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REVIEWS OF Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center IN New Mexico

Cheri Hass

Went for a colonoscopy screening. Care by nurses was good, Dr was OK. However, I soon received a bill for over $17,000! For a routine screening. Insurance paid some, but I am now fighting a medical bill that is more than what a colonoscopy should cost in the first place. Ruidoso hospital will be where I go from now on.

Maryjo Conley


I did not have a very good experience here, I had arrived here around 10pm because I was having a panic attack and I was super dizzy and clammy. I had an IV machine attached to my wrist after waiting 3 long hours for an ambulance that was coming from El Paso. Since Gerald Champion could not figure out what was wrong with me they called the ambulance from The Hospitals of Providence Children's Hospital (THPCH) which I think was way better but I believe that since Gerald Champions is a much smaller non-hospital it does not have such great quality but I think that if you give it a chance it is ok. Do not expect so much from this "hospital" ok guys? :)

Marco Telles

This place is by far the most unprofessional hospital I have unfortunately had to visit. From the ER registration, to the ER change nurse. I could not leave fast enough. I wouldn't have stayed except for the fact I was only in town a short time while passing through.

michael bush

Miss Misteria

The pediatric Nurses and Dr. Friday are amazing. On the other hand I had a bad time in women's health. The nurse was very sweet but Dr. Gurdial Dhillon is probably one of the rudest doctors I have ever met. He was not nice to me or the nurse. If I'm going back I hope I don't get seen by him.

Susan Shawgo

I came in at 1 30 am. Was not only impressed by the warm professional efficient staff but the up to date equipment. Jennifer was my nurse and is an amazing caring RN. The techs were awesome. The iv install and the blood draw was painless. Did not know why I had such severe pain in my left arm. After an EKG, Xrays, lab tests and a cat scan, my incredible Dr, ( forgot his name, but truly an excellent caring dr), was determined I had fluid in joints and arthritis. Thankyou for the amazing care.

Kristi Bradfute

We are from Texas but visited the emergency room after a possible black widow bite. I was happy with the friendly nurses and the PA who explained everything well.

Natascia Mazzucchin

Bruce Dile

Alberto Bonilla

Very disappointed with the staff . Very disorganized did not get all samples for test to be run at the same time

Jeramie Shebester

Non-profit my ass. You don't charge nearly 500 dollars for one dose of Children's Benadryl and not turn a profit. One visit will always get you at least 2 or 3 bills, usually about 10 or 12 times what it would cost you for the same procedure at a local clinic. GCRMC can suck it, the only way I'll ever go back is if I'm bleeding out and there's no other choice.

Jared Hatch

An 8 year old refugee boy died at this hospital just after midnight on Christmas Day. This happened at the hands of the United States Government.

Gilbert Verdoza

Patrick McNulty

Imaging "botched" the first abdominal aorta CT scan, and I had to return and redo the test. Four imaging personnel tried to put the IV in numerous times and finally had to get a nurse from the emergency room to insert the needle. A month later and my arms are still black and blue. Worst of all is that after the second scan the results were still not sent to New Mexico Heart Institute, which was the cardiologist that requested the scan! I have been calling for three weeks and finally Imaging is telling me that they are sending the results today. As of 9:00 am, The heart Institute has still received nothing. Stay away from this place - not only are they incompetent - but stupid as well! You just can't fix stupid!

T Hamilton

the ER is awesome! the hospital sucks. they are broke and don't have a clue as to what medical treatment is. go to Cruces.

George Sida

David Stafford

I had to come to the hospital several times through here and they have really good service they take care of your needs very well

Michael Briggs

Laura Overbay

Mental health should be shut down for horrible living conditions and mentally ill RNs playing head games with patients. I could not receive accurate care in this facilitu. I would not let this sorry group tend to my animals.

Troy Brush

I went on monday and yes they was busy but the dr was so nice i messed my back up and they did a great job with me thanks for the good work one of the best er i been to

Steve Johnson

Fred Fadungy

Worst hospital on the planet.. Killed my Mother in law and Dam near killed my wife,, they sent her to another incompetent cesspool that finished the job. This Review thing made me give a star to this Butcher shop.

David D Whit

Ashley Johnson

My husband was in an accident that required three surgeries and two hospital stays at Gerald Champion. We were treated with kindness and compassion. When I was upset a nurse even took the time to calm me down and make sure that I was taken care of. The staff and nurses went above and beyond for my husband and I, and we are very grateful.

felicia medina

Ugh kept my grandma in there two days longer than she was supposed to be!!! Her nurse/ doctor MORGAN is an awful person!!!... My grandma literally felt like she was gonna die considering the room temp... Horrible horrible!!

