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Iris Busnack

AWFUL EXPERIENCE!!!!! ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BILL FROM HERE - THE HOSPITAL NEVER SUBMITTED CLAIMS ON MY BEHALF. EVEN THOUGH IT STATED IT ON MY BILL!! - NOW I'M IN COLLECTIONS. Be extremely aware when being billed at this hospital. Upon submitting myself to the ER for having a reaction to a severe food allergy, the nurse took my insurance information as they normally do. However, the next month I received a bill totaling over $1,200 (which I thought was high) and looked to see if there were any deductions made from insurance, in the itemized bill it indicated a small deduction of a little over $100 from my insurance, which I thought was weird. I continued to pay what I had left in my HSA account onto the bill. Before I knew it, Hackensack sent my debt to a creditor. Not only am I now with a creditor, I am with TWO! Apparently how the ER works at Hackensack - you get billed separately from the hospital and the ER. I NEVER even received a second bill, which is being referred to as a "Physicians Bill". This claim was also never sent to my insurance, and before I even knew it existed it ended up with a debt collector! I don't know what kind of scam this hospital is running but beware!!!!!! Had I never did the investigating and called my insurance directly to learn ZERO claims have been made for this visit on my behalf (but remember, it was stated that deductions were made on my bill from my insurance - which was completely FALSE!!!!!). But, sometimes it's caught too late - which is where I am now. If this does not get rectified, I will be paying over $1,200 in medical bills even though I had coverage. The insurance company is saying it is past the deadline to make a claim, I am being ran around in circles from the billing department at the hospital, and the creditor is refusing to submit claims knowing they will get rejected. But I need the reject in order to make an appeal. WTF?!?! This behavior by Hackensack Hospital is disgusting and beyond infuriating!! The lack of accountability is shameful.

Denise Onori

Last month was one of the worst month of my life. Getting the news that my mammogram was abnormal and I needed a stereotactic biopsy was very difficult to hear. Being a nurse I see firsthand how devastating this diagnosis can be. I couldn't help but possibly seeing myself on the receiving end. Thank God I had my procedure with benign results. I am so grateful for the team that took care of me. Dr McCain for putting my mind at ease, Dr sunkavalli, my mammography technologist Lucy were very supportive an efficient. I also want to give a special thanks to Elizabeth, the nurse who held my hand through the whole procedure. She was such a vital part of the team that helped the procedure go smoothly. She reminded me how important we are as nurses to the care of our patients. I felt I was in very competent hands the whole time I was there and will continue to seek my care at your breast center. Everyone there was compassionate and empathetic from start to finish. This is most important when patients are going through such trying times. Thank you again to everyone involved.

Valentina Vinestone

I had outpatient surgery at Hackensack hospital almost a year ago. Everything went incredibly smooth form the moment I checked in to the last minute of my stay. Nurses were very sweet and caring, nobody rushed me and I had everything I needed. I made sure that my insurance was in network with the hospital in advance and I never received any addition bills form the hospital. I would absolutely go there again in case I need help.

Lou DeLisio

The nurses and aides were most attentive following my serious bilateral quad tendon surgery. They were patient and always willing to insure I had everything I needed to be as comfortable as possible. My surgeon was a seasoned professional and prepared me for the procedure and follow-up to surgery in a straight forward but compassionate manner. Overall, a difficult time for me was made as pleasant as possible by a team with an obvious concern for the safety and comfort of the patient.

truth be damned

Because the emergency room was overcrowded. It took four hours from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. And at the end of the day, the emergency room doctor misdiagnosed me. They said I had gout when I had an infection, dermatitis. Luckily my doctor at CitiMD was correct. He had already prescribed me antibiotics and I got through it. I know Hackensack is a great hospital, but you're asking me for my opinion on my experience and this is it. There's got to be a better way. I hope they find it.

Cleofas Vital

The Service is beyond expectations, Excellent caring Nurses, staff, everyone. My Wife had a Cesarean and every minute the nurses were checking on her, they made us feel like home and family. Thank you Very much ALL!!

Jami Garelick

On July 16th, 2019 I had a hip replacement and had to stay hospitalized for 3 days. On the 4 th floor, orthopedic post op. I was treated with dignity and respect. Starting from the minute I got there the floor coordinator, Michael, my nurses assistant Marcia and my nurse Eddie all took their time to get to know me and never made me feel like I was not an integral part of my own team. I was almost sad to Have to leave. They were all very attentive and nurturing.

Wigberly Fernandez

This was the worst EMERGENCY ROOM experience. Everybody is cool at the beginning until the do your blood work.nurses pass by you and do not assist you. They keep you waiting for hours. They don't give you no information or answer questions even after you asking numerous times.The only nice & very professional there was the Doctor.

Kerry Hadley

The worst Hospital experience ever they had me in the hallway for 3 hours with no blood work results no iv no help what so ever the staff was no where to be found i actually walked out the hospital on my own it was like i was in a war with no one there to help me and then i get a bill for 3000.00 two days ago really u guys did nothing....... don't go to Hackensack hospital go to Englewood

Makenzie Petrie

Just delivered my 3rd baby at HUMC and it was an amazing experience..from the check in to check out we couldn’t have been treated better. All my nurses and doctors were very responsive, kind and caring. I would recommend HUMC to all my friends having babies!!

Barbara Foley

Hackensack University Medical Center is the only hospital I would ever go to. All of my doctors work out of that hospital, the emergency room staff is outstanding and the medical knowledge and how they attend to their patients is outstanding. The specialist that they have working in the emergency room are top doctors. The nurses are also Awesome. When I was treated there, I just couldn't believe how they made sure every possible health situation was evaluated and examined properly before I left. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors on the emergency room staff at Hackensack University medical center.

marilin walker

i was left in a corner for a week without a bath and fed tuna fish sandwhich for lunch and dinner. They just want you upstairs in st johns six loony bin home and do not care and no doctors see you. mold infested

Miss Amy

Everyone was very kind and helpful (Except the first nurse I saw who said she could tell I was a first time Mom because I brought way too much stuff!). I wish I had asked for more help with breastfeeding, but I didn’t know what to ask because it’s all new!

akdeniz cuisine

I had the best service from hackensack hospital, Dr.Surick and his team giving the best care to their patients.

