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Anthony Petrullo

I’m 1987. My grandfather died in this hospital due to mount practice,in 2017 my uncle died in this hospital the whole time he never got the proper care in this hospital but his insurance did,,,,,And now not by my choice my uncle is In here and the whole hospital is clueless yet these are the people who take care of people but bury there mistakes when all said and done I am filling a suit against this hospital

Micah McDonald

Be incredibly careful. This hospital has predatory and unethical billing practices. They will never send you an itemized. And they will bill you for previously unveiled charges years later in an effort to scare you into payment for things you have no idea what they are charging for. Avoid this place at all costs.

Mary-Kate Ertugrul

Absolutely horrible experience. Avoid at all costs.

Omar Abouzeid

Made me wait 4 hours to check out my head injury never going there again

Denise Moylan

Went to emergency room with my 13yr old in lot of pain. Think its her gall bladder and they left us sitting there while thwy took 6 other ppl before us when they were not as serious. This is crazy. I had to speak to a supervisor in orderfor my daughterto be seen.

Jonathan Bratt

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Boiardo and his staff at Hoboken University Medical Center. This past weekend my mom lost her balance and broke her wrist. Having seen Dr. Boiardo in years past for another injury, she reached out to see if he could see her. Dr. B let her know that he was working at Hoboken University Medical Center that day and should come to the ER so he could personally evaluate her condition. As it turns out, she was in pretty bad shape and he immediately got his team assembled to conduct the surgery the following morning. Dr. Boiardo even came in on Memorial Day weekend, when he was scheduled to be off, to perform the surgery to ensure my mom received the best care as quickly as possible. The staff at Hoboken Universal Medical Center was attentive, caring, professional. We will always use Dr. Boiardo for our orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation needs. Thank you Dr. B!


NOT recommended

Yoselin Thompson

Christopher Seshadri

Went to see Dr. Haroon Faraz for echo stress test. Needed to make sure I’m primed and ready to drive our tech company PhotoSesh to new heights. Got some great insight. Everyone was on point and had a lot of great advice. The entire staff was amazing, made me feel comfortable, and we had some great laughs. Good good people here. Love the culture. And Dr. Faraz is also hilarious but also very serious and concerned when discussing health, diet, and lifestyle. I can tell he’s a very intelligent guy, really with it and with the times. Had deep knowledge of the history all the way up to the current developments of his industry. He was referencing some very recent ground breaking studies from Harvard. All of which were relevant. These studies were just weeks old which further confirms Dr. Faraz is very “on point” even with the latest advancements in healthcare. He has set me up for success in both work and to live a long healthy life. Highly highly recommended. Christopher Seshadri CEO, PhotoSesh

Brittney McCord

I’ve just given birth at Hoboken University Medical Center and their staff was absolutely amazing! The nurses were friendly and took great care of me. The doctors were great, they kept me very informed of my situation and rectified any problems before they begun. I would recommend this hospital to my friends and family. Two thumbs up to DR. Gressock for delivering my beautiful baby boy

Svini S

I just delivered my 2nd child at HUMC. They have recently renovated the maternity rooms, and it is a huge improvement in the overall look, feel and functioning of the place. You get your own big private room with a roll-out sofa bed for the hubby/family. The nurses are phenomenal - special shout out to Marci & Marilyn who patiently walked me through a natural labor and mothered me when I was done & Sue who let me completely rest and took care of my baby in the nursery at night. Dr. Fernandez & Dr. Ahn helped deliver my baby with ease and made labor induction less scary :). All in all, a 5-star treatment.

Daniel Jordan

HORRIBLE hospital. Lazy and rude staff, I can’t stand this hospital. My little sister is in their crisis center at the moment and she’s going through hell. She’s admitted the bathrooms are an utter nightmare. The other children in the same facility are completely unmanaged. I got reprimanded for just hugging her! This is absolutely ridiculous. As her older brother(18), I should have the right to see her. These programs are meant to help people but this is tearing our family apart. I can’t imagine that she would try seeking help after this, this is absolutely Traumatic. PLEASE DONT ADMIT YOUR KIDS HERE. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE PROPER VISITATION. It’s their way or the highway. Please. Please. Please. Find other options for your kids. Please! UPDATE: She is back home and described her stay in detail. The bathrooms that these patients have to use are disgusting. It smells of urine and the towels stink of sweat (we weren’t allowed to give her blankets or towels due to rediculous regulations). The food is typical horrible hospital food which often made other kids sick (we weren’t allowed to bring any snacks for her whatsoever). Even the floors are so dirty with grime and debris that they patients have to constantly have footwear on at all times. Honestly, this seems more like a prison than a facility to get help. These patients are not allowed outside AT ALL. No sunlight, no fresh air. There are children ranging from (what she’s seen) 11-17 years old. She met people who admittedly were drug users and dealers as well as children her age who had simple issues such as anger problems. They all get crammed into one and HAVE to socialize. “alone time” lasts 1-2 hours a day, otherwise you can’t be in your room and have to be around the other patients. I’m disgusted at what my little sister had to go through. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE.

Jason 1776

Brought 85 year old in severe pain Has this been going on for awhile Yes We can't do anything Can you prescribe tramadol? No Took x rays tho but after 4 weeks still don't have them available!!

Vincenzo Grasso

i don't know how this bunch of incompetent,dishonest, douche bags are still in business?? Last year I had a disc hernial problem I could not move. First they did not give me a flat bed when I arrived, i told them i can't sit , they told me if i can't sit on the chair i can't go in .....such a douche! Than , after the insurance question torturing me on the chair, they let me in. they gave me a shot and after 4 hr they told me i have to leave. i told them , i could not move. they forced me to leave. 6000$ for a shot and so rude treatment.

