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REVIEWS OF Steward Norwood Hospital Psychiatry IN New Hampshire

Chloe Dodge

Doctors flat-out lied to me and gave me dangerous misinformation. When I asked about the side-effects for my pretty extreme withdrawals (like, can cause seizures when done this quickly and even kill you extreme) I was told that there were no withdrawal symptoms. I had doctors change my medication without telling me, and sign me up for medical treatment without asking me for my consent. I didn't go outside for ten days because the hospital did not have the appropriate personnel to take us. I had a roommate who hadn't been outside for months. This was a civil rights violation, by the way. Basically, my only goal was to get out as soon as possible. I had gone from an extremely traumatic experience directly into a place where I was discouraged from talking about it and had a psychiatrist tell me to stop crying. The treatment I received was absolutely horrifying. It was downright abuse. I now avoid hospitals, and seeing paperwork or even clothing I wore during my stay can trigger panic attacks. This place broke me. I of course have no evidence of any of this occurring because we were not allowed phones or electronics of any kind. I don't know how to deal with what happened to me. But I want to do what little I can to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Alicia D.

traumatizing and unprofessional staff. Extremely disappointing considering how the rest of the hospital is maintained so much better.

Kate Greene

The experience here with my son as been horrific. Never go there. Not honest at all and no advocate

Donna Lavoie

If I could give it zero stars, I would! This place is beyond shady! We were not allowed in the dining room at any time. We were not allowed to bring in a purse or cell phone. The Psychiatrist NEVER touched base with me the whole time my mom was there ( almost a month!). Near the end of her stay, my sister went to visit and found mom reeking of urine. She took her to the bathroom, and her adult briefs were so wet with urine, you could ring them out! She also had bruises all over her arms! Once, when I asked for someone to take my mother to the bathroom, the CNA showed up and literally brought her there and back in two minutes. She said "I asked her if she had to go, and she said she already went. So, I turned around and brought her back." Seriously?! SHE HAS DEMENTIA!! When I told her that, she just ignored me, turned around and walked away. My mother went back to the nursing home nonverbal, and wouldn't eat or drink! She had to be transferred to the hospital to be treated for severe dehydration! I would not send my dog to this awful place!!

Lawrence Martin

Haven't heard of it being bad yet.

Lynne Bergeron

Be very leary about this hospital. I have had personal experience with this place, and I would not leave my very worst enemy there. The nurses and doctor's are not interested in what the patient's have to say at all, the staff are there to get paid, there may be a couple of good nurse's , but believe me they are few and far between. When I contacted the Omnibudman office for patient advocacy assistance, they never contacted me back. That was two and a half weeks ago today. I would never, ever go there again, please avoid this place at all cost, and I am speaking from experience! Please! You will thank me, believe this and trust me, I don't want another family going through what we went through.


Joanne Breen

Do not bring your loved ones here. No healing, no respect for patients. Very unprofessional staff. They mock the patients, ignore and have no control of the very sick ones. Downright scary at times.

Amy Peltz

This is the most shameful culmination of what the most unqualified hospital care of well-being in care for people dealing with mental health issues. As an educated person, I was horrified at the poor treatment of individuals needing physician care. I myself had to be compromised for fear of reprimand in calling out the deplorable care of “doctors” on site. There was no compassion, care or respect for anyone on this unit. Hearing “pee on the floor “ when asking to go to the bathroom... really?! Don’t make boundaries for staff if they are going to be resentful for following through. I truly have empathy for those who sincerely need help. I am furious at the poor care and neglect of willingness to be part of the solution. If I could do something legally to shut the unqualified, piss poor people out, I would. This place is less than zero.

Jennifer Rombalski

If it was possible to give this hospital a lower rating I would! DO NOT BRING ANYONE YOU LOVE HERE!!! They treat patients like they are in jail and when my friend was here they stripped him of all his meds at one time didn't wean him and I am tooking antidepressant and mood stabilizers!! Made him physically sick!


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