Carmen Figueroa

My experience at this Hospital was a very good one and the nurses there are such angels they are all very nice and they make sure you're comfortable during the time you are there they also make sure all your medications are documented they take your blood pressure and monitor it also in the operating room you're very well taken care of during your procedure I would recommend this Hospital to everyone. Thank you all

David I

40 years watching HUMC grow and strive for excellence

Ellen Dolgin

Each member of the care team in same day surgery is attentive, efficient, and engaging with patients and family members. The surgical team is as attentive to the whole person as to the procedure.

Lorna Gooden

The entire heart and vascular team members, especially RN’s Tina, Maureen and Sharon, were amazing. They made a unexpected situation tolerable. My family members also commented on how wonderful everyone in the department treated them.

Bruce Esposito

I worked with Samantha Pierre for physical therapy and found her to be very good at what she does, resourceful and flexible. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

Vincent Calvacca

Excellent care, professionalism abounds. Friendly, courteous and professional treatment on all levels of service. Keep up the great work. Thanks for being there.

Yvette Conklin

Everyone I encountered was very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you all.

sue dinetz

my son was experiencing severe abdominal pain so I called Morristown and was told there was no wait in the emergency room but when I got there it was packed . two people were working the front desk one being the triage nurse and the other did absolutely nothing to process people or help . The people in front of us were Spanish and could not speak English so it took a very long time to process them and when you're in pain second seem like hours. Finally she took my sons information and was abrupt and not the least bit soothing and told him to have a seat. A while later I asked how long she thought it might be and she said she had no idea so I said well an hour or four hours and she said I have no idea and was very nasty. My son knew someone who worked in the ER and was lucky to cool because then he was wheeled in by now the pain was much worse and he was given a G.I. cocktail which intensified the pain. Many hours later a doctor showed up and said she would ask her boss what type of x-ray to order... that does not generate confidence . The x-ray showed nothing and he was released in severe pain. he then drove to Hackensack hospital and was immediately seen and given the MRI which revealed an emergency surgery was needed to repair an obstruction . I will never return to the Morristown Memorial Hospital emergency room despite them being rated number . The quality of care was absolutely horrible and the amount of timeIt took to be seen was ridiculous and to go away with no diagnosis and pain was horrible

Valora Thompson

This was my first time at Hackensack Univ Med Ctr. Starting with Pre-Admission, everyone is very organized. I only stayed 2 nights but the staff were great. My room was very nice and big so my mom stayed with me. Everyone was very accommodating. The food is also good.

Rosa Weichbrod

The nurses were very nice, but pretty much incompetent. The doctors were idiots and were mostly nowhere to be found. Basic care was very badly handled. I would never willingly go to this hospital again and I would recommend that anyone I know, not go there either.

Rachelle Schwarz

I had an excellent experience delivering at Hackensack Medical Center. The nursing and support staff were incredibly attentive. I was impressed by the response time of the anesthesiologist once I requested an epidural - he came within minutes and asked for my feedback during the procedure. An anesthesiologist came to check on me the day after as well to make sure I wasn't experiencing any complication. My Ob, Maria Keanchong, was the absolute best. She knew that I wanted to do everything possible to have a vaginal delivery and she did so many things to help achieve this goal. I felt that she and the nursing staff worked well as a team and this helped calm my nerves as a first time mom.

Kamran Syed

Hospital is a joke. Don’t know where to start even. If you think your getting best treatment. You are a research dummy to them. Being kind does not mean you are getting the best health care. That is what their only good in. Pretending to be nice.


Very caring and extremely punctual. Always two of my favorite attributes

Leigh K

I’ve read a few reviews on here in which it appears I am not alone with my experience and frustration with the ER billing charges & billing dept. I was charged an exorbitant fee with no correlation to any services I was provided in the emergency room. I reached out to the billing department and requested an itemization of my bill along with documentation as to how the level and the codes were determined. I was advised that the supervisor Elizabeth Cooper put in the request to the emergency room department to obtain the requested information and it would take approximately 30 days. I then called to follow up and reached another representative who advised me that the information is still in the process of being obtained for me. I then called back again and reached a representative who advised me that such a request is not possible and that I don’t have to be provided an itemization of my bill along with documentation as to how the level and codes were determined. As you can see I was provided inconsistent information from the representatives to the supervisor Elizabeth Cooper. I then reached out to my insurance company to bring it to their attention that I was being denied information that I was entitled to receive. I advised them that I wanted provider relations involved to investigate my billing and contact the billing department to advise them to pause the billing in the meantime while it’s being investigated and I obtain the information that I need to understand my bill. It is only fair to know exactly what I’m paying for before I pay for it, especially if the charges are highly questionable. All the sudden the next day after speaking with the insurance Elizabeth Cooper from the billing department calls me and plays dumb founded. I told her that I am aware that she’s calling me because the insurance advised me that they were going to contact the billing department and that I want in writing how the level and the codes were determined simple information that it’s been months on end and I still haven’t been able to obtain. Come one month later after the insurance contact, the billing department resubmits the claim for reprocessing. Yet they still did not provide me my documentation as to how the level and the codes were determined I kept reaching out requesting this information and I was told by Elizabeth Cooper that she literally ran over to the emergency room department spoke to the doctors and everyone and the codes and the levels are just as they are and that’s it. I was literally provided the most bizarre answer by a supervisor. There is no transparency with the billing. If the fee is exorbitant and it does not correlate to any services you received I highly advise you to investigate and get any necessary parties involved to assist you in the matter. I’m in the process of very likely obtaining an attorney and also having their billing department investigated because if they’re doing this to me they have to of done it too many other people and I have read other reviews on here in which people have had similar experiences, not exact same but very similar in regards to the lack of transparency, over charges and just the bizarreness with the billing and the quality of service. What a shame a Hospital that claims to hold itself to the highest standards and provide quality care in every way does the complete opposite.

Ely Kagan

Very friendly, knowledgeably staff ready to help. Excellent environment

Kevin McLellan

Doc Farber and his staff Lynn and Karen are great.My questions are always answered with competency and a smile.The office reminds me of a time when doctors truly cared about their patients and not about how many people they can see in a day.


