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paul kabouchy

This hospital should not be closed. They serve the city well with one of the largest drug and alcohol treatment centers in New York City. Our city has the worst heroine epidemic in its history and this hospital has the largest drug detox in Manhattan. I pray they keep the hospital open. What a shame closing one hospital after another while the city is growing so fast. Save Beth Israel hospital

Risilda Laho

I called the Mount Sinai Israel phone number on which Anthony D answered the call. Anthony was a great host via phone. Very Professional and well serviced. This was my first time enjoying a conversation while scheduling an appointment. I rate Anthony's costumer skills and care five star and wish him a promotion.

Carlos Otero

They are taking good care of my daughter what I like about this Hospital hoping she comes home soon....

Steve Juniper

It is hard for me to comment on the ER and ICU as I was either unconscious or delirious a good part of the time. In fact, having had seizures before, and having been advised by my neurologist NOT to rush off to the hospital and having survived just fine, I do not know if it was necessary at all, although I can understand attending EMT people and others wanting to be cautious. I also acknowledge that family members were alarmed and felt hospital to be "safer." It felt silly to stick me into an ambulance for the 200 foot ride across the street to the hospital when a wheelchair would have sufficed (I could probably have even walked), and I was shocked to get a $1285 bill for that short ride. I felt that the EMT. ER and ICU people were competent and caring, presumably following standard procedures. Once settled into my room (I was 5 days in hospital in all) care seemed perfunctory, maybe in part because of short staff due to the holiday. Doctors were rarely and very briefly seen, although friendly and helpful enough. Although the noise level was typical for hospitals, I fail to see why it is necessary to wake patients every few hours to take blood pressure and temperature nor, when I finally got to sleep, to come clattering into the room at 4 AM with a scale to get me up onto to get my weight every night. Hospitals do tend to not be good places to rest and recover. I felt sorry for the wife or partner of the older Asian man next to me when I realized that she was trying to sleep on two hard-back chairs next to each other and wonder if there wasn't some way she could have been made more comfortable. Also, I had a very persistent cough (likely related to throat irritation from being aspirated), keeping me and, no doubt, my neighbor, awake. This seems to me something nurses should notice and do something about. After I finally asked a nurse she said she would look into it, and finally brought me what seemed to be a single cough drop. If this had been something communicable I would, no doubt, have shared it widely. Finally, it took a full extra day and a half for me to be discharged, supposedly because "may papers were not ready." This was just so ridiculous. If my family hadn't been fussy about it I would have just walked out. Could it be that the hospital wanted to keep me there longer so they could charge for an extra day or two when there were little extra expenses to them? I am not complaining about the individual staff members, as they were uniformly friendly and helpful. The system itself needs attention.


Nicest people ever. I've only have had bad hospital experiences, but this place was a blessing. Honestly, everyone was super nice. This didn't just apply to the doctors. The receptionist, nurses, clerks--everyone was so kind. I met Dr. Wolf, the kindest man on God's green earth. My blessings shower on him ever more. I had an ER visit, and can honestly say that this is the first time I had a nice hospital visit.

Richard Rubenstein

The Hospital has been an oasis for patients of the area, providing excellent care, charity care, and a Kosher and Jewish facility for the Jewish NY community. It has provided education and medical teaching to hundreds, maybe thousands, of physicians. Beth Israel has been the source of medical knowledge as well as breakthrough medical advances, not the least of which is the development of colonoscopy. The medical literature has hundreds of peer reviewed articles published based upon the research emanating at the time institution. The giants of the department of Surgery will live on in the history of medicine, not the least of which being Leon Ginsberg, William I. Wolf, H. Shinya, and H. T. Cho. By, Richard Rubenstein, MD.

Michelle Rosario

Came here with terrible chest pains that have caused me to sleep very uncomfortably and hurts when I’m active. I’ve come to this ER in the past for myself and Family members and it’s always been very quick. Today, I Waited about 40 minutes just to have my name called. When I was called they brought me to a room to wait more before getting my vitals checked. The woman that took my vitals was cracking jokes with the EMT and was paying me no mind. After that, waited more and had them do an examination of my heart. Then had to wait MORE. I wasn’t assured that I’d see a doctor shortly.. just told to sit and wait. After an hour and a half, I saw doctors walking around with plates in their hands, eating and talking amongst eachother while people have been waiting for hours to be seen. It was the most unprofessional hospital setting I’ve ever seen.

MT Espada

Meh service, but they will bill you like a 5 stars hospital... then give them more than a year and wait for their "adjustments", they are gonna suck your pockets like nobody else.

Vanessa Sangare

Very sad how they treat patients. They need to remember why they picked this field, if they can’t treat people with kindness (especially since they are getting paid good money ) then they need to leave this field. I work with people minus the healthcare aspect (more social services) and even though I’m getting paid less than a nurse I treat all my clients with respect and kindness.

Jason Braun

Our son was born here. The staff were incredible and went out of their way to help us, the new parents.

Cole Tallerman

I was born here and I'm happy with my life.

