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REVIEWS OF Mount Sinai West IN New Jersey

Randy Correll

While in the ER, my husband’s belongings were held by security. Cash was stolen from his wallet and multiple fraudulent transactions were attempted on his credit cards.

Kaiwen Ouyang

傻逼医院 ER等了三个小时 没有人知道要干什么 医生不喊就不会来 护士不叫也不会来 智障医院

Puck P

Pretty much the worst. Nurses? Doctors? I'm not even sure what they are since no one will even talk to you. We waited 4 hours for a cat scan and wound up walking out of the Er which feels like a third world country.

Grissel Romero

The hospital ER has become the worst that I've seen in a long time. All they do is take xrays, give you ibuprofen and call it a night. It doesn't even deserve one star. I told them that I was getting anxiety attacks due to my side of my face in severe pain. I asked for antibiotics due to an obvious infection. They dwelled on a non existent cardiac attack. I told them that I wasn't even having chest pains at all or any symptoms. Sent me home. Diagnosis, they were not able to help me because they weren't dentists and didn't have the necessary equipment to help me. They even forgot to tell me that I was discharged. Two nurses were very apologetic. My face swelled up like a balloon. Had to get help elsewhere. Spend more $$. Given nothing to help with the obvious infection. Five days later, I had to return. Something popped like a rubber band in my knee. Could not walk or even move my leg too much. My leg could not bear any weight on it. They took xrays, gave me ibuprofen and was gonna give me a ace bandage to send me home. Diagnosis, could not see anything wrong with my knee. They even went as far as to predetermined that it was a tear in a ligament. They said that it could not be seen on the average xrays. I needed to go home and go later to see a orthopaedic dr who has better xray machines. Uh, the hospital has a orthopaedic clinic and better xray machines upstairs!? The nurses and radiology Dept was very helpful and sweet. Found out from another location that the patella in my knee was slightly dislocated. Had to go elsewhere and spend more $$. Hello!? I'm not Trump!! I do not have $$ to throw away traveling back and forth and paying the hospital for one tablet of ibuprofen!! This hospital is not what it use to be. This hospital is horrible!!!! Add insult to injury, they sent me a bill!!! They did nothing to help me!!! Smh!!!

Rose Anne

treated like a queen by all staff. my surgeon dr vulcano was excellent. great hospital overall

Juan Gonzalez

Had a brain tumor that no other hospital could figured out and they saved my life in the process removing it

Brent Blackwell

Pretty good experience. Had to take a 10yr old there and staff was pretty good. Nurse Moses was awesome and was great with my son. Talked to us and told everything he was doing and made us and my son feel comfortable with what was going on. All the Doctors were nice and informative as well. It did take quite a long time for the labs though, but overall a good experience.

lumbini diki

No any medical record

Kike Plazas

Takes time as a normal hospital. However, best people and clean hospital that a human being could possible go.

Sarah Wilmer

Labor/delivery and recovery care was good, our NICU experience was not. The nurses were rough with our baby ( they picked him up and put him down really fast, fed him as fast as they possibly could which caused him to vomit frequently), they were brisk and unprofessional in dealing with me and my husband, they left poopy wipes and diapers in the incubator and snapped and refused when we asked for help removing soiled items. Later we learned our experience was not uncommon. The NICU has nowhere for parents to stay, and as a mother who was braestfeeding I had to sleep in a closet so I could stay close enough to pump and nurse my baby every 3 hours (The NICU's rigid schedule). Also I had to clean and tend to my episiotomy and tears in a dirty, and cold public bathroom. I asked the doctor if a drug I had been prescribed during pregnancy might be causing my baby's problems, she checked her database and when the drug wasn't in there, she didn't bother looking further. The hospital neglected to consult with us about which doctor to assign our baby too. And they assigned him to an out of network doctor (even though the hospital and our doctor are in network) who has since sent us bills in the thousands, and although we have called them and they said they would revise the downward we haven't heard from them yet. Even though I love my doctor and the labor and delivery nurses, I will have to find a different doctor next time who is affiliated wth a different hospital to ensure we won't end up in Mt Sianai West NICU again. Based on a 05/31/17 birthing and NICU experience.

Emilie Cline

Most unprofessional people in every way possible that I have ever met. If zero stars was possible I'd choose that. Literally here with my relative, had to wait extremely long for staff to come in and never once did they without us asking for them. Staff heard making fun of other patients. Physician dismissive of concerns and belittling in his body language, obvious facial expressions, and language. Let my relative sleep on an EXAM table for 6 HOURS. Pretty sure that's a liability. When asked for a bed after being officially admitted 3 hours prior, was told by the nurse "There's an emergency going on." Did anyone ever tell her: YOU WORK AT A HOSPITAL AND ER. UGH. Worst patient care ever. She threw us in a random room, provided no assistance or care. Another nurse literally told me to go get my own blanket around the corner. Didn't know I could go through hospital cupboards myself but cool. When someone would rather discharge themselves and die in the streets than be in your hoapital, you have a problem. Yes, it's a busy city, but you know that so do something about it don't use it as an excuse. Literally could keep going on but I'm tired af and man made myself a bed using chairs in the hallway. Zero offer to accommodate guests. Healthcare is still customer service. I work in a Healthcare center. I'd be so appalled if this happened there.

John Vignolo

I was a patient here for three days. The staff is very considerate, careful and helpful. The doctors knew their stuff. I would recommend this hospital.

Cherie Merrell

Horrible! You neglected my husband and the worst hospital I’ve ever experienced ! I have Cancer and NEVER HAVE BEEN SITTING AROUND HOPING TO SOEAK WITH THE ONCOLOGIST WHICH NEVER SHOWED UP!!! Very sad, I wish I kept my love in Boca! Pitiful hospital! Andy deserves more!! Regards, Cherie

Kevin Davis

they Help a lot of people like myself happy I come here

David H

This place is a nightmare!! Took my father to SRS (Stereotactic Radio Surgery) treatment for the 2nd time, they scheduled the appointment for 7:30 AM and we finished 8:30 PM, yes13 hours. This is a long procedure but it should have been done max by 4PM not 8:30PM.

Sigrid Verbert

Had my second baby delivered here and now going back for my third. Frankly I've been at the hospital a ton of times (weekly gestational diabetes appointments, all of my many AMA ultrasounds, bi-weekly monitoring before birth etc) and I have not one negative thing to say about the staff, the quality of care or the facility itself. All the people complaining about waiting hours at the ER clearly had never been at an ER before (and besides, if you have a tiny cut in your foot or your kid has fever, you should go to the doctor instead of clogging the ER, just saying').


(Translated by Google) That good. In this hospital they have professional interpreters during office hours. At other times use a video to help not only Spanish-speaking patients, if not all other languages (Original) Que bueno. En este hospital tienen servicio de intérpretes profesionales en horas de oficina. En otras horas utilizan un video para ayudar no solo a los pacientes de habla hispana, si no todas las demás lenguas

Morris Levine

Dr Sole from the Ed Dept refused to give me what works for me. She wanted to give. Me hydrocodone which isn't go work for. Me. She don't care about me. She shouldn't be a Dr if she dontcare

Daisy Bella

This Doctor Lisa Dabney is a patient's WORST Nightmare. She is the worst Doctor I have ever came across IN MY WHOLE LIFE TIME. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HER. She is a miserable frustrated person who wishes harm. Doctor Lisa Dabney has the worst bedside manners ever Reported. FOR YOUR WELL BEING STAY AWAY FROM HER. MOUNT SINAI ST LUKE'S AND ROOSEVELT PLEASE SUPERVISE LISA DABNEY SHE THINKS SHE COULD CAUSE HARM WITHOUT JUSTICE.

