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REVIEWS OF New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH does not provide emergency medical services) IN New Hampshire

Barbara Winters

The Nurses and staff are truly amazing and fantastic they truly care for there patients I'm so happy that my orthopedic surgeon chose this hospital thank you all from bottom of my heart

Anthony Rose

Absolutely the best hospital for orthopedic surgery in New England

Angela Kallon


Take care of your spine!!!

Maggi Berwind-Dart

My husband had back surgery here and the post-op nurses were amazing, so kind and helpful. We were really impressed with the level of care, compassion, and service we received. Thank you!

Walter Alvarado

Alana Lipkin

The only place to consider for joint and bone surgery.

Marjane Zonak

Michael J. Wood

Great music

Thomas Consoli

Best hospital EVER!!!!!! From valet to the head Doctors I can honestly say I've dealt with all of them hundreds of times the past 2 years I've been seeking medical care there. Always polite, professional, caring and with an awesome bedside manor. I felt like I was home being taken care of by family. It got to the point I had staff members remember my name and come by just to visit me and make sure I was doing well. Superb hospital. They saved me from a very horrific situation and every time I go there I get better and better. I don't like to name drop so I just want to say that from the multiple doctors and nurses I've had over the past two years not a single one had ever made me feel anything other than welcomed, cared for, loved as a person and always treated like a special VIP at every visit. Thank NEBH. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guerrier Youyou Guerline

Very good care!

tommy fuller

Don't go there if you have a workmans comp case New England Baptist. They play this Game of Billing the Employee for the services served there on a Comp Case. Workmans comp is clear in this state if an Employee is injured on the Job it is the Employer's responsibility to have insurance to pay for the medical treatment N E B is double dipping. The State Attorney General should look into this Illegal Practice.

John Sullivan

While I am not a patient my wife was. She had hip replacement surgery. The Dr. was the best but I must state that the care after the surgery has left a lot to be desired. While I was there she buzzed the nurse for assistance to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. About 10 minutes later someone finally showed up to help. When she got up I noticed feces on the bed. The NA and my wife returned. The NA could see the feces but disregarded it and went to put her back in the bed feces and all. Seriously???? fresh surgical scar and all. What about the risk of infection? Then I noticed the bed was soaking wet as her ice pack had leaked. If I had not been there they were prepared to not have done anything. I said something to the NA and eventually had to take this to the Nurse!! to get her bedding changed. I cant imagine what would have happened had I not been there!

Richard Giglio

Just had meniscus surgery. Cannot rave enough about how I was treated at the Baptist. Extremely happy with my surgeon, Anthony Schena, who did a fantastic job of fixing my knee and taking away that horrible pain! Even more important the staff. Starting from the friendly, efficient people in the reception area who greeted me at 5:45 in the morning. The nurses who prepped me and who cared for me before and after the surgery. The anesthesia team. Everyone was excellent. As if this first rate care were not enough, they handed me a long stem red rose as I left.


At first glance I thought it was an older building. Then I walked in and was amazed at how nice it was. I've been going there for my back since 2013 and I'll never go anywhere else. The staff are wonderful and we'll trained on all the new procedures in orthopedics. It's policy is a hands on approach versus letting automated systems replace people. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone in search of back surgery or any other type of orthopedic surgery. I've had other surgeries in the past but they pale in comparison to this place! Do your own research, but this place far exceeded my expectations!


Dan Rota

rita ledonne

THR 8 months ago. Dr. Murphy is THE BEST. Top notch, professional, friendly office staff too. New England Baptist is a wonderful hospital. Caring, professional well organized adm/nursing staff. Top notch surgeon in a top notch hospital. Outstanding.

tony parrelli

I had both a knee replaced and ankle replacement at New England Baptist and couldn't be happier. Based on my experience I would highly recommend. I traveled a fair distance so I could use the services I could use New England Baptist

Meredith Koch

Valery Rogers-White

I had knee replacement surgery on July 19, 2016. Dr. Nairus was my physician and he is awesome. The hospital staff was excellent and I would highly recommend the facility and Dr. Nairus. I know where to go if I need this surgery again.

Fred Furnari

The billing department can't get their billing straight. I'm supposed to be charged $22.00 for a visit. They forgot to clear this with my insurance so instead charged me $200.00! After spending an entire afternoon with Billing and my insurance co, Billing apologized for the error stated I owe $22.00. Fast forward 90 days, and I just got notified by a collection agency that they are coming after me for the $200.00! There goes another afternoon of my time wasted correcting NEBH's mistakes, while trying to preserve my credit rating.