Shaniqua Mills

If your insurance have been cancelled or is currently inactive. You will be told that you would be billed $300 for sitting in a waiting chair. They will not help you. I didn't get not 1 pill and i have server flu. They wouldn't even give me a flu shot. If you were dying with no insurance, you'll be dead.

yolanda nunez

my son an appointment at 8: 00 and I recorded at 7:50 a process that would take 20 minutes ends waiting 45 minutes to see the doctor and after test only 20 minute to put a vaccine to me but if you are late 10 minutes I canceled the appointment the rule are for the patient

Nelson Torres

Great staff very attentive & pleasant personality

Jose O. Vergez

Mount Sinai saved my mom life. My mother had a stroke in August 2015 and two subsequent strokes, she was attending montefiore for her follow ups, but for some reason she never fully recovered. She kept having complications, like suffering from vertigo and other things afterwards and on June 13 2016, she had a minor stroke, which affected her right eye. She went to her retina doctor on Wednesday because she didn't know at the time it was another stroke. The retina specialist said it was a stroke and sent her home, me being concerned took her on eye and ear infirmary of mount Sinai on 14th street and they realized it was a serious stroke and immediately transferred her to mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital, on 16th street and 1st avenue, and they immediately gave her a neurologist, and emitted her and gave her 24 hour observation. They adjusted her medications appropriately and gave her therapy every single day. Two days after being there her eye adjusted completely and she managed to recover almost 100 percent. She recovered herself a lot more from this new stroke, than she recovered from the stroke she had in 2015; she looks the same as she did even before she had her first stroke. Really attentive and responsible. Unlike the montefiore, we used to come visit her anytime in the day and in the night, and they never made any objections because of visiting hours, they understood we worked in the day and wanted to visit my mom after hours and they accommodated us. Truly high quality service. I highly recommend the mount Sinai chain.

Mico M

Our second child the staff here are the best.

Michael Kennedy

Fluid ER visit, knowledgeable and polite staff

AbbeyDawn Ruan

Better than other hospital. ER so fast, nice services. Been there few times, every staff is polite.

Em k

my aunt got a shot and had an allergic reaction, they gave up on her! how pathetic. need more respect and help for those in need in this country

Emmanuel Reyes

The doctors and therapist are very helpful and nice, however the nurses are rude and uncaring.

Idk Who

I'm currently staying at the Beth Israel where I have had the worst experience ever I have been here for four days the doctors have not diagnosed me and have no clue what's wrong w me. Although I was unable to hold food I had to beg for an IV so that I could stay hydrated the staff did not properly take care of me or give me medicine without me asking several times my doctor went 8 hrs without checking on me to follow up the thank God I had my family with me otherwise the medical attention I received I would not have gotten in addition to the poor lack luster care provided while I was sick and unable to take care of myself one of the staff members came in my room and stole money out of my wallet approximately a little more than 300 dollars. It's obvious that it's not the first time this has happened and the staff is compromised by not only poor ability in their field but by morals and values. I ask who steals from sick people in your care ? This place is disgusting and needs a serious revamping of their entire system I have never been more offended in my entire life thinking I was going to be taken care of and all I got was taken advantage of.

Ivan S.

Stay away from them. I got overbilled for their lab work, when I contacted them, they said that's what they have in their system and they don't make adjustments. When I refused to pay for the overbilled difference ($70) they transfered my debt to collection agency. Never dealing with this company again. They would rather lose the entire busness then making paltry review and adjustment.

Miss Miss

Their podiatry dept. Is horrible. They mess up appointments. You go in and they say you dont have an appointment today. They are rude & unprofessional.

Damien Biesanz

Worst service ever. Injured my heels skating the four stair in USP and limped for a week and the NURSE told me nothing was broken, I wasn't worth the doctor's time, then the nurse guilt tripped me because I asked for crutches but she gave me them and I was so frustrated with how disrespectful they were I left the crutches there. It's been two weeks or more since the injuries and I still can't walk right. This is an ER in the heart of NYC and the staff needs a reality check. Terrible. 1 star. If it's an emergency what other choice do you have? I want my crutches back.

Veronica Bentley

Had my first baby boy and everyone was so nice and made us feel golden

ISTRHA Santana


Shannon Fitzsimmons

Every time I go the this hospitals e.r they are quick and the staff is professional and nice.


So I’ve been here since 9:00 i was seen at the window then wait I’ve been noticing new ppl coming in and being seen so i ask one of the worker and they said they now have to take the ppl with private insurance first i was shocked like wow long story short 3 hours later I’m still waiting i done threw up fever at 103.00 thanks to the lady upfront feeling a seizure coming oh boy trying to find some one that can give me something to lower the fever now

Jimmie Yang

Stay away from this Hospital.My wife recently delivered Baby and she had to be admitted in NICU as my baby was born premature , nurse in NICU are very unprofessional and rude almost racist esp . nurse Sharon (black lady ) stay away from her,very rude and lazy.

Anna Tokarski

I was treated humanely. Food OK. Stabilized physically. Has a good psychiatry unit, enough to do; balance food.

Rick Fedeli

My girlfriend went to this hospital with severe chest pain and notified the nurse/doctor of her medications and current ailments. She was treated well by the nurses and one of the doctors. The "head doctor" felt it necessary to explain to her that the ailments she was experiencing were because of the medication she was taking. She has been prescribed Adderall for the past 5 years and he felt it necessary to explain to her that she was simply being neurotic and experiencing anxiety because of her medication. He also explained that she should see a psychiatrist after she had told him twice that her psychiatrist is the individual who prescribes her medication. The "head doctor" did not listen to what she was trying to convey about the pain in her chest and she felt it necessary to leave as he was simply rude. Today, she is still experiencing the pain to a point that it brings her to tears. Good work, doc.

Carmen Alvelo

Truly disappointed to find out that the hospital had a patient there last month (August 2016) with Legionnaires' disease. I happened to be on one of the floors where the water could not be used. I was advised to only use it to wash my hands and then use the anti-bacterial soap. Only bottled water - to brush your teeth, towelettes for bathing - no showers and not a peep from the staff...couldn't leave there fast enough......Thank you Mt. Sinai/Beth Israel for your total disregard of your patient's well being....

sarah james

It was quite an experience. The nurse told me that I arrived at the busiest time and day of the week. So, the wait to be seen was very long. Once I was taken back, things seemed to move a lot faster. Overall I spent half the day in the ER, but I was treated well and people were really nice. I think like 3 or 4 different doctors treated me though. So, my only complaint is the amount of time I waited, but they did warn me when I arrived. So don't go on a Monday afternoon! ;)

Yisroel Forta

Possibly the slowest ER in all the world. Like I could book a flight to another city, fly there, visit their ER, get treated, fly home, and still save several hours. Of course, if you're thinking if coming here you probably don't haven't much choice.

