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REVIEWS OF CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center IN New Mexico

RJ Baca

This place is slow we have been here almost 24 hours and all that has been done is an MRI. They really know how to milk thier patients for money. After reading the reviews I feel we made a bad choice. I hope they do not kill my wife. I would recommend , if you need emergency care keep driving south to Albuquerque. I can not believe this place slow slow slow, its all about milking the patients for the money. Letter should go out to JACO .

Tracy Aragon

Clayton Joseph

Allan Lucero

Jonathan Hodges

Jim Steinbach

Jade Romero

I had an outpatient procedure done in Radiology. The staff were awesome (especially the RN), helpful and caring. The procedure was a breeze and I was out of there in a timely manner.

Ana Jaramillo

I went today for contractions I'm 36 weeks pregnant I'm bleeding and also having discharged like a mucus plug not once did I see a doctor and to top it off they put me a iv that completely gave me a bruise instantly .I also got my blood pulled and due to lack of tidiness and professionalism they almost poked me twice for somthing I already did I'm so upset and In pain this is not ok ...!!!

yeny flores

Most of the staff is amazing! The food is lacking, but which hospital isn't. I stayed here after my csection for 4 days and most of the nurses were so sweet and nice and attentive to my needs. Except for one whom I will never forget who was so rough and careless and mean right after my surgery. And the rooms were so full so they gave us a room in pediatrics because they couldn't keep up with the demands. Overall a good experience, had it not been for that one nurse I would have given 5 stars.

Billi Huster

actually less than 1 star but... they discharged my brother today. i signed a form to be his health care decision-maker on saturday and the doctor agreed it was indicated. the necessary physicians never executed their form. 3 days later a psychiatrist determined he was decisional. he is blind, agoraphobic, paranoid, alcoholic, incapable of taking care of himself. hadn't showered in 6 mos before the incident that brought him to the emergency room. they put him in the lobby with no way to get home. oh they offered him an uber. but he has no key. and he's blind and has no way to verify the uber driver or the location. additionally, their failure to follow administrative protocol will likely bankrupt my brother and result in he death/return to icu. btw: i live in virginia and had to return home this weekend.

Sage Bird

Awful, I went in for an MRI, now I’m feeling much worse than before the visit.

Erica Spencer

It’s been one week since I went into pre- term labor. Thanks to the quick thinking and care of the labor and delivery staff my baby and I are still awaiting birth. I had such a positive outcome for a situation that could’ve ended terribly and it’s all thanks to their service and care. Great facility, excellent care, and knowledgeable staff. Thank you St. Vincent’s hospital!

Rebecca Ulsha

Good staffing with access to specialized equipment and testing in a short radius. It's a hospital not a private office, it's intended for major procedures and emergencies. Too many people go there and expect to be seen immediately for a walking injury, not how it works. This staff has been pushed by the policies of the board, overburdened by a growing city, and shackled by a broken insurance system and I won't fault the doctors and nurses for that. Billing can be a nightmare. Department is overburdened and contacting them by phone is like drawing the lottery, good luck on not getting a busy signal, and there is no messaging. Go in person and set aside a good chunk of time during bankers hours or forget it. If you get it moved to a billing company though it's only getting more compounded because in house they can at least pull up the file for you to see.

chandan kumar

very nice

Rasma Cox

If I could I would give this place negative stars. I went inpatient psych and they only kept me three days. On the third day I attempted suicide inpatient and they made me leave in any case my suicide attempt wasn't serious enough to warrent more stay time. The one good thing was they had a fridge full of jello and pudding 24/7. Other than that my parents ended up spending over $100,000 to put me in a private hospital to recover. I hated this place it was absolutely horrendous and nobody cared. In the psychward you are locked in the basement and it seems you are an afterthought. If you ever end up inpatient in a psychward avoid this place and the state hospital at all possible costs.

Tina Murphy

With an entire hospital out of control and ignoring all standards of patient care and safety - the city of Santa Fe wonders what the heck Lillian Montoya is doing with her time ! It is one thing to be given the responsibility of running a hospital, but to be running it into the ground is despicable and incomprehensible. The critical care and progressive care units are out of control. The doctors and staff are unqualified, unprepared, and unprofessional. It's 2019 Montoya ! It's time to address your failures or leave.

T Montoya

Our mom was recently at CSV for wound debridement surgery. During her 2 ND surgery she was rushed out of the hospital and transfer into a horrible place. On top of the someone at CSV dropped the ball on letting CSV wound ctr that she will be coming to the clinic for wound check. No orders, no appointment for her wound care. Tried calling the Dr. To inform her that the facility she was transferred to was horrible and to see if she be willing to switch wound vac. To get her to a different facility. No call back from the doctor. Very terrible patient care.

Mary Proudman

My son hurt his knee when we were in Santa Fe skiing. The staff was friendly and he was seen quickly. I was very impressed.

Martha Jimenez

Saul Rueda

Nos a tendieron muy bien gracias adiós todo está saliendo bien

Michele Schneider

I went to the emergency room unable to walk. They took me in and did an MRI. They said they saw nothing so I’m discharged. Still unable to walk. My pain only increases yet they didn’t really seem to care very much. They said they could do nothing more for me and I should go find a doctor. Find a doctor? That’s what I thought I’d find at the ER. Maybe I expect too much, but I was hoping they would keep me there to run more tests to figure out why I am basically crippled in one leg. No. They wrote me a script for opioids and said this is not the ERs problem. Thank goodness we now have another option in town with Presbyterian.