Mecky Alonso

Caitlyn B

Like many others, if I could leave negative stars, I would. I’m new to the area and I was seen in the ER for a severe headache. Insurance went through fine and they discharged me. They scheduled a remote follow up appointment with a nurse practitioner and I paid my usual co-pay. She recommended I have some lab work done and I asked about pricing and she said it would be the same as an office visit. I arrive at the hospital and get checked in and they tell me that I am in-network and have no copay and that my insurance will cover all costs and that “off the record,” if I receive a balance from my insurance I should dispute it. I ended up having to go twice because they sent the wrong lab request. A month later, I got notice from my insurance company that I met my out-of-network deductible because of the labs and that they won’t pay because it was THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over what would be considered normal and reasonable to bill for the work performed. I literally could have had a major surgery for cheaper than this routine diagnostic lab work. This hospital actively practices price gouging. I’ve already called my lawyer and am planning to report them.

Abdelwahed Tazi

Stay away from this place. They are liars and thieves. They will keep you in there under false pretenses to rack up the bill and then lie about it.

Mawel Soler

I go hear for my physical therapy. Place was clean and staff was friendly

Tomer Lancewicki

This place is a nightmare! We are dealing with their unreasonable bills for almost a year now after my son was born. I wish I were able to put less than one star.

Joanne Lin

I delivered my first child at HUMC in April and had a fantastic experience. The facility was recently upgraded and each maternity suite was spatious and private. However, what made the experience truly exceptional was the L&D and maternity ward staff. The nurses were so warm and caring and tended to all our needs (baby, mom and dad). Marlita and the team in L&D were informative and calming as they shepherded me through 24 hours of labor! We stayed in the hospital for multiple shift changes but all the nurses were accommodating and helpful as we navigated the first few days as parents. They were respectful of our preferences and never pushy. All in all, a Great place to deliver!

Marlen Hernandez Perez

Demasiado tiempo de espera, para que viniera el doctor casi una hora, solo por vómitos estuvimos 3 horas y pico esperando sólo para darle medicamento una vez y ya.

Rafael Perez

No dipiers for patients was told bring your own by nurses pillow cases filled with sheets and blankets instead of real pillows as at this time she can't get meds because they can't find her viens huge difference from last November thru Dec that she was here I had been recomeding hospital to people but no more not after the experience we are going thru now


Andrés Saldarriaga

I Was there and everyone was so professional and qualify

Judy Gindi

Adriana Dominguez

Waited over an hour and half for a scheduled appointment for an ultrasound. Very unprofessional and no updates given... still waiting

Tania Vega

If you wanna live go else where the staff in the emergency room are nasty don't care about your health


(Translated by Google) Why kindly attend you (Original) Por que te atienden amablemente

Haresh Singh

Sonrisas Diaz

(Translated by Google) A very good hospital you are treated to the best staff very educated with love of neighbor (Original) Un hospital muy bueno te atienden de lo mejor personal muy educado con amor al prójimo

Lorelei Morrow

If I could give less than one star, I would. This organization does not deserve to be called a hospital, and certainly NOT an emergency hospital. I was struck by a car while riding my bike, and I sustained a major injury. The nurses and technicians handled me without an ounce of worry about what pain I may have, or what injuries I had. The doctor gave me a recovery time of a week and a half, and it has now been a month and a half and I am still not recovered. The billing department is impossible to get in touch with, and I am now solely responsible for submitting payment, as they continually neglect to SAVE the police report information I have submitted. Save yourself time, from pain, additional injuries, and headaches and take care by going to another hospital where you will receive the medical attention and respect that you deserve.

Ben Bird

Rinky Patel

I am writing this review while supporting my relative in L&D in this hospital. The nurse who is taking care of my sister has no smile on her face and not even making the patient feel better if we ask her why the labor pain isn't getting better with epidural, she answers back with another topic. She is mostly sitting on her computer and lazy to stand up and look at the patient. The anaesthetist hit the wrong spot for epidural and the patient is still having terrible labor pain. They offered redoing the epidural after 4 long hours. Over all I would give negative star to the hospital and staff. Avoid coming to this place. I could have drive my sister to somewhere further at better hospital for delivery.

Ana rodriguez

Jenna v

Lisa & Dave Gardner

Amazing experience - considering we were there for an emergency appendectomy. My husband & I got there around 7:00 am on a Saturday morning & my pain was unbearable. The patient staff at Admitting was so friendly & kind as I cried through telling them my information. I was seen right away by a nurse (Amber) who was a rock star. When she came in to check on me, she was so funny & helpful, I almost forgot I was in pain...well almost. Seriously, Amber is amazing. I cannot stress that enough. I was seen so quickly from getting in for a CAT scan, to seeing Doctors, then to getting in for surgery. The staff was so informative to my Husband, who was in full panic mode, they really eased his mind. They even allowed him to stay with me up until the moment I went under the knife. When I was out of surgery by noon, just hours after I got there, they had my lunch waiting for me in my hospital room & someone was there to take my dinner order. The nurses were very attentive up until the moment we were discharged at 9:00 pm that night. It was such a great experience, again, considering I left one organ down from when I walked in. :)

Sabrina Browne

The absolute worst care I’ve ever experienced at hospital. The check-in reception is kind and wonderful, while the ER nurses are beyond rude and highly inconsiderate to patients. The attitude and eye rolling, stating that patients wait “5-6 hours to see a doctor” is simply unacceptable. That’s not what someone needs to hear when they’re having a life emergency. I would not recommend this location. Go to Jersey City or NYU Langone.

Monchi Ferretti

I can't believe it, I was here with my daughter from 8 am and it is 12:50pm and the doctors only came in two times and my daughter still waiting for medical attention.

