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REVIEWS OF Lovelace Medical Center IN New Mexico

Mark Egbert

Lovelace ER doesn't even deserve the one star they received, but you have to grade them to be able to post, and one star is the lowest choice offered. Kind of telling that the total of one star ratings are at least double any other rating amount. No one will identify themself by name or title, and your chances of seeing an actual physician are not good. I set in a room for 4 hours with people passing by, and not once did anyone ask if I was warm enough, comfortable, thirsty, needed to pee, etc. However, I did clearly hear all the provider/patient conversation from across the hall and know all about that woman's hemorrhoids and the blood in her stool. To tell you truth the truth, at least someone actually talked to her in a compassionate and non-condescending way, although her privacy wasn't very well protected, when just closing the door would have done the trick. In my opinion, they didn't even earn my co pay, let alone the 10 to 20 or more times that amount they will be billing my insurance company. They damn sure didn't earn my respect. My advice, drive over to Lomas or to Central and be seen at UNMH or at Presbyterian.

Pam Sims

Super great! Everyone helpful and courteous. Realize getting accurate diagnosis takes tests and time.Realistic expectations that it’s not a tv show and normal everyday people are doing their best. Clean facility. No complaints:)

Tyler Alecksen

I have had nothing but good experiences here. Every time I have gone for a general appointment, I was seen within about 15 minutes, significantly less than most other offices. In addition, I have never had a doctor as attentive and personable as Bradly Walters. He has continued to be spot on with diagnosing and is quick to refer to a specialist when necessary - something most doctors have a hard time with lately for some reason. I will never leave this location as long as he is there.

Teresa Torres

The staff was awful in mental health department.The patience were better.

Itz Anthony

When I went into the ER I received poor service

Rocky Meeks

I haven't been to this hospital, but the Lovelace Women's Hospital is phenomenal.

Jm F- Hernandez

We came in 2 hours ago via ambulance. We still have not been seen by a Doctor. This is ridiculous. We came in at 9am...Its now 8pm. They say that there are no rooms availanle up stairs. He was told he would be admitted at 5pm. The nurse here sucks. If you get Wendy, go to another hospital. She is rude, unpatient, and unprofessional. All the nurses keep complaining that they are too busy to take care of my dad. Really??? It it way worse but I will not share that much. Nurses that are in the hospital and not ER seem to be ok. But the ER is not acceptable. There are old people trying to get help and the nurses act like they can't hear them. Im terrified to leave my dad here

Diana Berry

Father was in the hospital, nurse did not give him his medicine and wrote in his notes that we refused it. His blood pressure was at 195/97 and gave him his medicine 6 hours later than he normally takes it. And did not follow up with monitoring blood pressure to see if it went down. Head nurse said she would follow up still haven’t spoken to anyone. Nurse even yelled at my father who can’t speak for himself! Care for people here is ridiculous.

Ty Babineaux

So disgusted by the nurses behavior! My boyfriend cut his finger off 3 weeks ago, we started this emergency with UNM Hospitals. They stitched his dead finger back on and told us to wait for a surgeon. His finger was black and literally rotting to the point the stitches wouldn't even hold it on anymore and started to RIP through the dead skin eventually the part he cut off came off... we returned to UNM and was told to continue to wait. So another week passes and my boyfriend ended up going to jail on a bench warrant and he missed his surgery. He spent days in a dirty facility without it being wrapped in anyway and not able to take his antibiotics... when he was out I decided to take him somewhere else hoping for a better experience... I called Lovelace hospital off Dr Martin Luther king in Albuquerque NM.. I didn't catch the first womans name who was working in the ER on Thursday June 6th at about 5:07pm, the woman gave no answered and just laughed as if there was something funny happening and HUNG UP. I'm baffled, so I try to call back and reach a nurse named Nicole who says she a supervisor...yet she couldn't schedule us an appointment or give me advice on what to do from here.. I didn't want to take up an ER room if we didn't need it and it's not like it's the easiest with two very young kids( 1 and a half and a 4 year old.( She gave me so much attitude it detoured me from even wanting to bring him here. I thought nurses wanted to help and were here to assist the public. I feel so disrespected and discriminated against. I feel like no one cares of he is okay or meeting his needs. This is so disappointing to see from two Hospitals here...uncaring, unconsiderate and down right RUDE. This need to be addressed immediately because they should be here to help. It's free to be kind...especially when someone is having health issues you want to feel comfortable and confident in who you are trusting. I hope there is change customer service is important no matter what career field you are in. You are no better then anyone so stop belittling others when you dont even know the full story.

R Martinez

Horrible. Dont come here. I have been here over 9 hours. ER doctor tried to give me sulfa! I am deathly allergic to sulfa and it says so on my chart!! This place is packed. The ER staff is rude. There are people sitting here crying. Just a mess. Because I pointed out it was the wrong medicine, I got shoved back into the waiting area. I am in pain and being ignored. This is a circus of fools

T Mo

Do not work for this hospital unless you loathe yourself entirely and do not value your happiness.

Laura And Kaitlin McAlister

Overall horrible. Still trying to get a copy of a Ct scan that your doctor called me about the day after and wanted my daughters pediatrician to have a copy of it and now it's a total hassle. Is it just not possible to get a copy of a Ct scan on a Saturday or Sunday even when you child is very sick??? Last I checked your hours said 24... also you should do away with your forehead scanner things to see if patients have a fever. Because when it is used 3 different times at 3 different places and it shows no fever and then the fever is taken orally and your child is running a 104.7 fever there is a problem. Makes you look even more disorganized and unprofessional than you already are. When A monitor that is connected to your patient is beeping in the patients room because something is wrong with it and a error light is flashing and you all are just hanging out at the counter talking about what your doing Friday night and your even overhead by your patent in the room with the monitor alarm going off saying " Hey someone's alarm is going off" and all 5 of you so nothing, it's so rude and unprofessional!!! Also Jeanette you Saturday phone receptionist for the main hospital switchboard, obviously hates her job and people calling in to the hospital are a bother to her so she should Be working somewhere else. And if you have to call back a second time becauae she transferred you in a split second to another voice recorder when you really need to speak to a human, be prepared to be treated as rude as it gets by janette. She is such a worthless employee for your hospital!! So rude!!!!!

diane brinkley

My husband went for a lythotripsy they were very informative in every stage. Everyone except the Doctor actually performing the surgery. Dr. Snoy. I would however request that they do not have the musicians in the lobby, the music was very nice but very loud and really peaked my anxiety quickly.

Marsha Rochester

While traveling cross country my husband needed emergency care. They were responsive , thorough and competent. Stabilized the problem and got us back on the road. Thank you Lovelace.

Robin Porter

I’ve been here since 730 pm last night still waiting to be seen for my gallbladder, it’s now 308am and still nothing, but even worse than waiting is the judgemental nonsense and refuse care for people in need. A patient that waited 9 hours to be seen after being told countless times just a little while longer and he’ll be in he was here for having suicidal thoughts was told to leave for “looking homeless” an not ever put on the list to even be triaged after patiently waiting for 9 hours. Wow I thought people were told in America if your suicidal to go to the nearest hospital or call 911? When did it change ?

Jerry Carter

Doctors that don't care about your well being. No relief No comfort No consistency

Mr Xeno

#$#+&)$/'!_+ $##_ abusive ass nurse's. When your loved one is finally able speak and ask for assistance from a worker. And the 1st thing the can do is cry about mental and physical abuse. From more than 1 set of rotating nurse's. Then he ran. When you come to visit an unconcious patient with a catheter exposed to EVERYONE.

Natalie Grewe

I can definitively report that the Lovelace Medical Center ER is the filthiest, most chaotic I have ever encountered. Truly a nightmarish experience. The staff were generally callous, impatient, and even emotionally abusive! I have no idea how this place is legally in operation. I went to the ER with angina-like chest pain and faintness and had to walk out three hours later knowing they could only make things worse. I went on a weekday afternoon, so there wasn't a lot of bustle for a couple hours, certainly no obvious reason for extreme delays. Most surfaces were visibly soiled, all but one hand sanitizer dispenser was empty or broken, and the staff blatantly exposed other patients to contagions by placing violently ill people in the main waiting area. Hospital security constantly paced the hallway, and at one point a fire alarm was sounded for no reason. It felt like bedlam. When I was seen, only one nurse was remotely fair tempered, the rest treated me as an inconvenience at best. After an EKG, blood work, IV catheter placement, and x-ray (the tech was much more courteous and professional), I was ordered to sit in the waiting room and warmed I might be out there a while, but told I should be one of the first based on my concerning EKG. I was told not to eat or drink. I had to ask if I should tell someone if my condition deteriorated, which was distractedly confirmed. Three hours later sitting on a chair in a corner and watching very sick people (one who looked on the verge of death in a wheelchair), all of them booted to the waiting area from Triage for at least as long as I was there (they hadn't been tended to by the time I left) I was hit by hypoglycemia and dehydration. I had to battle syncope. I finally got up and had to locate someone, and did after a couple minutes of unnecessary confusion. I told the nurse (I assume) that I had been instructed to inform staff if I was feeling worse. He stared at me blankly and said nothing. I politely asked the woman at registration if I could leave. She was curt but rude in response, pointing me to the exit. I in turn pointed at my IV cath, and she vaguely pointed me to triage and gave no verbal instruction. I stood and waited, then finally had to push my way in to ask. As I was being discharged, another of the staff, who may have been a nurse or the ER doctor (I was never told) walked past me without looking at me and flippantly said my EKG "was normal" and all enzymes were negative. Well, my EKG wasn't normal (I have a heart defect that was unaccounted for and consistently provides abnormal EKGs), so I left without any assurance that by blood work was fine. Advice: COMPLETELY AVOID THE LOVELACE ER, particularly if you're a heart patient.