John OHagan

After around 8 years and a few visits to GCRMC, I would not go back if I was dying, they are unprofessional, lack basic knowledge, and half of them look like there on drugs. Going there is like walking into a circus house of mirrors, confused, no guiFence, and you will probably leave in more pain then when you entered 16 hours before. ,

Mary Duce

Jayme Fourman

Extremely rude and lack of care

Ivana Quiroz

I wasn't really impressed

Mama Bear

I have excellent care here for 9 years. Being a cancer survivor that's where you spend a lot of time. I'm still a patient. Now I need hyperbaric treatments to heal side effects from treatment. The physician that makes that happen supposedly just walk off the job (whatever the reason) and there has been no replacement. I was told hopefully Nov 2016 a new physician would be hired. Well it's 2017 into the 4th day. I need 30 treatments, 1 a day. My alternative is to drive 100+ miles a day for 30 days. That's a fairly new unit. I was told dont't call us, we'll call you.

Shaylyn Johnson

Jesus Acevedo

This is not a personal review, is more a complaint. My family is assigned to the Holloman AIr Force Base in New Mexico and they have tried in 3 occasions to received emergency care for their 5 year old and they have been told they cannot assist them because of the amount of illegal aliens childrens they are caring for. To make this clear, my little nephew (A USA Citizen and Military dependent) cannot received care (EMERGENCY) because illegal aliens. How sad is to be a citizen and not been able to received care because NOT citizens are taking his place. Sad times we leaving when the political climate care more about non-citizens than the citizens. The Hospital should ashamed of themselves.

Kristina Aylor

I was admitted to the error one Saturday morning at 3am. By 9: 30 I was already headed to surgery. So far I have been in here for 4 days, and I honestly don't think there is anything else possible that the staff could do to make my stay more comfortable. My surgeon was amazing, the nursing staff has exceeded all expectations because they go above and beyond with care. The food here is awesome, Amber was great with coming in and making sure I was catered to food wise. The medical assistants and the people checking my oxygen levels were great. I am still in awe about the care I have received here. I have a medical background, and the professionalism ok for this team and facility is top notch.. This facility and staff definitely deserve recognition for being outstanding.

Karey Hodges

They were no help at all had to call my insurance company and complain. I am new to town had no doctors but went to hospital for bipolar breakdown and bilateral knee pain need total knee replacement. All they said is what do you want me to do? And sent me out the door. i had just been there a couple weeks ago for a complete breakdown and had to stay a week, now the unit I stayed in was fine for that but the emergency department sucked no one cared. I guess why should they their not the ones going through the mental anguish. Hated it!!!!

Alexandria Blas

The nurses are spectacular! Unfortunately they are more informing than some of the doctor's. Which I am thankful for my previous nurse or I probably would have been at the ER much longer than necessary. Another unfortunate fact is that they do not put in your information correctly, even if you have given it to them several times. You have to call over and over again until they correct your information so you will not receive any outrageous bills that your insurance should have covered. I have experienced this several times. And due to that I due my best to not take myself, or my son there unless there is no other option.

Mountain Fresh Carpet Care

My mom was in issolaton and claims Morgan the daytime nurce almost killed her. So mad

James Waters

Jennifer Whitmore

The doctors need an education in bedside manner and why would you dt an abdominal CT for a seizure? Please dont lump everyone into the same categorgy simply because they have a chronic illness


I think if people can't go to some simple websites to surf, ya'll should be able to let people's phones use their personal cellular data to be online since it ain't costing you a dime. I just wanted to check things as an artist and it blocks the site. I don't know why other than some stuff seen as "adult" but I'm not interested in that. Or even watching Netflix. Yes it is a data eater but for a lot of your patients that want access to it SHOULD have it. Or help people if they're waiting for loved ones in long amount of time in surgeries. It is meant to distract us from the stress of everything with hospitals and you're only adding on.

Lisa Hughes

I went to visit my grandchildren who recently moved to Almagordo (military) while I was there the 8 month old got sick with stomach virus and was very sick. The first night she took him to the ER. She waited 4 hours with a puking child and was never seen as she just couldn't wait any longer. Took him to the doctor next day but that evening had to go to ER as he worsened. 2 hour or more wait and then they out us in a room. The baby cried for an hour in pain and no one came in.. I went crying to someone saying please help my grandchild. Still nothing, then my daughter went and told them get in there. finally we got some attention. He was very dehydrated but after 3 tries the couldn't get an IV into the our baby. Mom finally said no more and they went the pedialite route. Worst ER service I have ever seen. the place was dirty. The man in the next room had either vomit or some bodily fluid on the floor just sitting there by himself. I told my daughter next time drive the route to the nearest children's hospital. It was a nightmare.

Nizhóní Mars Moon Earth

I would leave zero stars if I could. No compassion. Indifferent staff. Unorganized. Misinformation. Lack of cleanliness. These are all things that describe my time here.

Vincent DePaolo

I can't understand why this hospital gets such a bad rap. I have been to emergency several times in the past and received excellent care. I had surgery there this morning. Dr Davis, nurses and rest of the crew were great. Very polite, friendly, proffesional and helpfull. I am from Boston. The benchmark for the medical world. Enough said.