Austin Idehen

Couldn't have asked for a better hospital. Very thorough considerate as caring. Kudos to Dr. Alex Fogam and Nurse Alexa Malm. Awesome professionals who know how to make a patient feel safe and secure. Thank you

Neil P McGuinness

I found the medical care to be very good. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would like to thank the staff in the er and 5th floor for the great care I got.


They have their days as everybody does, but for the most part, they're really good!!!

Dana Mitchell

Find a different ER. This facility is dirty. The staff do not wash hands or change gloves between treating patients - I am sure this results in the spread of biological contamination such as bacteria. The nursing staff is extremely friendly and warm but the overall team is disorganized and nothing is written down. Tasks are not recorded. They forget what they’re doing, forget tasks, do not communicate, and this results in a very low service level. The staff forgot we did blood work and when we asked for the results said, “oh, you had bloodwork?” When we arrived our bed was sheetless and no gown. Go somewhere else. We will not be back. I hope I didn’t catch an infection while I was here. This is a disorganized operation.

anthony phillips

No sense of urgency you only get something done when you are on the people working

Alyssa Damico

It feels as if you are being ignored in Beth Israel Hospital. Continuously asking for help loud enough for anyone to hear that I left without being discharged to NYU Medical Center where I was taken care of properly.

Delilah Diaz

Where you come in and get checked before you go in is out to the public I felt so uncomfortable as a female to tell the man who was sweet In front of everyone about the female issues I was having. They send me to a dark room with no lights I was lost looking for the room as well. The nurse comes in and tells me why am I coming at this time in a rude way. She told me she had a "much sicker" Patient and will see me after like aren't I a patient as well? They are asking me private questions for everyone to hear extremely loud. Then tell my bestfriend to leave after they just asked me all these private questions in front of her without asking. Which I didn't mind, Also hear all the other pairnts complaining about their medical problems. It looks deserted in the ER. I wanted to leave as soon as I was done. This hospital needs a lot of fixing up. I should have went to Bellevue. Don't come here !

Luz Morales

I love! Working especially with the staff members 1996- 2005 ; Dr. Villamena and Samuel Acquah, MD and many more staff members, Schneider,Mark Rosen, MD, Frank Acerra, Lenore Winslow, GINA DASCOLI, Ellen who rescued and we all loved CATS. I CAN'T REMEMBER HER NAME BUT I JUST REMEMBERED, KATHY WHEELER WHO ALSO DID PFT. May SHE RIP WITH THE GREAT LORD. AMEN!!!

Diego M. Delahoz

I was born here, my mother gave me the details, from what I hear it’s good.

Carlos Jimenez

Had my baby girl here. The staff here are some of the nicest people I've ever met. They treat you like you're family. They went above and beyond to meet our needs. I will definitely be comming back here if I have more kids!

Diane Firestone

Horrible place! The hospital is filthy and needs to be shut down! My husband had brain surgery there with Dr.Hyjikpanayis! After his very serious surgery, he went on vacation and there was no consistency in his care! He developed infections from the filthy hospital! He passed away after being there for 5 weeks of torture! Go anywhere except here! Stay Away!!

Joseph Rodriguez

Had lung surgery there doctor's were great plus staff but if your put in 10 silver and get assigned nurse zofia your in trouble

Elizabeth Bonvouloir

Perhaps I've been spoiled by Boston area hospitals but the few hours I spent in this hospital's pediatric emergency department was perhaps the most abominable experience I've ever had at a medical facility. The waiting time was prompt and the administrative staff did mostly everything right. However once I actually was admitted as a patient the medical staff treated me with minimal attention and care. No one asked me for any drug allergies, and the nurse proceeded to direct me to take a drug I had never heard of. When I communicated my concern about my allergies she seemed bothered that I would even bring it up. Throughout the visit, I was mostly left in my room alone, visibly freezing the whole time, while I listened to the nurses yell in the hallway about how they didn't want a certain patient administered because she was a daily cocaine user. The doctor spent a brief few minutes with me as I described my symptoms but was incredibly dismissive of everything I said, including past diagnoses I had received from my PCP and emergency department at home. She spent no time trying to determine the source of my symptoms and I eventually fell asleep in the room and left after being woken up and being told there was nothing they could do for me. I ended up having to go to a different ER the following night where I received a proper diagnosis and treatment. The lack of comfort is one thing to be expected from a city hospital, but the lack of thought that went into the actual patient care is a true concern. Administering drugs without taking a proper patient history and being unaware of any existing allergies is reckless and dangerous, regardless of whether the drugs are over-the-counter.