Ashleigh Almy

This place sucks. they will pick and choose who really needs to be met and whilethey get to get others when needing to be seen. Just as bad as presbyterian

Julee Vigil

We were with my step daughter on the 10th floor and had the privilege to have the nurse Lorianne who is AMAZING!!!!! Worked so well with her and was so patience & understating. She has a great calling for this job and what a blessing she was for our family answering our questions and giving us her full attention when we plus Tammie needed it we appreciated her and the whole staff here. What a great job they did. Thank you so much.


One of the most efficient hospitals in the state with amazingly helpful staff

Vince Guinn

Very dirty hospital bathroom unsanitary should close bathroom if it's not clean. Roof was leaking looks like it's been leaking for some time.

Leroy Torres

To long of a wait. This hospital is getting just like UNM

Lauren Barreca

If I could give this place no stars I could . it has been nothi g short of a living nightmare dealing with this establishment and its employees. My health is not a joke and it is always treated as such at any loveLESS hospital we go to. Shame on these people. Somebody I know who works at one of the local morgues and said most of the body bags are always from loveLESS. It makes sense to me after going there 3 years with severe Neuro condition and treated like its my fault, tons of malpractice and with holding test results. I will probably die because of the terrible and lack there of care I have gotten here. Someone needs to report this entire establishment to whoever oversees this in Albuquerque or NM and go to the news to tell people about how terrible this place is. Now I am paying the price for not having the insurance to go elsewhere and trusting the medical quacks at LoveLES. DONT LET YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES GO HERE NOT EVEN AND ESPECIALLY NOT TO THE ER. THEY DOTHIS TO EVERYONE:They told my friends 85 year old mom she was making up chest pains and they sent my friends mom home while she was having a heart attack and they didn't even make it back to their house before she dies. This hospital is hell on earth.

Alexis marie

If it was possible to give a 0 or negative rating i would. I am appalled at the care this hospital gives. Marianna on the 4th floor (Blonde, heavy, older lady) will probably kill you due to her lack of care and power complex. She refuses medication when due because of her authority complex. Do anything wrong and she will likely punish you to the greatest extent of her means...moving you to a babysitter room, withholding all medication, it's lucky she hasn't or not yet known to have killed someone before. It wouldnt surprise me if one day she starred in the TV series "Nurses that kill". My boyfriend is a diabetic and was NPO. She withheld fluids and medication from him because he upset her. When asked multiple questions of what she should have done she had no answers because she didn't do anything. She came in and told him he didn't need medication even though he was in pain and nauseous and he should do breathing exercises to reduce the pain and nausea. Then went and laughed and bragged with all her nurse friends about how she showed him. When confronted she denied it even though I was right there and she saw me. The other nurses were just as mean and showed no regard for human life. DO NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE. IF YOU DO END UP HERE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOMEONE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS AS A PATIENT AND A HUMAN BEING. Disclaimer: This review is all my opinion of the Lovelace staff and care. They also almost killed my grandma by releasing her with an internal blood leak and after giving her a blood transfusion released her while an internal leak was still occurring. She ended up getting 17 units of blood because no one took the time to check that the leak was fixed before just continuously administering blood. If my mother wouldn't have been there fighting, my grandma would be dead. If you go to this hospital you have a better chance of dying than if you were on the streets with a bunch of serial killers.

jennifer gil

Please DO NOT bring your loved one to Loveless Medical! I wish there was an option for zero stars! My mother's life will now NEVER be the same!

Lisa Aguilar

I was there for 2 months.. I was traveling and I got really sick.. not being from this State and not having insurance they didn't care.. they excepted me and they brought me back to heart had stopped. I was there for 2 months, the staff was caring, very polite, and cared for me Iike I was family.. I think this is a fantastic general hospital and I recommend it to anyone that needs great care and a staff you can trust...

Samantha Lee

This is the worst hospital to possibly go to. I do not trust them one bit. They misdiagnosed my mom when she had a stroke and by the time they realized she had a stroke and NOT a mental breakdown l, it was to late and she became paralyzed on her right side and not only that refused to help her when she needed the help and they told her to call me and not bother them. This was 3 years ago. But September 2018, just a few months ago, we made the mistake of trusting them with my step dads care... and their care towards him I believe is what caused the result of me losing my step dad. He kept telling them he needed to be lifted up so he could breath, they did not listen nor did they help us lift him, he ended up on life support due to not being able to breath anymore and they told us that he couldn’t be transferred to UNM where we requested he be transferred to for better care. I lost the most amazing person in my life because of Lovelace and my mother misdiagnosed and her life changed forever. Do not go to Lovelace.

Immaculate Chavez

This hospital has the worst Emergency Department there is!!!!!! Had a seizure while waiting to see the worst doctor I've ever had I was released to go home spasming, in horrible pain, and after a seizure and a stroke. Yup WORST EMPLOYEES EVER FROM DOCTOR, NURSE, AND INSURANCE EMPLOYEE!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST THERE FOR A PAYCHECK. PLEASE DON'T EVER TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES TO THIS FACILITY IF YOU LOVE THEM AND WANT THEM TO LIVE!!!

Mark Reed

Took my wife in for back pain. Triage noted that she had a blood pressure of 199/113 (stroke level). When seen by a nurse practioner, she was only given a prescription one day worth of pain medication and a prescription for Ibuprofen. Nothing was done for the potentially life-threatening blood pressure. Think twice before going to this ER or taking a loved one here.

Danielle Pierce

Nearly all staff members we came in contact with were extremely apathetic and some were down right rude. If you have a choice don't go here.

Daniel Valerio

I’m surprised this hospital is still even up and running. It seems completely discombobulated, your files might end up lost or in another patients file. Would hate to be injured/sick and have to go to this hospital. Plus, outrageous copay, though that may be part of whatever insurance you have.

Jason Sanches

Disheartning and saddening the level of care from people here

Sammy Dominguez

I went in to the ER while visiting in Albuquerque a few years back and it was horrible! Doctors, nurses everyone was definitely not professional at all! I had nurses gossiping about each other in front of me as well as talking about other patients. Put me in a room along with like 4 other people and kept me waiting maybe about 3 hrs before I saw a doctor then had to wait another 2 for the ultrasound tech that they forgot to get ! I'm from utah and the difference in staff as well as the hospital difference from here to loveless was night and day ! If u would of known how trashy that hospital was I definitely would have traveled elsewhere to a cleaner more professional place where they knew what they were doing. Also a few months later I recieved a bill in the mail for charges and procedures I never even had done it was ridiculous! I'd advise anyone to stay away!

Ashlee Harrison

ER visit start great, new i had kidney stones. check in & got an IV for fluids & pain relief within 15min. Then was sent back to waiting area (with IV?) Waited 3 hours before anyone saw me again, then it was in waiting area. Other patients were also talked to in front of others in waiting area. That's some great patient privacy, Not!

jessica cox

This place doesn't even deserve 1 star on feb 20th my daughter was involved in a hit and run accident cops were called rescue was called we decided it wasn't serious enough for an ambulance ride .So me and my mom drove her to the Lovelace er downtown and with my own experiences with this hospital i never had any issues my kids are usually seen at UNM hospital in which i now regret not taking her there instead!!!. The entire er staff from check in to the attending Doctor were very rude and showed not one drop of a decent human being !! the attending doctor was more concerned that i was a smoker !1 rather than worrying or focusing any attention on my daughters heath what so ever got her vitals had her stand up and that's it didn't even bother to examine her at all didn't even touch her just went by her being able to stand up mind you my daughters in pain and because of her not being checked correctly i will be taking her back to the er but this time UNM

Kent Muse

Pleasant experience checking in to see the Doctor

The True Family

Had outpatient eye surgery here and the nursing staff was excellent. The hospital was quiet, efficient, and clean. Pleasantly surprised.

Vikki Martinez

ICU not very good experience.

Tony Gomez

Horrible er experience. More than 6 hours waiting for someone to take care of my father, and still waiting. Avoid if you can!

Emily Coker

Absolute worst hospital I've ever been too. Avoid at all costs.

Saida Manassra

There are no words to express how wonderful my nurse was Jenna thank u so much for the care I really appreciate that and I want to take a moment to thank the nurses on the 8th floor patient and lize And Emay Jamie and Elena thank u so much for everything u have done for me

Dalilah Chavez

My son has been at lovelace 1147 in the er and now its 4 and still has not been seen and people have came and gone that was here after her this is crazy

Myriam Martinez

Unbelievable wait times! Here almost 6 hours and the doctor hasn't even seen us yet! I know nurses can only do so much but they were not doing enough.

