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The policy of collecting a estimated cost of services is the worst the industry has. The scheduling is also the worst. I was scheduled at 8 a.m. Then it was changed to 10:30. Then seen after 12:30. I would not recommend you take your pet there. Personnel are nice but the policies and services are poor.

Heather A

Just had my first baby at this hospital!! The staff is amazing and the care was excellent!!

Cristina Gutierrez

I am grateful for the excellent service from walking in the ER. With my dear grandmother. I thought it was just a simple illness but ended up being something more serious. From the ER to all the different department staff who acted in a good, caring, attentive to detail, professional, teamwork atmosphere in every department. Me and family are very thankful for this hospital. In present situation and past as well. From experience in many other hospitals from California, Texas and New Mexico. I give it a 5.

John Aguilar

Everybody's walking around talking about their own lives, SMH been awaiting over an hour and only 1 ahead of us. 9 yr old 103 temprature.....this place needs to be shut down or all staff let go...... dont brimg your children here!

Kristina Castillo

Bart Hoffman

todd rahberg

I only know that the Helicopter is nice.

Michael Chavez

Omg waiting line long

Chelsea Zhao

Unfortunately ended up needing some urgent care for dehydration, migraine and some odd virus. Dr Connor & Cindy were SO awesome. I’m an anxious person but felt totally at ease while under their care. After 4 days of being sick I feel almost back to normal after being seen by these professionals. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to go in! Even the woman at the ER triage, in sorry I didn’t get her name, was smiling and kind. Best ER experience I’ve had.

Larissa Hansen

Went to E.R for blood coming from left nipple, was asked at Registration if my situation was "an Emergency". Brought back after a short wait to be told by a rather rude doctor after a short look at breasts that my case wasn't an Emergency and then lectured like a five year old on what is considered cause to go to the Emergency room or not. Oh but he said he could give me anxiety pills should I need them. Dr. was very rude wouldn't address me at all, only my boyfriend, I'm sorry but this isn't the 1950s, I'm capable of explaining to a Doctor what's wrong with MYSELF. I asked for a scan and he told me that the E.R or better placed in his words "E.R rooms don't have to provide scans to people who come at midnight." That I needed to come during the day hours.

Betty Munoz

Rudest doctors I've ever met so far no one is as the doctors here at Lovelace Regional Hospital don't come here if you are having a child and if your family is coming along with you to come be with you at the time your child is about to be born!!!!!!!!

Alfonso Sanchez

Horrible emergency services, a lady was having heart problems and the doctor was doing nothing in the back.

Ashley Hamilton

I had been here for an hour. I also sat here as the aids slammed the door and ate pizza. I am 7weeks pregnant and I was in pain. I also notice the owner of this google page only comments if they are good comments. This places service sucks.

Tami Colon-Escobar

Tabitha Davis

We delivered our sweet angel at Lovelace last week and it was an amazing experience. Very professional and friendly team that made us very comfortable.

Jonny Bguud

I recently had to take my child here for a few different reasons. He was really under the weather but the charge nurse jumped right in and took on the mission of bringing my son back to feeling good again. Well after his great job I expected the doctor to be quick and not very through. But to my surprise he was also very friendly and very positive with my child. So I thank you for the amazing job keep it up Lovelace!!!

Kenna Garrett

Worst ever!!! Son was scheduled for a 10:45 appointment and we have been waiting 3 HOURS and we are still waiting!!! I would leave but for my sons sake I am going to continue to wait!! Would not refer or recommend them to anyone!!

norma chambers

James Craig

Kandi Overstreet

Nurse asks my daughter what is wrong and my daughter answers then she asks her again in the waiting room and daughter has to raise her voice to be heard and everyone in the er hears. They don't care about the hipa laws. Then a man comes in and his thumb is hanging by just skin. They have him setting and waiting. Joke for an ER.

aimee williams

The physicians there are rude to patients. It's a problem when you have to leave this hospital and go straight to the other hospital. This hospital has gone downhill. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Not everyone is looking for drugs. Run tests and see what's wooing before making assumptions.

Bridgette Ross-Ornelas

The staff is very rude, the wait in the ER is super long, and the ER space is tiny! I would rather go to ENMMC!

Victor Westley

Piss poor care and service... I know Roswell is a small town... But I would have prefered death to the service I received. They don't check on patients like they should or render the proper care a patient should receive that are consistent with their symptoms. I have seen better care at county general hospitals in large cities i.e. Atlanta, Richmond and Dallas just to name a few. I have been in the healthcare field for 16 years... From the age of 18, and I am totally outraged. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!

Scott Roser

Not only did my child not get the service we went there for and recommended by our pediatrician, now we are being hounded by a bill collector when our account is paid in full. What a joke..steer clear of this facility!

