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debra garcia

On March 18,2019, I had a tkr, performed by dr. Castle, I had a great outcome, also appreciated the anesthia he chose for me. He is a really great doctor, and he knows what he's doing.also had wonderful nursing staff that cared for me while my stay at eastern, especially Blanca, anyway happy with my new knee. Thanks Dr.Castle and staff.


Pilar Harris

My stay at ENM Roswell was very nice. I want to thank all the staff, you all where the best. You helped manage my pain, I look forward to having my surgery on the 24th of this month. God Bless you all, the food was very tasty, my low fat diet. The House Keepers, The E R STAFF, EMTS, CNA, DR'S AND NURING STAFF. Very nice and consistent with my care. Thank you all very much. I would not go any where else to get my care. You are Trusted in my Book Of Life. Sincerely Pilar J Harris

Maureen Gregory

As a nurse they are the worst hospital I have ever work with. Plus they treat travel nurse very bad especially if you are black.

Mary Urquides


Warren Weber

Thank you to the staff and doctor's.. I was on vacation and I was in a great deal of pain. Even though I was from out of town the two doctors I saw helped to lower my pain level and made it so my wife could drive the last two days to our destination. The nursing staff was also attentive and seemed genuinely concerned. Thank you to each of you in the ER.

Only Truth

The E.R. staff are great. The surgical schedulers are not. I'm having a procedure done in 2 days. The doc's office specifically told me I needed to go to the hospital for preadmitting. The schedulers are telling me no, I don't need to. The doc's office is saying the hospital staff is wrong. I am stuck in the middle. Will go to the hospital to deal with them in person--as soon as I calm down. Actually, the ER staff is MOSTLY great. I was there a few months ago. After my discharge, I was WALKED to the exit and pretty much shoved out. I have never been discharged from any hospital without being in a wheelchair. My BF had left for a time while I was waiting for treatment. When he returned, the only parking available was literally blocks away. I couldn't walk that far, so I stood--feeling like I might collapse at any moment--at least 5 mins. waiting on him. smh

Lupe Lupercio

Gina Mendoza

Went 7/18/18 to the E.R. for a spider bite and had to get blood drawn along with antibiotics through the IV. This is how my arm looked as I was walking OUT the emergency room after being discharged. Very disappointed in their nurses lack of care and concern.

Tracy White

Back in 1999, when I was pregnant with my first child I found this to be a ridiculously bad hospital/ ER. I was very sick and went in for fluids as i couldn't hold anything down. They put me on IV fluids. This makes your body temperature drop and makes you frezlezing cold. They wouldn't even give me a blanket. I was also throwing up again within 6 hours of leaving. I was taken to the Presbyterian hospital in Ruidoso. UNFORTUNATELY THERE IS NO IMPROVEMENT IN 20 YEARS. My husband has been living and working in the Roswell area lately. He has cardio myopothy, and sometimes retains water. If he has to go for an ER visit to get fluids off he is there the entire day. This past Friday he was admitted because he was still having trouble with the fluid. I drove four hours to be there with him for the weekend. I didn't see a doctor one time. The nurses knew no information from the Dr. Today he was told he finally got to go home. he was given prescriptions and got dressed and told to keep his Friday appt with his cardiologist.. He waited hours, then the night nurse comes in and says he has to stay another night and they are waiting on a life vest (what the heck) this was never mentioned at all and he was told things look good. When he showed his displeasure they told him too, that he could leave against medical advice and follow up with his cardiologist. We can't risk problems with insurance , so he got back undressed has to stay another night and will apparently leave with a life vest if we are lucky tomorrow. NEVER HERE AGAIN!!!!

Kristin Ludwig

The lady's are usually extremely rude who check you in the ER. The doctor's and nurses have been great! I've been there too many time's and have been treated very well.

michael hernandez

Great care. Cuisine bland. I could make a fortune selling Salt to patients.

Antonio Trujillo

Very caring staff who answered all my questions.

devinelight088 Sunshine

Frances Vasquez

Tracy Phillips

Nichole Badraun

norma chambers


tremm meem

I am extremely displeased with the lack of concern for patients at the minimal office level. I was simply inquiring regarding my child’s authorization/order. I was given the run around, and told they were not going to listen to me. I will admit to being upset, however when you are trying to explain what you have been told with no regard especially about your disabled child, they have to expect for it to not be well received. I had to end the call because I was being berated by the director and could not get a word in at all. I don’t feel that this should be common practice, especially when the very thing we as healthcare professionals do is care for patients. I know from experience that pts or their family members are not going to always be polite and courteous however that is to be expected when they are going through traumatic situations, one should have a more companionate and sympathetic approach when dealing with sick individuals especially in rehab services. How am I supposed to trust these people with my most prized angel, when they treat me badly? Unfortunately there are not many places for children to get these services so they have you trapped, and they realize this so they feel they can treat you however they see fit. Well I am shocked and appalled at their nature, especially when all I requested was to be heard as an advocate for my child’s wellbeing.