Daniel Chung

Took my brother to Emergency Department yesterday due to a cut under his foot from a tiny piece of glass. Took 4.5 hours till the actual treatment of the wound, and 1.5 more from there jusy for prescription and discharge. Absolutely ridiculous. All the staff seemed very easy going and slow as a snail (sorry to the only doc who was on duty)

Athena Chang

All the doctors and nurses there are super nice and patient with me when I was there for a surgery. I would give all of them a 4 start but the hospital itself seems slow. They told me my surgery was at 11AM so I had to be there at 9AM for paperwork. OK fine. So I waited and waited, without any food and water for over 12 hrs and nobody even told me it is VERY Common that the surgery would not go as scheduled. So i ended up not having my surgery till past 1PM. It was a long wait in the hospital with nothing to do and nothing to eat. The surgery I have received was excellent and I had no complaint. Just really wish it were more efficient.

Andrei Gvozdikovsky

Shaquiana Revels

May 12,2017 -4:06 pm Im literally sitting in the emergency room RED ZONE because im having a asthma attack for 20 minutes without a treatment or assistance , upon arriving i entered the main entrance where i was waved direction to the emergency room . As i entered the emergency room unable to speak because my air is restricted a hispanic RN instructed me to have a seat . I looked at her with tears in my eyes pointing to my chest i then gathered enough strenght to say Im HAVING AN ASTHMA ATTACK...She aggressive answered Have A Seat. I waved down another nurse and asked for the head doctor , she excorted me to get vitals. After vitals i was walked around the whole emergency room by a nurse assistant where i was seated in an area behind the triage, i sat down for a while because i noticed if i didnt calm down i would panic . I relaxed myself then found a doctor where she explained i wasnt in the sysyem and on the wrong side of the building she then walked me over to the Red Team and shouted to the doctor shes one of yours . The doctor looks at me then looks away . WHAT AM I NOT DYING !!!! I sat in this room for 10 minutes before i went to the nurses station to complain a nice RN then spoke with me and brought me back to to the room where i was finally assisted .....JUST UNPROFESSIONAL !!!!!

Cary Ma

(Translated by Google) The doctor in the hospital is responsible for the patient (Original) 医院的医生对病人很负责

Madelin Ramirez

Labor and delivery was awesomeeee... the nurse Barabra , doctor Rothinberg and doctor Lewis-Morris were awesome . they handled everything without leaving doubts about anything ! ... Had the best experience delivering my Baby boy

Ирина Шумихина

The worst hospital ever! I went there with bad allergy! Doctor didn’t say nothing, didn’t take any test, he said that he don’t know what is it and gave me prescription to buy some cream

Dave Modaffari

Shitty help, speeded me out

Michalis Christoforakis

Worse hospital I have been to, I had an allergy, they gave me 3 pills, left me after 2 hours, charged me 2000 dollars for 10 minutes that doctor saw me and left me to get to the plane to Los Angeles. I almost died on flight because the allegy came back and got swollen tongue, lips and toncils, almost stop breathing. Of course they gave me no medicine or instructions on what to do. I guess life of foreign patient is of no importance to them. Would not recommend it, go to an urgent care instead if you have no insurance!

Emily Smith

Mishandled almost all our paperwork, now left to deal with insurance and getting birth certificate/social security card for our baby. Not returning.

Christopher J. Caraballo

Comprehensive hospital with an express Emergency Department track for minor emergencies and small emergency psychiatric department. I’ve lived by this hospital for several years, and even though it is a comprehensive hospital, it seems like a place most people go on an outpatient basis. Some of the staff do seem to have an attitude for no reason at times. However it is always open, clean, and accessible to the rest of the Mount Sinai Health Systems network of resources. Formerly, Roosevelt Hospital, the facilities have been under renovation since they affiliated with Mount Sinai Health System

Scott Hall

Second baby there and the nurses are fantastic. So smooth, always checking and caring. Great experience

lisette torres

DO NOT USE THEIR CLINICS! ASK TO BE REFERRED ELSEWHERE! Terrible service, rude staff and ALWAYS A 2+ HOUR wait to be seen then a 1+ hour wait to get a follow up appointment! The staff really does not care to give you updates or let you know whats going on when you ask questions they ignore you! I've been here 3 times and its always the same ordeal!

Christy Arias

So after being switched to a high risk doctor. She basically referred me here for labor and delivery when time arrived and for anytime I felt like I needed to go to emergency room. Never been here before last night was my first time. Very nice hospital and very nice labor and delivery Nurses and doctors checked on me every couple of minutes while I was there. As any ER you go to you gotta wait and let them run test and it takes time to get those results back. I’m actually glad that I’m gonna go there when it is time for me to deliver. It’s way more upgraded then the hospital on 1st ave

William Jagels

Great guest wifi, very high speed.

Alex Prada

This is the worst experience I had with a hospital in my entire life! I have been trying to locate a patient for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I have been transferred numerous times to different places. Operator to Patient Information, Patient Information to Emergency Room, Emergency room to 9A, and nobody can locate this patient. This patient has nobody in this country, and his family called me to see if I can get in touch with his wife and help them until they can return to Italy. This hospital is disgraceful how none of its employees care. They hang up on you, they transfer you to the wrong place, etc. etc. Think how awful could be that you come to NY for your honeymoon, you have the bad luck of having an emergency, getting in this horrible hospital being lost, and that nobody can find you. Someone has to care and do something about this.

Jackson Lee

The doctors, pediatricians, and nurses are all very good. We delivered twice here through C section. However the house keeping and private unit staff are horrible in service, especially for the $900 per night stay in the patient care unit. They completely forgot our breakfast order one day and considering that food is literally the only thing the private unit staff is responsible for, that is unacceptable. The housekeeping also never changed the pee bucket in the shower for 4 nights...


Great place that helped with my hurt grandma. This place had very careful and loving nurses that were strict in making sure that their patients were always safe. I think that this hospital is very good at staying proffessional and all of the employees are really great at doing their important job. However, I have noticed another review thay talked about the minimal privacy in the room of the patients. This is very true in my opinion, because of the fact that there are 2 patients in one room, and either one of them can potentially be diagnosed with some terrifying or scary disease that can make children freaked out or feel mentally hurt. This is also true in my case after seeing a woman who looked pale and not budging. This made my family and I unsettled and extremely uncomfortable, so I would highly suggest to acknowledge this problem. Other than this, Mount Sinai does its job, and that’s what the moat important part is.

Austin Idehen

I felt very well taken of. All of the staff I interacted with were amazing, friendly and caring. Very pleased with Mt. Sinai

Gmail naumova

Have been in ER twice and in maternity once. I have noticed a significant improvement since the first time. Staff have been more attentive providing more attention to the patient’s needs. Nurses are quick and know what they are doing. Great job improving

Dewayne Tripp

I work here!!

Robert Perez

This is a substandard hospital. Went to ER for dehydration. Had to beg for water. Not ti mention misdiagnosis. They claimed I had blood clot in left leg. No such thing ! Stay away from these idiots.