Nathan Lee Bush

I had a minor finger surgery and a two day stay here and the whole experience was abysmal. The room was drab and I had to share it with another patient. The nurses at night were pretty nice, but the ones in the day were some of the least compassionate people I've ever encountered. When I would ask for anything they acted completely annoyed, as though this were not their job. The "food" was the least appetizing and least nutritional garbage you can imagine. Just serving it to patients violates the Hippocratic oath. There was pretty minimal activity throughout. They brought me painkillers every few hours and occasionally changed the antibiotics going through my IV, but that was pretty much it. Not rocket science. So when I got the bill my jaw dropped to the floor. They had charged my insurance company over $27,000 for the services rendered, and that was only for the stay, not for all the procedures that were performed. It would be one thing if the doctors and specialists I encountered there were included in that price, but they all sent me separate bills. Paying them all was an equally byzantine process. All told I received dozens of bills from various vendors. Figuring out what I actually owed to everyone is ongoing and is its own monumentally hellish, surreal enterprise. It required me to tap the two brightest accounting minds I know for help and they were similarly vexed and overwhelmed. That all said, the doctors were competent and I never felt like the treatment was lacking. It's just way overpriced and the pricing is not transparent at all (e.g. a doctor comes and talks to you for 10 minutes to explain the antibiotics choice in what seems like a friendly chat, then a few weeks later you get a bill from the doctor for $540.. what???). This experience was the biggest indictment of the US medical system and the case for universal healthcare I can imagine. It was total usury. Motel 6 service for millionaire prices. Mind you, this was for minor finger surgery and an PICC line insertion, not a heart transplant. In France it would have been free with insurance and a few hundred dollars without. The whole experience was a Kafkaesque nightmare. I guess the only real takeaway is to stay as far away from American hospitals as possible going forward, or medical tourism.

Lydia Wells

don't ever go here for antidepressants! they'll take your things, take your PHONE with no warning, put you in a room with no clock, nothing to do, make you sit for over 3 hours waiting, and then a troll of an RN will berate you and call you a liar when you complain about waiting for so long. then when they finally let you use the phone, that same stupid troll will try to pull you out of your chair and yell that you're not allowed to be there lmao this place is disgusting

Jewels Lei

Horrible, dehumanizing experience. They treated me like a prisoner! Received no treatment, never saw a hospital bed or room, but was not allowed to leave until I gave them my billing information. Would not recommend this place to anyone!

trust one trust one

This place is terrible I will not recommended you to take a loved one there I took someone very close to me the person only needed to be done is dialysis the person could have walked okay go to the bathroom or bedroom then let it this person two weeks there and you believe in water in the lungs and still let him go 2 weeks later how to return the next day they did not take care of the person issue did they not take X-rays they say they still discharge the person words day look to insurance it was a wrap was they couldn't get no more money out of the insurance they want to see the person no more they kept trying to get rid of doing well the person could not believe right on their own they needed an oxygen tank in the beginning when we took them there did they not need no oxygen tank this person could move on their own no problem two weeks in the hospital mount Sinai Beth Israel it's terrible place do not take your loved one there for kidney problems only want to do is look through insurance how can a doctor check on the patient here's the station has water in the lungs and still discharges the person just to return the next day and milk the insurance again terrible place terrible I would not recommend it to my worst enemy

Elizabeth Abdelkereem

I have just spent four days here after a big surgery.I have nothing but absolute praise for such a remarkable team that have taken care of me.Exceptional care throughout from the beginning until the end.Dr S Cates & Dr J Jacobs with their team are amazing and dynamic with pure hearts to give you their very best. I thank you all so very much.


I sat in the ER with my grandfather and within the 4 hours I sat there I realized all the problems of this hospital, the doctors don’t seem to care about patients, three other patients including my grandfather doctor didn’t show for hours, the floor is dirty, patient walk around barefoot, no bathroom close by, you should be able to buy food within a hospital no matter where it might be, it’s like a maze you need to ask where to go which is a wastes time for the people working there and I wouldn’t like in anyway interrupt the care of another patient ...The nurses are never at fault of course their really nice...communication is horrible between the nurses and doctors, I saw a doctor who was late, and she stated that it wasn’t his/her fault when it clearly’s so unorganized and everything is misplaced I’m not implying that being a doctor is easy but if you choose to be a doctor then do it right.

Jenny Pichardo

I’ve had great experience in this hospital. I had my second baby here and I have nothing to say but thanks to the treatments my baby and I had we’re completely satisfied. Thanks to the staff in labor and delivery as well as the family planning.

Horacio Diaz

I flew to NYC from Austin, Texas, and en route I started experiencing chest pains. My wife and I took a taxi from JFK airport directly to the hospital. What a phenomenal experience being a patient here! All the staff from receptionist, nurses, ancillary services, and doctors made us feel comfortable and welcomed. I highly recommend this health institution!


I took my mom to this hospital because she was not feeling well, and i will never come back here again! From 11pm-5am we were sitting in a waiting area (with other patients there as well) in the ER where they checked her and later on did cat-scan.There were other patients there watching. It reminded me of a third world country kind of hospital. Everyone else that needed to be seen was also being checked there which isnt professional at all; I dont need to be hearing if a patient next to us has vaginal discharge; I dont need to smell a homelesses feet because he took his shoes off sitting right across from us. The doctors here are extremely rude; i had asked previously for a bed because my mom was experiencing pain and they said they were full; however, there were about 6 beds that were empty in plain view The only reason we got a bed/room at 5AM was because i told them we were going to leave because we had been waiting for so long with no answer on the cat-scan..HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AVOID THIS HOSPITAL AND GO ELSE WHERE!!

Darius Mychal

If you can stay away from this hospital please do so and save yourself a headache or two! Nurses are all running around but will forget patients at the drop of a dime! I was admitted into the ER and then told I would need to go to ICU in the next hour. 10 hours(no exaggeration)later I finally get a bed and an ice cold breakfast. Doctors can't answer simple questions and the nurses are rude! I had an iv that was bothering my arm a lot and asked if it could be switched, the nurse gets mad and literally snatches the thing out my arm with no gauze! Blood everywhere but she definitely got some words from me. Each person I spoke to had a horror story

John Alfred Cabalsi

I was admitted and the Care team was extremely helpful. The care they provided help me get better faster.


Hospital Service is poor. No urgency.

