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Aileen McGurk

For the past five years I have been looking for a doctor who is relaxed but present during my visits. I have finally found one! Doctor Shafer takes the time to answer all your questions and she makes sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction. She isn’t on a computer ignoring you, she is there. She has a awesome personality and so accommodating.

Trisha Westley

Best hospital to have a baby! My care and my babies care was phenomenal from start to discharge.. I had a c section and the nurses always made sure my pain was under control... they took my baby so I could rest a few hours each night... only issue I had was some of the LNA’s not washing their hands before taking my newborns vitals, I spoke up and it was easily corrected to ensure I was pleased and corrected... shout out to my doctor Heather Feltmate and a few nurses Jess and both Diane’s great people all around... thank you for taking care of myself and my baby.

Paul Howell

They take too long. How can hospital function correctly if there's only one doctor to 16 patients?

Lisa Volu

I've been going to Foundation medical for a Few years, but these past few months have really shown me what this group is all about. I've been having serious symptoms for months, and instead of getting right to the point and having the appropriate testing performed, (that would define what the actual condition is), they insist on putting me through multiple tests that are not necessary and are not covered by my insurance. This is done so that they can make money off of me. Thousands of dollars later and I have no answers - NONE! Lastly, this group does not follow up when referring their patients to other providers. Left in the dark from both the PCP and the specialist that they referred me too. I will say this much- the front desk staff are great, but again, no follow up from nurses or physicians. Disappointed after being a patient with this office for the last few years. One star for routine stuff, physicals colds etc., but, for any major issues- I would NOT recommend this group.

Jennifer Jirkovsky

Wait is way too long for people in the er. If you need immediate attention, don't go here.

Michelle Farmer

Most nurses and doctors from the tachycardia unit are heinous people for not just drs or nurses but as human beings. They tell my brother they can no longer do anything for treatment that is not working anyways and recommend transferring him to CMC for surgery. The CMC doctor rejected the surgery yet the medical centers care is not working.. so We talked about Boston and when that was brought up they proceeded to tell me to call. I called Boston and they were confused as to why I was calling and not the doctors since they can only do a dr to dr transfer. To the point where someone admitted in your hospital wants go ama on your hospital and go to a different one is a joke! Your doctors are pretend doctors. It is absolutely crazy you do not do ultrasounds of the heart on weekends. I’m positive people have died because of the carelessness of these doctors. If someone has died specifically in the tachycardia unit of this hospital SUE!!! I’m telling you it was malpractice and most of these doctors only care about their paychecks and nothing more. The doctor who told me to call for a transfer was a heavy set dark skinned DOCTOR from the tachycardia unit. She should absolutely be discharged for being so rude and careless. She doesn’t deserve the title of a doctor and no other doctor had stepped up and done the right thing.

Lisa Desautels

You call the medication line..they never get messages.You call....they never responded to my calls.They ignore calls for medications.Even after nurse gives doctor the message.Very poor customer service with the calling nurse who takes message.And the doctors.

Shatty Then

I had such a great experience here when giving birth to my first child in May .The nurses and doctors were so kind and helpful. I'm glad I didn't listen to the negative comments and tried it out for myself. Thank you so much!


We had our son here and we had an excellent experience. Doctors were, in my opinion, very knowledgeable and professional. We chose this hospital to have our child based on recommendations of friends that had used the hospital prior. We were very happy with our experience and highly recommend this to others who may be considering this hospital as their choice.

Freddy Fog

tl;dr: Rude ER staff kept us waiting six and a half hours while a worker playing Pokemon on her Nintendo Switch did not bother to get a wheelchair for a patient who could not walk. My wife had been operated on for plantar fasciitis this past Friday. I would like to say now that Friday’s surgery went very swiftly and was completed by kind and caring professionals in the same building (which at this point is hard to believe). Two days later, she began feeling her calf was tender to the touch. The on-call doc recommended she go to the Nashua Southern New Hampshire Medical Center ER to get checked for a potential blood clot. We arrived around 2:00 PM. The PA put in the order for the ultrasound at 3:47 PM. It seemed the staff thought we were hard of hearing, as all they were talking loudly and frequently like this was some sort of social event. Nothing work-related. We waited roughly an hour with no contact from anyone and were starting to wonder if we were forgotten about. From this point on, we waited patiently until 5:15 PM before asking for a wheelchair so I could bring my wife to the restroom. She tried getting up on her own, but the pain was too great for her because her pain meds had worn off by now. The ER nurse said “You can’t walk there? Didn’t you walk in here?” My wife was embarrassed to admit her meds wore off and the triage nurse we saw initially said “DO NOT take anything before the ultrasound.” The ER nurse replies “OH that’s just for ‘belly ultrasounds’, this one it’s fine.” Eventually, the ER nurse admitted “I’m not sure why your ultrasound isn’t ready yet”, and someone started bickering with her and shouted “WELL NO ONE TOLD ME TO CONTACT THEM!” The one shouting, Kelly, began accusing others on her team and other teams of who was supposed to do what and said it’s not her fault repeatedly. The ultrasound tech had apparently left. Throughout all of this we did not get an apology or even hear the words “I’m sorry” from anyone in this office. Finally, around 6:50 PM, she was seen for the ultrasound by some one on-call. She asked the ER nurse if I could go with her, to which the ER nurse quickly objected “OH no, males can’t go into the ultrasound area unless they may be an expecting father. Do YOU have to worry about that?” I get the attempt to lighten things, but this legitimately made her and me uncomfortable. While waiting, I noticed at one point one of the guys at the desk glared at me and must have mentioned something to someone. No one bothered to talk to me or apologize for the inconvenience, but were fine with talking about me behind my back. The PA told us “It’s not a blood clot, so that’s good." I followed up asking what it was to which we got the reply “oh, we dunno.” I thought this was a joke. The PA then openly admitted he had never even heard of this, even though the procedure was done in the same building just days before. By this point, we were unsure if we were supposed to leave or if we were waiting for a nurse, so I asked for clarification. I was interrupted by the PA with “YEP YEP she’ll be in to read you- you know what I’ll come in and do it” and as soon as he enters he changes how he’s speaking to a nicer tone and apologizes directly and condescendingly to my wife. While all of this was happening, the accusatory worker, Kelly, was playing Pokemon on her Nintendo Switch. I can’t make this up. A guy at the desk gets the wheelchair and tells me “Okay I’ll wheel her out front while you get the car” to which I agreed and thanked him. I escorted them to the entrance and he said he’d be there with her to bring her out when I pulled around. Well, he abandoned her and asked some security guards to do it, who said they would. They did nothing. I found this out after I helped her to the car. We ended up leaving at 8:15 PM. This entire visit was disheartening, troubling, and down-right insulting to say the least. I sincerely hope the hospital cares enough to read this feedback. I had to fiercely amend my review due to Google’s character limit. There are many more details.

