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REVIEWS OF Monadnock Community Hospital IN New Hampshire

Don Evans

I've been to this hospital on 5 different occasions, my experience was great, The NURSES, for me were perfect, I found them to be on top of their game, The doctor's, That worked on me, did one hell of a job, I felt totally safe in their hands, The staff pulled me through more than once,they were right there on time every time. I also would like to thank Dr. Pepper who I believe saved my life. Also Dr. Buzzel, who I saw twice, I THANK EVERYONE AT THE HOSPITAL, GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Don Evans

Hannah Mercier

After a traumatic birth and post birth experience at another local hospital in 2015, we chose to have our second child at the birthing suite located in Monadnock Community Hospital. This was one of the best decisions we have ever made. All prenatal care was exceptional & having the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with each Dr. was so important. This made me comfortable with each provider and knowing that when I went in to labor I knew each Dr and the quality care they would provide myself and my newborn. During labor I was treated with the upmost respect, care and understanding. I felt educated and listened to regarding medications and procedures. The birthing suite is a beautiful part of the hospital and makes the experience even more incredible. After many hours of labor, I ended up needing a C-Section and Dr. Levene was the on-call. He came into my room, educated me and my family and made me feel confident and comfortable in the decision. The anesthesiologist (Joe) was absolutely incredible as well, he was kind and made my experience so much better through his confidence and kind personality. Post delivery we stayed in the birthing suite 4 days 3 nights and were provided with exceptional care no matter what day or shift. Everyone was helpful, educational and so incredibly kind. I feel so blessed in the care I was given at the birthing suite of Monadnock Community and will recommend their care going forward.

Stephanie Dionne

Very disgusted that this is the hospital we have in our community. Billing people are rude! No need to get nasty with me when your robo phone that I pressed option 6 for physician billing sent me to hospital billing which is option 1. You are not treated like a person here but just a # in line. Doctors do not listen to your concerns or take them seriously. We much prefer to go to Convenient MD and see our Naturopath Sarah Featherstone for everything!

Jenn Merrill

Brought my boyfriend to ER for back pain. He could barley stand and walk. NO xrays no pain meds. Nothing but go see your primary care Dr. Apparently they don't do Xrays on the weekends. Maybe someone should post that in big letters when checking in. WAIST of money and time. Do not recommend the ER!

Christine Miner

Never had a problem with this place til tonight. I brought my teenage son in for an infected wisdom tooth. He is in agony. She refused to treat him. Treated him as if he was a drug addict. When I called her out on how she was treating him her response was, " I don't believe in meds for tooth pain." She stood there with her arms crossed, staring down her nose at my son. Extremely rude, cold and judgemental! I will be filing a complaint about tomorrow

Mark Greenstone

3 hr wait after seeing the doctor. Dr. Ordered stuff but staff had no idea...morons.

Robin Peard Blais

Mary Gomes

The psychiatry office here is great. Dr Stevens is thorough and very helpful. Not all psychiatrists are in my experience.

Jack Neals

The old man in the ER told me I suffered from anxiety and was making up symptoms... Weeks later I got diagnosed with two severe intestinal diseases that are potentially deadly... The old doctor in the ER is an absolute disgrace to the medical field. If he does not know what's going on he just accuses the patient of anxiety and making up symptoms.

Pat Soucy

In the past few weeks I have sought medical care at Monadnock Community Hospital with various doctors and departments. I have been treated very well, with consideration, caring and efficiency. The staff went beyond to make sure I was well attended to with each test and appointment. We are so very lucky to have such a facility here in our own back yard.

Deborah Sampson

Misdiagnosed in ED. And given antibiotics i didnt need. MD wouldnt listen to me when i questioned diagnosis. This facility has some great primary care providers but it is sketchy in so many other ways......