Crystal Cason

If I come to this ER again I'd better be damn near death. I have been here during 2 shifts so far and have been ignored by the previous nurse when I called for assistance. She ignored the pages. She finished her shift though. Last saw Dr. 2 hours ago Still waiting for a test. Unless its open 24 hours with an 8 hour backup, not happening tonight.

Maru Guajardo

This is a joke of hospital!!! They leave you for hours in the waiting room, take your xrays and leave you other 2 hours in waiting room, someone else takes the "room" you already had... They don't do nothing they don't care!!!!

Fatima Sana

I was transported to the mount Sinai West emergency with diagnosed ectopic pregnancy and blood in abdomen.My doctor suggested that I should have immediate surgery.First they took a lot of time in repeating investigations and examination.Then after spending 6 hrs,the physician on call came who thought that I look stable and little bleeding in abdomen is ok and I am experiencing pain only because I have been poked by needles a I can get an injection and go back home .My friend was by side and we were shocked by Doctor’s rude behavior. Thank God that my regular doctor kept checking on me and they operated me in time at another hospital and saved me from a ruptured ovarian ectopic pregnancy .Will never forget the Pysician on call casual behavior to such a life threatening situation and will never recommend a friend to go there.

Carla Colon

This hospital sucks this people r so reconsidered i came in an ambulance get here at 11:10 whit a pain more than 10 & is been more than an hr & I still waiting for the doctor & nothing for pain until now. The can even give me a bag of ice 4 the pain

Clyde Sparks

Thought I was treated fairly they don't communicate with the doctors they instruct you to go after they discharged you cause I had a problem with two doctors that they sent me too wasting time and money and one works there . Dr. Jonathan Stoever which I suggest don't see him outside of the hospital or the other idiot doctor they assigned me too Dr. Raymonde Jean cause they and the hospital don't communicate with each other and will have you waste your time going to their offices like they did to me only to not be seen.


The best hospital no complaints

Beth Cruz

Best hospital ever, they got good doctors , staffs are very friendly and efficient, and the service is excellent.... btw is a very clean hospital..

Max Saltonstall

My wife recently gave birth at the Birthing Center here, and it was amazing. The nurse was great, the room was comfortable, the staff were unobtrusive and the whole experience was easy. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for delivery in the city.

Sheba Porto

Their ER is terrible. There not helpful at all - I wish I had read these reviews before going there. I just wonder how this hospital makes money if they don't care for first impressions. It is like begging them to help you. I can't speak for the rest of the hospital but their ER was worse than the Mexico ER I went to a month ago while on vacation. The Mexico ER treated my husband very quickly and we felt very attended to. As for St. Luke's Roosevelt ER- the only good/kind people are the transportation guys. The rest are not kind and so so slow. It is an ER for heavens sake - meaning fast, but not these guys - there in lala land. Will not go there again.


i had a really bad expierience with this hospital today. Had an appt at 8:40 am, 11-29-2018. When i go inside and search for the renal clinic nobody knows where the renal clinic is. the staff were the less not knowing anything about clinics. After 12 minutes wasting my time went downstairs and since no staff know where i am supposed to go i decided to call the renal clinic on my cell. For my surprise i was told that my appt was change for nov 30 at 10 am without consulting me, the worst part is that they sent that appt to another location somewhere on the east side and 50 st. No way i am going to that since i took a day off to go to this appt. Mount sinai does not care about patients when it come to appts or clinics, very unprofessional services, and i am not coming back to this place, was not given a reason why they change my appt, maybe they think they can do whatever with people, but i am tired dealing with this drug pusher hospitals. AVOID LIKE A PLAGUE !!

John Angel

I had to stop in for a late night medical emergency because of excruciating pain, and from the start, to finish it was a great experience. I had fun with the staff and got excellent care. Thank you!

Kayla Ha

Horrible billing department. It's a disaster. Spoke to this person named Diana. She was very mean and condescending. In other reivews, people are saying that doctors are good here but the admins aren't. I can't agree more. I recommend NYU Langone if you are looking for good doctors AND good admins.

Chris Clark

They took very good care of me.

Mark Kabbash

By far and away the very best ER in NYC. Unfortunately I've been to a lot of them and this is the best. The process is streamlined and fast. Most importantly the Nurses and Doctors are top notch.

Juan Mata

I do not recommend it to anyone, you go with a pain and everything they want to get their hands on.

Marcia Gordon

My husband was taken to emergency room with advanced pneumonia. He was treated quickly and efficiently -- a pleasant surprise compared to my experience with emergency rooms at other hospitals. We opted for a private room on 14th floor and the care was excellent. The nursing staff and assistants seemed to really care about my husband and were willing to go out of their way to make him comfortable. When hope was lost, they let him die with dignity and love. I'm very grateful.

Grace W.

great experience at every level

Michael Lawlor

Very old hospital, needs a gut renovation!

Donna Costanza

Hi. On March 12th 2019 I had total Hip Replacement Surgery at Mount Sinai West. My Surgeon is Dr Kastenbaum. He was assisted by Dr Peter Wolby and Dr Albert Min. These three doctors are amazing! I was in good hands the whole way thru my pre op and post op as well. Thank you Doctors! I would also like to thank James Thomas Hudson, Director of Patient Care at Mount Sinai West for having such an amazing staff. James was my Nurse Manager on duty while I stayed in the hospital for 3 days. James is warm and friendly and he was attentive to my pain management. Thank you to my Nurse Vina for assisting me thru my recovery. Thanks to Darlene and Jeanette who are Patient Care Associates at the hospital. They both are professional, nice and helpful. I want to thank Valerie in OR Housekeeping who helped me my first day after surgery. She was on my floor helping out and she assisted me in fluffing my pillows for me and finding me an outlet for my Charger for my phone. ( Very sweet). Thank you to Lindsey in Occupational Therapy for checking in on me and asking how my care was. Thank you to my cool Physical Therapist Barbara and my Occupational Therapist Rachel. You both are amazing! My entire experience was wonderful! 5 Stars to everyone!

Renee Gares

6213 and the driver of the ambulance are extremedy rude. The female driver told 6213 to watch the patient to make sure she doesn't spit. Are you kidding me? Of all things you see spit is the most of your concern? This is extremely rude and unecessary of the driver, especially while the patient is fully conscious. Also, upon asking the driver for his name I was only given a number, 6213. We're fron out of state and have never been treated like this. This place is HORRIBLE!

Jennifer Naremskaya

Amazing place

Erika J. Santos

I wish I could give no stars, I am 14 weeks pregnant and entered the ER at 7:50am for severe abdominal pain on my right side. My obgyn suggested I go in order to rule out any infection or appendix issues. However, I have fibroids so I let everyone know that I did. The first doctor that came in, did an ultrasound then an internal exam. He got the speculum stuck in me then pulled it out, causing me even more pain. Then I got sent for another ultrasound, no one told the technician that I was 14 weeks pregnant, then she had the nerve to ask me if I was sure and how did I know. I said because my obgyn told me. Rewind back to the first doctor, I told him I was pregnant and he asked me the exact same dumb question, how do you know how far long you are? Like am I being punked. Back to the technician, I tell her, I have 7 fibroids, she laughs at me and says, how do you know, you've been counting. I said, no, I was told during my level 2 ultrasound in May. Then she calls in another doctor to do the exact same thing she already did and then they both start having a semi argument over who measured what fibroids. How unprofessional. I get sent back to my room in the ER, 4 different people come in looking for various patients. Then I'm told by 2 nurses, I'll be discharged, they took over an hour so I went to check, they called me a whole other patients name and I said no that's not me, I need to be discharged. They said I wasn't even in the system to be discharged. Afterwards when I was finally discharged at 2pm, Ebony Mallette in discharge was the ONLY competent person who actually payed attention to me and was nice and quick. I will NEVER return to this ER again.