Peter Uliano

I had to go hear once for the emergency room and although it was quite empty my waiting time was very very long. I waited over 3 hours and they seemed to be trying to find a health issue when it was a relatively minor thing. They ordered a cat scan and made me wait and actually scared me in the process. After that day I go to another hospital which still has long wait times (not as long) but they take care of you and explain everything. I would still go here if I had to but the wait time and the set up is not that great.

John Abbott

A good hospital good staff I had one problem with a emergency Doctor she was just a rude unhappy person other than that one It nice people work there.


Their ER and Psychiatric team are a useless disgrace.My husband's psych meds were not working correctly, we now know due to a surgery he had last year, and he drank alcohol after 6 years sober and got very unstable. I will not go into detail, but he needed an inpatient stay to stabilize his medication, but you have to go through an ER for that. After explaining to one of their psych team in the ER his long mental health history and the state he was in she said they would probably just release him when he was a little more sober and the next psych team shift spoke with him..this was already a ridiculous statement after what i just went over with her. His psychiatrist left many messages with the ER, the doctor on shift and their psych team all through the night to not release him without speaking to her, and no one ever called her back...they just released him the next morning, still partially sedated. Then when his psychiatrist finally got someone at the psych team the next day they claimed there was a mistake and they hadn't received all the clinical info from the ER! I spoke with one of their own team! This is a hospital with their own acute psych team and inpatient facility, and this is what happens to an unstable patient in need of help...they dump him on he street still partially sedated, with no way home, no wallet, no keys, no phone. He had to ask to use the lobby phone and call me an hour away at work to leave and come get him. My 2 phone calls to the ER that morning before I went to work I was told he was barely waking up and it would be quite a while before they could even try talking to him, and they would then talk to his psychiatrist since it was in his notes. Do not go here in a may seem safer to get somewhere close by, but obviously that is wrong. Drive to Boston if at all possible.

Wendy p

I recently saw Ellie Chung, endocrinology, after waiting 4 months for the appointment that my doctor was sure would bring me answers. I brought her a list of problems/symptoms that I’ve been dealing with like soaking night sweats every night 18 years after menopause, extreme fatigue, double vision, extreme constipation, heat and cold intolerance, major hair loss, extreme moodiness with diagnosed depression, and many more symptoms. Nothing in my list mentioned my weight gain as a piece of the problem. After running most of her tests, one hasn’t even been completed, she contacts me via the nurse saying everything’s fine and we’ll see you in a year, not even a second visit? I of course asked about the myriad of symptoms I gave her in a list, how is the Dr. addressing those? The nurse said she didn’t know, and she would talk to Dr Chung again. I received the nurses last call today to say, Dr. Chung is sorry, she did everything she could and theres nothing she can do to address my weight problems. Did the good doctor just call me fat? Did she read the list of my problems? My weight wasn’t even listed as a symptom? So disappointing to be treated like a lab result, and nothing more!!!! Thanks for nothing Dr Chung! I would not waste my time to see this doctor who is only about labs-not the person!

Laura Chapman

Worst ER I have ever been to. No ER doctor came to see me. They lost my urine sample and when I asked why I was to give them another sample, the Physicians assistant told me it was because I didn't give enough (I gave them a full sample), but another nurse piped in and stated they needed the sample because they lost the first one I gave them. They refused to run further testing and even stated that was the plan when I first walked in. The nurse didn't know how to take my vitals (and she only visited me once in the nearly 4 hours I was there). The physicians assistant I saw (Mary-Ellen Dalzell) had zero bedside manner and did not take the time to get a full history of my symptoms. She refused further (and reasonable) testing. She talked trash about me to other nurses and then was super condescending to me when I had other questions to ask her. She stated that I did not display enough discomfort for her liking, so she was OK with sending me home in the same amount of pain I was in as when I arrived...and she was ok to do this without a treatment plan. If yoy get seen by Mary-Ellen....just stop right there and will end up worse off because you just wasted your precious time and you are in the same condition or worse than when you arrived.

Rosa Rivera

Emergency room is awful but threat of the hospital is great staff

Judy Coderre

Having a procedure done at SNHMC this AM I experienced the most caring and concerned staff, starting with the receptionist, nurses, anesthesiologist and doctor. Thanks all of you for the excellent care you gave me , and helped with the anxiety I was feeling. You're the best!!!!!

charlotte moriarty

Visiting a friend. Not my favorite place to be.

rob c

ER front desk on wed we're the worst ever. However once my mom was put a room on the 3rd floor east the staff was the best ever.

