gave me tPA. I am so grateful for the ER nursing staff, the radiology staff, the telemedicine neurologist and the ER doctors for getting me the help I needed.

Seretha Johnson

Connie Potter

I was admitted through ER for an unusual cardiac problem. The ED physician was considerate, concerned and compassionate. He and the Nurses dealt with me rapidly and consulted my private physician for admission orders. I was placed in telemetry and received top notch care. I am an RN (open heart, ER, trauma, neuro, flight and EMS) of 45 years. They didn't talk down to me and when my BP dropped. immediately started a second IV and gave boluses of IV fluid. Only problem I had was being stuck in a room with broken heating pipes at 94 degrees. Took two days to get moved! Memorial staff is hard working, professional and caring. I have been a patient there three times and every time the care has gotten better. My other hospitalizations are at major medical centers in other states. I go to MMC when I don't need specialty care. I have a congenital heart defect that they cant handle.


I would rate my treatment higher than my full rating but have to significantly reduce my rating because while my insurance covered most of my $20,000 stay ($300 copay), I had to pay over $1000 just for the physician who saw me for less than 5 minutes when I first arrived. Be sure to check that your insurance covers both the hospital and their contract physicians. I had to sign a paper when first admitted stating that I understood that the physician and hospital were separately billed. They did not, however, tell me that the doctor was out of my network. I have heard of other similar stories at this hospital. Check your insurance today, because when you have an emergency it's too late. I am going to another hospital next time.

Liz Carrillo

This is the hospital my family chooses! My dad was in and out before he passed and it was always awesome service!!! My mom recently was admitted also and she was stuck in the ER for hours and her nurse (Darling) was amazing!!! She helped her feel comfortable and I'm sure she was very busy being in the ER, but she gave her the time she needed and made her feel comfortable. Thank you so much to all the staff and Darling!!!!

Christina Garton

Ok, so I'm writing this from the perspective of a mom who delivered at MMC, had a baby in the NICU, and has dealt quite a bit with the lactation consultants. First of all, the nurses in the Labor and Delivery area are amazing! They listened to my concerns and as soon as they knew I was trying to go painkiller free they not only supported that choice but helped me to go through labor with as few interventions as possible--I didn't have to constantly wear an IV, they didn't have me sit in bed the whole time or hover, and they happily brought me a birthing ball. They seemed like they were rooting for me and the baby, and I can't tell you how great that felt! They also had no problems with delayed cord clamping, delayed bathing, and immediate skin-to-skin, the latter of which is their default policy. There's no nursery, so as long as baby is healthy she or he stays in the mother's room. The rooms are about as comfy as one could hope for, and there's a fold-out bed where my husband could sleep. The delivery went very well although baby did end up having to go to the NICU for 12 days. The support we had as a family from all the nurses and the lactation consultants was mind-blowing. They worked to let me stay in the hospital as long as possible so I'd be extra close to my baby. The NICU is very touch friendly, and so long as the baby is healthy enough parents can come in and touch, hold, and feed baby every three hours or so. I know not all NICUs let you have that much interaction so I am very grateful MMC's was. I also have to say the lactation consultants are wonderful. They were there in the NICU helping moms to feed their sick babies with kindness and support. They also host a free weekly Mothers' Milk Club at the hospital for nursing moms where they give support, advice, and snacks. It's a really amazing free program. TL;DR: I highly recommend MMC for giving birth. The staff is amazing and the NICU experience is about the best one can hope for if you're unlucky enough to have your baby end up there. For breastfeeding mom's the support postpartum is above and beyond.

Phillip Nance

Jared Black

I would not come to this hospital if it was the last medical care facility in existence and I had just been shot in the face!

jacob m

Be careful when choosing this hospital there is some great nurses and physicians however, the bad ones outweigh the good ones by far. If you need sereous anything you are better off heading to El Paso or Albuquerque.

Cassie Montoya

Terrible. Never again. . they don't even check on you with severe abdominal pain.. Been here for 2 hours not once I've I had someone come check up. I feel as if the staff just doesn't give a s***. My mistake for coming here instead of Mountain View. The wait is worth better care.

Phillip Lingle

Went in Monday afternoon with terrible belly pain. Turned out to be my gall bladder. Had it removed next day and went home Thursday. The level of care was excellent. I especially want to acknowledge the two night shift nurses, Sarah and Marisa, who took great care of me. I had an awful time at night with pain and the tiny bed. They were very responsive and attentive and a credit to their profession.