Isabel Frias

My grandmother was admitted to this hospital and she was staying in the Linsky building 9th floor for 1 and a half weeks, she doesn't speak english and she has difficulty moving and standing by her own, the doctors where great, very polite and nice to her but all the nurses in exception with one male nurse where really rude, the room was dirty, they only cleaned it because one of the patients in the room complained. She use to call them so they could help her to go the bathroom and one day she peed her self because they took too long to go to help her and she stayed like that for hours, they cleaned the bed and everything because my aunt complained. My grandmother was afraid to stay there alone because of the nasty attitude of all the nurses. I just think if you have this type of job you have to be nice, attentive, compassionate and patient, if you don't have does qualities get another job. I know she didn't speak english and it was hard to comunicate with her but with just a little bit of patience and kindness you could work it out.

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Idk what half these negative comments are for. I have been going to their medical center since i was a little girl i live in the bronx n will take an Uber all the to there ER before i go to any other hospital. I have had 3 surgeries in this place n every time was awesome. They met my needs even went the extra mile for me and my family. I never wait more then 20mins for someone to see me when i go to there ER THEY ARE AWESOME


outpatient program needs improvement. not so good at all.

Dolly Figueroa

Dr . John Graney is exceptional and I trust his work.

Neighbourhood Report

We've received various e-mails complaining about the kind of ethical behavior this place and several of it's location have. The complaints have been about the ethical behavior of the Doctor, nurses, and staff in general. The gossip and the unkindness many of the staff has and the unwillingness to improve and changed. We are only expressing the complaints of hospital clients that have had unpleasant experiences.

Lisa Collymore

10 Silver (floor) Building ❤ God Bless their Staff..If I could give more stars I would..most definitely worth it..Thank you tremendously for my dad's surgery after care as well his admit date..You deserve 10


Was given antibiotics before test results received a week later indicating I never needed them. Now I cannot stop taking hem because of "resisistance" as a rude nurse told me. Highly ridiculous. Would never recommend nor have my children here!!!!!!!!


The inly complaint I have is when my husband was a patient and I stood overnight, the small room he was in was sweltering hot. I thought hospitals were supposed to be cold to keep germs away smh well I was sweating so bad that I decided to never go here if I need a hospital, even though the doctors and nurses were great.

Stephanie White

This hospital is terrible. Extremely long wait times. The staff is extremely rude.

Arthur Craig

Knowledgeable doctor with high achievements . They provided nice treatment. hospital is very Clean and Having good arrangements for emergencies.

Jessa Mittleman

In a phrase: bumbling. At every stage, they mishandled paperwork, lost internal communications, introduced errors into patient records, and can't even give out a phone number at which a patient can call back to reach anyone. Maybe they are spectacular in the operating room, but the weeks of incompetance that preceed it leave one with no confidence in them at all.

Helen Chu

If you are homeless, hungry, and need wifi, come on down to Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Here, you can squat in the warm orange pod area, request a tray of hot food, turn up the music on your phone, disturb others with your foul body odor, and toss your garbage onto the floor like a spoiled brat. Step right in, and you might get to see the mess the bums left behind as well as their stench. This place is like Cheers for the homeless, they know the transients by name. Female is Yolanda, male is Taylor. On the plus side, the nurses and doctors are pleasant. However, the transients make the stay here incredibly unpleasant.

Fran Pritchett

It has been an oasis for patients of the area, providing excellent care, charity care, and a Kosher and Jewish facility for the Jewish NY community. It has provided education and medical teaching to hundreds, maybe thousands, of physicians. Beth Israel has been the source of medical knowledge as well as breakthrough medical advances, not the least of which is the development of colonoscopy. The medical literature has hundreds of peer reviewed articles published based upon the research emanating at the time institution. The giants of the department of Surgery will live on in the history of medicine, not the least of which being Leon Ginsberg, William I. Wolf, H. Shinya, and H. T. Cho. By, Richard Rubenstein, MD.

Amethyst A

This place is horrible I would give them negative stars if I could. The staff has no idea what they are talking about the doctors are rude and late. I went there with my younger sister for her surgery I am over 21 and we confirmed several times before to make sure I could go because my mother can't take off work. They said yes it's no problem. The day of the surgery I go in and the nurses say no you can't be here with her you are not her mother. But then they said that if my mother signed the appropriate paperwork they would do the surgery. The nurse couldn't even write the right fax number and i asked to scan via email but the nurse rudely refused. The fax wouldn't go through and then a different nurse scanned it. Why couldn't you do it when I originally asked??! Meanwhile my sister has been starving herself from the night before due to the surgery and anesthetic. My mother fills out the papers and faxes it back to Beth Israel. Everything is sent and then the nurse comes out saying they decided not to do the surgery. The whole time the doctor was almost 2 hours late. This is an unfriendly facility which lacks professionalism and made a young girl cry. Spare yourselves the torture.

b h

Wow I called twice and they just keep hanging up on me when I’m not even finished talking, the people that work there are so ignorant it’s so ridiculous, that’s the kind of staff you hire in a HOSPITAL?

Jimmy Qiu

overall had good experience here for my baby girl's birth. friendly nurses and doctors.

Carmen Perez

My son was admitted to this hospital and the doctors and nurse's are the best

Jamal Henderson

I was born here so it's cool

Atsushi Kaga

I went in for emergency. I was very happy with the treatment I got there. It was a cut on my forehead.

Charlie Shay

Clean, well lit, plus very friendly and accomodating staff. The doctors and nurses are patient, and take their time address your question and concern. This is one of the few medical centers that doesn't make me feel anxious or overwhelmed when visiting.

