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brenda Rodriguez

The dr here at the E.R is extremely unprofessional. They never want to perform tests on you. They say they cant have the baby here crying And they do anything just to get u out the door By far the worst hospital ever i wish i didnt even have to give them 1 star

Affan Khan

Nice and clean hospital and staff is amazing nurses and doctors are super good I’m really thankful to nurse Brittany .sarah . Ouiza and one of them Chinese lady

Susan Amar

I had a knee replacement done by an excellent surgeon the operation room staff was caring, but when I was transfer to my room the aids was lazy, I had a bad experience with the aides when I vomit up after the surgery my husband ask one of the aides to clean me she handle a towel to my husband and told him to do it. I requested a female aid to bathe me one of the aides told me I was not her patient, I was left on my own urine for two days. The only time they came to clean me a little bit when my friend started yelling at the aide

Dino Rodriguez

What a disgusting place. Many of the comments have already given the public an almost entire rundown: appalling ER, incredibly filthy, Resident Staff have no confidence whatsoever or, they simply don't care to be at Christ Hospital; I'm shocked at the conditions in many of the areas around this hospital, it is unacceptable to have ill people cared for (or the lack thereof) in a hospital such as this one. I wish there was something good I can say about this place but, my 6 day experience at Christ Hospital was a nightmare, to say the least. This place needs to shut down, in all honesty.

jayson serrano

The worse hospital in new jersey the doctor their is horrible don't care unprofessional I hate this hospital

Christopher Johanning

Staff and doctor were overall friendly and helpful. Didn’t experience any of the negative staff reviews below. We went into the ER to get an ultrasound our surgeon ordered for a post surgery check at 6pm. Nurse said ultrasound staff leaves at 5pm, quite disappointing that a hospital ER doesn’t have 24/7 services. Ended up waiting an additional 2 hours for a doctor. Doctor was nice and the whole conversation was about 10min or so, didn’t feel rushed. Just had to wait 2hrs for a 10min consult which was a little frustrating that this seems to be the norm for whichever hospital I go seem to go to in NYC/NJ.



Bryan Bosse

(Translated by Google) Great attention from the doctors and all the staff, thank God bless you (Original) Exelente atención de los médicos y de todo el personal, gracias dios les bendiga


the place has changed and is changing rapidly.. it's only uphill now

Rana Loot

After giving birth to my daughter i had bit of gas pain so i ask the nurse for a gas pill and she told me i had to ask the head nurse, so i did and the head nurse told me to walk around.So i did and that did not help me at all.Wish i had my ranitidine

Karl Latuszkiewicz

Went in the first time for numbing feeling in my arm and dizziness etc... they checked for stroke said negative so it must be pinched nerve here are some meds buhbye....went in the second time for even more weakened state fever chills pains in chest caugh etc.... xray and breathing treatment.....doc comes back how do u feel after the breathing treatment ....ummm I never got it doc...."OH? OH WELL SO THIS IS WHAT I THINK "you can have either bronchitis or the flu , we, the doctors trained in emergency medicine, dont know so we will just give you these meds and send you home . We will not adress any other symptoms except the ones we pick and choose....YOUR A JOKE OF A HOSPITAL AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN AND REPLACED WITH AN ACTUAL HOSPITAL.

Mister Brown

Please don't go there for emergency. The ER sucks, they charge you absurd amount of money for leaving you on a ER bed. They have the least experienced doctors at the ER and the services just suck. Wrong diagnosis and negligence is what they know. I think that it's the worst hospital that I have been to in my entire life. Please go somewhere else please.

Bardhyl Shala

Mariah Smith

Worst care ever received. Was told different things daily. They kept me for something simple and was told it was because I had insurance. They never checked in on me. They wouldn't allow me a shower for 3 days but wanted me to wash my hair in the sink. The doctor only came in 1 of 3 days. I was allergic to the medicine they gave me and then didn't give me treatment because people wrote the wrong things in the charts. They have no communication with each other or you. I will never go back here. Go somewhere else! If I could give zero stars I would.

safia Mekayssi

Over the weekend I went to visit my father. The nurse I meet, Mohammed set about trying to make me as comfortable as possible physically and mentally. He was friendly and seemed to care genuinely for my father and every single other patient in here. I felt like everyone was taking their time to make sure that they could do all they could to help my father. At the end of my visit, I shook the nurse hand and sincerely thanked him for his help. And to my surprise the handsome guy who was taking care of my father for almost 4 hours wasn't even a Nurse, he is a nursing student. I once read a piece by Glenn Beck I really liked in which he stated that the biggest problem he had personally experienced with the American healthcare system was doctors and nurses who were oblivious to human suffering. I think there is some truth in that, but it doesn't have to be that way. My experience here showed me that there are people who go into medicine to help people and practice it in such a way that they alleviate suffering, honor patient autonomy, and heal patients' medical problems.

Jennifer Riggin

Glad to see other people have similar experiences with this hospital. The doctors forced me to take psych drugs when I was on a voluntary admittance for depression and anxiety. Of course they wanted to give me bipolar or schizophrenic meds which have severe side effects, so I said no. While I was throwing up from a bad tuna sandwich that I got food poisoning, the doctor was pushing his drugs on me and I am like have some compassion. So then they transferred me to another hospital which kept me for a week. Same stuff. This is really shameful business practices and it's all about money at the end of the day not helping people get better. No one suffering with mental illness issues should be forced heavy medications like this or injected with stuff against their will. This is criminal! And I still have bills from them which my insurance won't cover so that is another thing I have to deal with. Shameful that there name is for HOPE and they are very horrible people was my experience.

Crown Andrea

Took my baby to the ER. Nurses could have been a whole lot better Yeah you're doing your job but constantly telling a mom, "Oh he's not going to remember only you will." is not going to help you, me, or baby feel better. It might work in movies but guess what? From a patient's pov it does nothing. The nurses were emotionless. I feel like they were all mad, all the time .why come into this field if you don't have the patience for it? Also this hospital needs major work.

waqar zaman

The worst emergency service. The nurses were getting massage done by the cleaners. I was in so much pain my foot was swollen. They had me waiting for over a hour in a dark room. Nobody came there or gave me any pain medication. After such a long wait without being treated I left. I would never recommend this place.

Erika Altamirano

At the pharmacy the attention is horrible. The pharmacy helper was so rude. She saw me waiting and never ask if I need something, when I call her she came with a bad attitude checking the prescription like cray and told me it's nothing, I ask to check it again, when she found it she never say anything just went away, come back and just throw me the medicine, she said sign she cash me and I have to take my recipe from the printer, her attitude was so rude and stupid. I complained with the pharmacist, in front of her. I hope that pharmacist really take care on it...