Tina Trzeciak

Tatiana Boltacheva

It's my first review on the internet. That's how impressed I am. Yesterday, I came in with severe dizziness I couldn't help with. I was already laying down in the room within first 10 mins. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. Everyone: doctor, nurses, the guy who was transporting me to the MRI and the guy who did C scan. They all made me feel so much better. Also the lady that came in and did my blood work and another one who did the glucose test. Big thank you to the nurse that discharged me. She was very nice! I am sorry I didn't pay attention to the names as my head was turning really bad. It was hard for me to remember everyone . It was a shift after 7pm until 10:30pm on July 21st, 2017. The doctor came straight to the deal. She was very professional and und understanding. I had C Scan within 40 mins of admission. The hospital is very clean and I can tell they do care about their patients. My sister works as a doctor on ambulance back in Russia. And my brother was also a doctor. I know how difficult this profession is. They save people's lives and get to deal with very raw situations. Yes sometimes the doctor is taking long to get back to you but trust me they don't browse pictures on the internet and certainly don't sit and wait to make you mad. They work really hard to save your life! Thank you !

Gaby Saa

Stalin Sanchez

Nice people.. very kindly

Anonymous Blogger

The people there did not seem to care about me. They hooked me up to a machine, took tests on me, never told me why they were doing it or even what they were doing. When I told them about a serious problem I was having, they didn’t explain why it might be happening or help stop it from continuing. This was my second time at this hospital in the ER and I have not felt comfortable there either time. I do not trust the people as they never tell me what’s going on, even when I ask questions, though I will admit there was one very nice person helping out who, whenever she was there, made me feel more at ease. There’s only a handful of people here who are nice, and it’s because of them that I am rating the hospital two stars instead of 1.

Richard Rosmarino

Edwin Torres

maykel rodriguez

(Translated by Google) This is the worst place to go at night when I went I said it was happening to me and the reason and the fat woman who was there to help me got gossiping with another person until I call 2 person and tell him about my 3 hours waiting and nothing and what I did stood up and I left with how bad it was or went behind me so that crap of place I never go here again (Original) Este es el peor lugar para ir de noche cuando yo fui yo dije que me pasaba y la razon y la gorda que estaba ahi de ayudar me se puso en chismear con otra persona hasta mas llamo a 2 person y le conto de mi 3 horas esperando y nada y lo que hize me levante y me fui con lo mal que estaba ni fueron atras de mi para que porqueria de lugar nunca mas voy aqui

pepe Gras

Great job dr. Fernandez and the group thanks

Sandy Hassan

Why are you only supposed to bring 2 people,and why only the husband and kids.Also I asked if they have food I was hungry they said we are to busy. I was pregnant and hungry. AND I didn't get to see my kids. They were crying when I called. There is much more but I'm the stumped on the front desk guy. HE IS RUDE AND IMPOLITE.

Catherine Gomez

(Translated by Google) Excellent hospitality, clean hospital, nurses with good care, and especially speak Spanish. Excellent!! Very very good attention

Jose Gomez

Too long of a wait

Ally Liu

Never go here for ER...They may give you the wrong diagnosis, and call you back for another ER visit, twice in 3 days....Just don't go. Try other hospital if in real emergency...

Liz Morris

The worst. I tried to get a certain kind of CAT scan there. Took me about three hours to make the appointment (the lady was so confused, rude, and unhelpful) three weeks in advance. Day of, took another 45 mins to process paperwork when I got there (at least that gentleman was nice). Then I waited. And waited. Two hours in (past my appointment time) I was told they didn't do my test. So I personally contacted my doctor and asked if they could do a different kind of test. My doctor said sure, I passed the information on to the reception, and they took my paperwork again. Then I waited again. An hour later, I asked for my paperwork back so I could leave. Their manager came out and informed me (again) that they couldn't do the test without a new script. So what was I waiting for??? I told him it didn't matter anymore, took my paper, and left. Literally the worst. How did they even let me make an appointment for a test they didn't have? They wasted my entire day and didn't even really seem to care. They let me roast in the waiting room for going on FOUR HOURS before I decided I'd had enough. Don't ever go to this hospital.

Fatima Bawoh

I don’t know if the people who work there are unhappy with their jobs but it shows from their actions! From the way they answer the phone to being seen at the clinic and waiting 3 hours to be seen even though you have an appointment!!

James Fitzgerald


Bilal Arshad

She is buteyful

Brenda Colon

(Translated by Google) Waiting time almost NONE, kindness 100%. I went for outpatient surgery, I arrived at 6am and left at 2pm. Fair and necessary time to receive the treatment, guidance and everything necessary. Very comfortable with everyone. Friendly, helpful and compassionate staff. (Original) Tiempo de espera casi NINGUNO, amabilidad 100%. Fui por una cirugía ambulatoria, llegue a l as 6am y sali a las 2pm. Tiempo justo y necesario para recibir el tratamiento, orientación y todo lo necesario. Muy a gusto con todos. El personal amable, servicial y compasivo.

martha callejas

Worst hospital ever my husband almost died he stayed for a week with perforated colon all he needs was surgery they didn't do anything until he signed out of this trash hospital and went to maryland to another hospital where they did emergency surgery.


Jose Smith

Worse run hospital i ever been too... no wonder medical mistake is the 3rd leading cause of death in the usa. This place only cares about your money and there census. This place is dangerous and I would highly highly recommend you going else where. There E.R is terribly and dangerously understaffed at night. This hospitals with there terrible management should really be shut down

Queen Aston

I've only been to this hospital three times. Once was for a broken nose. The other for a laceration which needed stitches. The third because I aggravated the stitches. Each time I was in and out quickly. The first two times, Staff was courteous and kind. On second visit when I was receiving the stitches my Doctor took the time to make sure I was properly numb before beginning. I opted for no pain medication. So maybe she was being extremely generous with the lidocaine. But I didn't feel anything. The stitches were done well. However, on my third visit. I had a very similar experience described in the other reviews. Person taking insurance information was rude and had a bad attitude. The Doctor prescribed tramadol when I am allergic to morphine. I understand it gets busy. But I have been to this hospital several times. They have my file. It should be notated Morphine allergy and prescriptions done accordingly. Which is the only reason I am not giving them 5 stars. One experience out of three doesn't warrant a bad review.