Ovanny Cerda

the worst hospital so long that I have to wait I went to do an endoscopy and my appointment was at 2:00 and it was still 5:30 and I was waiting not avia eaten anything and I felt bad so long waiting very messy work......

Nicholas A. Heathcote

Food is terrible, as bad as hospital food. Little to no atmosphere, so depressing. What's the theme of this place, death? No parking. The staff clearly favored the disabled. My wife and I waited 45 minutes for service. The bill was outrageous. NO open bar (unbelievable). Staff often shouted and ran down the corridors (I think we all want a safe environment). Not a family establishment. Menu was confusing and expensive. Lots of crackheads. Staff wore silly clothes. Never bringing the wife here on a date ever again.

Shiym Chastanet

Love it. So I've heard a great doctor named Dr. Maria Iandolo New works here and she saved my life when I was a infant!

king kong

Dr.Emil Achmond should be committed to the psych ward I've never had a junior Dr over see my care and flip out because a client is more informed on medication and information then he is , maybe he had a bad day or needs a vacation but the man was unprofessional and kept provoking me left and right , Dr Achmond is dangerous and shouldn't be overseeing anyone's care , I called the Director who then blamed me which I knew would happen she's the head of this snake if he looks bad she'll also look bad , I have the whole situation recorded meanwhile she still tried to justify a doctor speaking to a his patient like I was trash , so I hung up immediately knowing no real outcome would happen , if your seeking help don't go here , they care about getting paid over your care there's plenty of hospital in NYC that will greet you with a smile .

Sharad Davra

non profit medical center which is shown in friends sitcom.


I was visiting my friend who had big expensive room that probably cost 2000$ per day if not more, but the level of care was just unacceptable! Nurse was never there ( and there probably two patients per nurse). We called and waited for her for hours, than other one covering her came with attitude “ why was she bothered “. Patient was not getting appropriate pain control ( being on Tylenol!! For cancer pain, nothing for persistent cough, and overall staff that took “ care” of him looked unsure of what they doing and very cold. I am Medical professional and i have rarely saw such a low level of care even in other hospitals that serve low income areas. Shame.

efrain sanchez

Have a uncle there and the staff there are great with him and everybody they attend.

Shantal Minoso

The entire staff lacks bedside manners, is very unprofessional and rude to the point of being emotionally abusive. They lack empathy and compassion, and walk around the hospital cursing and being vulgar. I was in the ER the first time I went and men on staff were talking about their sexual relationships with women, using profane language. It was disgusting. The second time I went I was accompanying a friend. I was her ride home from the hospital and she didn't have her phone. I called the hospital to get an update on her status. I didn't know my friend's last name so the lady who answered the phone couldn't give me any information. I called back to ask if providing her date of birth would be sufficient. She screamed at me and said that's not how hospitals work. She wasn't willing to work with me to help me figure out a way to check in on a patient, who needed an escort in order to be discharged. Never again.

Moria Fahima

Wow! What an aMAizing experiance. I came here with my mom, she broke her hand. Even though that night was busy we received a professional kind help and support. The staff are generous and understanding and most professional. Defiantly recommended. Have a healthy day.

Sonia Vega

This hospital have been the worst nightmare my sister went in walking and talking discharged her with walking ammonia came out dead...

mashroof hossain

Amazing Hospitality and it has one of the best doctoers there! they took me into the emergency room within the first 12 minutes of my visit!

Mohamed Ibrahim

Good hospital l like such

Christine Marie Peoples

The review does not reflect on the rest of this hospital because out of all of the hospitals in NYC this is the best but on once particular unit in the Bernstein Building until 4B in the evening shift there is a particular male nurse on this day who is caring for my husband was completely rude and disrespectful to towards me just because I tried to make a complaint to him about an action about another patient that disrupted that visit not trying to bring any Drama and came with good intentions to help my husband and this so called nurse decided to verbally attack me and wouldn't even me explain what happened... Instead he assumed I was coming there to cause Drama.. If anything I was trying to fix that present issue so it wouldn't be any further complaints....

It's Called Karma

Horrible unprofessional front desk staff.

Vanessa Pierce

Misha Lebovits

Special good stuff the work with heart!!

mohamed rabeh

I went with my wife to the emergency room because she didn’t feel well. Actually, we went there two times. The symptoms she has were a pregnancy symptoms. However, no one of the physicians and the doctors noticed that. They didn’t even try the blood test. A week later we went to my wife’s primary doctor. She did the blood test then she found out that she is pregnant. In the hospital, they did the cat scan. Thank God the the baby had 3 weeks. Otherwise, the cat scan would effect him. I gave two stars for the location of the hospital, the cleaning and other things. Otherwise, it would be ONE for the physicians and the doctors who saw my wife. I would never go there again :(


Professional and efficient! The nicest staff! I've been here about three times and was seen by a different doctor each time. Every single visit has been pleasant. Thank you!

Daniel Shamir

Thank god they are amazing the best hospital in the city!

Indramatee Vlachos

My uncle had the best treatment there and recovered very fast

Marisol Perez

I was treated like a Queen in the Dazian ward where I birth my twins July 30th, 1998 (six sets of twins were born that day and made history) I love Beth Israel

Robert Garmet

Very nice staff. Very friendly staff. Thank you for everything

Leonardo Vasquez

Hours just to be seen by a doctor this e.r is horrible and unorganized . I mention to nurse that I would leave if the doctor doesn't come soon I would leave and she told me "than leave".

Kathy Fagan

I was so happy with the care I received. The staff was so professional and loving

Gregory Binford

My uncle spent a couple weeks there, one in ICU and the other in palliative unit. The care was great on both units, but after discharge to another hospice facility, which was recommended by the doctor and social worker. There no communication with the receiving facility as his medical records and meds. Tried calling the social worker that worked on his case and was told no one knew who Danielle was. Just wanted to ask a few questions.