Fallen Angel

This hospital is VERY disappointing. You let known drug addicts walk out with new borns, living out of a truck in February. You people should've called dcf on the spot. Then maybe you would've known that she has an INCREDIBLY lengthy rap sheet in Ma that invludes her mentallyand physically abused her first 3 kids WITH alligations of sexual abuse BEFORE abandoning all 3 and skipping to New Hampshire. Good work guys.. smfh

Matt D

I had to go into the ER a year ago and have an emergency surgery. All the nurses treated me well. They doctors were always available to talk to me. Hopefully I dont have any more trips to the ER but if I do end up in the peterbourgh ER I will feel safe.

Brittany Morrill

Absolutely disgusted with the way I was treated. Everyone was so rude but one nurse who has seen my baby before and the woman who checked me in. I was treated like an idiot. They questioned me about everything just because I didn't remember one thing. Then after waiting 2 hours and then waiting for a doctor then finally seeing a doctor they changed our rooms to just wait some more. No one treated me with respected and looked at me like I was a dumb mom because I know my baby and he wasn't doing good at all. Absolutely horrible experience. I wish I had waited to see his doctors the next day.

jacob mctague

Skylear Young

MM &BabyK

I had a c section here and was very unhappy with how just about everything went. When I had my c section they were not keeping up with my pain medication I was supposed to receive medicine every 3 hours and I was made to wait 12 hours. I was literally screaming and crying from pain and they honestly did not care. They tried to make it seem like I was faking it. I was made to wait 18 hours before they got me up to walk after my c section and by that time my feet were sooo swollen from lack of circulation that I couldn’t really stand. The nurses didn’t communicate well. One nurse would tell me to get up every 3 hours and try to walk and when I would another nurse would yell at me to sit down and not walk around. I would ask for medication because I hurt so much and it would take the 1-2 hours to bring me pain medication. And they only sent me home with 3 days of medication. Which was definitely it enough. A few days later my incision opened and was infected and I had to got to the emergency room. They gave me no numbing medication before they proceeded to shove q tips into my open incision and push on my incision I was literally screaming and they told me there was nothing they could do for my pain. I couldn’t really move for up to 4 weeks after my c section due to them not providing me with medication. I can not express enough how much pain I was in and the nurses didn’t bat and eyelash.

Mary Ann H

Never in 22 years, have I been treated as disrespectful as my last visit. I have always had positive experience here, until my last visit. I am on a complicated and comprehensive list of medications. My PCP and Dr. Stevens remain in contact. Life Chaos ensued between my last appointment and this one: 2 hospitalizations, a heart attack, broken bones, etc. During my appointment time, the phone rang- which rarely happens and Dr. Stevens explained he didn't know how much longer. A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door-Never in 22 years has the door been knocked on while I've been in my appointment. The woman was rude and essentially saying that my appointment was over. Dr. Stevens stated some of what happened to me and the woman rolled her eyes. She rudely thanked me for opening the door and left. I have never experienced this before at MCH. If this type of service is continued, they will lose a long-time patient and supporter. The interruption made me lose my train of thought and I couldn't get back what I was trying to communicate.

Chrissy Nilsen

Excellent service, but confusing billing practices. Seemed very clean.

Jennifer Lenhart

Wendy Spack

They fixed me again.