Norman E Oak

It's easy to get to Employees show a much higher care And they go the extra mile to get the help you need


Extremely grateful and pleased with the service our child recvd today! Thank GOD!! The staff was phenomenal!! Thank you so much for the attention and service! It was our first experience and we're extremely appreciative!!

Matt Calkins

never hand anything but good experiences with southern New Hampshire Medical and Foundation Medical Partners (not that cancer is a good experience). I have had three surgeries with Dr Jimenez and he did a super job each time along with the staff. Oncology care with Dr Hakemian was top notch. Radiology is great as well! My wife had to go here for an emergency with her eye, even though her symptoms we just pain based, the doctors did what they could to make her comfortable. Overall just have to say all experiences have been great.

Stacey Horton

I ended up going to SNHMC at the insistence of my OBGYN office for terrible abdominal pain related to an undiagnosed mass on my ovary. The triage nurse left the door part way open between myself and my husband, and another family being treated in the adjoining room. When I was finally being seen, the PA argued with the OBGYN on call right outside my door, saying that I couldn't really in pain and shouldn't receive the pain medications that were prescribed. In reality, I was in so much pain I was writhing for the entire hour car ride to the hospital from my home, and on the gourney in the room. I guess being 35 and having blue and purple streaks in your hair makes you a drug seeker at the SNHMC ER. The OBGYN was wonderful, caring, and empathetic - and that is the only reason I'm giving 2 stars.

Mattias Kasparian

Going to get lab work they tell me they will be right down to get me and after waiting a good amount of time I go up to ask if they’re coming and then they said they’ll be done soon they’re on break. Yeah, well I have a job too and I got to be at that job in 15 minutes so guess what, one star! Be respectful of people’s time!!!

Helina Fox-Rabinovitz

I went in after 3 days of bloating, constipation and lower back pain. I saw Dr. Karagosian, who was very knowledgeable and caring. All the ER staff were great. Since I'm new to the area, I wasn't sure where to go. I highly recommend this hospital.

Emma Kinney

After experiencing a traumatic morning where my sister had blacked out and hit her head for unknown reasons my family and I had to go to this hell of a hospital. The staff at the front desk were incredibly rude, not only to me but to my stepmom by implying that she had less of a right to see her stepdaughter in the emergency room than our biological mother. There were multiple patients in the waiting room who were in deplorable conditions, but were treated as less than human by inconsiderate staff. My sister was left in a neck brace for an hour more than she should have, which means she had to suffer incredible discomfort for that time. The staff at this hospital need to learn a lesson in respect for other people. The only patient I would recommend go to Southern New Hampshire is one that is already dead.

stoneduff stoneduff

Take your loved ones anywhere but here. I would give them a Negative star if there was one. Funny how no one has responded from there. It’s been 8 months since the original review. Shows...

Thomas Blinn

Hospital of choice in the Nashua area.

Marc Gaudette

Staff was attentive. On their game. Professional.

James Dzindolet

I can't tell you how upset I am right now at how I was treated by the girl Caitlyn who runs the phones in the front lobby at night. How rude and unprofessional she was and how rudely she treated me while I have a grandmother dying in the ICU!!! If I can't trust a hospital to have professional phone administrators how am I suppose to trust this hospital with a dying relative??

Ralph Simone

Absolute best Hospital in the area. Great Docs and great staff. Caring, knowledgable and friendly emplyees. Highly recommend this for your medical needs.

Raymond Champagne

Everyone is a drug addict in all Drs opinion but at least this place treated me with respect all my Drs are through here foundation is all good Drs

Anna Karaski

I've lived all over the country and this hospital has the most unprofessional e.r. I have ever witnessed. It's truely awfull. The staff is unprofessional, uncaring, unethical

Priscilla Tempelman

My grand daughter, visiting me from out of state, had an emergency appendectomy followed by 12 days in the Pediatric Unit. Every single staff person there from admission to discharge could not not have been more competent, professional, communicative. Our whole family is most grateful for their excellent care and unbounding kindness.

John Gorinovich

This is for the emergency department. We visited with my daughter and the care she received there was professional, efficient, and spot on. Thank you.

Tia Bibeau

I waited from 12noon, on the 19 of January until 6pm. I had a nurse finally bring me in and say my "blood work is excellent, but you look dopey". Totally unprofessional. I happen to be a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for the last 6 years because of my ex husbands drug use and him trying to strangle me to death. Im not a former drug addict. It is abhorrent to be treated like im on heroin. My blood, which was 5 vials, btw showed nothing concerning. Then this nurse told me to go pee in a cup to test me for illegal drugs. I left that hospital knowing I had been treated unjustly. My friend who came with me is a Business attorney and she told the staff in no way that nurse was professional. My husband is highly educated working toward a Doctorate at Riviere University. Come Monday morning, this nurse who belittled me, will be losing her job. Definately wont be going back to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center EVER. I would give a zero star if I could. And I DID NOT EVEN GET TO SEE A REAL, LIVE DOCTOR. I wasted 6 hours of waiting to be treated UNJUSTLY. Oh, also I will add, the hospital had been told I have sustained 2 major brain injuries way before I was seen by this "nurse". So forgive me if I talk more "slow" than other people!! If I am charged by this hospital they WILL be sued. All they did was take blood, say it was excellent, and then I left after I was told and not asked to give a urine sample because the nurse thought I had illegal drugs in my system!! This hospital deserves EVERYTHING thats coming to them. I have read many 1 star reviews on here. I am telling you, Mr. "Owner", with your generic messages in response to others VALID concerns... You WILL be held ACCOUNTABLE. Wait and see.

