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REVIEWS OF Cibola General Hospital IN New Mexico

Ester Marton

Small & Friendly, Clean hospital.

Chaco Court

We had to take our baby in, we were immediately taken and checked in. They were very professional and started oxygen right away. He had rsv and got us in a room as soon as one opened up. I was very impressed with everyone in the er. The nurses and doctors in the patient rooms were also amazing. Very, very impressed with our hospital.

Cassie Candler

ER and Lab is a freaking joke...

Rosemary frank

I was traveling threw and got Sick by something I ate. I almost fainted and ended up in ER. They were so nice to me and polite. I can't say enough about the way the Dr. took care of me and the Staff. This was about a year ago and I've always thought about this Hospital and the Care I was given.

James Davis

Came to emergency room on Sunday night in and out really fast friendly Couldn’t asked for a better Er

Shantelle candelaria

They always take forever and it seems like they dont care about the patients at all!

Alix M

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." MLK I hope you all do right by every patient brought to you, and when you know wrong has been done to a patient prior speak out. It's all you can do.

Linda Baumann

Poor service dr starts ordering test before she even sees my husband!! Ordering a whole gamma of test saying we may have to transfer to a larger hospital as my husband is telling them no I will get home & go see my dr!!! Rude, condescending staff!!! Was there a hour half & they collected a urine!!!!

Ana Vigil

I got sick from staying in this hospital,mercca,i think it was called. Then my brother came by ambulance from another county Catron. They said he didnt have anything,and threw him out of rhe hospital,and wouldnt even let him stay in the lobby. It was 4:00 am in the winter. I went to pick him up and hecstayed with methen friday,oct 26,2018 my sister in law went to CGH, they told her nothing was wrong also, her daughter took her to UNM in Alb.,but she had already had a stroke. CGH has the worse doctors,are so very incompetent and sloppy,dirty rooms. Dont go there, they might kill you

S. Kalyn Buckner

Sometimes the E.R. can be a long wait, but usually your get GOOD friendly nurses.

Sandra Urioste

I have to say that the nurses and doctors here at cibola general hospital have given my mom the best care. They have been kind and attentive. She is feeling much better. Not home yet though. Hopefully soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

mike Trujillo

Friendly staff, professional services, knowledgeable technologists.

Betty Abbott

My husband was in hospital for 8 days never allowed to take shower was supposed to be up walking 4 times a day was lucky if they came to get him up once a day I had to bring him toothbrush and washing supplies from home they sent him home in the morning and he died that night I'm so sorry I had the ambulance take him there

Kimberly Caputo

3-D and 4-D Ultrasound can be damaging to your child. look at British studies on the harmful effects it can have on your child's developing brain because this information has been hushed here in the U.S. it can cause serious brain damage. only use ultrasound when it is absolutely neccesary!!! educate yourself so that you don't hurt your baby.------------------------------in response to the hospital's response... your commercial does suggest making an appointment at will to get a look at the baby growing inside of you. and that is what makes me most alarmed about your advertisement. ultrasounds should only be performed when necessary and only at the levels necessary to see what needs to be seen i completely agree. in other words, nobody needs real time 3-D or 4-D ultrasounds. They are totally unecessary EVERYTIME! which is why we have been using the old standard ultrasound since the 50's. you should change your commercials because you are setting yourself up for a serious law suit to imply people can come to you for dangerously high powered ultrasounds with unecessary risks to our children. i know someone made the decision to spend all this money on that equipment, but you should mention the dangers to your legal dept and see what they have to say about what you are suggesting in your ads. very against just the basics of the hipporatic oath! shame on you!!! do something to change this now!!! anyone getting an ultrasound from this hospital should make a copy of the commercial in case your child winds up with brain damage or one of the many other effects that repeated ultrasounds can cause. if you think it's worth the risk then just have a back up plan in case you are going to need help finding disability services for your child from using these irresponsible machines and the bad doctors that would advise you to do so. >:( and no, nothing that you said helped me besides your admittance that you know that 3-D and 4-D ultrasounds are not safe and not necessary, but I already knew that!