Christine Romero

Had a planned c section with my first daughter and the experience was amazing. I went into labor before my appointment and the staff was so friendly and helpful. I was very nervous and my nerves were put at ease once i was in the operating room. The room was full of people and everyone introduced themselves one by one and let me know what roles they would play during my delivery. I was having contractions every few minutes so they were able to do my spinal tap right in between the contractions. It was really fast. Before they began they brought my husband in and made sure i couldnt feel anything. They made sure i was comfortable brought me warm blankets. They kept me informed when they began. And my daughter was born. They let my husband cut her cord and they took her off to get cleaned up and he was able to go with her. The longest part was when they sewed me back up. It was layers and layers of stitches and staples. I had no problems what so ever. The staff was amazing and the food was good. Definitely not "microwave food" i was discharged a day early and the staff made sure the carseat was fitted perfect to my daughter. Once we got to the car our base was installed wrong and the transport guy was kind enough to take it out for us. Overall it was a pleasant experience.

Nicholas Colavecchio

Other than having to tell the nurses how to do their jobs and waiting the majority of the day for simple requests I guess its not that awful.....I mean, I'm not dead

Jean Jarvis

I have had no complaints about St Vincent's hospital. People love to complain but the nurses and doctors and staff have always been excellent. I have had surgery twice and am more than pleased.As far as I am concerned we in Santa Fe are very fortunate to have this hospital. .

Chris Kramer

Love the new private rooms.

Amada Maria

I HATE THIS PLACE!!!!!!! I can't express how much i hate going to the ER! The staff can be nice but mostly rude! The ER doctors are a hit or miss! Its terrible to think you go there to get better but leave either in more pain or just drugged up!


Ridiculous just ridiculous some of the staff is rude nurses digging in your skin for blood when there is a visible vein!!!! Takes forever to see a doctor or get to the back !! My mom died because her doctor didn't check her right he said she had the flu but she was dying from pneumonia! A day later she passed away in her sleep! she was in so much pain crawling on the floor crying...... I'm so disgusted in this place!!!

NewMexican American

My experience at Christus St Vincent Hospital was a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE!! I was treated badly and abused in the emergency room. I was left with gigantic bruises. I was in the emergency room for over 24 hours, not once did they offer me something to drink or eat. My doctor treated my like i was a dog. He was flashing the lights. I am very disappointed with security, they broke the lock on my locker, and left my wallet inside my locker instead of securing it in their office. I had important information in my wallet such as credit cards, insurance card, drivers license. They're lucky someone didn't steal my wallet. Also employees were being rough with me so when I defended myself they didn't like it and I got into serious trouble. Also while I was in the er staff were making fun of my body. I seriously think Christus st Vincent needs to properly train their staff and show them good patient care. The emergency room is a joke and I'm very disappointed/disgusted that I'm having to pay them money and not getting the care I am paying for. All I got to say is I'm very unhappy with christus St Vincent and I'm never going back!!

melanie Maez

I have come to love our hospital! It is great to see all the new upgrades!! Hospitality is obviously a priority especially in the ER!! BEAUTIFUL COMFORTABLE PLACE!

Mark Freeze

I do not understand how this place calls themselves a medical facility. I have been trying to schedule an appointment for 2 months and haven't had a single phone call returned and anyone who answers the phone has absolutely no idea how to assist me and were completely useless. I will be seeking treatment in Albuquerque. They seem much better.

Trish C

They do not want to cover anything that is a necessity and can never give a clear answer why. And now to top it off, you can no longer get prescriptions at Walgreens. Prices go up enormously every year that it's getting too expensive to have health care or to pay the deductibles.

Mike LaBerge

I arrived at Cristus St. Vincent via ambulance with severe abdominal pains @ about 4:00 PM on Saturday May 17th. I was quickly treated for the pain and scheduled for a CT scan after an initial examination. The staff was friendly and professional. It was determined that I had a severe case of appendicitis. The staff called in a surgery team and my appendix was removed. (I must stress, this was a very painful ordeal, but the staff were so friendly and helpful, I felt I was in really good hands) The next morning I had breakfast and was scheduled for a follow up appointment the next week and discharged. I received a follow up call from a nurse I met, while at St Vincent to make sure I was O.K. on Monday. This was an exceptionally good experience under the circumstances.

Jim Terr

Got a spine injection at St. Vincent's same day surgery center today (Santa Fe). It went very smoothly; personnel are always great there.

Sky Queue

They shut down the best doctor in their network and left the patients with nowhere to turn. Pushed me out after surgery , I suffered at home with no help after major surgery only 3 DAYS of recoup! Worried more about addiction than helping people in pain. Front desk at emergengy to doctors condescending. I had 9 blood draw tries- I TOLD THEM I NEEDED A SPECIAL PHLEGM- anyway blood drawer but they persisted until I had 5 blown veins. Lowest common denominator rules here. God help you if they think you just want drugs...or you ...oh a million things. So glad there is a nw hospital coming. Wish they'd get a real pain doctor not some steroid shooting fool. They have some good doctors for surgery...its a crap shoot. The way they dealt with closing the pain doctor down was criminal.

fabian b


Patrick Olinakta

Catholic morals by typical expectations, laced with poisoned judgement. This hospital is all about $$. The leadership is filled with incompetent doctors who need to focus on medical care instead of administration. Patient care and safety is not a concern. They are often understaffed and the nurses are exhausted. I believed in the Cancer Center but now I believe they are only interested in keeping patients sick. Sickness is profitable and this religious non-profit is being ruled by soulless doctors.

Brittani Castrovinci


I have had to go tpick this hospital a few times and have always received good care. Recently they have updated certain things that give patients better, more peaceful care.

Courtney Moore

Screw this place

Jeff Smith

I have been here for 4 hours. Waiting to be discharged. These motherfukers must think ppl don't eat dinner.


Some staff are friendly some are not, some are rude too but others are not! I will not post my personal business and that of my family but they don't treat anyone or help! Don't bring your elders here if you genuinely care for their health!! Hopefully Presbyterian is way better!

ariel castaneda

Wish that I could give this place a 0 rating. Almost lost my father here due to their horrible care! Thank God I was there to speak for him and make sure they paid attention to him. Do not come here for your medical needs.

