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REVIEWS OF Artesia General Hospital IN New Mexico

Mike Prlta

The hospital has the best group of doctors in the area. The staff cares and my problem was quickly addressed. I wish my hometown had a hospital like this!

Cameron Herrera

Shae Marek

Only reason I gave 1 star is because I had to. Here is where people who are sick get left waiting for hours while others who seem fine get to go back and be seen. We have been waiting 4 hours and 5 people have gone ahead and the people that seemed like they should go back soon are still waiting. The only explanation they give is they go by who is more critical when asked how much longer we will wait. It is so crazy.

Gene D

Holt Davis

Excellent hospital for a city the size of Artesia. The staff, technicians, and doctors are very qualified and have a lot of services usually only available in larger cities.

Abigail Johnson

Dealing with the medical staff was great but billing was HORRIBLE! My situation was a workman's comp issue and I informed them of that at every visit . However, every single bill was still incorrectly routed through my insurance and then to me. After the issue was first noticed, I called the billing department to correct the problem. But despite that, subsequent bills were still processed incorrectly. My claims adjuster and I have now made 5+ phone calls to their billing department to try to get it fixed, and they still can't get it right. During my last phone call to them to address the most recent bill, I asked if anything in my file said that it was workman's comp and the woman told me, "No". I've had surgeries at other places before and have never once had an issue like this. Their billing department, at least the people that I've had to deal with, have been completely incompetent. I will never go to Artesia General again for a medical issue, which is sad because the doctors and nurses I dealt with were amazing.

Savannah R.

I received very poor care from this facility on July 26th, 2015. I came in for a very sharp pain in my right side and a pain level of 8-9 as I was coming home from a camping trip in New Mexico. I waited two and a half hours to even be seen by Dr. Elin Ritchie, my attending physician. The hospital performed a blood test, Urine test, basic abdominal check and a pelvic exam. My results of the blood and urine test came back without incident. Dr. Ritchie performed an abdominal exam that made me cry and refused to lighten her pressure when I told her she was hurting me. The pelvic exam was very rough as well and Dr Ritchie said that if the pelvic exam " didn't make you yelp, you don't have a[n ovarian] cyst or appendicitis." Dr.Ritchie said the pain must be muscular and that I was good to go home without pain medication. When I refused and asked for further testing I was refused but she offered Toridol for the next 4 hours of pain. I refused and asked to stay to speak with the surgeon in the morning or get an X- Ray, but again was refused. Dr. Ritchie said I had "No Medical Reason" to receive any further treatment and she was going to get my discharge paperwork. I demanded other options as I felt I could not get home to Dallas 9 hours away with my pain level at a 8-9. Something was certainly wrong. Dr. Ritchie said "I will order a CT scan, but you will have to wait 3-4 hours and will be paying for it". No longer feeling safe in her care, I told them I would accept the Toridol and leave to get medial aid elsewhere. Dr. Ritche came in and said that "because we have started prepping the CT scan, you would now be leaving against medical advice." I signed the paper saying thus as I was not aware that I could refuse nor that that was the paper I was signing, and I left. I returned home to Dallas, Texas where I returned to the ER and found out I had appendicitis. I had an emergency surgery the same day to have it removed and will be in recovery for 4-6 weeks. I have never been to a medical facility where I felt so uncomfortable, so unsafe and so slighted. The staff was callous and rude and very rough and uncaring towards their patients. The facility was unsanitary and poorly kept. There was even blood all over the counter! I also had issues of unsanitary nature among the staff, one example being that my nurse, Allison, did not wear gloves when taking blood and inserting my IV. Awful and disgusting. I have filed complaints with the Health and safety department, Medical Licencing department, and AMA just to name a few. If you get sick in Artesia, just keep driving.

Jim H

A world-class facility with one the best medical teams in the country! Dr. Parvez and other staff Dr. Lopez and Dr. Dixon are highly skilled.I had a perfect experience with my surgery coming from out of state! Great results immediately.I will always recommend your facility and myself entrust your skilled medical services to my loved ones, family, and whomever needs medical care within your scope of expertise. The other specialist in urology made himself available at a moment's notice and was amazing in the team planning . Thank you for accepting me as a surgical candidate and bringing relief to my medical condition. 5 days post-op! Forever greatful, Jim Hernandez. Kansas City Missouri.


Doctors and staff do not know what they are doing!!!!! Horrible service

Chance Chase

norma chambers

Vie Vibe

Laura Jensen

There's only 1 star because it won't let me give 0, so I guess since at least my husband didn't die there's a 1. It would take me pages to detail how awful this place is, so here's the short version. My husband was treated extremely horrible by the on -call cardiologist, who refused to see my husband, calling him a liar without even talking to him directly, which almost cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars with a life-flight or out-of-town ambulance transfer. On a separate occasion an ER doctor incorrectly administered a drug and so it was repeated, at our cost of course. He talked on the phone and in-person to file a written complaint about this and dispute the large bill we received. Several months went by without any contact, until a collections agency called looking for payment! WE NEVER RECEIVED PAPERWORK OF THE DISPUTE DECISION, IT JUST WENT STRAIGHT TO COLLECTIONS!! Upon calling the hospital trying to figure out what happened they said we received a call about the decision. My husband does not recall such a thing (which I trust my husband to be able to remember us getting denied on a huge hospital bill), and even IF he did, that is horrible business practice. If it's not in writing, it didn't happen. Just like when they told us to file a written complaint in the first place. Overall, I would never wish this place on anyone. The nurses seemed ok, but the "almighty" doctors and customer service/billing is horrendous! BEWARE!!