Sam Bergholm

This is a terrible hospital and I strongly urge you to consider going elsewhere. One (and I have had quite a few) bad experiences I have had here started when mother started having stomach issues that would not go away. The pain got bad enough and we went to the ER. When we arrived there was no one else in the waiting room but for some reason it took over 2 hours to be seen by the nurse and another hour to see the doctor. After all that waiting my mother was told that at was just constipation and there was nothing to worry about. The pain and swelling got worse and after returning to the ER two more times with no answers we finally went to see our PCP who immediately knew something serious was going on and was able to diagnose cancer pretty quickly. Surgery was needed to drain all of the fluid from the abdomen which was unfortunately scheduled at Monadnock. They pushed it out for 2 weeks and when we told our PCP that MCH had scheduled the surgery two weeks out we were informed how potentially dangerous that was and that it needed to happen much sooner. Our PCP had to call and fight with them to do the surgery sooner. After the surgery my mother was immediately and were told that there was nothing to worry about. Within a few days the swelling and pain were back and another surgery was needed. In the mean time my mother was told to be on bed rest until the surgery. A couple of days before the second surgery my mother was in so much pain that she wanted to be admitted so we went back to the ER. Once again we were told to just wait it out. They gave my mother some pain meds and sent on her way. Our PCP had to call the hospital and talk to them before they would admit her. Finally it is time for the second surgery. When they are getting my mother ready they ask her if she wanted something stronger then the pain meds they had given her for her first surgery. She tells them no and informs them that what they had given her last time had worked fine and that she had a very low tolerance to pain medication. Once my mother was taken into surgery I left the hospital to take care of some things at work since I had missed some time driving her to the ER and to her PCP. A few hours later I get a called letting me know that they had transferred my mother to Dartmouth but was not told why. I eventually find out that they had given her a much more powerful narcotic pain killer and that she had a bad reaction. Once at Dartmouth they quickly schedule her for exploratory surgery to see how bad the cancer is. During that surgery they find out that she had an infection due to the second surgery preformed by MCH and that they wont be able to start treating her cancer until the infection is under control. At this point my mother is not coherent, can barely form a sentence, and does not even recolonize me due to the reaction from the narcotic that was given to her at MCH even though she refused it and they are not sure if she is going to come out of it. It is because of this that I strongly recommend going somewhere else if she remotely care a bout your well being.

sema asker

They are AWESOME. Doctor Jenny CIVITELLA and her all partners all staff .You are helping people look a like family members . I had a baby in this hospital had an excellent experience. I'm from Keene NH ...I drive all the way to have them for my self and for my daughter. It is worth it. Doctor Levine and Dr. Wilson was helping me a lot with my critical pregnancy. My daughter had a high fever .We went to emergency room in the Keene..They gave her Tylenol and Motrin and send her home .She had high fever even with those medicine on the morning. We called the hospital to see pediatrics ..They gave us appointment for next day even I told them She has a fever it is 103 F ..And we called Dr. Civitella's office right away She was not there but the partner her she accept us immediately. My daughter had an ear infection .She gave her antibiotics .Thanks God her fever is normal now and she is sleeping. If I was not go there still she was having Tylenol and Motrin treatment for her serious infection .Thanks to awesome Monadnock Hospitals people ...


Terrible place ! Avoid avoid avoid ! Rip off hospital ! Convenient MD is like a 7star compared to this garbage place!

Ashley Page

I had a very positive experience. I was well cared for and well taken care of. My only complaint was the wait time to see an actual doctor. I was taken in and shown to a room fairly quickly, but it was a while after that before I saw a doctor. I was attended to by nurses somewhat quickly, but it was quite a while after the nurses saw me before a doctor saw me. Nurse was extremely attentive, and doctor very good. Overall I would recommend this hospital.

Shelly G2567

My son and DIL who was pregnant went to the ER for spotting, these idiots didn't even do a proper exam on her. Pee in a cup and try to find heartbeat, couldn't find the heartbeat, but told them they could hear blood flow from the placenta, then proceeded to tell them it's because the baby was behind the placenta they couldn't hear the heartbeat, and that spotting was due to blood vessels breaking and it being a new pregnancy (she has a child so not her first rodeo). They NEVER did pelvic exam or ultrasound to confirm this theory and sent her home. Next day she's still spotting and now cramping, instead of going back to this ridiculous ER they went to Gardner, who did all the proper testing and turns out that the baby hasn't been viable for the last 3 weeks. SO these ER docs have no idea what they are doing, apparently don't care enough to go above and beyond, not educated in this type of situation, too lazy to call in a tech to do an ultrasound, which would of been proper procedure in this situation. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go here in an emergency, go somewhere else, anywhere but here.

Sean Lowe

Shawn Harrington

Philip Barstow

Billing and invoices are very vague , use them and you will get seperate bills for everything you have done and everyone that said hi to you,, never know what you are actually paying for. $1700 for emergency room visit that lasted 1/2 hour and they did nothing but hook up a EKG for 10 minutes.