Anne May

My husband was admitted through the ER and we learned that he required emergency surgery for an obstructed bowel. I was a health care professional for 30 years in the Boston area and I could have not been more impressed or pleased with the competence and compassion demonstrated by the ER staff, the OR staff and the professional staff on the unit where my husband was later admitted.


The hospital lost our medical test and asked us to come in, at our cost, to do another test. They billed our insurance twice and after one visit and hours on the phone with the billing department we finally had to file a report for insurance fraud and abuse. In a separate situation, the hospital used billing codes that were inaccurate caused us to be billed nearly $200. After 6 months and hours on the phone, Christus admitted their error and promised to re-submit the bill to our insurance with the proper code. 3 months later and no action on the hospital's part. The hospital referred the situation to a debt collector. Also, the technician who performed the test did not appear qualified for the position. My recommendation is to avoid Christus St. Vincent at all cost. It would be preferable to drive to Albuquerque than be treated at Christus. Bottom line: the qualifications of the staff and the billing department are substandard. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL.

Khalil Qawasmi

Worst emergency ever my friend had a bad cut and she was bleeding bad and we waited more than an hour while she is bleeding

Ray Martinez

Great place for health care.

Cathy Sanderson

The emergency department is unprofessional and rude. HIPPA was violated consistently. Drive to Albuquerque they said " its only an hour away"

Steven Garcia

Kat Munro

Christus St. Vincent may treat their patients okay however they treat their staff horribly. Their nurses are on strike and they have brought in traveling nurses which are being treated like trash. I know because I've talked with a couple of them. But then that isn't anything new, my spouse was there as a traveling nurse in 2008 and was treated the same way. They are paying the nurses who are crossing the picket lines bonuses and nothing extra to the travelers. Yet they bring in nurses from other countries who are so hard to understand that patients they change things? NO!! On top of that, the company is so religious oriented (that on one hand is not bad at all) that they have fired or asked people to leave because they "don't" fit into their religious mind-set. I know this how....I know a person who was asked to leave. Companies like this are the reason so many people don't want to be classified "religious"'s a horrible way to treat people using religion as its bases.

Crystal Grano

I ended up in the emergency room last night by ambulance. By far all the staff who cared for me were exceptional. PA Jessica Curtis and her team John & Mark had wonderful bedside manner. My wait for tests and results was minimal. My experience was very pleasant considering the circumstances. I will be reffering this hospital to everyone i know definatly for emergency services.

Nodiah Brent

I had to go to the emergency room. The service and care were very good though I was frustrated because I left without a diagnosis. On the discharge day, things became less efficient. I couldn't get anyone to discharge me in a timely fashion. I was connected with a billing specialist to contact after I left the hospital who did not return my calls until the third attempt. Billing issues had to be dealt with through separate entities anyway. My requests for itemized bills were not followed up on or if they were, I was never informed. When I called one evening to review prep instructions for a follow up CT scan, it took several attempts to locate someone who could help me. During one of those attempts, I was connected with a nurse who asked in a rude tone of voice "Who are you?" and then, "Where are you calling from?" I felt so rattled by this that I hung up on her. The next nurse I was connected with was knowledgeable and reassuring. My assessment of this hospital is that once you're there, the care is great. But once you're on your way out, there is little cohesion. After your hospital stay, you will have to dig deep to get the responses you need, possibly at a time when you have little energy to spare on telephone goose chasing.

aaron kash


robert t fuqua

My grand daughter has been in the ICU unit there since Friday night. I can't say enough praise for the doctors and staff there. They have been some of the best I've ever seen. I am no stranger to ICU and emergency rooms. I'll give them five stars any day. Thank you so mush for all you do.

Randy Maedgen

Three weeks in this wonderful facility have been a God-send. The best, warmest staff I have ever experienced. Food is great, always hot and tasty. Thank all of the Angel's on the staff. Highest regards.

Joseph Archuleta

Friendly and helpful fast

Alex Duran

Suzanne Lee

This hospital and the doctors and staff are pure misery. Their loathing for their jobs is demonstrated by the blatant, demeaning treatment of the patients and families who come to them for care. No person deserves sloppy, apathetic treatment. Lillian Montoya is the head of this hospital. She should be dismissed for such malpractice and every doctor and nurse should be reviewed thoroughly. Doctors Pasnick and Gabe and the lazy nurses of critical care and progressive care are a good place to start. Their lazy ignorance is also a critical sickness. Just look at Sharon Beardsley and nurse Jace.

Ronnie Martinez

Now that my scare on my neck looks so beautiful thanks to my family especially to my daughter. Kristalynn asking. Me to get my scare done. Because my old scare on my neck looked ugly as hell. Anyways thanks to the doctor that did. My scare. Looks good thank you so much and thanks to the doctor that did my hand surgery now i can move it around. A lot better thanks to those two doctors that did the work on my neck and my hand

Heather Eichwald

It seems people are getting the St. Vincent's Cancer Center confused with St. Vincent's hospital. The two are VERY different places, and vary widely in their treatment of patients. I've been going to the Cancer Center since 2008 and have had nothing but phenomenal experiences with the staff, nurses, phlebotomists and doctors here. They're incredibly compassionate and understanding people. The place is clean which is great for the low immune responses many chemotherapy and radiology treatments induce. Lots of literature for support groups, clinical trials, and free events for cancer patients, caregivers, and family line the wall in the waiting room. My doctor, who can be blunt has been an absolute blessing for making sure I'm well advocated, and on proper treatment. I've talked to other long term patients and it's been nothing but positive for the other doctors there. The nurse call line is phenomenal and while almost always busy, will get back to you in a matter of hours. The Infusion room while yes, a place that isn't the brightest of reasons to be there, is always full of natural light and decent chairs. I've seen numerous people there from masseuses, social workers, singing groups and you're greeted and treated with respect in a timely manner. Again, the nurses go far above the call of duty here and will continually check on you to make sure you're ok and if not busy, will talk to you or lend a compassionate ear. Hands down some of the best nurses Santa Fe has to offer are in that room. I've been to two different cancer centers outside of the state and while they were in bigger cities, they just didn't compare to the closeness that is the Santa Fe Cancer Center experience. Cancer is never an easy experience but I truly feel that the city different got lucky with our center here!