Julio Soto

I just want to agree with some of the reviews about the maternity ward. My wife and I have had 2 children here from 2010-2015 and it was a great experience. We dont even live in the city, but made plans around the time of birth, and it all went smoothly. The nurses were caring and dutiful, and there were no issues at all - we went in and got out 2 days later both times. So again, maybe dont come here for an emergency, but giving birth here was a fine experience.

Loretta Humber

Very good hospital and staff.

Samiha Rowe

In 2017 I came here a few times to the ER due to my pregnancy and every time I saw a person who claims to be a doctor, they always drew blood and busted my veins. Another time I was admitted to the maternity ward due to an active miscarriage back in July 2017. It was my first baby and loss... I don't even remember what Doctor I saw but they didn't show any sympathy or compassion. Just told me I was having a miscarriage and to go home, then come back for a follow up (which I didn't do because I was so irritated and discouraged by the OBGYN team.) This nurse who was working overtime was extremely rude towards me. My husband was by my side and witnessed how she treated me. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't move at a fast pace; she would often disappear and came back yelling to follow her. Horrible. I never went back there again nor do I plan to or recommend anyone to go there. I don't trust the doctors and the nurses are just nasty. Mount Sinai, feel free to check my records and see which doctors and staff tended to me so proper action and training can be taken to better your team.

Adalgisa Martinez

This is the worse experience ever. I got to the labor and delivery at 10:01 and it’s 2:14pm and I still haven’t seen a doctor. The waiting area is the size of my hand. It was so uncomfortable. I don’t understand how I’m nine months pregnant and I have to wait over four hours to be seen. The ladies restroom was disgusting. The actual room I was in was disgusting and the floors were dirty. The bed was super uncomfortable. It was so difficult for me to even close my eyes in that hard bed. My plan is to find another hospital to deliver at because this is not gonna cut it for me....

Morte Morte

(مترجم بواسطة Google) الكثير من الظروف السلمية والحضور الشديد العناية هنا. يفعلون هناك مسؤوليات مهنية للغاية وأسلوب حقيقي. طوابق نظيفة جداً وهم دائماً يحاولون جعله أفضل. الممرضات ، والحاضنات ، والأطباء والمواد الأخرى لطيفة جداً ومستعدة لتقديم أي نوع من المرضى ضرورة مع ابتسامة على وجهه. أتمنى نجاح هذا المستشفى. (النص الأصلي) Very much peaceful circumstances and very caring attendance here. They do there responsibilities very professional and authentic way . Very clean floors and they always try to make it better. Nurses, attendants, doctors and other stuffs are very nice and ready for serving any kind of patients necessity with a smile on there face. Wish very success of this hospital.

Bibi R

amazing experience. phenomenal orthopedic department

Elaine Thomas

My thanks to the staff in the Emergency Room, and the staff members on the ninth floor that attended me during my stay. They were knowledgeable, supportive and caring.

Ursula Koszykowski

I would not recommend this hospital and I am hoping never to be a patient there anymore. I have reported misconduct by two of the doctors affiliated with the hospital. Both, Patients Relationship division and Chief of the Surgery division condoned such behavior and misconduct. I guess patients best interest and satisfaction is at the lowest on their priority list.

Kevin Welsh

My Brother underwent 14 Hour Brain Surgery and People are the very best

Daniel Garcia

(Translated by Google) Super grateful with the extraordinary experience that lives in this hospital .. very friendly staff excellent service !! (Original) Súper agradecido con la extraordinaria experiencia que vive en este hospital.. personal muy amables excelente atención!!

Acupuncture ACA

Big hospital! best doctors

Catherine Gallagher

Do NOT go to their OBGYN office. I went on Medicaid and needed a fresh prescription because Medicaid doesn’t fill prescriptions over 6 months old. Between myself and my pharmacy, we left 7 voicemails and sent multiple faxes trying to get the new prescription, and no one ever got back to us. I ended up having to fill it without insurance, costing me $40 on a prescription that should have been free. When I finally got ahold of someone at the office, she was rude and unhelpful. Would never recommend this place to anyone.

Elia M

The emergency room sucks to say the least. After waiting for so long to be seen - I left and went to another hospital. I got admitted at another hospital. I could have died at Roosevelt.

Steven Smith

Dr. Daniel Smith said I bruised my innards. Take Naprosin.

Yunlong Liu

I went to the cardiology dept at this location. The doctor is great but other admins are just quite lazy. The doctor scheduled me a test but they said they are out for lunch and let me wait until they are back. I am still hungry at that moment and was waiting for 2 hours. 2 weeks later, I received the bill from this hospital. It bills me ~300 dollars for the conclusion that the pain is unspecified. I attempted to contact the hospital but it turns out that they are super rude on that. There is no direct point of contact on my issue. I contacted the customer service people of this hospital. In their reply, they even mess up with my gender. I can't imagine how careless they are. I think hospitals should be places operated carefully. Can you trust anybody who is not careful at all? Stay away from this hospital.

yue zhao

My son (17 months old) had a fever, so I took him to Mount Sinai Roosevelt Emergency Department on Septemberr, 2016. NOBODY weighted my son there at all. And Hospital just made up an number wrote my son's weight is 12.5kg . Doctor prescribed Ibuprofen for my son based on this wrong weight, 7 ml every six hours and we left hospital. I picked up ibuprofen from pharmacy and gave my son 7 ml at 5pm that day. He threw up immediately. He also throw up all the water, milk, juice I gave to him. The second day(on September 18), he threw up again after I gave him 7 ml ibuprofen and his fever is getting worse and worse. So I took him to Bellevue Hospital clinic two days later, clinic doctor transferred him to Emergency room immediately and told me 7ml Ibuprofen is too much for him, that's why he threw up which cause him dehydrated because constantly vomiting and very dangerous. At the Bellevue Hospital, nurse weighed my son, his weight is 10.5kg. NOT 12.5kg The nurse gave my son ibuprofen 5ml every six hours and he never vomit since then. We stayed at Bellevue hospital for two nights because my son need to get IV to treat his dehydrated. The Mount Sinai hospital paper they gave me said Overdosing Ibuprofen could also cause damage of kidneys. And I really don't know why Mount Sinai Hospital staffs were not so responsible. They never weighed my son. and I called their Medical Director on Nov 28. where my son weight 12.5kg come from since NOBODY weighted my son there, she said the nurse can't remember anything. My son doesn't need stay in Bellevue Hospital two nights get IV and draw blood many times if he is not overdose.Overdosing Ibuprofen could cause damage of kidneys. The pain he suffered is describable.I have to sleep on the hospital couch for two nights, and couldn't work for one week.