Raquel Tavarez

Rosabelle Elizabeth

I chose Christ Hospital as my hospital to perform my c sections for both of my daughters and I love this place. The staff is always nice and welcoming. I have not had one bad experience with them. I've also gotten my sonograms done here and never had a problem. The staff in labor and Delivery are the best. I exclusively breastfed both my children and I was happy that the hospital had someone on staff (a lactation specialist) to help assist with any questions or concerns. I also loved the private rooms and the fact that the rooms are not shared. I wish I could give this place more stars. Btw 1st child was born 2011 2nd child was born 2015 and I am hoping to have my next one which is due 2019 there as well.

Chic Beauty

I don't even give them one star if I dint have to ,just came from hospital she claim I'm fingertip dialeded when my doctor n the other hospital told me I was at 3 and she dint check me right like the other doctors did. She dint even tell me nothing of how the baby was since I knew he was in an angle all the way down.she seemed new to me with no experience with no care of being there . They just wanna get paid n say everything is ok and just give u an ivy so Medicaid can pay.

Mecky Alonso

(Translated by Google) It is very good Hospital. (Original) Es muy buen Hospital.

Michael Goldsmith

This place is absolutely horrible. I broke a tooth on a Sunday afternoon and went to the emergency room a few hours later, expecting to be treated. As it so happens, I had an appointment in a few days to see my dentist anyway. Instead of being treated, I was completely dismissed and told that they are not a dentist and I should go somewhere else to find a dentist and be treated. This is after I told them I already have an upcoming dental appointment but needed to control the pain until then. They offered me a prescription for Penicillin and an NSAID - which I already took before I went to the hospital, but since it didn't help the pain at all I knew I needed to go to the hospital. When I was asking the woman who was "treating" me why she was simply dismissing me and trying to understand why she wouldn't help me at all, I noticed that she had security come into the room to escort me out. Through the entire ordeal I had not raised my voice once or made a single threatening gesture. I don't think I have ever felt so insulted, ignored and dismissed. I will be filing a formal complaint with the hospital.

Bushra Mubashar

Such terrible service.. rude nurse in ER... have no manners to speak to an ill person... slow procedures, no beds, no treatments!

Guillermo Quintana

This is the worst Hospital in the whole New jersey i was Hospitalized for 4 days They never get back to me, never signed papers for my insurance it was a disaster i hope somebody can look it and fix all non sense this is very bad, Costumer services terrible.

Jenny Nie

I wish I could give negative score. After I went to the Emergency Room with a cut on my hand and they only gave me a bandage, I received more than 9000 dollars NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They charged me nine thousand for a visit to the ER with three hours wait and only providing bandage to my wound. Avoid here for any cost!!!!!!!!! And when I visited here I asked them if they are in net-work, and showed them my insurance card, they said YES, do not worry about it, your insurance will take care all of it. The bill came as OUT-OF-NETWORK。

Joelle Rambo

HORRRRIBLE omg. my mother in law was here for 6 hours already and still no room. imagine having a baby here? horrible, medical center is 10x better i promise you

Sanja Zugic

Terrible experience. Wait time is horrible. They place you in a room with other people and you have to wait 2-3 hours without any nurses or doctors seeing you. After they arrive they give some info then another hour or 2 of wait time. Crazy.

Marina Abdelmalak

Very very bad services never send results for lab/ ultrasounds. And the staff are really disrespectful. This place doesn’t deserve a one star I which it has

Thara Philipson

I had my baby in christ hospital and the Service was excellent

Perla G

The receptionists don't handle calls well. I had questions & just got hung up on before I could even ask.

Inocencia López

(Translated by Google) Profecionales exlente very personal attention thanks God vendiga all. (Original) Exlente atencion personal muy profecionales gracias Dios los vendiga a todos.

Haresh Singh

These doctors at Christ Hospital have a fake degree. They milk our insurance doing stupid tests while making a patient suffer from a stroke until she is in a vegatable. Then they left her to die.

Astrid Wong

like seeing the the emergency guy that gets your name so cute...

Roman Chodaba

This Hospital , Care Point Health is absolutely horrible under new management. This place is not in network of Horizon Insurance. ( Old Blue Cross & Blue Shield on NJ ) Prices are extremely high .

Elisabettta Robles

Crystal Anderson

I gave birth to my first baby at Christ hospital. My 4 day stay came with some challenges but I felt confident that I was provided top notch care. The clinical and non clinical staff were exceptional. The doctors, nurses, EVS, and food & nutrition were all so caring and helpful. The lactation consultant visited my room multiple times during my stay and by the time I was discharged I was happy to know that my breastfeeding journey began on a great foot. Because I had an unplanned csection, the hours and days following were unexpectedly challenging. But the nursing staff was beyond helpful. They never made me feel like a burden. They responded to the call bell quickly every time. They provided helpful information about my newborn and provided a solid start for my husband and I to raise our baby. My parents flew in from out of town; my father is a physician. They both commented on how accommodating and nice the staff was. I definitely plan on having my second child at Christ hospital.

Cheryl Clarke


Asia Thomas

Omg the emergency room is so horrible omg I can’t belive this place is open they are very unprofessional and very loud and rude the doctors nearly knows what’s going on short story short I was there for 7 hours bleeding very heavy and in pain I’m 15 weeks pregnant ! Waited all this time just for the doctor yo tell me everything looks good remind u blood clots drops out of me I had to leave in bring myself to Jc Medical Center

Ariel Hawkins

The worst hospital I've ever been to. No one had a care or even a inch of compassion for me or their other patients. And hearing the nurses & doctors make fun of their paitents in the open where I'm sure they can hear is completely disgusting & very unprofessional. You have people's lives in your hands, this is not highschool or gossip hour. I seriously feel like if they don't like their job or won't take it seriously they should get a new one. I'm sure there are plenty of qualified, compassionate, & professional nurses & doctors ready to take their places. This hospital needs a restaff or to be closed down.

Hoshi Soul

I walked in with my husband who was having all symptoms of a heart attack. There was no one at the front desk. We looked around. We saw someone through a door messing with a printer. They saw us looking at him. And asked us how could we help them. I said my husband is having all symptoms of a heart attack and the tall bald black man rolled his eyes..the most unprofessional way to handle something I have ever seen. I am a medical assistant in a plastic surgery office. And to roll your eyes at how someone is feeling and panicking. Makes me sick. He should be fired for that alone. Don't work in a hospital if you do not care about people.

Perla Grana

Had my tonsillectomy here and my experience was amazing. As soon as I walked in to register I was greeted by a really nice receptionist. I wish I had all of the names of the people I spoke to but under the circumstances I have already forgotten. It was not crowded at all & I was received at the exact time I was told I would have the surgery. All the nurses were extremely caring and attentive & answered all my questions patiently. Doctors were also very nice upon walking in to the surgery room. I will for sure be coming back for all other medical needs.