Roberto Lovato

Don't go there if you want to live or get better. These people are profiteers and puppeteers. The cancer center is a joke. It's managed by people who are more interested in getting in bed with each other than healing. Good luck walking out of the cancer center without contracting a STD. In fact, good luck trying not to contract any STDs from St. Victims.

Carl McDonald

The doctors were very rushy. They immediately discharged me without even cleaning up my wounds. I had to be re-admitted right back in. The second round of nurses and doctors on the evening and over night shifts were much better. I had an amazing nurse named Heidi. She took care of me so well. The hospital was very clean and quiet. I like it, except for my premature discharge. I feel confident that their doctors can do a great job in the surgery room.

Chris Huxtable

My dad has been in the hospital for e weeks now. I cant say enough good thinga about the nurses and especially Dr Gazelle for the tremendous care he has been given. Sympathetic , caring and knowledge of the situation is outstanding. Thank you to all

Concepcion Perez-Carrillo

Worst hospital and worst Dr. in labor and delivery (Dr. Ismail). Disrespectful, rude, and too damn nosy.

Julie Padilla

very rude!! from the front desk clerk being terribly unhelpful and unkind, all the way to the OB nurse being very rude. my all around experience has been absolutely horrible!! this is the most negative place on earth! I would rather go to any other clinic than this they need to learn how to treat there patients.

Travis Franks

Disorganized. We got discharged six hours ago and are still waiting on the meds/supplies we need to leave.

jolene treloar

Never thought in all my years I would end up at the Santa Fe ER.

Brian Milliken

I severely broke my wrist. Jessica Curtin led the team that took care of me. They were all excellent and listened very well to my concerns. They did the best they could with my wrist in hopes of avoiding surgery. They cared about my severe pain and worked hard to keep me comfortable.

Ruby Mendoza E

The worse hospital I have gone from the staff the nurses and the doctor the worse she was in a rush for getting me discharged when she hadent even looked at me the worse doctors when it comes to make you feel better but there the best to charge you or the insurance. I hate this hospital never going back.

c f

Two Years--and no one can tell me about a bill. I received a bill while I was on financial assistance. I called, and called again. Both women I spoke to told me they would check on it and someone would call if I owed the money. No calls. Another bill. Another call. This time, I'm told that I do not own them money. Next, a call from a debt collector. Back to the billing department. Half a dozen more calls, still can't get an answer. I need to send them a bill for the time I've put in attempting to fix their mess.

Nick Harrod

Terrible staff. Refuse to send statements of bills out of state and at all. Except a lawsuit soon.

Roger Casados

BYOB - Bring Your Own Blanket

Mary O'Brien

My fiance and I rushed my son to the ER at 3 am. We looked like heck but who has the time to get gussied up during an emergency situation? My fiance is an actor and reknowned equine expert in the film industry, was wearing $500 cowboy boots, a pendleton shirt, an expensive leather jacket and paid for his breakfast in the cafeteria. He was suddenly surrounded by security and accused of being a homeless man who was there a day earlier causing trouble!!! They treated both of us like we were "useless poor people". Yes...I looked bad. I had no makeup and owning a horse ranch, my work jacket looks rough. But it was an emergency situation and we mistakenly put my son's well being a higher priority than our appearances. They subjected my son to unnecessary stress because they "forgot" to move him into a room and made us sit out in the open ER bay area for 6 hours. My fiance was in a sour mood and called them St. Victims in a private conversation between ourselves. A hospital receptionist was eavesdropping and called security. They forcibly removed both of us, leaving our son with no family to comfort him. I will be filing a formal complaint tomorrow. Note to Security: Go to school and learn how be more observant like the police. I'd hate to see you mess up an important investigation because you can't identify the make or model of a car.

Victoria Jones

I just finished 3 days hospital stay in the new wing at Chrystus St Vincent hospital. My 18 year old had complications from thyroid cancer. The new hospital wing is really beautiful. The rooms are private and have gorgeous views of the Sangri de Cristos mountains. They had a large couch and a recliner that I slept in to stay near my son at night. His hospital bed was extremely comfortable for him. It automatically adjusted to his weight and adjusted as he changed positions in bed. The nurses were polite, professional and timely in responding to my sons needs. Ive been in hospitals where the nurses are rude and act put-out every time you need them. I want to give a shout out to Autumn who nursed my son two of the three days. She was truly an excellent nurse always smiling and extremely helpful to us while she attended my son. There were patient advocates and nurses aides that came in to check in us every so often to bring us anything we needed. Even cafeteria staff who brought my dons meals were so kind to us. Lastly, the doctor who attended my son was Dr. Rafael Garabis. We were blown away by his combination of compassionate bedside manner and medical expertise. My son walked in with a very serious infection that had my husband and I fearing the worse outcome. Dr Garabis was kind, diligent, dedicated and steadfast in getting my sons infection in check and on his way to healing. I am a lifelong native New Mexican and have experienced the negative attitude towards St. Vincent Hospital. I would not hesitate to get my medical care there after my recent experience. I know they have made leadership changes in hiring native New Mexican CEO Lillian Montoya. It's about time they hire someone for our Hospital that understands the social and cultural needs of Santa Fe. I have personally experienced the results of these changes and I am VERY grateful to the staff at the St. Vincent Hospital.


