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REVIEWS OF St. Joseph Hospital IN New Hampshire

Judith B

My husband stayed here after his surgery. The staff, doctors and nurses were wonderful. I am very thankful.

Zoey Delczeg

I had complications with surgery and had to go back the same day. I have been heavily bleeding in the waiting room for an hour. This hospital is very understated. If you have an imminent emergency, go somewhere else. The medical staff here are good, they just are over worked and could use more people working on a given shift.

Shawn Flanders

The worst visit ever, serious pain and didn't Evan treat it on top of that No MRI according to DR. Xrau 4 hour into waiting and few shots for pain with no resolution to a fracture in my back. Never going there again.

Lisa Volu

I went to this office well over a month ago and I was told that I'd hear back within a week- with a scheduled colonoscopy date, due to some serious symptoms that I have been experiencing. This could potentially be cancer. I've called 6 times and they never called me back. Clearly they don't care about their patients! Way to treat someone who is ill, that also has a VERY strong family history of cancer. Just tell them they may have a serious condition and then blow them off. I'd give St. Joseph's Gastro, in NASHUA, a negative star if it were an option here!


brian ahearn

Staff in the emergency room is the most unprofessional group of individuals I've ever encountered in my 51 years of life. If you go there with mental health issues they treat you like a prisoner.

Jim Re

Karen Ennis

Francis Limousy

The maternity department is top notch. Congratulations to the team here!

Kimberly Grigg

I have gone to them multiple times and have asked if my insurance covers what needs to be done, they tell me yes but in the end I am being charged. My health insurance completely covers preventative care and it does show up on my insurances end, but they still have tried to charge me. They are not worth going to if they are going to lie to you and try to get money out of you. Both the hospital and across the street at the pediatrics office. I am now going to stick with Dartmouth.

Laurence Reeves

The staff at this hospital have been vary helpful to my mother in law and my wife. While other hospitals in this area dismissed her with no help. These people have been working hard to get into the correct care facility

Peter Uliano

Seems like a good hospital. ER is way faster than Elliot and Currently my Aunt is in the cardio unit and they are very nice minus one rude woman who answered phone on 3s.

Rosemary Borzell

I was transferred from a hospital in Peterborough last night to St. Joseph’s for an ultrasound. I’ll save you the long story except to say that I was agitated - exhausted, frustrated & fearful of how I was going to get home. It’s not easy dealing with agitated patients and I regret how bad my attitude was. How nurses & facilities respond to agitated patients says a lot about their purpose and mission. This evening the nurses who sent me out could not have been colder & less compassionate. They could not have cared less about me so long as I left as I was told. I will never return to St. Joseph’s. What a sad example of health “care.”

J. V.

Got billing for something that I have no record of and have to wait until Monday to figure this out and this hit my credit and I haven't been in the hospital for this place. -update Reached out to billing department and never gave me a return call. Still havent heard back. Got credit karma to drop the account from the credit report.

Barbara Boucher

The worst experience of our many hospital visits in this emergency room. The receptionist was wonderful bit the guy checking in was demeaning and rude. We were shocked. Had to call out Pcp and have them call in. What a terrible situation when I'm great pain and needing help.

Joey Manzo

This was the worst hospital experience in my life. I actually felt like I was dehumanized. Allow me to explain. I went in at 12 am due to a highly painful, rotator cuff sprain and was not able to move normally or even get up. The pain started a couple weeks ago but was not major (due to weightlifting). But last night it acted up and I heard three cracks in my back and then immediate pain and a sudden feeling of paralysis. I said “holy s*** we need to go to the hospital.” I couldn't even move my neck. Even At this point right now I still have trouble getting up. So we arrived at saint Jospeh’s emergency Area. I was taken in no more than 10 minutes, I felt like this was good because that means we can figure out what is going on faster. I explained what happened to the person that took me in and did not take me seriously. The Final report consisted of me saying “I wrestled with my girlfriend and I hurt my shoulder.” that’s not all. I was given xrays and the X-ray woman was nice and I was told that the xrays will be reviewed. I was taken back to my room and I was laying there. This is where it gets even worse. Some Asian woman came in saying I can’t have my shirt off (the first guy told me to take it off) and the woman was forcing me to get up and I really couldn’t. I was in a lot of pain and she was asking me what is wrong with me where does it hurt I said my back shoulder area and she started feeling my arms, hurting me even more in my body. Having to force me to get up, She was really mad and then had the audacity to give me a sobriety test. Excuse me, I’m in so much pain and you think this is a f***ing joke. She offered a shot but i didn’t want it because I took three aspirins. Then, a second lady came in offering the same shot I already declined (I was nervous for her to even come close to me with any needle). Then the guy who took me In comes back, says let’s get you out of here. I’m thinking what, what about my Xrays. That I never got to even hear about. Until this morning, I called my actual doctor and went in and he reviewed my report from last night and they said that the Xrays were never reviewed. I even called and they said that the xrays were never sent to the radiology department. I am so done with this hospital.