Adel Antoine

My son was born here. They gave my baby the worst circumcision seems like they cut only one side, it was just awful. Since I sign a form can’t sue or get a do over i had to go to many specialists who would not fix the ugly problem until I finally found A wonderful specialist couple hrs away who did a fantastic job Pros: you have your own room and very nice staff Still have to give one star for horrible work

Passionate Drive.

Decided to come here after going to the nightmarish Palisades Hospital. Wow the people here were actually human. I was almost paralyzed to experience a sense of humor from the nurse and doctor. Vibrant people with the obvious will to heal you. Would recommend very much.

Roll Brand

Christ hospital takes things way too far. I check in on January to pop an infected cyst. When they were finished they sent me home with no antibiotics and the next day I got a fever. So I went back to report this and they told me that I had to stay for 2 days. All because of an cyst, they did surgery on me ( which was unnecessary) but didn’t even bother to finish it. I’m never going back to Christ hospital ever again because of how bad their services are. Thankfully My family got me out and took me to medical center with better service.

David Lauglite

Appalling and profoundly unethical place! A student from my department is currently being treated there for a life-threatening condition. After an endless series of disrespected even though perfectly legitimate requests by the patient, inaccessibility of the patient advocate and doctors not showing up for scheduled appointments, we have finally managed to arrange a transfer to a better hospital – which Christ Hospital blocks on the grounds that the person responsible for signing the paperwork is "on a vacation." No joke! Christ Hospital claims to have no one to replace her. Not just poor treatment but also difficult to get out of this place once you are in there.

Theweirdoyanno -3-

That place is basically a morge. Everybody I know that has gone to this hospital has died. I don't recommend it.

Claire Liu

I did an pelvic ultrasound test. The hospital charged me more than $2000 for the test. In fact, the pelvic ultrasound usually takes under $300. I asked Health Advocate why it charged me such much dollar and why Vivek Masson also charged me for the same test. They told me the test fee includes the X-Ray room, the ultrasound machine and the staff nurses who took the pictures. Vivek Masson charged me for reading the ultrasound pictures. Although they understand me that these apparently are unexpected costs, they don't have a better answer. Christ Hospital not only charged me an unreasonable fee but also sent my information to other department without any informing or notifying me. This is the worst hospital that I've ever went to. Don't let them rip off your money!

Krithika Venkataraman

Dakshay Panchmatiya

This review is for the maternity department at Christ (labor/delivery and postpartum). My wife and I had our baby girl last week and it was a very good experience. The 4th floor delivery rooms are clean and spacious, though the postpartum rooms are kind of smaller. The nurses are top notch. I want to thank and give a shout out to Grace (she was simply awesome when my wife was in labor, and was super helpful), Dolly, Mila, Gigi, Marle, and many more whose names I can't recollect. A good experience. Only wish the food was slightly better!

Tabitha Lorenzo

This hospital is absolutely terrible for having surgery the doctors and everybody of their staff are terrible

Raquel Reyes

(Translated by Google) The doctors who attend in the emergency room are very impressed in the emergency room with terrible pain and the doctor, Carlos Cesar MD, treated me like an animal, did not care how I felt and threw some papers at me. The face of bad way, should dismiss him, is not the kind of people who should be doing sick people .... horrible treatment, I left the hospital without taking care of anything. I'm going to sue the hospital ... (Original) Los doctores que atienden en , la sala de emergencias , son mui improfecionales hoi en la sala de emergencias con un dolor terrible y el doctor , Carlos Cesar MD , me trato como una animal , no le importó como me sentía y me tiro unos papeles a la cara de mui mala manera , deberían de despedirlo , no es el tipo de personas que debería estar hasistiendo a personas enfermas .... horrible el trato , salí del hospital sin atenderme ni nada. Voi a demandar al hospital ....

Erin Kaye

I have been to Christ Hospital several times & I can tell you, their care/service is terrible. The waiting room & ER can be completely empty & they still will take 1-2 hours to check you properly... I came in with a horrible wheezing cough for them to tell me it's just a cold... Then sent me home with an inhaler which made me worse. I went back & they still told me it was a cold. I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis but they don't want to actually do their jobs & take proper care of you. The doctors need to rethink their professions & do something else.

Daniela Davadi

(Translated by Google) Excellent service with very professional and friendly staff Dr. Theresa Malcon thank you very much for bringing my baby to the world is the best (Original) Excelente atención con personal muy profesional y amable Dr. Theresa Malcon muchas gracias por traer a mi bebe al mundo es la mejor

Bo Qin

Christ Hospital overcharges, don’t come here unless your life was in danger and there are no other hospitals nearby. I regret choosing here when there were quite a few choices...I went to the ER for 30 minutes, most of the time spent waiting. Did a EKG test and nothing was wrong so sent home without additional any services. The hospital charges $8k for that 30 minutes of ER, the doctor charged me separately $1.2k for the EKG. This is grossly overpriced, my out of pocket cost was $4k and I have good employee insurance. Called the hospital to inquire about why such high cost and they responded the cost is now “patient responsibility” and nothing they can do. I am currently appealing the cost with my help from my insurance, hope Christ Hospital give me a more reasonable charge. I know it’s ER but $8k for 30 minutes!!??

candy c.

there is barely any Faculty the bathrooms are disgusting! patients in the emergency room are crowded in the same room

Esperanza Burgos

No tengo palabras para describir este hospital

Stephen H.

I have had to take my elderly mother to Christ Hospital twice in the past 2 years. They attended to her quickly, the first admission they were working on her in the ER within a minute. The second time took longer, but it was a fractured arm so it was not life threatening. Overall, I am grateful I live near Christ Hospital and the service was great. The nurses are nearly all excellent. I heard two of them arguing at the station on one of the floors after my mother was admitted, but when I went to them for assistance they responded instantly and in a professional manner. Really, the only complaint I have is that the nurses in the ER yap and gossip too much. Honestly, it's a distraction and annoying to listen to all that cackling.

Realist oldschool

Absolutely no patient privacy

Lynn cepeda

Worst hospital experience ever I came in with a fever of 103.8 almost passing out and they were having a meeting on what size sweater they were....I get admitted still don't know what's wrong with me in the worst pain of my life and still no results I can keep going on how horrible this hospital is that I AM GOING TO transfer to hoboken!! DON'T COME TO CHIRST HOSPITAL!!!!

yogesh pachpute

This hospital is in business only for making money, we had worst experience with radiology department. The charges are very high also they will send multiple Bill for multiple reasons. If first you go there they will take your insurance and say that charges will be covered under insurance. But once final bill comes insurance will not cover anything. I will never go to this hospital again.