After checking in for Echo appointment over an hour was told it would be any hour, we had to ask, no one came to inform us the department was running behind. I left and will try Presbyterian or go to Albuquerque.

Josie Alderete

I hate dealing with this place! Unless you're hauled in there by ambulance, stay clear of it! I had surgery there as an in patient and it was a horrible experience; the patient in my room yelled all night and they didn't do anything about it! Now my pain doctor transferred there from another clinic and it was such a joy to work with them when they were Santa Fe Pain and Spine. Now I'm charged a 'facility fee' as an out patient each time I visit with my doctor! The insurance company is charged $200 by Santa Fe Pain and Spine for my doctor, but St. Victims charges $374 for the room to see the doctor! Yes I pay my co-pay, but it varies each time because St. Victims charges different charges each time (and the visit is the same ...just a visit with my doctor). Unbelievable! Not to mention the amount of money they charge when I have a procedure. Last procedure was more than $6,600! I'd hate to see if this was a for-profit hospital! I faxed and sent a certified letter to my doctor to try to get my medical records, thinking if I sent both he might get one! They lost both the fax and the letter! Once I can get my records out of there I pray I NEVER have to go back!

Alicia Vadillo Bernard

Horrible service

Sarah Pacheco

Connie Maness

Debra and Andrea in outpatient surgical services were so nice. Dr. Lehman did a biopsy, he was very nice and had no problems answering my questions. Everyone was very cordial and very nice. Much better treatment here than in the pre anesthesia screening dept at Physicians Medical Ctr.

Mathina Jones

Everyone was so loving caring and concerned while we we're out there I love the experience good job I was well pleased with you all at St.Vincent Hospital..

Dj M

Has done very well. I had to file complaints against my previous providers with the NM Medical Review Board. ONLY then did they decide they would work with me after two months of ignoring me. Amy L, Director, is excellent to work with when there is a problem. She is tenacious. She does not let go of a problem until there is resolve to it. Dr Marchand is an excellent Doctor/Surgeon who did my Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant 8/22/2016. Today Dr Marchand did the followup and removed the staples. He is excellent and I recommend Dr Marchand and Christus St Vincent in Santa Fe NM HIGHLY! On 8/16/2016 required testing (nuclear stress test) was done. Tim has a bedside manner that is unmatched and Monica explained everything and there were no surprises.

Ms Lorri

Very efficient urgent care and physician facility.

Lawrence Pullara

The ER IS FIRST CLASS UNTIL AFTER 8:00 pm. There short of staff.


This hospital is run by the most unqualified staff on the planet. The Santa Fe locals have vile, yet well earned, nicknames that perfectly describe how they fail the patients and their families. Patients are not being treated with competent, compassionate care. They clearly are lead by an unqualified chief who puts money before patients. This entire facility is one great big study in malpractice.

Kylie Slabby

literally a NIGHTMARE to receive records and billing. I am a legal assistant and anytime I call or fax or email (the numbers, etc I have been given) I am told to contact someone else. Our offices have paid for numerous records and yet we still don't receive what we request. The treasurer, Debbie, is extremely rude and unprofessional. she does not answer her phone or hardly call back. so good luck with reaching her if you need to. and the legal department? HA! what a joke...

Jamie Dunn

Excellent service and care.

Julian Padilla

I couldnt help but wright a second review as a cry for help do to how scared i am to return to the hospital..i was there at around the first month of 2016. A male nurse who was helping me kept asking me who i was voting for and saying irrelevant stereotypical things about my life as a young man. I tried avoiding the political questions until i did not want to be rude and answered them..the point here is that after i had uncomfortably told him i was not voting for donald trump he immediately started bieng rough and turned his back to my mother and looked me straight in the eye with no emotion and ripped my iv out of my arm like a bandaid with extreme force and strength to where now it is months later and my left arm is in pain, my arm was purple for (WEEKS) ALL BECAUSE AN IV..i went to the front desk to report it and completely got ignored, the young man at the front desk LITERALLY walked away from me as i was speaking in the most humanly wah possible..i would prefer to not go to the hospital next time and leave a note saying i was too scared to arm is still in pain till this day. Go back???? For what????

John Grosso

I had two sets of traveling nurses stay at my guest house through a company in Colorado. The first was a husband and wife nurse team and after telling me horror stories about this hospital broke their contract and left. The second female nurse also could not stand working there and also broke her six month contract after less than three months. Here's hoping the new Presbyterian hospital is much better !

Rena Rully

My Dad has been a patient several times here and he has experienced outstanding care, from the surgeons, nurses, doctors, food service, cleaning staff, assistants, you name it. Very grateful.

Teddy Gordan

Takes forever, even when it's dead. Decided to go to the other hospital because my sciatic was hurting, everyone was on a computer except 2 people.

Rick Cormier

I'm a patient right now. ICU staff was great. But, after going 49 hours on 3/4 hours of sleep until last night, the Med-Surg ward has has moved me into a double room with a guy who moans constantly and breaks into loud chanting every 20 minutes. This from a hospital that has spent a lot of money telling the people of Santa Fe that they have all private rooms. I've yet to even see a doctor since being moved to this ward.

Tom Kennett

They catheterized me and I got an e.coli infection which is always a hospital acquired infection. They billed me, my insurance company paid balance 100 percent, and then they put me into collections even though I mailed them proof of payment.

Sofia Barefoot Barefoot

St.vincent's staff; Doctors,nurses,etc..are the most wanderful, kind, caring people.Many Thanks to each one of you. they took care of my mother with love and respect. They are God's Angels on Earth.thank ti each one of you. Keep up the amazing work.

Jessica Hutten burg

I cant believe how helpful and friendly this staff is. I came in from a different town on an atv accident. They took great care of me. And i really wanted to thank linda. Ill never forget your kindness and what you did for me. St. Vincent reminded me that there are still genuinely kind people out there who truly care.