Mario Esparza

My wife gave birth this morning we been here since 4 n the morning and we are still waiting on a regular size room to open up. We been in this little room all day long. Twice we had to tell the nurses for more blankets cuz tha rooms are freezing cold. She has to call tha nurses multiple times before they attend to our room.

kyle bullock

We received great care and attention. The nurses were very kind and uplifting and we are so blessed by everyone we saw there.

Jessie Salazar

I thought the flow thru was fast. Just wish there was more space.

Hectic Productions

Terrible customer service and the staff violated civil rights.

Gretchen Jaramillo

I only gave this review 1 star and only because the receptionist was nice. I went to the ER after a post op hip surgery as I was bleeding profusely from my drainage port. I was registered and a nurse came out to ask the nature of my visit, when I explained why I was there he smirked and asked who sent me. I told him my doctor, and he then walked away. I was seated in radiology as the waiting room was full, after sitting there for over an hour I still had not been seen or triaged. It's like they forgot about me and by this time I started bleeding out. I left and went to ENMMC ER where I was seen immediately. I will never go back to Lovelace Regional Medical Center which is where my surgery took place, my WHOLE experience with them was a nightmare!!!!

Kimberly Hendricks

I give the ER AND THE CLINIC both 0 stars it wont let me but that's how terrible my service was. Both places where very rude and very unprofessional. I would NEVER EVER recommend the ER or the clinic they're terrible at services. Didn't inform me of the things you need to know before you leave I went in for something very serious and they took it like it wasn't nothing at all. I really don't want to get into the subject because it's very personal and it really upsets me. But they also lied to your face then I find out the second day I go went two days in a row to the ER. To find out the first doctor and lied to me and neither doctors informed me of something else that was going on that could lead to something else really terrible like I said I would never recommend it or the Clinic both places are horrible if you can go somewhere else I would suggest it because you will not get the care you need. they do not care they sit around and talk as you're watching them they continue to talk when you're sitting there waiting for that one person to come talk to you about what's going on but all the doctor wants to do is just talk with the nurses and the other Dr.s about what they did over the holiday!! The clinic as well is a terrible place to go they don't seem to care as well I would never recommend either these places to anybody the clinic did not see me for what I needed to be seen for didn't even give me anything or do anything about it again I would never recommend these places to anyone unless you want your problems to get worse then go right for it and go there but I would suggest going somewhere else so you can actually get the help you need on what's going on with you. Like I said I've been to the ER in the clinic and Lovelace is just a terrible owned practice I'm surprised they're even in business now. I will never return if I need help with anything I will find somewhere else to go.

Jeff Brown

My wife recently had surgery at this hospital and other than the Doctor it was the worst experience ever. The nurses are rude and to busy discussing their personal lives to bother with patients. On three occasions we had to ask for pain medication for over an hour. This place is a joke and no one should be treated the way they treat their patients. I will be looking into further action against this hospital, how they are allowed to operate is beyond me. I would recommend driving past this place and getting real help elsewhere.

Esther Crigler

Had both of my total knee replacements here. As a retired nurse I must say I received excellent care. They have an outstanding outpatient rehab department. I am walking better than ever thanks to Dt Latimer and Lovelace physical therapy department snd Maureen. Thanks guys!

Albert Brim

Diana Borton

Wait time

Erika Chavira

Worst experience ever at ER. Nurses standing around eating and talking about personal life! Complaining when patients walk in. I was told I had a bladder infection and asked me to go to the restroom to give me a shot for pain. Nurses are rude and don't care about patient care! I was there for 2 hours for nothing. Deside to leave and come to ENMMC definitely better care in ER.

G.W. S

We took our 5 y.o. to the ER. We had a short wait time and the staff was as amazing. They listened to my concerns and they even listened to my 5 y.o. The staff talked with my son and help to comfort him after receiving a painful shot. Thank- you for caring not only for my son’s physical health but also for his emotional health.

sarah wilson

I had a cat-scan and was in and out in 15 minutes! Everyone was very kind and helpful to me - even when I got turned around and looking for the door. ❤️

Jeff Boyd

The Lovelace Regional quack shack at 2335 N Main lies about what insurance they take and then you end up with a big bill. The receptionist rudely said it would take four months to get in to see Dr. Vogelsang and then never returned any phone messages. Once again, proof that all the medical industry cares about is how much money they can get out of you.

Jennifer Aguirre

Experience was horrible, the ER was packed and the staff, for more than 2 hours was setting at thier work station, talking, eating and playing around. The lack of care that was given was a prime example of a hospital that does not care. Xrays where given to patient then 3 hours later we where told Xrays have to be sent out to be read.... are you serious? My father was sent home coughing up blood and told make an appointment with his primary physician. NO DOUBT WE WILL STILL RECEIVE A BILL.... THIS IS THE LAST TIME MYSELF OR FAMILY WILL WASTE OUR TIME GOING TO LOVELACE HOSPITAL. SMH IN COMPLETE DISGUST!!!!!!!!