Sammie Kay

Last time I was there I was picked up by the ambulance from my car, I had terrible abdominal pain that lasted for hours and could not drive. They treated me like someone on drugs. I've had this condition for years, this was a really bad day. Only one nurse was sympathetic and was the only one who cared, a young black nurse (I hope she doesn't get burned out like the rest of them). Everyone else treated me like I was there for the drugs, kept telling me they can only prescribe Tylenol. I only wanted the pain to stop, I didn't want anything to take home. They had me lay there for hours before anyone gave me anything for the pain as the techs laughed and made fun of my sobbing. I should have just stayed in my car on the side of the road until I was able to drive. Ended up with a bill for *$15,000* for a 3 hour stay and ultrasound. Had to fight tooth and nail with charity care to get rid of the debt. Please avoid at all costs, seriously.

Antonia Martinez

(Translated by Google) The personnel is very friendly! (Original) El personal es muy amable!

iWalk Report

Jeannette Carter

I am very very disappointing about this hospital. I will never never send any body to this place. Starting with the parking garage wich is a robbery. The overall quality is 0. If i have to evaluate it, it would be zero.

deepika korlepara

My delivery experience in christ hospital is great. I was admitted in emergency and whole process is very quick. Nurses are too good and understanding my contraction pains and been patient and caring with me. They helped me a lot during the delivery. All the facilities are good. Delivery room facilities and patient room is good.As a first time parents, been new to baby care so been busy and tired with baby all night and couldn't ask much questions to pediatricians when they visit suddenly. Better make a note of questions for lactation consultant and pediatricians as they visit once in a day that will help you clear all questions during your hospital stay.

Corey Limbowski

Too bad they closed down 4th floor pediatric war. The closest one to us now is hoboken hospita;

Samuel Habib

Had 4 surgeries here. Caring staff and discharged in a timely manner.

Maria Martinez

Horrible!!! Terrible, was trying to make an appointment for my father the lady on the phone was very rude!!! Hung up quick didn’t even give me the time of the appointment, I call back she sends me to voicemail. Horrible service!


This place is a dump. I can't believe how unprofessional and unethical the people who work there are. My family member was in the psych unit and she was neglected in every way. My loved one had an arguement with another patient in there and my loved one ended up being locked up for hours. She needed to used the bathroom and the staff member told her to urinate herself. She held it in and ended up getting an UTI. For the next 3 days, she ran a fever of 102 and nothing was done. My loved one called me and told me what was happening. I called the unit and my call didn't make it pass the security guard. He told me I couldn't speak to anyone about it, that my loved one was the one to file a complaint. She requested to speak to the supervisor and was told she had no business talking to the supervisor. The next day, her mother and I went in person to speak to anyone in charge and we didn't get pass the front desk when the receptionist made some calls. Social worker Joy called the desk and refused to speak to me, only to my loved one's mother, which by the way, doesn't understand why everyone refuses to speak to her. Joy told my sister that if she wanted to speak to someone, she would need an appointment. My sister made the appointment and when she went to see my loved one, she had already been transfer to a different facility, and nobody called my sister to let her know. I can't believe someone could be so heartless. No communication with the patient or the family. Nothing was done. Fortunately, I am a nurse myself and I run a building of 180 beds. I do know about patient's rights and dignity and also know about state regulations. I will follow up on this. Management needs to do something fast because this place has the potential to become a great hospital, but with staff members like Joy and so many others, this place is nothing but a uncaring garbage can. Either they change their approach, or someone needs to shut down their doors forever. I hate this forsaken place. I wish I could give it ZERO stars.


If you care about your loved ones or yourself, do not use this hospital. Overall care is abysmal. I wouldn't trust them at all. Stay away from this place.

Miranda Moses

Emergency room service was superb. Went into the delivery for continuous Braxton contractions and was only observed for 25 minutes and taken off the monitor and discharged. Huh

Kendy Vargas

(Translated by Google) I operated two days ago with dr.babak behin and the attention was excellent I loved all the nurses treated me perfect always with a smile I loved the tranquility I needed thank you! (Original) Me opere hace dos dias con el dr.babak behin y la atención fue excelente me encanto todoss los enfermeros me trataron perfecto siempre con una sonrisa me encanto me dieron la tranquilidad que necesitaba gracias!!!

eve beauregard

The number listed for this hospital above is actually the number of the radiology department. I called it, it took awhile to get the correct dept., but this experience pretty much describes our experience w Christ Hospital. Things are abit off. Whose in charge? Different persons have differing takes and know different rules covering given situations. What saved the experience is the majority of employees there both in professional and non professional capacities, are exceptionally wonderful people with a sincere desire to be helpful. I was very impressed with the kindness experienced there, even tho I felt uneasy with the "left hand not knowing what the right was doing" type of feeling.

Nancy Figueroa

My mom was put in this hospital some years back and she was abused by a nurses aide. When I complained that my elderly 89 year old mom with dementia was getting abused to the nurse at the station to alert them, I came back to my mother's bedside and that same aide came straight toward me in a defiant way to intimidate me by putting her finger in my face. I could not understand how this hospital could hire such a violent individual with no respect for the elderly nor the family of the patient. I don't trust this hospital anymore. Mind you, my husband was the Supervisor of one of the Lab areas at the time, but since that time he has left to get a job in another hospital that actually has a standard of decency........ Bayonne Medical Center took over this hospital and since that time they have made not only the Bayonne Medical Center fall down to the ground but this hospital as well. I recently went to the Bayonne Medical Center for a bug bite and that hospital ER service was shameful also. Very poor conditions and I remember this was a much better Hospital before it got the Medical Center status. My bill was over 9 thousand dollars and they didn't even have a band aid in the ER after they gave me a tetanus shot.. The wait was long and the care was inferior. This system is a scam. Very shameful, but it seems that the Hospitals after they merged have become a disaster. Shame on you CarePoint for your disservice to the people of Bayonne and J.C. and Hoboken.

Nalani DeJesus

I had my son here this past Monday through a schedule c-section and I am so thankful I chose this hospital! THE ROOMS ARE PRIVATE!!!!! Which is an extreme plus! I want to thank my OBGYN, Dr. Ghotra and her team in the c-section room, who really helped me feel so positive and not as frightened of having the c-section. The staff here really treat you like family and you can see it/feel it through each of them! I really can’t thank the nurses enough who were there for me/my son during my recovery every step of the way: Gloria, GiGi, Wanda, Rosa, Inonie, Maureen, Jessica, Josine, and Kristina! You ladies have made my post delivery the best and treated my son as if he were your own ❤️ Even as a patient, I was even treated as if I were their own child as well. The lactation specialist Miriam was an excellent help to guiding me in ways to breastfeed my baby and since I have left, I feel so accomplished and well educated on how feed my son. The food was incredible!!!! I’m really not a big fan of hospital food at all but they really make you feel extremely special with the delivery dinner! Both my boyfriend and myself felt as if we were luxurious for the deliverydinner. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me was super delicious when I was there for the 4 days! They have doctors routinely checking up to see how my incisions were and I honestly enjoyed that as I felt I had more helping hands along this healing process. Lastly, thank you Nazia, who was my pampered pregnancy coach! She helped us prepare for the pampered pregnancy program and gave us so much information on what to expect to packing for the hospital. Truly love this hospital and will definitely have my second child here in the future! ☺️❤️

Javeed Pasha

Angelina Garcia

I didn't like that the doctor had an attitude from the moment he walked into the room to exam my 10yr old! When she had 2 freak outs because she didn't want a male dr to exam her… also when I requested a female attending they didn't follow through… and by the 3x when she was ready and calm to allow him to exam her be refused… this doctor was absolutely horrible!!!