Keith Clark

Excellent. Kind, non controlling care. From the ER to Xray to lab and follow up at the doc office. Unlike Keene, where it *IS controlling, a hassle and pushy. If you want to be comfortable or have your children at ease, THIS is the place to go. And yes, sadly, they are super expensive - you get what you pay for.

George Holmes

Everyone from admitting to the nursing staff were great even thought the reason we were there could easily be misinterpreted 5 stars for them. We had two doctors during our stay. Dr number one was pretty understanding and cordial. Dr. Number two appears to be an arrogant jerk who has little to no bedside manner.very sad compared to the rest of the staff.Probably a reason he works the graveyard shift.


Dr Christopher Krupp was one of the worst Eric Dr's I have ever dealt with and he injured my leg even more.

Vee Sirrell

My Primary Care physician called me today because she heard I was in the Emergency Room on Saturday. She wanted to make sure I was ok and if there was anything I needed. THIS is the kind of medical care that is hard to come by. I was speechless and so grateful. Monadnock Hospital is one hell of a hospital in my opinion. This is why I chose their facility for my hip replacements. It also doesn't hurt that my future surgeon founded the Ortho Dept, did his residency at Tufts and has been doing hips for 26 years. Finally, some medical care worth raving about.

k burke

LeeAnn Clark

MCH received a 5 star rating in cleanliness on their hospital surveys making it ranked as the cleanest hospital in New Hampshire! Cleanliness means a lot to me when I am choosing where to receive my healthcare and so does the personal care that I receive. The staff at MCH is always very kind and attentive to my needs. On top of that, every time I walk through the halls I am greeting with smiles. My friends who have had their babies at MCH couldn't have been more happy with the care they received. And their gift shop is amazing too! I will definitely continue to recommend MCH to friends and family!

Balch Farm

Both our children were born at MCH (2010 and 2014). The OB/Gny group was nothing short of amazing. Absolutely nothing negative to report. Each and every member of the staff from the doctors to LNAs demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism throughout diagnosis to delivery and departure.

Heidi Brehm

Arsenault Arsenault

First off let me start by saying there are some excellent people that work at this hospital. I had family visiting Nov 2017 one is a OR nurse and the other is a Police Officer. I was bit by a dog during their visit and both family member responded as expected looking at the wound cleaning etc. Both said without a doubt it would need stitches. Went MCH E-room they looked at it the nurse seem to agree it would need some stitches. However, the doctor decided it would just need tape and told the nurse to tape it. The nurse attempted this but it didn't work (wouldn't hold closed) she called the doctor who then proceeded to tape the wound again (the amount of time that past the wound could of been stitched 3 times over). I left the E/r and no the tape did not hold. I manage to get to my primary care provider on my way home and she determined it needed stiches and stitched it in about 5 min. Now MCH E/r is billing me 150.00 dollars for the amount the insurance did not cover and I am refusing to pay for services that were not only unsatisfactory but incompetent as well. I had to have taken care of immediately after leaving the E/r

Jana Lothrop

Brett C

Horrible ER. Nurses are great, but are limited, because of incompetence "higher up" on the food chain. Family member went in for abdominal pain, Doctor couldn't read CT Scan and there was NO SURGEON at hospital to read either. Arrived at hosptial at 200pm and was transported to another hospital 8 hrs later, because they couldn't read a CT Scan. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL. TRY CONCORD OR CHESHIRE FIRST.

Scotty Vapes

How urgent is your policy on when someone comes in to the ER with bleeding and being 11 weeks pregnant??? We arrived at the ER at 10:11PM and it took us about 45 minutes to get a room. Then all we got so far is my wife’s vitals an it’s now 12:15. I went out to say something but they say they are to busy while the nurse was eating her sandwich. I’m sorry but my pregnant wife could be in trouble and they should be more worried about this baby and my wife. So if this is the urgentcy we get here then we will just go to Keene ER and maternity instead.

Akio Okazaki

Margaret K.