I am writing this review while I am still at the hospital/ER. They are so disorganized. They had to draw blood twice. I asked the nurse why and she just ignored me. Extremely rude and arrogant, she looks like she hates her job. I just asked a second nurse what is the status of my lab results...not even sure if he speaks English. I am just here totally ignored. The physician is helpful but all nurses are a mess. Only exception was the radiologist. A great person. The rooms are extremely dirty. WHAT a bad experience! I have been waiting in the room, IV is empty, my hand is swollen, nurses are unresponsive...

Anna LoCascio

They are very caring and informative and really take pride in providing the best care for you and your individual circumstance. I applaud the medical team, and thank them for their professionalism and support in my situation.

Tara Wright

My father went into this hospital for a procedure as an alert and oriented totally independent person Now he is confused and totally dependent and restrained to his bed. We have been denied access to medical records, denied a transfer to another facility, and to make matters worse now he has gone two days with no nutrition whatsoever. After speaking with The unit nurse I was reassured that perhaps tomorrow if he passes a swallowing evaluation he may get fed on his third day. I would never send anyone to this hospital ever

jason klosk

The staff was informative and caring. The nurses in the O.R., pre-op and recovery Were friendly and comforting. Over all it was a great experience.

Jeanne Thomson

The gentleman who injected me for the PET scan, Sam, was wonderful, cordial and patient. The 2 men in the control room on 7/05/19 at 1:30pm could not have been more opposite. They were indifferent to me and gave me 2 instructions: lay down and put your hands over your head. That was all that was spoken; not hello, no drop dead, nothing.

Patricia Romero

I was blessed to have my hand operated on by Dr Richard Kim. Everyone at the hospital that day was extremely professional... thank you so much.

Maryellen Grillo

Everyone was super patient with me, explained everything that was going to transpire before, during and after my surgery. Dean the nurse on call was especially great!

Sorcerer Heidi

Waited very short times for both registration (which was quick, because I've had tests here recently, several times) and to be called in for my MRI. During my MRI, Alex, the Technician, was very caring and concerned with my comfort during the test. Would definitely come here again, and recommend to others!

Stephanie Thompson

Beware of how you are treated when it comes to the financial aspect of this hospital. They found every excuse to OVER charge me before my procedure and refuse to file the bill with insurance to ensure I am refunded the difference. I didn't even KNOW this kind of thing was possible. Its been 5 months of back and forth and every time I call customer service I get 1. Excuses 2. Bad Attitudes and 3. they never follow up as requested. I will likely never get my money reimbursed. They are using stonewalling tactics to keep their pockets lined at the patients extended and it is WRONG.

Rory P

Professionable employees. Caring and thorough. Should not have been charged for the exam which they catagorize as diagnostic rather than annual preventive care screening. There is no illness. The contract with the insurance company should consider this as preventive care, since there isn't an illness. Now I'm paying more than 300.00 rather than zip, zero.

Maryann Pahlck

I love Hackensack Hospital. I would not go anywhere else. Everyone is special. I had 4 stays there and they were all perfect. I highly recommend Hackensack Hospital. Dr. Asha Bale is truly a great surgeon. Thank You Dr. Bale for everything. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

George Zipfel

Excellent dialog with the health care professionals

Melinda Sevidal

Breast surgery went well. The attention of all the nurses , staff, doctors and surgeons amazing! Felt taken care of and safe

Bob O'Grady

Did not have to wait at all in office for my appt. Staff was very caring and attentive to any of my personal needs. Dr. Simpson was very thorough and answered any/all questions that I had. He covered every aspect of my condition and was thorough in discussing my lifestyle and all medications required for treatment until next appt.

Megan Walsh

I had surgery recently and my experience from start to finish was seamless. Felt comfortable, well informed and well taken care of the whole time. Surgical team was kind and smart, and recovery room nurse was caring and kind as well. Would recommend this facility to anyone.

Shamara Kerr

Excellent doctors and staff.. Number 1 ❤️

Wanda Andreoni

Excellent care, such friendly and warm people that work there. I visit frequently and am always in and out quickly. I highly recommend the MFM department and Hackensack Meridian.

Ronald Orso

Excellent people. Great treatment!

Julienne Canlas

The nurses and staff were very kind-hearted and compassionate. Everyone was very accommodating from nurses to hospital staff. Mina who was my nurse was very caring and as well as Becky, Susana, Violet, Cindy and Yady. The service they gave was beyond exceptional.


The treatment / service I received was very good. From the nurse to the attending PA - it was all good. The one thing I was displeased with was the fact that I had to sit and wait in the ED waiting room for over 30 minutes when I was PROFUSELY BLEEDING!. If it wasn't for me something to the PA and ask to please get me into a room for stitches, I would most likely have been sitting there for many many hours before being seen. Nobody else in the waiting room was bleeding; there was someone with a bump on the head, someone in a wheel chair with a bad leg, etc. I was the only one spouting blood and I still had to sit and wait. Something like that should be considered a priority.

Pelagia E Nova

I can only say good things about this. I mean overall this is a place I give 5 stars with my eyes closed from beginning to end. That says it all.

Karen Cisneros

Feels like you are checking into a hotel. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Harold Abrams

Always a pleasant experience seeing Dr. Timothy Simpson.He is caring, knows me well, and keeps me well informed about my health.

Dennis Rhodes

I can't begin to describe the incredible care I received at H.U.M.C. during my inpatient stay. The compassion and care were beyond excellent. The nurses, nursing assistants, staff, and of course, my doctors were/are all amazing. I can't thank them enough for the care they gave me.

Huma Thekedar

Worst experience ever. I had a car accident. Myself and the passengers in the car were taken to emergency hackensack Meridian Health. We were not given first aid for swollen face and chemical burn from airbags. Instead we were made to wait for 4-5 hours in the hospital. I am very very disappointed with your service

ann marie

I was in and out quickly and all the workers were pleasant and respectful.

Noor Q

Great and clean hospital, best hospital in the north jersey area. They are very fast and don’t let people wait long in the emergency room. And they take care of their patients.