Mike Khan

The service is absolutely horrible and horrendous.....

Melissa Roldan

It’s tragic that this facility is still operating. People in the emergency room being told to go home because the flu is not important enough for them to put in front of others leaving them in hold for 3 plus hours. Nurses playing music on their phones, chatting with the EMT’s about weekend plans while a patient was tripping and falling on her way to the bathroom. Shut this place down or invest money to help change it.

Hany Abdelqader

Worst care nurses ever better to wait for a doctor appointment or go to a different hospital trust me ,it feels like I'm in a third world country

Gary Grant

It’s the worst hospital that I’ve ever been to. The doctors and staff are a joke. They honesty forgot about me and then both the doctor and the assigned nurse forgot why I was there. I has in real bad shape and going to Christ Hospital possibly made it worse.

James Ho

It wasnt to long ago that my girlfriend of 11 years was admitted to this hospital. she had been suffering severe sharp pains in her chest. She figured it would past thinking it was something minor. A few days had gone by and the pain only got worst. We came in and got x-rays taken. The doctors said she was fine and should be. It was gas problems. She was horrified and felt deeply that something was wrong. We ended up taking her to a different hospital. There they found stones in her galbladder. It was so bad they said it couldve erupted any time soon and cause death. My heart sank. This was over a year ago. She got it removed through surgery and since then has haved many complications since the surgery. However she is alive and well with me today. It took for a post on facebook earlier for me to remember the hatred I have for this hospital. Had she passed if we didnt listen to her and taken the proper precautions. The faces of the staff nurses and doctors that i remember vividly till this day that turned her away and said nothing was wrong. what i wouldve done had it all went wrong. i still am thankful to the hospital that did take iniative and did there job. i wonder how many have been done wrong or turned away but just didnt have the time to write a review similar as mines. this hopsital shouldnt be up and running. there are careless people in there. im not saying everyone is but if u are a doctor or nurse any title that serves people no one should be overlooked or turned away. u are obligated for it was u who made the decision to become who you are. until this day i still cant forget. no one i know or anyone in my family will ever come here nor will i recommend it. you shoudlnt either.

Laura Bahamida

I delivered here 8 months ago... the nurses in the postpartum area were always late to assist me even when I pressed the emergeny button! I heard them laughing and talking in the main lobby! My husband had to go in there to tell them to help me. Horrible, HORRIBLE delivery experience and I pray it never happens again. Won't come back here.

Raquel Rivera

I just, recently, gave birth to my baby at Christ Hospital. The labor and delivery staff were pretty amazing. I had some of the best nurses (Kathy, Josie, Marle, Jessica, Wanda) and the best Doctor to deliver my baby. I spent 3 nights in the hospital, due to having a C-Section, and felt very comfortable the entire time. Miriam, the Lactation Consultant, was amazing as well. I really felt like I had so much help and am truly thankful.


My great grandfather been sick for a while yesterday he felt dizzy. Took him here. All they said was we think this is wrong. Don't say you think tell us what's going on. So then they discharge him and today he still feels the same. The worst ever

Sharon Hernandez

RED FLAG! RUN WHILE YOU CAN. Do not bring your loved ones to this place. By far, this has to be the worst hospital in New Jersey . My father had a stroke on March 2017, in which we were told by the doctors at the emergency room that he will not make it out alive; that night he would have passed away. They decided to admit him to the hospital until he was pronounced dead. When admitted, we had to deal with extremely unprofessional staff, that although my father was dying, they would still talk to us with zero respect. Because my father didn’t have health insurance at that time, they would make remarks that there is not enough materials to use on him bc the hospital is paying for everything they were using on him. There was a day that this CNA was telling me how much everything costed, as if she was the one paying for it. Even the towels to clean him off were a big issue to be provided. The nurses did not want to clean my father either; one nurse even told me that I had to earn to clean him off dad was there for 2 months and thankfully was able to walk and talk again after we were told he would not (God is great). When he came out , the gastro never took his time to remove his feeding tube that was attached to his abdomen. For months, my father had this tube attched to his body. We took him to Christ Hospital emergency to see if they could remove it since he was bleeding from it already; they couldn’t do anything neither. We kept trying to make an appointments with charity to remove this feeding tube, but AGAIN, because he had no health insurance, everything had to be done in the same hospital. We tried to get him an insurance as well, but we were told we had to wait until November for the insurance market to reopen again. Christ Hospital never had a gastro available for charity ; we waited for months. He was discharged May 2017 and by October he had his second stroke, thanks to Christ hospital negligence. My father got his feeding tube removed at Hackensack hospital when my father had his second stroke, but this time, he went into a coma. The reason he had the second stroke was due to the blood thinners prescribed by Christ Hospital charity care staff (Walfarin). They kept insisting for my father to take this medicine for a longer period than it should have been taken. Because of this medication, his blood got way too thin and his second stroke took over his life. My father is now dead, thanks to the negligence of Christ Hospital and there is nothing that can be done to heal this pain we all feel. This could have been prevented. I am now assisting medical school and I hope that one day I could help those in need. The main reason to be part of the medical field should be because you want to help your patients feel better. This is not the case in this hospital! I don’t understand how this hospital is even open. We literally were treated so poorly by most staff (not all) while my father was almost dying. There is no compassion, no love for what they do. It breaks my heart to see what a low income community has to put up with in order to be treated. This world is really messed up.

Rohini C

This place saved me. First, the Charity Care helped me financially during a tough time. Second, the doctors and reception are helpful. I visited three times. All the doctors were nice, thorough, and helpful. They seem fresh with energy, and genuinely interested in helping you heal. They speak with you on such a level, so we get to the root of the issue. My visit today was also great! Dr. Lauren Rosenblum and her staff were efficient, understanding, and sensitive. Thank you for the service !