Shirly Markee

Dr was in over a hour ago, was told gonna get fluids and meds to help pain, been here over 6hours, we still haven't ate at all, live over an hour away, wont get no sleep thanks to this place while everyone is screwing around same excuse I don't even think we actually seen our own nurse at all

Leo Watermiller

My grandfather went here to get help because he had broken his wrist, they said he had broken his arm and has billed our family for visits we never even did. They lack responsibility and are horrifyingly negligent towards patients. It is scary to see healthcare to be this horrible. I would not recommend to anyone. We have been in court with them for over a year and they refuse to take any accountability, If this were the last hospital on earth I wouldn’t even come here if I were dying. Visiting Lovelace is a complimentary misdiagnosis and an extensive malpractice suit

James Vandernaald

Received form Lovelace two mysterious and urgent "robocalls" in two days directing me to urgently make an appointment. No word about with whom or why. Three return phone calls met with no understanding, but "we'll call you back." Now, it's 6:00 pm, five hours later, and I'm told there is no one answering their phones except someone, "Jeff" who just happened to be walking by when the phone rang. I'm further told I could call the emergency room, but that even then, I would just talk to a robot, since it is after hours. I'm worried.

Hanna Soltow

I got admitted with pneumonia, and every person I interacted with on staff was professional, friendly, and committed to making my stay as pleasant as it could be. It's a hospital, and no one wants to be there, but everyone I encountered did what they could to make my six day stay as good as it could be under the circumstances.

Lala Sanchez

This place sucks ass been waiting for 4 hours in the ER they said they only see whose sicker first but they haven't even took me to the back to check me they deserve negative 5 stars but sadly I can't rate them that so I have to give them one they're lucky enough to get that one star

Jon Laster

Dr. Gear was up front and honest. Really appreciate their services! Thank you Dr. Gear!

Dominic schiro

Place is clean. That's all that is good about it. The nurses are lazy and rude. I pressed my call button and have been waiting for 40 minutes and they still haven't been in to check on me. Stay away.

Janee Robinson

Seems like they want to take their time for everything. Some of the nurses are rude.

James Hodges

I was apprehensive after reading reviews but my experience wasgreat. Everyone was friendly, professional and quick. Thanks to Bobbi, Hanna and Eric. Also the nurse that took me to the room. The room.was clean and comfortable. Overall, outstanding! Jim Hodges

Joseph Tyranno

Did all kinds of tests, but couldn't find what was wrong. There was hardly any wait and everyone was friendly at least.

Deanna Sandman

Worse doctor and nurse ever. They delay the discharge schedule. When you try to voice your input they don't want to hear you out. We had to keep asking for supplies. I do not recommend this place. UNM or Presbyterian is way better and friendlier.

Valerie Natzke

No one will answer the phone. Mother went to hospital Friday afternoon I got there on Sunday morning, called and called doctors office number, asked nurses repeatedly for information, finally spoke to Doctor Monday late morning. Don't get sick over the weekend!

Maya J

Saved both of my parents' lives from life threatening gastro crisis. Great food and great nurses. Super kind and great at making you sure youve got what you needed. Don't go to this er if you dont have a life threatening situation because this hospital like all hospitals will attend to more serious patients first...but people in the reviews don't seem to get that i guess. The hospital to go to for gastro btw.

Barbara barreras

I had a pleasant stay here

Janet Sanchez

Waited over 6 hrs for result of an x-ray on shoulder .

Frances Robinson

I wouldn't go to Lovelace for any medical problem, even if I were dying and it was the last hospital one earth. I had a badly broken shoulder, and the ER doctor acted like she had no idea what to do. I was finally sent home with the advice to see my GP as soon as possible. A broken shoulder can't be put in a cast, and I understand that. But I was sent home on a Sunday morning with no instructions and no pain meds and couldn't get in to see my doctor (at Lovelace Journal Center) until days later. Then it took more days to see an Ortho surgeon. I was finally operated on 11 days after I broke my shoulder. Bad, bad medical care.

Cortney Garcia

Waited for over an hour with no information on my mom. Didn't know if she was in surgery yet. Asked the lady at the desk to check and see if she could find out anything and she said they weren't answering. We asked if they would call us when they knew something cuz we were going to the cafeteria. While we were in line getting our food they called and we were back down to the waiting area in about 3 minutes and they were supposed to wait for us and they had already taken her into surgery. Not happy!!

Valerie S

This place is horrible and dirty. They treated my grandpa so bad. We had to clean his room ourselves because it was filthy. They lost tests. Trying to get information about his status took days and days as doctors would never come by. Facility is very old. The ER was gross. It's not a friendly place. I switched his insurance to Pres so we wouldn't have to deal with them again.

Ann Ritchie

#Lovelace, WORST hospital in Albuquerque

LonerBy Nature

Worst ER I've ever been to. Broke wrist, writhing in pain, nauseous, on the verge of passing big deal to the staff. Laughing and joking as if nothing is wrong. 45 minutes in pain with no meds, no updates..nothing.

Kyiera Lewis

The nurses here are completely disrespectful and down right rude. Don't bring your loved ones here. This place doesn't deserve to be a medical center.

Mark S.

Went in to another lovelace center. Doctor said after a few minutes of examanation that j need to go to ER right away (possible appendicitis). No tests done so I was like ok must be serious enough. Get to the lovelace ER at 2 pm. Sign in, nothing fancy there. Wait about 2 hours as other people got triage in for headaches. Sitting in pain waiting to be called for a possible appendicitis, no urine tests or blood work in the mean time. After the 2 hours get called into another waiting room. Waited about an hour and a half before they came to get me to run a cat scan. Lady was nice there. No complaints after that brought me back to same waiting room. Waited about 2 hours waiting to hear about my results when they said it should only take 2 minutes. My fiance had to go up and ask them what was going on, and they responded with "oh he is still here?" When we have been sitting there for about 2 hours. A nurse comes to get me immediately after we mention it, as the tech made it seem like it was an inconvenience. As we are walking go the wing she says "here he is" as the other nurse/tech, looking surprised says oh..we have a bed right here. Wait another hour, no help, fiance goes up again to ask what's going on and the nurse Monica, making it seem like an inconvenience, comes over and just says I'll be taking care of you. 30-45 minutes go by and nothing. Doctor comes by and says we dont have a urine sample yet from you, something that could've been taken when I first signed in. I take the sample, wait another 45 minutes until someone comes to get it. Nurse Monica comes by and collects it, saying it will be about 30 minutes for rlthe results. An hour passes by after she says that, yet again my fiance goes to ask what's going on since it is just a urine test and all of the sudden, one minute later Nurse Monica comes by and says your test results just came in...obviously they came in sooner it's just that every time my fiance went to go ask the staff was just sitting there gossiping and was not going to do anything about it until we had to complain about it. Another 30 minutes goes by and the doctor comes back with really nothing to say saying they couldn't figure out what the pain was. And to go home and stay hydrated and rest. (5 days worth of pain before going in). Wait about 15-20 minutes and nurse Monica comes back to take out the catheter, open a thebsterile gauze to only place it on the paper she printed out, thus not making itnsterile anymore and put it on my arm where the catheter was. The whole experience was awful and I will never go back for any care there, little alone reccomend it to anyone. If I could give zero stars I would.

Katrina Priestley

My mother sat in the emergency waiting room for hours in extreme pain. She had a lump on her abdomen and was diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. The lazy staff and doctors absolutely refused to treat her and discharged her with medicine to treat her nausea. If anything happens to her because of their neglectful behavior I will be suing for malpractice. Shame on Lovelace.

Mary S

I usually never complain but let me tell you! My husband came to the ER on 8/07/2016. He has UC bit I knew something else was wrong. They brought him into triage and his oxygen SATs were 62, "oh he needs some o2" they put oxygen on him and then sat him out to wait,"Hello? He's having an issue!" When we finally got back the doctor (Busby or something like that) asked him why he was there you don't look too bad. I then start to tell him and he tells me ,"Shut up I want to hear from him." Wow! I was very angry at this point! It ended up that my husband had blood clots in his lungs! Then admit him to the fourth floor. He was there for a week not once after constant asking did they put compression socks or the SEDs on him. When I asked several times they said,"oh I didn't know he didn't have them on" but never fixed the situation! When he got moved to the fifth floor they left his clothes downstairs. Unfortunately he had to go back yesterday for his UC. The doctor called to arrange everything for him to be readmitted. But we had to go to the ER first. We sat there from 10;00 am- 9:08 pm over twelve hours! Waiting for a room! Never ever again! This is a piss poor excuse for a hospital! The nurse was talking to one of the doctors here's the conversation: " I see he's back with a tummy ache." Nurse- " Well if he wasn't an alcoholic he wouldn't have to be here." Really? Then later another conversation between the nurse and triage," Don't send me that 88 year old patient whose out in the waiting room because her and her son are here every week and I don't want to deal with him!" Then my husbands oxygen kept beeping and all they did was shut his door without even checking to see if he was okay. I will be filing a formal complaint. This behavior and care is unacceptable! I never in my life have seen such horrible care!