This hospital is a really great facility but has extremely ridiculous billing policies.

courtney Hill

Jamie Herne

I grew up coming to this Hospital. And I'm still alive.

Michael Reilly

We have been going to MCH for 20 years and love the doctors, Fantastic experience all the way around,

Timothy Preston

This has been a great place. All of the staff have been very helpful and considerate during our stop here

Nathalie Pelletier

Unfortunately I've stayed in wayyyy too many hospitals! Thankfully I stayed in Peterborough this time! Best hospital stay ever if there can be such a thing. The AC was nice and cold (normally you're begging for air in hospitals!) The room was private and the care was fantastic! From the doctor's and staff in the ER to the LNA's and Nurses on the floor you are all amazing!!! I was very well taken care of, was allowed to sleep (unheard of) and am now VERY thankfully headed home after a 4 day stay. Thank You to all!!

James Hinton

I had ultra sound and mammogram done. The review is really for the Radiology dept. Michelle and Wendy were outstanding, sincere people. They could give a course on how to deal with patients, to the staff at Keene.

Laura Gingras

Excellent experience with staff and physicians. We are fortunate to have such a top notch hospital in our small community.

Trey Cail

Was working at the hospital and went to lunch here. Small lunch room but the staff was friendly and the food was good. I'd go back when I'm in town.

Evan Traffie

Dana Brown

Amanda K

Genuinely hate the place. The ER is pathetic! That place is nothing but a transfer station!!! Last September my sister went to the ER two days in a row! First day they sent her home. Saying it was constipation! Second day, she was there 8 Effie hours crying and literally screaming in pain! They couldn't figure out crap!! The sent her to Dartmouth Hitchcock. She had an infection in her intestines and needed surgery. My mother, years ago, had heart trouble. When ever she was taken by ambulance to the ER. They'd get her stable and then send her to CMC. The emergency room sucks. And lately, I've been having trouble with my PCP and the obgyn. I'm done with that dump! I will say that the Bond wellness center is great!! They get 5 stars. But the hospital

White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation PLLC

We correspond on a weekly basis with MCH. They are professional, honest, and proficient in their specialties. A "conservative care first" approach allows their patients to be directly involved with their health care decisions and recovery.


Had labwork, stellar staff, stellar experience, and I have a LOT of experiences in this. Front desk staff brought me right to where I needed to go, only 3 people waiting, because they were very well staffed and brought people in right away. The tech was great, she told me all details as we went and gave me options. I'm usually extremely hard to get and she got me the 1st time on each of the 2 draws, not real painful either. I was in and out in a flash, and VERY impressed with the staff.


I am attending cardiac rehab hosted at the Bond Wellness Center. The staff is very attentive and the facilities clean and adequate.

Sherri Cheaney

I have been going to MCH for almost 20 years and have never come across a more arrogant and spiteful doctor as Dr. Ming in the ER. I came in for xrays for a work related injury. I was dismissed with her saying "it's just a bruise" and "you could do your job with your pinkies amputated". I am a flight attendant. Obviously, she is wrong. Not only was her diagnosis incorrect, the delay of a correct diagnosis has led to physical deformation which required surgery to correct. If you must go to the ER, go elsewhere. Dr. Ming may treat you as horribly as I was treated.

Delila Clark

I took my son to the emergency department for 8 moths before he had to be airlifted to Manchester for RSV and asthma. I'm not impressed with the emergency department. Dr kriebel in PEDs Is awesome but I can not stand Dr devera she yelled at me for taking my son the night he was airlifted

Mona Brock

Best hospital in the area the staff where right on the ball cline and understanding to my need for a female Dr

Kay kk

This was the worst experience I have had at a hospital. I went there in hope for help with a serious abnormal bruising problem and after joking at the fact something is wrong with me, telling me something is wrong wrong with me, and insulting me they released me with no treatment plan or any type of help. I came in with pain and I left with pain. It was an experience I recommend to no one so if you have an emergency drive the extra mile because it isn't worth your time unless your trying to have it wasted.

Liam Kiley

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