Kayleigh Duran

They dont care about you in the ER. I needed help to the bathroom. I asked several times and no one cared to help. They watched me drag myself to the bathroom that was down the hall.

Angie Martinez

Wait time is ALWAYS ridiculous. Rarely get to see an actual "MD" usually only CNP's and PA's, which is ok but the ones that we have seen have misdiagnosed a few family members a few times. Neglective to patient needs. Always have "to ask" and when asked, takes way too long to get the service needed. It's just saddening that the only hospital available is not a very respected place. Many people are unhappy with the service. There are "few" very good nurses and doctors, don't get me wrong, however, getting one is almost rare. We have also been surprised with the attitudes and behaviors with the registration staff and or check in staff. Very unprofessional and rude. There really isn't very much positive feedback I can offer this hospital. The only nice area with great service is the darn "gift shop". This hospital is unfortunately not a place my family and I would recommend to ANYONE. Sorry. I would rather spend an hour driving to Albuquerque, to go to Presbyterian hospital or even UNM hospital, then to sit in the waiting room for 4+ hours at St. Christus hospital than to receive this type of care when you finally get seen. It's absolutely always a bad experience every visit.

Elena Montoya

My mother was previously healthy and came in with a pneumonia. She was admitted by Dr Rosen who is TERRIBLE!! He should not have a medical license! Dr Gutierrez took care of us the following day and kind and emapthaetic. Dr Kavnot took over the next day and my mom did so poorly and ended up dying 2 days later. This hospital lacks communication and it seems out of touch with medicine and patient needs. If I knew about Dr Rosen and Dr Kavnat we would have gone to Albuquerque. DONT RISK YOUR LOVED ONES LIFE... GO TO ABQ!!!


snowing New Year's Eve

andrew j

Malpractices waiting to happen! My nephew was in the critical care and progressive care units. Between arrogant Doctors and nurses who consider their patients needs a major inconvenience , we were very frightened he would not survive their neglect. Why have a job where people are dependent on you and you sickos refuse and neglect them?! Nurses sharon b., jace, and marina all need to leave the profession. We wouldn't hire them to work in the cafeteria kitchen Hospital head, Lillian Montoya needs to leave. GET OUT MONTOYA.

James Thompson

Hi everyone... I am just now getting around to writing this. About 2 weeks ago I was admitted to Christus St. Vincent with what they think was pneumonia. I am currently being treated for COPD. I was admitted to the PCU unit for 3 days. I want to say the day staff and night staff WAS THE GREATEST!!!! So focused and caring. I was in the new section which made my stay more "enjoyable" if you want to use that word. Believe or not the food was not bad...the food service staff was caring and professional when they delivered. I am like everyone hospitals are not number one on my places to stay. This one was exceptional and made me feel better. Keep up the great work PCU!!!y

Jene Mary

After a cesection at pres main with my first child, I decided to attempt an all natural birth here last October, and could not be more pleased with the birthing unit and staff. I was given my own personal nurse through the entire ordeal, you stay in the same room through the entire process, and the rooms are large, quiet, comfortable, clean and relaxing. My nurse was so knowledable and helpful that I am not sure I could have done it without her! I am currently recovering from a surgery and so far, so good. I have already discharged but care was great while I was there! I must disclose however, that my doctors are presbyterian employees who contract with Christus st. Vincent. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 only because the food is absolutely disgusting, even for a hospital (all microwaved, not cooked). And, there was one nurse when I was in labor who was more concerned with complaining to her colleague about how little she gets paid instead of admitting me to my room, while I was screaming with labor pain. Luckily, my own special nurse caught onto this and got me back to my room asap and apologized for the nurse's inappropariate and unprofessional behavior. Also, the people who wheelchair you out are a little scary (I think one was drunk!), yikes! All in all, I have been very pleased with this hospital. And I was initially hesitant to go there bc I had heard so many bad things! I actually prefer this hospital to main presbyterian albuquerque and have had much better experiences here.

Navjit Kandola

Wait time suckkks...☹️

Deborah Kinsley

I've had several experiences at Christus St. Vincent hospital, many of which have had discrepancies from one another. Generally speaking, this is a fairly good hospital. Both my mother and father were treated for cancer and kidney failure, respetively, throughout different times in the last two decades. Out visits to the hospital were frequent. When both had passed, the hospice ward on Level 3 did a wonderful job at making their passing more peaceful as well as providing our family with the resources to cope with the loss. Most of the staff and medical personnel were properly trained and not hesitant in emergency situations, and for that we are very appreciative. My only gripe I ever had was with the ER at times, mostly due to the short staff and overbooking. Only once did I find certain members of the ER staff to be rude and condescending, but it is an emergency room so what can I expect? For all the hospital has done for our family, we have been very appreciative, and we hope that it continues to receive the help it needs to accommodate to patients' medical needs and emergencies. It is a good hospital, just depending on the situation does it get a little shaky.

Carla Johnson


Your nurse staff will be severely underpaid and overworked, yet somehow the only saving grace of this establishment. Your case worker will advocate for the privately owned profit making mechanism of the hospital rather than advocate for your wellbeing. You will be charged a 1,000% markup on anything they give you including tissue paper and pillows. This place is criminally ill-managed. Its a trap. They are an ultra conservative, poorly run private prison - ehem - hospital. blatant, complete and utter exploitation of the sick, dying, and desperate. This place makes my blood boil.