Salazar Dental LLC

Prakash Mishra

Rude Rude Rude Rude - worst staff ever

Natasha Millikan

What a terrible inpatient experience. I was there for a week (they could not figure out what was wrong) which gives me a good perspective (an emergency open heart surgery patient was sent home less than 24 hours after the surgery). First, no medical personnel communicated about my condition. The doctor who was assigned to me during my stay had never been told what happened; nor did he ask me. I had become paralyzed and the EMS had to break down my door and yet all that someone had told him was that I was slurring my words, as I was doing once I began to regain movement. Four days after I arrived, my sister the nurse talked to the doctor and he listened to her, and he came in and blamed me for not telling him what he never asked, as he made 20-second-long visits to my bed once a day. The staff was terrible. No one ever asked if there was anything I needed. If I wanted to ask for something I had to ring a bell and announce to the world what I needed. As I did not want to do this for small things, such as getting new footies, I waited for days for someone to ask if I needed anything. Once I did break in and ask a random nurse, it was no one's job. When my blood pressure was too low the nurse did not tell the doctor, she just kept measuring it and stressing me out till it was high enough. I asked her why she was doing that she said if she reported the actual number she would have to call a code blue. OK, well, I was not dying but a doctor needed to know. I was given medication for conditions they did not tell me I had, such as high cholesterol. They did not ask me what I wanted to take. There are medications I needed and I told the doctor and he write them down wrong. I had to smuggle my own in to get the right dosage till they would change it. Later on a doctor warned me about not taking the right dosage, which could lead to death. At one point a psychiatrist came to talk to me. He was very earnest, to show off for the intern with him. He asked if I have thoughts of death. I said yes. He said uh huh, wrote it down, and that was it. No follow up. I was not suicidal but if I had been, how would I have felt? etc etc! The worst. Much of this was caused because they laid off half the staff everywhere in the hospital and outpatient when the place was bought out by Carepoint,

Albert Ramos

The staff of Labor and Delivery were absolutely amazing! From the attending physician to the nursing staff . Everyone was very supportive, empathetic and dynamic. We couldn't have chosen a better location for my wife to give birth. I cannot sing enough the praises of this facility . Thank you to the ENTIRE staff of Christ Hospital for making this such a pleasant experience!!!!!

Holly Butryn

The ER is horrible; the equipment is outdated, the nurses are rude, and it was the grimiest hospital I've ever visited. (The medical stations in Afghanistan are cleaner than this disgusting ER.) There was no sense of urgency...I understand that there are other sick patients, but waiting an hour before being seen by a nurse is ridiculous, especially when there are 10 of them just standing around looking dazed and confused as to what was going on around them. A man came in to be detoxed before going to jail and he received more attention than my fiance did (who was writhing in pain).

Ali Khan

Worst place to go I am overcharged over 20 Times normal charge and they dont even inform they are out of network

adel nasser

the worst Hospital ever...Please go to any other Hospital in the world but not Christ Hospital . I had to pay $3000 for Blood test in ER, they will not mail your bills but they will sent it to a collection agency who will threat you of court if you don't pay the full amount. Bad Bad Bad Hospital.

Alex Mz

I was billed over $8700 for back spasms, after they told me that they accepted my insurance. I was there for hours with no explanation of where the doctor was. There were a lot of homeless people there given beds who had nothing wrong with them. The treatment was very temporary and my back pain returned just as bad as before within a day.

Baly g

How can I start , I don't even know this hospital administration is the worst. The physician assistant oh god please help I can't remember her name she's the worst I don't know how she got hired in the first place, she treated my mother in law and was so rude to her and answer her with attitude. Yesterday 8/17/17 I want to the ER with my daughter she's start laughing and saying like o you can leave it there and I know like we were dumb to take our daughter to the ER. Yet she went to get the doctor. DR. Carlos César who is more rude and unhuman, so rude how can you work with human beings if you are so rude. I'm never pleased with the Christ hospital personal so unprofessional. Avoid this hospital at all costs everything I get to visit is the same always disappoint and Asking myself why did I go there. I won't go and take my kids never ever. Is like you feel bad or your kids. Imagine you are in pain or even worst your kid is not okay and you are over worry yet , you have to deal with this rude unkind human being that I don't know feel superior maybe I don't know what it is. Come on why you treat us like that. You know the bill is going to be 10,000 up just to tell me everything is fine and then treat me like Im not a human being. Avoid I don't recommend this hospital has a bad personal unprofessional and so so rude.

Anita Sinha

There is no system here!! i had to go for an ultrasound and my doctor said this will not be covered with my insurance to i had to go some other clinic or hospital. So i called Christ hospital if they accept my insurance and this test is covered. They confirmed me this test will be covered. After few weeks i got bill of about $750. When i called my insurance company they told me that 'that particular technician' who did u/sound does not come under our coverage. i raised claim also to insurance company but they denied because that technician is not covered. Now its ended up with my liability to pay ths big amount. I don't u/stand if i am asking before going for test and i showed my insurance also why they would send me to the person who is NOT covered in my insurance!! I would never ever go to that hospital.

Patricia Salvatore

Sad how bad this place has become. Dirty! JCAHO should make a surprise visit. Alarms going off In the ICU. No one comes to check For 10 minutes, and the nurse tell you she was bust on the phone. Walking around room to room not changing gloves. I never saw any personal wash their hands or use the Alcohol wash. Personal are all nasty, no one has anything pleasant to say. You can't get a straight answer from anyone. One Dr says one thing another says something completely different. They treat you as if you're stupid and only they know what their doing.

James Yin

First they wrongfully charged me over $1000 for a simple ultrasound. After successfully getting a refund (spent over half a year on it), they sent me the same bill again. Christ Hospital, please do your patients a favor and fire all your staff. They're useless.

mina morgan

Stupid hospital and the people working there is some animals

Zhao Li

Tiffany Garcia

The nursing staff all have compassion fatigue and no bedside manner. I was picked up on the side of the road in my car with severe abdominal pain (endometriosis). The emts were extremely helpful and kind until I got to christ. They asked where I wanted to go and because I have gone there before for the same issues, I chose christ hospital. Worse mistake. I've never been more embarrassed. I was treated like a druggie. None of the staff believed I was in pain. I just wanted the pain to stop, I didn't want any medication to take home since this flare happens all the time. This was just a bad day. They were rough with me and were literally laughing at my sobbing. The male white lpn , the filipina nurse need to be fired. I should have stayed in my car. Also, my three hour stay resulted in a $15,000 bill. Thanks.

Bill O

Low-lit halls and neglected facilities. Ms. Dutton a registration associate thinks that playing explicit ghetto music in her office as she collects information from a patient is appropriate in the work place. NOT coming back ever again.

Lynnet Shuler

Very good hospital

Tiffany Scott

I checked the reviews to see if Christ Hospital is still a terrible place like it was years ago. Thank God for people leaving reviews on Google because I was hoping maybe after 4 years or so the place would have shaped up. I went there having major chest pains and anxiety. It took someone 3 hours to see me. They gave me an IV with nothing attached to it and never came back. I couldn't get anyone's attention. After all if this time I realized it was just a panic attack and I was okay. I was there for 8 hours before I took my own IV out of my hand and left. It was in my hand because they couldn't find my veins after multiple attempts and bruising in both arms, done by a rude nurse. I couldn't get anyone to discharge me. I recieved a $9000 bill in the mail. They didn't even treat me. Luckily my mother made phone calls and disputed it for me, since I was under her insurance at the time. The bill was completley dismissed because my mom threatened to sue them.