Rachel Galore

I went to this hospital because I thought it would be better than Harlem Hospital because all the reviews saying it was bad so I gave this one a try. The worst mistake I made in awhile. Harlem Hospital is 100x better than this one and at least show patients sympathy. Also, Harlem has small privacy given to patients unlike this one where you have to share a small room with another stranger who will know all your business. Room also had some type of hard substance in the sink as well. These nurses and doctors didn't see me till 2am and I got there at 10pm and was only given tylenol for my pain and still had to wait few more hours to be sent to get a scan. These nurses and doctors don't seem to care too much for the patients but more for a pay check. I had to walk out and wait till the next day to go to a better hospital because these doctors ignore you. Never again.

April Blackmon

MATERNAL FETAL EXAMINATION UNIT - Can’t say enough good things about this newly renovated unit, especially after having had a disappointing experience at Lenox Hill. The attached collage with 3 photos is from Lenox Hill’s Maternal Fetal Examination Unit wing/lobby/area. All other photos were taken at Mt. Sinai West. The bathrooms at Lenox Hill were comparable to a gas station rest room. Absolutely filthy. The subsequent photos are from Mount Sinai West - HUGE difference! Cleanliness and up-to-date equipment are paramount and Mt. Sinai far exceeds what Lenox Hill has to offer. Also, the staff at Mt. Sinai West were much more kind and pleasant. I received several congratulations and experienced better attitudes. Better facilities attract better talent and create better work atmospheres - affecting employee moods. Possibly a coincidence but nonetheless, contributed positively to my experience.

wanda alexander

I had hoped surgery it was. They have rehab there in the hospital.

Katie Nitti

Just gave birth here on the 12th floor. Our entire experience with Roosevelt and our physicians (Shulina,Bradley and Rhea) has been nothing but lovely. The Fetal Maternal evaluation Unit on 11th was competent, friendly and cautious during all our ultrasounds. Sometimes the wait was long but otherwise no complaints. The nurses and residents at labor and delivery and triage were all fantastic. Smart, sensitive and moved quickly to see you while in labor. Epidural and post delivery went smoothly. And finally if you have the 900 bucks , splurge on the private room. It's like a 5 star hotel, except less fancy but comes with an expert team of nurses, doctors, and room service and housekeeping. Will definitely have our next kids with Roosevelt and Doctor shulina !

Hansel Paula

Worst Service I’ve experienced. I’m here in Labor and delivery and apparently nobody knows what’s going on here.

Kiersten Foster

From the security, to the doctors, to the woman who discharged me, everyone in this ER was extremely kind and patient. It’s never fun going to the Emergency Room, but the process was efficient and I was able to get the prescription I needed that night.

Khanaya Tirana Putri


Golden Sunshine

This review is for Dr Joseph Bax. There is no other place to review him. Dr. Bax is such a kind man and so professional and much more knowledgable than any physiatrist I have seen at other hospitals. I have seen some at fancy pants hospitals that didn't know half as much as him! Plus he doesn't try to prescribe a bunch of un- necessary meds or procedures. I highly recommend him! As for Mount Sinai West well 4 stars because they have some issues. One of them is they don't have a real hospital blood lab they sold their blood labs to Lab Corps and the problem is they only do certain tests but not some important ones. I had to actually go to another hospital and pay 500.00 cash because they don't take my insurance. Lab Corp is limited in what they can do. Otherwise my experience has been good mainly because of the doctors. I have found the doctors there to have integrity such as Dr Bax, Dr Patterson and Dr. Vulcano. World class doctors!

Sean Hood

Horrible customer experience. Too large of a health system with an inability to provide you information and feedback in an easy direct way. If you have a billing issue, you will have to call multiple numbers and be given very little informative direction. Overall too large of a health system to provide good quality of care. UPDATE: In addition to billing issues, I have been trying to get a refill of a prescription for 2 weeks. Currently on my 3rd attempt calling for them to update and send script back to pharmacy. Was just hung up by the person on the call center. They have a 24-48 response time and often (as is the case this time and has been before) nothing has happened within 48 hours and I am not contacted or updated.

Pete Webb

Very impressed with the oncology specialists & surgical staff...One of the best NYC hospitals.

Tony Mendez

It's a hospital.

Viola Robinson

On today, I arrived for my OBGYN appt scheduled for 9:30am. Immediately I was told I couldn't be seen. I asked why and the Nurse said she spoke with the Doctor who told her that, "my reason for an appointment was UNIMPORTANT." She said that the doctor would see me but I wouldn't receive an would only be a verbal consultation. Having miscarried in April, a thorough visit IS VERY important to me. I waited hours more and started to feel pain in my abdominal area. It is now 12: 05 pm and I am still in the waiting area ....just waiting. I asked the nurses on staff what could be the hold up, and I was given a discharge slip WITHOUT EVEN SEEING A DOCTOR!!!!!!! I rejected the discharge slip and told the staff that I haven't been seen. The nurse came back and said it was a "computer glitch." After waiting hours for a 10 minute verbal appt. I still don't know if my baby even has a heartbeat or exactly how far along I am. This hospital is very negligent and just SKIPPED RIGHT OVER ME!! THEY NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR HORRIBLE STANDARDS OF SERVICE!! I WAS GIVEN A NUMBER AND NAME TO REPORT THEIR LACK OF SERVICE, BUT I AM STILL WAITING. I WILL NOT BE CONTINUING SERVICE HERE!!!!! EVER!!!!!. Update....I miscarried on 8/ 18. I kept feeling pain so I went to NYU ER..i received an ultrasound which confirmed I was 8 weeks 1 day but the fetal pole had no heartbeat. To say the least....I am devastated and depressed. However, I have a soon to be 2 year old so I am nonetheless blessed.

Mark Ramos

(Translated by Google) Filthy is (Original) Filthy er

Baba Daramy

Great stuffs

Mariglent Ziu

Worst experience ever. They don't deserve this star at all. We had to wait over two hours to see a doctor on the E.R and when you ask for a doctor over there they had this words only " We are sorry its only one doctor here he has other patients to see", so we had to leave. Please if you need help just don't go over there go somewhere else

Jose kelly

Grest service on rehab floor 3 g

Ahmad Sanian



I had hand surgery at this location with Dr. Jaehon Kim. For a year I hadn't been able to shake hands, turn door knobs, use a pepper mill and anything else that required use of my thumb. My hand healed and its use returned in the predicted time span. Two and a half years later, I am still pain free. During the months before surgery Dr. Kim had time for me, explained my diagnosis clearly, explained alternatives for treatment and always treated me with respect and good humor. On the day of surgery not only was I treated with respect and consideration by the entire staff but everyone I encountered was helpful, informed and friendly. Kudos also to Meg Rosenblatt and her team of anesthesiology team.

Shawn Kesler

The best hospital you could ever hope for, by a wide margin.

Melissa Sovronsky

Incredible hospital such caring doctors and staff-- I would recommend this hospital to anyone who has medical needs. I have never been more impressed with a hospital in my life.

Arlequin Arlequin

The 3 (out of 4 doctor seen) doctors and the nurse & tech were courteous and pleasant. However upon discharged the pt staff was not very helpful, had no knowledge about insurance w/regards to participating doctors in that location and she confuse my prvt insurance for a medicaid. Upon discharge its basically seek and find for yourself. Pitts for anyone who is in need of medical follow up need, especially when it comes to insurance or a doctor who participants in the plan.