Paco Casado

This is a review about my experiences with Hackensack-Meridian Hospital. I give them one star because it is the lowest Google has, otherwise I will give them a zero. I will consider all other options before you select this hospital. I will say they are one of the worst hospitals services I have ever experienced: 1. My son was treated surgically when he was one and he got an infection there 2. My father in law was treated for cancer. They performed an unnecessary bile drainage procedure that made his end of life miserable. They sent him home for Hospice care after their failed treatment. 3. Another one of my relatives was treated 2 years ago for a cancer and she never left the hospital alive. She followed their recommended treatment for a stem cell transplant, however their chemo treatment killed her before she could have her transplant. She suffered a lot before dying. At the last stages only the morphine could alleviate her pain. 4. If you are involved in an accident, please request another ambulance or ride an Uber or taxi, these so called non for profit will bill your insurance almost $3,000 for a basic life support ambulance. I cannot even imagine if they have to call the advance support ambulance. If you insurance does not cover the entire bill, they will bill you until the last penny of their bill. Furthermore, their ambulance service is not worth $200. In conclusion, I will recommend that you look for alternatives to the Hackensack Meridian Hospital and also for other treatments. Enjoy your lives and keep healthy. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

Robert Wallen

I had two appointments. One with Dr. Shin and One with Dr. Rowley. As usual both went smooth with no unexpected problems.


The Blood Lab in ADVANCED CARDIOLOGY IS EXTREMELY ORGANIZED. Richard is extremely professional and the tests are handled in a very competent manner. Cleanfacility and well run.

Bronwen Calderon

Amazing staff. Amazing nurses. Amazing entry personnel. People were so sweet and so supportive for same day surgery. Only thing bad about Hackensack is the parking! lol

Jodi McCreath

I have a complex medical history and Dr.Kowal has been able to get up to speed with my current and past conditions rapidly. He asks questions makes sure every aspect of my health has been taken Into account . We set goals of care quickly and I’m confident if something comes up he will help me cope and take appropriate action. I highly recommend him.

Testing Testing

Everything was perfect when I delivered my baby, except for one nurse that was unprofessional for the IV in the recovery area. I told her that the IV spot was burning on my skin. The nurse never take a look about it. The IV wasn’t in the proper spot, also she didn’t know how to manipulate the IV machine because this one make two times one sound. So the same nurse wanted to change the IV to my other hand. After 4 times that she tried, I said to her was going on because I have good veins. The nurse when to another nurse who came to see if I really need to change the IV. However, the second nurse conclude that the first nurse should check the IV machine better than change the IV from my left hand to the right hand. Plus after two weeks I got a bump on the IV spot that stay there for another two weeks. If they don’t know how to use the IV machine, and they don’t know how to make the IV. They should call another person who has the experience instead of trying many times.


It is very hard to get in touch with the person you communicated with last time. You can not talk to a doctor even if you have a leitimate concern about your current health situation. There seems to be a barrier irrected by the hospital policy for the patient to get a professional advice from the appropriate professional.

Linda Childs

While the admitting process at 10:00pm went well and my daughter would be allowed to lie down instead of sitting in a waiting room, once she was lying on the gurney in a hall, she was left there for 4 hours while staff changed shifts and went on breaks. While I understand that being in a hallway puts her in the middle of things, the staff was completely oblivious to her, and others, lying ill in the hallway and continued top-of-voice personal conversations and loud laughter. They acted like children in a kindergarden playground even having to wait in the deserted procedure room at 2:00am while the technician and a staff member had a personal conversation. Before we left at 3:30am, two different nurses offered her the same potent antibiotic - she told the second she already took one, but had she not, who knows what would have resulted. Someone needs to have a conversation with these staff members about professional behavior.

donna ferrera

The actual visit was fine and everyone was very helpful’s getting through to anyone on the phone to get any info is very difficult. You spend at least an hour on hold and you don’t always get a call back to schedule appointment or ask questions about pre approvals. I was leaving messages on the MyChart even though scheduling isn’t really done through them.

Soma Das

The staff & doctor are very attentive. I was most impressed with how much time the doctor spent with me & gave me life advice on getting healthier. He wasnt afraid to share personal experiences to really connect with me. I truly appreciate it!

Ellen Burleigh

I went to Hackensack hospital for total hip replacement surgery in December 2018 and I felt like I was staying at a resort. The level of care is outstanding , starting in the surgery admitting suite and ending in discharge process. Professional, friendly and helpful staff always available to help. Food service and quality were amazing. They use color-coding of their uniforms to help you know the difference between nurse, NA, or other workers. They use whiteboard in your room to communicate during your stay with names of your caregivers on every shift. Physical therapists are upbeat and positive. This hospital has assembled a team of extraordinarily professional orthopedic caregivers and they should be proud. I would go back there in a second.

Kim Dadamo

I actually forgot my prescription. They were able to contact my doctor and have it faxed over. I was in and out quick and easy!

Joie Calise

Went in for some intensive ear testing, was very nervous but technician was so warming and helpful. I was so happy with how she put my mind at ease by explaining every step. Thank you

Katlynn Bennett

I came after midnight because my ear was bleeding so much and it took HOURS for them to really attempt to settle it down. They seemed incredibly confused and unsure of what to even do. I went to the hospital on a recommendation and I regretted it. I was too exhausted and bleeding so I wasn't about to just leave. I felt like I wasn't really receiving explanations for anything that was happening. It was a lot of lets try this and see what happens and would just shove things in my ear and half mention what was happening after the fact. I felt uncomfortable and not exactly secure. And the women who was assisting me kept asking my boyfriend to help and mad some joke about not having to ask for a nurse to actually help because she was lucky to have him there.... There is NO reason he should have been handing a medical professional tools and helping clean up my blood and update her. I know he's part Filipino (assuming the way he looks allowed her to make that assumption) but he surly does not have a medical degree and is not equipped to take part in medical care. I really do not like complaining and rarely give bad reviews. My mother has always worked in the medical field and still does. I am so understanding of how hectic things can be in a hospital, especially in an ER. But I don't know if I've ever felt so odd and uncomfortable.