E. Prybylski

Was sent to the ER with possible septic infection. Was not taken into triage for over 3 hours. Was told I would need to wait another 3 to be seen. If I had a septic infection, I could have been dead by the time they finally saw me. This is not the first time. Was in that ER with a major, bleeding wound. Was not taken for triage for 4+ hours at the time. Will not be going back.

Papa Joe Gaudet

My friend, Richard is here with a shattered hip. Took them three days to decide how to put it back together, then ten hours to do the work. The surgeon said it was the worse break he'd ever seen. While this might not seem like a great recommendation, considering what he looked like after his fall and what he looks like a few days after surgery, I'd say they did an awesome job. He's comfortable and has his sense of humor back. What more can an old man ask for?

da love

i went to the ER twice in a row, one time having a full blown Panic attack where i felt i was gona die, another where i was actually Suicidal.** Both times they told me to go home and i was and i quote" a waste of their time". This reminds me of the woman that went to the ER here for suicidal ideations and they told her to go home. She committed suicide by jumping out her window on Main Street. Shes dead. This is the "level of care and Life Saving" this hospital "commits to". The only person in the entire ER that even showed ANY form of kindness was one of the security guards that got me a coffee once. That was the Only time.

Rick Woodside Jr

My mother-in-law is struggling to breathe and they could not find ss nurse to take her back to ER. Now she is still waiting for a doc to "pick her up". They have a patient coding so short on resources. Uh isn't every patient important? Don't they have enough doctors to handle one coding patient and still treat patients who need ER medicine & treatment? Or does this hospital collapse with one coding patient? My review? This hospital used to have much higher standards of care. They need to be retooled.

Jen Love

Had a baby at this hospital 7 years ago. This year I will be having another and was terrified thinking I may need to go back. Everything was fine right up to the point I came in to deliver. I was sitting on the side of the bed and started feeling like I had to push. The nurse yelled at me and said not yet ! Don't push ! Not ready ! So I closed my legs and tried to hold it, but my daughter was already coming down. She got her shoulder stuck on my hip bone and got stuck , I believe because of this. She broke her clavicle bone to get out and I nearly bleed to death. After they took her away and they had me sitting in my own blood in the dark for hours by myself, where I couldent reach a call light or the light itself.then came time to breast feed and the staff was rude grabbing my breasts without permission and thinking that they knew it all. Let's dump Suger water down your shirt that will help. All that did was make me wet and cold. They continuously grabbed my baby's head and was smashing it into my breasts. Now this will be my 5th child I'm not new to breast feeding, they treated me badly. When I spoke out they dident like it and i could hear them talking about me saying to chart me as post pardon depression. Nice what a great staff, I'm sure that's what every mother wants. I started out smiling and left in tears

Jessica Davis

If I could I’d give it less stars. The first phlebotomist I had the displeasure of meeting gave me attitude and then refused to do his job due to the fact that I was asking him questions about what exactly he was drawing blood for and why he needed to use 2 draw sites. Also I had let him know that he couldn’t try the area of the inner elbow, explaining to him that even though my veins look great in that area they always roll or if able to get the needle in they blow and don’t allow for a full blood draw. Then the doctor, who was a complete moron, told me to stay on antibiotics that haven’t worked as of yet. On a 7 day supply and already 5 days in yet the infection is getting worse and not better. Even though I was already told by a nurse that I know and my doctor’s office that I would need iv antibiotics for the infection I have. I would not take my worst enemy to this hospital for any kind of medical care due to their lack of knowledge and also their inability to do their jobs properly or professionally.

Donna Kachadorian

Where do I begin? At the several misdiagnoses? The lack of communication? The harassing case workers? (Maryanne) the releasing patients who were not ready to be released? The losing dentures? The multiple infections that were missed? The nurse who told us we had to clean up our loved one because she wasn't doing it? Or my favorite.... telling us that our loved one "didn't meet the criteria of hospice" a few hours before he passed? What a joke this place is. Can't believe Mass General would tarnish their name being affiliated with such a place. Oh and the fact that we got the call our loved one had passed at 1230 a. m. a few days later told he passed at 300 am. Keep your loved ones out of here especially off the fourth floor east and west!

Daniel Wylie

The best staff ever thank you

Khalid Zami

I would like to know about the treatment on Hemorrhoid. I had a surgery almost a year ago but feeling different problem. Would you suggest a best doctor. Thanks in advance

Roger Chick

No pleasure here, everyone in too much of a rush. Not in a good mood.

Tylor Jade

My fiance had to get facial sugery here today, every single staff member of the surgical team was amazing and we are incredibly greatful to all of you!

Andrew Sylvia

A few months ago, I had a quarter inch gash on my thumb. In a panic, I went to the SNHMC Urgent Care Center in South Nashua. After waiting about 20 minutes, they put some glue on the gash, put a bandaid on it and told me I was fine. Several weeks later, I discovered that apparently they are charging over $300 for a bandaid and glue. Several years ago, I had a kidney stone about to pass and I went to their emergency room, before their urgent care centers had opened. A significant amount of water had backed up inside my kidneys and I requested pain medication. About 30 minutes after being admitted, the stone passed and the pain was gone without any medication. I told them this and said I was now fine, but they accused me of being some kind of junkie; that I had come into the hospital to score prescription medication and wanted to leave because they wouldn't give it to me. A test later showed what happened and they apologized a few weeks later, but I wish I had remembered this moment when that gash happened. If you deal with this hospital, just remember my experience. You're not a patient to them, in their eyes, you're a gullible junkie they can exploit. They're just lucky St. Joseph is almost as bad.

Danielle Santosuosso

I had went in to have a ultrasound done. The lady i had was rude. Def not a people friendly person. I wasnt suprised at all though. I will NEVER recommend them! This is exactly why from now on i will forever bring my care to St. Joseph's. They actually have a higher level of care and dont treat you like your a piece of dirt from the side of the street. She judged me for being semi young and already having a child. How is that anywhere close to them getting a good review???