Henry D Adams

Do NOT go to St. Victims! Drive to Espanola or Albuquerque instead. I had to take my son into pediatrics for a long weekend. The place was filthy. We found nasty soil diapers under the furniture and pushed into corners after the room was "cleaned" in 2 rooms we stayed in. We had to leave our first room when the plumbing of the bathroom sink collapsed, flooding the floor of the room. They had to put is in a second room which was just as filthy as the first. The nursing staff was great, but they seemed to be suffering as much as the patients. Due to cost cutting there is a shortage of pillows, especially in the ER. We saw 3 pediatric doctors in 4 days who all had different opinions on why my son needed to stay in the hospital, we nearly had to leave against orders. They discharged us only when we threatened to do this. At $3000 a night, I wonder if the doctors are pressured to keep patients for minor reasons? I am now locked in a dispute with the over an ER doctor bill of $200, even though my son never saw a doctor in the ER. He went straight to pediatrics. Avoid except in the most critical life-threatening situations

Emmie P

Visit the ER this morning I was very satisfied with the experience that I had there. I got in quickly, everybody was very pleasant and I got the answers and referrals I was looking for.

Shirley Hawley

Going in with much pain and needing to find out what was actually causing the most pain, they were quick to do an ekg, simple blood test, chest xray, being on oxygen at 4 at home 2000 feet higher than there, when I sat up and walked a little, dropped to low 80s, was told that was fine. BP was high but fine, white lines on my lungs (dx ILD) by pulmonary specialist, the er doctor asked me if that could be what the specialist said was ILD? No checking anything. EMT did write up and still did not do much. Asked for water, no. Told I was dehydrated though. For almost 8 hours, finally got a little moping and prescription for a few days of percocet, which doesn't do well with me. Waste of time. Getting frustrated with no call backs from doctor who only wants me to go there for numerous tests but can't get appointments scheduled because they never can find the orders. I thought Taos was bad. Guess keep looking to see if there are any good doctor in the state. Not sure of UNM because misdiagnosed my husband and I had to tell them what to test for afterms a week, I was right and still billed for me being the one to tell them what was wrong.

Deanna Lynne

They told my husband to crap in bucket instead of helping him to the bathroom

Marin Zuma

Zero stars. The infection rate is unreported, it's ridiculous that patients can't be informed of this, the death rate from their hospital acquired infections is astronomical. The morale of all personnel is low, the administration is out of touch or not interested in patient care. The patient grievance process is abysmal, check how often the Dr's and ER are sued. Their monopoly in Santa Fe healthcare must end. The community needs to have choices.

Kristin Haggerty

Cindy Ornelas

Worst place to go when your sick

Bob Frazier

I hate this FOR PROFIT company. Don't waste your time working for them. They aren't bad people, they are simply lazy. Lazyness in healthcare is a bad time. You don't want to have a bad time at the hospital.

Lewis Geer

They were great during my three night stay, with excellent and professional care, and clear explanations. I am still on the mend, but grateful for the kindness and medical expertise.

Wolf XWK

Better to die in transit somewhere else than to attempt to get care here. Rude staff, super long waits.....Oh, and they will "forget" about patients who are waiting. Expect multiple hour waits for even dire emergencies. Facility is exceptionally dirty for a hospital, especially the bathrooms. They have a reputation for dumping people out in the street to "make room" for patients with better insurance. If you have a copay or deductable, brace for the worst.... There is a reason locals call it "St. Victim's"

Cara Johnson

Kristin Green

The billing department is terrible.

Jary Earl

I spent one night at this horrendous hospital and will avoid going there at all costs in the future. They kept me in a hallway with a number of patients divided by curtains only. There was only one bathroom and it was dirty and smelled of mildew, to which I am allergic. It was extremely noisy and a patient spent a long time talking on his cellphone at 3 am. When I complained to the nurse on duty, she was unsympathetic and told me that she didn't think he was speaking too loud. In the morning I ordered scrambled eggs and an English muffin, thinking it couldn't be too bad. The muffin was hard as a rock and I suspect had been left over from the day before. To add insult to injury, when the bill arrived, I noticed that Medicare had been billed for a private room!!! Six months later, I have been unable to resolve this issue and am now ready to report them for medicare fraud.

Dawn Carmichael

My sister received very poor care at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center (hospital). No human being should be treated the way my sister was while at this hospital. I wouldn't leave your loved one in a room alone - always having someone with them. It's important to record what medications are being given and at what time. You need to be on top of every little thing - because they aren't. Also, making sure when your friend or family member needs help - that someone comes to help them. There were a few standout employees that did an excellent job (I was very thankful for them) and they did made a difference. In my opinion, CRISTUS St.Vincent Medical Center is a very poor hospital and I'd keep driving to ABQ!

Tony Edwards

They saved my life, what else can I say.

victoria Romo

My father was recently transferred to CHRISTUS St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe NM. He was hospitalized for almost a week. When he was transferred, my mother and I had endless questions to what was going on with my father. All the staff at the CHRISTUS St. Vincent were very efficient and provided the medical care, support and information that my family and I needed to begin the road to recovery. When your loved one is in the hospital, you feel scared, emotional, anxious, stressful etc. The medical professionals were amazing, they took the time to explain and most of all saved of my father. Thank you CHRISTUS St. Vincent Hospital,


Juan Marquez

Robert Jacquez

They are so nice and i didnt have money for my medication so they paid for it for me

Daniel Moya

Lilly Garcia

OMG, This hospital was beyond the WORST ever. What worst is that Administration was not helpful or empathetic, they actually made excuses for the out town traveling white nurses and the day nurses one oriental and one hispanic were "evaluated and reprimanded" [I wonder if they aren't Trump supporters] My loved one was admitted into 2100 in March we had a couple of day nurses that were very compassionate and knowledgeable. But then we got a couple of night nurses that were racist bigots. (literally) Anglo traveling nurses from ??? Louisiana, Virginia. But I noticed how they catered and treated their white patients. Compared to Hispanic and native patients and staff. They were rude, hypocrites. My mom who has CANCER stage IV, in excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting. needed help to get up and walk; those 2 nurses would not give her pain or nausea medication. And IGNORED when she asked for assistance to the restroom!!! (who does that) So she ended up soiling herself and then, they acted like it was her fault and like it was soo much work and trouble to clean her up. The day nurse I spoke I about was caring, helpful and gave us a lot of education on her illness, services available, medication that nobody had even offered us (she spent quality time with us not like we were a bother)

Amanda Mehling

I am still sitting in the ER, after presenting with shortness of breath and other bad symptoms. They “registered” me and said I seemed ok and are now just ignoring me in the waiting room. No one seems to care here, your just a number in an assembly line. I arrived more than 75 min ago and am here trying to breathe, but no one seems to notice or care. I realize it’s pretty much your only choice in Santa Fe but seriously! Treat your patients like humans and take care of them!!!!