Richard Godleski

Everyone was thorough, professional, caring, empathetic, and helpful. I would recommend this place to family and friends

Chetna Shah

Staffs are doing excellent job. I like to do gm over there. Thank to all staff of rehab. Thank you.

Ms. J. Van Lenten

The PT facility is open and comfortable with lots of equipment in excellent condition. The therapists I worked with were patient, knowledgeable, and caring. They really listen to you to understand your individual needs, and are very attune to any discomfort you may be having with any activity. Thank you. I appreciated receiving the stretchy bands, and a printout of exercises I can do at home.

Melissa Brown Blaeuer

Client experience is not as good as it was when I was at this ER a few years ago. It's fine, but more typical now. On my prior visit, I remember more attention paid to individual patients, their wait time, and doctor discharge instructions.

Karen Micale

My husband's spent 12 days in the hospital. He was happy with the care he was given. The doctors, nurses and staff were very in-tuned to his needs.

V usa

I gave a birth at Hackensack Hospital . Staff was very professional and helpful. They solve everything as soon as possible. Thankss

doreen stevens

Dr. Shaari did an endoscopy with balloon dilation of my sinuses. His expertise and skill are only surpassed by his caring, gentle manner. He resolved my sinus problems that have plagued me for years. All of his office staff are wonderful, pleasant and very efficient. In each of three appointments, I waited only a few minutes before being seen by the doctor. Dr. Shaari is a wonderful doctor and a wonderful human being.

Deirdre Colasuono

The Erin and the rest of the nursing staff as well as Jeanette, a lactation consultant, took the time to assist me, educate me and listen to me following my repeat C section. The team in the OR were amazing as well; very friendly, patient and supportive. It all made for a life changing event to be a little less stressful!

Stephen Rega

Surgery "xxxxxxx" amount of dollars, TV $ 10 a day. Seriously, charging money for tv? It just speaks volumes

Danny Camacho

The nurses were great very professional and very helpful and sweet. Brenda Chu, Ann Lane, everyone showed lots of concern and appreciation for donating my stem cell. I want to take a moment and say thanks all the staff who helped make this happen for my brother David C., I can't express how happy I am that everything went smooth and well enough. But most importantly I want everyone to know that God has been in control the whole time, there's not a bit of doubt about it, the most high heavenly father made it all happen...Praises to God almighty Yahweh ..

julia leonard

I love HMHUC because everyone is so nice even the doctors, they did everything right to make me feel better and cured of cancer. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

raul almanzar

Excellent hospital, caring staff, outstanding ER provider Dr Walden.

Kelly Mancini

This Hospital got to big to fast help does not even know answers in their own Dept. ER visit was a disgrace I am speaking as a nurse I went to nursing school to help patients feel better with a kind smile words and great nursing care Where did you find this staff you have? Shame on you never will

Brad Ashinoff

While I visited the "infusion center," I was scheduled for a therapeutic phlebotomy. This facility runs like clockwork. The nurses are cordial, competent and caring. Kudos.

James P

Went for scheduled surgery and spent one night. Mostly all staff was pleasant, except one of the vital checkers in red scrubs. Attitude. O.R. needed a little touch up work. Food was excellent (no restricted diet). Sorry I did not have much of an appetite.

Marisa Jacobs

Incredible professional concern and empathy with a smile!

Katie Haggerty

terrible experience! my grand mother came in for not feeling well and they did exploring surgery on here and guess what... nothing was wrong!

Glenis Rosa

My son was in a catastrophic car accident on 9/4/19. My family and I cannot express just how grateful we are for the immediate attention my son received from the entire trauma and the pediatric ICU teams. I especially wanted to thank Randy and Carmen from the pediatric ICU team for their attentiveness and compassion with my son and my entire family! THANK YOU!!!

Claudia Henry

From the beginning at the reception desk, I was treated courteously and respectfully. And as the process continued, helpful and kind technicians made me feel secure as they explained the reasons for each procedure. The facility was very clean and neat. I actually enjoyed my experience!

Brian Stone

The staff was top notch and the hospital was like a hotel. You didn't feel as if you were in a hospital room at all. Clean, quiet, and Betty modern. I would recommend this hospital to anyone that has the unfortunate need to visit one as a patient.

Claudette Morris

There was no chair for me sit on, because my husband was the patient I had him sit and he felt less than a man to have his wife standing while he had to sit. Also, we noticed a patient who came in long after us was allowed to go before my husband. Waited for over an hour without acknowleding our present. Finally I spoke with administration and that is when they apolizied for the long wait and eventually see my husband.

Gerald G Salko


Serina E.

I twisted my ankle. Went to CityMD Urgent Care in Teterboro. Took x-ray & suggested follow up with Orthopedic in Hackensack Meridian Heath Emergency Room because fracture. After 8.5 hours (since 12:30 pm) waiting in ER then the doctor will see me in half hour. One of the nurse gave me a sandwich & juice for dinner. What a nice treat after a long day!

Tony Cunningham

Comfortable and pleasant experience - the healthcare professionals were individually and collectively attentive, helpful and concerned about my care and treatment.

Donald Pecora

The doctors [ Dr. Shin, Dr. Jennis] are excellent and the the entire medical staff are wonderful. They are very professional and very caring to all the patients.




If I could give a zero rating for a review I would! considering I am a registered nurse for 35 years & work with doctors at daily basis. This would not be tolerated at the hospital I work for. I went to visit my mother in law today with my husband - this Dr. Miller A psychiatrist stormed in my mother in law room. - she didn’t introduced herself - I had to find her name From another nurse . She demanded our names and informed us we have no right to know anything - if you want any information you have to see your brother. The whole time this was done in front of my mother in law- while being admitted for altered mental Status. I strongly feel this action should have not been done in front of her - we were just there to check on her and give our support to the family. This made our visit so unpleasant and unhappy that I would never recommend this hospital to anyone. The nurses and nurses assistance were excellent this doctor totally ruined our experience in probably shouldn’t be a physician whatsoever.