Eleanor Jove

I had my surgery here. The people working here is awesome and so kind. Specially the Nurses they very approachable. And very gentle. They help you a lot. After my surgery they keep asking me if I’m okay which is I really appreciate them so much. Thank you so much sweet people here. My nurse name was emily I think. I just see ily in her name plate. They did a great job and assisting the patient. Thank you guys I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work

Aubrie Brooks

This place is like a 3 ring circus!! Took weeks to get them to schedule my port placement. I shiw up for the surgery only to have then tell me, we have to reschedule because we dint have anyone on to perform your procedure !! How does a hospital schedule a surgery with out a surgeon!! I took the entire day off for this. Complete incompetance!!!

Caitlyn Hauser

The entire nursing staff in Labor and Delivery is beyond amazing! They don't have an easy job, yet they still made me feel like I was their #1 priority. I don't think I could have had a better experience anywhere else!

Katelyn Roy

My elderly aunt is getting a day surgery tomorrow, and since last week the nurses have been calling to get information. They call, she misses it because her ringer isnt loud enough for her, she tries to call back immediately, nobody picks up. I've tried twice to keep calling until they do and when they do they are so disrespectful and rude, and they literally hung up on her without asking the questions they apparently so desperately need to ask. I initially thought she was overreacting but I sat in on today's exchange and was absolutely appalled. My aunt struggles with anxiety and she's worked up enough over this surgery - the attitude that was given to her over the phone only worked her up more. I have no idea what they'll be like in person, but if it's anything close to what we've had over the phone I am not expecting great things.

John Ferrari

Shady billing practices. They are either incompetent with appropriate coding and billing of insurance companies or they are legitimately trying to take advantage of you. Seek care elsewhere.

Neural Notwork

I'm also shocked at the negative reviews. I'm angry at the ambulance EMT who said my husband wasn't having a heart attack, but I'm very pleased with St. Joe's treatment. The nurses were fast and concerned in both emergency and in the ward. I don't get how we got such good treatment when others got such bad treatment. Maybe we have better insurance but I don't think so. The people we dealt with were genuinely good people, I don't think they turned it on and off.

Ariana Koustas

We delivered our first child at Lowell General Hospital and had a horrible experience in labor and delivery there. We switched to the midwife practice at St Joseph’s and they were WONDERFUL. Lisa was the main nurse who stayed with us and she was so kind and caring. Very respectful and attentive to anything I needed. Rebecca Keller was the midwife who delivered our baby and everything she said and did was exactly what I would have wanted or needed to hear when I was in labor. I cannot say enough how glad I am to have switched to the midwife practice at St. Joseph’s hospital.

Helina Yilma

I had a great experience here when I brought my 4 year old daughter for a bead stuck in her nose. The ER staff were really great with kids. I loved the Dr. How calm and reassuring he was. I highly recommend this hospital.

Joseph Green

$450 for 1 visit and a holter monitor? Something's not right here and insurance only covers $20 of the bill. Very displeased and still dealing with heart troubles.

D. D. Harrison

Waited six hours for a procedure to be told that I have to reschedule. Poor communication and lack of transparency of status and current conditions regarding care.

Barry Doucette

Excellent care and great staff. Very patient oriented and personal care.

JNJ Dearborn

Very rude staff!!

Marie Napolitano

Went in with ankle twice the size of other ankle. Can't move it or put weight on it. They sent me home saying they took a quick look at my xray and it doesn't look like it needs surgery. I asked if it's broken they said they will have the radiologist look at it sometime today and they will call me with the results so they got me an air cast and no pain meds and no even knowledge of if it's broken or not!!! Terrible er!!!!!!!!!