Mistah Young

3 because I never really been treated here. Only called to find a family member. Was given a number to call on a family member's phone.. Some lady answers "Heart Hospital" I asked for more clarification such as "which hospital is this?" and again was given "heart hospital" for an answer. I asked again which organization is this and apparently I was speaking another language because all I received was silence. I asked again "Is this Presbyterian or Lovelace..." Lady on phone answers "yeah". So I ask again where is this location at. Lady answers "its on Elm street". So I asked for further clarification "Is this down town?". "Yeah" she replies. Just as I was getting a pen to write down the address she hangs up on me. I hope Lovelace see this and takes action. Your staff made me feel like I was an inconvenience and was not helpful in helping me locate which hospital my family member was at. An address would help, hell, even a basic description on where the hospital is at would be too much to ask? so, please train your staff to answer phone correctly. We do not have time to probe for answers. thank you.

Danielle Young

I went to Lovelace because it was In-Network with my insurance. Little did I know, nor do they tell you, that they contract with outside groups like Align MN of New Mexico PLLC that does NOT have the same in-network/out-of-network groups as the hospital you're being treated at! Now I've got a $1000 bill for a doctor that kept forgetting where my injury was and grabbing me from the wrong side! DON'T GO HERE!!! AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!



joe hurley

their web site sucks, been trying to find the location of a appointment i have for over a hour, got no info what so ever, i deaf so i can't call

Lynn Duff

April 23, 2013 - Surgery for prolapse and incontinence: IV machines were unattended and beeped for hours. My roommate (RM) had her IV inserted in bend of her arm so every time she bent that arm another alarm went off. Second night a fire alarm went off and when I yelled what is THAT?...a nurse breezed down the hall, and said "fire alarm" and shut the door to my room. Every time my RM tried to get out of her bed yet another alarm went off until a nurse turned it off. I was to avoid meals and so my first full day at Lovelace I had not one single nurse speak to me nor look my way, except possibly to check my urine collection bag and give pain meds when I requested them. When I inquired about how to get my by daily meds I was told I would be DISCHARGED if I brought my own and yet no one EVER gave me my daily meds. Getting a toothbrush seemed impossible. Third day: Request toothbrush and actually get one. Noise level in my room is crazy with all the beeps going off. RM discovered that exiting her bed brought a bevy of attendants to her bedside and so she set off the bed alarm every 15 minutes. I ask to be relocated and was told all rooms were full. I leave the room headed for sofa located at end of hallway where I plan to establish my new residence. My Doc finds me and promises to release me on this day and keeps her promise. By now it is ugly and I vow to never, ever go back to that loony- bin again. It was the worst hospital stay I have ever experienced.

sabo smith

I've been here for 5 hours haven't been seen and when asked for ibuprofen told no. I asked the doctor to take the iv out of my arm becuase I want to go somewhere else that will actually help me. They said no. Do not go here unless you have hours to wait.

Mr. President

II would like to start by saying I'm a contractor who does work with lovelace medical center, My late great grandmother had spent some time as a patient here and honestly she was well taken care of and treated with respect the staff are for the most part wonderful people however security on the other hand are not wonderful people and god forbid that you need help from them in any way because they are anything but helpful. Earlier this afternoon I witnessed 2 security guards pushing a man down the hill in a wheelchair, they had the chair tipped back so his feet were in the air, the man said something and the officer pushing the chair slammed it down and restrained the man while yelling the typical stop resisting command. He continued to push the man across the street into the lobby where he proceeded to tip the wheelchair forward and dump the man out of it onto the bench, yelling at him the whole time. They then made him walk to his car and when he was almost to the door he started to turn around to say something and the security guard grabbed his neck from behind and forced him into his vehicle. The whole experience was disgusting and I can't believe these men have a job. They are anything but professional and had absolutely no reason to conduct themselves in the way that they did. I would willingly drive clear across the city to not go to this hospital ever for any reason. I got fired from lovelace because of this. Hands down most Disgusting business in all of Albuquerque.

R May

ER, Sunday evening. Super slow. No pain relief while waiting. Should've gone to Pres. "Decent wait time" must only apply for check-in

Christina Garcia

All these places are terrible. My dad has been in there a week, and cannot walk on his own, and they already want to dismiss him. His clothes mysteriously disappeared. I fell sorry for the elderly who have no one to check on them.

Gary Harbok

A few weeks ago my family member was taken into the ICU with an unknown condition that was making her paralyzed. We knew she had been sick, just not that sick. During the first couple days we were in the ICU we felt welcome but still had a lot of questions that were not getting answered. I feel the nurses were trying their hardest for us and my family member. On the 2-3 night we had a male nurse named Preston (If I recall correctly) who happened to be in the room when we came to visit. We were greeted with a smile and he introduced himself to myself, my wife, daughter and friend individually but was quick to get back to caring for our loved one; which I appreciate. My wife asked if there was an update or if there were answers. The nurse gave us a brief update, my wife had another question about a blood level. After pulling up the results the nurse sat down with us to explain what each one meant and how even little improvements here and there showed progress and hope. The next question he asked was “Tell me about your loved one, I like to here about my patients when they weren’t sick”. This took our fear and worries off the negative and brought up memories that made us all smile. I came to the conclusion he genuinely cared about her and us. Next he told us “I will be with you every step of the way, I will fight fear with you and I will do my best for her”. The comfort we were provided was tremendous, his knowledge was amazing and the care shown was above anything I’ve seen before. This young man stopped in every time he had a shift to check on us and to see if we needed anything; even if he wasn’t our nurse. I wish places would realize the value of someone like this. There were some nurses that could take notes on how to provide 10/10 care. We are thankful to everyone who helped us and our loved one. We have a long journey ahead of us. I had to put this out for the world to see because all the negative reviews are not remotely similar to our experience. If you get lucky enough for this nurse to take care of you or your loved one embrace it. I think we met a true angel on earth. As I sit and write this it brings a tear to my eye. Thank you again Lovelace ICU for allowing us to experience this.

Luis Gracia

On july 6 my wife was admited to Lovelace hospital dowtown and arrival we show and staff the hearing aids 24 hrs later they got lost we report this incident to the nurse in charge after that a report was done of the lost the answer was we are not responsible she could not able to hear for the week she spent after that we decide to contact the ceo mr troy certified letter and week later the same response we will tray to stay away from. That hospital

Anders von Reis Crooks

Update July 29 Was contacted by the hospital and felt like there was a reasonable response to my complaint. Other care I have received at this hospital has been terrific I think they just need to adapt some new emergency room policies. Original review: It is completely inappropriate to have an EMT show up to the emergency room say that someone is having a seizure is non-responsive has come off antibiotics recentlyand also psychological meds has a neurological conditionand cannot walk and have the emergency room where the ambulances go say no you need to go to another emergency room where there is no response to someone who is unresponsive in their vehicle. you should be ashamed of your response time you should be ashamed of the response of the emergency room you should be ashamed that someone who has the proper qualifications comes in and gives a diagnosis as an EMT saying this person is at risk right now of dying two shuffle them off to a different emergency I will never recommend this hospital and you're an embarrassment

Donna Garrett

Grudgingly one star. My husband went to ER Oct 12 and person in Triage (a male)who was a jerk deemed his problem not urgent. We drove back to Arizona Friday and went to our ER and he was immediately admitted



paulette latini

I went to unm first where they didn't know how to do they're job got sent away for not having a problem because they are stupid so I came to Lovelace instead where they kept me overnight and fixed my infection. Very caring and know what they are doing.

Jude Hills

Our beloved friend and pastor just died from post-operative complications from a botch job that one of the quack surgeons performed on him. ( Dr Richard Holmes) The same surgeon also performed the same botch job on another patient 8 months prior. ( It was just a text-book gallbladder removal that he messed up - twice that WE know of!) The public need to be WARNED of the risks involved in entering this place!!!

Jose Antillon

The worst service ever, called nurse 3 times and waited like 20-30 mins for her to show up and the lady at the front desk on ER was extremely rude, but... the freaking charged me 1400 + dlls just for 2 medications and like 1 hr on a bed

Kelsey Apodaca

My husband is still waiting didn’t even get a room even though he feels his heart rate is slow and is sitting in the waiting room It’s been over three hours and his still waiting for blood work. Also he said one of the nurses is rude and was disregarding his concerns and that the rest of the staff did too. My mother was a nurse and the lack of Empathy is not okay. Please do better

Leslie Forgrave

Worst hospital i had surgery there twice had bad experience nurse we're not good Dr Altman messed up my knee twice he's the worst Dr

Amber Madrid

Rude and lazy staff worst hospital i have ever been to.

Stephanie Martins

They are using the linear form of Gadolinium for their MRI contrast instead of the Macrocyclic. Quick google search will tell you this is the form that deposits throughout your body (skin, bones, liver, and yes YOUR BRAIN) and dissociates from the chelated “safe” form to its toxic form and causes oxidative damage. It’s use has been banned in EU, yet here we are. It’s probably cheaper


I absolutely love coming to this ER. They are fast and there are never have homeless hanging out in the waiting area. Today though I dropped my teen kids off at the entrance to sign in while I went to park. I parked and went in my teen kids signaled me to go to the check in cubicle. I told the girl behind the desk (Jacklyn) my kids had just checked in and I stated my kids name. She said very rudely "Are you the mother?" I replied" yes ma'am. She continued with I need to see your ID.I nicely placed it in the metal tray between us. My Id clearly states name date of birth and address. She throws the Id back to me on the grey metal tray between us. She asks me for my name again. My address. My date of birth. My phone number. My social security number. Never at any time did she ask for my kids insurance or ss#. She was Extremely rude towards me. I walk towards my kids and ask them what did they tell you. My kid said Jacklyn was really rude towards them when my Kids filled out the sign-in-sheet with name and chief concerns they handed it to Jaclyn and she told them in a mean and arrogant tone of voice "How old are you?" My teen kid told her 17 and she said where's your mother parking she'll be right her. Jacklyn told them we'll see! and snatched the paper from the tray. I'm not sure if she was having a bad day or hates her job. Clearly she is unprofessional and does not know how to treat patients . she's the 1st person people come in contact with she should try and be a lot more courteous or find a job behind the scenes where she won't have to make contact with people. Not a people person. Very disappointed!


