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REVIEWS OF New Hampshire Hospital IN New Hampshire

Robb Lungo

Barbaric. In it for the power and pay.

Sasha Blue

loved it there i kinda felt like i belonged there. made so many “friends” that helped me while i was there. some of them were nice i had my favorite staff and nurse.


Never going to be the same. Awful experience, received no help, there is no therapy and no actual evaluation of any kind except observation (And don’t call those group things “therapy”, it was NOT therapy.) Doctors come in 5 days a week or less for about 3-6 minutes if at all. Some of the staff and doctors will belittle you, I’ve been told I’m unstable just because I was having panic attacks from how scared I was there. No one comforts or talks to you, the only comfort I got was from other patients. The doctor told my therapist over the phone that I was a sociopath, he called me temperamental and delusional everyday. I was misdiagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (Not by a doctor, but by a social worker I only met once) which resulted in me being put on heavy meds for that and bipolar disorder (which I don’t have either) that they told me it was to “rule it out”, but even though they didn’t work they kept me on them anyway. It actually made my depression and many other problems even worse. I now have been told one of those medications may have ruined my thyroid, which is something no one told us could happen, actually I was never told any of the possible side effects of my medications until after taking them. I lost some of my vision for two weeks on that medication and it was ignored. Their communication was awful and most of the staff (not all) were rude and extremely triggering (meaning triggered panic attacks for me and etc.). Also they have a room that is basically a solitary confinement room with nothing but a bad mattress in it that they sometimes will put kids in for HOURS even just for minor things such as talking back or yelling at staff. I may have ASD, which was a diagnosis I was hoping to get from them, but I was told there that kids/teens can’t be diagnosed with certain things such as autism at all? I actually only found out that a few weeks ago that a person (the social worker) actually had diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder while I was there. No one at all had told me I had gotten any diagnosis until I found it out after I took out my papers to get ready for my next evaluation a few weeks ago. In conclusion, my time there can really only be described as traumatizing and scary. It’s the cause of most of my panic attacks now and I was much worse there than I have ever been.

christie Bewick

kevin fields

mi.guel31234567 ghersi

When I was sent there not the same

Roseta May

Ive been here 3 times the last time was the best

Dan Anderson

Mark Johnson

In-Patient Stabilization Unit Saved my life! Painting is now a passion just because of this beautiful facility. No complaints! I cried upon discharge because I didn't want to leave and the staff could not come home with me! I will always have very fond memories of my stay!

Ryan Brown

I was raped here when I was 15 in 2009, I was too scared to speak up what my roommate did to me. Months later I'm back at NHH, I tell them what happened and the cop just said that if he finds out uf I'm making it up hes "coming back for me instead" never heard any updates

Martina Cervantes


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