Jenn LeBlanc

This place is terrible, grossly negligent, understaffed and clearly overburdened. Security guard was incredibly kind and responsive and helpful but ER staff were terrible from start to finish. Medical receptionist was surly, curt and impatient, RNs lacked any bedside manner toward a very sick individual. Seemed more concerned about getting you hurried through to open up beds than in doing an accurate, ethical or comprehensive assessment. Didnt even give my family member discharge paperwork. This place should be ashamed of themselves.

Scot Richardson

I really like this place. The nurses are great.


I've had many procedures here the doctors , nurses and all the staff are awesome. Today was scary but Dr K put me at ease

Dillon Diaz

This place is TRASH. My friend had to give his wife CPR in the ER while no one would come to the room and she passed away. The rating is actually NEGATIVE 5 stars but can’t do that obviously. For the love of god if someone is injured please drive the extra 15-20 minutes to The Elliot or Catholic Medical Center in Manchester for actual medical care.

john Paul

due to medical negligence, having good health insurance, I was literally asked to leave the hospital emergency room because I "could make it to the bathroom" as not to soil myself. The IV that they tried to place in my arm broke and have permanent injuries sustained from this issue. I urge others to go to St. Josephs hospital or other nearby health establishment if at all possible

Karen Mendes- Dionne

This review in on behalf of Lisa Gardner for Dr. Michael Kaczanowski. Doctor K made an unpleasant procedure such a pleasant experience, from his knowledge to his humor, I felt relaxed and comfortable. His team was amazing and compassionate. I left with a stack of business cards to share with my friends. If this procedure is needed again Dr. K will be my first choice. 5 stars across the board!

Donald Amagrande

I love this hospital!!!! The best one I have been in#!!!

Samantha M

I am about to have my 2nd child and the thought of delivering here again terrifies the crap put of me! The attending Dr. dropped my 1st she came less than an inch from her brand new skull slamming into tile flooring! I was being stitch after an episiotomy and after the 1st numbing shot and a stitch I told the woman doing it I could feel it and it hurt terribly. She proceeded TELL ME that it was just the pressure I was feeling... umm no! I was in more pain than pushing out my child! I then had brought with me a birthing plan like suggested.. to please not give my newborn a binki I was going to breastfeed. They let me feed her once she latched great.. they took her for some tests and returned her with a BINKI DIPPED IN SUGAR SYRUP! She wouldn't latch for over 3 hours while I cried and panicked that she would never latch. There is no place for your significant other to sleep/stay if they choose to stay with you. I was also told she was jaundice but to go home and they will call if needed. I got a call the next morning at 7am to bring her in... when we clearly could have just stayed and put her under the lights instead of bring home a child whose eyes were as yellow as a yellow crayon! Not to mention her skin as well!! I am looking to switch OB/GYNs because mine will only deliver at this horrible place!

Stephen Roach

Avoid if you possibly can would never ever have any sort of surgerical procedure done here .Er staff are deplorable rude they should be ashamed of themselves the place isn't as clean as it should be either .If you need good care it's as always best to head into Boston to Ma general Beth Israel .

Norman Oak

1hr plus just to give blood ust to be a 5 minute task now at lest 90 minutes not good


They treat patients like crap here. Especially in the emergency room. Thier attitudes are horrible.

stephanie thompson

The nurses and drs are rude and distrspectful to there patients and I don't think it right that they do that and make people feel uncufertable.there are all types of people that come threw homeless and people that don't have much money. So when u hold ur hand or ware a mask it makes the patient feel very self conscience about them self and they should not be treating people that way

Beth Dunning

Treated me kindly. Saved my life too. From now on I’m never leaving NH for my critical care.

Dawn Donacki

"Phenomenal Physician and Nursing Care" My husband just recently had a EGD/Colonoscopy by Dr. Kaczanowski and anesthesia given by Dr. Magee and very much grateful for these two outstanding physicians! The compassion and professionalism shown by these two physician's gave me the comfort that my husband was given the best care that they could provide. The nursing care from check-in via Sue, Lina, Lucy, Laura B, Dennie, Kate were so kind and just an amazing endoscopy team at SNHMC!! Thank you all for providing my husband and I a positive experience!

Jen Gavrichev

I am very surprised at all the recent negative reviews. I have had all three of my children at Southern New Hampshire and found the Family center staff to be excellent. I go to Dartmouth Hitchcock for my OB/GYN care so that is part of it. However I found the nurses and lactation consultants at the hospital to be very caring and supportive. My first was born via C- section and my other two were VBACs and I successfully breastfed all three. I have also brought my children to the ER for a febrile seizure, stitches to the lip, and a concussion and have always received the best care there as well.

Shannon Moody

From the ER, to ICU, to the 4th floor. Excellent care all around.

David Lamoureux

Whom ever answer the phone for 3rd floor west needs to change the poor attitude an answer the damn phone . If your busy i get it but say that dont just hangup. Its rude an makes u ugly. Have a great day ****

leah gerken

This hospital is so unprofessional who takes in a emergency patient doesnt allow visitors in the emergency room, makes them spend a whole hour there. Then sends the visitor the only ride home at 1 for the patient to spend the night there, to only KICK her out at 2/2:30 in the morning. which was like a half an hour from when they sent me home and now they won't let her make any more phone calls and they won't let her sit outside on a bench because she doesn't have a ride home. Very professional nice job people nice job, thanks for all the help. There are TOO many doctors now, that dont do there jobs.