Mainly good experiences here not all but most. However deeply disturbed by the fact that there are not on call specialists for the common specialties. Hopefully no one needs assistance when there is a gap in coverage in these areas.

Rob Clubb

Remember this a FOR PROFIT hospital. With that being said I have received some of the best medical care I have ever received. St Joseph's also has exceptional medical staff! As I am writing this I am a patient at St. Joseph's. I had a total knee replacement this morning. The staff has been fantastic! Private room is awesome. Every need has been met quickly. I can't say enough good things about the nurses here. My case manager ( to arrange for after care), pharmacist, and surgeon have stopped by to check on my progress! You call Food Services to order your meals just like room service! This is a fantastic hospital!

Raymond Champagne

They treat everyone like a drug addict I have MS and a brain injury and I was treated like crap when I had two infection cut open they cut two holes in me to drain absess then gave me crap about pain meds so I walked out with no pain meds and I pissed off the Dr and got no antibiotics had to go to my dr to get them

Julie Ramos

Brittany Place

My sister is over a week late and they have decided to have the baby induced. In the past three days this staff has told her to call several times, only to get told every time that they were 'understaffed' and to call later. A doctor called to apologize and put her in for 11 o'clock today but to call first. She did and they still haven't taken her. This is the most unprofessional and understaffed hospital I've ever dealt with and I hope no one else has a hard time getting help when they need it.

martin armitage

Cassandra Drusendahl

I went to the er on 8/9 due to serve h Chest pain. I rated it a 7 out of 10 that had not been helped by advil. I get taken back right away where the nurses take a very short history and focus on the fact that my heart rate was around 110 or so on and off. I mentioned the heart rate is something I have a history of mostly when in pain etc and that I have a family history of dvt and pe. And other heart issues within the family. The pa Erin walked in and basically told me that she was willing to run some tests to check for blood clots but if the blood test and ultrasound were normal there was no reason to do a chest ct as that wouldn't give her any new information. I didnt care I was still in pain and wanted to figure out why. At this point I feel it is important that I never once asked for pain meds even as my pain level increased in part due to moving for the tests performed. I mentioned that my pain had increased and nothing was said. Finally after an xray ultrasound and some blood tests and 1 "pain med" (really q gi mix in case it was the mother of all heart burn) Erin came back in and stated everything was fine. I told her the gi mix did nothing and was told that she was positive it wasn't my heart and that it had to be my gi system and something I ate etc. (Not that she asked but I've been eating the same food for almost 4 months now due to dieting etc). Erin also told me to go home and take advil for pain. I mentioned that I had taken advil and it had not helped. She told me quite rudely "I am not giving you anything stronger. I only give stronger meds when there is a broken bone involved." Defeated and feeling like it was all in my head I agreed to be discharged before I totally broke down. I ended up taking advil before bed... which did not help. In fact the.pain got progressively worse to the point of my mother calling 911 for an ambulance when it spread to my right arm. Thankfully it wasn't anything that could and Erin's refusal to treat me or do further testing only resulted in me missing 1 day of work and spending another 6 hours at a different er. The best part. The ct scan Erin thought was not needed was the first thing the second er did and it was crucial in providing them with the diagnosis that was not gi related and was actually that my the sac of fluid around my heart is inflamed.

Milagro Rivera

Kristen Dority

ER was great- clean and great staff. Kids loved them! Took us in right away. We went there after my 4 year old had a bee sting.

Kara Nadeau

Once again, poor communication from the St Joe's staff. My mother was transferred to a rehab facility and none of the family members were notified. We only found out when we called to speak to my mother and were rudley informed by the nurse who answered the phone that mother wasn't in the hospital any longer and couldn't tell us where she is. Not a comforting conversation. Hoping that you never need to send a loved one there for care. #notmyhospital

Andrew Sylvia

If I could give negative stars, I would. A few weeks I had a kidney stone. I knew it was a kidney stone. I've had kidney stones in the past. What I wanted to know from them is what the stone was made of. I asked them how much this would cost. It took several days before I got an answer. Before I gave them the stone, I wanted to confirm the cost was what they said it would be. They confirmed that amount. Later, they charged twice as much, doing procedures I did not consent to. I really regret not getting more documentation, if I had, I'd be taking them to court.