Wonderful, caring and compassionate Nurses, Techs, and Aides on the 8th floor (Surgical Inpatient) during my 3 day stay there this week. Everyone worked with a smile and put in a special effort to make my visit as comfortable as possible following surgery. Kudos to two special nurses, Sarah and Ana, and a very caring Aide, Ariel, who lightened my burdens. Also, Patience (RN), Johnny (Tech), and Stacy (RN) , thanks for checking up on me and sharing your stories.

Che N

This is the most terrible ER I have ever been. The staff are awful. The first time I went to this ER and I was in a very bad shape was yesterday, I couldn't walk, couldnt stand by myself, struggling to talk and couldn't open my eyes, the lady at the ER who wears a pink top uniform and walks on one leg shouldn't be there. That woman is evil. This woman came telling me to get up from the wheel chair and walk, I told her she has to help me out I couldn't walk, she said to me, then I will be stuck there because she has other things to do. Eventually, she raises one foot rest of the wheelchair up and push the wheel chair with one of my legs sweeping the floor. I was too weak to do anything. She later does a nose swap and get blood all over me and I couldn't see or feel. I was too sick. The man at the ER they call the provider, came accusing me of being on drugs. I told them I don't do drugs, they kept accusing me till I started crying. They later took me to the waiting room and left me there for hours. Later the provider comes to take me to the room and on the way he tells me I have flu so they will give me medicine and discharge me immediately. I asked him how he expects me to go home like this when I can't even walk by myself and I live alone, he said to me, figure it out. The ambulance had put fluid on me that woman who walks on one leg in the pink dress disconnects it and didn't put it back. After struggling to make a complain they decide to give me a little more care. They were supposed to give me Ibuprofen and fluids ivf. The charge nurse is too lazy to do that so she won't even come when I called. She later wrote refused. The next shift charge nurse is also too lazy to give me breathing treatment so they put me in a wheelchair and send me to the waiting room to go home. The people at the ER of this hospital are evil, very evil, I don't know if this is how lovelace operates but I was at the Lovelace women hospital less than two months ago and I was in so much pain. They left me sitting there for 8 to 9 hours while attending to other people who came after me. When I went to ask why, they said my vitals were fine and I'm like i am in pain, only for them to find out I had a very painful ovarian cyst. Up to date I didn't get all my medications from that ER. Lovelace is the worse place to go, I won't advice anyone to The most funniest thing, I had to tell this people, I have 4 Degrees before they started to recognize me. Does it really have to be that way?

Maria Brazil

My very active, 92-1/2 year old father was in a car accident at approximately 9:00 am on Saturday. The air bag deployed, and the car was totaled. He was brought to Lovelace ER, given a CT scan of his neck. The doctors told his 84 year old wife he had broken his neck (C-2 fracture) and gave him a neck brace and told her he should be better in 3 weeks. While discharging him, she expressed concern about his level of pain for the ride home. They told her they had already discharged him and couldn't give him any pain meds. He stood up and nearly passed out. She pointed out that there was obviously a problem. They decided that his circulation was cut off from being strapped in the wheelchair, gave him some oxygen, and released him into the care of his 84 year old wife. She got him home about 1:00 pm, 4 hours after the accident, and couldn't get him out of the car because of the excruciating pain. She had to leave him in the car for about 30 minutes until she could find help. They had to use an office chair with wheels to get him in the house and down the hall to bed. I live out of state, and was so appalled that they released him in such a short time rather than keeping him for observation at least 24 hours that I placed a call to the Patient Care Advocate. NEVER GOT A RETURN CALL! Tried another one on Tuesday, Never got a return call. By Tuesday evening, he was in such agony they called 911 to get an ambulance to take him to Lovelace Westside. He was brought in at 5:30 and didn't see a doctor until after midnight. The doctors at Lovelace downtown hadn't even done a back x-ray, despite the force of the airbag on a 135 lb 92 year old. Today is Thursday, still haven't heard results of x-ray from the "ghost doctors."

Georgina Nunnari

My husband had surgery a few days ago, and the hospital was fantastic! Check-in was very easy and his surgery started ahead of schedule. The nurses were very caring and explained things thoroughly. In the waiting room, were able to follow the surgery through a television monitor. From our experience, we would recommend this hospital!

God-Emperor of Mankind

This place is a disaster. Very few members of staff grasp bed side manner or respect. I'm currently in the hospital in a room off of the nurses station. Unfortunately the nurses station at 3:30am is stocked full of ladies just sitting around. NEVER a quiet moment overnight. Do they realize patients need to sleep? Do they care? Staff will congregate outside the door with personal stories, or talking about other patients. This place is truely not about quality healthcare. It's "you settled for us, you're stuck." Staying here hasn't been conducive to getting better, and if you're admitted, you're in trouble. They follow a loose, if existent at all pain management regiment. Rest isn't possible - atleast where my room is. They aren't equipped to currently measure liquid intake/output. Luckily atcthecmoment two women at the station are speaking so,loud I'm learning how to print from their computer. Truthfully, a horrible experience. Atleast they'll bring me horrible food, I didn't order in a few hours.

Daniel Yohannesburgh

What a disgrace to the medical profession. I went to their ER at 4 a.m. with an excruciating kidney stone. They had ONE doctor on duty, and nobody would provide pain relief without his say-so. After 2.5 hours of waiting, I finally saw a nurse who said she'd request pain relief. It didn't come. Then I saw the doctor, who said he'd order pain meds. They never came. My blood pressure rose so high an alarm went off, but nobody came. We pushed the nurse call button, and nobody came. It wasn't until the day-shift crew came on at 7 a.m. that anybody did a single thing to ease my pain. A disgrace.

Joshua Erdman

Your er department is horrible your staff harasses people there for absolutely no reason when they are just waiting to be treated I waited there for 3 and half hours in the er while it had like 5 people in there . For the lady to do absolutely nothing she hands me a diet plan. I was there for severe burning and I haven't been able to hold any food down for a week and half now if I'm dizzy and faint because I can't nourish my body with what it needs and it comes down to me choosing to go to a hospital especially of that size is horrible people shouldn't be treated this way those triage nurses need to be fired and have there licenses revoked and as far as that hospital if you can't treat someone who's not there for drugs but to find a solution and just be able to hold down some food so there not dizzy and weak. Well then I would highly suggest Albuquerque does something else with this place or Lovelace investigating there employees and getting rid of the bad ones and leave the good ones idk it was the worst 3 an half hours of my life didn't get to see a doctor or anything they took my blood in the er and then tossed my ass out basically saying they can't treat for stomach issues that a specialist is needed oh but here don't forget your diet with everything on it I can't hold down anyway I really hope that place gets fixed or shut down for good . Dear everyone if you have problems go to Presbyterian do not walk in this place it will do nothing but. Waste your time and piss you off , there was a lady in the er having a seizure foaming at the mouth and nurse comes over starts poking her lifts up her arm drops it and pushes her back up into the chair and goes she's good just rude disrespectful .

Prycosha Lueras

They make you sit in the waiting room for hours without seeing a doctor they are a joke!!!!!

Antonia Lucero

They are very rude people my mom is there now they refuse to give my mother the meds she needs and she is very sick they don't let u say anything without being rude

marie rivera

My father was taken by ambulance april 11th at 4pm to lovelace hospital downtown for a fall and they had him waiting in a wheelchair for 4 hours gave him a ct scan and a percocet then told him to go home no doctor seen him in emergency room .. The staff was so rude no care in the world i asked them if thats it and ehy the nurse practitioner stated oh he just fell.. Hes a 70 year old man with two hip replacements and was dizzy. She stated its a waste of time for the emergency room staff to see him he just fell.. We went to another hospital which took care of him.. Never go to this hospital not unless you want free percocets its not even worth one star anymore..

feliz archuleta

Very quick and great patient care


The Dr. Was an older guy who said he had been doing this for 28 or 38 years. The dr was rude to the nurse in front of us. He asked invasive questions that had nothing to do with why we were there and stated his opinion on certain things that were really none of his business. His physical exam also seemed to include touching places that were not related to my problem area. He also said ecig juice is made from formaldehyde, and presented that as a fact. Funny, the juice i get is made from propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. So unless formaldehyde is a by product of one of those ingredients this Dr. is providing false information and promoting fear mongering in the medical environment. I will say our visit was quick which was good because this dr. was awkward and creepy. I guess that beats waiting for 6 hours at presbyterian.