Penelope Ross

I was in Roosevelt 3 weeks ago for treatment of atrial fibrillation. When I left the doctors gave me new prescriptions, including a statin. NO ONE (including follow-up cardiologist) noticed that I was already on a statin, Only the nutritionist from my diabetes study spotted the double dosing. I stopped taking it, but damage had already been done. As a result, I had to be re-admitted to the hospital for treatment of liver malfunction. Just out Saturday afternoon and I still am extremely weak. I am not happy, to put it mildly, that your wrong prescription has caused me so much damage. Wonder if you will post this publicly.

AuTumn Mpongo

Ghetto they don’t even have IV poles and advise patients to hold there IV while they use the bathroom or place them on a sink. Completely outrageous. “Unfortunately we don’t have enough of poles.” How is this acceptable. How is a registered nurse advising someone to place an iv bag on a sink. The fact that they think this is normal Is very telling. What kind of medical facility doesn’t have enough IV pole. Then upon discharge they brought me someone else paperwork where I could clearly see there name and diagnosis. Please go else where

Marc Gonzalez

Well I went here for an MRI and everything went well, staff was nice and everything went pretty ok for a MRI. They had me believe they had my insurance info when about a couple of weeks later I received a bill for almost a thousand dollars for the MRI's. The hospital has really got to get it together when it comes to paperwork. Not a way to get me to come back.

Angela Maaya

Staff are super professional, respectful, work speedily, environment is clean, had wonderful experience at the hospital.

Rosemary M.

I would like to know why the Red headed security guard is always gossiping at the front when she should be alert. This is the only hospital in NYC that freely lets people walk in and not be checked.

emily Feliciano

((LABOR AND DELIVERYdisgusting front desk)) I was having contractions and went into Beth Israel emergency room only to find out they no longer do labor and delivery so I had to be transferred to St. Luke’s also noun as Mount Sinai west I had never been there before the EMT from the ambulance told me not to worry the hospital looks very nice inside although she had also never been there as a patient before either when I arrived it did look nice inside we spoke about it good start, however once I was brought into Labor and delivery I automatically felt scared to be having painful contractions there, I was uncomfortable from the moment the women at the front desk started talking she was so nasty and rude Desire Nelson the womens name was she was so unwelcoming not the way you want to feel when you’re going into labor having contractions and feeling vulnerable !!! Wow !!! She makes it seem like you’re a bother to be there !... Thank god hours later I wasn’t ready for labor and went home I will NEVER go back !.. I’d rather give birth in the street than feel so uncomfortable and vulnerable around a negative mean person giving you the stink eye !... why !... as if it’s truly a bother to her to need to associate with people or answer a question !.. I thought this was supposed to be a beautiful experience delivering my first baby she made me feel horrible she was loud, nasty, super sarcastic and blatantly rude what a bad attitude and she did it all sooo disrespectfully without even giving you eye contact as if your just not important snapping her neck I was shocked this person works in labor and delivery !.. and to top it off by having major attitude with my Husband when he arrived as well after rushing worried to get to me he had to deal with her too and felt the same way I did wow !... and than again with my mother I couldn’t believe she could get worst but I was wrong like I said I will never step foot in that hospital again !!! I don’t care what the emergency is Thank god I got to go home and didn’t have to deliver my baby there !!! Never again

Anca Macavei

Ms.Latrenda from MSW Medical Records department at Mount Sinai West Hospital was very professional and kind ! Thank you for calling my ob/GYN trying to transfer my medical records over. Moreover,thank you for being patient and dealing over the phone with a"pieces of work"office manager/doctor's wife from my private ob/GYN office (Dr.Adrian Sangeorzan)!!!

Blerim Hoxhaj

Excellent staf & service, thank you for everything.

William P. Still

went to pick up friend cause staff told them they needed to be signed out when in fact they could sign themselves out... and then there was the smell of the ER that only got worse as you got further into building... this place is a health hazard to all besides being a general detriment to public health and safety... the diesel filled air just outside the hospital was like a country fresh breeze. If the hospital doesn't like this review then take a long walk around the ER and take a deep breath... then change all they saw and smelled.


Uncomfortable ER's reception, insensitive to patient's privacy, unsynchronized information systems between branches, and incompetent outsourced billing service. ER's reception area is quite small and dated, and also with cery limited choice from vending machine. The nurse asked SSN and other personal information during the registration in the ER partition where also squeezed with other patient’s family or friends. Surprised to find out that patient's record at Mount Sinai West is fully integrated at a single web site with the main hospital. and you cannot pay your bills through patient's portal. Its outsourced billing service does not seem to be able to capture all the payable invoices, and its web billing never works. This is not the professional experience I expected from one of the biggest hospital systems in the US.

Friendly Anime Trap

Yep those bad reviews are abs correct. I had the same negative attitude experience with administrative staff when I went in for back.pain, dysentary, and flu symptoms plus derelicted patients from the street seemed to be the only customers... Weird. Dr. Was obviously an attending and was professional and personable yet aggressive with conventional treatments (shots & meds for pain) which I refused knowing the margin for error and possible consequences of intolerance are high for me as sober, drug free naturalist person. The service was awful 4 hours for a chest xray and patient exam rooms and bathroons were not clean! . Poorly organised and Quietest ER I ever saw and I am a mature Health .Care worker myself .Like a ghost town wonder...why lol...triage nurses and discharge nurse total beatches toward sick people & they exam first take care of billing later. so Good luck in f you go there...not the best and certainly not luxury. Was better when it was Roosrvelt and decades ago...Sad that I wasted my time and left feeling tapped out, stressrd out and sicker.


Had all my surgeries here. Best hospital

Priscila Sollito Cardozo

We were really well treated during my gestation and after giving birth. The taxi driver Larry Louis Morse was an angel that cold night. Hope see him again.

Roxi H

Very professional and courteous staff. The Drs and nurses are phenomenal

Cory R

Six days in hell.. from the ER to the miserable stay I don’t even know where to begin. This is the most awful place I've been to in my life. The first incident was me checking into the ER. The Jamaican woman taking my vitals pointed to the door and said "OUT" when she was finished. Not "you're all finished" or "I hope you feel better" but "OUT"! Then I was in the ER for four hours before they relived any of my pain. The doctor checked in and acted like she forgot something and also the nurse promised morphine and then they both forgot to come back and I later found out they both left for the evening. I had to call the hospital to send the patient advocate nurse to my room so she could get the nurses and doctors to do their job and they finally brought medicine. Mind you, this was an infected foot due to a toe surgery. My foot was twice it's normal size! It was visibly clear how much agony I was in. I then proceeded to check in to stay for a total of six days. Some of the nurses were wonderful upstairs.. but the front desk staff was awful. Anytime you need a nurse and buzz them from the room, the front desk answers the intercom and hangs up on you. They don’t send the nurses in unless you call more than once. I waited ONE HOUR for a nurse to come in one day after calling four or five times. My third day in the hospital, some foolish doctor came in and said they were most likely going to amputate my baby toe due to the infection. When the head doctor (Dr. Lantis) came in, he shut that idea down with just a look at my foot, thank God! I called my Podiatrist who has no affiliation with Mount Sinai, and he drove up here to check out what was going on. He was mortified that they were going to just cut my toe off without any reason or cause. Dr. Lantis was the only wonderful doctor out of at least 6 or 7 I’ve seen in the hospital. He cared about my pain, my concerns, and elaborated on everything he planned to do. He avoided all unnecessary surgeries and consulted with my doctor from Lenox Hill to give me the best treatment. The last night I stayed I hadn’t slept for five nights. The younger overnight doctor said he was going to give me Ativan to sleep for the evening. He never put it in my charts.. I had the nurse call him and he said he no longer wanted to give Ativan but gave ambien instead. This is the sixth day I’ve gone without sleep because of another idiotic doctor at this place. Last but not least, the same imbecile doctor who said he was going to amputate my toe, came into my room this morning. He never apologized for his mistake and went to touch my foot for the last time. He started squeezing my toe very hard and explained to his braindead team that he was surprised no puss was coming out. No puss was coming out because it’s a scab with dead skin.. Loser! He just can’t admit he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This hospital is a disaster. I’ll never visit any branch of Mount Sinai after this negative experience. All your doctors need to be fired except Dr Lantis. As a matter of fact, Lantis shouldn’t even be working for such an awful place. I was really impressed by how knowledgeable and caring he was, unlike his colleagues.