Jonathan Innes

I was born here and I am still alive sooooo....

Crystal Sweeney

Sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours and nothing done.

jill fuegmann

I brought my autistic son to the hospital and at the nurse said he wasn’t going to waste his time with my son so he was just going to write him a prescription and we left

Leah Rounds

Visited three times over three days. I had the same doctor for the first two visits who while I will give him credit for running the right tests, also ignored the fact that I was in incredible pain. He discharged me, despite me having unrelenting stomach pains with instructions to see my primary and take a Tylenol. I ended up back there 3 hours later after the pain got worse and I started throwing up uncontrollably. Thankfully a new doctor was on by then and reran my tests and figured it. Got me transferred to a hospital where they could do the tests I needed. I would give that final doctor 5 stars if it wasn’t for the first because his treatment of me, both as a patient and in general was great and what one would hope you would get when you visit the ER

Mary Dawson

4 star Hotel services. Call cafeteria anytime between 7am and 7pm. Nurse services are excellent. Very little waiting when you press the button for help.

Benny Dipalermo

One of The worst Hospitals in New England. No Compassion for the patient. Doctors are no where to be found when looking for answers from them. Nurses are all Young College Students who have yet to figure out how to give a shot, yet they are still given assignments that they literally say in front of you that "They Have Never Done This Before/ Or Don't Know How To" Then proceed to do whatever they think is correct. Communication between the doctors and Nurses SUCKKKKKS. Talk about Phone tag and False information. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL UNLESS YOU LOOK TO WAIST YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY/HEALTH INSURANCE. They will only help you for a couple days then send you on your way with the same issues you walked in with and give you no answers to what the doctors came up with for diagnosis. TAKE YOURSELF OR YOUR MEDICAL PATIENT TO BOSTON WHERE THEY TAKE YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS SERIOUSLY! THIS IS NO JOKE SAINT J has to be the worst hospital I have been to ever. Its just sad to think you pay for good health insurance, then you get put in a place like here and no matter how good your health insurance is you are treated like your life does not matter to them. They just have no respect and seem to have no authority in that building. Read all their negative reviews, You will see how rude, uneducated, and disrespectful this Hospital is. So SAD

Stephen Roach

Malcolm Longenecker

My husband and I live in northern NH. Although we had great regular care for my mother who had Alzheimer's, she became very delusional and combative. Her doctor suggested we admit her to a specialized unit in a certain hospital in central NH where she could receive more intensive care. After a few visits with her at that hospital, we realized she was being neglected and overly drugged. We decided to admit her to St. Joseph's in Nashua. Even though it was a much longer drive, it was well worth it. The nurses were wonderful, caring people who spent as much time as they could explaining things to us and taking such good care of my mother. It is difficult enough to feel guilty about not being able to take care of your own mother without having to also worry about if someone else to whom you have entrusted her care is actually doing so. We had no doubts about the staff at St. Joseph's. They were wonderful.

Heather Gerlack

Mike Soha

Horrible customer service. I've been waiting 5 days to be scheduled for an MRI. I called MRI scheduling two days ago, got routed to vm, left a message and as sm still waiting for a callback. They just don't care.

denise Tedaldi

Been in ER 2 hours not been seen. This is a travesty when the patient is screaming in pain. Shameful.

Amy Balakin

Had all 3 of my sons there and have been to the emergency room twice. They are top notch and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jenna-Rose Finnie

Both my boyfriend and I are pretty healthy people overall, so when we had to take my boyfriend to the ER at 3am after not seeing a hospital in 4 years we were absolutely terrified and didn’t know what to expect. The staff was extremely attentive, had a strong sense or urgency, they were warm and empathetic towards our needs. In my opinion, no one working at this hospital was the type that was just collecting a paycheck. We felt that the team here really cared and we plan to go to them for our medical needs in the future.

Ally Nicole

They put a IV on my hand! I'm usually okay with them but the guy who did it was rough and it hurt really bad! Also my whole hand started bleeding and he didn't clean it or anything he just covered it in tape. I was also waiting for a hour and a half before my doctor came in. I saw her standing there with a few other nurses just sitting there talking and didn't even come into my room. I've also been there in the past and over heard one of them talking bad about someone who was in there for a overdose. Wouldn't recommend.