Haryanson Attakai

Was a hard experience, but the nurses were the greatest. Expectedly you Christina! You have a place in my life point.

Tanya Torres

I am calling to leave a message for my Dr. I am having dizzy spells, no one is answering their phone! So I recalled to make an appointment and got no answer!!! I let it ring for over 3 minutes!!!!

Bianca Olvera

I took my baby to the ER at around 1:30 am and the staff was amazing. As we got there there was a doctor leaving for the night and she asked us what was wrong we told her the baby had a fever so she went back inside and got her checked out right away, the nurse was amazing and explained everything to us really well, and the girl at the check in helped us a lot with getting our insurance trough since we are from out of state and it's different from the ones here.

Jennifer Mueller

I went there once at 8 years old. It was like a nightmare. Scary place!

Bree P

Never even saw a doctor. I've been having the same problem for months & no one has looked into it. Some of the staff was nice while others cut me off as I was speaking. Not happy.

Donna Winward

Worst hospital ER experience, ever!!!! Arrived at 7:45 pm, left @ 2:30am! That is almost 7 hrs, folks, and I have to say they weren't all that busy! So under staffed and underwhelming concern for quality patient care! My insurance dictates that is where I had to go. 1 person to check in patients, 1 RN, and 1 health care provider....thats it!!! 2 xray techs and a couple of paramedics. Absolutely no reason for me to have been there nearly 7 hrs. No life threatening cases that would have taken up extra time to delay others from being seen. Thats just how long it took. FYI...not that it matters, but in case you're curious, I'm a 61 yr old, educated, white female who had a sudden onset of fluid on my knee as a result of an injury I sustained 2 weeks ago. Extremely painful!

Maelia Cecil

Terrible. They took forever to see my husband in the room he was. I mean no nurse, no tech. He just walked away. He tried to talk to somebody but he was ignored. Lovelace NEVER AGAIN! That happened this morning 9/3/17

Jessicakinsel Kinsel

Just horrible. Nurses like to chat and not check on thier patients. My grandpa was transfers to here and he was in pain and did nothing.

ashley parrish

This hospital is a joke they need to take better care of their patients and pay attention to some one else's for just 1min and do their job and my husband went to the hospital and didn't even see a doc just got a nurse instead we were there for seven hours when we finally left we vidio taped three hospiral sucurity JOKES taze and beat a person then got yelled at by one of the JOKES he threatened to take my phone what a bad time don't go to this place your better off staying home the suffering will be a lot less

zane loucks

Friendly, knowledgeable.

Shanena Walela

Nurses need to be more attentive with patients.

Emma Jaramillo

Told my husband he had just a "stomach bug" my poor honey looked worse and miserable!!!! I didn't feel they looked at him or gave him time!!! We were in and out in 20in!!!! I told the nurse practitioner there is no way its a bug!!! And then she stated "do you have a degree?"Totally inappropriate!!!!! I went and got a second opinion and poor honey had severe flu!!!! NEVER EVER SENDING PEOPPE TO THIS ER!!!

Adam Gomez

lovelace sucks. you'll site in the er and they wont treat you. a nurse will come out and just throw a prescription at you and send you on your way , they wont even make an effort to figure out whats is causing the pain .

Zachary Primrose

I've always had great success at this hospital. As a bonus I've also had the good luck in terms of catching the ER empty, so fast service times.

David Henry

Got her at 1200hrs, May 12, w 2016. Been here all day. Haven't been treat yet. West side is worse, if that is even possible. I was there last night. If these are examples of modern medical facilities, we're all screwed. It's 1230 now. I doubt I make it through the night/may 12,, 2016

alexis boxer

This was an awful hospital experience. We came to the ER because we were sent here for testing because of a suspected pulmonary embolism and we're made to wait for over 6 hours, nobody communicated with us, the staff wouldn't listen to or look at the medical information that we brought from a previous doctor and then the triage nurse sent us back to find our own bed. After asking 4 different nurses desks were to go and wandering through her ER alone, it took a cm hysterical fit of crying to get anyone to even talk to us. This was awful, the patient care was appalling.

Sara Roybal

My mom was admitted there for a heart problem no other facilities could figure out. The heart hospital section was exceptional and prevented my mom from having a heart attack. Within two weeks my mom had open by pass that saved her life. I trust Lovelace over the other 2 options in town.


Some of the previous reviews of the Lovelace Medical Center had me concerned when my surgeon scheduled my major abdominal surgery at the hospital. I am happy to report that from my initial check in to pre-op to recovery to two nights as a patient on the 8th floor, everyone I interacted with was wonderful - caring, experienced, and professional.The nurses and techs were consistently friendly, explained what they were about to do, and took the time to answer any questions that arose. I was well taken cared of and treated with kindness and respect during my stay. I'm recovering at home now but wanted to share my positive experience with others who may be concerned about other ratings the medical center has received.

Spill Dog

I went there because I have a tumor on my spine and chronic back pain. The service was excellent!! All the nurse's were polite, and the Dr.was in fairly quick. They really mad me feel as if they cared about my well being. I would definitely go back.

Richard Maliszewski

Have been trying for days to setup a sleep study refferal I can't even get a call back. Is this how you treat all patients???

R Anglin

My 83 year old mother was transferred to Lovelace Downtown from Kaseman with a fractured C2. Lovelace was wonderful! Thanks to all of the wonderful staff on the 9th floor that cared for her. You were always attentive and on top of her care. She was sad to leave you all :) She's at rehab now and we're praying for a full recovery!

Jason Cox

My doctor scheduled a surgical procedure at Lovelace. I had a week and a half from seeing my doctor to my appointment date. My wife and I spent that tinge scheduling days off from work and arrangements for the kids. I get a call three days before my surgery and they drop a financial burden on me, saying I need pay it the day of. I have three days to come up with this money. More stress on top of being ill and anticipating my upcoming surgery. I spend a good amount of time, anxiety, and energy figuring that out. Then they call mid day the day before my procedure to tell me the time. It's at 7:30 in the morning. I never anticipated it being that early. We scramble to make arrangements for the kids to get to school. I get a call at around 7:30 pm the night before my surgery, it's muy doctor. He tells me the hospital didn't see a medication on his paperwork that is required and my slot is cancelled because they can't get any. A week and a half of planning, stressing, preparing, and scheduling as well as all the last minute hassle. All the while, I'm dealing with pain and my illness, missing work, and just hoping for a good outcome. This will mean more missed work and more last minute scheduling for both my wife and I. I haven't even had my procedure yet and this had been my most awful healthcare experience in recollection.

Anna Barnett

If a patient does not have a knowledgeable advocate , they’re in trouble: medication errors, inadequate care, unanswered call lights. Once you get the attention of charge nurse, level of care increases

Anna Montoya

My hospital stay in the ICU was the worst experience of my life. I went in at the insistence of my doctor. Every visit he kept pressuring me that I needed to try the ketamine. I kept asking if he had done it on some one with RSD /CRPS over 25 yrs and he said no but for me to look it up on the Internet. I should have Never done it. They lost my partials so I can eat. My tooth broke on a piece of meat I was trying to eat but with the ketamine I was sooo out if it I couldn't. I probably would have choked. The nurses were awful except the one who admitted me and one named Matthew and an aide who brought me a yogurt. I kept telling them I was hungry, but it went on deaf ears. I had to try to holler 'please someone help me, please help me". I had to ask the cleaning person to please get me a nurse. I didn't have the nurse call hooked on my bed most of the time. Some one tried to give me a sponge bath with cold water! They NEVER EVER let me know when they brought THE food trays. From my times of being somewhat awake I keep asking for water. I would have to yell "help me, help me" and after some time someone came in. Although They would only let me have a sip or 2. I'm an RN and I would never, never, never ever had treated a patient like I was treated. I am angry and disgusted they would do that to any person! Then I started throwing up and my stomach hurting so bad. I kept asking please tell the doctor my stomach is hurting. It was hurting so much because the staff neglected feeding me! I would rather die than go there again. I only saw my doctor once. Every time I asked for him the nurses said "he's in surgery". By the time I was discharged I weighed 111 when I went in at almost 137. The doctor put me on a regular diet. I don't know what his thinking on that was since I was going to be tranquiized which in my opinion was dumb on his part. Also, no RN told him I couldn't eat and none of them asked him to change mt duet to a liquid or soft diet. They were ALL negligent. They had to pick me up like a baby off the bed into my wheelchair and then my daughters friend had to pick me up in his arms and get me into his car. At least before I had a pretty normal life. I know I'm ALWAYS going to be in pain but at least the morphine allowed me to do things. I could go on my granddaughters field trips, take them to school and pick them up, play with them. Now all I can do is lay on my daughter's couch. My ROM went way down. I still haven't been able to do much if anything after 2 1/2 months. I've only gained 9 lbs. in 2½ months. Since I'm on Medicare my admitting doctor's office is the one who's supposed to call a medical supply company to get me ensure or boost for nutrition, but instead he gave me the prescription. He did that with physical therapy too. I had to go see my internal medicine doctor and he's the one who got the ball rolling as far as P. T. and they're trying to get me the nutrition I need. I am so, so, disappointed, disillusioned in Dr. Gonzales. He is supposed to do no harm & that's what he did to me. I kept telling him I don't want to do it. I'm scared. He finally coerced me into doing it. Maybe it worked for some of his patients but not everyone is the same. I've had RSD/CRPS since 1988. I have tried every possible treatment, experimental treatment for RSD/CRPS & it hasn't worked. I've also called the hospital to see what can be done to get me new partials because they lost them but I get no phone calls back. For almost 3 months I haven't been able to eat except liquid or soft food or smoothies. I spoke with a patient rep. who said "oh yes I will look into this & call you back." She hasn't. Lies! My daughter called 3 days after I was discharged. They never called her back either. They've done nothing. I think I'm going to call KOAT. Maybe they can get me results! It seems the nurses are just there for a paycheck. I was treated horribly!!! This experimental treatment has put a toll on me & my daughter . it has strained our relationship. I need to find an attorney!