Michael R. Bushey

Became paralyzed from waist down both legs while traveling to Boston by bus, Sept.-Oct. of 2016. Received kind and concerned help from medical staff while in hospital. Had to be moved to rehabilitation site in Brookline nursing, left early from rehab, didn’t want to be stuck in nursing home for duration.

Helena S Seminati

The facilities are very lovely, and the staff on the 8th floor neuro ICU have been even lovelier. They are thorough, timely, and personable. They have accommodated me staying overnight for multiple nights while watching my grandmother, their patient. The café in the street-level lobby has a large selection and good seating, though the hours are only 6-6 for the most part. The views from the rooms are nice. There are very interesting historical photographs throughout the hospital.

Juan marecrst

Worst hospital... Went to ER and waited almost 3 hours to see a doctor that never showed up...

Abdul BaBalghoum

Good service

Emily Williams

Mt. Sinai Roosevelt, ER. Hour 4 of our captivity. There is still no sign of the "doctor" people keep mentioning. At first he was supposed to be a urologist, but now he's turned into a surgeon. I suspect he may not be real. No nurse, no resident, no orderly has been in in at least 2 hours. Its true, my boyfriend is not dying at the moment, and as long as his condition remains stable, he will make it to his scheduled surgery 3 days from now. Can we go home then? Please?? The need for contact with some human authority figure is growing harder to ignore. Considering stealing a box of rubber gloves just to feel something.....

Stephen C

Test in futility here. If they can just be more organized they would waste less time and money.

John Alvaro

The staff is amazing, and two of our daughters were born there. I loved our experience within the hospital. It is two stars for me, however, because the Office of the Newborn did not file the paper work for our daughters birth for a full month. As a result we have no birth certificate, no SSN and are going to be barred from visiting our pediatrician.


Just dislocated my shoulder... but the service has been the best I've ever seen in NY... everyone has been really nice... and I haven't been here too long only 2hrs and I already got pain killers, a Tetanus shot, xray, hiv test, now I'm just waiting for results of the xray and for them to reset my shoulder

Manuel Morales

Horrible would be a understatement, the staff including the Doctors are incompetent and negligent. My wife came in through the ER and the refused to do any blood work, the Doctor kept saying what she thinks is the problem but refused to run any test to confirm any of her would be diagnoses. 4th floor spoke reception broke various Hippa laws forcing patients into conversations about there conditions and broadcasting it for the entire waiting area to hear. There are NO medical professionals at all in this building, my wife asked for a sheet they gave her a ripped up bloody sheet.

Tamo Dobor

I can't thank this hospital and their staff enough! I had both of my kids at this hospital and had a great experience both times. Caring staff who listens to your needs and fears, and extremely professional! Thank you so much for everything!

ini Becker

This place is a total scam, I saw an ENT, MD Benjamin Tweel. During our appointment, one of the tests the doctor run, was a sinus endoscopy. Of course at the time I didn't know that was what he was doing, and he never mentioned that was out of the scope of my copay. When I got the bill in the mail, the total for this procedure was: $1,150.00, from which I have to pay $261.46 out of pocket. I contacted the billing center and they told me I have to contact my insurance. What does my insurance have to do with the fact that the doctor scammed me? Not only I do not recommend this place, I am writing this review as a cautionary tale.

Melissa Peterson

As a person with an insurance company, it's like pulling teeth to get necessary clinical updates on my members so that I can advocate for them and assist in discharge planning (if needed).

Sujay Natson

Horrible service and long waiting times for an ER

Anthone Tipawan

The nurses are very polite and strict. Just like my mom. The facility is classic. The revolving door is slow. Security and privacy is top notch.

Pawel Podlowsky

(Translated by Google) Unfortunately something happens. But everything was over very quickly and competently. (Original) Leider passiert auch mal was. War aber alles sehr schnell und kompetent vorbei.

Ivan Dj Doc Rodriguez

Mt. Sinai West Radiology Wonderful Staff, Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Receptionists, Social workers, Nutritionists... All treated me wonderfully during a very challenging time in my life. Ari, you're the Best, your team is great! AAA+

Nilda Parejas

Always on time.

Brian Lee

We had an amazing experience with our newborn and the staff was patient, courteous, and proficient. I have to give two stars for one main reason, the shared postpartum rooms. It’s a crapshoot and the quality of experience depends on your roomates. Full volume YouTube videos, rap music, teenage visitors until past midnight; these could be possible things you’d expect if you’re unlucky. This in itself isn’t really bad if the nurses would crack the theoretical whip on these rabble rousers, but the prevailing strategy toward this behavior is to ignore. It dampened some beautiful moments with our new baby boy, and left a bad taste in our mouths in regards to this location.

Beth S

I spent the day at the ambulatory surgery center and had such a good experience that I felt I should post a review. Everyone I encountered, including check-in desk staff, doctors, nurses, and support staff, was kind and patient, and everyone had a smile for me. Before my procedure, each new person who checked on me or needed to get information took the time verify my identity, and several of them double-checked that I was scheduled for the right surgery and understood what would be done. Although it was repetitive, it was clear this was part of a system to prevent errors, and it felt reassuring to know they took my procedure and my safety seriously. The surgeon and anesthesiologist both took time to answer all my questions and didn't make me feel rushed. The resident and medical student involved in my care were professional and honest about their roles, and I was happy to see learning happening there. My recovery time was uncomfortable (which is normal for the procedure I had), but everyone did what they could to make it easier. They made sure my follow-up appointment was scheduled and that I had clear, simple instructions for what to watch for when I got home. I suppose someone else might quibble about privacy (pre-op and recovery happen in big rooms with only curtains between patients), and some people might feel overwhelmed by the multiple nurses, doctors, trainees, etc. who are part of the pre- and post-op process. But everyone was so professional and pleasant, none of this felt like a problem. Having had plenty of horrible experiences in the American healthcare system, I was surprised at how well-run this place was. Kudos to Mount Sinai and to everyone I met today!

Max P

Great cafeteria.

Yuliya Zborovskaya

this was the worst ER experience ever. I had alcohol poisoning, came in the ambulance, they didnt take my vitals, didnt take my blood or urine or anything to see my alcohol levels. I was going in and out of conciousness....waited about 40mins and they finally asked me to change into a robe, then they just left me. I passed out. "doctor" came by about an hour later, shook the bed I was in, told me to stand up, said I dont look that bad and told me "learn to handle your alcohol, its embarrasing to come to the ER for this"

Attila Oláh

It is impossible to get someone after hours. They advertise themselves as being open 24/7, but they are clearly not. We couldn't even reach them on the phone. Had to go to a different hospital.