Carissa Tavares de Almeida

2 total knee replacements done 9 weeks apart, just about 6 1/2 years ago & still going strong! Dr. Murphy & all staff were great. ♥ Recommend the Baptist every chance I can! Thank you. ★★★★★

Maggie Breault

I had back surgery in march 2015 the staff was great I needed anything they were there I didn't wait long if I had surgery again I do here again, Dr.David Kim did my surgery he was great and made me feel comfortable when I came in to see him from the first time and still on my follow up

Keith Chudyk

Jim Lillie

JP Town

I had to have a Chest CT with contrast ordered by my pulmonologist. My insurance provider referred me to NEBH for the procedure. After several phone calls from both my pulmonologist and Cigna the appointment was finally authorized for coverage and I was told to report to the hospital 30 minutes early so that a serum BUN and Cr could be checked prior to receiving contrast. All of that was done as necessary BUT when I went to the CT suite to have the CT with contrast done I was told THE RADIOLOGIST DECIDED I DID NOT NEED A CT WITH CONTRAST AND REFUSED TO PERFORM THE PROCEDURE. I never spoke to or was examined by this radiologist. They had no medical history or past imaging reports upon which to base this decision. I have been a physician for 40 years and I can tell anyone thinking about going to this hospital that they should find another hospital - fast!!

Carol Cole

You usually don't think of radiologists as engaged and relational. My experience with Dr. Madoff yesterday changed my opinion. He was caring, engaged, respectful and delightful. In addition to his very human qualities, he performed an almost painless procedure. His clinical competence was a pleasant bonus. Kudos to NEBH for having him onboard.

Suzanne C

I had a lower back spine surgery here (L3,L4,L5) in July 2018. Dr. Nicolas Marcotte performed my surgery. He was so nice! He fully explained everything he was going to do and made sure I understood everything. A lot of doctors just treat you like a number and another paycheck....Dr. Marcotte doesn't do that, he treats you like a person and understands that you are in excruciating pain. Everyone in his office is extremely nice and helpful. They always answer the phone and if for some reason they don't, they call you right back. I had to stay overnight, all the nurses that took care of me went above and beyond to make sure that I was ok and as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend this hospital and Dr. Marcotte and his team. When I need another back surgery I will be going back to him.

Geeta Bihari

Over an hour wait. Oh, and they charge parking by the hour. The doctor was fine but not sure I’ll go here again.

Heidi Felt

Amazing staff and doctors!

Sigrid Warren

I was dumped by Dr. Frank Rand of the Spine Center because my spine issues worsened after I had gotten rear ended and my csr totaled last year. None of the surgeons and neurologists at NEBH accept car accident victims, the discimination is demoralizing. I won't get a dime out of the guy who hit me due to his lousy insurance, the medical expenses are killing us, and having to swallow the disdain and coldblooded rejection by Dr. Rand brought me to the brink of suicide. "Well, you could use walking sticks" was the response I got to hardly being able to walk anymore. And when I asked him why he now says No when 10 months ago he had said Yes but I had to lose some weight, all he said was "you are not in shape for this." No followup was scheduled. He never asked about my weight, even though I have dropped 10 hard fought-over pounds which is hard to do when you can't walk. I don't consider a man a doctor when he forgets the hippocratoc oath "First, do no harm." And I would never trust him again after this devastating and humiliating visit. I will now have to start all over again at Mass General in hopes to find more compassion there. And if I get no help there either, I will have no choice but to end me to escape this torturous pain. I had hung on by my fingernails for this appointment which took three months to get just to be discarded like garbage, and I simply don't know how much longer I can hold on.

Danny Rota

Ian richards

So nice and caring! Best doctors in the world! The baptist is number one!

william acker

Angel Hernandez

Clive Lynch

This is from an employee perspective

David Costa

I went to NEBH for re do on a total knee that was botched by another Dr at another Hospital. This hospital is awesome and i would recommend it to anyone. They were very attentive during my 2 day recovery and i could not have asked for much better care. I did not have one bad experience with a nurse or Dr. during my stay and felt very comfortable with there knowledge and experience. From all the caregivers in the operating room as well as on the recovery units and on the floor they were professional courteous and kind. Dr Sambaziotis the surgeon who re did my total knee was outstanding. I am now about 7 months post op and i feel like a new man. I was amazed at the difference in results compared to my experience the first time around. I was walking without a cane in less than 5 weeks. I was on crutches for 2 months the first time and never felt half as good as i feel now after 7 months. I would like to tjhank everyone at NEBH for a job very well done.