Scott Manship

Over the years I have had some pretty terrible service here. After my third misdiagnosis that left me almost unable to breath I stopped going here. Delighted to see now they have somehow gotten worse as I have a family member severely ill and they didn’t even do basic intake, to see she had a high fever. Discharged her with no contact info to find out she was septic and couldn’t reach her of course. Thankfully they had correct emergency contact info. So one star for that.

Phakcheera Lassiter

I had surgery with Dr.Jannie Keever and her team.They did the fantastic job.They are simply the best.

Hazel Blade

One of the ladies in the BHU told me that my doctor’s patients rarely come back. Well I can tell you I would have returned, but chose another facility because of her comment.

Just Tired

Do you have a negative option??? Worst patient care ever! Been in the ER since 3PM yesterday, with my daughter. I’ve also been left to sit in a chair since that time. It’s now 2:00am- staff too busy talking about what they wear for pajamas, while I’m sitting in my “comfy” wooden chair, to even notice the discomfort level on my face. Thx Souhern NH Medical Center for reminding me of everything that healthcare is not supposed to be!!!! This place is awful. I work in medicine myself and this place is everything that is wrong with healthcare. I heard more patient information in the last 12 hours, than I care too in a lifetime, including patients names, addresses, dob’s, medications, addictions and more! Get some glass around the nurses stations here before someone reports a HIPPA Violation. Seriously! At the very least, close the patient doors, when your asking personal information, so that not all patients are hearing every little detail about incoming patients and their medical information. Also- I’ve spent an hour trying to log into my online billing account and #1, I continue to enter the “CLEARLY TYPED ACCOUNT NUMBER” that’s on my bill, and your system can’t recognize it? I then went onto your home page, to send a note to your admin., to notify your marketing team, that the “online bill pay log in”, does not work and I’m now I’m being asked for a security code? What security code?! At no point was a “security code provided.” Geez, such a waste of time. The option to make a patient payments online, should work flawlessly, given the amount of patients that prefer to use today’s technology in order to take care of these types of bills. More than one person has dropped the ball at this hospital. Yikes.

jay money

Six visits, SIX VISITS!!! Over $2000 spent out of pocket between my SNHMC PCP, SNHMC labs, and SNHMC ER, and they still cant figure out what's wrong. Either they are scammers, sending me for tests I dont need, and refusing to fix the problem, or are INEPT AT DOING THEIR JOB! Either wouldn't surprise me. DO NOT GO HERE!!!! You'll be broke, with no results. I am changing my PCP, and never stepping foot in this place again. ID RATHER DIE! Called customer relations about my $700 bill, FOR NO SERVICES PERFORMED. Doctor refused to look at me, and they refuse to do anything about the bill. These people are CON ARTISTS!!!!!! I still have problems, that they refuse to look at. DO NOT GO HERE, UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO TAKE YOUR MONEY, AND PROVIDE NO TREATMENT!!!!!!!!! Went there for abdomen pain, it was so bad, that I could barely breathe. These guys refused to look at me, and told me I had to go see my primary care physician. Then I get the $700 bill in the mail. So now I'm out $700 FOR NO SERVICE!! These guys are CON ARTISTS! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!!!!

Jay Gibbons

Good doctors. Clean and saves you from going into Boston.

Jim Flynn

My Mother was discharged from 4 West on July 17, 2017. She received wonderful care from the nursing staff. They were all professional, kind and hardworking. We did encounter a negative experience with the social worker on Dr. Gorecki's team. Sadly, she was extremely rude, and quite obnoxious. Thanks again to the wonderful nurses on 4 West.

Peter Alexander Thorne

Dr. Kaczanowski and his staff at Foundation Gastroenterology were wonderful. Dr. Kaczanowski put me at ease and addressed all of my concerns in a calm and friendly way. Great experience.

Margaret K.

In my personal experience and in my opinion: If you are seeing someone in the oncology department I URGE you with all my heart to make the extra hour trip down to Boston for care or at LEAST get a second opinion right away from another hospital. but, The rest of the hospital seems to run very smoothly and efficiently from what I've seen.

Dean Shelden

Fast lines and no re-do.

Tina Wilson

My daughter had to go to the ED there. Upon her checking in she tried to inform the med staff of her lengthy GI history. She has had infections that doctors wouldn't normally look for (c-diff, giardia, shillelagh & bacterial overgrowth). Just about everyone was extremely rude & insulting mostly the Doctor. I think she would have gotten better care going to a Vet. After this visit and the lack of care we'll be going somewhere else which is a shame because SNHMC used to be so much better. It wasn't until the end of her visit that the doctor realized she has had c-diff many times and if that's what she has I hope someone bleached that ED.

Pilar Rozell

Great hospital. A Special Thanks to the amazing Dr. Keever, Nurse Tam and the other nurses, anesthesiologists and others involved in my surgery. They all took really great care of me. Everyone was incredibly nice. Very happy and very grateful to everyone at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center!

Dennis Wilson

Very clean. Helpful, friendly staff.

Elizabeth Woods

Er waiting room was gross. Dried blood on chairs and floor. Trash on tables. We were the only 2 people in waiting room so the staff had time to clean. The dr was rude and asked quedtions but cut you off when you tried to answer.

Maria Youngman

I thought the nurses there acted unprofessional, and I was misdiagnosed after asking why I was being tested for blood multiple times. I had 5 samples of blood for what reason? I only had a sprained ankle that I was being scene for. And the nurse move the needle around in my vain because there was no blood being drawn. After 5 minutes of that painful experience she moved to the other arm. And I basically completed a cat scan for no reason. So some procedures were done , not for sprained ankle.