Martijn Schuemie

The billing department of St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital is a disaster. They make a ton of mistakes, and for every mistake they try to fix, they make two new ones, making dealing with them a never ending story. Here are two tips for dealing with the billing department I had to learn the hard way: Tip 1: always record your phone calls to the billing department. We were promised a discount over the phone, but as soon as we payed the discounted amount, the discount was not only 'forgotten', but an additional $8200 was added to the bill! (Make sure you mention beforehand that you will be recording, just to make sure its legal) Tip 2: always require a signature for receipt when sending a letter. After we sent a complaint about the way we were treated by mail, the hospital denied ever getting our letter. Its a good thing we have their signature, which will come in handy when we'll take this to court. Of course, the best tip is not to go this hospital at all.


I really want to be a doctor there

Yanisy Fana

First of all my aunt is very sick. They take forever with results. We waited hours in the emergency room !! We finally gets a room and she can’t even sleep in peace , not only do they wake her up to give her meds witch is understandable but she can’t sleep because of all the noice. She’ll fall asleep then someone would talk super loud ! Everyone seems nerves and running around like crazy no one is in peace .

Alexandra Carreras

Had to go to the 5th floor for a procedure. The staff was geniune in their care and concern. Bedside manner was impecable, area was clean and neat.


Had four surgeries at Mt. Sinai West, 3 after they merged and noticed a definite improvement. Very attentive and professional staff. Dilushi, a Nursing Assistant was outstanding in kindness and diligence. I have also needed ER on two occasions - have only praise for their staff also. If I ever need hospitalization again this is certainly my hospital of choice.

Ramon Reyes

(Translated by Google) In that area they are building many BEAUTIFUL buildings this beautiful, I like it. (Original) En esa zona están construyendo muchos HERMOSO edificios esta preciosa,me gusta.

Faith Maria

I recently gave birth, I came for my post partum appointment with 2H and the doctor installed the Marena wrong. I've been trying to get in contact with the 2H office since 9am this morning & still no answer. I WOULD DEFINETLY NOT REFER ANYONE TO THIS OFFICE!!!!! I am still on hold since this morning. I have been getting transferred from office to office for an appointment that I will end up being scheduled for in a week ! HORRIBLE ANSWERING SERVICE !

Carlos blue pony


Ronald Gans

No complaints about the nursing or medical staff at all. I've been there a few times and am grateful it is nearby. The food is another story. It is uneatable. If I'm there again, I'll have friends bring food to me. I mean, it's sickening. And the coffee, well, sewer water probably tastes better. And one comment about the so-called "heart healthy" food: First, no one eats salt-free saltines on purpose. Some "foods" are just awful. Also, unless you are in the hospital for long term care or are on a special diet, there is no reason to provide "heart-healthy" food. I don't eat it in my daily life. If i do I can request it. Once out of the hospital, I'm going back to my daily life and daily diet, i.e., normal food. If they can't make normal food the kitchen staff should be fired. One other comment: I know it's difficult for large institutions to keep up with technology and I know cell phones (and other portable electronic devices) are pretty new but it would be great to be able to charge my devices while in my bed. I cannot. There is one plug facing the bed (but too far away) and another behind the bed and basically too far away. Time for Roosevelt to recognize that portable electronic devices are probably here to stay.

Samantha Williams

I come here when ever I have any emergency medical need because triage is lightening fast and the doctors are all well trained, informative, courteous and efficient where it concerns thoroughness and time. I have recommended this location to loved ones and have recently brought someone there.

Russell Haque

Very much peaceful circumstances and very caring attendance here. They do there responsibilities very professional and authentic way . Very clean floors and they always try to make it better. Nurses, attendants, doctors and other stuffs are very nice and ready for serving any kind of patients necessity with a smile on there face. Wish very success of this hospital.


The worse place to go too , they let a homeless man to die by not treating him due to not having money or insurance or medicare to pay.they changed the name because of the that. a brave nurse blow the whistle on them they had her fired. all I say DO NOT GO THERE I F YOU WANT TO LIVE

Maureen Giammara

We had just flown in from Detroit and were on our way to Manhattan from Teteboro Airport when my friend got very sick - dizzy, blurred vision, etc. She has had some heart problems in the past. We called an ambulance and they took her to this hospital. I have never been to a less sophisticated hospital with support staff so incompetent. It took at least an hour for her to be seen by a physician, the nurse was not helpful, the facility is dated and the care was slow. The physician(s) were good once they came to see her but both gave different opinions. If I had known then what I know now, I would have demanded they take her to a different hospital.

Estefany Rodriguez

I delivered my baby there and I had a great team. They called my OB-GYN and social worker which I was surprised in a good way by the time I had my appointment with them. The recovery room was good too, the food not really. The nurses help you with everything. It was a great experience to be a first time mom. Just be open-minded, prepare yourself mentally, be positive and God got the rest.

Noel Cordero.

Rude, lazy nurses nurses aids and entire staff. The food is terrible, more like jail food. This place is terrible.

Tionna Morales

Horrible staff and waiting areas as well as emergency rooms. This place deserves several lawsuits. Most of the great reviews that they recieve are from staff. The linen is mostly blood stained and tattered, the staff discussed patients personal business in front of other staff and patients which is a direct violation of confidentiality. Be extremely careful, especially if you are pregnant.

Laura Mahan

Terrible hospital. They sent back our client after three times and now he's getting iv antibiotics and will need rehab. They've failed at almost everything.

Fariel Gazelle

unprofessional. point blank. but what else is new?

Saul Ruiz

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Mui buen serbicio

Esther Lerch

They mis-handled my insurance and authorizations. I am now left with the nightmare of deciding which parts of my follow up treatment I must cancel, lest I get stuck with bills for thousands of $$ due to their lack of follow-through. You have to assume that they only make appointments. Do NOT assume ANY administrative competence on their part to have obtained the needed authorizations--even from their own doctors! And yes, this includes in-patient care. It's best to have a family member who can act as your advocate to make sure that you are actually getting the care indicated by your doctor. I gave two stars because the care itself was not on the same level of incompetence as their administrative department. Some of the doctors are very decent people. However, many of the nurses you're forced to deal with... are not.

Serge G

After my my fall from the ladder accident I went to this ER 3 times. First visit was rather pleasant and I would give it 4 star rating. But when I came second time it was nightmare. Regardless of terrible pain Dr Chang kept me waiting for 1,5 in the empty ER since it was 3 am. I had concussion from falling from the ladder, also my neck was hurting on the scale from 9 to 10. Pain was going down from the neck all the way down to my fingers. Sometimes it was hard to breeth and I would turn pale from unbearable painamount to the torture. I ask her if she can order MRI since my neurologist want to rule out internal brain bleeding and check how severe is the nerve impegement in the neck. Also Pain management clinic would give me pain shoots, but only with MRI report. I had prescription for it but outpatient MRI takes a few days to produce an appointment and the report. Dr Chang bluntly refuse to help saying that MRI could've done only if it is possibility of stroke. Because of her actions it took me another day to find the place where MRI report can be produced in timely manner. My terrible suffering went for rather long time and I don't understand the reason for refusal especially since I suffered from pretty bad fall and have medical insurance. I guess some people just choose wrong proffession and instead of helping terribly injured people they just enjoying to prolong their suffering.

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