Jesse Kahler

Was in an accident where I broke my collarbone and fibula. I was in excruciating pain and went to an in network provider. My doctor asked me about the boot I was wearing and told him the boot was put on by the ER staff at the Hospital in Santa Fe. He found that sufficient for treatment. Later I would find out that he was stalling on the injury in an attempt to perform a second surgery. It worked and I was charged twice. Not only that, but Christus charged me ridiculous prices in an effort to make more money from the insurance company. I wish I could attached the itemized bill. It's insane. I now have an exorbitant medical bill with no help from Christus or my insurance provider. Christus won't reply to my messages, not my voicemail I have to continually leave because no answers their phone. I will never use this "health system" ever again and will make the trip out of state for care.

Fabian C de Vaca

Great local staff and doctors everytime I go I'm treated like I'm Family.

Idaly GonzalezSosa

Was in the waiting room for almost 5 hrs a friend pregnant with twins in pain possibly kidney infection and decided to leave because they were taking people in that got there 3 hrs after we did!!!

LiL Sad Girl

Came to emergency room here due to a 5 hour wait in Espanola. The wait here was only 15 mins. Very friendly and very nice. Asked if we needed a blanket in lobby or anything. Thank you so much to all the Staff! My my daughter feel very comfortable and helped her right away! She loved all the staff! Thank you again!!! God Bless you all!

Sandra Lopez

This place is the most horrible place, the don’t care about old people, my husband died because I don’t take him to am other hospital, I will never forgive myself for that.

Chelsea Carmona

Bobby Spencer

Worthless. They called to schedule me, then when I arrived I had 6 different people tell me that I'm a liar. Not only was no appointment made, but they supposedly don't even do the procedure I needed done in the afternoon, as scheduled.

Sara Rivas

I was going to enter into this detox program they were expecting me all week and I had spoken on the phone to the counselor and to several people when I went to get in through the hospital I called one last time just to ensure that there were beds available. Ian was the attendant he was very rude and put words in my mouth trying to accuse me that I was using other drugs that I really was not and tried stating policy will not allow me to be admitted. When I got to the hospital he told the doctor that he would not accept me because policy. I then called and asked for his supervisor and was told he could not give out that information as he hung up on me I was very professional and courteous when speaking to him however he was very rude and argumentative when I asked for more information he just kept telling me that he could not give that information out. He was not helpful at all and refused me treatment because he had an issue with me over the phone. These people are supposed to be here to help you not to be vindictive

Deelavon Espinosa

Hands down Best Hospital in New Mexico!!

Terry Martinez

Arianna Garcia

The nurse in the emergency was was very rude my husbands nose was bleeding a lot and he was taking his sweet time to tend to him and when he was asking questions he asked him unnecessary questions like if he got the flu shot ? Why should that matter in an emergency situation ? Not happy at all

Elmar Perez

Espere 2 horas para que me atendieran..y el doc no se me acerco..muy mal servicio

Annale Trujillo

Everytime a go to st victim's I get nurses with shity attitudes and sarcasm comments. They are rude and they neglect there patients. One nurse literally took half an hour to bring pain pills to my fiance and he only brought them to us because the physician hunt him down. I understand it if he was busy but he wasn't he was just chatting away. Thank goodness it wasn't a emergency situation. Another thing st victim's doesn't have is politeness and manners. I had one nurse yelling at me to go to a room or the waiting to talk on the phone. Yeah I get it but you could of at used please and thank you. I teach that to special needs kids who know it better. My night was awful to begin with and they made it worse. On the positive we had a physician named claire Antoszewski who was amazing. She went above and beyond to get what we need. Service like her is needed though out that hospital. She was helpful and was concerned about my fiance. We also appreciate our RN Alex he talk to us and made us feel comfortable. My suggestion is try the new hospital or hope that Alex and claire are around thank you

Cheryl Lucero

We had a horrible experience at this hospital. Our 93 year old father was admitted for a compression fracture in his spine. He was never provided with a riser for the toilet, nor did they change the bedclothes for the duration of his stay. Most upsetting was that he fell out of the bed and we were not told for over 24 hours. For the most part the staff was not empathetic to our Dad. He was actually treated as if he was a bother. We had to ask for everything, and do most of his personal caregiving ourselves.

Terri Zee

As you will read in the reviews, the ER is staffed with P.A.s So if your illness seems very strange to you ask for a DOCTOR. My husband was misdiagnosed - it was close but not accurate. We had to come back two days later, and this time he was in serious condition. Once we were admitted I had no complaints. We too saw people that were taken into the ER before us even though they arrived after we did. I ask the triage nurse about that and he apologized but said he had to intuit who was the sickest. That made sense to me. When you work in ER you must have a calm head so we did wait - and tried to be patient. Again, I have no complaints with the hospital. They were great and my husband got the care he needed.

Paula Zima

I have had several experiences in the Christus St. Vincent hospital, helping a wounded friend, a friend with heart problems, my elderly father for several visits, including his passing. The staff has always been helpful, friendly, compassionate and professional.

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