Priscilla Zertuche

they treated my dad super fast when he had to have his appendix removed and thanks to that my dad didint die but i do agree on one thing whenever the nurses dont let patience see their families its just not right if its family arent they suposibly be able to go inside to visit n see them that's my only problem


WORST HOSPITAL EVER. The nurses & doctors do not know what they’re doing.

Steph Lara

The worst experience ever. The place was so dirty not kept clean. The nurses are not professional. I didn't even see a dr. It's ridiculous what they charge customers for a horrible service.

Letty Guerrero

From the time I registered, pre op, then surgery to recovery to the floors was a great experience! The hospital is also very clean!! I highly recommends this hospital! Dr. Frank Felts team is remarkable!

Bill Jenkins

I had surgery. Nurses were clearly under-trained. Communication was lacking. My release took 4 hours. The food was absolutely horrible. I am doing much better recovering from major surgery at home. Avoid this joke of a hospital. Go to Mountain View, go to El Paso, go anywhere but MMC.

Kayley Maloney

Saved my life this summer. They had the appropriate doctor on call when I was admitted to the ER at 1 in the morning. Treated my family and I wonderfully and the pediatric floor I was on was beautiful!

Thomas Filer

I have nothing but positive things to say about my Dr.Juarez and medical staff at Memorial Internal Medicine Center. They go out of there way to help you with all your medical needs. Everyone there is so helpful and friendly and professional. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new primary care physician or internal medicine Dr. and a great caring medical staff to give Memorial Internal Medicine center a try. A big thanks to everyone for all you do.

Mom mom

This Hospital is the worse. If I would have had a choice I would have taken my husband to MT. VIEW Medical. But we where told that the dr he needed for his hand was here. Never again will I come here for anything.

Leticia Loya

Freddy F

Sean Miller

Went to the ER and had to wait well over an hour despite no one else being there at the time. The nurses were negligent and didn't want to be there. The doctor was even worse; he misdiagnosed me and had me go through an ultrasound that was unnecessary just to pad his bill. It's sad when you know more than your doctor as well; how this guy got through med school I have no idea. I would rather drive to El Paso where real doctors work than go back to Memorial. Bunch of incompetent idiots

Sheila Moody

5 stars for the ER dept.. It was a Saturday morning and I got right in. They discovered two pulmonary embolisms and got me into I C U immediately! Unfortunately, the same 5 stars do not apply to ICU

Mark Spates

Had a great time


Absolutely horrible ER! Don't go unless you want them to kill you. My daughter had a 107.5 temp and was seizing in the waiting room and we STILL waited over 12 hrs to be seen! I called her pediatrician at home, it was Sat by that time, who called in a favor over at Mt. View and I ended up taking her there where we were seen immediately. She was 5 at the time and she's now 11. She's never been quite the same. I went in May 2012 because that's where the ambulance took me and things haven't changed much. I had a grand mal seizure, never had one before, and then was pretty much comatose for several hours. I could hear and blink to respond, but I couldn't move any other part of my body and I was apparently losing time as well. The ambulance techs informed the nurses of this. And yet I got a nurse that decided she was going to yell and scream at me, while I was in an ER room alone, telling me that she knew I could respond an that I just didn't want too. And that if I didn't close my mouth on the thermometer she was going to shove it up my a** so it was up to me. I couldn't close my mouth. Trust me, I would if I could, it was awfully dry. I would have also shoved that thermometer up her own a** if given the opportunity. DO NOT GO HERE!!! I'd rather kill myself first. I've had a very diff experience with their cardiac dept though.

aaron lyons

ER service was acceptable but the doctor that did my daughters stitches was out of network on our insurance even though the hospital is in-network. We’ve been billed $1700 from that doctor on top of the ER bill and while waiting to get our insurance to figure it out, our bill was sent to collections. On top of that, it was an in-house collection group that is incredibly rude and does not value patients privacy protocols as they called us demanding we instantly give out personal info to them and threatening to put us on “non-compliance” for refusing to give our personal info to a stranger that called us. They operate, or allow out of network doctors to operate in bad faith to extort patients with adequate medical coverage.


Worthless!! Gets worse every time!

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