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REVIEWS OF Huggins Hospital IN New Hampshire

David Stout

My injury occurred on a Saturday morning. I had an accident with a utility knife, and ended up with a bloody wound to the top of my right thigh. I was kept waiting in their ER while a kid with a severe cough was seen first (understandable, of course). A man came in afterward complaining of constipation and abdominal pain. He was seen ahead of me. Meantime, my leg began to twitch, and the blood soaked my pants leg, my sock, and began to fill my shoe. When I told the desk nurse they should maybe see me before the blood filled my shoe and ended up all over the carpet, a plainly overworked and foul-tempered nurse ushered me brusquely into a treatment area, sat me down, and bound my injured leg tightly. This made the wound hurt a LOT worse and did nothing for the twitching. At least it slowed the blood to a drip. Then she sent me out to wait some more. After another hour of waiting, including curt reassurances that they'd get to me "when they can", we left. My GP saw me first thing on Monday, and was amazed that Huggins hadn't stitched the wound immediately. They explained it was now past the point where it could be stitched, and that I'd have to be very careful. They also said recovery time would be extended due to the lack of stitches. They gave me a tetanus shot, put me on antibiotics, and sent me home. Huggins should have done all that without making me wait. I will glue myself back together with Superglue before I'll ever allow myself to be taken to this neglectful hospital's ER again.

Thomas Bunnell

Had an MRI right was treated incredibly nice

Shannon Wendall

I already wrote a review on this but when searching for a phone number for them for my primary care I noticed they removed it . I do not know if it is because they would not like people to know about the poor staff in there imaging department but I will never go back after a tech name Wendy refused to help me with a breast exam after they refused my two referrals & once I finally got in their tech was the nastiest most rudest person. Please never go there if you feel something cancerous is in you because this girl is very rude & will make you feel worthless. I do not know how she was able to keep this job after how I was treated but I can say this the rest of their staff at Huggins besides the imaging department is very nice & I have always been pleased with them.

Tina Duntley

J Gambon

Paul Klenk

I do not take medical care lightly particularly after very positive experiences at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. In July 2016, I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Thomas Rock at Huggins Hospital; I would not use any other orthopedic surgeon in New Hampshire. The care I received at Huggins was extraordinary. There was ALWAYS someone available to answer a call. The staff checked upon me frequently. I was NEVER neglected and the staff was ALWAYS friendly. Food services are virtually the same as hotel room service. Food services are open for an extended period of time during the day. To place an order, merely call and it will be delivered within 15 minutes. I have NO complaints and only offer accolades. I saw a review made by a Vet. I respect veterans, but he failed to explain the precise nature of his complaints. Consequently, his review is virtually useless. Good to see a few reviews that have some substance. Not good to see reviews with spelling and grammatical errors. And, if any who wrote reviews failed to provide details of their complaints, then those are useless! I am adding to this as of July 13, 2018. In September, Dr. Thomas Rock is replacing my left knee and will at another future date, replace my right knee. Thus medical clearance is a necessity and the time window is small considering my prosthetic replacement is a personal knee requiring an MRI and fabrication. Tracey was able to schedule the entire clearance process in ONE day this week, except the MRI. The MRI is not scheduled until after clearance. I appeared at Huggins by 11 AM and visited Dr. Rock's office. All the necessary orders were waiting for me. Once registered, I went to the lab and the wait was short. From there I walked to imaging for a chest x-ray and there was NO wait. Imaging called EKG and I was received immediately. NO waiting again! I was early for my appointment with Dr. J Costello, but was able to complete a few form. Dr. Costello's nurse brought me in early and she was soon followed by Dr. Costello. Tracey called me the following day to inform me of medical clearance. This experience was outstanding; I have NO complaints.

Tracy Kinn

My father was in severe pain and drove himself to Huggins in the middle of the night. He was admitted and treated for the pain. Had surgery the next day. He received personal and compassionate care from his doctor and nurses that took such fantastic care of him before I could come in from out of town. Nurse Dawn was an angel to him and so happy he had her. Her follow up after was exceptionally appreciated. Thank you Huggins Hospital.

Stephen Megaro

Very deceptive billing practices at Huggins. They make no attempt to inform you in the bill which you receive that you can get a thirty percent discount if paid over the phone and within a certain amount of time. The savings is significant. Also, don't make the mistake of paying upfront for a procedure. I did and it turned out that I overpayed. Took six months and many phone calls to get reimbursed.

laura cuneo

Taciana Pelletier

Nicolas Lynn

Worse hospital I've ever been to. They could have easily fixed my problem without making me suffer but instead the nurse decided to do it herself without any pain meds. Making it one of the most painful experiences of my life. Then after the procedure was finished n I waited crying in pain for over a hour they came in n treated my pain. I'm not a doctor but I've been to several different hospitals for several different procedures but never been treated that bad. It's was like they just didn't care. I never saw or talked to a doctor directly there hole time I was there. I don't understand why they waited until a hour after the procedure (most painful part of my visit) to give me the pain meds the doctor ordered for me.