Ej Lefebvre

Honestly one star is to much. The emergency department is awful. They treat everyone that goes in there like drug atticts. Narcan is the go to for everything. Even if u don't do drugs at all. Its pathetic. Eventually they will end up hurting or killing someone. If they haven't already. The doctors are cold. Extremely unprofessional. I don't feel human when I go there. More like a test dummy. I don't recommend the emergency room to anyone. Go to st joes. Its not worth it. The best hospital around is now hands down the worst. Something must be done about how they treat people. NOT EVERYONE ARE JUNKIES. PEOPLE DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED THAT WAY. NARCAN IS NOT THE ANSWER TO EVERYONES PROBLEMS.

david letourneau

Comfortable and busy and fast..

Ruslan Liakos

Clean , first time ive been here but under construction .. Thr er room is spaced out witch is nice. Not all cramed together like most emergency rooms

Vando Fernandes

Just had our baby delivered here, could not be happier with the care the doctors and nurses provided to my wife and I. Would highly recommend!!!!

A Google User

Dr. Waller and all the staff at Southern have truly impressed me! Nice, clean, updated rooms with all the latest technology in the medical field makes this hospital a 6-Star in my opinion.

Franklin Tejeda

Today waiting time wasn't bad at all, as soon I registered the nurse called me in

Chris P

Its a hospital. What can you say. Its not bad, better then parkland in Derry.


Went to the ER at Southern NH Hospital a month ago as my wife was having very major issues. My wife was having trouble talking, moving, and she had numbness and weakness all over her body. We get admitted into the ER and out first ER doctor was Dr. Collin O’Brien. If you ever go to this ER, which I will never do again, and you get Dr. O’Brien, tell him to leave and get another doctor. Dr. Collin O’Brien listened as we accounted what happened but was rolling his eyes at some parts in the story basically implying we were lying and fabricating our story. His response to our account of what happened so far – Normally if people think they are having a stroke they come to the ER within thirty minutes. We never once mentioned having a stroke. He was kind enough to put words in out mouth. He also said that he had never seen something like this before, implied that my wife was a lying drug addict just seeking for more drugs. He reluctantly sent my wife for a brain MRI and unbeknownst to us, sent some blood off to be tested for drugs. After receiving these results, they no longer pushed the drug addict side but then pushed that I abuse my wife at home. So Dr. Collin O’Brien’s two top notch solutions to my wife’s major problems – 1) You’re a druggy 2) You are being abused by your husband. If you want an ER that treats life-threatening problems in those two ways, go the Southern. If not, go anywhere else. Because of Dr. O’Brien, we wasted a day of serious testing. Our next doctor we saw after we were admitted was amazed my wife had not been seen in the ER by a neurologist. He was appalled by this. I will never go to Southern again. To not be negative about everything, my wife was actually treated very well in the hospital during her 3 day stay.

Mary Boucher

My son Nick recently had a very complicated collarbone break in a football game. The treatment we received from SNHMC was outstanding right from the moment we arrived at the emergency room!!!! The security guard at the Emergency Department entrance helped get him into a wheelchair and get him inside. We received prompt attention from the medical team and we were able to be released very quickly with a plan. Nick saw the orthopedic surgeon and had surgery - required plate and screws- to repair the bone within 24 hours. We were so grateful to everyone at the Orthopedics Bone and Joint Center, especially Dr. Hoang. The surgery went smoothly, everyone in the surgical department were so kind and caring - they calmed all of our nerves. Nick is feeling great and stronger everyday! I would highly recommend this hospital and the entire Southern New Hampshire Health system. Thank you !

*KushQueen *420

my nurse's we're so nice and tried comforting me during a pannic attack I've heard a few things of this hospital but in my opinion is the nurse's they “Rock” they are caring, gentle, compationet, patient women (men) my stay was comfortable and relaxing after the worst was over I spent 3/4 days there. Would recommend Southern NH Medical Center because of the nursing staff Thanks again

Tina V.

Any ER trip will last all day. You sit and watch all the nurses and doctors standing/leaning in the nurses station chatting about their lives while you are ignored.The doctors are not compassionate; I had to ask for any form of help with alarms going off left and right, IV not connected while being dehydrated, and they seem annoyed whenever you ask for something. If you have a issue that needs to be addressed, go to a different hospital for a better professional opinion.

Squirrel Attackspidy

Can't really speak about the all the individual hospital departments, but I've had family visits and stays at the ER, ICU, and regular in-patient parts of the hospital, and the experience has been great. The staff there are all very attentive and dedicated. I had a family member who was touch and go in the ICU. With the panel of doctors combined skills and sound judgement, and family prayers, the member survived. I will be forever grateful for their attention and dedication.

Jamie Heminway

So, the two stars I have given are for the doctors themselves. Whenever I've been there, I believe my treatment has been good. The lack of stars is for the disorganization. So many times I have been told by this place that something will happen for me and then it just doesn't. "The letter to excuse you for time off work will be ready this afternoon." It isn't. "The nurse will call you by the end of the day." No call. "Oh, the nurse didn't call you yesterday? We'll have the doctor call you by the end of today." The doctor doesn't call. I got an automated call asking to confirm my upcoming appointment. I confirmed it by pressing a button. I got another call for the same appointment and hung up, because I'd already confirmed it. I showed up for the appointment and was told I wasn't in the schedule because I'd cancelled it via phone. What? Also, a few times when I've gone, their system has been down, which means they don't have any of your medical records on file, and they aren't sure of their schedules for the day. Whenever I call, I get complaints from the employees about how slow or stupid their system is.

Jason Grillo

I cant say anything bad aboit this place at all. I was there for 3 days and had several different nurses and doctors . They were all very professional and always made me feel comfortable. Nobody likes being in the hospital but the staff was great. Thank you southern new hampshire medical center. And a big thank you to the nurses !!