Noneya Business

This is probably one of the WORST facilities that I've EVER been to!! First off - They lie about being a trauma center (certification revoked), they lie about being a chest pain center (certification expired), they cannot, and more importantly do not take care of their staff, forcing a high turnover rate. This facility thrives on horizontal violence - bullying is EVERYWHERE amongst the staff!! Speaking of the staff, there are two extremes: They are either old, burnt out jaded OR they are undertrained, underprepared, and over worked. The facility relies on an INORDINATE amount of travel nurses, and the staff that they do have consists of a LARGE number of newly graduated nurses with under a year experience. In the time I've been here I've seen the CEO, COO, CFO, FIVE directors and countless staff leave or be fired. The new nurses are NOT prepared! THIS PLACE IS UNSAFE!!! There is NO nurse mentorship program or training, just some "shadowing" and "general orientation" - then the new graduate nurses are left to fend for themselves. Travel nurses are treated HORRENDOUSLY! They DO NOT abide by the contracts and the aforementioned horizontal violence from "regular staff" has caused (at least) 5 nurses to lose their assignment because they (they staff) "don't like them". The nursing practices are antiquated, even though they have an EHR they still rely heavily on countless redundant paper forms, and the support from CHS corporate on any IT issue or policy is non-existent. The facility has THREE vacant units due to lack of staffing! THREE! Physician coverage is minimal and they floors that ARE open are "FULL" due to lack of nurses! What does that mean? Well, un-wanted/unnecessary cost of AIR transport to the patient because they have to be transferred out! DO NOT COME HERE TO WORK!!!

April Thompson

The ER, RN Lorna, and PA Katherine, were amazing! They did everything they could to make for sure I was okay and figure out exactly what was wrong. I'm so grateful for their help!

James Sims


Diana Cadwell

THIS IS A HORRIBLE HOSPITAL!!! My mother fell in a local Dept store that had extremely slick floors and had to call an ambulance in which we were taken to ENMMC. The ER service was great but when called back to see a dr we got a NP and it was the worst ER experience ever. My mother could not get a pillow to lay her head on for they were "made of gold" one of the nurses told us and of course would not give her no water. After their evaluation of of broke arm and knee cap we were released brought in a wheelchair and left. Myself my husband and my 86 yr old father struggled to get my mother in a vehicle. Never again will we be going to that hospital again!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE.

Shantel Garcia

They were very kind and met my every need while giving birth to my son.

Manuel Gonzales


Hectic Productions

Gretchen Jaramillo

After waiting at Lovelace Regional Medical Center ER for over an hour with out being triage or seen, I decided to leave and go to ENMMC ER. As I walked thru the door I was immediately asked the nature of my visit by a triage nurse. I explained why I was there and I was immediately taken to a ER room and attended to as they allowed my sister to register me. The staff and doctor at ENMMC were very professional and cared deeply for their patients attending to the patients immediately. I want to recognize Johnny Theil RN, for his professional manners, attitude, and treatment towards me and my sister, he deserves a big Kuddos and a raise. I will never go to Lovelace Regional Medical Center again, the staff was very rude and uncaring, and you will bleed out before being seen or even triaged, which was happening to me. Don't waist your time and money, just go to ENMMC where you will be treated fast and with respect.

Stephanie Nicole Sena

Charity Howell

I was brought by ambulance to this hospital while traveling. Let me just say this hospital is a living hell. They are understaffed and the doctors are playing god. I was to spend one night here for observation after visiting the er. This is my third day. I can’t leave because if I do my doctor threatens not to write the prescription for my uti infection to go home with although it was already promised I could leave today. She wants me to be fever free for 24 hours but my medication is not being given on time so my fever comes back. And when I say not on time I’m talking hours people. Originally told the doctor I use holistic methods and would not be comfortable putting anything in my veins without considering the side effects and knowing what it’s for. She has numerous you order intravenous medication without my consent or consultation. She originally told me I had meningitis and that I would need a spinal tap. Which I wasn’t comfortable with and told me to leave the hospital if I wouldn’t cooperate with having an iv and the tap done. Thank god some test results came back showing a uti before they could poke into my spinal fluid. Not only is this hospital inattentive to their patients wants and needs it’s filthy. I’m being held against my will in a hospital from an episode of American Horror Story. It’s scary for real. Anyone who can avoid it definitely should do so. I would leave if I didn’t need the medication to get well.


we have been coming here for years...only because we don't have many other choices ..and I hate Lovelace hospital as well...everytime we come here...we wait forever, rude staff, Dr's and nurses included, they draw blood and yet we don't hear anything for hours, then they come eith the discharge papers after not letting us know anything, rooms are always dirty used needles and bloody tables, floors are not mopped afterwards, so there's blood splatters everywhere, I cannot stand that living in a hell hole with drug users, the nurses treat everyone like there all users...worst hospital ever!!! not once have I ever came here and they made me feel comfortable that includes my husband me or my kids...smh

Doc Madison

Rude staff at Mesa Medical! Doctor was a Joke.

Warren Yehl

Great group of dedicated professionals. This hospital is where I would take myself or my loved ones. Proud of the team.