Kelly Smith


This hospital is only good for I'm not sure all the good Dr have died or moved on, there is only a few ER Dr that are worth their salt. I'm rarely happy with this hospital

Stanley Oldfield

My wife fell and broke her foot. 911 brought her to Huggins emergency. Had some concerns whether to stay or transfer to Wentworth Douglas. We were so impressed with the Emergency Room Care and Dr. ROCK, we decided to stay. Great choice. Surgery went very well and follow up care is outstanding. Nurses during a 5 day stay was beyond description. Just Great. Could not be happier. We are very lucky to have this Hospital in town. VNA care so good. We are very thankful.

Kayleigh S

Samantha LaRock

Dr Pinard in woman's health is amazing he's ten times the dr than any other dr there was in the ER last week and the nurse there was sweet as could be when the blood lab blew the vein in my hand and arm she fixed my IV for me and gave me extra IV bag BC of how dehydrated I was and checked on me no other nurse would have or is as sweet as her someone find her name she's a little old lady with short curly blond hair and glasses!! Works morning shift!!!

Allen Weldon

I'm here now..on Thanksgiving. Excellent staff.

Steve B

I was there tonight and the staff were amazing! Very friendly and personable. My RN Christine was awesome! Just a fantastic woman. Dr. Arsonow was also just wonderful! I know they have a bad reputation but I feel very confident that they can handle a lot and what they can’t they get to other hospitals fast using Stewarts Ambulance Service. Which are also amazing folks! Thank you to everyone

Frank deBettencourt

In my own stupidity I performed an act that resulted in the need for stitches. The staff was great, friendly, and polite. I was taken care of promptly as it was slow that morning. I feel that some of the reviews are unfair as some people do not understand healthcare and staffing levels, no one wants to wait but some times it is inevitable. I had no complaints about this facility. Thanks guys.

Ken C

I can't believe how they build a new hospital and yet the service goes down hill even more. I lived in the area for over forty year's, and the hospital goes from bad to worse.... I've had to go in the ER for things from time to time, I'm amazed at how many times doctors take forever to come to the room. Nurses are nice most times, but when you come across ones how act like they have far better things to do... Well it doesn't leave you with a warm feeling. And if you want a doctor, you go through or to Huggins for Service's. My wife and troubled son have to stay in a jail room because they don't even want him there, and my wife has to be there because he's a minor. How sad a place with so much to offer, still does nothing for the residents of the area. They have a lot of vacant Space's in the older section, what a waste of space. I have heard horror stories about employees that get canned for nothing, or because they have been there for too long. How people get turned away because they don't want to make an effort to help those in need.. people who need emergency help, but leave because they were ignored.. pretty sad. My option is fire the management and find someone who cares more about people than the mighty buck. When the ER first opened in the new area, there were plenty of doctors and nurses available, but since it wasn't like the big city's, they thinned out most of them, so now unless you're dying, they make you wait for what seems to be an eternity. Vets have always got short changed, and now even Huggins won't treat them with any respect. How sad indeed, a port excuse for a hospital.

Matty Burke

Carol O'Brien

My husband was in Huggins for pneumonia. Dr. Moore and everyone were excellent. Food was good. They came when he asked for help in a timely manner. He liked the Hospital very much.

Nancy Wogman

This past week my husband spent two nights at Huggins and his care, the food, the treatment and his room were all outstanding. From the time he was admitted until the discharge, the experience was excellent! He even had a visit from the therapy dog. Thanks to all the caregivers at Huggins for your professionalism and care for both of us!

Brenda Helfin

Christine Demmy

Linda Sherman

Stanley Semco

I have been in and out of Huggins several times in the last 3 years. I am totally satisfied with the treatment and the Dr.'s affiliated with the hospital. The nurses and support staff, were always professional, friendly, and courteous. My experience in Huggins includes orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, emergency room, cardiac clinic, several lab tests, x-rays, pulmonary testing, etc.

Judy S

I have been using Huggins since 1986 when they first saved my life. Having moved north from Houston, Texas where I had been using the Texas Medical Center, I was a bit concerned about being rushed by ambulance to a rural hospital. They were truly amazing, working together so fast to get me breathing again. I spent 11 days there that trip. I have always been treated with the same courtesy I try to extend to the staff.


Michael Borgelt

After visiting the urgent care we took our 5 month old to Huggins. The ER doc was great and took time to explain everything to us. Thanks!

Lauren Pizzano

I've never been treated so poorly. I usuallu go to lakes region because I heard how judgemental slow and discourteous huggins is. And the critics did not lie. I went in for an emergency because they are ten minutes away. I will not make that mistake again.

Eddie 755

Just got my flu shot at the Huggins Flu Shot Clinic. What a great idea, Flu Shot drive through. Staff was very friendly despite being frozen and the process was very quick. Thank you.

Robert Rictor

piss poor the way this place treat's vet's piss poor i rate you zero

Lawrence White


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