Patricia Alburtus

I had to have a cat scan of my lungs. The test was very easy and quick


I had the very best and caring Doctors and Nurses. The hospital is very clean and the meals are great. Hope i don't need your service soon. I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO RETURN IF NEEDED. tx to all for making my stay. Comfortable

Pc Gabryll

Hahahahaha i tried to give this place another chance. I told them my symptoms, intense headache, cold chills, diahhrea vomiting nausea faint weak. They concluded I could be dehydrated. So they left me on a gurney outside for an hour and a half without an IV. However they had the insurance lady on top of me stat. LOL Although they said they'd give me an IV. It took them an hour and a half...... this as never happened to me in any hospital. I was at the hospital for three hours total dehydrated. Finally someone came out and asked me if I had a IV yet? Like what.... I was starting to feel worse sitting outside on that gurney. They finally stuck me in a room. And hooked me up to an IV. They told me to rest a little and they were gonna give me fluids. However, I woke up having to pee and I clicked the button for assistance. And nobody came for 20 min but I had to go so bad . I had to UNHOOK MYSELF. So I went bathroom. And then I went back and laid down. A lady came in and noticed I clicked the button for assistance so then I said I needed to be hooked up for more fluids. She said she'd tell my nurse but nobody came.... I had to get up and tell someone I needed to be hooked back up. it took someone 30 min to come in and hook me up. And she hooked me up without looking to see if my IV was still in because it started spraying all over my bed. (I unhooked myself so obviously the water wasn't going in my IV) so I was essentially laying in a wet bed. On top of having cold chills and feeling very cold. I asked for another blanket another nurse said she'd bring me it. But I never got that blanket. After about an hour and a half someone came in and tried to get me to eat. And I kept it down. But honestly I felt better going into the hospital than leaving. I had to unhook myself, lay in some water, and I physically had to get up again and ask someone to hook me back up. Honestly, I tried to give them another chance. All they told me was to tough it out, and feel better. Didn't check my head. Couldn't assist me when I pressed the button. And now I'm sitting at home feeling worse than ever. Don't come here. These people do not care about you. They brush off your symptoms and can't assist you properly. These all doctors and nurses in training??? They concluded nasea and vomiting and that was it... meanwhile I’m sitting here with throbbing head pain puffy eyes and weak body

Lauralee Pinter

No doubt, this is top notch medical care. Everyone, doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff know what they are doing. Compassionate and thorough are just a couple of words I would use to describe them.

Bill Cosgrove

They did a great job bringing in the proper specialists to diagnose my medical issue quickly. I was kept well informed and comfortable throughout my stay and left with a solid plan of recovery.

Kayla Salerno

Everything was great the staff went above and beyond for all my needs and babies needs

Lynn Obrien

I was recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease. I was in Hackensack University Medical Center for 7 weeks receiving treatment. I cannot express how FANTASTIC the entire staff was too me! From transport (from room to tests & treatments) to cafeteria, TV hookup , all of it . The nurses aides, nurses in the Hematology/Oncology department were all outstanding, sympathetic & extremely professional! I have never in my life received such wonderful care! I was extremely nervous when I arrived and the nurses & aides put my mind at ease EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY SEVEN WEEK STAY. The food was delicious & nutritious. I met with a nutritionist & have since learned how to stay on a low carb “diet” . I received communion as I requested on a daily. Thanks to the wonderful &’caring staff at HUMC my life has changed forever. Thank you Thank you Thank you With all my love Lynn OBrien

Lisa Sarracino

My family and I always receive wonderful care at this facility. The staff and doctors are kind and caring. They always make time to answer questions and put me at ease. I highly recommend HMH.

Frieda Girolamo

I was at the Hackensack one day surgery section and had a wonderful experience. From the minute I arrived until I left, I was treated with care, professionalism, and courtesy. Everyone was at all times attentive to my needs. The care and attention was outstanding! Thank you!

Susanne Jameson

The nurses were excellent they made me very comfortable Dr Lightest I was very professional and had a very good bedside manner and the anesthesiologist also made me feel comfortable☺️

Marilyn Yamner


Raymond Knudsen

My experience this time was much better then the last time. Everyone was attentive and very friendly.

Tiffany George

Very Excellent in Hackensack Medical University Hospital is the best champs. Thank you for take care of me. Doctor are good

A Brugal

How I can describe my experience in this hospital one of the worst experiences I ever saw in hospital , whatever running the emergency area for this location no have idea what’s going on here I came with my mother because she was vomiting and really low blood pressure yes low blood pressure (90/50) and after 4 hours we still here waiting for a doctor this is insane ridiculous inhuman, and the lady in the desk ( in from on triage 3 and the back lobby) she have a really bad attitude I ever ever ever saw something like this and when you ask for a answer they just send you from one side to another side and guess what no real answer, let me tell you something a small emergency can jump really easy to a big emergency just is a lot of people doing something they don’t have idea , it’s embarrassing to see a hospital in this country working in that way the first step is ..look at the patient and stabilize him after that you have time to go more deep, I’m really disappointed of this location in a 3 world country have better emergency services than this location I really hope someone came and say something

Karl Braun

Very pleasant experience. In and out in 15 minutes.

Feba Michael

This hospital ER is a joke. Staff is busy on their cell phones or chatting with their colleagues. They are lazy and don’t really care about the patients. Take hours to figure out small problems. It took an hour for staff member to come check my mothers blood sugar as she was feeling restless and they were trying to find excuses not to do 2 min job which is ridiculous. All they care about is their cell phones.

Joseph Nelson

Excellence patient care and great place to get your exams done ..the staffs are very caring and empathetic..and services was incredible..I would totally recommend this hospital to a friend or a family member.