phantomsveil 1

Absolutely NEVER go to the psychiatric ward at Lovelace under ANY circumstances. I went in because I was having severe suicidal ideation and needed help. I waited for about 10 hours in the ER before I was admitted, and didn't see staff members for several hours. Doesn't seem smart of a hospital to leave a suicidal patient in a room full of wires and tools to harm themselves. When I was finally admitted, they took my medications away from me and showed me to my room. That's it. I asked them for my sleeping medication because I couldn't sleep, and they said no, the doctor needed to "verify that they wanted to keep me on these medications." Fantastic, I was now sleep deprived and suicidal. In the morning, I ask the nurses again for my medications. Same answer. I told them I needed these medications for health reasons and cannot skip them. I was physically dependent on Xanax and my SNRI. They were unconcerned that I was missing these doses. I had an undiagnosed heart condition at the time (the NM Heart Institute will give you REAL care) and didn't seem bothered that I was having tachycardia for no reason. The lack of therapy was astounding. They had an RN ask us what our goals were in the morning, had us color with markers, and watch reversed comedy movies on Youtube. I did not see a counselor or social worker once while I was in the ward. I begged and begged the nurses time and time again for my meds, and they simply didn't care that I was going to suffer from withdrawals from Xanax (so much for being a psych ward). It took about 20 hours to see an MD. She said I could "maybe" get my heart looked at since my pulse was at 150, and that was it. 4 hours later I finally see a psychiatrist. I convinced him to discharge me because I wasn't being helped at all. Even then, he wanted to cold turkey my medications to see if my heart issues continued (great idea to help with suicidal ideation). It took them hours to discharge me despite the fact they didn't do anything for me at all. They simply opened the door for me and said "sorry we couldn't do anything for you." As you would expect with Xanax and an SNRI, I suffered from terrible withdrawals as a result of their lack of care and negligence. Their idea of helping patients with psychiatric issues is taking away ALL medications (thank God I didn't have a life threatening condition) and watch you suffer from withdrawals, watch crummy comedy movies on Youtube, and not give you a therapist. If you or a loved one is suffering from suicidal thoughts, you will not be helped here. They made me worse and I am only now starting to recover 4 months later thanks to Sage Neuroscience and NM Heart Institute. The way they didn't treat me was highly unethical and dangerous. Avoid at all (and I mean all) costs.

Natalie Holden

I brought my boyfriend to the ER because of a 103 F fever that would not break, an extreme sore throat and concerns of dehydration. After dealing with an extremely rude receptionist we ended waiting for almost 4 hours to get test results. When I told the receptionist that we had waited a ridiculous amount of time for 30-45 minute test results, she told me that his results were waiting in the back and she couldn't do anything. While we were waiting I suggested we both use a mask to prevent contamination and conveniently we both ended up with pink eye, which is absolutely disgusting. Then we waited an additional hour before a nurse practitioner handed us a script for ibuprofen and Tramadol. I am absolutely livid. To top it all off we went to urgent care the next morning and he was given antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection in his lungs, not to mention the doctor said that they wrongly prescribed us at Lovelace Medical Center. From what I could gather almost every single person was prescribed Tramadol that night, which is a highly addictive painkiller. This was one of the most gross, unprofessional and chaotic ER's I have ever seen in my life. We waited a ridiculous amount of time to get seen for maybe 10 minutes by mean, irritated and poorly trained staff. If you're interested in wasting your time then I highly recommend going here. They should rename it Love Less Medical Center

zztop 26

Worts hospital ever if itwas up to me i would give this so called hospital a zero stars

kate rogers

I have been 3 times to this facility. The first visit was wonderful. I was experiencing chest pain and was thoroughly looked over and in and out in a matter of hours. The second time I was out of the ER in 2 hours with a prescription in hand and felt very good about the care. The 3rd time was a bad experience. I had fallen and was having chest pain and was x-rayed. However no staff really looked me over to see if there were other issues. My hands were bleeding and they promised me to clean me up. I washed my hands in a public restroom and wondered if I had AIDS would that have mattered to them? When I was being released and talked to about aftercare I pointed out the swelling over one eye. BTW, i was in the hallway being discharged (HIPPA laws?) Later my primary care physician reviewed the swelling and said I may have had a concussion. The swelling lastest over a month and I had the classic symptoms of a concussion. Hmm.. Mixed feeling about this hospital.

Anne House

They failed terribly in the informing friends and family of my progress after surgery. Otherwise ok.

Jennifer Shark

My 75 year old mother arrived by ambulance after a fall onto the pavement around noon on 04/26/18. The ambulance staff had bandaged her bleeding wounds, given her a short acting pain medication, and an ice pack for her rapidly swelling knee. The emergency room staff left her in an uncomfortable wheelchair, bleeding, with her hands and knee swelling. The ice pack she received in the ambulance was melted within 30 minutes. The nurses never offered her any care or asked if she needed anything while she waited for 2 hours for x-rays and another 2 hours for the normal results. We had to demand pain medication and bandages for her bleeding hand. After we had been waiting almost an hour (We were beginning to realize the nurses were not going to do anything), we asked for help because she was bleeding through the bandages the ambulance staff had applied and it still took more than 30 minutes after we asked for the nurse come and take her to bandage her bleeding arm and hand. This is the only actual care we received in the ER (She was taken to the main hospital for x-rays). I had to demand to see a supervisor in order to get the x-ray results. We never saw a doctor and the nurses recommended inappropriate pain medication given my mother's medical history. Several reviewers have said that they claimed to be short staffed, which they also told us, but there were never more than 10 patients in the ER waiting room the whole time we were there and only 2 when we left. They did not even offer help us get her into the car even though she couldn't walk. She would have been better off with just the professional care from the ambulance staff. Please do not take anyone you care about to this uncaring, unprofessional ER. 0 STAR REVIEW!

Jana Harding

Dr. David May was fantastic!!! My nurses Tori, christal, Rebecca and preston. My techs , steven and Jennifer. The lady that took care of cleaning my room Sol? Was great!! Thank you all and any that i may have forgot. Thank you all for taking exceptional care of me!!! I would choose this team over and over again!!!!! Jana Harding

Melanie Knight

They where slow and didn't seem busy. Mad most distions based on assumtioons. Pushed me to anxiety attack. Kept me there for two extra days probly to increase revanue. Us health care sucks

Michael Stevens

Brought in for chest pains sat in the er in a room in the back for over 3 hours with no sign of a doctor it took me saying i want to be transferred to a different hospital to get the care i need i know that doctors are over worked and hospitals are under staffed but that is no excuse for a patient with chest pains to wait over 3 hours to see a doctor and a nurse just sitting at the desk just talking to other staff when I've asked a number of times to please get the doctor

Becky S

I had to go to the hospital for treatment for an accident. They asked me which one I wanted to go to. My insurance only gave me two choices - Lovelace or UNM. I chose Lovelace Downtown and I regret it. When they tried to take blood from me, they had an intern try to do it. He stuck the needle in my arm and wrist so many times I was literally bleeding a puddle on their floor. There were no doctors available, so it took the contracted doctor (on call) about 4 hours to get there to see me. In the meantime, they gave me pain medications and wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. I was also very thirsty and no one would bring me anything to drink. The pain I had was so bad they gave me Ativan just to get me into the MRI chamber because I couldn't lie flat on my back without feeling intense pain. When they finally took me to a hospital room, I tried to rest, but was constantly interrupted by one particular doctor who looked young enough to be an intern. He was trying to be funny in a way like he wanted to show off the staff, and it was really annoying. Nevermind that I am a patient in severe pain. He just didn't seem to take anything seriously, so it was very hard for me to take anything seriously. After about 16 hours, I still had not gone to the bathroom. I asked but nobody would help me. I asked for crutches so that I could get out of bed myself and go, but they told me they didn't have crutches available. A hospital? No crutches? Finally, I somehow got myself out of bed and had to hop to the bathroom because I could not put weight on one of my legs without feeling intense pain. The hopping made my back hurt so much, but I really needed to go. I could not sleep the entire time I was there because of constant, and what seemed unnecessary, interruptions and noise (a lot of it from that same annoying doctor laughing and carrying on with the staff outside my room). The funny thing is that about an hour before my discharge, they had a nurse (or tech) come in and show me where everything was and how to use it (like the call-button, etc). A little too late. I should have chosen UNM Hospital. Little did I know.