Kissy Jimenez

Joe Quintana

First class care in the ER. Great staff.

kamir garces

James Goldston

If you want to wait for hours at the ER then go here. You can probably make it to Roswell by then and they will be faster to take care of you. I was sitting in the waiting room while my arm was bleeding from a cut. All after the wait I finally got in, but all they did was X-ray my arm then say "You have to go to Lubbock for this" so I had my dad take me to Lubbock where they did surgery. 0/10

susan day

Most all of the doctors (excluding Shahriah Anoushfar) associated with AGH are fine. However, their billing department is horrendous. They are incompetent, rude and if you actually pay out the nose for insurance coverage, they will not give you a discount. They gouge your insurance as well as their patients. I will be using Carlsbad for all of my medical needs from here forward.


We don't ever go in unless it's an EMERGENCY and it always happens to be during the night. Dr. Vigil and his staff are a joke (EXCEPT FOR Marina Perez) ... We had the most awful experience with rude nurse Gina. It took 4 hours to be seen and when we were finally called Gina was EXTREMELY rude!! She asked my mom who her doctor was and when she told her, Gina says "Then why didn't you go there?" with an attitude from Hell. This is unacceptable for an ER!!

All things Katherine

Had to have surgery about a month ago or so and all the nurses and staff were super nice my surgeon did an amazing job

James Bolyard

Sandra Espinoza

albert tuono

The grass always appears greener on the other side of the fence, until you spend 11 hours, 23 minutes and 14 seconds (according to hospital ER time of discharge, waiting to see a surgeon who was "on-call", and who had been operating non-stop from the night before. Location of event: NYC. I spent over $110.00 for parking at 10 bucks an hour as well. I'm thankful for small town access to medical care.

Mr. xllxDooMxllx

my dad died because of this hospital back in 2000 he had wagners all i remember is coming in the hallway going to the door and hes jumping up and down on the bed because somebody gave him medication that mixed with medication Lubbock doctors had him on bad communication between hospitals and this place still sucks and filthy stay away go to Roswell or Carlsbad ps have a pic of somebody else's blood still on chair as there taking more blood in the lab like i said filthy hospital

Eric L

Our pediatrician ordered x-rays for our son. The X-ray tech did not capture what was requested and the Pediatrician advised this happens frequently when they radiologist isn't there to check their work. As a result, she is referring us to a specialist in Lubbock because she couldn't get what she requested and didn't trust the hospital to do so if additional xrays were ordered. Pretty pathetic they get away with this but when you live in a small town your options are limited.

Melissa Marrufo

This place sucks if your not related to the staff you get put on the back burner. They make you sit and suffer while others are taken care of. You will die waiting on them.

J.r. Gomez Ralph

This place fu**ING sucks I have been in this room for 1 hr 22 mins now and nothing I asked for pain meds and all they said is let me ask the Dr f the Dr just if I could put a half star

Denny Rosson

Starlett Detrick

The people are great. The billing is terrible. They billed my insurance under the hospital name and then again for the same 15 minute appointment under the doctors name. So my out of pocket was $500 just for taking my weight and telling me to continue my maintenance meds. Forget about disputing the billing, they’ll withhold your maintenance medicine until you pay or are forced to repeat the lab process with another doctor. It isn’t the first time I’ve had billing issues with Artesia General, but it will be my last time. I will avoid them like the plague to avoid their outsourced billing problems. So much regret for only trying to take care of my health...

gayle singleton

My wife broke her leg and Dr. Marino performed surgery to fix the break. Our experience at Artesia General Hospital was excellent. The staff was caring and attentive. There were no negatives.

Humberto Salinas

Not a bad hospital if you don't mind waiting 4 hours at the ER, to get a hand shake, and another hour to start addressing the issue.

Carol Nicholas

Not a positive experience. My appendix would have burst before they saw me, glad I went to Roswell.

Adam Cutshall

Diamond Rodriguez

Very poor service over 4 hours and they weren't able to put my husband in with the horrible pain and symptoms he had! Horrible hospital never again!!

sherry Graham

Great hospital the staff was very helpful and caring. The facility was clean. Husband had surgery was kept well informed. Would recommend to anyone.


Took my 3yr old there because he wouldn't stop throwing up and had a fever .. and the girl at the front desk gave me attitude right from the start telling me that i had to register my son before anything else and that it might take a while... So i waited for more than 1hour for them to call my kid to see him but they just kept calling people who had gotten there after me... And when i went to go ask the girl on the desk why they haven't called my son yet she basically told me that they were calling in people based on how sick they looked!!! Telling me that my son didnt look that sick when he had be throwing up since we got there... So i had to take my son somewhere else cuz she refused to let him in

Bödhi Zapha

Aaa Garcia

Usually there pretty good but my last few times there rude very rude. An treat you like if you a druggie. I’m not in any way a druggie. I thought highly or dr abalos but today he told me I need to stay in my own district I’m excuse me if I feel to travel to a place that’s better the the hospital in my home town then that’s my choice I’m just trying to get the best help for myself cause I no whatever this is I’ve been dealing with 3 months that no one can find isn’t normal. Today he didn’t even let me finish telling him why I’m in. But it’s ridiculous if your gonna treat people that way your definitely in the wrong field. I’ve learned and this time I will not be back.

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