Art Lassiter

Smooth, convenient service from the surgeon, to the nurses and nursing assistants, to the porters who kept my room immaculate, and the cafeteria service made my short necessary stay a complete success. Thank you! Art

Maureen O'Gorman

The triage process was great, right in and wasn’t long before being brought in the back. Once in the back an IV was started by a nurse (cannot remember her name) who was covering for “my nurse”. She was very nice. Resident came to see me and was told I was going for CT scan which happened pretty quickly. When I got back to my area I was left in hall and after about half hour was put in a room. After 20 minutes in room I was out back in hall “we need this room”. I sat in hall for hours, never seeing my nurse but once. Was placed in a room but shortly thereafter put in observation and left in hall all night even though rooms opened up they brought other people in and out then in rooms as I laid in hall all night. Was finally put in a room all the way down hall from where I was and my dr came in to say he wanted me to eat and see how I tolerated it before he let me go home. Nurse came in gave me 3 packs of saltines and said ok I’ll get your discharge papers ready. I have come to HUMC for many many years and to be quite honest this experience left a bad taste in my mouth. My doctors go to both Hackensack and Valley and God forbid I needed to go to ER would have to seriously consider where to go

Jacqueline Loughridge

I had a pacemaker inserted at 7am and did not leave the recovery area until 6:15pm. I was supposed to remain in the hospital for 24 hours to rest. I do not call laying on a gurney for an entire day restful or comfortable for that matter. I am clearly disappointed by this and will not return to that facility as a result. I had great care but the bed situation was unacceptable. No one has even bothered to call and discuss this with me. Very upset and discouraged by this level of care.

Raquel Gomes

Im from out of town and the ER was normal until Coco his was so attentive and caring made me feel like a human not just a number. Coco was Constantly checking on me. He made my ER experience a good one!

Angela Cava

Doctors, PA's, nurses, clerical help -- all fantastic. Very patient getting information out of a 70+ woman - and they always get it right. I spend 2 hours on the Cross Bronx Expressway to get to Hackensack Cancer Center and I would do it if it took 4 hours.

Anita Speller

I was on a stretcher in the hall for more then 3 hours and wasn't seen by a nurse or doctor. When asked i was informed they will get to me when they can. I was in so much pain and no one cared. I will never go there again not even if its the last hospital on earth. I left without being seen never to returned.

Hatem Khater

My experience with this hospital is horrible stay away from this hospital don't even waste your time.

Fransheska Rodriguez

I had my two children in this hospital and it has been a great experience. My children has also been seeing at this hospital for emergency care and regular check up and I can say that until now has been a great experience nothing to complain. I'm currently pregnant with my third baby and decided to go back to this hospital because I was having a really bad experience with the other hospital. HUMC has been so far the best hospital I have ever been to.

Charles Worth

During my stay of 13 days for Open heart surgery. I received the highest care from the ICU staff as well my after care. The dedication that was given to my care each day and evening was exceptional. I would give my care takers the highest rating possible. Though my time in the hospital was a sensitive time for me and my family the nursing staff was exceptional and made mystay as comfortable and professional as could be given

Roz Henley

The staff is always pleasant and thorough. Dr Graham is great ! I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of cancer treatment.


Got to my appointment on time, sign in and saw my doctor within 20 minutes from arriving. I say that's pretty good.

Touheedah Rima

Nurse Chloe is amazing on the third floor night shift. Keep up the great services!

Jennifer G

I came here due to severe food poisoning and was treated with such dignity and respect. The staff was incredible, highly skilled and before I knew it I was feeling better due to the IV drip they gave me. The wonderful doctors and nurses who work here are the best! They have trained many years to help those who are sick and in pain. For that they deserve 100 GOLD STARS!!!! Keep up the great work!

Kat Fanning

I don't normally leave reviews, but I feel its important to warn other patients. I recently visited the ER. This happened to me and then just happened to a friend the other week. They have some kind of scam going with their overnight observation. Patients everywhere in the hallways, contagious, unattended, and not receiving a level of care they need. Nurses not hooking patients up to IV and monitors that are needed for treatment. Patients denied food and water. Patient Advocates walking around taking complaints and not actually doing anything for patients. Everyone passes the buck and then shift change. And none of this is told to patients prior to agreeing to overnight observation, which is then billed to insurance. It is all done without patient consent and then they try to pull Against Medical Advice when you try to leave.

Mei Juan Li

I had been took my mother in law and my husband visited the ER for few times before and we were impressed with their services and cleanliness. I would gave a four star for the previous visits. BUT......WE HAD A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE FOR THE VISIT OVER THE WEEKEND. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The nurse let my husband lay down on a bed with a set of fresh bloody tools or bloody tubes under the mattress. I mentioned it to the medical student who is examining my husband and she told me to have someone to take care of it but she never did. Later on when the nurse pushed him to the exam room, omg... I saw more blood on the bed frame. I couldn’t believe it they didn’t sterilize the bed before they use it for the next patient. Hope he didn’t get infected. :(. Also he never examined by a doctor until he were ready to discharge.

Shay F

the problem is with admission .. the hospital never has a bed available even if something is scheduled there should be a bed open.. especially if the patient is a chemo patient and is told a certain time.. they are unorganized and that is unprofessional

Juan Jaramillo

My wife is being treated for breast cancer at the Hackensack Hospital and the experience has been exceedingly positive. Very caring doctors and the staff has really walked the extra mile with us. I wish I could give it more stars.

Linda Sharkey

Drs. Goy and Leslie are awesome. I have complete confidence in their treatment of Mantlel Cell Lymphoma. We are lucky to have such high quality physicians here in NJ. And the inpatient care is great as well.

Evelyn Wolff

I had a hip replacement. Everyone involved: surgeon, post-op nurses and hospital stay nurses, and PT staff were wonderful. Food was good and beds were comfortable. . I recommend Hackensack Meridian Health Hackensack University Medical Center without reservation.

D Garcia

The valet booth has the worst drivers my car was hit by a valet driver driving his personal car smh .. then cursing at me even though it was his fault I got a police report I requested to talk to his supervisor about the situation he did absolutely nothing about it wasted my time he gave me his boss telephone to call and report the valet driver . Then again you have to call his office over 10 times just to try to reach him after the 30 attempt to get him he answered and said he will get back to me about details till this day nothing yet smh worst valet drivers / supervisor and managers

Linda Zack

My experience at Hackensack Hospital has been wonderful. The hospital is clean and fully equipped with the latest technology. The staff and the nurses are kind, truly caring, always there to help and knowledgeable in their field. Their expertise in their work is outstanding. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Rosalinda Coz

Excellent care, top level physicians, nurses and staff. John Theurer Cancer Center highly recommended.

maria meis

i was very pleased with the service and kindness of the staff and doctor they help me to be comfortable the time that i spent in the hospital .My opinion is the HMUMC in the best .Continue the good job i salute the nurses and doctors for everything the do

Gilberto Duran

It the best hospital at the world, great attention and especially proffecional teams doctors nurses and employs.