Steven Andrews

Food and cafe staff are awesome. Everything else sucked. Went in to er cause I fell hit my head , ringing in my ears and blurred vision. Dont recall if i passed out . But they said I didnt ( even though they werent there at my apartment when it happened.) Gave me a tylenol. ( didnt want anything stronger but wasnt offered. ) Acted like I was a med chaser. Said I had a concussion and to go home ( still while dizzy and blurred vision ) drove myself home I can now barely hear out of my right ear had a couple severe nose bleeds and a very bad headache. But I guess tylenol solves everything according to them.

Alex Castro

To long of a waiting time and medical care isn't quality care. My family had the flu and the ER gave them nothing more than a recommendation for Ibuprofen. No real physical exam. As my family got sicker I took them to another hospital where full medical treatment was better.

Jess Cook

I want to clarify that the care teams who do the hands-on work of taking care of the elderly and sick are wonderful. My problem is with the admin - specifically the discharge planners. Because they're given incentives for clearing the beds as quickly as possible with little regard for the patient or family, the process leaves much to be desired. Families, get involved! Learn all you can about the coverage they have and the places they may want to discharge your relative to, as well as whether your relative should indeed be discharged yet. You have rights, and if you simply let the hospital tell you what's going to happen, your relative may end up being traumatized. Mine was. There is one particular barracuda in this department who actually got angry because she was working her agenda and I wasn't going along by calling her in time for it to happen before a weekend. She turned me into the Adult Protective Services for "neglect" after I had moved here temporarily to make sure my dad was ok. He is thought to be dying now, and this is indirectly or directly related to a previous discharge by another barracuda who sent him to a horrible nursing and rehab facility. He wound up back in the hospital and every day I wish I had chosen a different hospital after what they did with him at discharge. Sneaky tactics and threats shouldn't be part of this picture, but they are. Change won't happen unless people complain. You have rights. Find out what they are, and pursue them even if you are threatened. Dad lost all his resolve to get well enough to live with me, and he became depressed at the thought of being moved again. There is more, but it is complicated and I don't want to go on and on. My message is to get involved. Make sure you do not just go along with somebody else's plan for your relative, because their motivations are not the same as yours. I'm filing a grievance with Medicare, but I don't expect it to change anything since an "investigator" who seems to be on the hospital's side already is on the case. It takes a lot of people to make change happen. Get involved! Report skilled nursing and rehab facilities where neglect occurs. You can find out where and how to report these facilities online. I'm not sure what can be done about the hospital itself, but I do know you can file a grievance with Medicare. It's about money, and if you don't have the money to hire a good elder attorney, at least pursue the avenues you can. These are people, not pieces on a game board. I wish a good reporter would do an investigation and a story.

kitty page

DO NOT SEEK ANY SERVICES FROM THIS HORRIBLE HOSPITAL!!! I was diagnosed with 2 health issues last month new to me I've been very concerned. I must say I will be calling the New Mexico health department on Monday i was discriminated and treated as i didnt matter i dont even want to get any worse to be admitted in this unprofessional place I was admitted more than once and my needs weren't taken care of or my voice heard I had to confront doctors and nurses to the point I had to research web MD to address my PCP and she found what I knew with other important i was concerned about a lot of us arent dealing with drugs or alcohol we need help are scared worried stress for our health and this place made it worse for us i am scared to even see the building!!!! And even then for people that are addicts that does not give these people who swore an oath to help and give care to others treat them like that these hospital staff get paid a decent check to do so !! Just the most horrific experience ever God help them ! I dont even want to put a star ! Doesnt even deserve it .

James Torres

Waited 1o hours to get my friend in his room they kept saying they were so full,at 9.30 pm I walked 2 floors more than 18 empty beds,,they have rooms,but new computer system and short of help I was so disappointed by there willingness to speed things along,,so many were at the nurses station texting on thete phones.

Victoria Perea

By far the worst experience ever once my father was admitted on to the 8th floor after having knee surgery, (nurses, techs) are space cases you ask for help such as when my dad needed a walker to get to the rest room it took a very long time and still at that nobody assisted with his request finally he just peed in a cup I stepped outside and everyone was standing around, or on personal cellphones or just simply not doing their JOB!!! One in particular her name was Kristen (pregnant woman) made promises she couldn't keep (made us think she was prejudice because my family has brown skin) left us to take matters in our own hands asked for belonging bags, gauze for the blood that was dripping out of my dads knee, or even a walker or when the table where the patients eat their food off broke. I will not stop here, I will take this to corporate or do what I have to do so the next doesn't have to witness as such!!! This needs to be a place where patients can feel welcome and secure of their stay and not served with horrible customer service and left to do it on your own. SHAME on you Lovelace-Downtown.

Charles Brown

Worst physician I ever encountered in 55 years on this planet. Promised to contact my aged parents with update on my father and left them hanging for over six hours. When my mother remonstrated with this "caregiver" over the wait, she received the frosty response that the doctor was too busy "saving lives," to stop by my father's room, in spite of the fact that my mother had observed the physician spending over an hour at a desk at the nurses' station just down the hall doing paperwork. A month later, this same physician told my father his cancer had progressed to a point at which he had only 6 months to a year to live, and that rather than going to in-patient rehab to rebuild his strength, he should go home and enjoy what time he had left...a diagnosis soundly refuted yesterday by UNM hospital oncology department. MY complaint to the Lovelace patient advocate over the first issue took WEEKS to get a response, which was that they would contact the contractor who provided this freak show of a doctor.

Lissa McLeskey

They are literally killing my grandmother. Surgeon didn't want to do her surgery and now that he has they won't get her out of be, won't try and keep her awake and active/involved, and won't do what they say they are going to do. Say they can't give her antibotic, even though she has an IV. Won't allow her to drink or eat and she's never ever had any issues after a surgery. No BP issues, no infection and now she has both. So the end result is they are giving up trying to help her and moved her hospice! These people supposedly taking care patients really aren't. Just going by "rules" based on a number and not a real person, not a patient, but a number.

Jonny Ace

I would constantly see bloody IVs discarded outside, gloves, trash. People smoking cigarettes everywhere and yet security only tells those vaping on the other side of the street anything. Very dissatisfied.

Steve F

Hospice on 10th floor (Gentiva) was first rate

Angelica Anaya

Was admitted for surgery all staff was professional. And extremely concerned with giving me the best care available. Thank u to all the surgery staff and the nurses and techs on the 5th floor

Theresa Castillo

One year ago today ,my mother passed away at your hospital. The experience on the fourth floor of your hospital was horrible. She was admitted through emergency, the er doctor suggested a pain patch for the leg pain she was experiencing little did we know what kind of patch. It was fentanyl The next morning she was swollen, incoherent and unable to speak. She had an adverse reaction to the patch. My mother was 93 and the dr. should have known that would be way too strong for her. They kept insisting she had a uti, but her symptoms were that of a stroke victim. The emergency dr who treated her also said she had no fever therefore no uti, but then again he ordered the pain patch that took her life. A few of the things that were not attended to: rail on bed was left down, leg massage was not working for days and the nurses saw this and did nothing about it. No bed table, the food tray left on the chair. Many more incidents too many to list. Your staff knew how seriously ill she was but never told us, kept insisting she was going to rehab. The nurse who checked her in to her room on early morning Feb. 7th was duty two or three days later and could not believe her condition. She asked "what happened" to her. She was 93 but not dying, the overdose of Fentanyl was the cause of her death. I hope and pray I never had to be admitted to your hospital.

Leah Zaragoza

They have always taken care of my family when we've come here, and the wait times are usually much shorter than other places for the ER.

Joshlynn Serna

I like it I've been lucky weee its empty and they get me in and out but I had were my husband was so sick ambient brought him and they take us to the waiting room well my husband was not till good at all trowing up and still no help so I have good and bad with those people

Antonio Chavez

I was in pain with my ear i was crying it was purple and took 4 hours to attend me and just tap me and check my ear and said (you can go home now) i dont recommed this hospital

Ira Cooper

4 hours in the waiting room and they're not busy...just claiming a short crew. Promised to see us quickly when the next crew came on...its been an hour and fifteen since the promise. No action, no updates, no checking on us. Said we were third in line 90 minutes ago. The waiting room has seriously deteriorated. FIVE hours before taken back. Can it be done better? That being said, care once you get in is really great. Compassionate, efficient, patient (no pun) skilled and professional. So there must be some corporate decisions lacking in how the waiting room is managed. It's a shame to have that ER waiting room as the first line of experience. Gotta add stars for the care. Can't base it on the waiting room. But what an awful place that waiting room is.

Michelle Swallows

I wish this hospital employees really cared about others and not about getting out on time....and voicing that they cannot wait to get out of here.....Ive always heard Lovelace was the worst and now its been confirmed......

angelica dominguez

The staff has been excellent every time I have gone in. However, they are quick to bill. This can be a huge problem when your insurance is slow to pay. I spent close to a thousand dollars, because I didn't call and verify all the providers were on my insurance.

Lela J

This hospital and every hospital in ABQ are awful. Some of these doctors and nurses are lazy and disrespectful.

Jamila Savoy

One star is too many. I should get paid for having wasted my time at this place.

Kyle Wolff

Wonderful hospital! I was born here and the doctors did a great job delivering me because I am not dead.

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