Anita Ramsook

I was there yesterday for a surgery on my shoulder. I couldn't ask for better service. Everyone was very kind and very nice. My surgeon explained everything again before going into the operating room. Everyone made me feel comfortable and I forgot about my fear. So I want to thank my doctor (surgeon ) Dr Roman Isaac and the entire staff for making my time spent there a memorable one.

Corey Frantz

Went to the ER after a bike accident. I feel bad for the staff for the people they have to put up with. At the same time the nursing staff was very unprofessional as they would gossip and complain about previous patients. Do they think curtains are sound proof? I understand working in the ER can be tiresome and very demanding, but they spent 90% of their time just gossiping. They gave me the proper CT scan for my jaw and the plastic surgeon who stitched me up did a good job, but doctors must behave professional at all times and the culture of this hospital is a real problem.

Rongqi Zhang

yashesh shah

We had a horrible experience during our visit ER on 8/29/15. My wife hurt her index finger while closing the rear window of the car which caused her bleeding and unbearable pain. As it was Saturday evening and this hospital was close to our house, we quickly rushed to the ER of Christ hospital. As we entered the ER area, we had to wait for someone to attend us for 15 minutes. Next they took details from my wife with regards to her injury and took us to the waiting room. While my wife was crying in pain, there was no one to attend us. When I checked with the hospital staff, they told us to wait and that someone would attend us when it’s our turn. Since it was already an hour by now, we decided to go to some other place. But as we stepped out, one rude nurse showed up and asked us to wait for some more time and we will get to see a doctor shortly. As we refused to stay, she asked for our insurance ids and told us to wait again in ER area while she notes down the details. While waiting some other nurse showed up with a painkiller and bandage to which my wife agreed. The previous nurse who took our insurance ids came back and almost forced us to go for an x-ray for which again we would need to wait 20 minutes before seeing a doctor. Frustrated we just left and went to see another doctor who did little dressing and gave her some other medications. For this disastrous service + painkiller + bandage, after 5 months now, we got a bill of $3846. I really hope the management does something about this poor quality of service. Right now they only seem to be interested in milking money from the patients. I would never recommend this hospital to any of my friends and relatives.

Lydia bonilla


chip PateL

Labor unit is one of the best

Ryan Smith

Made me sit there for 8 hours to tell me they winare accept me into a detox because they thought my gf was there. Worst hospital ever and rudest people I’ve ever met

Nelly Infante

Very very rude,, they kept hanging up,, and just discharged me and said nothing was wrong with me when I told them I wanted help with detoxing

George Stanhope

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. a few days ago someone i know went there, she was pregnant with twins, throwing up blood. they told her to "stop complaining" and sent her home in a TAXI. next day she went to a different hospital and passed away. this could have been avoided if christ hospital took proper care of her..a PREGNANT WOMAN.


The staff is great they save my life last year .The clinic staff is also very great love the way the phlebotomist and the rest of the staff there looks after the patients. Like every other hospital the wait is sometimes unbearable so you just have to give and take .Love it there and love the staff ,God continue to bless them and give them more knowledge, wsdom and understanding.

c dash c dash

Nice clean staff amazing & they get you in & out very professional

Christopher Jaikissoon

Prepare to get bent over by these crooks. Was not informed about my insurance not being in network. Received billed 1 year later. Received another bill 2 months after. Seems like they have multiple billing departments that don't know what to do

Erika M.

Trying to get a room for my grandpa,got in at 2 am and it was not until 11am he finally got a room, and this was a weekday, calling to get information on the phone calling them, they let there phones ring and when someone picks up they do not know anything and put you on hold for a very long time, I wish management would help and take care of the service so people who need help can get instead of waiting in a hallway that they half when there full.

Eduardo Alonso

What a shame, this hospital used to be a very especial place, now it is a mess. Horrible cleanliness, and very insensitive staff. I truly hope that the operator be able to successfully change it because our community needs it!

Charles Court

That ER is a joke. Doctors are nasty especially Dr "Ho". the nurses are always on their cellphone, and talking about their private lives out in the open. One of the nurses was really she is from the hood, I think her last name started with an "O", but can't remember. The facility is old, and they charge a ton like if they were a 5 star hotel. I had a nasty nurse by the name of fatima, and I requested a new nurse, his name was Glen and I can say he was awesome. that nurse fatima was taking selfies with another nurse while I was dying in pain. housekeeping and security flirting with the secretaries. They don't realize how much a patients can see from their beds. very unhappy customer Ms. Charlie Court.

Carlos Zambrano

2 hours to see a doctor. January 31 2017

Valerie Lawson

Although staff was nice to me. Emergency room staff is very unprofessional. They talk about the patients out loud negatively, talk about other staff members health conditions, and way to much chatter about personal business. Way to noisy, too much gossip

joann ramos-rodriguez

Came in for lower back pain and I waited for a nurse for half hour no one showed up . I shouldn't even give them no stars... emergency room are slow people working there and there are lazy

Angelica jean

I just want to show my thanks and appreciation for the excellent care we had this week. I brought my son who is 6 to the e.r. at 4am. He was having some difficulty breathing and we were very scared. We were seen right away. Dr. Shipra and nurses anna and john were excellent. They made me feel so comfortable. This kind of care and compassion is a rarity these days especially in emergency medicine. They treated my son like he was thier family. Thank you all!!

Welbyn Castro

I was here after a bike accident where I banged the back of my head open after dodging a lady and her two kids crossing the street. Friendly people.

Ana Molina

Ohh no! Four hours waiting to see a doctor at tha clinic down stairs and the girl at the appointment office is so rude.

Leonardo Hernandez

Had to take my father to the Emergency Room. Very poor service. Staff is not courteous, nurse “Ingrid” was condescending, treated everyone like garbage. After an hour of waiting, decided my Dad deserves better care. Sad that they have no regards for people’s dignity and health.