Octavius Rhodes

Had outpatient surgery at St Josephs. Excellent service. Prompt, polite, caring, informative. Very pleased. They even sent a card signed by all the nursing seeing how I was doing a week later.

Tom M

They have gone down hill since merging. If you try to call billing in Nashua , their voice system is horrible and you get sent to Maine. Maine doesn't have the billing records of Nashua, so you have to call Nashua back. If you press zero for operator your sent back to Maine!! Worst customer service. I would not go there again.

Bruce Weaver

will never go back! our nurse was extremely rude and gave us attitude. when I tell the supervisor he didnt do anything about it. he actually gave us more attitude.

Jay Miller

I'm not sure where these negative reviews are coming from. I've been to St. Josephs ER twice in the last 2 months. First for broken ribs, second for a suspected lyme infection. I was treated expeditiously, in a kind and friendly manner, and received the best medical treatment available from Doctors and PA's that far outpaced those found at local emergency clinics. I've also been to the lab several times, and the staff was friendly, professional, and caring. The facilities are immaculate and most sections of the hospital are brand new or have been refurnished.

Pilar Rozell

Had to go to the emergency room recently. They treated me with great kindness and were paying close attention to my health situation. A big thank you to the doctors, nurses and staff!


sivananda chowdary Akkina

I would rate negative. First their billing is always problem. If you call they don't answer and don't call back. Hospital service is too bad and I fed up with them and finally moved to different hospital.

Tracy Sullivan

The Team Work and dedication the ER Staff have are more like a family! Hard workers and everyone pitches in to do their part and some! Just went a few days ago with my 5 year old wheezing and high temps and the care and compassion and smiles and the way everyone works together is all the comfort a mom needs in a time of stress and being drained after staying up 2 nights to care for her child!! St.Joseph’s ED IS HANDS DOWN ANAZING AND THE ONLY ONES I TRUST WITH MY LIFE AND MY CHILDRENS ❤️

Marisa Parker

I prepaid for my procedure and was told that if the bill was less I would be refunded the extra that I was charged. I have been trying to get my refund but keep getting excuses. Now I am being told that it will be at least 1 or 2 weeks or more - it's already been close to a month. The refund amount is over $800.00. Anyone else have this issue? Do I contact the credit card company or a lawyer to get my refund?

Jennifer Gates-Foster

This urgent care facility bills you or your insurance company TWICE: once for the doctor, once for the facility, resulting in a double co-payment under most plans. They will not work with you to submit a single bill for a single visit as is industry standard. I have been working for months to try and correct this error to avoid a double copayment and they have been completely uncooperative. Clarify their billing procedures BEFORE you receive care.

Tito Carolina

Worst treatment in the planet earth. They need to learn how to be on time and learn how to treat sickle cell.

Lonna Stevens

They were so helpful and caring when I was there for a week. Even after I came home they would call me an check up on me.

Luis Hoffstadt

Any recommendations where to go because I was reading that probably my health insurance won't cover me here? Any other place in Nashua for emergency?

Shayne XX

Katie Soleau

Every staff member we encountered was great with our 6 year old (with a broken arm) and us. When it was time for a light anesthesia procedure they had more than enough hands on deck and were overly prepared. They were kind, compassionate, thorough and brilliant. We appreciated our care so very much and would highly recommend them. I will absolutely trust them with my families care in the future.

Laurie Lester

St. Joseph Hospital is my preferred hospital. I feel the staff and doctors are genuinely concerned with my comfort and my health issues. No offense to any other health care providers but in my OPINION....St. Joe's is TOPS! God Bless y'all.


Awful, AWFUL experience here. Do NOT go here. Nurses were extremely rude and unhelpful. I came in here the other night in excruciating pain. I was one of the only people in here. They ran a CT scan, an x-ray, and took blood and told me nothing was wrong and that I was just “constipated.” The nurse made extemely rude and uncalled for “jokes” to my fiancé and I, downplaying my pain. WELL I continued to be in pain since they did not prescribe me anything. AND I went to my PCP today who sent me to get a second scan, and it turns out I have a 3mm kidney stone!!!!! They didn’t even notice it. How unprofessional and incompetent this hospital is. Please do not go here.