Stacey Castiglione

I was admitted through the emergency room with severe sinus infection and headache. The ER doctor on call Dr Heidi Zoberman, felt as if she could not be bothered with me. She barely checked my vitals as a medical professional should. When I left, I was given two prescriptions, one that needed permission from the insurance, they kept calling her as I did and never a return call. If this is how she treats patients, she should not be in the medical profession.

Cristeen Castellanos


Joseph Draizin

Took 9 days to get biopsy results from my Polyp in my Rectum. Then was told my polyp was almost Cancer. Saw Colorectal Surgeon in Valley Hospital and was diagnosed with Colon Cancer & Stage 4 liver Cancer in less time. Last year had Colonoscopy & had Polyps removed at your Colorectal Center and was told I was good for 5 years ? Somebody miss something? Can I have my money back $$$

Anthony Loffredo

Professional, caring and respectful of your time.


There is a person Called Kim in the L&D dept. That is very rude every time you call, very disrespectful. and does not provide a good customer service. Please do something about this girl, very inapropiate of her to be assiting throug the phone with such bad maners.

Stefan Neustadter

I walked into the ER Wed 6/12 and told the receptionist that I had a cardiac history, was dizzy and feeling chest pain. I was immediately surrounded by a crisis team. All were on point and caring. My heart was beating at 200+. The rhythm cycle was broken by iv blood thinner. I have a history of arrhythmia and ablation was recommended. The operation was on Friday and I was home, on my feet and remarkably well by Saturday. The care on the ward and the operating procedure was heart-warmingly handled by all the staff. It was a life saving coordinated and caring process and my family and I thank you all profusely.

Sheila Mercado

The Woman’s breast center treats with the proper care and their hospitality is great!

Shawn Wiggan

I can honestly say this is the best hospital I've ever been to; the doctors and nurses were very consistent, professional, great bedside manners. I could not tell the difference when a nurse change shift because the new nurse would pick up right where the previous nurse left off. It was quite obvious how well the staff worked as a team, and made their patients feel as comfortable as possible. The doctors explained their plan of treatment clearly so you could understand, and they were fantastic listeners as well. I would recommend this hospital to anyone, especially individuals that need an organ transplant.


I would highly recommend this hospital. Was very pleased with all staff, doctors and surgeons. They were very caring and made us feel very comfortable. I would only go to this hospital in the future.

m s

The staff here are very nice and polite. However, I think its ridiculous if you are in the Er they take you in and then if you're admitted they takes days to give you a room. patients need to sleep in a bed in the hallway with others while there a multiple empty rooms. Something needs to be done with the way they run this hospital.

Mr E

This is the best hospital in NJ -period! Every department and employee from medical staff to housekeeping conduct the business of “patient care” with the utmost concern and care, which makes me feel lucky to be a patient there. I have been going there for years and have zero complaints.

Kimberly Carrafiello

The doctors, nurses and technicians are great. They made the experience easy and comforting however phone communication is not so great. Very difficult to get a hold of the receptionist in the actual office to the point where the answering service continues to pick up for them and never identify themselves that they are the answering service and it’s always “Someone will get back to you.” That part is frustrating.


BILLING...I have insurance that will pay up front 80%, then 100% after I pay $1400. Billing told me I must pay today, 2 days before surgery to remove a mass from my kidney. I offered to go on a payment plan, but she wasn't happy with that, or offer me commerce bank, like care credit. She tells me every one pays up front. SERIOUSLY..all the narcan people, immigrants, no$$$$ or death with Lori in billing..SAD

Rosemary Inserra

Very organized. Was seen on time and everyone was extremely nice and I was explained everything in detail. Every employee that I came across was friendly and asked if I was ok.

Katiuska De Leon

BEST HEALTH/MEDICAL SERVICE I'VE EVER RECEIVED! I got into the ER for some abdominal pain and As soon as I got there, I got checked in and all. They took care of me quickly, with blood work, Xrays and all. Attentions were A+! Best ever received in an ER. The diagnose was my appendix, so they left me hospitalized for surgery for early morning next day. The hospitalization was quick and nurses and overall staff very friendly and caring. I really have nothing negative to say about this hospital. Totally recommend

Lynn Dixon

I had emergency surgery, I had the best care while on the surgery floor! Loved my nurses & aides !!!

Mitchell Rabinowitz

Physical Therapy Amazing results! Great staff and facility

Robin Burgos

Went for surgery in May 2018. In order to have the surgery, I was told I had to pay a fee up front. What???? I called BC/BS and they said, yes, some hospitals in NJ require a fee to be paid up front before any surgery is done. I paid the fee most grudgingly. Of course, after the claim was submitted to BC/BS, it showed that a refund was due to me. This was November 8, 2018. It's now February 2019 and I still have not received the refund. I call every two weeks and get the same story - we'll put a rush on expediting your refund, your refund is in transit, I do see you are owed a refund, etc. I specifically call bc if they do this to me, I can only imagine what they do to people who do not read their very complicated bills or follow-up with any billing questions. I explained to the representative today that if I owed them money and didn't pay them after 9 months, they would have already put me in collection which is what I wish I could do to them. Maybe I will receive the refund by May 2019, the one year anniversary of my surgery but I am not holding by breath.

Jerry Kline

Diagnosis: Non-Secretory Multiple Myeloma discovered following unrelated MRI by my son a "Musculoskeletal Radiologist". Confirmed with bone marrow biopsy, now required every six months to monitor my disease status. After chemo and Autologous Stem Cell Transplant completed June 10, 2011, I have been followed at your Multiple Myeloma clinic. Dr. Vesole and Dr. Siegel are terrific. I have recommended your Myeloma Clinic to many with this disease. I am currently in complete remission for over eight years. In my opinion, this is the place to receive treatment. Thank you Dr. Vesole and staff.

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