Stephen Shecora

This was one of the worst places to go for help. I broke 3 ribs and waited for hours to be told that there was nothing they could do. The staff were poorly trained and rude. Forget asking the nurses for help! you had to pri there cell phones away to get there attention. Just a sad excuse for a medical center.


stupid, stupid, stupid. After waiting an hour to get checked in for a blood test, I was told they don't do blood tests for NYC doctors. STUPID

Alexandra Sahni

THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE. THEY ARE CHEATS. I HAD AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE WOMAN, Dr "Sabrina" or something. She made me wait for an hour and then spent FIVE MINUTES WITH ME. She did not examine me she did absolutely nothing and seemed completely uninterested in my problems and concerns. WORST BEDSIDE MANNER EVER. Then they had the nerve to send me a bill for $80 after collecting $300 from my insurance company. THESE PEOPLE ARE CHEATS GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Alizze love

Jason Reina

I can corroborate the price gouging that has already been mentioned in previous reviews. I went to the ER at Carepoint in March to get Xrays taken to make sure i hadn't broken my ankle. I went pretty late and was seen relatively quickly, took a couple Xrays and was dismissed quickly with an ankle sprain. What i learned later while dealing with billing is that each visit is given 'points' starting with when you are admitted to triage. The more time and resources used in triage, the more points you accrue and as you accrue points you go from Level 1 up to Level 4 in charges. My brief Xray and dismissal somehow accrued enough points where I was charged as a Level 3 visit for $8250 before charging for Xrays (an addiitonal $1500). In total $9750 for an X-ray of my ankle. Even though insurance picked up a portion of this, we're left paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for subpar service. Unless you are dealing with a real emergency avoid going here. *During the entirety of writing this review i've been on hold waiting for customer service to explain how my service qualified as level 3.

Rene Martinez

If you wanna wait 4 hours to be seen then come here and waste your time


Worst service ever. I was born in this hospital and I'm ashamed to say this. For results on a cat scan I waited 3 hours. All nurses on their phones. I don't know how many times I have requested for a nurse and now it's been two hours since I seen one. This was suppose to be a simple am I okay check up send me to my doctors with specific requests but apparently it is now become rocket science.


7 grand for fractured hand and didn't do much

Lydia Rodriguez

This hospital is a nightmare my 2year old was in the emergency room,pediatric he had a high fever kept throwing up not one nurse came to check up on him his sheets were all thrown up on they didn't give me new one all they wanna do is give everyone IVs like they become millionaire for each IV smh they poked my son 3xs it took an expert to get it right I was there with him all day until 4am till they finally brought him up to the 5th floor pediatric for kids there they caterd to my son the way the emergency needed to my son had the worst experience in Hoboken medical I hate this hospital seriously they have alot of valentears n no official RN a week later I bring my newborn witch I shouldn't have and again they wanted to put an IV so they put it wrong and his hand was literally the color purple he was only 3 days old I made them take it off because I knew something wasn't right the ONLY FLOOR thats great in this horrible hospital is the 5th for maternity and pediatric I give the 5th floor 5 starts everything els may god have mercy on ur souls

David Brown

Yes everything about deceptive and insanely shady billing practices is true. Overcharged us on an ER visit to the tune of 5 figures for an xray, wrapping a sprained ankle and an RX. Now I’ve come to learn that this and the Bayonne location are amongst the most expensive hospitals in the entire country!! Avoid at all costs.

Christian Perez

Sandra Caramballi

(Translated by Google) I am very sick and when I go they send me to look for a specialist. The last diagnosis was unsuccessful I was told that I had one thing that I did not have (Original) Yo estoy muy enferma y cuando voy me mandan que busque un especialista. El último diagnóstico fue fallido me dijeron que tenía una cosa que No tenía

Sage Harris

I had my first child here. The experience was less than satisfactory. My doctors from my OBGYN office were great. I'm speaking mainly of the hospital staff. Being a first time mother and obviously never having been through labor I felt I received no guidance from the nurses. One nurse inserted my catheter very painfully. I had to complain several times before another nurse came in inserted it correctly. I was left alone the majority of the time I labored. The anesthesiologist spent several painful minutes trying to insert the epidural. I believe he had to poke me at least 4 times before he got it right. My husband could barely stand to watch him it took so long and looked so painful to him. Of course not as painful as the contractions, but my husband is not squeamish. The same anesthesiologist very loudly and over my doctor and everyone else after my child was born proclaimed, "It's a boy!" to the entire room. We did NOT have a boy. After the baby was born in the next day or two a nurse came into my room to check my IV, blood pressure, temperature, etc. She was clearly sick. Sniffling, tissue in hand wiping her nose, coughing. I contacted the nurses station and stated that I did not want that particular nurse to be allowed back in my room. I just had a baby and have a helpless newborn for crying out loud, use some common sense! They tried to tell me she wasn't sick that dust in the building was irritating her allergies. Well, ok how about we just test that theory out on me and my newborn. I full on believe that's how my husband contracted the flu in that hospital while I was there. Thank goodness he didn't pass it on to us. However, my child did get some never explained to me how she got it or what it was infection on her little feet. One of the hospital doctors had the nerve to ask me if my husband cheated on me and could have given me an STD. Like, seriously? I was tested not once, but twice for STDs in my normal prenatal exams and got that precautionary shot they suggested before the birth. But let's just assume my husband is a scum bag cheater because you couldn't figure out what the infection was. Luckily with that a simple cream cleared her up after we got home. I never brought her back to that place and got her another doctor. I'm currently pregnant with my second and there's no way I would ever consider giving birth here again.