Amanda Sampey

ethan koplowitz

WOW! What an incredible company to work for! When I arrive at work every morning, I am always greeted, professionally & politely! I always have a wonderful time helping everyone! Recently I met the new CEO of the hospital & the CEO of Covenant. If I had two words to describe how they interact with everyone the two words would be highly inspirational & extremely loyal to everyone! They will not let us down! Thank You! Ethan K.

Ben Cardinale

yaseen faizal

Jacob Patten

Alexander Gad

My wife and I were lucky enough to welcome our baby girl at St. Joseph's and couldn't be happier with our decision. My wife's doctor, Dr. Wasserman, works out of St. Joseph Hospital OB/GYN (formerly OB/GYN Associates of Southern NH) in Merrimack, NH and they are outstanding. Dr Wasserman took such excellent care of my wife throughout the entire pregnancy. The hospital was so welcoming and pristinely clean. The staff on the Labor and Delivery floor were amazing. Specifically the nurses...Karen, Meagan, Janel, and of course Josie. They took such amazing care of our baby girl and my wife. We felt like we were in a hotel, the service and comfort were outstanding. The food is out of this world, we always go to cafeteria for all appointments at hospital, and are never disappointed. They do this amazing celebration dinner the last night you are there, which is unbelievable! Think filet mignon and surf and turf! We highly recommend this outstanding hospital to anyone! Thank you so much!

Judy Barry

Went yesterday for first time, to ER. Everyone was friendly and compassionate. This was a good experience during a difficult time for me. 5 stars.

Kelly Lacourse

Karen Baker

I would like to thank the best surgeon in the world Dr. Mannolli for her wonderful compassion towards me so she gets 5 total stars throughout my surgery and amazing job she did on my right breast with my lumpectomy! Highly recommend her to everyone! And i would also like to say Thank you so very much to Kelly at the breast care center also, who listened to me and tried her best to have the social worker reach out to me and gave me such great comfort in talking to her, many times! But i now don't after several weeks of trying have not gotton a call back from any one from the social worker department and am living on potato chips ( no lie) and can technically no longer stay in the area to get any treatments due to their apparently disregard of a human life! So therefore i have decided to just cancel everything and not get my second lumpectomy surgery with radiation afterwards elsewhere... Because without help that i needed through the social workers i can't get my food stamps i am entitled to like i said several weeks ago when i was promised the help through the hospital, even before wonderful Kelly got involved and I literally came to the decision that i will no longer be able to stay here any longer in the area without it , and technically being so hungry all the time now due to the fact that i moved out of state from N.H.due to a domestic violence situation and fled to Maine and although i am finally safe now, i am physically here and had no clue what to do. On that note, this is my review and pray

Krystal Webb

do not go here ever! most incompetent staff i have ever seen. The staff is uneducated and take very poor care of their patients.

Kaity Milius

First nurse to help was very dismissive and almost rude. Doctor very quick to write a prescription and leave. Did not get the treatment i needed.

Matthew Kraus

I’ll never understand why they don’t have a zero stars option. To preface this review Dr. Wong was professional and very easy to work with, as were Tracy and some of the other nursing staff. I wish this was true of the majority of the employees we interacted with. We brought our 12 yr old in for psych issues on 3pm on a Friday. Since my wife was asked to leave, she came back on Saturday around ten and they had not offered my daughter a toothbrush, hair brush, shower, or anything else in the way of hygiene. It wasn’t until my wife requested it that they brought her basic hygiene items which should be common sense. The social worker did not show up until Sunday, an hour and a half late for her shift, and we were told she was pulled over. I’ve been pulled over plenty of times and it never took an hour and a half. To top it off she was argumentative, rudely spoke over my wife whenever she tried to speak, and when my wife got upset about it she walked out of the room until almost 7 at night. During the times we visited, we watched an LNA watching a movie/tv on a tablet. Often, the LNA who was supposed to be watching her in her room, would walk around, joke loudly about how other employees make their lives miserable for 12 hours a day, and ask each other if they are going to be going out and partying together later. My wife felt uncomfortable with the social workers aggression, so she asked me to come by. When I did, the social worker used passive aggression to keep turning our words around, interrupting us, and generally it seemed she was more concerned about being right and repeating herself than listening. She was sorely lacking in basic social skills. To my discredit at that point I was no longer going to accept When I called her out on her behavior she went and got two nurses as “witnesses”, and they came in more calm, but just as argumentative. One male rn told us that it was our daughters fault that her hygiene was neglected and gave the excuse that they are an emergency department and they aren’t set up to handle basic hygiene. She’s twelve, scared, in an alien environment and the adult nurse said it was her responsibility to ask, then the social worker tried to excuse it away by saying they cannot force her to shower. All in all it was a terrible experience from the beginning added onto an already difficult situation. Also keep in mind this is a private, for-profit hospital. Save yourself any additional pain and heartache and even if it means extra driving, go elsewhere. Any where else would literally be better.