Monisha M

My in-network doctor did a procedure at this hospital which was apparently out of network - it was a planned procedure and I actually spoke to billing and ambulatory care and they mentioned that surgery costs would be covered by insurance. Now I am being saddled by monster surprise bills of out of service costs that were never divulged to me prior to the procedure. My advice is run as far away from this facility as possible even if you have a great in network doctor. Look for another doctor because the hospital will find every way to extract whatever they can from you and if you are not completely sick, you will get very sick from the discussions with their billing etc. Even if they get a generous payout from your insurance, they will bill you a lot over and above. It is not worth the headache. I have dealt with other hospitals and never had to go through this weirdly inflated billing and negotiation. My question is - do patients have no recourse in these situations? Can hospitals lie to you blatantly and get away with it? This is ridiculous. s there anyone willing to take legal action against this hospital? I had an emergency visit that they billed my insurance an arm and leg for (for an IV) and insurance paid a substantial amount. They still keep billing me on top for services not even rendered and almost killing me. It's a ridiculous place that renders dreadful services and fake charges patients. I have had conversations with all of their departments and they have promised to resolve this but bills keep popping up from random places. This horrible institution needs to be shut down.

Karin Abreu

I had my baby with a c-section recently in this hospital and I am very grateful for the care and attention received from all the staff, excellent staff, kind, respectful, caring and helpful. THANK YOU!!!!

Viraj Kulkarni

Response at Emergency Room (ER) was little slow. But nurses and physician were good, respectful and helpful. Will recommend.

Erica Lofton

I was there on the 5 of February I left some dark blue pants behind and avgray bag with ginger ale sodas and ensure water they claim they ain't seen nothing whenbi caught the cab I did not bring that home with me I hope who ever got my jeans and my soda suffer its not nice to lie and take from patients very rude sometimes I feel a like I just want to give up and die go be with my mother my surgery was cancelled due do uti I hope to be back next week I would like to be treated with respect and dignity I hate it when people lie I did have it in the cab I'm stretcher bound they said we paying 400 dollars for ambulance require special needs due to my lupus very fatigue and malaise I suppose to have a revision of left knee I have been wearing them for two years they didn't want to take the effective catheter out because they knew there was be able to put another one in owner please call me or administration not only that you falsely accused me of making terriorist of threats to get me banned cause you dont like me and noone has done anything about this false allegation god will fix it cause you know i didnt speak with noone

grecia Montlavo

They took me in right away didn't have to wait for nothing

Analuisa DE CASADO

I have used this hospital many times and the staff is very friendly. I thank them for their service.

Brad Barnes

Jesus was born here what more can you say??

Amanda Follmer

Just got home from hospital im 31wks pregnant I went in for sever hip pain and of course they took me straight up to L&D to make sure baby was ok then once I was cleared they brought me back to Er made me sit in the waiting room for half hr then brought me into room then waited an hr before the dr came in he told me he was not doing any images because i was pregnant but then gave me 2 doses of morfene he tried saying it was sciatica but I know its more then that cause I can not put no weight on left side at all... Not pleased at all now im going to my dr and finding out whats wrong and believe me if they tell me its something more than sciatica I will be contacting a lawyer...

Siblings Fun Exploring

Nasty nasty Nasty omg this hospital needs to get a smell check this hospital smell really bad nothing but homeless people everywhere the staff talk on their phones all day basically pay patients no mind never again I even can't also you going to need to wash up bc when you leave you will smell like that hospital smdh

I. alvear

Poor service, the people who work there they rather talk to each other than take care of the patient, they have you waiting until they finish their coffee. Another thing is by the bus stop the nurses sit there to have their cigarettes, it shouldn't be allowed that, people waiting for the bus has to inhale that smoke. they should put a non smoking sign.


A very good experience at this hospital. I would definitely come back here and recommend this place. The most important thing that a doctor/nurse/staff member can do is treat you like an individual, not like a dollar sign. And that's exactly what I experienced. The doctor was very patient and took the time to listen to us and recommended what kind of treatment and medication was best for me. I had the luck of being the only one in the waiting room. The time it took for the receptionist to take my info was about five minutes, then less the five minutes later, I'm being called in. Of course, my waiting time is not common- I just happened to be the only one in the ER. (On past occasions, I've been up to two whole hours waiting for someone to see me.) The medical assistant that took my blood pressure and other info just took under ten minutes. I never felt rushed or anything like that. After that, they walk you to the treatment area that has the hospital beds to wait for a doctor to see you. The doctor came in just under ten minutes, and he was really good. He explained everything along the way, and I never felt uncomfortable or rushed. Finally, after diagnosis, the receptionist from before (I think she's a CMA) gave me my prescription and even some additional info about my diagnosis and condition in order to be well-informed. All in all, great experience. Even though this hospital used to be ghetto in the past, don't let that stop you from coming here now. They have much better staff and the whole experience is a lot smoother with no issues.


(Translated by Google) Bad attention you come for a problem and they take out all your illnesses supposedly to have you admitted and then tell you that the last results came out negative, Here they are not specialists in anything; they only take samples and the results are sent to another hospital. You have to wait 4 days to know results, I finally came because of a problem in my coello, they never gave me a solution. I had it admitted for 2 weeks, then they told me I had tuberculosis, after 2 weeks to tell me that the results came out negative that I could go, and that recently came out as a result of the biopsy and I have cancer of the coello and that they do not attend them and that I go to another hospital, in order they did not solve my problems (Original) Pésima atención vienes por un problema y te sacan todas tus enfermedades supuestamente para tenerte ingresada para luego decirte que los últimos resultados salieron negativos ,Aquí no son especialistas en nada ; ellos sólo sacan muestras y los resultados los mandan hacer a otro hospital osea debes esperar 4 días para saber resultados ,en fin vine por un problema en mi coello nunca me dieron solución tuve ingresada 2 semanas ,luego me dijeron que tenía tuberculosis, para luego de 2 semanas decirme que los resultados salieron negativos que me podía ir ,y que además recien salio en resultado de la biopsia y que tengo cáncer de coello y que eso no atienden ellos y que me vaya a otro hospital , en fin no solucionaron mi problemas

Csssandra Clinton

Here right now with an injured foot. Came here there was literally no one in the ER. 1 hr later im still waiting done heard triage staff talking about new home, new blinds from lowes or home depot is better. Yet im still waiting to get my xrays read. Its at least 5 of them over there. Promise this would be the last time ever for me. Ridiculous!!!!!!!

Michelle DeNoble

Christ Hospital's staff is absolutely amazing. They were very attentive and cared for me and my sons like family. I had the pleasure of meeting Nazia Hague for my first pregnancy through Carepoint. She aided in the preparation for my first baby and now I am better prepared and experience for my second baby. It was a stress free process for me and my husband, both times. We are extremely grateful for Dr. Patel, bringing in both of our healthy boys into this world. Thank you Carepoint!

Katiuska De Leon

I went there for a procedure in 2017 with my in-network doctor. Got to the Hospital by 8 am and was out by 4 pm. Before procedure, I asked about insurance coverage and they told me not to worry, that they take care of everything with my insurance company. Now I received a $16,000 bill for me to pay, as they claim they were not in network by my insurance company. That is totally outrageous. How am I supposed to pay that amount of money?

Fabian Tubay

Nasty ppl. Don't know how this place is still running. Stay away!!!

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