Brenda Zapata

Abderahim Salhi

I had my wife to deliver our 1 st baby at Hoboken university medical center , we really have had a great time over there. the staffs were nice, the nurses took great care of my wife and the baby, I would recommend every women to have her labor there.

Haresh limbachiya

Place is very clean and staff is friendly. Staff is very hardworking. This is number one hospital in the city. I will Prefer my all friends and relatives..

Rob LoBue

Avoid this place at ALL costs!!! They are complete scam artists, looking to screw everyone who walks into the ER. I was there for an eye infection. They literally took my BP and pulse then handed me a prescription for an anti-biotic. Cost? $8200!!! My insurance said "No Way!!!" So they are now trying to come after me. Not happening. I will fight them to the death.

Guy Zandler

Not a bad facility. The nurses know what they're doing and are pretty friendly for the most part.

Shiyang Fei

My wife had an injury on head. She went to this place for a 60 mins regular wound repair service. We had a CT scan to make sure no injury inside the head. Then the nurse cleaned the wound and put 2 staples on it. For this 60 mins service, we received a bill for $17,000 + after insurance. Ridiculous!

Freskida Hasani

I have lived in hoboken for many years and this hospital has forever been one of the worst hospitals you can go to I rather drive an hour away to a decent hospital and suffer the pain than to go here. The staff is rude, careless and the most incompetent I have ever seen (and I work in the medical field) I know one when I see one. That being said I know some patients can get roudy and impatient I am very much aware of all of that since I deal with it myself but as nurses we are trained to be professionals and have compassion because those individuals are in pain and have been waiting for a long time, all they want is good care and to go home. I am appauld at the lack of training and patient care that this hospital has, I would never write a review this bad and I wont mention my experience or the experience my loved ones has had at this hospital because it is too long but I hope that if you or your loved ones are sick please dont go here you will surely regret it!

Tonya Schwartz

My daughter was hurt playing baseball. I rushed to the emergency room. I had to ask 3 times for them to see her. She was in so much pain, she wasn't even Triaged for about a half hour. She is 8. Finally they took her in and put ice on her ankle. The staff was fine, caring. She never saw an orthopedist, they took xrays and had a podiatry resident look at her. She wrapped her ankle in a soft cast, they didn't even have the right size crutches! My husband had to carry her out of the hospital! All this and they have the NERVE to charge me 4,000$ !!! We were there for less than 2 hours and they did a couple xrays. THat is it! I then had to see a REAL DR after that visit. BEWARE!! The $6,000 item code that her level of service was intermediate is totally ridiculous. They didn't do anything!!!! NEVER GO! I'd give them ZERO stars if I could, but you can't do that here. Billing dept has been very nice, but I've gotten nowhere. UPDATE: I fought with them so much they accepted what my insurance paid them. I paid the dr and the xrays. I haven't seen a bill since. I'm holding my breath.

Anthony Giovine

Gives me that feel that there main concern is getting people out rather then treating and figuring out exactly what the problem is. Had to go to another hospital in order to find out what the real problem was.

toro fieldmarshall


this hospital is horrible they do a poor job at examining the injury then they give you some drugs and send you home and no matter the problem they prescribe naproxen which is a Otc but cost way more when prescribed

Natasha Chase

Awful nurses and staff. They "control" and mis-manage the hospital and don't even let the doctors at the hospital make the right decisions for patients. Nasty nurses that deserve to be fired and replaced by the many good nurses that are looking for jobs. With the horrible attitudes they have they should be forced to volunteer and serve at a homeless shelter to give them an idea of where they would end up if the more deserving people held their positions. I am moving my parents to another city after my experience here because this hospital is a disaster and my parents - and yours - need to be close to a good caring set of caregivers.

ana nuesi

Con una de mi princesa k esta enfermita ciara

J Reyes

Get places ,nice services and really nice staff

Roger Lee

Charging almost $6000 for ER icepack and bandage. Nice!

Lee Vanderpool

Avoid. You will continue to receive bills without explanation for months after treatment. Unless I’m dying I’m going to Edgewater next time anyone in my family requires medical treatment at an ER. They can charge you whatever they please and you must pay it.

Kei Cheung

I wish there is a way for me to rate this place as negative or zero star. Avoid this place at all cost (I would NOT call this as a hospital), patient is not treated as human being rather as non-living object! As patient or patient's family, you are expected to follow everything on their protocol, patient's requirements are taken as not reasonable. If you want to get professional treatment, avoid it! If you love your family member or friends, avoid it! If you want anyone to suffer frustration and pain, send him there, the team will help you achieve that!

David Tamayo

Very fast, very friendly, and clean!

Ana-Maria Maynard

David Antonuccio - NYC

Long story short - Avoid this hospital emergency room. Unless you prefer to pay outrageous costs above and beyond what any hospital could possibly charge. And then suddenly your insurance does not cover it. Insurance that is accepted everywhere else on the face of this Earth. A complete rip-off. SHAMEFUL.

Jessica Carmody

Marc Lee

My Gawd the woman that is holding the briefing on today's tragic train crash....PLEASE STOP TALKING LIKE A DAMN MILLENIAL!! STOP USING INFLECTIONS IN YOUR SENTENCES!!!! SHEESH!!!

Nicole Foti

Had a lovely experience at this hospital. My daughter was very ill with a stomach virus and we needed to stay for 2 days. They took wonderful care of her. The nurses were lovely and very accommodating. The ER doctors were also very nice. Unfortunately, I was not happy with one of the pediatricians who refused to come in the room/ asked me to cover up while breastfeeding my very sick daughter. Given this was a pediatrician, I found this very unusual behavior. Otherwise, had a great experience and want to thank everyone for helping my daughter get better before our trip back to Australia :).