James smith

I've been to St Joseph's a couple times in the past few years. First was for my wife, who had a bad stomach pain. They quickly tested and diagnosed her. I was really surprised by the friendly nurses and the very professional doctors. They really care about what they're doing. My second time was with my father, who had fallen and we thought he may have broken a hip. I thought we'd have to wait a long time in the ER, but they were really fast and had him in for tests within half an hour. The staff was great again, and we were able to rest easy that it wasn't anything too serious. It's nice to know that there is such a good hospital so close to home.

Nanette Chiafala

Matthew Beal

Rob Rich

Mixed reviews over the years but mostly good- I have been to the ER twice and they were very attentive, and my wife has been to the ER a few times with reasonable results. The reports of long waits may be for people who they consider to be in non life-threatening situations. Both of my children were born there, and we had good results the second time, but really less than satisfactory results the first (the anesthesiologist was particularly bad). Overall though, I am fairly satisfied with St. Joe's and continue to use it.

Barbara Klitzke

I am here now and have been for about 3 hours. I most likely have a pulmonary infection since my symptoms are similar to symptoms I've had in the past. They are showing no interest in helping me but asked me multiple times to keep my mask on even though I am not coughing. After about 2:30 hours I complained and explained that because I came here hours ago I did not eat or take the cold/sinus/pain medication I've been trying to fell better with because I figured I'd wait an hour or so as I have my whole life in every hospital I've ever been in. St Joseph's is not like that. After I complained they had a doctor come and explain to me that they are very prepared but today is just a busy day but they will see me soon. I also asked how much my bill for triage would be if I left before I was seen and was informed that nobody knows that is here now, I'd have to wait for the bill. Considering the horrible billing and treatment reviews, I am sure I will be updating the review. Because I have been here so long I will Stick it out since I've wasted a large part of my day. Also, if you're on their wifi, it does not let you search Southern NH medical center. Blocks you. Very nice. Update: was brought in to the emergency room quickly after speaking to the doctor who came to explain how busy they happened to be, she seemed to think 3 hours waiting was not excessive. Didn't catch a name. In the room, the linen was dirty and I asked it to be changed before I laid down. Lisa, the triage nurse also took people in and she was not happy I asked for the change. The new sheet was ok but the pillow case was stained on both sides with what looks to be bodily fluids. Knowing people who work in similar settings, as far as I was told, if linens are stained you take them out and send them out again or throw them out. The doctor and nurse were very nice and direct however the only exams done were that he listened to my lungs and touched my neck to feel my throat. The whole time I was there I felt like they had no interest in seeing me or helping me so I will do what they said but will also see my primary care which takes a couple days and that was the reason I chose the ER first. Based on the ridiculous monopolized costs of healthcare, I'm sure the 5, maybe 10 minutes I spent in there will cost me a fortune. Not worth it. May drive to Lowell General next time I need to be seen right away.

Pramod Singh rajwar

Anna Andrada

djah olivier edgar gnangon

j'aime leur travail

Matthew Howe

Amazing staff!