Maria Picard

The staff at the ER, paid very close attention to details; for example, an extra pillow, if not fasting, was asked if food was wanted. Doctors and Nurses treated patients with respect, consideration and compassion not only with patients but with relatives as well. The place is clean, security is present. Discharge instructions were given and medicines were explained one by one. In a few days after discharged, received a follow up call from nurse, following up with my condition. I recommend this hospital to all of my family and friends whom near or far try to attend to Beth Israel Hospital. Thank you so much for a fine and well services and treatment. Maria Picard

Molly Cornelius

Family members get care at MSBI & when I've consistently found that genuinely kind and helpful people work there. I've found that generally delays I've witnessed tend to be a question of prioritizing issues by urgency. All New York City hospitals are busy, but I've been in places where wait time had to do with disorganization and apathy. This isn't one of those places. Compassion and empathy makes all the difference in a high capacity hospital. I've never encountered an employee at any level who was anything but respectful, friendly, and eager to help. Signage could be improved for navigation, but fortunately there's always someone to help with directions. I'm also very pleased to know they offer care and comfort to poor and homeless individuals who seek help. It's the only decent thing to do. We all share this city, whether we have a home or not. Hospitals are not designed to be places that only cater to the needs of the fortunate and privileged. Everyone deserves healthcare & compassion. The lack of access to a regular shower doesn't make someone less worthy of respect and kindness. I'll update this review if I learn more of community value.


My mother was admitted to the hospice services on the karpas wing from the emergency room. She passed away three days later.Everyone was compassionate, patient and understanding of her needs and our needs. I cannot say enough about the doctors and nurses and other staff that assisted us through this difficult time. A special thank you goes to nurse "Cookie" on the evening shift. She is an absolute professional through and through in every way. When she arrives for duty, you know she is fully in charge and will take care of everything. What a gem. The entire staff of the 4th floor karpas hospice care were wonderful, and we thank them all.

Huijun Wang

I felt dizzy and numb going to the hospital one night. I did a CT scan with contrast. The doctor didn’t find anything and said that I was overthinking. It was not until I went to another hospital and did another scan did I find out that I had a brain tumor! Wow...

Evan P

Not the best ER experience but I didn't die. Waited a long time to be seen by a Dr and was very hungry and thirsty because I had thrown up just before arriving. Dr was friendly and helpful when he DID end up helping me, but they should definitely try to be more attentive to their ER patients who are waiting for the Dr. I was there for about 4 hours and 95% of that time I sitting on a chair or in a bed alone waiting for someone to come and feeling pretty awful.

Ken Rose

I went to the ER in September and was very well treated by the physician assistant/resident, Avir M, the staff who checked me in, the attendant who wheeled me to the CT-scan, and the nurses who checked in on me from time to time. Even the attending physician, Dr. Nicole Nembhard, was helpful when she spent her ten minutes with me. But I have been dealing with a billing error (scam?) from the doctor ever since. She billed her time with me as out-of-network instead of in-network, and she has refused to settle with my insurance company for the correct amount, which was paid to her right away, back in October. That should have been an easy fix to make, if it had only been a billing error. After four phone calls from me with my insurance company and several tries on their behalf to resubmit the claim correctly, the bill for the outstanding amount went to a collection agency and now threatens my credit score. It is now March, six months after the ER visit, and we just had a lengthy three-way call between my insurance rep, her billing rep and me. The result is: she still refuses to settle for the correct amount that is due to her as an in-network physician and is still holding out for the extra $300. Is a visit to the ER worth six months or more of billing headaches? I don't think so. Next time, I will take my business elsewhere.

Ashley Lambert

Fast ER, however even though my medical conditions pointed to one diagnosis, all the staff did was pump me with pills and send me home. Glad I was able to come back home and be treated by the ER in NC before my spleen ruptured.

Jamien Ayala

Very nice hospital and the staff is friendly and helpful

Aditya Taneja

I had the most terrible experience at this hospital. I came in with a fever and was referred to the ER by the urgent care that I had gone to prior so it was urgent/emergency. I had to wait for over an hour to be "triaged" due to shortage of staff. The lady at the reception treats people like they are animals. Complete lack of respect. The people waiting next to us consisted of drug addicts, some bleeding/ beaten up, and we really feared for our safety. The doctors inside (once I finally saw them) were patient and seemed competent however the wait time was about 2.5 hours for results. Overall - terrible experience. They still bill you the blown up amount however offer a service that should be driving them out of business in a competitive market like New York City.

Alida Casiano

safe my life so many times

Millie Ortiz

Great hospital vascular doctor Dr.grossi did my left leg b.k.a. people treat me very well,nurse ,kitchen service,food, great, floor room 10 silver room 5 very clean ,cleaning service great god bless the whole staff. Thank you very much

Linda Weiss Zehngut

I was a heart patient there in July.....was taken there by ambulance suffering a heart attack....grateful to still be alive..,.treatment in ICU was great....once I was moved from ICU to a "regular floor", everything changed....the care was awful.....the atmosphere looked like a homeless shelter.....I hated it ....I checked myself out of that dump......

Nick Davis

Very nice staff. Very friendly staff. Thank you for everything

Jonathan Torres

Their Impatient unit is the worst as they mix people with minor mental health issues with people with severe mental issues and expect nothing bad to happen then security is awful and late to respond sometimes never called. Can't trust the doctor's as they continue to break the confidentiality papers you sign off on and share information with the nypd, F.B.I. and maybe even over the dinner table too. If you have a beating heart go to montiforie or NYU, mount Sinai is a last resort hospital.