Jamie Allon

I spent 3 full days at the Labor and Delivery unit before giving birth in January 2019. I had the opportunity to not only experience the nurses and doctors care for myself, but also for many other women who delivered in other rooms during my stay there. No words can describe the dedication and service they provided. Honestly, I could not have asked for a better experience, especially since I had such a long delivery, which made everything feel worse. The staff is INCREDIBLE. The nurses were so tentative to my needs and so kind (and since they change shifts every 12 hours, I got to experience many shifts and they were all amazing!). I cant thank them enough for everything they have done to make my delivery as smooth and comfortable as possible, for me and my family. They make you feel like you are the only patient there- and that for me was PRICELESS. Thanks again and I will definitely coming back :)

Elizabeth Gonzales

(Translated by Google) I have more than 10 days waiting for results of my niopsia At this rate I will have to sue them because how long they take They do not serve they are not professionals (Original) Tengo mas de 10 dias esperando resultados de mi niopsia A este paso tendre que demandarlos porque cuanto se demoran No sirven no son profesionales

Eric Sprow

I’ve lived in Hoboken for years and have always been told to steer clear of this hospital. Fortunately, I never had the need for a hospital until recently. It was the middle of the night so I visited the ER. Some staff were admittedly friendly and I do think they generally performed the right tests, etc. But the quality of care overall was deplorable. Some nurses downright nasty. Discharge instructions were nonexistent and left to me to figure out. No way to follow up with a doctor other than via India (outsourced). Everything you hear about this hospital is true. It’s terrible. Go elsewhere unless not at all possible.

Shyam Menon

We had our baby girl Zara, here on November 25th 2017. We cannot say enough, about the entire staff at the hospital/maternity ward, who made our entire journey from intake, to delivery through our post-partum stay at the hospital, seamless, stress free and memorable. The entire nursing team was exceptionally caring, compassionate, highly attentive, supportive and informative throughout. They took wonderful care of both mom and the baby. We are eternally grateful. Our OB/GYN Dr. Michael Ahn is a super star. Choosing him as our OB/GYN is one of the best decisions we have made in our lives. His entire staff at his office in Jersey City, are deserving of a special shout out. They were kind, caring, highly responsive, professional and supportive throughout the pregnancy. In addition, the staff at CarePoint Maternity & Fetal Scan Center; including Dr. Principe and his staff, provided us with the same level of high quality care all along the pregnancy. Overall, Dr Ahn, his office staff, the maternity nurses and staff at the Hoboken University Medical Center and all other related CarePoint staff including the pregnancy coaches and lactation consultant, provided us with great care and exceptional support. We could not have dreamed of anything better. They continue to provide us support when necessary as we transition into a new life as first time parents, these past couple of months. We STRONGLY recommend Dr Ahn, the hospital and the CarePoint maternity team in Jersey City to all the soon-to be parents, in the area. Three Cheers! You guys are awesome! A million thanks from us! Preethi & Shyam Jersey City, NJ

Chulo Mcnasty

I honestly can say that when I had my first daughter 5 years ago it was amazing the nurses were outstanding with support as well as with teaching us how to handle our new born baby, fast forward 5 years and I’m having my son here ,it is May 28 2019 and I’m going to tell u I can’t believe how bad things have got they are so unorganized short staffed and it has bin a horrible stay for me and my wife. The whole 24 hour labor my wife went through was full of nurses coming in and out leaving the door open for people to look into while my wife was naked things that were needed for delivering the baby we’re not in the room so the nurses had to keep going in and out of the room while my wife is pushing and the strangers walking back-and-forth in the hallway During the actual delivery of our baby the doctors and nurses are having their own conversation is not taking it seriously and the doctors are trying to scare my wife by saying that his head is big while she’s pushing and just stressing her out .after 24 hours of labor and 35 min of pushing they just throw me and my wife in a maternity room , they don’t explain to her that they can help with the baby in the nursing room so she can get some sleep instead they wait until 2am while my wife is crying in tears that the baby keeps crying and she doesn’t no why- I had to bring up the fact that I had Received help with my firstborn daughter. They don’t teach my wife who by the way as a new mom how to burp the baby they don’t teach my wife who is a first-time mother What to expect for the first couple of nights although the nurses are very nice it’s very un organized. I guess it’s because these nurses and doctors deliver babies every single day that it isn’t as special to them as it is for us so they Made my wife’s first pregnancy first delivery A bad experience after 38 hours of being in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come and do the circumcision which was promised to be done by 4 o’clock in the afternoon , The nurses come into our room to notify us that they couldn’t get in touch with our doctor Dr. McQuilkin and that we should wait due to our frustration we decided we’d wouldn’t want the doctor to do the circumcision the next day we would like to schedule it for another day he responds by saying if you’re not going to wait for me to do it tomorrow then I won’t do it at all and tell us we can sign our self out without medical advice. Of course you know that means our insurance will not pay for the visit or the delivery which put us in a very tight spot. After talking to the nurse about our possibilities they ended up getting another doctor to discharge us . I honestly hate that I have to write this review but it is well needed .