Sharon Fellows Lamb

Awful experience having a baby at this hospital. L&D nurses were rude, condescending, stared at the screens and never looked me in the eye. I had a failed epidural (asked for the anesthesiologist's help several times, as I was still in tremendous pain after it was started, but despite adjustments it never took full effect). I had a panic attack during my c-section (remember the failed epidural?), and none of the nurses or doctors tried to calm or reassure me. Anesthesiologist told me it was "normal" to feel EVERYTHING during the surgery, and refused to give me anything to calm me down. I had another c-section at a different hospital a couple of years later, and guess what? I felt NOTHING, and when I shared my experience with the OR staff there, they were horrified. They said I clearly had a failed epi the first time, and that there are plenty of calming medications they could have safely put in my IV. In other words, I was forced to endure major surgery without adequate anesthesia, and a sustained panic attack, for no reason whatsoever. The post-partum care was ridiculous. The nurses were rude and constantly tried to take my baby to the nursery even though he was perfectly healthy and we chose to room in. The lactation consultant gave inaccurate info about breastfeeding, and told me I probably wouldn't be able to do it because my c-cup breasts were "too small". I forced them to put in my chart that no one was allowed to enter my room or discuss breastfeeding with me (or, as one nurse did, squeeze my breast and shove my baby's screaming face into it, without asking). They had me on a pump less than 24 hours after my baby was born, despite the fact that milk almost never comes in before 48 hrs (72 or more after a c-section). Guess what? As soon as I got out of this awful place, my milk came in, and I nursed my children for a combined total of over 5 years. But that lactation consultant told me I probably wouldn't be able to nurse, for a reason that everyone knows is bogus. I wonder how many other moms have believed her, gotten scared, and given up? I wouldn't ever recommend this hospital to anyone.

Selina Akerman

Jennifer Slate

Second time here today with my son who was very sick with a stomach bug. Unfortunately he requires immediate care when he sick as it can quickly turn life threatening. I want to preface with the fact that I know there are just as many people sick if not much sicker than my child. I guess my main concern is the faculty. Extremely unprofessional. At no time did nurses, support staff, security or administrative employees keep there voices down, heat and eat food right in the open or try not to laugh at the funny joke they heard as loud as if they were in their own living room. I’m disgusted with the lack of professionalism. Uncaring personnel. I want to cry for every person having to endure any of what I heard and experienced. I do not ever want to hear who went to Peddlers with the group 2 nights ago, how many drinks they had or what they sang for karaoke songs. I’m appalled that the nurse felt it necessary to take 45 minutes to talk to the IT person to get her password before she started care with my son. I now know her password!!!! She should have been more professional and talked quietly while trying to fix her computer problem. I heard nurses bitching each other out and being rude to each other. I would be fired if this is how I acted at my work. All this doesn’t include the fact that my son was in a bed in the hallway throwing up violently. He was so upset. 2 stars instead of zero because when they finally got to my son they were able to help him feel better. 2 hours later. Coming here for 20 years, what the hell happened to this place? And when did they do away with HIPPA laws??? ; )

Buz Off

While their medical staff are competent, but their business procedures/policies are dysfunctional. WAY too often it's thrown at the patient to resolve the disparate fiefdoms. I need to move back to Southern NH Medical where I can focus on ... my health.

Nathaniel Matthews

Would like to give it 0 stars. Wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy. Just the worst place to go for care. Hope it goes out of business soon as the don't deserve to be treating people

Diamond Gonzalez

I went in because of a cough turned out I had pneumonia. The staff worked quickly and they were very friendly. I couldn't have asked for a better team to have taken care of me.

Spencer Baselice

Plays billing games. Walk-in clinics could have given me the same results for about a tenth of the cost! I visited this hospital for a painful kidney stone attack--paying for this visit was just as painful. Billed well over $5,200 for an IV of Ibuprofen, CT Scan, and prescription, Definitely go to Emergency Care, Minute Clinic or Health Stop, or another walk-in clinic in Nashua. The hospital offers a discount if you don't have insurance, but THEY DID NOT CREDIT me for paying early. Over a month now and they keep giving me the run-around. I paid this bill by the due date to get an additional 10% off, and they keep sending me bills for the difference. The service was not exceptional by any stretch of the imagination, and nowhere near worth the $5 GRAND they billed. Spent about 2 hours in the ER (most of it waiting for the doctor). I was billed for the visit, the CT Scan, labwork, ER services, and whatever else they could think up to bill. I was billed separately by Radiology to read the CT Scan, after paying over $3,000 to run the scan, plus the doctor who saw me in the ER also sent me a separate bill. Even after their magical "discount" for being unisured I still paid over $3,500 for a a 2-hour stay and a prescription for kidney stone pain. I already knew it was kidney stones, since my brother and father had them, so the CT scan was a waste of time and electricity. I never even saw a copy of the scan. Don't waste the money, unless you have exceptional insurance, and if that's the case, you're already wasting the money anyway!

Antionette Lodge

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