Gabrielle Riles

Emergency Room: October 16,2016 Injury- Sliced part of finger off and experienced non stop bleeding. This was my first visit as we are new to the area. The staff was prompt and friendly. A few went before me who arrived after...but was based on their needs. I feel I was seen in a prompt fashion none the less. I was in pretty bad pain and prior to going to doctor..i had to wrap in cotton to help stop bleeding.) not the best option but had to do Somthing. So getting it off of and extensive deep wide cut hurt. None the less they were patient and caring. I hate needles and terrified and had to get one injected into my hand to stop bleeding and numb it. Once again I was fine and it was done quickly and last shot into arm..i was still waiting on it and he was already done. This was by far the best experience I've every had in a hospital and and emergency room!

Veronica Muehlberg

Evelyn Posey

I've read some of the negative reviews, so felt compelled to say that our experience at the ER last Saturday morning was very positive. The doctors and nurses were all very professional, efficient, and kind. The only reason I don't give the experience 5 stars is that we were there 4 1/2 hours, which seems a bit long for what turned out to be a muscle strain.

Toni Jacks

Norma Barnes

Very helpful and caring staff

Abe Bremen

A friend with a seizure disorder has been in the ER twice in the past few months. I giv e the hospital two stars for quick access in getting in, but, once in there, it is a different story. 1. My friend was seizing and left unattended in a hallway and no attention or notice given while having spasms. 2. Doctors order drug testing and alcohol testing when unnecessary. Your staff should take a quick class on types of seizures and the after-effects including confusion and exhaustion. There is a big difference between postictal state and drunkenness. 3. Patient left for several hours unattended and not checked on after tonic-clonic seizures with tongue-biting and blood pressure irregularity. 4. Slander and gossip by your staff, a severe breach of HIPAA. Learn to be more professional and discreet please Your hospital could be much better with more training, more experienced staff, and just a better customer service attitude.

Karen Mestas

Heather Jackson

My mom had to have surgery from Dr. Pollard and I cannot say enough great things about him and the staff that have treated my mom. Harold, her anesthesiologist, took the time to explain a terrifying moment for her. Dr. Pollard took the upmost care with my mom. He explained the surgery to me and what to expect in her recovery. The Nurses and nurse aides on med/surg have all been utterly phenomenal! Thank you for taking care of the person that means the world to me.

Rolf Schneider

Mir wurde sehr gut geholfen. Trotz schwerer verletzung

Courtney Ray

They have miss-diagnosed me twice in less than a year. More recently they told me my hand was "not bad" when I cut it. You could see the knuckle. No stitches, glue came off the next day and I now have a blood infection because my hand got infected. I even called the next day to see what I should do. The supervisor was rude and told me the nurse said I didnt need anymore medical treatment because, again, it wasn't that bad. These people are jokes.

Alex Cook

OmarJ Enriquez

Jody L.

Took good care of me

Nick seek

pricey but i havent had any bad attitudes from them :)

Lashanna Bates

Sent me home with right side numbness, couldn't swallow.. My doctor told me to go back so went to Cruces and was admitted right away

Steven Oates

I have been taking Pulmonary Rehab for about 7 weeks now and can not say enough good things about this particular department. I have seen remarkable improvement with my breathing issues. The people have been exceptionally kind considerate and helpful.

Gavin Treat

Tina Begley

I'm enlisted, so any type of care is usually assumed to be a giant pain and not too great, and you're the burden to the facility.!Today was not the case! I was treated extremely fast, well, and politely. I've had to take my troops here and myself here at least two or three times in over four years. You cannot ask for a better emergency service provider! I really loved how efficient everything was. The whiteboard is a great idea in the treatment room. I knew who I was speaking too, what was going on, and everything was super expedited and very professional. Thankfully my issues were minor and I feel terrible for taking that time from expert care over a swollen eye. Keep doing what you all are doing! Thank you for your service to the people. All of you are the real MVPs when it boils down.

Robert Delgado

This place is the sorriest hospital I've ever been to I am in my bed at unm right now because I went there and they determined that I had an elevated white blood cell count which means an infection but to my surprise they discharged me with no antibiotics or painkillers when it was clear I was in terrible pain and that I had an infection now they basically sent me home to die because they were either unequipped or just didn't care to further examine me so I came to unm and it turns out that I have an infection in my heart and they basically figured that out with the same tests so I don't think they even deserve 1 star but it wouldn't let me review unless I gave them a star we all know the healthcare in this country is a business and nothing more but I was completley stunned when they discharged me they need to be held accountable and when I get out of the hospital here I think I will do just that all I can say is do not come here if you value your life at all because they don't and although I can't afford a lawyer I don't think I will have a problem getting one because there is no excuse that will help there case


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