Cristal Cruz

I recently gave birth to my first baby at this hospital. The medical staff were super phenomenal. The nurses were attentive and supportive. My positive experience started at reception. I came in after my water broke without contractions. I was terrified that something would happen to the baby because infection is likely after the water breaks. The receptionist was quick with registration and getting me on a wheel chair upstairs. As soon as I get upstairs I get a personal labor room. The nurse asked questions about my pregnancy and then the doctor checked me. I was induced and I had very attentive nurses that made sure my comfort was their priority. The first nurse Stephanie went beyond to make me feel nurtured and warm in a time that was very nerve recking for me. Another nurse Helden was super supportive and helped me through pain. She was able to help me keep my mind off the pain when I wasn’t sure about getting an epidural. She respected my decision either way. Made sure I was in a clean environment. My two guest and I felt very taken care of due to Nurse Helden. The anesthesiologist was careful as she gave me the epidural due to her experience I felt no pain. During delivery I had three nurses, and two doctors. I wanted a natural birth and they were patient with me, and made sure my baby was safe. Another nurse Stephanie was super helpful during labor with my breathing. Nurse Malita, Nurse Diana, and Nurse Stephanie were super supportive during a difficult 30mins of trying to push my baby. If I did not have their support my baby would have complications. After delivery, I was moved into an individual recovery room with my personal bathroom. The first thing I notice was the cleanliness. Then, I noticed it was prepared with many towels, soaps, robes, baby items, and free tv. The room made me feel like home as I enjoyed the company of my new healthy baby girl. I had a personal nurse and my baby had a nurse at all times. They were both attentive and always had next level of care with us both. The night before I left the hospital they prepared a special dinner for me and my mother. They always asked me what I wanted to eat from a menu and the food was surprisingly delicious.

Meghan Hauser

They left me in a hospital room for hours with no one checking on me or telling me what was going on. They didn’t give me the proper forms to sign so now I can’t even get the results of whatever tests they did. Completely incompetent staff.

Lisa Rosenblum

Same day surgery- everyone was super nice, in a good mood and accommodating. Great experience at this hospital.

Fatima E

Been here for 10 hours exactly now . Still haven’t gotten results back and all the nurses are joking and laughing in the hallway . Bringing back my ultrasound tests have taken 3 hours now and I still haven’t gotten them. Unreal

Jessica Diaz

It's not the most modern hospital ER I've seen, but I waited no time to be seen (granted it was dawn on Monday morning), the reception staff was genuinely concerned about my shortness of breath and acted quickly plus they put me in an isolation room initially because I was coughing. The doctor (PA) that saw me was very quick to assess and give me the correct treatment. I'm a nurse by the way. I will say that the nurse who gave me medications said "I'm not sure" when I asked what nebulizer treatment she was giving me, which gave me pause, but other than that I felt better after going there than the previous TWO urgent care centers I've been to in three weeks.

Ron Eizenband

This institute will send you ridiculous invoices. Some examples are 5,000$ for antibiotics and 16,000$ for a one hour standard procedure

Laura Tavarez

If there was a zero rating, I would give this hospital a zero. The staff is very rude, nurses are not as friendly. Overall, I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Trudy DeVries

have visited this hospital many times over the last 49 years. All my children were born here but NEVER have I been so overwhelmed by the incompetence around me when I had to bring in my 92 year old mother with the flu. The staff was friendly and as helpful as they could be, but a 6 hour wait in the ER was a bit much. Finally mom was assigned a room in ICU . This morning no one helped her to get cleaned up and her daily meds had not been administered. What has happened to this hospital? I'm so disgusted.

Hany seddik

George Ohwell

DON'T BE DUPED. OUT OF NETWORK IS OUT OF NETWORK. This hospital advertises that they're in-network for labor and delivery if you go through the ER. This is 100% FALSE, you will be billed $250k and your insurance company will only cover a fraction of it. YOU'LL BE EXPECTED TO PAY THIS. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Terri S


Not Properly diagnosing

Angalic Cortes

The worst place to go to

John Doe

DEGENERATES! They overcharge illegally and try to rip you off at every turn hiding fees and inflating costs, AVOID THEM! They were just in the news for this, look it up on Vox!

Ariana Tatum

My delivery at Hoboken University Medical Center was wonderful! The care I received was attentive and thorough. I think much of it had to do with my doctor, Dr. Michael Ahn. In addition to being my OB-GYN, I was lucky to have him as my delivery doctor as well. I can only say great things about Dr. Ahn! We arrived in the morning and he was there all day, checking in on my progress and offering both words of encouragement and high quality medical care. Dr. Ahn also went the extra mile to make sure we captured special moments by asking at opportune moments if we wanted pictures or reminding me that my mom was not in the room yet. After I delivered my baby, he walked me through what we had left to do and overall the whole experience was seamless! THANK YOU DR. AHN! I also want to give a special shout out to our delivery nurse Rita. Without a doubt, she is one of the best examples of her profession. Being my first baby, I had no idea what to expect and Rita was there every step of the way, answering my questions, encouraging me when I was getting tired, and keeping my husband calm. When the time came, she was just as enthusiastic as we were despite the fact that I'm sure she's seen more births than she can remember. That day will stick in my memory forever and I'm so happy that Rita is the nurse that we shared it with. 10/10 would choose her again if given the opportunity.

Faith Narine

This place is dirty nurses are rude in the er the Clark in ob is nasty the place is like high school the nurses smell like smoke and they talk about people I will never come here

st jacks

wolfgang amadeus

MariaJose Ortiz

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL! I used to go to this hospital because it was efficient, fast and with good service but my last two visits have been a total nightmare. This hospital has gone from good to really bad within a couple of months. If you are okay with waiting for at least 3-4 hours before you're put in a room then by all means go here. I tried giving this hospital another chance but once again I was left to wait while being in excruciating pain. If you have a real emergency like I did, DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT GO HERE! You will be left to waiting for hours. I ended up leaving this hospital and going to a different one where I was taken care of right away. Is sad to see that a good hospital has all of the sudden because such a disaster, I don't think they'll improve much either.

Joselyn Ramos

This hospital is private. How is working now. 2011 was there but now I would like to know what insurance are taking now.

Nancy Sanchez

(Translated by Google) My mother was in emergency and they gave her extraordinary treatment. (Original) Mi madre estuvo en emergencia y le dieron un trato extraordinario.

Alfred Varela

The Doctors and Nurses were great with our Daughter...