Karen B

Ive been travel nursing for 3 years and a nurse for 6. NEVER have I worked at a worse hospital!!! The previous reviews are true. I worked there in 2014 as a traveler on nights. It was REQUIRED (by night shift since days refused) to work 12 hour shifts 7 DAYS ON 7 DAYS OFF (which is not as nice as it sounds when a life saver is running off 100+ hours per week (after staying late to chart and give report). The BULLYING is unbelievable (and noticed when a new batch of travelers arrived). I would always get the new traumas and my stable ones would go to the 3 other present nurses so that they could sit around and talk. The ONLY plus was that I got great trauma experience (but never have I been more burnt out-SO UNSAFE). At times the 1 working doctor could NOT be FOUND and a nurse (luckily trained elsewhere) HAD to INTUBATE a patient since the dr was sleeping in a locked room!! I am so glad it was a short term assignment; the only one where I did not exchange phone numbers nor goodbye thank you gifts with. With a high amount of meth users for patients it is very uneasy having 1 security guard for the entire hospital (and does not get to the er in a timely matter) who generally is smaller than 5'5 and 125 pounds. NEVER come here as a NURSE OR PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat Wood

Very nice, considerate, and understanding! A lady came around and gave me a rose while I was waiting for my procedure! Thank you so much!

davina trujillo

Gina Buldra

I was fortunate to have very positive experience Thursday night in the ED with a great compassionate and thorough care. Feeling better.

Kim Parker.guerrero

Ariel Foley

The in and out surgery is a joke. We arrived before our set time and people who arrived after us went before us. One lady literally walked in and was back in a room within 5 mins. When we told the lady working the window we had been waiting over an hour and a half passed our set time to be here. She said, " sorry, we are waiting on a room."... she didn't say much when we asked why people who got here after us were going in quicker. Our nurse was suprised we had been waiting over 90 mins passed our set time to get back in a room. To our nurse's attention she thought we had jst arrived. Not sure what the deal was, but the hospital seems unorganized!

Mary Burton

Bill Haynie

I used to work for Ms. Smith in the ER,as an RN. She was a heavy duty smoker who she, and her smoker friends, took smoke breaks 2to 3 times an hour. This left the non smoker. nurses to take care of the patients all by ourselves, no matter what.. She took advantage of her position a very selfish way, leaving the ER understaffed, and people's lives in danger. Do not go to this ER unless you have no other choice. She also carried a gun in her purse before concealed carry was passed. She worked on flight transfers while carrying the handgun in violation of federal law. Why? She thought she was entitled because her husband was a lieutenant in the sherrif's department. Not a good reference for this hospital.

Amanda Justice

Horrible place... they intubated my mother against her wishes then flew her to Lubbock TX which I know was against her wishes... best part of all that was getting her the hell out of that horrendous hospital.

Korin Weir

Sad excuse for a hospital...worst place on the face of the earth.I'm pretty sure people are treated better in Guantanamo bay

Q Bee

Gwendalynn Johnson


My mother went to this ER many times with ,nausea, hallucinations. They kept sending her for migraines, then shingles, finally some eye defect. Many CT scans were done as well as 1 MRI. Nothing! I drove 10 hours from AZ took my mother to Albuquerque by this time her eyelids were flipped inside out unrecognizable. When arrived to hospital she had slurred speech. We found out she has suffered a major stroke!! She had been bleeding behind her eyes for months. This has forever changed her and prone to future strokes. Today her HCP sent her to the hospital after an MRI detected change in her brain as well as for numbness, loss of hearing on right side of her face. They told her she would be taken to Albuquerque 5 hours later was told Albuquerque hospitals was not accepting patients. ?! My father said he would take her in the morning to Albuquerque. Within minutes they provided a AMA (Against Medical Advice) form. Very upsetting

Claster Mccarrick

The nurses in labor and delivery were very rude and treated my situation like how dare you have contractions at 25 weeks pregnant, and had my magnesium levels way to high I wasn't even able to swallow and almost drowned on an ice chip, I used every bit of energy I had to beg for them to turn it down untill I was unable to talk, as soon as the people got there to fly me to Albuquerque they took me off of it

Douglas Steslow

During the flu outbreak I left work on a Friday feeling poorly, but was also concerned about a pain in my leg and hip area. I had noticed a mark that appeared to be a bite or sting of some sort. I tried to go to the Quick Care Clinic at 3pm, however it was full to capacity and not accepting any more patients. They recommended I go to the Emergency Room at Eastern. I did so, and man am I glad I made that decision. I was put in a room within 5 minutes and seen by ED personnel immediately. Robin the RN, along with one of the attending PA interns and Dr. Wolf were outstanding. It appeared I may have been bitten by a spider, or some creature that left a serious mark, and my symptoms were likely from that and not the flu. They gave me some shots, some meds, and very clear discharge rules and sent me home. All in all, I was in and out in 1 1/2 hours. Thanks so much to the staff at Eastern New Mexico Medical Center Emergency Room. The best experience I've ever had in an ER.

Adam Mayes

Anissa Day

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