Conrad Castellino

a critical access hospital in Grant's NM. off hwy 40. a very valuable place in a medical emergency or catastrophic road accident. transport to tertiary care center for emergencies or local care as warranted. between Albuquerque and Gallup NM. emergency room with imaging modalities, 24 hour staff.

chachncheech Lovato

was treated with respect nurses Drs all staff very polite ansering all questions and makeing sure you understand follow ups Medicines doesage etc unlike most medical centers i can see these wonderful people enjoy there job thank you CIBOLA GENERAL HOSP

edyie diaz

Mark Spencer

Am a otr truck driver, had issues while parked at a local stop, they took me right in, got me taken care of and made sure I was ok, since I was parked at the truck stop, they called a local police officer, and he came and picked me up, and dropped me off right at my truck

Michelle Vallo

The staff was wonderful. Compassionate and empathetic to my toddlers situation. Definitely made our first visit there good.


Great service

Jackie Sanchez

The low rating is not for the staff. CGH has amazing people working and when I do go there the kindness and professionalism has always been great. My issue is with the billing and cost. The billing is quick to send everyone to collections even when a bill hasn't been received. Well, except the time I got the collection notice with the bill on the same say. The cost to use the hospital is outrageous. I have been recently diagnosed with cancer and Hemochromoastsis. Both requiring lots of blood work. EXAMPLE, I had blood work and a phebotomy done, wanting to save me a trip every 2 wks to the cancer center and to "go local" i had my Dr send the orders to the lab here at Cibola. The cost was $900.00, so I compared to what I get billed at the cancer center... $200.00 for the exact tests and procedure. Needless to say I now drive back an forth to Abq twice, sometimes 3 times a week or I make sure all my blood work at my Dr office is sent to Tri-Core. I love the hospital and staff I just can't afford to go local. My question is, is it possible to get price listings of all tests? I realize rural hospitals can set their own price but why so much more?

kelly koelfgen

My mother recently accompanied my father to this hospital while my father was in cardiac arrest. While at the hospital, my mother, who is the kindest, most patient and most respectful person to every walk the earth, was treated like rubbish by the nursing staff. I hope people are treated with more respect at this hospital, in the future.

Angel Hernandez

This hospital has you waiting for five hours for a simple check up bad service! Do not reply i said what i need to say. And as you see this isnt the first time people complain about your bad service.

Velma Bro

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful care that was given to me during the week I was in the hospital, everyone was so loving and caring. The Nurses, Respiratory Specialist , Staff and Doctors were all FaNtAsTiC. I would prefer not to have a return visit but hopefully I will see you at Walmart or Walgreens. Love and Prayers to each of you.

Free Irish/Mexican American Girl

Dr mannheimer alen lee is absolutely the rudest so called doctor I have ever met in my life. He refused to allow me to sit with my husband in the ER room. I've never had this happen in the 14 years I have been a with my husband. I'm even the one who singed him in to be seen. Due to a possible broken arm. When I walked in through the triage room I tripped over the weight machine. That was right outside the door way to the left when you walk out. My phone dropped and I told them nicely that it was obviously a hazard. And went to room three with my husband. No more than two minutes later this very rude toned man comes in and says, you where told you couldn't come in with your husband. I asked if this was a new rule. That I have always come with him in the past with no problem. He get anxious and nervous and prefers I stay. He said no we are very busy with lots of patients. So leave. That was wired because living in Grants so long. You know when they're busy by the cars out side in the parking lot. Plus I was not making noise. There was only one man in the waiting area. So I've come to the conclusion that this man must of been up set I noticed the very obviously hazard. Or he just enjoys treating his patients and their families rude ,being cruel and mean for no obvious reasons. So we told him will just wait till tomorrow to see our primary Dr and that I would be reporting this to someone. He told me good report it. So I asked his name. He said it's on your husband's badge. I said badge? Very rude he says ya you know. So I said you mean wrist band? He ignored me so I reminded him about the hazard in front of the door and left. But I guess in Grants our options are very limited on whom the hospital chooses to employ. So we get stuck with the worse ones sometimes. I also want to mention he had a horrible smell about him. And as a doctor who works with the public please use deodorant jeez.

Ras Ible

They turned me away from the emergency room because, I couldn't pay for medicine and misdiagnosed me. Later that night I was airlifed out to a VA medical center for treatment.

Krissy Saavedra

Worst hospital ever, my mother went in at 8 in the morning, still at 10:45 no service. You can die waiting there. Lazy, worthless people!!!

Angelica Alarcon

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