Marshall Angell

Always clean and comfortable in waiting area.

V E G. Bog

This is a very nice building with Professional Friendly staff. All that we came in contact with they greeted us politely with genuine smiles. OMG the furniture is genuine leather and comfy. They take all your information before you sit down then hand you a beeper. So organize and smoothly moving to your destination with just a buzzing light up device. Its super clean and nice scent in the restroom.

Dominga Moralez

This place really needs a better way of not shouting out what your problem is in the emergency check in area..people around you hear everything. Please make it more private

Sally Wistrand

I received excellent care in both the Emergency Department and during my hospitalization. I'm a retired nurse, and I fully appreciated the care I received.

Harvey T. Twite

Down home and professional.

Grisel Almuina

The ER services last night was horrible. The wait was extremely long and I was pretty much pushed to the side from turn on exams and orders placed. They lost my urine sample and never got it done. Then they tried to blame it on the lab for it being overlooked. The nurses were to busy talking about their life and not doing much for the patients. The receptionist was not very attentive of her work either. She registered a visitor, but d idnt bother to ask what she was there for in the first place. If it weren't for the fact that the visitor saw the wristband and papers to be signed, they wouldn't have known why she was there in the first place. I'm very disappointed with the care given last night.

Larissa Lotus

This is literally the worst hospital in town!! They don’t care one bit about the patients that come into the emergency room. They have no compassion, the people that work the front desk are just awful human beings. I wish I could give them a negative 100. The star is only so I could write a review.

Marissa Clark

Just awful! Go to Eastern!!!

Hen mur

In er the room where you would be taken care of is a hallway

Alicia Lee

katrina holguin

DO NOT CHOOSE THIS HOSPITAL! My sister had a hip replacement recently. She had been there 4 times previously to register & have lab work completed. On the day of her surgery they demanded a $500. payment. When she asked what would have happened if she didn't have it, after citing her previous visits with no warning of a $500. payment, they said her surgery would be cancelled. After surgery she called for assistance to go to the bathroom, 1 1/2 hours later she got out of bed and took care of her needs. This hospital is not ADA compliant. The staff could not find a toilet seat riser for her or a shower seat that was high enough for a person her height - she's 5'3"! But the most upsetting incident was after showering (with my assistance, no staff available ) she grabbed the only bar on the wall to help her stand, THE BAR CAME OFF THE WALL CAUSING HER TO FALL BACK ONTO THE SHOWER CHAIR! Thank God the chair was there and it held her! I was informed by staff that it wasn't a grab bar... so why would you put a patient that just had a hip replacement in a shower/room that wasn't equipped to accommodate her needs? I gave this hospital 1 star because of 1 nurse, 1 nursing tech & the Physical Therapist, they were awesome!

Chiara Campbell

I had surgery here, on my knee. The experience was great up until I got to the post op. At that point they rushed me out as soon as possible. I tried to tell my nurse multiple times that I was extremely sick and I needed more anti nausea medicine, she continuously ignored me and told me that they had already pulled my IV out. I know dang well they could have given me a shot, or a pill. She told me to go to Walgreens. I can't explain to you how terrible I felt, and how frustrating it was to be told to go to Walgreens, right after surgery. Before I could even really sit up that well On my own without spinning, they brought the wheelchair over. They were literally rushing me out the door. I asked them continuously for just a little bit more time. This may seem like no big deal but the truth is, it was a horrible experience for me. I had an hour and a half ride home, and I had just had knee surgery. I don't feel like it would have been too much of a big deal for them to give me some more anti-nausea medicine. I was given 4 mg of zofran. This is not a Max dose. They could have given me more. It is not like I was asking for hardcore drugs. I just wanted to not throw up. To have to ride in the car for an hour and a half, fresh out of anesthesia, and sick, was horrible. to be honest I've never been in a hospital where I was rushed out the door. I truly feel that the only reason why the nurse did not want to give me any more anti-nausea medicine is because she did not want to have to worry about updating any paperwork. My experience before that was amazing. My doctor was amazing. The anesthesiologist was amazing, as well as the nurse that took care of me, before I went into surgery. But my post op nurse was horrible. And I was completely written off. And once again rushed out the door. It was a terrible feeling. it's hard to remember exactly how long I was in post-op but I think I was only able to recover for an hour, before they told me to leave. I understand they wanted to get me out the door, but the drive home was truly miserable..

Cesar Acosta

Emily Hufschmidt

Tried to find Barbara Bachman, pain specialist, with no luck and no help.

Marcella Ratliff

Best of two hospitals.

CL Hunter

Horrible er care!

Ryan Jackson

They took very good care of me,and the staff was amazing,I would definitely recommend this hospital for all,Great care

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