Took my 9 month old to the ER because he would freak out and scream every time he had togo poop. The nurse said she was hoping I was not using my son as an excuse for me not togo into work! That really makes her and the facility look bad! Shame on you!

Steven Franklin

They saved my life!

Zacharias Andre

I have been in a Chelmsford facility many times and every time that I have to do something there is a nightmare Always take about 90 minutes no matter what you have to do the reception takes forever horrible service you guys have to review your trainig for this people or replace them. Unaccepteble.

Megan Hopkins

Dr. Kaczanowski has great bedside manner and the endoscopy team from reception to discharge was extremely efficient and kind. Thank you!

Mechele Bennett

Best Nurses and Doctors! Surgery scary enough but put me completely at ease

Morgan Summers

I waited four hours with my girlfriend while she was having seizures and she only got blood taken and the nurse dealing with my girl said not she's just having an anxiety attack. I am not happy at all with your staff and how slow they work

Jesus te ama

Very good! Excelente attendance!

Kelvin Rosado

Will bill you from multiple agencies for a single visit. I've got 3 separate bills for the same procedure. I would give 0 stars if possible, DO NOT GO HERE!

Candace Moulton

This hospital does a great job. The doctors, nurses and staff are amazing!

Kaleda Lewis

Great hospital but under staffed

Doesn't Matter

Almost every experience has been positive at this hospital. From delivering my twins to ER visits with my children! Always professional and they actual care!


The hospital is filled with unprofessional nurses and they threaten patients when they make mistakes. Do not support this place.

Samantha Caron

In for procedure today. Staff adequate. Anesthesia just brushed me off. I'm very agitated so I came here to vent.

Ashley Croan

Made A bleeding pregnant woman wait 6 and a half hours to be seen. For a brief evaluation and a recommendation to go to the obgyn tomorrow. Wasted my whole day there for nothing. Thanks Southern I'll be going to St joes from now on.

Michael Gulliver

Nice nurses

Tyler Small

My girlfriend is in there at the current moment. Nurses give no assistance, she has not been allowed to eat for almost 2 days now. They have cancelled multiple appointments without her permission and when we request something simple like pain meds or something for her nausea they completely disregard us. Never sending anyone here again, I plan to have her transferred asap.

Bruce and Elizabeth Dunning

I just had a total knee replacement. Dr Davis the Orthopedic Surgeon, was amazing as were the nurses and LNAs. My stay there was comforting and pain management was very helpful. They took care of me like I was one of their own. I can’t say enough for the incredible scale of care. My recovery is going well.

Kandy Hnatko

They are wonderful. My mom is in there every month it seems. They are so awesome. Take such great care of her.

bob robbins

The ER staff was very professional and their friendliness was helpful in my recovery. Thank you

daun renney

Had a CAT scan. Quick, friendly workers

Meghan F

Nurses are nice but the doctors in the er don’t seem to be thorough with things that are serious. Waited over an hour and a half to even be checked on in my room.

Tony Martinez

I had a colonoscopy on Weds morning. Everyone was very helpful, friendly and extremely proficient at the task at hand. The nurses, the anesthesiologist, the doctor and the whole staff in the department were terrific. If you can have a good time having this test.. then I had one...

Kay Garber

Slowest hospital around! They are always rude... I have yet to meet anyone nice in the ER. This hospital really needs to look at the timlyeness. I’ve never waited less than 4-5 hours. They are way under staffed to save money, but take up peoples time. The hallways are always crowded with people waiting to be seen. If there was a better hospital I would go! Even my doctors office attached to the hospital says they wouldn’t waist their time in this ER!

Jean Bissell

Went to radiology department for copy of MRI. Had it within 20 minutes

Dan O'Neil

I like these guys. Staff is friendly. We use them for more than just ER.

Katie G

Called an ambulance after finding my daughter passed out in the kitchen. They took her to SNHMC. The ER doctor said she was fine. Did no exam for concussion even though I told him she hit her head. He sent her home. The next week she passed out again and was in cardiac distress. Awful...awful hospital ER.

Vince Adnarim

Worst hospital experience I've ever had. Sat in the hallway for 20 hours and never received an actual room. My injuries were not physical, but mental health related. If someone came in missing an arm I would hope they go before me but that being said I was billed the same as everyone else and should've at least received a room. The head nurse in the ER at the time was so rude but not only that violated my human rights in denying me contact with my emergency contacts. If I am ever in need of emergency care in Nashua, I will suffer and go another 25 minutes to parkland medical center in Derry where they treat you like a human regardless of the severity of your case.

Iris Morales

If you're in Nashua and need a Dr., I suggest going to Mass. These Dr.s only care about covering for each others negligence. 1st, a plastic surgeon screwed up replacing my breast and it broke in me. They told me it was Pagets of the nipple, then they left something inside me pinching down on a vessel in my chest which caused havoc in my body turning my toes purple and causing insurmountable amounts of pain. They didn't want to acknowledge or treat it until the satute of limitations for sueing them ran out. They ordered all kinds of tests and wrote down things I never complained about or mentioned. They've been gaslighting me and causing me more harm not treating the problem because that would mean someone made a mistake. They are the worst!

Michelle Stone

ER takes FOREVER but ok other then that

eric emery

Took my son in for mental health screening. He had to lie on a bed in the hallway for almost 4 hours for results from urine sample and bloodwork. Nurse told us twice that it would be just a few minutes more that turned into hours. We left. Very disappointed.

Chlo Creighton

HORRIBLE- 5hour wait with a sick kid. I will NEVER go here again. They don't even deserve 1 star. I am not heartless I do realize emergencies occur and waits are sure thing in emergency rooms, But there priorities are horrible here. I could go on and on but I already lost 5 hours of my life.

Val T

Best place to go for primary care and specialty care

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