Beth M

My surgeon was awesome, but this was the worst inpatient stay I've ever had. Of the three inpatient nurses I had interactions with, one was downright mean and lazy, one was too scatterbrained to be even remotely effective, and one was great. I can't even express how stressful this hospital stay was. No nurse should ever berate a patient for being in pain after major surgery. After not seeing the nurse for two hours after requesting pain medication, I was snottily told she'd had two emergencies. When my roommate was left in the chair and repeatedly pushed the call button for help getting back to bed as she was dizzy, she was told over and over that someone was coming, but she was in that chair for over an hour. I could go on and on. I hope this was an aberration, but it was not a great experience.

David Lee

Judy Roitman

Stephanie Thomas

Dr. Anthony Schena is a fantastic surgeon! Nancy M. - 2 thumbs up. Entire staff was/is amazing. Very pleasant and helpful. Had no issues throughout the process from check-in to checkout. 4 stars because food and drink are allowed in waiting area that includes surgical patients that are/have been fasting....

Bob Landry

I recently had a full knee replacement at NEBH with Dr. Stephen Murphy. Dr. Murphy and the staff at NEBH are tops. Special thanks to Lisa, Dr. Murphy's Admin Assistant.

Megan Paquin

Bob Sostilio

My wife had a total knee replacement at this hospital back in 2011. All I can say about this hospital is they're number 1 in our books. Caring staff throughout the entire hospital. You can't ask for better care.

Robert Alger

My overall experience with New England Baptist I would rate them a 9 out 10. Very professional. I chose Dr. Eric Woodard for my neck surgery. And as painstakingly things were we all worked together. I've been in and out of hospitals since youth in a few other states as well as others here in New England. Let's face it no one, as a patient, wants to go to any hospital and they're all going to be a pain in the ***! End result I highly recommend them to anybody. Robert Alger

José Victorino

I recommend this hospital to everybody they are the best

K Domo

Great surgeon, terrible outpatient service. Spent 20 minutes sitting in outpatient care filling out the same paperwork they make you fill out over the phone 24 hours prior to your arrival. Also, the physicians assistant working in Radiology was incompetent. She didn't know how to perform X-rays and did not know how to move the machine properly. I spent 30 minutes waiting for this PA to perform the most basic of tasks. In addition, the wait was over an hour. If it wasn't for my surgeon there is no way I would step foot in here again.

Peter Ottowitz

The doctors and staff are absolutely fantastic. The one disappointment and mystery was why the case worker sent my wife to Aberjona Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Winchester. Not only 1 hour drive from where we live, but the place is basically a nursing center trying to make some income on rehab. Several staff were fantastic but the overall place is depressing and many of the daily nursing and care staff appear to be underpaid and lack any empathy. My suggestion is to retrain the case worker. Why the N E Baptist recommends Aberjona is a mystery - unless the decision is money/profit driven

john M

They allow you to go online with free internet service. Then block you from viewing a website from a legitimate legal business in Massachusetts. There reason is this business sells guns . Sounds like Joseph Stalin is in charge at New England communist.

Caroline Wilcox

Patricia Valentine

My husband had a complete knee replacement at NEBH recently and I have to say how friendly the staff was. Every staff member we came in contact with was so caring and nice. I would like to mention J Kerr in pre-op, and also Darlene and Daniella on the floor. Keep up the GREAT work!

Mary Driscoll

I had a knee replacement in July of 2016. I was so happy, from start to finish with my experience. Everyone was so professional, caring and attentive from the registration people, educational training people, dr Talmo and his staff, hospital nurses on the unit, and PT people. Would highly recommend this facility!!!!

Barbara Cochran

Total shoulder replacements. Great place.

Bradley Kiser

Called trying to locate a patient and the woman on the phone was more than helpful. She helped me find all the potential hospitals that they could be at. Above and beyond, thank you.

Jeffrey Guy Duclos

Great Surgeons, Great intake workup units that make getting ready for surgery very very easy. Great after surgery care and caring followups. Thank You NEBH

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