Phil DeVries

Overall a very good experience; the EMTs who picked me up were very friendly and reassuring, and the doctor who oversaw my care in the ER was attentive and personable. They had me waiting in there for a very long time, but made sure I was comfortable, feeding me and giving me Vicodin for the nagging pain from which I suffered. They treated my injuries very well, and generally did there jobs aptly.

Rich H

Awesome hospital with an even better staff.

Matt Ginsburg

The nursing and PCA staff on 10 Silver were truly amazing. I cannot say enough good things about them!

Stephanie Golden

Don't go here unless you wanna die , doctors discharged me twice with blood in stool ; only to go to ny Presbyterian to find out I had c diff

Dee M.

The emergency room fast and safe and the staff was very polite and caring I really like the hospital I hope the hospital will be there in the future for all my needs Thank you

Brennen Awana

I took my wife here when she felt some extreme pains in her lower abdomen. They treated us very well but the wait was about 25-30min. She was released 2 hours later with a prescription for antibiotics for a possible UTI. A later analysis from our regular doctor said that it was not a UTI. Our bill came out to a little over $2000! A ridiculous amount that we are now struggling to pay back. Isn't it a little too much?

maria alfeiran

Thank you for helping my mother while she was pregnant with me

Brad Walter

I have been a patient of this Beth Israel for 10 years the experiences I've had where I was treated like a human by the administrative staff are few and far between.

Katie Chung

Extremely slow and disorganized. Dr. Adams spent 30min regaling anyone who'd listen about his recent trip to Japan instead of attending his patients. The rest of the staff was quite friendly and professional.

J Rosario

While my child is a healthy baby he was nicked in the face during my c section. I had some painful episodes and some of the nurses were really nice while others were just ghetto. I was lucky to get a private room but maybe I got it because of my sons face smh. Not one nurse tried to help me breastfeed my son even though they are supposed to be pro breastfeeding. The lactation consultant was nice but I only saw her once for about ten min. Overall I don't think I'll be returning.

Donna Carlin

This is a review of their outpatient Center for Integrative Medicine. My son and I have both been patients here. I have been very happy with the medical care and with the fact that the health care providers are extremely well informed about both traditional Western medicine and various alternative therapies including herbal remedies. We have used Dr. Pamela Hops for Family Medicine, including pediatrics, and Dr. Sezelle Gereau Haddon who is an ENT.

κιβωτος του παιδιού

Wow I read all negative comments exoeticed people an thank God I stop the idea go do my surgery there!!!!

Aniya Maldybayeva

Nice stuff, didn’t wait that long

jesse williams

The doctors here are horrible had us sitting here waiting for a doctor over an hour..i only see two staff working while i hear the other doctors in the lounge just laughing

estrella mundos

Had difficulty with the staff in the beginning. Things started to look up when i pressed issues that I was having. All in all,the food was so so and the hospitality was four star

Anthony Web Knight


Kira Capizzo

They treat me really well. Always polite, work with me not against me.

Tyrone Delgado

My sister baby died and that hospital so i dont trust them at all

cindy m

I would Not have given any stars but had to in order to write a review The Worst Ever Hospital!!!!!!! And I Mean The Worst Ever.....!!!!!!! If you need a Hospital find somewhere else to go to. ER for 8 hours. Admitted the Ignored for 2 Days Do Not Go There if you need any Medical attention...!!!!!

Joseph Wallace

Another organization that doesn’t understand or care about the definitive of “ appointment “. I only wish I knew who to repay the disrespect to. 11:30AM appointment. 1:30PM and still waiting.

Jade Chen

Extremely non-professional nurse on the floors. Nurse gave out wrong medicine to patient. and never be on time for patient medicine. My mom staying in this hospital for almost 5 days and they still cannot get her medicine correctly. Will never go there again. And not recommended for others.

صهيب العراقي


Juanita Gordon

They care alot about their patients, not only physically, but emotionally.

Real ThaMaskRapper

I have nothing bad to say about this place the staff from the nurses the doctor when they answer the phone everything is on point especially that Spanish nurse on the 8th floor thats thick and cute , thank u ms. Shay / jj / social worker for helping my dad .

Ismeli Vargas

Horrible place!! The nurses and doctors take their time fo everything!!!! I waited in pain for 3hours!!! Don’t come here unless you want a headache and to be just plain aggravated. Got me sooo angry

Morris Levine

Nemerous of times I went to the Emergency Room for a Chrones Disease Flare and the Dr refused to treat my pain with opiates. I do have a pain mgmt dr that there under the impression that the pain mgmt dr is the only dr that can prescribe me opiods even as a dr any dr can prescribe opiates or NP or P.A . The only thing with PAs work under a Dr's license and NPS work under ur own License. Some Drs cross the board have a such of a negative hangup on prescribing opiates and some Dr's give it like its candy. If i was a DR i would be a DR that would prescribe opiates if I knew that the paitent is in pain and being treated by pain mgmt . I would contact the pain mgmt dr and ask if it would be ok if they get opiates from me. If they tell me no we dont want that than i have to go what the dr says. Pain is very subjective to everyone differently.


Had to wait 8 hours for a bed after surgery. Nurses are really nice and helpful. Food is okay, soup is blah. Overall facility is clean.

Matthew Claro

MY grandmother recently had open heart surgery. Beth Israel did everything they can to make her feel at home. I would give 6 stars.

Monjur Murshed

Nicest people ever.

Rachael Franks

Came to the ER with appendicitis. The nurses and doctors were fantastic. Ending up having surgery here as well with Dr. Taylor and his team was great. If you have to end up at the hospital, make sure it's this one.


After a door smashed into my head, I was taken to their ER. The staff is friendly, and they do try to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

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