Robert Alvarez

I had not been to this hospital in many years. However, every time I have needed to use this hospital, the service been very good, and the food has always been fantastic. However, now that I have begun to implement some long-term health changes, I look forward to living the rest of my life not ever going back to any hospital.

Wanda Cueto

(Translated by Google) The best doctors and they treated me like a princess



Neil Odza

Most nurses and doctors are great but there is a handful who should not be there. Security is over aggressive with patients.

Rich G

I always had a good out come in this hospital the frist one I can call my 2nd home if something happens to me

Kevin Gonzalez

Be very careful of your love ones in this horrible hospital After a month in the icu unit my father came out with a stage 4 pressure ulcer(bedsore) he could not recover from and after 7 months trying to recover his body gave up and passed away . I asked the nurses every day if they were repositioning him and if he had any pressure ulcers and they lied to me every time I asked them and said no , but the same evening he was transferred was when I realized that they were lying to me and noticed the neglect and the horrible treatment he was receiving at the icu in Hoboken hospital . For such of an expensive place to live (Hoboken) why is there not a better hospital with experience people such as in the icu with the medical experience necessary and give people in health needs the care and treatment as if it was one ofb their own family members

Franklin LOPEZ

Lisseht Lopez

Excelente servicio muy amables los doctores y enfermeras

Edward Coakley

AVOID * AVOID * AVOID. They will balance bill you, and almost no one is "in network" for them. (I have UHC, not that it matters.) DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT BILLING. THEY LIE. (Their public adds are also a lie.) Under NO circumstances use their facility willingly. If you are taken there by ambulance, request to transfer in network ASAP.

michael delarosa

Stefanie Manning

Sachoy Fowler

Good experience had my baby boy here Labor and delivery . Pediatric nurses are awesome.

Elise Jimenez

I have been here twice with chest pain and then a bad bout of vomiting and got the same doctor both times who looked at me like I was nuts because I am a young woman. He repeatedly told me nothing was wrong and discharged me with papers that listed the diagnosis as anxiety and then gastritis the second time. In my gut I had the feeling I needed to go and get a copy of the records for myself and when I did I found on the very first page that I had a gallstone lodged in the neck of my gallbladder that no one thought to mention to me. It was nowhere to be found on my discharge papers and I never would have known if not for getting the copies of my medical records for myself. I called the ER to find out if this was true or a mistake and apparently they "just switched computer systems" so they can't go back and check which sounds like a load of crap to me. However, I will keep calling until I can reach the doctor who read my results and wrote the report.

Johanna Cruz

My son is 18 months with high fiber and vomit and emergency room is a really mess. They said I had to wait for ambulance first. I wait 1 hour to go into the room. In the registration that lady is so aggressive and nothing polite. It is a baby on hands and they don’t care

Vincent Quagliata

Eugenio Miranda

Sarah Haruko

I went in for an MRI that my doctor scheduled for me. The receptionist lied to my face about my insurance being accepted. As my plan has an out-of-network benefit, their facility received higher payments from my insurance company AND they charged me thousands of dollars out-of-pocket on top of it. I wrote a letter (sent by certified mail) to address the matter and paid a portion of my balance. I received no response from the facility. Instead, my account was promptly turned over to collections. I have been to many healthcare facilities in my life and have NEVER run into this kind of unprofessional, deceitful practice. They have no intention to negotiate and could care less about your financial situation.

jennifer nobriga

I really wish google would allow no stars to be given. I would never go to this hospital again. My 7 year old child was in crisis, made comments about hurting herself and the ER turned us away not once but TWICE. We literally had to go to a hospital in NY to be taken seriously and my child ended up being admitted and spent six days in the hospital for stabilization. At Hoboken, they gave us a psych appt for 3/1. The doctors at the hospital my child stayed at asked us to see if we could move up the appt due to what happened. I called the Hoboken clinic and they have NO record of my child's appt. I called the crisis number at the hospital, was promised the appt sheet would be faxed over. That was Friday. I called Monday to check, still NOTHING. Spoke with a somewhat rude person again at Crisis who said she was going to "help me understand how this works." She said they fax the appt sheets over a week before the appt and my appt would not be with a psychiatrist but with a therapist to do an intake appt. Why do we need an intake appt when she was in the hospital ER TWICE and the social workers got all the info needed??? I told the person at crisis what happened and I needed to see if I could move up appt. She promised to call me back and NOTHING. It's sad that my child was turned away from the hospital twice but I guess I should be grateful that she was not admitted here because if how they run their psychiatric dept is anything like how they run the ER or crisis, I'd be afraid for my child's well being. I had spoken with Aetna to get referrals after the second time Hoboken sent us away with instructions to find a neurologist and was told that I should sue Hoboken University!

Geisi Garcia

(Translated by Google) Excellent attentions, I gave birth to my second child and today I am discharged, really very attentive and accommodating the vast majority of the staff that has attended to me. The doctor who assisted me in childbirth made my labor much easier and I felt very safe. I am very grateful to God and the great team that attended to me. (Original) Excelentes atenciones, di a luz de mi segunda niña y hoy me dan de alta, realmente muy atentos y complacientes la gran mayoría del personal que me ha atendido. El Dr. que me atendió en el parto hizo que mi labor de parto fuera mucho más fácil y me sentí muy segura. Estoy muy agradecida con Dios y con el gran equipo que me atendió.

Yudy Jorge


Hakeem L

I'd rather die than be back. This is the second time I was brought against my will. This time they kept me for a week after giving me a fake choice between voluntary and involuntary admission. I'll never set foot in there again if I can help it. And I'll give em hell if they try to take me there again.

One Two

If you do not have a good insurance it is better that you do not arrive in emergency I think they will let you die or send you to the house saying that you have nothing. I think that emergency room is to kill not to save.

Atilano Jimenes Sanchez

Jessica Pena

mu ku

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